Servant – S02E03 – Pizza [Transcript]

The Turners open up a family business as a front for a more important mission.
Servant - S02E03 - Pizza

Original release date : January 29, 2021

In a flashback, complications with her pregnancy force Dorothy to stay off her feet until childbirth. She stays in bed for the duration while Sean takes care of her. An oven mitt left by the stove catches fire, setting off the smoke alarm while Sean is out. Rather than calling him, Dorothy walks downstairs to put the fire out. As Sean returns home, Dorothy tells him that she “handled it”. In the present, a small sinkhole has opened up in the basement of the Turner home. This goes unremarked upon, though Julian slips and drops a wine bottle into the hole. After Dorothy’s newscast, the Turners field alleged sightings of Leanne. One report leads them to a huge, gated nine-bedroom mansion, which Dorothy finds suspicious. In order to get inside, the Turners create a fake pizza delivery service and leave a menu on the gate. Eventually, the mansion’s owners place an order of twenty-two pizzas, which Dorothy suspects is for the cult members. Sean sends Tobe undercover as the delivery boy, with a camera attached to his lapel so the Turners and Julian can watch. The large order turns out to be for a young boys’ soccer team hosting their party at the mansion. Tobe encounters Leanne, apparently working as a caregiver for the sickly, bedridden homeowner, but there is no sign of Jericho. After Tobe leaves, Leanne places an individual order of her own for one pizza. Dorothy insists on making this pizza herself. Tobe returns to the mansion with this second delivery and confronts Leanne, asking why she left the Turners. Leanne says Dorothy is selfish and cruel, and begs Tobe not to tell the Turners that he found her. During this conversation, Leanne suddenly collapses. Dorothy calls Tobe, revealing that she drugged the last pizza without Sean or Julian’s knowledge, and orders him to bring the unconscious Leanne back to the Turner house.

* * *

Oh, no. No.

Please, please, please.


See? There’s nothing to worry about.

Actually, there’s a lot to worry about.

Your placenta is lying low and covering your cervix.

Placenta previa.

It’s marginal, but any movement or activity could make it acute and put you into early labor.

No hospitals.

Sean, tell her.

Yeah, we’ve seen a lot of hospitals.

We want that little boy to have the best chance, don’t we?

Which means keeping you off your feet for the next month.

Well, I’ll just stay right here in bed.

Won’t I, Sean?

If those feet touch the ground, you’re coming into the hospital.

A month in bed?



Roxborough sighting turned out to be some skinny stoner who works in PetSmart.

Apparently his colleagues have had it out for him for months.

Chestnut Hill was a much better likeness, but… not her.

See, this is the problem with asking the public for help.

The public are not always reliable.

And Old City was a bust, so I sent Julian out to West Chester.

I should check in on him.

Leanne is on this list.

I can feel it.


There’s no fucker home.

Have you tried knocking hard enough?

Not an option. I buzzed the gate, but no reply.

What do you want me to do now?

Hang tight. I’m gonna find out who lives there.

This is a fucking disaster.

Yeah, but she seems like she’s back to her old self.

And this is smart. It might turn up something.

And then what?

Let me see the house again.

It’s fucking enormous. Is that one house?

Yeah. I took a satellite peek.

It’s disgustingly excessive. I want one.

Okay, the owners of the house are the Marino family.

They’re something in electronics. Heavy churchgoers.

Who needs this much security?

Rich people.

People in hiding.

Someone’s coming.

What is it? A message?

Hang on.

It’s a fucking take-out menu.

That’s it. I’ve been driving all night. I’m coming back,

and I expect breakfast with bacon.

None of that low-sodium bullshit.

There’s no post on social media for four days. It’s not like her at all.

She’s always putting pictures up of the two sons of hers.

Maybe they’re on vacation or busy.

May Markham could be holding that family prisoner in their own home.

Or worse, they could be brainwashing them with their sick beliefs.

Possible sighting of Leanne. One of a dozen.

You saw how the others panned out.

Why are you so pessimistic?

This is the closest we’ve been to our son in over a week.

He could be on the other side of those gates, and you’re making hummus!

Let’s say you’re right.

We head over there, you start screaming and shouting.

What happens to him?

No, of course.

You’re right.

I’ll head over there tomorrow, make some inquiries.

But for now, we should just stay put.

It’s just a house.

Nine bedrooms. That is not a house. It’s a barracks.

It’s the perfect place to build and train an army.

The neighbor says he thinks they’re out of town.

The neighbor?

You never trust the neighbor because every time they find a basement full of bodies, it’s always, “The neighbor suspected nothing.”

Hold on. There’s movement.

What is it? Groceries?

Yeah, it’s delivery.

Which means they’re home, and they have hungry mouths to feed.

What do you want me to do?

Come home.


Burgers don’t travel well. Sushi. We could get beautiful fish here in an hour.

Guys, let’s keep it simple and just go with pizza.

Marino. It’s Italian after all.

I don’t wanna open a fuckin’ pizza parlor.

You’re not opening anything.

You’re just writing a menu so we can get buzzed inside the gate.

Cheezus Crust. Get it?

What? Religion doesn’t sell?

Why aren’t you typing?

“The most authentic pies in Philly.”

“From God’s oven to your lips.”

And gluten-free available on request.

Hold on.

Move over. I’ll do it.

Slowly, slowly. Slowly, work it.

Yeah. Yeah.

That’s good.

Congratulations. We’re officially in the carb delivery business.

This had better work.

Those are good pies at competitive prices.

If they’re in there, they’ll place an order.

Drop some more menus at the neighboring houses before you come back.


So it doesn’t look suspicious.

Now what?

Nothing. We wait.

Now, if you’re a regular viewer, you may have noticed that our own Dorothy Turner has not graced our screens for the past couple of weeks.

That’s because of a medical emergency that has her under doctor’s orders to rest up.

But joining us now live by telephone is our own Dorothy Turner.

Dorothy, good evening.

Good evening, Walker.

So, how you feeling, Dorothy?

It was quite a scare, I can tell you that.

But the medical staff was amazing, and I am taking their wise advice to rest up before the birth.

And that’s gotta be tough because you’re always so active.

Yes, well, sometimes in life we have to just put our feet up and accept that nature knows best.

Listen, we’re all wishing you a very speedy recovery, Dorothy.

Thank you, Walker.

And a special thank you to all the viewers out there who sent cards and flowers.

My husband and I were just so touched. So, God bless you all.

Fuck, I’m right here. You can call my name.

Did you record that?


I wanna see.

You’re not going anywhere.

It’s been two weeks. I feel fine.

I didn’t just wipe your ass a thousand times for you to give up now.

You could carry me down.

You heard what the doctor said. As long as my feet don’t touch the ground.

Captain Clumsy here? You said you had this.

But if you want, I can call the hospital. They got a bed waiting.

You’re a bully.

I’m out of calamari.

I’ll make you some more tomorrow.

I want more now.

Do you have any idea how long the batter takes?

I mean, the flour’s in Amsterdam.

Why can’t you just be a normal person and do nothing?


Cheezus Crust, can I take your order?

And can I take your address, please?

1406 Hyacinth.

Yeah, we’ll be an hour. Thank you.

You’re charging too much.

It’s costing us $30 to produce every $13 pie.

Then why haven’t they placed an order yet?

I don’t know! But the neighbors all love it.

Fungo e tartufo. Porcinis, truffle oil, heavy on the burrata.

Yes, Chef.

Hey, Chef?


Why are we getting into the takeaway game?

I wanted the challenge.

Yeah, but pizza?

You ever eat pizza with someone you love?

I’ve had dates that end in pizza.

Right. Pizza’s made to be shared.

Way back when, all food was, but the pack feeds together.

We break bread.


Yes, Cheezus Christ– Crust.

Where are you?

We’re in.

Is it ready? I’m illegally parked in that fucking bike lane they painted.

He’s been fannying around with basil for the last 20 minutes.

If they cancel this order, I am gonna fucking kill him. What are you wearing?

I was at the opera. I have a life.

Natalie hates the opera.

Good for her.

You can’t deliver pizza in tails.


Are you sure it’s them?

Twenty cheese pizzas. There’s a horde of hungry people in that house.

Not one of them has a lick of individuality.

I got six more on the way. We’ve only got one oven.

What the fuck are you wearing?

They’re never gonna believe he’s delivering food.

We’re gonna have to send Tobe.



It’s just a regular delivery.

With the added excitement we will be right there with ya.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is in violation of my employee rights.

Yeah, how about you stop bitching for two minutes and accept a cash tip?

What the fuck are we gonna do if it’s them?

No matter what, we keep Dorothy here.



It’s 9780 Spruce Street.

I can’t.

I can’t leave the bed.

Is he there yet?

It’s moments away.

What’s taking so long? Why aren’t they answering?


Yeah, pizza.

It’s opening.

Is this corked?

I can’t taste.

The least you could do is change it.

You fucking change it.


Did I miss anything?




Yeah, there’s more pizzas in the car.


Are they all children?

Hey, I need paying.

Oh, they’re upstairs.

It’s just a party?

It’s just a kids’ party.

Where’s he going?

I’m call him, tell him to come home.



I found you.

Why are you here?

You guys ordered pizza.

In here.

No. No, no, no, no. Follow her. You follow Leanne!

I’m sorry. They sent me up here for money.


Right, yeah. Sorry.

My husband was reading to me.

He’s exhausted.

We’re wasting time!

Stop her!


Dorothy, wait. Wait, wait, wait.


Dorothy, wait. Wait, wait.

Move aside!

You can’t just burst in there like a tornado.

She could have Jericho!

But she doesn’t!

Leanne took a job with a family that is overwhelmed.

Do you think they want a baby in there with that woman in that condition?

I don’t know. I don’t know. But I can’t–

Don’t tell me to just sit here and do nothing!

You found Leanne.

Now we have to strategize.

We have to be cautious.

We need her to bring Jericho to us. Right?

That poor woman. Do you think it’s cancer?

Do I look like a fucking oncologist?

And why didn’t you tell me Leanne was here?

We couldn’t be certain. Until now.

You sent me to spy on her, didn’t you?

Mission accomplished. Welcome to the CI-fucking-A.


They just ordered another pie.

One margherita.

Leanne’s panicking.

Okay, she doesn’t want Tobe running back here saying he saw her.

Well, should I deliver it?

Talk to her?

Right now, she doesn’t know what we know.

So, until we have something that resembles a fucking plan, let’s just… keep it that way.

You okay? You look like shit.

I’m fucking grand.

How’s Natalie?

Oh, my God. Natalie, Natalie, Natalie. Everyone keeps fucking on about Natalie.

I’ve literally never mentioned Natalie.

I have no idea how she is.

You think she’s okay?

You wanna go out there and make it yourself, don’t you?

She wants to be involved. She wants to feel like she’s doing something. So…

Come in.

Will you join me?

What are you doing here, Leanne?

I wanted to say goodbye.

But I thought that you would try and talk me out of leaving.

Would you have listened to me?


But I had to go.

I didn’t have a choice.

Did something happen with the Turners?

It was Dorothy.

I couldn’t live with her for another day.

I’ve heard enough of this.

Leave it.

She’s not like she is on the television.

She’s selfish, and she’s cruel.

She’s mean.


I just need a minute.

Call me if anything happens.

You came all the way down? Why didn’t you call?

Don’t worry. I handled it.

She didn’t mean that.

I get it all the time.

People wanting to be my friend, but I don’t have space for them.

They get jealous, petty. It’s nothing new.

Let me help.

I can do it myself.

About how much longer do you think?

Ninety seconds.


Be a dear and bring it through when it’s done.

I’m sure they’d let you back. If you wanted.

Mrs. Marino treats me very well here.

What about Jericho? Bet he misses you.

You mustn’t tell them that I’m here.

Promise me.


Look, they were just worried about you.

What have you done?

Hey. I– I– I–

What’s wrong?

I stood up too fast.


Leanne? Leanne?



Take me off mute.


Tobe. Can you hear me?

Yeah. She just collapsed, Ms. T. I gotta call 911.

I wouldn’t recommend that.

You’ve just entered a private residence and drugged a young woman with pizza.


This is what I want you to do.

Pick her up off the floor, put her in the back seat of your car,

and drive her here.

If you don’t do that, I’ll call 911 myself.


Don’t worry. I handled it.



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