Servant – S02E02 – Spaceman [Transcript]

With Natalie's help, Sean and Julian uncover disturbing details about the cult. Dorothy sacrifices her career reputation for her family.
Servant - S02E02 - Spaceman

Original release date : January 22, 2021

Four days after Jericho’s disappearance, Julian is staying in the house. He finds the bathwater running in the empty bathroom with no explanation. His baptism gift, a spaceman suit for Jericho, arrives late, and Julian puts it on the doll. Dorothy continues to research the cult. When she is called to co-anchor her news show, she agrees not to say anything that would alert the cult, but recites the news stories in a soothing and motherly voice in the hope that Jericho is watching, making the other anchor visibly uncomfortable. Roscoe reappears and wakes up in his car outside the house, believing he just fell asleep for one night. Sean and Julian convince Natalie to hypnotize him, believing he has repressed memories of the past four days after being brainwashed by the cult. Roscoe recounts the cult taking him to a dark room, and a disturbing story of a man with a hook for a hand removing a baby’s eyes. Sean does not believe the story, but Julian is deeply shaken. Meanwhile, Dorothy ends her broadcast with an announcement that Leanne Grayson is missing. Leanne calls the house, asking Sean why they are looking for her, and why he hasn’t told Dorothy the truth about Jericho’s death. Cracks form in the basement, and liquid seeps through.

* * *


Don’t cry so much for mama, please.

Did you just draw a bath?

His face scrunches up when he cries. Look.

I know you’ve asked for some privacy, but couldn’t the cleaners at least come in?


What if he’s hungry?

…for mama, please.

What if they’re not feeding him?

Of course they’re feeding him.

Hey, people don’t steal babies to mistreat them.

Here, why don’t you try? Come on, put the phone down.






She doesn’t love him.


They sent something!

What does it mean?

Actually, that was from me.

I ordered it a few weeks ago for the baptism.

Cute, huh?

People don’t give space suit costumes for a baptism.

And what do they give?

A silver pendant with a little dying man on it?

Yeah, I’m the fucking weird one.

My stomach is tight.

It always happens when Jericho cries.

Why is he crying, Julian?

Your stomach feels tight because you haven’t eaten in four days.

I can feel him.

You’re just projecting your fears, okay?

He might be crying. He might be laughing.

Or he might be shitting in his diaper. There’s no way for you to know.

You don’t believe in anything.

You never did.

You know what you are, Julian?

You’re an atheist.

Who wants to go to space?

Yes, you fucking do.

What are you making?

Caramel French toast. It’s her favorite.

Yeah, when she was eight.

Will you take it up to her when it’s ready?

Why can’t you?

I don’t know what to say anymore. I feel like I’m just making things worse.

This may be an embarrassing question.

What’s your current cash flow?

For what?

I’m thinking a ransom demand might help reassure her.

Give her a little hope.

What should we ask for?

For a fake ransom we’re never gonna collect, we’re never gonna pay?

Have at it. Twenty million.

We need to give Dorothy something realistic to reach for.

Have her value the jewelry.

As long as it keeps her occupied.

What do you say, like, 350, 250?

Don’t be shy.

I think you should put this much effort into finding them before she does.

You’re burning.



Free yourself, brother.

The flesh.



This pain is good.


Who’s this?

Sorry. Did I leave my keys in here?

Where have you been?

I was out front all night.

Julian told me to keep watch.

You cleaned up already?

The party. Any food left over? I’m starving.


Zip me up, will you?


Are we going somewhere?

Yes. The studio called. They need me to go in.

You think that’s a good idea?

Melanie’s off sick, and they need someone to coanchor the six o’clock.

Maybe we should talk to Sean about this?

I don’t need Sean’s permission to do anything.

But Jericho.

Exactly. Jericho.

That’s why I’m doing this.

Go in there.

Can you talk some sense into her?

Not usually.

She thinks she’s going in to work.

It’s been four days, and I can’t just lie here.

I need to reassure Jericho that everything is gonna be okay.

On TV?

I’m not gonna say anything I shouldn’t.

But if they’re watching the news, maybe Jericho can have a little mommy time.

That’s insane.

I’m coanchoring, so record from the beginning.

Okay, will do.

You out of your fucking mind? Why’d you let her leave?

We need her out of the house.

Where the fuck has he been?

Why you asking me?

Hey, where were you?

In the car, where you told me to be.

I’m gonna have to bill you for a full 12 hours.

This is so good.

I can’t believe how hungry I am.

Do you have maple syrup?

I checked your car every day.

It never moved, and you were not in it.

Roscoe, what day is it?


Roscoe, it’s Friday.

No, it’s not.

It’s Friday?

My wife and daughter, they must be so worried. I need to call them–

Yeah, in a minute.

Cassie’s flute recital. I missed it?

What’s the last thing you remember, Roscoe?

What? I don’t know.

I was in the car. It was right after the party.

This lady, she was standing in the street.

I thought she wanted help, but… I don’t know what happened after that.

I feel nauseous.

Get some water.

Do you believe him?

I don’t really know him that well.

You hired him.

And how many part-time private investigators did you recommend?

He’s got 26 photos of the inside of his pocket.

There’s a 12-second video. It may have caught audio.


Please make it stop.

There’s no need to be afraid, Roscoe.

It’s Leanne. Is that Leanne?

We’re here to help you.


Nothing bad is going to happen to you.

Why is he crying like that? What are they doing to him?

They’re breaking him. It’s what cults do.

I don’t want to be here.

Was that me?

You were there with Leanne.

Don’t bullshit us.

Did she have the baby with her?

I didn’t see anyone. I just woke up.

Don’t make me take your teeth out, Roscoe.

I’d like to see you try.

Wait. Just relax.

If you’re gonna play games with us, just fuck the fuck off.

Wait. Just wait.

We’re not gonna get any sense out of him.

He’s been brainwashed or drugged.

Yeah, but he was there.

I can hear you, you know.

Maybe you saw something that could help us.

We just need to unlock it.

You wanna know what happened, right?


What are you suggesting?

We get him drunk? Force a grenache down his neck, see if he talks?

We call Natalie.

Oh, no.



Come on.

Over my dead body.

Hi, honey.


Where is she?

Dorothy? She’s at work.

Is that a good idea?

Probably not. I’ll let Sean explain.


We need you to hypnotize someone for us.

He may have seen something useful, but he’s blocking it out.

Well, don’t you have something to say?

What’s this?

Every time I have a hypnosis appointment in the calendar, Julian mocks me.

Not you. The people who you service.

Because he doesn’t believe in hypnosis.

You’re misquoting me, okay?

I believe the people who allow themselves to be hypnotized are weak and suggestible and therefore occupy a lower shelf on the social strata.

Oh, but now it’s okay?

Pretty fucking please, with a cherry on top, will you hypnotize our friend?

I want you to raise your hands for me, palms up.

Very good.


Resist. Resist.

Okay. That’s good.

I want you to know this is a safe space.

I will be recording this session in its entirety, and I will endeavor to make you comfortable at all times.

Can we scroll through the fucking disclaimer?

Just put him under already.

There’s no hypnosis without consent.

I wanna know what happened in the last four days.

Great. Hands, please.

As I push down this time, resist my pressure as you count down slowly from 100.








He’s under. What do you want to ask him?

Where were you, Roscoe?

They’ve taken me to a… room.

They won’t turn on the lights.

My hand…

They’ve tied my hands with something.

It’s straw.

Where did you go?

We never left.

You mean Philly?

The smell.

Something’s off.


What can you see? What can you hear?

He’s behind the door.


Take a deep breath. You’re in a safe space here.

No, he’s fucking not. Go back there. Who’s behind the door?

Knees! Knees! Knees! Knees!

They’re on their knees for him.

They’re bleeding.

Can you see Leanne?

And– And–

I think we should slow this down.

His hand is a hook.

Do you see a baby?

Is there a baby? Does he have the baby?

Crying. Crying.

The baby’s crying.

Baby’s crying.

Is he okay?




Passing baby forward.

We need to stop.

Where– Where he waits.

He’s holding him.

What is he doing with him?


Eyes. Eyes. Eyes.

He takes out the eyes, and he throws them away.

Good evening. This is 8 News, and I’m Walker Roush.

Coming up tonight, Christmas toys that can kill.

A shocking story that every parent will want to watch.

Tonight, Melanie is off, but joining us on the desk and filling in is our very capable Dorothy Turner.



This is the news before bedtime.

Let’s begin with the gridlock you’ll face on your drive home tonight.

Leslie, how’s it looking out there?

You’ve had quite the scare.

I think you should take some time to process what you saw.

Why couldn’t I remember that?

The mind is powerful.

It does a very good job of protecting us.

How are you feeling?

Well, that was quite a performance.

Oh, come on.

Were we watching the same thing?

He was being drugged, okay?

He could’ve been seeing anything.

No one would do that to a baby, would they?

Natalie, can you talk some sense into this moron? It was an hallucination.

No. I recognized everything he described.

I’ve worked with many people who have survived near-death experiences.

Oh, my God. There’s no such thing as a near-death experience, okay?

There’s a death experience and there’s an alive experience, and there’s fuck all in between.

The woman, who has not yet been identified, was discovered on the side of the expressway on Wednesday morning.

Forensics said her body went unnoticed for at least two weeks.

What are you doing, babe?

What does it look like I’m doing?

I’m making a ransom demand out of macaroni.

Why are you looking so hard for this baby?

I mean, with Sean I get it. But with you…

For Dorothy.

Is everything for darling Dorothy?

Or do you miss him too?

Jericho’s dead.

Not him. The other one.

I always wanted to go into space.


I mean, deep, deep fucking space.

You know, past the icy planets.

Out of the Milky Way and beyond, you know?

I wanted to reach the end and just bang on the fucking wall.

Turns out there might not be a wall.


I decided not to go.

Sweetheart, look at me.

I really wanna help you.

I have tried everything.

Cognitive, mindfulness, psychodynamic. I mean, I’ve dropped acid with you.

Nothing helps.

Because you don’t let it.

Sweetie, you have to believe in something.

No matter how stupid it sounds.

Hey, thank you for– for doing that.

For going back there.

I never use that pocket.

I– I need to go home.

Spend some time with the family.

What you gonna tell ’em?

Daddy was on a job that went long.

Had some patchy cell service.

Had some bad dreams.

I hope you find him.

I hope he’s okay.

And that’ll just about wrap things up for us here tonight.

Dorothy, have you enjoyed your time on the desk?

Absolutely, Walker.

It has been an honor to get to talk to the viewers at home… of all ages.

Well, we have just enough time left to check in with Melanie and see how her recovery is going.

Melanie, you’re–

Actually, Walker, I’m sure Melanie wouldn’t mind if we use these final 20 seconds for a charitable plea.

We all know the plight of missing teenagers, a cause that is close to my own heart.

Leanne Grayson has been missing for five days.

If anyone has seen Leanne or has any information on her whereabouts, please contact me here at the station.

And, Leanne, if you’re watching, please come home.

We all miss you.

And if you at home are wondering, Melanie does assure us she will be back at work tomorrow.

So, we’ll talk to you then.

Good night.

Night night.

I didn’t hear you come in.

I called.

Here. Hey, hey, hey. Let me get it.

All you gotta do…

is add water to burnt caramel, and bring it to a boil.

Well, I don’t think they’ll be inviting me back to the desk anytime soon.

You did what any good mother would do.

My stomach has settled.

I can breathe again.

I think he’s sleeping.

Yeah. I think so too.


Why is she looking for me?



Where are you, Leanne?

Why haven’t you told her what she did?


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