Servant – S02E01 – Doll [Transcript]

Jericho and Leanne are missing. Dorthy devises a 72-hour game plan, while Sean and Julian continue hiding the truth.

Original release date : January 15, 2021

No longer convinced by the doll, Dorothy calls the police to report Jericho 2’s kidnapping, still believing him to be her real baby. Before the police arrive, Sean hastily hides all traces of the baptism reception. One officer who arrives, Reyes, was also a first responder after Jericho’s death. Sean, Julian and Natalie feed her the cover story that Dorothy has seen the doll as her baby up until now, and believes Jericho is missing because her mind finally rejected the doll. The officers leave, disregarding Dorothy’s story about May Markham and the cult. Sean inspects his severely burnt hand, still unable to feel pain. He finds Leanne’s bible left behind, with his name written next to a passage about the “test of leprosy”. Sean resolves to find Jericho, but he and Julian continue to suppress Dorothy’s efforts to spread the story of his disappearance, throwing out her missing persons posters of Jericho, May and Leanne when sent to post them around the neighborhood. Julian also recycles the doll, and steals Jericho’s shoe from his room. Using the shoe, he sends the Turners a fake ransom note reading “Tell no one, baby lives” in order to stop Dorothy’s search. Sean later sees the doll in a recycling truck, and takes it back into the house to bathe it, using the therapeutic doll for its intended purpose.



Dear Mrs. Turner, My name is Leanne Grayson. I am 18 years of age and from a good, loving family in Wisconsin. I hope that you will consider me as a responsible and moral guardian for your son. I promise that I will work hard to please you and to fit into your home.

Do you have him?


9780 Spruce Street. It’s an emergency. It’s life or death. He’s gone.

So is Leanne.

Can you hear me?

They’ve taken Jericho.

Who did you call?

The police. Who do you think?

Don’t just stand there! Do something!

You did it! Good baby.

Now, no official numbers have been released yet, but apparently cult leader May Markham is believed to be among the dead.

Her. This woman.

This woman was in my house today, and she took Jericho.

So, the dead woman stole your baby, ma’am?



Mr. Turner?

You remember me?

I’m Officer Reyes.

My sister wouldn’t intentionally hurt a fly.

She sponsors abused animals.

She’s a fucking patron of tired old asses. Tell her, Sean.

They’ll do an autopsy.

How many days at a guess?

Three or four.

I was going off shift, but I recognized the address.

There’s something about a baby.

He’s not real.

It’s Dorothy’s.

You need to establish roadblocks on a 50-mile perimeter around this city.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how to do your fucking job.

I don’t care what I’m saying there. Listen to me here.

She faked her death. I don’t know. She was in this house.

Sean, thank God. Please tell them. Tell them about Leanne.

Tell them about her family. Tell them to find Jericho!

He’s in shock.

Greg, could you give us a minute?

Why don’t we sit over here, Dorothy?

Okay, I’m not an invalid.

Is Dorothy upstairs?

My office.

Drug her if you have to, darling.



Okay, from the be-fucking–

Leanne’s gone. Okay?

She’s taken him. And I don’t know if the uncle came in or–

But he’s gone, Julian. The baby’s fucking gone.


No bubba, no crime, right?

Dorothy’s up there telling them everything.

Dorothy hasn’t been right since the accident.

Hey, she’s not fucking crazy.

No one is using that word.

But we have to protect ourselves.

I briefed Natalie in the car.

To say what?


“Baby? What baby?”

We dunked him in fucking holy water, Julian. People saw!

All the more reason to get them out of here quickly before they start poking around.

For fuck’s sake, Sean.

You see this?

This could put us away for 20 years.

Officer Reyes, excuse me.

Officer Reyes, these defense mechanisms are on overdrive right now.

So what she really needs is some privacy.

And what are you, her doctor?


And close friend.

Look, what happened to Dorothy, it–

It was unthinkable.

And right now her psyche is protecting her. That’s all that this is.

Yeah, but she talked about a nanny. A Leanne.

I’m– I’ll have to ask her about that.

She sent her résumé with a return address.

I can’t find it!

Dorothy has created this impenetrable bubble protecting her from the truth.

And that’s just my professional opinion.

And so the doll is a part of this?

It was. It was.

And now that she’s rejecting the doll, it’s a positive step towards healing.

I mean, after all, we can only see what we can tolerate seeing.

Why can’t I find it?

Ugly fucking thing, isn’t it?

It looks so real.


Do you have any?

Children? No.

Me neither.

They say it changes your life, putting something else first.

Suppose you have to experience it to know.


I mean, how are we ever gonna understand what they went through?


You never recover from something like that.

Officer Reyes, are you still on the scene?

What’s the status on that 32?

False alarm. Let’s clear out.

Copy that.

I hope you guys know what you’re doing.

Holy fuck.

It is her, Julian.

You know what, my wife may be many terrible things, but she is an excellent journalist.

Well, you opened your door to the church of fuck-only-knows.

But on a brighter note, they’re gone now.

Is that all you have to say?

Who the fuck are they? What were they practicing?

What did they want with us?

How is she?

She spun herself out.

I slipped some melatonin in her tea.

Homeopathic medicine saves the day, said no one ever.

Look, this woman that she’s talking about, who is she?

She’s Leanne’s aunt?

A fucking cult leader.

Her whole family is batshit crazy. Best left well alone.

Okay. Well, I think for once I agree with Julian.

Maybe we should recognize this for what it is.

Well, what is it?

An opportunity to move forward, Sean.

To let Dorothy grieve.

What? No.

Yes. Sean, you love her, and that’s why you’re doing this.

But she’s grieving the wrong child.

He’s not dead.

What I mean is, we were giving him a loving home.

We were taking care of him.

He was never yours to keep, Sean.

He belongs here, with us.

I just want to feel positive.

No, I won’t. Yell ‘freaks.’ Go. Go.

Hey, freak!

Do it.

Do it. Dare me, dude.

Do it, do it, do it. Just do it.



What is this?

A camera?


Did she put this in here?

They have infiltrated our home, Sean.

They’ve been watching us.

Yeah. Yeah.


Oh, my God.

We can’t hand these out. I mean, you can’t even see her.

I think we have better copies somewhere before the magenta ran out on us.

Who are they for?

The neighbors.

Our neighbors?

Yeah, I mean, we need to canvass the neighborhood and tell everybody what happened.

How’s that gonna help?

‘Cause people may have seen something.

Color of a vehicle, a direction they were headed.

Anything and everything is helpful within the first 48 hours.

After that…

We mustn’t think about after that.

I’ll do it.


Yeah, I wanna help.

Look at me.

Look, people are less inclined to help strangers who radiate desperation.

I don’t know what that is. We’re hardwired to give up on people easily.

But what the public needs is reassurance.

You don’t have reassuring eyes, Sean.

I haven’t slept for two days.

But you do make a good point. We should play to our strengths.

So, I’ll be running base camp here. You will be boots on the ground.

Here. Deliver these on Spruce, 19th and Walnut.

Then you’re buying ink before coming home via Locust and 21st.

We have… 35 hours to find him, Sean.

But we can do it, right?

Yeah, sure.

Okay. Go. Go.



Nothing. No one saw a thing.

The funeral of May Markham was held here on the grounds of the ransacked compound.

In attendance was just a handful of mourners.

Since then, the numbers have grown. The crowd increasing by the day.

I recognize one of the victims.

I saw his picture on TV.

He revived my daughter after she was hit by a car a few years ago.

Thank you.

And are you a member of the Church of the Lesser Saints?

I don’t believe anybody in this cult revived anyone.

People believe anything.

You see, they wouldn’t let us film from behind here.

It was an exclusion zone.

But it’s a short run to the cover of trees, so people could’ve escaped.

There could have been survivors.

Seared scallop, sweet potato, pesto, Parmesan crisp.

No, I’m not hungry.

But it’s your favorite.

No, it isn’t.

How goes the search?

The trail goes cold seven years ago.

But someone must have seen her. I mean, someone must’ve been hiding her.

Hey, you’ll crack it.

Thank you, darling, for believing in me.

Your hand. What happened?

I burned myself.

I’m sorry.

Looks worse than it is.

You can buy a passport for under a thousand dollars these days.

Anyone can be someone else practically overnight.

Look into that.

Have you heard anything from Roscoe? I think his car is still out front.

He isn’t exactly reliable.

And just because he’s not returning my calls, doesn’t mean they’ve got him.

But he could still be with them, right? Following them?

This chicken sandwich is heavenly.

I could’ve made you one.

Not like this. They have a secret recipe.

Fuck the sandwich. How do we find them?

The Church of the Lesser Saints officially disbanded when they went up in flames.

The trail’s cold.

Well, we have to find them before Dorothy involves the whole neighborhood and beyond.

We can’t run interference forever, and she’s not gonna stop looking.

Not while they have Jericho.


The baby. The fucking baby.

I thought we were looking for the aunt.

We were.

But I realized I was coming at this from the wrong direction.

She’s too shrewd.

She knows how to cover her tracks. But Leanne… Leanne is green.

She’s naive. She’s gonna make mistakes.

If we can find Leanne, she will lead us to Jericho.

Leanne is our new person of interest.

And you have such reassuring eyes.

I use minerals.

We have 12 and a half hours to find him, Julian. Go. Go, go.

So, assuming they didn’t cross any borders, and they’re averaging, say, 65 miles an hour for,

I don’t know, ten hours a day, they could be halfway across the country by now.

Our boy could be in Wichita.

That’s what you’ve been doing? Making graphics?

And what have you contributed?

I’m boots on the ground. Awaiting orders.

I’m gonna tell you something right now that you’re not gonna wanna hear.

But it’s the truth.

Hit me.

I thought you’d be a better father than this.

I honestly did.

You don’t mean what you say.

Don’t I?

No, you’re in shock.

I thought you would finally grow the fuck up, frankly.

You miss him? I miss him too.

Oh, please.

It’s not the same.

Fuck you, it’s not the same!

Don’t you raise your voice at me!

You know what I thought?

I thought you’d always protect him. I never thought that you would…


Go on. Say it.

What if he’s dead?

What if you knew for certain, what would you do?

You know what I’d do.

What any good mother would.

Tell me.

I’d follow him.


If there was even one in a billion chance there is something else, something more than this,

I would hold his hand on that journey.

Knife, rope or pills?

Not a rope.

With my Hermès belt next to his crib.

That’s 48 hours.

Never any good news after 48 hours.

What is it?

He’s alive.

Jericho’s alive.

Morning, Noel. How’s it going?


Have a good day, man.

Have a good one.


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