Percy Jackson and the Olympians – S01E07 – We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of | Transcript

Our heroes journey across the Underworld, and bargain for their safety with the god of the dead
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - S01E07 - We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of

Episode Title: We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Original release date: January 23, 2024

Episode plot summary: In a flashback, Sally brings Percy to a new school. Overwhelmed due to Percy struggling with abandonment and beginning to see mythical creatures, Sally contacts Poseidon, who dissuades her from taking Percy to Camp Half-Blood so he can forge his own identity. In the present day, Percy confronts Procrustes and gains access to his secret passage into the Underworld. The trio encounter Charon, who summons Cerberus. Annabeth tames the dog, allowing them to escape, but Grover realizes that he lost his pearl. In the Fields of Asphodel, Annabeth becomes stuck and has to use her pearl. After reaching Tartarus, Grover is nearly pulled into the pit by the flying shoes, with Percy then discovering the Master Bolt in his gifted backpack. Percy and Grover continue to Hades’s Palace, and Hades offers to return Sally if Percy gives him his Helm of Darkness, which was also stolen. Percy realizes that Kronos organized the thefts, due to his longstanding grudge against his children. Hades offers to protect them in exchange for the Bolt, but Percy refuses. The two use their pearls and are brought to Montauk, where they reunite with Annabeth before being confronted by Ares.

* * *

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
“We Find Out the Truth, Sort Of”

[♪ perky retro music playing]

[♪ store doorbell playing “La Marseillaise”]

[♪ music continues]

[man] Welcome, weary traveler! Come on in and take a load off. These beds will change your… life.

[lights buzzing]

Well… hello there. Missing our mommy, are we?

[Percy] I know who you are. You’re Procrustes. Son of Poseidon, and murderer of travelers.

Crusty, please. And you… you’ve got Dad’s eyes. Take a load off. Relax for a minute.

The beds are a trap. That’s how you do it. How you murder your guests.

I do?

[Percy] I know there’s a secret passage to the Underworld here. I know you were left here to guard it.

[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

But I need you to let me through. Please?

In addition to being incredibly comfortable, these beds are great for your self-confidence.

[Percy] I’m really not interested…

They show you how to fit. Fitting’s not easy for guys like us, am I right? Our parents make it so hard. Stretching us and twisting us and hacking off pieces to make us seem more like them. Anywho… these beds take all that away.

[sloshing sound]

With these beds, you just… fit. Try it. I think you’ll feel much better.

[♪ music intensifies]

You first.


[ethereal ringing]

You okay?

[Crusty struggling]

Yeah, I’m fine.

You won’t save her. You won’t be the first to try bringing someone back from the Underworld. You won’t be the first to fail.

Hey! You’re lucky we’re letting you keep your head, dummy. Don’t push it.

[♪ store doorbell playing “La Marseillaise”]

Is it over?

[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

Are we sure this is the right way?

[door creaks]

[wind howling]



It’s either the realm of the dead, or someone left a carton of milk in there in the 1990s.

[toy ball squeaking]

[toy ball squeaking]



If we get into trouble…

[♪ music becomes dramatic]

…these are our tickets out.

No one’s turning back till we all come back.

[Crusty] No one comes back.

Dude! Don’t make me come back out there.

We have no idea what’s down there.

[toy ball squeaking]

I just think it’s safer if I’m not holding them all.

[toy ball squeaking]

Let’s go get your mom.

[♪ music intensifies]

[blinkers clicking]

[indistinct chatter]


[Sally] Well, we’re not in Kansas anymore.


I never show you that movie?


I meant, we are only an hour from the city and it feels like we’re on a different planet.

It’s so… peaceful.

I’m not going.

We discussed this.

This is gonna be really good for you.

Dr. Higgins says this is the best school, the best program in the state for kids with learning differences, okay?

We were very lucky to get in.

I’m not going.

Percy, I know that you do not want to do this, but sometimes I have to make choices that you may not understand.

I’m not going!

[door beeping]

[door slams]

[♪ pensive instrumental music playing]


[Sally struggling with door handle]

[Sally] Percy!

This is not a negotiation.

The only question is how ugly you are gonna make it before we say goodbye.

Now, open the door.


[hinges squeak]

[♪ suspenseful instrumental music playing]

[Annabeth] Grover, hurry up.

[thunder rumbling]

[Grover panting]

[♪ music intensifies]

Not in Kansas.

Hey, focus.

We left Kansas four days ago.

Yeah. No, it’s a…

[wind whooshing]

Never mind.

Guys, is that who I think it is?

[toy ball squeaking]

[thunder rumbling]

[toy ball squeaking]

Charon, the boatman,

taking new arrivals across the River Styx.

Which means that over there is the main gate.

Let’s go. Maybe we can get there first.


[toy ball squeaking incessantly]

Why don’t you let me hang on to that for now?

[toy ball squeaks]

Come on.

[Percy] Excuse me. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

[♪ gentle elevator music playing]

[Percy] I’m sorry. Sorry.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

We’re with them, up there.

[Grover grunts]

[Percy] Behind you. Sorry.

[Grover] This seems so wrong.


Only suckers wait in line.

[Grover] Just…

You know, you should really spend some time in the city with me.

I think you’d learn a lot.

[♪ menacing instrumental music playing]

You’re not dead.

I mean… we’re all dying… to some extent.

[Charon sighs] And you didn’t pay to cross.

Wait! We… we can pay! We can pay!

[zipper sliding]

[Percy] Here. Drachmas.

Just take… take, uh…

Just, you know, take them all.

[whistles almost inaudibly]

You can buy a new whistle.

[Cerberus growling]

[giant footsteps approaching]

[♪ music intensifies]

[Cerberus barking and roaring]

[Percy] Go, go!


Percy, that way!



[Cerberus snarling]

[loud thud]

[muffled barking]


[Cerberus snarling and growling]


[thudding footsteps]

[metallic vibrating]

[sword unsheathing]

[Cerberus whimpering]

[Cerberus growling]

[Cerberus whining]


[Cerberus snoring]

[Cerberus grumbles]

[strained, muffled grunting]

[Grover grunting]

[squelching sound]

[♪ music becomes gentle]

You… are a bad… bad dog!

[Annabeth] Guys! I can’t hold this forever.

[Cerberus snoring]

[Cerberus growling]

[Annabeth straining]

Can you fly us up there with your shoes?

[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

[Annabeth] You can do this.

One at a time. Take Percy first.

[Annabeth straining]

[Grover] Maia.

[wings flapping]

[Cerberus growling]

[♪ music intensifies]


[loud footsteps thudding]

[chain jangling]

[♪ music intensifies, concludes]


[toy ball squeaks]

[wind howling]

[Cerberus roaring]

[♪ dramatic instrumental music resumes]

[muffled barking]

[Annabeth] Guys?

[Annabeth straining]

[Annabeth grunting]

[Percy panting and grunting]

[Annabeth panting]

Excuse me.

[Cerberus barking]

[toy ball squeaking]

[Cerberus whining]

[Cerberus barking]

[chain jangling]

[Cerberus barking]


That was really…

[wind whooshing]

[Grover] I mean, how did you…

[Annabeth] My father had a dog when I was little.

I guess I remember the tricks.

Oh, wow.

Look at that.

[♪ music intensifies]

[Annabeth] Hades’s palace.

That’s where he’ll be keeping the master bolt.

And your mom.

[Grover] Oh, no.


My pearl. I lost the pearl.

I think it’s…

It’s in the dog.

[distant rumbling]

What are we gonna do?

I don’t know.

But if we don’t move, it is not gonna matter.

Come on.

[♪ music concludes]

[Sally] No. No. No, no, no, no.

He is registered. I have the email from your office right here, saying that he’s registered.

[administrator] I’m very sorry.

But some new information came to light that has forced us to reconsider your application.

What kind of information?

[administrator] A drawing.

Oh, come on.

[administrator] A drawing that…

It wasn’t a disciplinary issue.

A drawing that caused his previous school counselor to reach out to me personally to express his concern.

He drew a picture of a horse with wings.

[administrator] It isn’t just the drawing.

Our problem is that he was found walking across the roof of the gymnasium,

after which he said he saw something out there.

We aren’t equipped to offer the kind of psychological monitoring we believe your child will require here.

I have already withdrawn him from his former school.

He has no place else to go.

[administrator] Have you considered homeschool?


[administrator] I know.

It sounds overwhelming but there are resources to help.

It’s a real option.

Some children… are better off being with their parent.

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

I’m sorry, but no.

I… I cannot accept that as an answer.

So let’s you and I figure out a way to make this work.

[♪ music fades]

[school bell ringing]

[♪ suspenseful instrumental music playing]

[distant creaking]

[Grover] We can’t ignore this.

[Percy] Stop.

[Grover] It’s just math.

The three of us, plus your mom, is four people, and only three pearls.

Someone is staying behind and it should really be me.

It wasn’t your fault.

And even if it were, you’re not getting left behind.


After we get the bolt and stop this war, you guys are leaving.

With my mom.

[distant creaking]

What about you?

Wait, wait, wait, Percy.

What about you?

Quests aren’t linear, right?

I’ll figure something out…

[♪ haunting instrumental music playing]

[thunder rumbling]


They can’t hear you.


[♪ music continues]

[birds cawing]

[Annabeth] This must be Asphodel.

I read a book about this place.

[♪ music becomes somber]

Wait. No, no. No, no, no, no, no. What are you…

[fabric rustling]

[bird cawing]

Are those…


[♪ music intensifies]

[Annabeth] Souls here are bound by regret.

Haunted by choices they made in life…

[branches creaking]

…or never made.

[Cerberus roaring]

[low growling]

[♪ intense instrumental music playing]

[Cerberus barking]

[both panting]



[Annabeth, in distance] Guys!

[both panting]


[Annabeth] Guys!


We’ve got a problem here.

I already tried.

It’s too strong.

How did this happen?

It’s some kind of regret, right?


[Grover] But what would you have to regret?

It’s okay.

Go. I’ll distract the dog and buy you guys some time.

[Percy straining]

[Annabeth] Percy!

[Percy panting]

[♪ emotional instrumental music playing]

This will work.

I’ll be okay.

I trust your dad.

You can do this.

I know you can.

[Cerberus growling]

[tree branches cracking]

[Annabeth] Run.


[♪ music continues]

[ethereal ringing]

She made it.

Let’s go!

[Cerberus barking]

[♪ music concludes]

[♪ suspenseful instrumental music playing]

[wind whooshing]

[Grover] Weird.

Haven’t heard the dog in a while.

He chased us all that way and then just… stopped?

I wonder why.

That’s what I’m saying.

It’s weird.


[wings fluttering]

Grover, where are you going?

I don’t… I don’t know. I… I can’t stop!

Percy! It’s the shoes!



[♪ music intensifies]

[low rumbling]

[Grover] Percy!



[both grunting]

[sword unsheathing]


[wings fluttering aggressively]


[both grunting]

[wind rushing]


[low rumbling]

[rumbling grows louder]

[backpack clanks]

[Grover] What was that?

[♪ intriguing instrumental music playing]


[zipper sliding]

[♪ music becomes suspenseful]

[♪ music intensifies]

[electrical humming, vibrating]

Is this…


I mean, it looks like…

It absolutely is not.

[Percy] Okay.

So, what is it then?

Yeah, that’s the master bolt.

[Percy] I mean, I think so, right?

How is it in your bag?

Wait, this isn’t my bag.

This is the bag Ares gave me.

[♪ suspenseful instrumental music playing]

Ares had the master bolt this entire time and tricked us.

He was working with Hades?

I guess so.

[Grover] I mean…

that was it, right? That’s the quest.

Zeus is expecting us to return this.

Zeus is just gonna have to wait.

[♪ music intensifies]

Let’s go get your mom.

[♪ music concludes]

[Sally] I know this is hard.

I hope you know that I know that.

But this school’s gonna be really good for you.

I know that, too.

Hey, listen… if you really don’t like it there… we can look for other options. I mean it.

I just… [sighs] I want you to give this place a chance.

[muffled chatter]

I gotta take you back to school soon to drop you off, so let’s not… let’s not spend the last few minutes we have here like this.

Why are you doing this?

Why are you trying so hard to get rid of me?

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

I would never do this to you.


[Sally] I’m gonna go pay.

[♪ music continues]


[inhales shakily]


[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

[metallic thud]

[door rumbling]

[♪ music intensifies]


[♪ music continues]

[loud thud]

Is this our stop, or…?

[footsteps approaching]

[echoing footsteps grow louder]

Hey, fellas. Welcome!

Sorry about all the… Oh…

Anyways, it’s great to meet you.

I know who you are, and you know who I am, so we can just skip right past that part.

Can I get you anything?

Fresh pomegranate juice, a snack?

Actually, if…

My mother.


Straight to business.

I admire the cut of your jib.

Little nautical reference for you.

I see you.

Where is she?

Right. Okey-doke.

Let’s get to it.

Your mom’s just over here.

[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

[Hades] You’ve come all this way, don’t be shy.

[♪ music becomes hopeful]


What did you do to her?

[Hades] Uh…

[scoffs] Saved her life?

You know, typically, getting crushed by a Minotaur is a terminal diagnosis.

I snagged her for ya, just in the “ta-da” nick of time, so that you would come see me.

And here we are.

[♪ suspenseful instrumental music playing]

[Hades] You give me what you got, and I’m giving you what I got.

I… I can’t give it to you.

Ah, see, there’s a quid and a quo here.

[Percy] The bolt doesn’t belong to you.

Your plan almost worked.

You and Ares managed to steal the bolt, trick me into bringing it right down and giving it to you.

But it’s wrong, and I won’t do it.

So all I can do is ask you to do the right thing, too.

Please… let my mom go.


[♪ music fades]


Who… who tricked Ares into doing what?

You’re in cahoots with Ares, to secure the bolt.

I’m not in cahoots with Ares.

I seldom “cahoot.”

The bolt is my brothers’ drama, I don’t want any part of it.

You don’t want it?

[Hades] No.

Then what do you want?

My helm!

Your what?

[Hades] My Helm of Darkness. It went missing just days before someone used it to turn invisible and steal the bolt.

I’d like it back now, please, and then you get your mom back.

You really don’t want the bolt?

Why would I want that?

To start a war between your brothers.

Why would I want that?


I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s all candy canes and rainbows down here.

I’m managing just fine.

[thunder rumbling]

I don’t really do jealous.

My brothers, on the other hand, have the market cornered on jealous.

Family drama is why I don’t go up there anymore.

These grudges, they go on forever. Super unhealthy.

Someone stole Zeus’s bolt, it wasn’t me, it must have been somebody who was…


[♪ ominous instrumental music playing]

Excuse me?

He’s got the longest grudge of them all.

Zeus took Kronos’s throne.

Who else has a bigger reason to weaken Zeus and take his throne back?

Kronos is in a million pieces at the bottom of…

[Percy] Tartarus, where something just tried to pull us into it the moment the bolt appeared in our bag.

Tartarus… where I’ve been hearing a voice from in my dreams, telling me it needs my help to take down Olympus.

I assumed that was you, but that voice I heard… that definitely did not sound like you.

[Hades sighs]

Ask me for sanctuary.


[Hades] If Kronos is somehow planning to emerge from his exile, and you were his first call… you’re not safe.

Ask me and I’ll protect you.

You and your mother.

[♪ soft instrumental music playing]

And the goat.

I’ll throw him in, on the house.

This works out nicely for you as it turns out.

All it’ll cost you is the bolt.

I thought you didn’t want the bolt?

I don’t want the bolt.

Now, I need the bolt.

If war with Kronos is coming, I’d like to be prepared.

Not messing around here, kid.

This only ends one way.

The only question is how difficult you make it.


[♪ dramatic instrumental music playing]

Give me the bag.

[ethereal ringing]

Nice pearl.

I accept your offer.


Your first offer.

We’re gonna go get your helm.

And when I get back, you’re gonna let my mom go.

Okay. Hang on, kid.

Grover, now!

[ethereal ringing]

Hold fast, Mom.

[♪ music intensifies, concludes]

[shuddering breath]

[indistinct chatter]

[♪ somber instrumental music playing]

[match hissing]

[thunder rumbling]

[♪ music continues]

[rain pattering]

[door creaking]

[♪ music becomes emotional]

This isn’t fair.

[man] No.

It isn’t.

And I am failing. [inhales]

[man] No, you’re not.

I’m going to take him to camp.

Are you sure?

[shakily] What other choice do I have?

He and I, living together in the city?

[inhales deeply]

It’s starting to attract attention from your world.

A winged horse followed him to school.

It saw him, he saw it.

Sooner or later, it’s not just gonna be pretty things that are following him.

[inhales deeply] At camp, he will be safe.

You don’t want him at camp.

No, no.

No, I don’t.

Tell me why.

You don’t want to hear why.

[thunder rumbling]

Probably not.

But you have no one to say it to… and maybe that’s the most unfair part of it.

You say it… and I will listen.

I want him to know who he is…

[♪ hopeful instrumental music playing]

…before your family tries to tell him who they want him to be.

[man sighs]

He is better than that.

He has better things in him than that.

[man] Then I think you have your answer.

He’s going to go to school.

And he’s gonna learn things that you can’t teach him there.

[♪ music becomes wistful]

And it’s gonna be hard for the both of you.

It’s gonna be torture for the both of you.

But he will be stronger for it on the other side.

His mother raised him well.

Do you want to talk to him?

I know you shouldn’t, but… maybe just to hear his voice.

[thunder rumbling]

One day.

[♪ heroic instrumental music playing]

[waves crashing]

[man] One day, when he’s ready.

[man] When he knows who he is… and where he belongs.

[♪ music continues]

[man] And fate has revealed to him his true path.

[♪ music intensifies]

[man] On that day…

[sword unsheathing]

[man] …I’ll be right by his side.

[♪ music concludes]

[♪ adventurous theme music playing]

[♪ theme music continues]

[Chiron] You have to be very careful.

You’re more than a hero now.

You are a leader in the eyes of your fellow half-bloods.

[Percy] I’m here to see Zeus.

[loud thud]

[Percy] I don’t have an appointment.

[♪ theme music continues]

[♪ theme music concludes]


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