Parasyte: The Grey – Episode 3 | Transcript

After raiding Saejin Church, Jun-kyung begins suspecting Kim Chul-min is hiding something - later tracking him down meeting with Su-in and Kang-woo.
Parasyte: The Grey - 2024 Tv Series

Parasyte: The Grey
Original title: Gisaengsu: Deo Geurei
Episode 3
Aired on April 5, 2024 (Netflix)

Plot: After raiding Saejin Church, Jun-kyung begins suspecting Kim Chul-min is hiding something – later tracking him down meeting with Su-in and Kang-woo.

* * *

[man] You always buy so much food.

Are we gonna be able to eat all this?

We’ll eat it all sooner or later.

Oh my gosh. [gasps]

Oh, the receipt. You know, to get our parking validated.

It can’t be that much. Let’s just head out, honey.

It’s all right, just wait for me. Start the car, and I’ll be right back.

[man] Jun-kyung. Jun-kyung!

Lord, what a penny-pincher.



She’s still a total mystery.

[parasite squelching]

[unsettling music playing]

What is that?

[man grunts]

[man groans]


[indistinct announcement on PA]

[people screaming]

Everybody run! He just killed someone!

[screaming continues]


Hey, come back!

[music intensifies]


Honey, wait!

Wait! What are you doing?

Look out, he’s coming!

[man 2] Get out of here!

[man 3] He’s right there!

[Jun-kyung screams]

[tense music playing]

[loud clattering]




[girl] Mommy!

Mommy, where are you?


Mommy, where are you?

[mother] Su-jin!

[panicked breathing]

[mother gasps] Thank God! Su-jin!

Oh, thank you, thank you so much!

Mommy! Mommy!

[loud clattering]

[tense music continues]

[Jun-kyung grunts]


[howling, hissing]



[gasping, panting]

[parasite grunts]

[banging at door]


[snarling, groaning]

[snarling continues]


[banging at door]

[parasite hissing, snarling]


[music fades]

[solemn music playing]

[music fades]

[opening theme music playing]


[dog barking in distance]

Hey, could I get one of those?

[man] Hmm.

A thousand won.

[sighs] They charge for a toothbrush in this town? Shit.

If it’s just lightly used, I can return it, huh?


Which one are you?

I can’t tell. Just Su-in?

[Kang-woo laughs]

Yeah, it’s just you.

Sit down for a minute. Let’s talk.

Okay. Now, I’m gonna tell you what you need to hear, hmm?

Listenin’ to me in there, Mr. Hyde?

I’ll take that as a yes.

The best thing we can do now… is tell someone what we saw out there.

The authorities?

[Kang-woo] Yeah.

We can tell them that Saejin Church is full of dead bodies.

I won’t give our names so we don’t end up being hunted.

Seem good?

I actually know a police officer.

It’s someone you trust?

I had to turn in my dad to the authorities,

and this man was the one who responded.

You reported your dad?

Yeah, my dad was abusive,

and this man helped me get away from my dad.

[Kang-woo] Jesus.

Can’t catch a break, can you? That’s nuts.

Report it to him, then. Hmm?

A call should do.

Are you on board, then? Mr. Hyde?

We’re all on the same page here, right?

Hyde sounds too scary. What’s a good name, hmm?

Heidi? Or is that a bit much?

A bit much, huh?

[Kang-woo chuckles]

Anyway, Miss Heidi,

it doesn’t matter if those things are family to you.

I gotta report it for my family.

[wistful music playing]

My older sister, Kyung-hee

and Jin-hee too.

I don’t know much, but I know I can’t forgive… what they did there.


Hey, no, no.

Don’t be sorry, no.

Right, let’s go.

Let’s go call the police, hmm? Come on.

[door chime rings]

[Kang-woo] Got any coins?

[phone buzzing]

[Chul-min] Hey, Min-su.

[Min-su] Yes, sir?

About this file… Excuse me.

[Chul-min clears throat]

Yes, hello? Yeah, go send it out.

[Kang-woo] Is this Detective Chul-min?

Who is this?

Uh, who I am isn’t relevant right now.

Uh, there’s something you really gotta hear, okay?

Hey, wait, how’d you get this number?

Y… you don’t need to know that, sir. It’s safer like this.

Uh, so in Namcheon, there’s a church there, you know?

Saejin Church, and it’s way out in the mountains, okay?

And there’s a bunch of monsters out there, man.

Actual monsters.


Yeah, they look like humans,

and then they open their heads, like… [growls]

…and then tentacle-looking things, like, launch out.

That’s what they use as weapons to go after people and kill them.

Anyway, there’s a bunch of bodies out there.

Yeah, I did my part, then. So there, it’s reported.

May I ask who you are…

[disconnect tone]

Damn, I never thought I’d report anything to the cops. Shit.

How will we know whether or not they actually do anything?

We’ll just call him back up again.

So, for now, let’s just try to lie low somewhere.


It’s like… there are two of you guys, and I’m alone,

so Heidi’s, like, insurance so I don’t get hurt.

I… I have to go to work.

[Kang-woo] Where?



Yes, hello, this is Su-in’s cousin. Sorry to bother you.

Yeah, I dropped by to bring some food and to check up on her,

and, uh, she’s coughing and seems flushed too.

Yeah, exactly, so she won’t be in today for work.

Of course. That’s really kind of you.

I’ll certainly take care of her,

and I’ll make sure to come in and thank you when she’s better.


[disconnect tone]

You’re a great liar. It’s incredible.

I did theater in middle school.

It was, uh, an all-boys school.

I was Juliet. [chuckles]


[Won-seok inhales sharply]

Saejin Church, huh?

Why’s it out in the middle of nowhere?

Does the source seem credible to you?

We just got a tip-off, so why not?

And anyway…

about the monsters he said he saw.

That description?

The parasites look just like that.

Ah, think so?

So if there’s a group up there, what do we do?

I better tell Team Grey, then, right?

Not so fast.

We don’t even know who called it in.

I’ll come back. Just Team Grey should be told…

Calm down, man, breathe.

And what if they really are at the church?

I’ll handle it.

Sh, okay?

[indistinct chattering]


Oh, Detective Kim.

Ah, yes, hello.

I was just on my way to see you.

Ah, really? Uh, about what?

Well, you know that girl, Jeong Su-in?

I see you handled two reports involving her, right?

One was years back, and one’s recent.



She works at a grocery store.

Something happened with an upset customer.

We caught up yesterday.

She’s working hard at the market.

I made sure to pluck a hair out.

She passed the test.

Hmm. I guess you two share a close bond.

What brings you out here?


Uh, a tip-off was called in regarding Saejin Church.

And the man said monsters are running around up there.

The man said monsters?

Does it seem like this tip could be something credible?

I can’t really be sure. It’s just the man described creatures…

[woman] Miss Choi.


Seems you were spot-on, then.

Get the team ready.

Yes, ma’am.

[Jun-kyung] Thank you for the tip.


Oh, uh, the tipster’s identity…

[tense music playing]

Ah shit.

Hey, grab the boys and meet me at the church.

[indistinct chattering]

[Won-seok] Let’s hurry, guys!

[man 1] Yes, sir!

Hey, channel five. Channel five!

[man 1] Copy. We’ll contact you on arrival.

[sighs] This is getting crazy.

Shit. Come on, let’s go.

[car starts]

[tense music continues]

[drone whirring]


So what’s that smaller building?

Looks like a warehouse, except it’s got AC.

Search that building as well, then.

Yes, ma’am.

It just seems so quiet.

Well, then?

Did they all disappear?

All of them?

If they do show up, you just let me know, okay?

Press your little button.

What does he have in his hand? Some kinda remote or something?

If parasites are nearby,

he can just send a warning by pressing that.

If he hasn’t sensed them, that must mean there are no more parasites here.

Or perhaps he’s lying to us.


[man 2] Ma’am, we’re ready to enter.

Get started.

[tense music playing]

[man 2] Lift the tarp.

We’ve found body parts in the warehouse.

[man 1] It must’ve been one of their pantries.

[man 3] Right side, clear.

[man 4] Left side, clear. All clear.

[indistinct radio chatter]

Not much left to investigate.

Ah shit.

I’ll take a look over there.

The hell happened here?

[Chul-min] For you.

What is this?

[tense music continues]

Have you found anything?


uh, no, no.

Seems pretty much empty here?

What about next door?

Complete chaos. You should really come see.

[indistinct chattering]

[sirens wailing]

As you can see, the bodies we found there

had been mutilated and cut into pieces,

so it’ll take time to count all the victims

and to identify them all.

So far, we have over 500 body parts.

We’ll analyze the DNA of each part

in order to verify their identity and reunite them.

We need help to accomplish this,

so we’ll bring in nearby forensic teams to assist.

Does the church belong to anyone?

Kwon Hyuk-ju, 42 years old.

He’s a pastor who started the church 15 years ago.

And where is this pastor now?

A few weeks ago, his wife disappeared, as reported by her family.

It seems that he has disappeared, too, so reports say.

Then they’re likely parasites now.

Or I suppose one changed into a parasite and ate the other.

[indistinct chattering]

[Jun-kyung] Was there anything else found at the church?

It seems a large number were meeting there,

but they changed locations

and took some important evidence with them.

Detective Kim, anything you can add?

Uh, about what?

Your Namil officers may know something of importance.

Well, no. None of my men know much at all.

You know, we’ve never seen anything like this.

So, no, there’s nothing to report.

That pastor needs to be found before we make any moves.

Let’s try looking for the pastor’s place of residence

to get us started.

A Namil officer could try taking point on that.

Ah, oh, I’ll start, miss. I got it.

Great. Let’s begin our Saejin Church inquiry.

Let’s be detailed and precise, but be quick.

[Won-seok] Uh, okay, then.

Need a hand?

Uh, no, it’s just legwork. I can do it.

[music fades]

[phone buzzing]

Sweetie, hi.

[girl] Daddy, I got a perfect score on my English test!

Oh wow! Wow, did you?

You must be a smarty, huh?

You have the top score? Yeah, I do!

Oh, that’s great! That’s great!

Wow, sweetie! That’s really great, huh?

I’ll get you yummy treats later, okay? Okay.

Sound fun? Come home soon!

Okay, yeah, see ya, hon.

[disconnect tone]

[unsettling music playing]

Goodness, you’re all looking really good.

Pastor, wow!

Your chapel looks like it’s full of benevolence.

It’s not bad for a last-second find.

Well, then.

Were you eating your meal?

Our escape was possible thanks to you.

Oh, don’t mention it.

Uh, we cut it close.

A bit later, you might not have made it out of there alive.

Do you know how they found us?

I dunno.

See, we got an anonymous report called in to us.

It’s a man, from what I heard. What’s going on?

My host’s younger relation, I assume.

We must catch him.

What of the one who gave chase?

Found dead.

Judging from the trauma, it does look like our kin did it.


Why would you kill your own kind? I mean, jeez. Seriously? That’s so sick.

At a time when you need all-hands-on-deck.

And now you guys start betraying each other? Seriously?

A losing team’s not much fun, you know?

[Hyuk-ju] “Betray”?

I just meant… Sorry, that was too harsh.

[Won-seok clears throat]

It is unlike you to say such things.

Is this, then…


…”humor,” as your kind calls it?

[chuckles] Yeah. Keep on practicing, I guess.

Anyway, how, uh, secure is this place?

While they use the Hunting Dog, no place is completely secure.

The Hunting Dog must not live.

[Won-seok sighs]

Ah, you have to complicate things, don’t you?

A weapon?

[Hyuk-ju] You will need this blade.

We made it as similar to our tentacles as possible.

The Hunting Dog will know its comrades,

so we cannot attempt an assassination.

[Won-seok grunts]

This task is now yours to carry out.

[music intensifies]

[TV] This area of Dongyeong-dong was slated for redevelopment.

Meanwhile, people are heading out in droves to enjoy the wonderful weather…

Namcheon City will soon hold the opening…

Why isn’t it on the news already?

They could’ve taken care of it discreetly.

[phone buzzing]

[upbeat music playing on TV]


[Kang-woo] Who’s that?

[TV powers down]

The cop guy? Answer it.

Answer, we need more info.

Hello, Detective?

Su-in, hi.



uh, can we meet up later today?

I wanna discuss something.

Gimme a minute to check my schedule. I… I’ll call you back.

Yeah, uh, yeah, okay.

[disconnect tone]


Ask him what happened.

But then he’d know that we made that call.

Oh, true, huh? So what?

He told me he wants to get together.

[sighs] Hey, remember how I got betrayed?

Can you be sure that he’s not in on it?

No, he’s probably the most trustworthy person I know.

It’s not like we have any other options, right?


To be sure, text him you want someplace totally remote, okay?

I’m not trusting anybody right now.

Say Changseong Amusement Park. Half an hour.

[keyboard clacking]

Looks good.

[phone buzzing]

[unsettling music playing]



[man] Jesus, it really hurts, man! Seriously, it hurts a lot!

[officer] Come on!

[man] Let go of me!

Hey, let go of me! Let me go!

Let go of me already!

[officer] You need to cooperate.

[man] I will, Jesus!

[officer] Back off!

[man] Seriously?

Uh, can you also

contact the traffic department for their assistance?

And put a tail on Detective Kim.

[unsettling music playing]

[phone buzzing]


In the field, you know that.

Dispatched? Right now?

No, no, no, no. Hey, hey, I’ll be there. Send the location.


[car starts]


[music fades]

I didn’t even know this was here.

Didn’t know the park?

When I was little, I’d sneak in all the time with my sisters,

and we’d just mess around.

See that over there?

Rumor said someone fell from there, so the place closed.

You know, nobody died. It’s just a stupid rumor.

[Su-in chuckles]

So you talked about your dad earlier.

Is your mother around?

She’s moved on to someone new. Got another kid.

We’ve all seen that before, yeah. [scoffs]

Just stay busy and keep moving. Life, right?

Now, we’re sorta like orphans, huh?

We should stick together.

We’re adults now. We’re not orphans.

Everybody ends up alone, anyway.

Hey, Su-in.

Just hang on.

And you are?

Oh, hey. I work as her guardian. We’re both orphanage brats.

Is that so? You can wait here.

Su-in, can I talk to you real quick?

[Su-in] Detective, is something wrong?

The keychain I got for you. Do you have it on you?

It’s gone missing. Sorry.

[mysterious music playing]

Where did you find my…

It was at Saejin Church.

What happened out there?

It’s all right. You can tell me the truth.


Are you in danger?

No, it’s not that.

[device beeping]

One of your kin?

[phone buzzing]

Where are you?

Ten minutes?

I’m going in without you. Just meet me here.

[unsettling music playing]

[high-pitched ringing]

They found us. We have to go.

Let’s hurry up. We gotta go.

Su-in, look at me, please. Tell me what happened.

No, I can’t explain now.

Su-in, wait!

[Kang-woo] We have to go.

Are you really Su-in? Back off!

[Kang-woo grunts]

[Su-in] Detective!

Who are you? Tell me who this is?

Just let him go!

Tell me now!

[Su-in] Detective, it’s not like that!

Saejin Church, come on!

[Chul-min] What?

[Kang-woo gasping]

So you’re the one that called us, huh?

What do you know?

Saejin Church was full of bodies, kid!

Huh? What’d you see?

[tense music playing]



[both grunting]

[Su-in] No, Detective!

[Kang-woo] We gotta go! Come on! Come on, let’s go!

Ah shit! [gasping]

[both panting]

[sirens wailing]

[both panting]

[Kang-woo] Over here.

Get down.

[motors whirring]

[eerie music playing]

[loud thud]

[maniacal laugh]


[siren wailing]

[dramatic music playing]

[man 1] Trace her location!

[man 2] Yes, sir!

[man 1] Move! Hurry up, let’s go!

Quick! Let’s go!

[music intensifies]

[maniacal laughing]



[metal clattering]

[maniacal laughing]

Hey, I think we might need Heidi.

[Heidi] As it is, we are trapped.

Shit! Fuck! Don’t scare me like that.

I can take care of that one there. You can escape and run.

And then, you…

Once she is dispatched, I shall run.

[maniacal laughing continues]

Okay, I’m gonna go steal a ride, and I’ll honk beep beep beep, okay?

That’s your signal.

[Heidi] Whatever you do, hurry.

Time is limited.

Ah shit!

[tense music playing]

[woman] Miss Choi is this way!

[man 1] Team Alpha, proceed inside. Team Bravo, secure the perimeter.

Move in now!

[man 2] Roger that.

[man 3] All clear.

No visual on the target. Moving in.

[music intensifies]

[maniacal laughing]

[loud thud]


Ah Christ!

[both grunting]

[man 4] Target spotted.

[man 3] Stop! We’re warning you! Step back!

[man 1] Miss Choi, are you all right?

[sighs in frustration] Let go!


[man growls in pain]


[blade slicing]

[groaning in pain]

[device beeping]


Still another parasite, I guess.

You two, stay close. Let’s get going.

We’re gonna catch that bitch alive or kill her here.

[man 1] Yes, ma’am.




[blood squelching]



[Won-seok breathing heavily]

[parasyte gasping]

Why would you shame yourself by turning against your own kin?

[dramatic music playing]

[Chul-min breathing heavily]


Detective Kim, stop.

[Chul-min] Move.

Move it, jackass!


[woman] Stop! It’s dangerous!

[man 1] Detective.

[gun clatters]


[man 1] Get away from her.

She could turn into a parasite any second.

Bring paramedics.

I said bring the paramedics right now! She’s hurt!

[man 1] We’ve been ordered to kill her! Step aside, Detective!

Hey, you can’t kill this girl.

Can’t you see? She’s human. A normal girl.

Please just bring the damn paramedics!

She’s a parasite, not a human being!

Get away from her now!

[device beeps]

[helmet lock clicks]

[somber music playing]


Ah shit.

She’s fucked. I did what I could.


Lower your guns.

I said lower your weapons!

[man 1] Detective Kim, this is your last warning.

If you don’t move, we have no choice but to fire!

I swear, she’s not a parasite.

Please! Don’t.

Seriously? What the hell are you doing?


What is that thing? What is that? What are you doing?

Let me go!

Let me go, you bastards!

[dramatic music continues]

[helmet lock clicks]

[music fades]

[dramatic music playing]

[music fades]


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