Parasyte: The Grey – Episode 1 | Transcript

After a brutal attack, Jeong Su-in learns she may not be the same person as before. Choi Jun-kyung discovers the monsters are forming an organization.
Parasyte: The Grey - 2024 Tv Series

Parasyte: The Grey
Original title: Gisaengsu: Deo Geurei
Episode 1
Aired on April 5, 2024 (Netflix)

Plot: After a brutal attack, Jeong Su-in learns she may not be the same person as before. Choi Jun-kyung discovers the monsters are forming an organization.

* * *

[unsettling music playing]






[man] What did you say, motherfucker? That’s such bullshit.

You think I’m scared to kill somebody, huh?


[sighs] Fuck.


Try me.

[keyboard clacking]

Seriously? These bastards. Shit! [chuckles]

[keyboard clacking]

[music intensifies]

[wind whistling]

[electronic dance music playing]

[crowd cheering]

[cheering continues]


[music continues]






[electronic dance music playing]


[woman sighs]

Wake up!

Why’d you even come here? Just to sleep?

Come on, bro!


Let’s go dance! Come on!

Christ, you’re so boring.

Stay there, then.


[eyes squelching]

[crowd cheering]

Oh, you’re back!

Hey, did you sober up? Huh?


[blood squelching]


[crowd screaming]


[crowd screams]



[screaming continues]

[electronic dance music ends]

[opening theme music playing]



[register beeping]

[butcher] Huh?

[beeping rapidly]

Don’t. Just work.

[music playing in earphones]

Just a minute.

It’s acting up. The register. It’s driving me nuts, seriously.

[scanner beeping]

A bag for you, sir?

Point card?

Okay, that’ll be 44,000 won.

You’ll need to get a sticker for this one at the butcher counter, okay, sir?

[man humming]

Excuse me.

Sir, um…

You’ll need to go over to the counter and get a price tag to check out.

Nah, they gave it to me that way.

You still gotta go get a price tag so I can scan it.

Hey, come on.

Can’t you just get the stupid thing? Jesus Christ.

Sir, the butcher handles the meat, so you’ll need to go over there…

[yells] Why can’t you, bitch, just go and do it, huh?

Huh? Why is this dumb bitch ordering around a customer? [grunts]

[sighs] Ah, this is such bullshit.

I can’t even…

I could kill you all.

Oh fuck. I swear to God. I’ll just kill ’em all.

[man 2] What’s that about?

Did you say something?

Next, please.

Okay, bye. See ya tomorrow!

[woman] Oh, Su-in, good night. Good work today.

[Su-in] Thank you.

[man 2] Nice job today.

[car engine starting]

[motorcycle engine starting]

[mysterious music playing]

[tires squealing]

[Su-in gasps]

[Su-in groans]

[man] Hey, you stupid bitch.

[tense music playing]

What’d you say before, huh?

Say it to me again, you little fucker!

Huh? Come here, fucking bitch!

[Su-in screams]

[man grunting]

[skin tearing]

[grunts angrily] You bitch! Get back here!

[grunting, gasping]

Hey! Think I can’t go this far?

You shits believe I can kill somebody now, huh?

[Su-in grunts]

[man] Just watch.

I’ll do it now. I will. Just watch.

I’ll cut her up.

Ah fuck!


You think you can hide from me, huh?

[labored breathing]

[man] You just fucking wait.

Stupid bitch.

[breathing heavily]

[eerie music playing]

[blood squelching]

[mysterious music playing]

[driver] Hello? I’m at the intersection near the Namcheon power plant.

I think there’s been an accident here.

There’s a motorcycle knocked over. Yeah, and a car.

Yes, sir. Yes, I’ll brief you first thing in the morning.

Yeah. Yeah, copy that.

[man 1] Ah, hello, sir.

[man 2] Hello, sir.

Christ, this is exhausting, isn’t it?

I know, it’s the third violent crime just since this morning.

Some kinda day. Where’s Won-seok?

[man 2] Detective Kang will be here soon.

Christ. Anytime something awful happens, he’s late.

So who’s the suspect?

Well, his name is Lee Kyung-chun.


Forty-three years old. Got priors for some violent crimes. Schizophrenic.


[man 1] Yeah.


He and the victim argued at the supermarket where she works.

Employees have already given us their statements, sir.

The story goes he followed her in his car, ran her over, and then he drew a weapon.

Crazy jackass. And so?

What else?

[man 2] Ah, well, it’s…

Um… he had a weapon, and he chased her,

and then he died somehow.

He bled to death.

Who did?

The maniac?

Yeah, he got split open.

Looks like, basically, his chest all the way up to his face.

I thought you said he jumped her. What do you mean he got split open?

Yeah, it’s all pretty strange, boss.

Nobody’s sure if he got cut in the crash or might have gotten cut later.

Hopefully, the pathologist can say.

[sighs] It’s one thing after another today.

Who’s the victim?

[man 1] Yes, uh, the victim is Jeong Su-in, 29 years old.

[pensive music playing]

Uh, I’m sorry, boss. Do you know her?

[sighs] Yeah.

[boss] How’s she doing?

They say she’s unharmed, except she’s been in a coma.

What do you mean?

She was ambushed by Mr. Crazy, but she’s unharmed? How?

That’s confusing too.

There are places where she’s got these scars,

like she got stabbed.

And her clothes were soaked with her own blood too.

Only, they said the scars look old like they’re not from this.

[wistful music playing]

[Su-in groans]




Su-in, you can’t show up here again.

[music fades]

Sorry, what’s going on?

[officer] Are you feeling better?

[Su-in sighs]

[door opens]



Are you all right?

What am I doing here?

[man 2] Do you remember anything?

Today, a man tried to stab you to death.

Uh, yeah, the man that I met earlier at the market.

[boss] Yeah, that man, right.

Yeah, that man’s why we’re here. So are you all right?

I remember arguing with him over some meat, I think.

Then I think he followed me.

Yeah, I got run into, and then… then he started to stab me.

Luckily, you… you don’t seem to be hurt.

Wh… wha…

I know I got cut though.

I know, but they said those scars looked like they were pretty old.

I don’t have scars. That doesn’t make sense.

[man 2] What about your attacker? Was he injured at all during the attack?

Uh, N… no.

[man 2] Hmm.

He was following, so I tried to run.

There was so much blood, I couldn’t…

It’s hard to remember.

[man 2] Mm-hmm.

You found him, right?

He was dead at the scene. Slashed from his chest to his face.

Enough, okay?

I’ll do the talking. You guys wait outside.


[man 1, 2] Yeah, okay.

[boss] Just wait outside.

[door closes]

I still don’t understand. I was about to die out there.

And then, instead of me, he died?

Hey, when something like this happens, it’s not uncommon for you to have problems with your memory.

Don’t feel pressured to remember it now.

It’s just… I did get stabbed, you know.


Why do you think that?

‘Cause I kept thinking one thing,

“All over again.”

[solemn music playing]

“All over again”?


Time to be unhappy all over again.

It’s this recurring feeling. I’m used to it now.

“It’s time to be unhappy again.”

Su-in, that won’t happen to you again.

When I was ten, and my dad was abusing me, I had the same thought.

When my dad hit me with a clothes iron, broke my bones, and, you know, I used to think like that.

“It’s time to be unhappy again.”

Tonight, when I got stabbed, it just brought all those feelings out again.

[sighs] Nothing like that is going to happen again, okay?

If you hadn’t been there to save me from my father, I wouldn’t even be alive right now.

No, you called us out there.

Do you think it’s easy for a ten-year-old little girl to report her own dad to the police?

I wasn’t the one who saved you.

You’re the one who saved yourself.


I believe you can always save yourself.

I know it.

If there’s anything that comes back to you about tonight,

just let us know.

And just so you know, I’m really happy you’re safe. Hmm?

If you need anything, give me a call, all right?

Get some rest.

[door closes]

Hey, Chul-min! Sorry. I’m sorry I’m late. [chuckles]

No, please. No rush.

Where were you, evening mass?


[man 2] Won-seok, praying doesn’t suit you.

[Won-seok] Shut up, all right?

You go to church?

[Won-seok laughs]

Anyway, get out of here.

Oh, you saw the girl, right? I was hoping…


Ah, let me just breathe a sec.

Tomorrow, get here early.

Got it.


Look, if we solve a couple big cases from today, who knows?

We could get promoted soon, right?

[unsettling music playing]




[henchman 1] Hello, boss.

[henchman 2] Hello, boss.

[music plays faintly]

[boss] Have the Mangnani Gang made any moves lately?

[henchman 1] No, they’re quiet.

We took their business, and they can’t do a thing about it, huh?


They’re weak, you know?

That’s right. Good work.

Have a good evening, sir.

[boss sighs]

[door closes]

[people laughing, cheering]

The boss is in room eight.

[door closes]

[toilet flushing]

[boss sighs]

[tense music playing]

[boss grunts] Son of…





[boss] Hey, where are my guys?

[woman screams]

He’s there! Right there! Go get that bastard!

[henchman 3] Come here!

[henchman 4] Come here, son of a bitch!

[henchman 6] Come here, asshole!

[henchman 8] Hey, you bastard!



[music fades]

[driver] This is our final stop. Everyone off, please.

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[phone line ringing]

[automated voice] Thank you for calling. You have one new voicemail.

Press one to check your messages.

Press two to manage your mailbox.

[man] Hey, it’s Jong-do.

Listen, the Yeongdeungpo guys are really pissed right now, so lay low for the time being.

Don’t use your cell phone if you can help it.

No, actually, just toss it.

I’ll contact you once things get sorted out.

[automated voice] Press one to listen to your next message.

Press two to replay…

[phone clatters]

[door opens]

[door closes]

[eerie music plays]

[man] Hey, you scared me.

You probably forgot your little bro’s face by now, huh?

Don’t worry about me. I won’t stay here long.

Jin-hee mentioned you… had, like, a tumor.

But you look fine. [chuckles]

Is Jin-hee around?

She has gone somewhere.

Where’d she go?

I would not know.

[door closes]

What is she wearing?

[toilet flushing]

[objects clattering]

[tense music playing]

[man] No matter what happens, she never leaves the store unattended.

Gone somewhere, huh?

[scoffs] You don’t know where?


[connection tone plays]

[automated voice] The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service. Goodbye.


[music fades]

[door opens]

[phone buzzing]


Hey, Detective.

[Chul-min] Hey, is everything okay?

Yeah, it’s been normal here.

Just work.

But you still need to take care of yourself.

Just take it easy for now. Why don’t you go on a vacation?

The hospital told me it’s okay though.

There’s nowhere for me to go anyway.

Yeah, I guess so.

[laughs] Still, don’t push yourself too hard, okay?

Okay, I’ll try not to.

I’m indebted to you, sir.

Come on. No need for that.

You stay safe now.

[disconnect tone]

[automated voice on PA] The bus is stopping at Gyeongjin Market.

The next stop is…


[high-pitched ringing]

[unsettling music playing]

[Su-in] Could you please open the door?

[loud beep]

[music fades]

[air hissing]

[house music playing]

[laughs] Hey, I said I’d get us a hotel room nearby.

Let us go to my place.

Oh yeah? I’d like that, baby. Just…

Most girls would rather stay at a hotel, wouldn’t they? [chuckles]

I do not.

Only my place will do. No other.

Okay. You know, I like women like you.

Women who take charge. [chuckles]

You do come off a bit cold sometimes. [chuckles]

Wow! Here, baby? Huh?

It seems isolated, huh?

I mean, it’s kinda falling apart.

Baby, does anyone live here?

I mean, I’m not saying it’s shabby. Baby, are you mad?

What I meant was that I didn’t know people still lived in places like this.

That’s all.

This place is getting redeveloped, I guess.

Baby, it seems like you live in a place that doesn’t suit your vibe, you know?


Wow, let’s take a look.

Oh, you’ve got unique taste, huh?

I mean, I’m not saying it’s weird.

Uh, okay, this is a first for me, I’d say.


Uh, can I wash up quick somewhere?

Why is the floor…

[door opens]

What the heck?

Your family, I’m guessing.

[eerie music playing]

There is alcohol in this human’s veins, is there not?

Is that your pop?

Humans can detoxify when left alive for a while.

[man] What?

But how do we ensure his silence until that time?

What’s up with you? Oh shit.

Oh, you assholes think I’m some kind of pushover.

We could cut off his arms.

No. He can remain intact.

I think it is best to render him unconscious and tie him up.

Come on, man.

Just hang on a minute.

You don’t seem to be aware. I’m an important man.



[man crying]

[gas hissing]

[parasite moaning]

[man grunts]



[man whimpers] Get away from me! Leave me alone!


[panting, whimpering]

Ah! Thank God! Help me!

[dramatic music playing]

[agent 1] Target one, down!

[shell casing clatters]


Shoot the target, shoot!

[dramatic music continues]



[agent] Target two, down!

[creature screeches]

[agent 1] Target three, down!

[glass shattering]


[sirens wailing]

[police radio chatter]

[high-pitched ringing]

[blade rasps]


Are you our kin?


A prisoner of theirs?

[woman] Don’t touch that.

I got it first.

[creature groaning]

[woman pants]

[agent 1] The target escaped. Moving west via rooftop!

[agent 2] Miss Choi, are you okay?

[sighs] I wanted him alive. Shit.

[agent 2] You want him alive?

[sirens wailing]

It’d be good to catch another one.

We could use more Hunting Dogs.

Honey? Okay in there?

How’s your end?

Wrapped up now. All targets killed.

And how’s that punk?

He was clearly in shock. We sent him to the hospital.

Hmm. Our team’s watching him?

[agent 2] Yeah.


Wow, they’re all working together now.

They were having a little get-together, huh? [laughs]

There’s not much left behind. These seem to be victims’ belongings.

[eerie music plays]

Let’s break it open.

[fingers snap]

[loud banging]


[tense music playing]

What is this?

Let’s bring forensics.

[siren wailing]

[agent 2] What do you think that means?

[woman] It’s the symbol for their pantry.


Those bastards are banding together.

[music intensifies]

[music subsides]

[woman] Are you certain she is our kin?

Should she be brought into our organization, then?

I understand.

I will approach her now.

[disconnect tone]

[radio] It seems like a lot of people these days have trouble falling asleep.

For you listeners out there struggling like our last caller,

whose worries are keeping you awake this late at night,

why don’t you try drinking a cup of warm water…

[door closes]

[mysterious music playing]

[high-pitched ringing]


[phone line ringing]

[tense music playing]


[Su-in grunts]

[breathing nervously]

[Su-in] Who are you guys?

Just go away!

[panicked breathing]

You are convincing as an Earthling.

What? What does that even mean?

This one seems strange.

Are you certain she is kin?

What do you want?

Let us confirm her identity.

Oh fuck!

[tense music playing]

[skin squelching]

We are kin. You see now.

[skin squelching]

[blade rasps]

If you are kin, you must join us in our organization.

We must work together in order to ensure our survival.


You are welcome if you are of our kin.

[breathing nervously]

[plastic clatters]


[unsettling music playing]

[chuckles nervously]

Have you seen my dog?

Merry! Merry!

Merry… [grunts]



[breathing heavily]

You witnessed what happened, yes?

I did not want to expose myself unnecessarily,

yet now you must be killed.

[labored breathing] Then just kill me. I take it back!

Why were you here observing us?

[heavy breathing]

See, my sister’s acting weird,

so I followed her here.

So the kin I talked to was your sister?

Yeah, yeah.


Give me your wallet.


Now pay attention to my instructions.

If you do not do exactly as I command,

I will be sure to hunt you down, understand?



Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[Kang-woo clears throat]


[Kang-woo exhales]

Jeong Su-in, right?


Goddamn, that monster was right. [laughs]

Who are you?

I’ll make this quick.

So you’ve been getting unpleasant kinda brain waves from some people, right?

Don’t go near them, okay? They’re all monsters.

It said to tell you.

What are you talking about?

Do you remember you got stabbed a bunch by some crazy guy?

That’s when a monster…

I mean, it’s more like a… a larva thing from a monster

made its way inside you, Jeong Su-in, okay?

Normally, it’s supposed to eat brains, you know?

See, your wounds, because it patched those,

it didn’t have time to munch your brain, okay?

You didn’t change all the way.

I’m… Ah shit! What am I even saying?

So, uh, it means you’re a… a mutant, okay?

That’s the idea.

Jekyll meets Hyde, right? Get it?

So who told you this?

You did. Hyde did. Hyde, you hear that?

I did what you wanted. I told her, okay?

I’ll head out.

[Kang-woo sighs]

Not yours.

[eerie music playing]


[eerie music continues]

[parasite] What you heard earlier is true. Believe everything he said.

I need to explain our condition to you in detail.

Ask your questions, and I will answer.



[siren wailing]

[Chul-min] The hell?


[car horn honks]

[agent 1] Arms out and turn in 90-degree intervals.

[device beeping]

[agent 1] You may proceed.

[Won-seok] Hey, Chul-min, you’re here.


Hey, what’s up? VIP visit or what?

Ah, I heard

they’re a special task force from Seoul.

They look special, don’t they?

[Chul-min] What? What kind of task force?

They look special. They act special. [laughs]

They’ll explain it all soon. They’re having a briefing in a minute.

[agent] Stop. Arms out and turn in 90-degree intervals.

[device beeping]

[police radio chatter]

[agent] Go ahead.

[Won-seok] Okay?

[agent] Yes, proceed.

[unsettling music playing]

Hey there. [laughs]



What is all this?

Hell of a way to say hello, guns in our faces. Christ.

[Won-seok chuckles]

[eerie music playing]

[Su-in grunts]

[blood squelches]


[music fades]

[ominous music playing]


[indistinct chattering]

[Chul-min] Whoa! When did all this get set up?


What’s this? “Body snatchers”?

[Won-seok] Wow.

They look well-prepared.

Oh man.


All right, hello!

Namil Station officers, we’re glad you’re here!

Ah, and the chief.

Thank you, sir, for allowing us to be here today.

Now, please, a round of applause for your chief, everyone!

All right, I’ll start with some info on me.

I work as the parasite special forces unit Team Grey captain.

Choi Jun-kyung. Nice to meet you all.

It must’ve been inconvenient for all of you

to go through the exam earlier.

So now, I’ll reveal the exam results for everyone.

When you arrived, our team took some full-body X-rays

of everyone entering the station.

And the number of parasitic organisms found was

absolutely none! Perfect!

What is this? A school talent show or what?

[clears throat]

So, every day, we’ll be scanned like that?

[Jun-kyung] No, not at all.

The X-rays were only performed this morning.

And that’s because the parasitic organisms appeared here all at once,

and it looks like they’ve already synchronized with their hosts.

The exam this morning has proven to the entire team here

that none of you are parasites, so don’t you worry.

I keep saying “parasite this” and “parasite that.”

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

Allow me to explain what exactly I mean.

Now, everyone recalls the EDM festival killings we had recently.

Isn’t that right?

I can tell you what really happened.

The truth behind this incident is

this… this right here.

The monster you see in this video

ruthlessly slashing away at innocent people

is a parasitic organism.

How about that?

[people murmuring]

So where is he now? What’s he doing, hmm?

Right at this instant, he’s…

[all gasp]

…here with us!

[man] What the hell is that?

[crowd murmuring]

[Jun-kyung] In order to prevent social chaos,

Team Grey created a dedicated team to restrict and control media awareness

and strictly control all information with regard to this parasitic organism.

A few months ago, the parasites came in a kind of larval state,

appearing all over Korea and all over the world at large

with no explanation.

We’re not sure where all these nasty parasites are from quite yet.

But they enter a human body through the ears, nose, or mouth,

at which point, they take total control over the host’s brain

Because… they feed off of it.

Now, the parasitic organisms that complete their mutation follow their instincts to devour humans and sustain their own lives.

And here’s an important note.

Their heads can actually transform completely.

They can control exactly the rigidity and the power of their cranial transformation, and they can even use it as a sharp blade to kill.

And their smallest cells can actually think just like the complete body.

These terrifying creatures have infiltrated human society and are targeting us all right now.

Each one of us.

[parasite] At first, when I was still a larva,

I followed my instinct to take over a human brain, which is how I found you.

[unsettling music playing]




[parasite] I tried to eat your brain, parasitize your body, and seize control.

But I realized the body I was trying to parasitize

was seriously wounded.

Therefore, in order to heal you,

I tried to synchronize with your entire body.

As a result, I was able to repair your body, but I had failed to completely take control of your brain.

Once it has synchronized, the parasite runs the human host’s brain completely.

When that happens, the person’s consciousness is also completely absorbed by the parasite, and then you will no longer know who they are. They are not human.

Their minds are totally gone, but their bodies continue to live on, used as a stable source of vital nutrients for these parasites.

[woman] Because I failed to completely take over your brain,

I can only take control when you are in danger…

[blood squelches]

…to protect the body that we share.

Based on my experiments with you so far, I can only briefly take over your consciousness about 15 minutes a day.

Therefore, I will use that limited amount of time to protect this body, which now maintains my life.

Excuse me? Is there a way those parasites can, uh, can be killed?

[Jun-kyung] Oh.

You see, a parasite will shrivel up and die without a living host body.

And so, to attack the parasite inside a human, we simply have to incapacitate the body.

The host the parasite is feeding off of must be destroyed.

One, you make the body bleed out all at once.

Or two, destroy the heart entirely in one go.

Therefore, a gun with a small caliber bullet won’t work.

Use a knife, or better yet…

[dramatic music playing]

…a shotgun.

A shotgun like this one is a lot more effective…

[imitates gunshot]

…at destroying the entire heart in one blast.

Is there some type of test besides X-ray imaging to find parasites?

Well, these creatures are mingling in with us and look exactly like the rest of us, don’t they? So how?

How can we discern, without an X-ray, who’s a parasite?


Pluck out a bit of their hair.

[man 2] A strand of hair?

[Jun-kyung] You see, the parasites are made up of a single cell mass.

They can live briefly, even if they are divided into pieces, until you get it into small enough sections.

Then they lose intelligence, as well as the ability to return to the main body.

If you can get a strand of hair from one, it crumbles away and vanishes completely.

So now, if you suspect someone around you, just pluck out a hair and watch for the signs.

All right, I’ll move on to the next part of the lecture.

For better or for worse, in the case of our country, we had a parasite at an EDM festival, right?

As you saw in the video, it went on a rampage, killing people left and right.

Through the evidence we gathered, we learned parasites were the cause of it all.

A parasite task force was formed here faster than any other world power on the whole planet.

And our research had a convenient head start.

See, the one who led the charge of that important research… come on down!


[unsettling music playing]

[people murmuring]

He’s my other half.

[man 3] That’s her husband? But how?

To be more exact, it’s the parasite that crawled in and took over my husband.

[all gasp]

[Jun-kyung] Don’t be afraid.

Now, the mask you see this one wearing has a rare component we built in.

The mask has a clever device that dispenses a kind of chemical

the parasites are susceptible to.

Like so.

This remote here.

This little button…


…it dispenses the chemicals, and the parasite will be immobilized.

Also, in the mask, there’s a sensor that will monitor

if the parasite transforms itself in order to escape.

If that happens, then the solution is promptly dispensed,

which brings the parasite a great deal of pain, as you can see.


It’s just, why keep that… that thing alive?

There’s a feature that we discovered concerning these creatures.

It seems they can use brain waves

to detect other parasites that are in proximity to them,

which is why we’re using this one

as a kind of radar to detect if there are any other parasites nearby.

And so, that’s why this parasite has a name.

The “Hunting Dog.”

[parasite] The people who give you a strange feeling?

They are our kin.

And they sense that you are one of their kin.

But if they find out that you are a mutant, they will try to eliminate you.

So trying to approach any of them could be dangerous if you wish to continue to survive.

I am trying to warn you of that likelihood.

I think it is important to know each other well, so I took a video of myself on your phone.

[ethereal music playing]

[Jun-kyung] Our Hunting Dog has informed us that here in Namil-gun, where the Namil Police Station operates, the parasites are gathering in force.

[people murmuring]

So that’s why we’ve decided to visit for a while and hunt them all down for you.

So bring us any unsolved killings as well as any other suspicious cases you may stumble on.

These are cases that just might turn out to lead us to their gathering spot.


Just hang on. Is it really all right to torment a person like that?

What was that?

[tense music playing]


If you think like that

for even one second…


[all gasp]

…this will happen to you.


My husband is no longer here before you.

He’s been made into a monster!

A plague that should be wiped off the face of the earth!

Once transformed like this, they aren’t really human!

They’re not human! [laughs]


Huh? [chuckles]

[pensive music playing]

[breathes deeply]



[rhythmic electronic music playing]

[music fades]


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