Ozark – S04E06 – Sangre Sobre Todo | Transcript

Marty is tasked with proving Omar wasn't involved with a bombing. Wendy pays a visit to the Lazy-O Motel. Ruth and Wyatt make a plan.
Ozark - Season 4

Original release date: January 21, 2022

Maya leads another FBI raid on a Navarro shipment, but the truck driver causes several casualties by detonating a bomb. She blames Navarro, who tells Wendy Javier was behind it. Darlene is hospitalized following her heart attack and blames Ruth for going behind her back to sell their heroin to Marty. Darlene refuses Wendy’s request to stop using Jonah to launder money. Wendy asks Jim to become the Byrdes’ family attorney. At a meeting between Marty, Maya, and her supervisor a senior manager interrupts to say the FBI will deal with Navarro only if he can prove he was not behind the bombing. Navarro tells Javier he is retiring. The FBI records Marty obtaining Javier’s confession to the bombing. Javi introduces himself to Jim, who says he works for the Byrdes, not the cartel. Darlene kills Frank Sr. after he confronts her about distributing her heroin through Frank Jr. Wendy schemes to have Jonah arrested, knowing that as a juvenile he will not be harshly punished. She also works to have the state social services agency remove Zeke from Darlene’s care. To aid in getting Zeke back, Wyatt proposes to Darlene. The FBI agrees to discuss surrender terms with Navarro.

* * *

[truck engine humming]

[police radio chatter]

Unit one, tango’s one klick out.

[walkie hisses]

[officer] Roger, all units hot.

[suspenseful music intensifying]

What happened? Did he see you?

I don’t think so. We should be out of view.

All right. Unit seven, take the runner.

All other units, move in.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

[officer 1] On your left.

[officer 2] With me.

Be advised of possible hostile fire from the cargo hold.

[walkie hisses]

[officer] Police. Open the door. Drop your weapons.

[device chirping]

[in Spanish] Open the door. Police.

[walkie hissing]

[in English] No warm bodies.

Get out of there!

Go, go!

[high frequency tone rises]

[hospital monitor beeping]

[doctor] Your heart rate and blood pressure are stabilizing, but I’d like to test your cardiac enzymes again this afternoon.

[scoffs] All I need is to take my son out on the land for a walk.

I’m sure that he’d rather you rest up.

Thanks, Doctor.


Don’t you dare smile.

[Wyatt chuckling]

How’s Zeke?

He’s good.

He’s with Jonah.

And Ruth’s there too.


Darlene, she just wants to help.

No, look at me.

She is the reason that I’m here, going behind my back, working with the Byrdes.

We cannot be in business with her anymore.

Uh… She’s my family. I… I don’t…

I am your family.

And Zeke.

I don’t want her in our house again.

Do you hear me?

Yup. I hear ya. I hear ya.

[Darlene breathes deeply]

[Darlene sighs]

[Marty] So, we need room for what?

Fifty employees, ten managers, five executives, somewhere in the 5,000 square foot range?


Definitely outside The Loop, right? Like, um…

West Town or Lincoln Park.

Or you know, and north facing windows…

North facing windows. I remember.


You know, they teach that stuff in college. Biz ad.

Econ. You might like it.

Dad’s having me look at offices for the foundation.

Also, you know what? Cubs make the playoffs you might even catch a game or two.

Ah! Don’t you dare jinx them.


Where’s Jonah?


I think he spent the night at Mrs. Snell’s.

[phone ringing]

Hey, how’d it go?

I have four agents in critical condition.

That’s how it went.

I thought we had a deal. Why the fuck would Navarro do that?!

Call Navarro.

Uh… t-tell me what happened.

Truck arrives on time.

I call our team in. Truck explodes.

The seizure got bombed.

Maya, there is absolutely no way that Navarro had anything to do with this. Do you understand?

Um, he… he needs this to work more than anyone.

The money seizure got bombed.

H-Hello? Did you hear me?

You are not safe right now. If Javi suspects anything at all…

I will handle my nephew, Wendy.

[soccer game playing on TV]

Have our friend set up a meeting with her bosses.

He targeted federal agents. They’re not gonna be willing to meet.



[line disconnects]

He wants to meet them right away.


Um, Maya, I think that, uh, Navarro might be ready to talk, so can we move up the deal?

Today if possible?

The deal?

There’s a man getting a piece of steel removed from his brain as we speak.

Which is why we need to get this done.

Just please call… call Chicago. See if they’ll hear us out, at least.

[faucet running]

[dishes clattering]

[Jonah] He’s down.

Only made it to number seven on This Old Man.

I don’t know how you do that.

I can’t even figure out his fucking sippy cup.

I guess I picked up some stuff from my parents.

All I learnt from mine was breaking and entering.

[both chuckle lightly]

What, uh… What happened to your mom?

[smacks tongue] Uh…

She was, um… [clears throat]

…coming home from a late shift, and some fucker hit and ran.

Probably drunk.

I was eight.

I’m sorry.

Yeah, well…

What was she like?

[smacks tongue, chuckles]

She used to say she liked being a Langmore because her name was Lynn.

Give them H-E-double-L.

Always tried to turn something bad into something good.

[Ruth] Hey.

How was she?

Better, still needs more tests, though. Hey, thanks for staying here so late.

Sure, anytime.

I, uh… I better get to school.

Uh, I… I can come by later too.

No. It’s all good. I got it.

What’s wrong?

Well, she found out you did the deal with Marty.

Why do you keep fucking around with him?

It was the right deal to make.

I earned double on a batch Darlene already sold.

Once she has that extra cash in her pocket, it’ll be all right, just like the last time.

[Wyatt sighs]

So, to what do I owe

the full Wendy Byrde charm offensive?

I just wanted to say thank you.

And we make a pretty great team.

The casino, the foundation.



I want to make this relationship official.

‘Cause you’re old fashioned at heart.

Should I have brought my pen?


Full-time job, ours exclusively, starting now.

Why do I have the feeling this has nothing to do with the foundation?

Feel free to fully exercise your attorney-client privilege.

We launder money.

For the Navarro Cartel.

Ah, well… I knew you weren’t building casinos with tile money, but…

Navarro wants out.

We’re about to draw up a deal with the FBI. We want you there to oversee it.

I have this, uh, rule about not doing work that could get me killed.

This will be a one-time thing.

Strictly legal.

Paperwork, really.

They probably wouldn’t even know your name.

Well, they seem to have known your previous lawyer quite well.

Helen was his lawyer.

You would be ours, solely, not the cartel’s.

I don’t see the distinction.

That’s exactly what this deal will correct.

I went to Wilkes looking for a king maker, and I found you.


You’re not gonna quit on me now, are you?

You got a little, uh… bullshit in your teeth.

[Wendy] Hmm.

[Maya] When you started all this, what’d you think the odds were you’d end up here?

[Marty] Hmm, yeah.

What did you think the odds were you’d end up on a private plane with Navarro?

You know, um, there’s a position for you at the foundation after all this, um, and we do a lot of the same good, less explosions.

I’m fine where I am.

[Marty] Navarro had nothing to do with the bomb.

Someone inside of the cartel is… is setting him up.

In fact, his life is in danger. And without Navarro, everything that we have worked for could be gone.

There is no “we” here, Mr. Byrde.

Your organization just targeted my agents.

As I told Agent Miller…

[door opening]

[man] Please.

Uh, as I… as I was saying, I assured Agent Miller that…

I’m sure you understand, we can’t act on your intel at this point.

That wasn’t under my control. What’s under my control is Navarro’s cooperation. I’m guaranteeing that.

I’m just gonna need some assurances for my family, all right?

You’re in no position to demand anything.

You guys have been chasing Navarro for over a decade, and I can deliver him to you now.

Between Navarro and Lagunas, you could cripple half of Mexico’s drug trade.

Prove Navarro wasn’t behind the bombing, then we’ll reconsider.

[foreboding music playing]

You gonna tell me who that was?

Don’t worry about him.

Just give me your proof.

[Wendy clears her throat]

You come here to finish me off?

Oh, please.

I saved your life, Darlene.

[Darlene] You didn’t want to.

I saw.

Why are you here?

I want you to let Jonah go.


And why should I do that?

Look where you are, Darlene.

Just a mention of Ruth’s deal with Marty, and…

Wyatt’s friendship with Charlotte put you in the hospital.

Now, are you sure you want another Byrde in your life?

The way I see it, he isn’t a Byrde anymore.

He never would have gave Zeke away.

Someone who loves Zeke as much as Jonah does, he can stay with me as long as he wants to.

We took your land for our casino.

We gave your heroin to our partners.

We can take everything else you have.

Now, are you prepared for that?

In your condition?

Let him go.

I am as strong as a bull.

[laughing] You just had a heart attack.

My husband had a heart attack.

I lost my breath is all.

[knocking on door]


Look after this one.

She’s still a bit delicate.

[line ringing]

[Omar] What is it, Marty?

We need to give them Javi.

Tell them just showing my face should be enough, and if they want any piece of what I have to offer, to start showing some respect, Marty.

Well, that… that’s not enough. We need proof that this wasn’t…

[line disconnecting]


[in Spanish] Can I have a minute, Father?

Javi. Come.

[Javi] Coming.

[Omar] The cash shipment, was it you?

[Javi sighs]

Don’t look at them, look at me. Don’t play dumb, was it you?

[Javi] I just made an educated guess. That’s it.

You almost killed four Feds on US soil.

But I was right, wasn’t I?

Someone is fucking us.

Tell me why you did it.

Because I wanted to know who is fucking with us.

Who was snitching on us.

Listen, it was worth the risk of angering the FBI.

If someone betrays our family, our blood, we have nothing.


I would’ve done the same.

These are the kinds of decisions you’ll need to make, Javi.

And they’re not easy.

What are you saying?

It’s your turn, nephew.

It’s time for your generation to take over and… and you should be their leader.

Are you okay? Is something going on?

Can I help…


I’ve never been better, Javi.

I’ll spend more time with my kids.


[dogs barking]

With my dogs. [chuckles]

The Byrdes built me a fortune and…

No. No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no.

The Byrdes are not trustworthy.

Marty’s agent was at the bust, and that fucking hillbilly is still operating.

Yes, I know. This is why I’m getting my assets out now and passing the torch to you.

While I still can.

And after that?

After that?

Yes. What happens after that?


And after that, the Byrdes are yours.

[Omar chuckling]

Blood over everything.

Blood over everything.

Thank you.


[footsteps approaching]

[door shuts]

I know it’s not the deal you would’ve made, but it’s still good for us, partner wise.

Where’s my son?


[Darlene sighs]


Don’t do this, Wy.

Ruth, she just got back from the hospital. She needs some fucking time.

If you don’t stand up to her now, she’ll shut me out forever.

I would not let that happen.

Let’s just go. You, me, and Three.

We got more money than we know what to do with. We can go anywhere.

And do what?

I don’t know.

You can still go back to college and get your degree or whatever the fuck you want.

We’re not our daddies.

We can get out of this fucking place.

Do you think that I don’t know that?

Do you think that I slept out on that trailer because I wanted to stay here for the rest of my life?

Then come with me.

It’s not that simple anymore.

I know it sounds fucking crazy, but… but Darlene and Zeke and I, we’re a family.

[Ruth scoffs]

I’m your family.

You don’t have to stay.

I want you to be happy too.

[scoffs] I got nowhere else to fucking go.

You’re all I got.

We just need some time, okay? Everything’s going to be okay. I promise.

[Wyatt groans]

[door shuts]

[birds tweeting]

[Charlotte] Aberdeen has more units with thermochromic windows, but Clark has bigger windows, but that’s…

bad for energy, uh, but more suites if you want to expand.

Why don’t we just concentrate on our classes for today, okay?

And buddy, did you not have enough time yesterday to finish your homework?

Or have you moved on to someone else’s?

Is that what that is?

Some extra scratch?

I’m not moving back to Chicago.

Oh, but you are.

Yeah, your mom’s right.

You should start thinking about closing up shop. Okay?

And you’ll babysit for Darlene Snell over my dead body.

Um… yeah. Thank you. Off to school.

Go learn some things, and, um…

it’s family dinner tonight. Okay? Don’t be late. Mom’s making her chicken.

I think I have school stuff.

In case I still feel like going to college.

[phone buzzing]



Yes, I’m his sister.

[car engine turns over]

Oh God. Yes. That… that fits his description.

Paducah? Um…

Yes, I… I can be there in a couple hours.

All right. Thank… Thank you.

[phone beeps off]

There’s a dead man in Paducah that looks like Ben.

I have to go.

It’s not him.


Good morning.

Hola, Marty.

[Marty] Hi.

What… What brings you to town?

Don’t know if you heard, but my uncle is stepping down.

[smacks tongue] I’m your new boss.

[sighs in contentment]


I thought I should come have a look at our finances.

Yeah, okay.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, good.

Let’s, uh… Let’s… Let’s do that.

I want to think like a tech giant.

We provide services that power the world.

We should act like it.

[smacks tongue] Completely agree. Um…

Uh, you know, the… the… The other casino, though, uh, it’s kind of a dump, honestly, uh, and the… and the hotel, uh, The Big Muddy…

[inhales sharply] …those are your uncle’s, um, and the horse farm, you know, they’re all clean.

Those are about to go away?

Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah.

Technically they were never really part of the organization to begin with, so um…

Right. Right, right, right. Technically.

Yeah, but… but this… this… this casino,

The… The Belle? She’s… She’s all yours.

And the strip club.

Great little gentlemen’s club, Lickety Splitz, does quite well, actually.

Uh, they are yours, uh, and the funeral home, of course.

We should find you larger accounts.

Up your game.

Euros. Baht.


That could be great.


America’s done anyway. Just a street market now, really.

[Marty] Hmm.

Big pharma included.

Just ask Clare.

We could move you to Macau.

Those casinos were built to clean cash.

I hear that it’s beautiful.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

[Marty] Mm-hmm.

[Javi chuckles]

[smacks tongue]

How’s that agent of yours doing anyway?

She’s fine.

Uh, I think. I don’t know.

I haven’t talked to her in quite some time.

I haven’t needed to.

Still confident she’s loyal?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, very, very. I, you know, I told you, I vetted that whole cash seizure situation, and, uh, and… she’s ours.

You’ll have to put us in touch.

She still will only talk to me.

[Javi scoffs]

That will have to change.

Especially if you’re in Macau.

[suspenseful music pulsating]


Yeah, hey, your, uh, nephew just showed up to brainstorm when would be a great time to kill me and my family.

You said you were gonna take care of him, not give him the keys to the fucking cartel.

Is he happy with everything, Marty?

The numbers? Yeah, they’re great.

I mean, but you know, he… he can tell something’s off.

Yeah, well.

Tell them they can have it all.

The money, the routes, and the leadership.

“Them”? The FBI?

[Omar] Sí.

Great. Good. Uh…

Good, uh, this… this includes your nephew, right?

Seems like a pretty good move. No?

Yes, it does.

Uh, but you know, I still…

I need to get the proof that he did the bombing.

Well he is in the Ozarks, isn’t he?

Then go find it, Marty.

[line disconnects]

I told you not to work for my parents anymore.

[scoffs] Now you’re piling on too?

Pfft. Jesus.

Sorry, I didn’t… I didn’t mean it like that.

It just never goes well for their partners.

Or family.

Or anyone really. [sniffs]


So what are you gonna do now?

Don’t know. [chuckles]

But you can keep cleaning for Darlene.

She’d love it.

Just to fuck with your mom.

I don’t… I don’t… think it feels right working without you.

Oh. Don’t worry about me.

You keep doing it for as long as you want. Okay?

I’ll go wherever you need me.



[crow cawing]


[Jonah chuckling]

Do it like this.

All right…

[bottle cap clinking]

Stick to money laundering. Okay?

[fluorescent lights humming]

Well, drive safe.


You want to get a cup of coffee?

[Wendy] Charlotte’s a senior.

She’s going straight into business. She’s… working for us, actually, doing great, and Jonah… has a tiny rebellious streak.

[chuckling] Go figure.

He’s so entrepreneurial.

Started his own company. Several, actually.

Casinos and nudie bars. Right?

How’s all that going?


No, our nonprofit just broke ground on a new health facility.

We’re moving back to Chicago to keep up.

Nice to sit with you anyway.

[chuckles] Wasn’t sure you were still capable of it.

It was good of you to drive all this way.

Well, the church thought it was important that I come.

The church.

Makes sense.

Your son’s body shows up, but check with the congregation to make sure it’s worth the drive.

It wasn’t him, though, was it?

Pastor Wells still your drinking buddy, or did he finally kill himself?

[sarcastic] Oh, he’s well, thanks.

I see why Ben went missing.

Locking him up like that.


You never did understand the world doesn’t revolve around you.

You made that abundantly clear.

I tried putting sense into you, is what I did, and you abandoned us.

I don’t remember you ever trying to stop me.

What was I supposed to do?

I don’t know. Anything?



It was quieter with you gone.

You know…

don’t worry.

I’m sure the church will think you’re an awesome father.

[Nathan] Drive safe.

Fucking junkies and ATV cowboys.

Do you know how easy it is for those low-lives to rat us out?

Don’t ever go behind the family’s back again.

What fucking family? You put me on ice since I’ve been out of the hospital.

The fucking captains go right over my head now.

You know why?

Because when I say that Snell woman and her business aren’t good enough for us, everybody listens except you.

I cleared seven figures.

Is that not good enough for you?

From what I heard, Little Orphan Annie did all the hard work.

That was my deal.

I got it done.

Nothing’s yours.

Then give me something.

You’re my boy.

That not enough for you?

I’m a 40-year-old man.

Fuck the captains.

Fuck you.

[keypad beeping]

[line ringing]

[phone buzzing]


You get word?

[Wendy] No. Hey, listen, I’m curious.

If a minor gets hit with a federal money laundering charge, what happens?

[Jim] Um, this Mike Fleming we’re talking about?

How bad would that be?

Well, um… juvie, probation, service, might make the news because it’s weird, but we could try to suppress it.

So we could have it wiped when he turns 18, right?

Um, Wendy, nothing is ever really wiped, but sure.

My DOJ people, your feds.

Mike Fleming does a lot better than your average teenage white-collar criminal.

Now might this better be discussed with a family therapist?

[chuckles] Welcome to being the family lawyer.

I see that you took my request to heart.

Yeah, uh, so that yeah, that’s just it.

I was thinking about, uh, you know, modernizing the cartel.


Um, I was thinking about, uh, consolidating, uh, while… expanding, as… as you were saying. Uh…

For instance, that, uh… that seizure bombing that you did, it was all over the news, you know, the… the truck, the location, seemed like your style.

What the fuck do you know about my style?

I… I just… I just… I just know that it was brilliant.

You know, catching their hand in the jar like that.

Can we get him any louder?

[Marty] Uh, my… my thought is do it again, but…

cap your burn.

You know, and… trucks and drivers, those are very cheap to scale.

So why put so much risk on a single trip, you know, double the trucks, slash your payloads.

I mean, sure, you know, a lot more get caught… Breakage.

But many, many more will get through.

Uh, like tech, break big, win big.

[Javi] This doesn’t exactly fall under your purview.

[Marty] Best idea wins?

Uh, and… your uncle never would have hit the feds like that.


It made sense.

Someone has to keep those fucks in check.

Next time, just do it cheaper. Right?

Send that to Chicago.

[heavy pounding on door]

It’s open!

[door opens]

[Frank Sr] You think you can fuck me with the heroin, the rehabs, and now you can go behind my back to my son?

You’re gonna settle up that 500 grand for those rehabs right fucking now, and every goddamn cent my boy paid for your dope you’re giving back to me.

And then you can stay the fuck away and stick with fucking up your own kid.

What kind of a mother packs her kid’s car seat full of heroin?

Who the fuck did you have to con into giving you a baby?

[shouting] Are you hearing me?

I will burn this place and every unholy son of a bitch inside…

[gun blast]


[Zeke wailing]

[Darlene sighs]

[soft rock playing on stereo]

[under breath] Wendy.



Sam, it is so good to see you.

Wish I could say the same.

Oh, come on. You don’t mean that.

You kicked me out of the Belle.

Exactly, for your own good.

And now look at you. Look, you’ve landed this great new job.

Worked out better than I’d hoped.

Oh, I bet Ruth is so happy you’re here.

Well… she said she missed seeing me around Lickety Splitz, so…

Of course she said that.

Hey Sam, I’m wondering if you could do me a favor.

Um, Jonah left some school work here.

It’s a very important project.

That would be a violation of our guest policy.

You’re in the hospitality business.

Would it be hospitable to turn away a guest’s mother?

You know, I really should get his permission.

Oh. Oh, right, right. Of course.

Though he’s not really a guest, and you are the manager.

This is your place.



[chuckling] Okay. Okay.

One time.


[computer buzzing]


[ominous music plays]

[camera clicking]

[Sam] Got everything you need?

I sure did.

And, uh… maybe don’t mention this to Jonah.

He just, he gets so embarrassed when Mom has to help.


Teenagers, am I right? [chuckles]

[Wendy] Teenagers.

[car door shuts]



Who… Who is that?

That was Frank Cosgrove, Senior.

What the fuck did you do?

He was threatening us.

And he was unkind.

I… I need some air.

[bugs chirring]

[Wyatt panting]

Are you okay?

[voice quavering] She killed Frank Junior’s Dad.

What the fuck?

[Wyatt sniffling]

Were you serious about leaving?

Let’s get the biggest boat at Hurn’s and we take it up the Missouri.

Me, you, and Three and we just keep fucking going.

[Wyatt sighs]

All right, but g-go where? Do what? Like, what?

[Ruth] I don’t know.

Honestly, just… as far away from here as fucking possible.

[sniffling] Okay.




[doorbell chimes]

[dog barking]


Hi. I’m looking for Mr. James Rettelsdorf.

You found him.

Oh. Wonderful.

[both chuckle]

Uh, I wanted to introduce myself.

Javier Emilio Elizondro Navarro.

Omar Navarro’s successor.

You’ll be working for me now.

I was very tight with the Byrdes’ last lawyer, Helen Pierce.

Oh, great woman.

I want to open that line of communication again.

Everything the Byrdes know, I know.


Oh, there may be some confusion here.

It sounds like Helen was your lawyer.

I’m the Byrdes’.

It’s amazing how this country works.

One big LLC.

In Mexico it’s like one big family.

I appreciate family, very deeply, but as a lawyer… uh, representing the employer of a client, that’s a conflict of interest.

You seem like a smart man.

I think you’ll figure out what’s in your best interest.

[dog barking]

Well, uh…

[tense music playing]

…nothing to report right now, but if you’d like to leave me your card.

Call anytime.

Every time.

[in Spanish] Look at that. What a beautiful thing.

[in English] Beautiful dog.

[Wendy] Yes. Hey, Nancy?

[Nancy] Hi. Yes?

[Wendy] Hi.

I… I’m… I’m calling about a Miss Darlene Snell.

She’s a… a foster mother in your jurisdiction, and she’s a widow and she just…

She just suffered a terrible heart attack.

[phone beeps]

I know,

I know. It’s so sad.

It’s so, so sad.

Well, that’s just it. Just a couple of local kids that I’d… hardly call professional childcare. [chuckles]

Oh, no, I’d… I’d be mortified if she knew that I’d called. [groans]

Maybe you could just… just check in on her.


Oh, great, Nancy. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Okay.


[phone beeps off]

[Charlotte] Illinois just amended its riverboat gambling act.

It’s open season for new casinos on the water.

[glass clinks]

Good stuff.

I’ll take your word for it.


Did you ask Wyatt to tell Darlene to take those posters down?

[inhales deeply]

What do you want to do in Chicago?

I could focus on the hospitality side of…

No. Not work.



Be home.


Start fresh again.

With us?

Of course.


We should get you an apartment, in the city.

A roommate or two. [chuckles]

Could be your version of college.

What about Jonah?

Oh, he’ll live with us.

I mean, I guess he could live with you. [laughing]

If you don’t think he’d cramp your style.


[scoffs] He’s… He’s not gonna come.

Yes, he is.

[keyboard clacking]

[computer buzzes]

[keyboard clacking]


[sinister music playing]

[Ruth] You need to call your dad.

[Jonah] No, I can’t. He’ll kill me.

Yeah, well, maybe worry about that after you keep yourself out of federal fucking prison.

[Ruth] Look. Listen to me.

The same thing happened to me at the Belle.

He can fix this.

He doesn’t want me doing this.

Yeah, but he’s still your dad.

[car approaching]

[brakes hiss]

What… What if the FBI comes here?

I… I mean, I have to move everything.

I’m gonna need all your account numbers and passwords and any sort of records you got.

What if they find the other accounts?

I still have to off-shore $600,000.

Account numbers and passwords.

Please, let’s do it.


Um… now, was there any spike in the deposits, uh, or did you, uh… did you… did you repeat an account in the transfer chain?


No, I… I wouldn’t do that.

Okay, I mean, you didn’t designate too many trustees from, uh, foreign jurisdictions, did you?

[sighs] I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know!

Um, I don’t… I don’t think so. Can I…

[shakily] Can I go to prison for that?

[mouse clicking]

Um… no, you can’t, but you can for what you’re trying to hide here.


Calm down.

Shit! Shit!

Okay, first things first, we’re going to terminate the scheduled transfers, and then we’re gonna… slide the assets over to a, uh… dummy numbered account, and then we’re going to reverse the…

[mouse scrolling]

…deposit chain.

Once the, uh, dummy account starts to draw down, then you close it, and…

[computer chirps]

…no trace.


[Jonah] Is… Is that it?

Yeah, but let me just, um…

[mouse scrolling and clicking]




You were right.

You didn’t do anything wrong. The flag came from an outside party.

Outside party?

Who… Who would even know?

Um… I… I don’t know. I don’t know.

There’s… There’s lots of watch dogs out there.

You know, it’s probably just some overzealous FDIC regulator, but don’t worry about it. We’re closing the account.


Are… Are you sure?

Yeah, don’t worry.

It’s over.

Uh, now listen, tonight, uh, um, I… would love it if you had some dinner at the house.

We would all love that.

What do you think?

Yeah. Okay.


Um, I… I should… I should… I should re-encrypt my server and backup drives, right?

Just to be safe.

That’s fine.

[Jonah sighs]

But I’ll…

I’ll be home after that.


Do what you gotta do.

See you in a bit.

[door opens]

What I love about you, Darlene, is also what scares me.

You’re so… strong, and… so brave and… proud, and… I realize that I’m none of those things, and that scares me.

[Three] Dude, you can’t say that.

“It’s not me, it’s you” never works.

Of course, it’s Darlene.

It’s always Darlene.

You just got to be straight up with it, like I was with Stacey.

You guys broke up? Why?

I don’t know. Summer.


Well that’s Stacey, though.

Darlene is not Stacey.

You gotta be… stronger, like Ruth.

But less cussing.

[clears his throat]

[imitating Ruth] Darlene, we need to talk.


[“You Bore Me” by Husky Loops playing on jukebox]

[Frank Jr] Well, what’s the buy-in? Six figures still?

[man] No, it’s gotta be at least six.

[Frank Jr] At least six?

[man 1] Six-forty.

One-thirteen, I think.

[man clears throat]

Oh, hey.

What the fuck are you doing here?

[voice quavering] Um… I need to talk to you.

What’s up?


Oh, shit. He knocked you up, didn’t he? [chuckling]

Manny, come on.

Junior is back.

[men laughing]

[Frank Jr] Dick.

[Manny] Crazy motherfucker.

What’s up?

Hey, come on.

What’s up?

Your dad went up the hill to see Darlene, and… and he’s not coming down.



I’m sorry.

No… No one else knows.

I know it wasn’t good between your daddy and you, but I… I… but I didn’t want you to have to wonder what happened.

[Frank Jr groaning]

You deserve to know.

And I… [clears throat]

[voice quavering] I lost my dad last year.

And that never goes away.

But… but… but you’ll be okay.

Trust me.


You know, you… [sniffles]

Give me tomorrow to… square everything away, and… and then you do whatever you need to do to Darlene.

[ominous music playing]

[clock ticking]

[door shuts]

Hey, I thought I saw your dad earlier, but he didn’t come and say hi.

Oh, yeah. He was helping me with something for school, but he had to go.

Everybody’s pitching in today, huh?

No. What do you mean?

Oh, shoot. Yeah, your mom told me not to say anything. Um…

Well, you’re lucky. My mom never helped me with school.


[door clicks open]

[door slams]

[Wyatt] Darlene, we need to talk.

What’s wrong?

[Darlene sighs deeply]

Social services… is coming for Zeke, end of the week.

[Wyatt] What? They can’t do that.

Those monsters can do whatever they please.

[Wyatt sighs]

[Darlene crying]

It’s gonna be okay, I promise.

Wyatt, I can’t lose him.

Come here.

[Darlene] Mmm.

[sniffling] Oh.


What… What…

What if there’s a father?

[gasps] What?


I’ll always be here for you and Zeke.


Will you?

[Darlene sniffling]


[“Here In Spirit” by Jim James playing]

♪ No compromise ♪

♪ But willing to sacrifice ♪

♪ Believe what you want ♪

♪ Go on and be who you are ♪

♪ Go out and get what you want ♪

♪ Full of life ♪

♪ The stone is thrown It’s coming fast ♪

♪ The next thing you know It’s crashing through the glass ♪

♪ Now we’re down on our knees Picking up the scraps ♪

♪ Whatever it takes We’re gonna build it back ♪

♪ If you don’t speak out ♪

♪ We can’t hear it ♪

♪ Our love is always here ♪

♪ Here in spirit ♪

♪ And all those who came before ♪

♪ Here in spirit ♪

♪ Here in spirit ♪

♪ And don’t you know you can call on me? ♪

♪ Here in spirit ♪

♪ And don’t you know you can call on me? ♪

♪ Here in spirit ♪

♪ And don’t you know you can call on me? ♪

♪ Here in spirit… ♪

[Marty] I’ll set the table.

How was your day?

[pounding lightly]

Day was fine. Just waiting on the, uh… response from the FBI. How was the morgue?


[pan sizzling]

It wasn’t him.

[door shuts]


Ah. I knew you couldn’t resist my cutlets.

It was you, wasn’t it?

What are you talking about?

You planted the red flag on my account.

Jonah, this is an important lesson.

I could have gone to jail!

Jesus Christ, Wendy.

You don’t give a shit what happens to me.

All I think about is what happens to you.

If you need help…

Dad already fixed it.

Jonah. Hey.

Hey, Jonah?

Have you lost your fucking mind, Wendy?

He told Darlene that he saw us with Nix’s body.

This is not some aimless teen rebellion.

And you thought… you thought arresting him might help.

I mean, you can’t throw a kid into a burning building, Wendy, and watch him running back into your arms and pretend it’s love.

But what did he do, Marty, huh?


He came running right to ya!

And while you get to play fucking father of the year…

Which by the way, where’s the united front on that, huh?

[scoffs] “United”? You tried to send our kid to jail.

We both know he would not do a minute of jail time.

I am trying to keep this family, a family.

Is this the family you want him to return to?

Because I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to fucking stand by and watch you try to turn our children into one of your goddamn conquests.

In fact, when we get back to Chicago, Wendy, when we get back to that town, you and I…


What do you think’s waiting for you there, huh?

Our old life?

Because that was a big fucking lie.

[phone ringing]

[resumes pounding]

I don’t care, Wendy.

I just want our kids out of this. Okay?


[bugs chirring]

Jesus, how could she do that?

Well, it’s Mom.

Jonah… I know things have gotten really messed up, but… you’re coming to Chicago, right? I mean…

You have to.

Yeah. Yeah, no, I… I understand.

Uh, thank you.


Uh, we are delivering Omar Navarro to the FBI in 12 hours.

[Marty sighs]

Jonah’s gone.

[ominous music playing]


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