Ozark – S04E03 – City on the Make | Transcript

Maya and Omar meet face-to-face. Wendy has a contentious business meeting. Ruth goes behind Darlene's back. Jonah finds a new place to set up shop.
Ozark - Season 4

Original release date: January 21, 2022

On board Navarro’s plane, Maya details what the FBI expects from a deal, including prison time. Wendy builds an outdoor shrine to Ben, which she shows Charlotte and Jonah. Jonah rejects the overture and resumes laundering money for Ruth and Darlene until Wendy turns off the basement’s electricity. At the Lazy-O motel, which Ruth has purchased, Ruth rekindles her plan to distribute Darlene’s heroin through celebrity chef Kerry Stone. Darlene is angry until Ruth shows Darlene how much money they made. Erin tells Charlotte that Mel, her father’s private investigator, is unable to locate Helen. Jonah moves to the Lazy-O and resumes laundering. Charlotte meets Erin in Chicago, implies that Helen is dead, then reminds Erin to remain silent about Helen’s illegal activities. Marty meets with Clare, the CEO of the Chicago company that plans to buy Navarro heroin, and Javier arrives to take part. Wendy attempts to persuade Senator Schafer to join the board of the Byrdes’ foundation. Marty hears Javi discuss an upcoming gun sale. He suggests to Navarro that allowing it to be interdicted will establish credibility with the FBI. During dinner with the Byrdes, Javi receives a call informing him that the guns were intercepted.

* * *

[soothing lullaby twinkling]

[Wilson cooing]

[music halts]

[woman shuddering]

[foreboding music playing]

Please, eat something.

I understand you have a newborn.

So do I.

Ah, well… he’s not so newborn anymore. He’s a…

[Maya] A two-month old, who was almost killed at his own baptism.

Yes. [sighs]

Yeah. Well.

Of course you would know that, because you…

you are the woman who moved the almighty US government against Lagunas.

Will you tell me about that?

About what?

You and Marty.

How does it work?

Marty Byrde’s a brilliant man.

Much better at what he does than most federal agents.

So, there’s a… mutual respect.

Out of that respect came a collaboration.


Please forgive me, but you make it sound like he’s the one who’s useful to you.

We’re useful to each other.

How so?

You’re still here, aren’t you?

[chuckles softly]

Every single drug lord who sleeps soundly at night

does so for one of two reasons.

Either the US government doesn’t care enough about them to kill them, or…

the US government thinks killing them

is inconvenient.

Please go on.

If you want to make it inconvenient for us to kill you,

if you want to eventually live a life free of fear, you need to provide us certain things in exchange.

Such as?

Years in a federal prison cell, the details of how your cartels operated, surrendering your product.

Your weapons.

Names and locations of every US citizen you’ve made disappear.

Otherwise, I have no reason to bring this meeting to my superiors and I don’t even know what I’m doing here.

[sighs deeply]

Well, then?


[airplane whirring]


[car engine turns over]

[in Spanish] Let’s go.

[lullaby tune fades in and out]

[footsteps approaching]

[car approaching]

[suspenseful music building]

[door creaks and closes]

Where is he?

Uh, in Jonah’s room, what happened?

Ask your boss.

And until he’s ready to make a serious offer, stay the fuck away from me and my son.

Um… okay. Um…

[line ringing]

I’ll check back with you a little bit later on. Okay?

[Omar] Yes?

Uh, hey, it’s… it’s… it’s me. How did it go with Maya?

[Omar] You’re gonna need a sample.

A sample?

Shaw. Chicago, this week. They’re gonna want to know what they’re buying, no?

Uh… a sample. Okay.


Then I will send you one, and you… you will get Agent Miller back for me.

[Marty] Yeah, it… uh, you know, it seems she might need a minute to get her head around all this.

You don’t win until I win, Marty.

Don’t forget that.

[line disconnects]

[brakes hiss]

[car door opens]

When’s it ready to sell?

Why does it matter? Your deal’s dead anyway.

[scoffs] Well, you must not rate much around here if no one bothered to tell you it’s back on.

And before you go sticking your dick in decisions above your pay grade, ask yourself, do you really want to have to toss it in a Yeti while you pray the doctors can sew it back on?

The batch will be ready day after tomorrow.

[Ruth] Hmm.

[phone buzzes]

[footsteps approaching]

Your father and I have asked a lot of you since we came here.

More than any parent has a right to.

Mom, it’s not your fault.

Oh yes, it is.

And we want you to know that we know that.

I know that.

And even if we get angry or impatient, we… appreciate that you’re here.

This is a place where we can come and remember Ben.

Quietly, as a family.

And I’ll make… I’ll make sure that this… this is always lit, so when we look outside, we can see it.

And if… anyone has anything they want to say to him, they can write it down, and we’ll know it’s reaching him as it burns.

Because he’s right here.

But he’s not.

Don’t be an asshole.

Maybe if you kill me, you can make one of these too.

[sinister music playing]

He’ll come around.

[keyboard clattering]

[computer fans whirring to a halt]

[bugs chirring]

Voicemail again. Damn it. Um…

Maybe I should, uh, go down there in the morning and, uh, smooth the waves myself.

[Wendy] I thought you said she needed space.

Well, space only works if Navarro is being patient and I’m not so sure we can count on that.

Pushing hard doesn’t work either.

Well, hey, Wendy, if you hadn’t, she wouldn’t have gotten on that plane and who knows where we’d be? You know?

Maybe you should go down there tomorrow. What do you think?

[Wendy] Instead of you?

[Marty sighs deeply]

How did it go with Jonah today?

Not well.

[storm rumbling]

[men chattering indistinctly]

[in Spanish] Good trip?


I was scouting new territory. We need to ramp up production.

To meet Shaw’s demand.

[Omar clears his throat]

Marty and Wendy Byrde are heading up the deal?

It was their idea…


You don’t think there should be someone from the family in Chicago with them?

What? You mean you?

It’s why I got my degree.

Make sure these fucking corporate types don’t think they can walk all over us.

I thought it was to keep my big sister off my ass.

[Javi] At least send me with a sample.

So I can make sure all our interests are protected and things don’t go sideways.

[Omar] Javi.

I’m tired.

[footsteps fade]


[Jim] Hey. How’s the view from atop that $150 million mountain?

Well, it’d be a lot better if you could get us face time with Senator Schafer the day after tomorrow.

Well, don’t you think we should start a little closer to home?

Geographically or politically?

Both. I think we stand a better chance with Schafer if we can come to him with commitments in hand.

People love a winner.

It’s gonna take a while to reel him in.

I want to… I want to set the hook early.

All right, well, I’ll set it up, but you bring your A game.

You know how much I hate it when my magic’s wasted.

Bassinet’s in the bedroom, but you can move it easy enough.

The bottle warmer’s by the stove.

Here’s the changing table.

Don’t forget to keep the baby wipes at body temp.

Well, there’s just no stopping progress.

[doorbell chimes]

Your boss have something for me?

I’d be angry too.

Angry is what I get when someone cuts me off in traffic.

[Wendy] When you become a parent, a whole other instinct kicks in.

It makes you do things you never imagined you could do.

I’m not doing this with you.

[Wendy] When I first met him, when I got home, it took a full day for the adrenaline to run its course.

[Maya] The difference is you chose it. I didn’t.

I can still appreciate how much we’re asking of you.

If you can appreciate it, why the hell are you still doing this?

When there’s a much easier out.

If you don’t know that already, you will soon.

My mother says being a parent makes you selfish.

No. No.

It makes you fierce.

I still need something from your boss.

Hey there, uh, Mr. Madden.

It is Marty Byrde from the Missouri Belle and The Big Muddy.

Um… Hey, listen, we… we just recently started giving out markers, and I was wondering if you could tell us, um, what, uh… what… what… what percentage of your handle, uh, do you… do you typically have in outstanding markers?


Okay, and, uh, and then what’s… what’s the attrition rate on those markers?

Yeah. Well, that’s, um…

Hey Jonah.

Can I… Sir, can I call you back in one sec? Thank you.


[phone clicks off]

What are you doing? What’s going on?

Mom cut the power to the basement.

Mom cut the power to the basement. When did she do that?

Yesterday, when I was in the middle of testing an automated deposit flow-chain.

If one of those deposits was in process when the power cut…

Yeah, then the account gets flagged and the whole chain needs to get rebuilt.

I can’t work like this.

Yeah. Well, you know, maybe you shouldn’t be working at all.

I mean, maybe that’s what Mom was trying to say to you…


Before you blow a fucking gasket, I’m only doing what he asked.

If he asks for a hit of smack, would you give him that too?

The kid had 16 shell corps up and running before I could even say “Panama.”

Well, he’s still, uh… he’s still just a kid, you know?

So was I when you hired me.

And that’s working out great, isn’t it?

[quietly] Fucking great.

[Ruth groans]

What the fuck is she doing here?

[Marty] Somebody cut the power to the basement.

Oh, was I supposed to just let him keep committing felonies under our roof?

Well, you know, now he’s moving his office so he can commit them somewhere else.

No. No, no, no he is not.

That’s the way it’s looking. Yep.

[Wendy] Jonah! Jonah, come here.

[Marty] Wendy. Wendy.

[Wendy] Jonah, drop it!

Just… Just hear me.

[shuddering] You’re angry about Ben?

So am I. But you know who you should be angry at?

I don’t think this is helping…

Stay the fuck out of this!

You got it.

She’s the one.

She’s the one who let him out of the hospital when she knew he wasn’t well.

No wonder he wants out, Marty. Look at her.

[shuddering] She’s the one who put him in harm’s way.

She is the one who got your uncle killed. She and that…

[shouting] That psycho!

Who kidnapped you!

And shaved your head!

So, if you think… if you think…

You think these two lunatics are gonna protect you when the shit hits the fan?

You’ve got another thing coming.



[engine turns over]

What are you doing, Wendy?

[sobbing] I’m fighting for our family!

And what the fuck are you doing?

Here you go.

[Wyatt] Hey.

So I saw you at the farm yesterday.


You know, Ruth, if Darlene finds out…

She ain’t gonna find out, is she?

Not until she’s holding hot stacks of cash, by which point she’ll realize what you and I already know.

My plan’s best for business.

Is it?

Is it?

Because you know so much about it.

Six months ago, you thought liquidity was what happened when you spilled your bong.

I’m not the one that hired a fucking teenager to do our laundering, okay?

Was I supposed to run an ad?

“Launderer needed, police need not apply”?

And he ain’t just any teenager.

He’s Marty Byrde’s teenager.

Ah, right.

It’s not about what’s best for business.

Didn’t I just say it was about…

It’s about you having to get back at Marty, and the fact…



What? Just fucking say it, Wy.

Ruth, you fight with everyone you work with.

Fucking everyone.

It’s like you can’t help it.

And then once you start fighting, it becomes more about the fight than it does the work.

No, I don’t.

[scoffs] Really? Think about it.

Everyone you’ve worked with, what do they have in common?

Look, I want this to work out with me, you and Darlene.

I do. Okay?

So please, don’t fuck this up too.

It’s a great fucking plan, Wy.

And you know it!

[engine turns over]

[Erin] Where the fuck is my mom, Charlotte?

My dad’s looking everywhere, even hired some P.I. that’s now back from the Ozarks and said even he couldn’t find anything.

That he talked to you all and you said you didn’t know anything.

We both know that’s not true.

[Charlotte] Erin, you need to calm down, okay?

I thought your Mom went back to Chicago.

I don’t believe you.

I’m telling you the truth, Erin.

Just like when you said we were friends?

I told you the truth when you asked me.

Didn’t I?

When no one else would tell you what your mom really did, I was the one that said it.

And I’m telling you the truth now.

Then where the fuck is she?

I’ll see what I can find out, okay?


[Charlotte] I have to go to Chicago with you and Mom.


Erin called.

What does she want?

She’s wondering where her mom is and she’s convinced we know something.

I can’t have that conversation with her over the phone.

[Marty] Mm-hmm. You have to have it with her at all?

[Wendy] Yes.

Yes, she does.

All right, well, why don’t we make a family trip out of it?

[Charlotte] Hmm?

Yeah? Mom’s the only one that’s been back since we moved, and we can just, you know, make a, like, a reverse vacation.

I can’t. I have work.

We can go to Portillo’s and get chocolate cake shakes. [chuckles]

[Wendy] Don’t bother, Charlotte.

Not worth your time.

[faucet running]

[Marty] Think it’s smart to leave him alone while the three of us are out of town?

What, you want me to beg for his approval like you?

Might work better than cutting the power.

I tried to make peace. He spit in my face.

And I wouldn’t have had to cut the power if you’d only backed me on this from the beginning.

Wendy, I did back you.

I warned Ruth you and I aren’t happy…

You’re still proud of him.

You can’t help it and he senses that, and he won’t stop until he sees that he’s only safe with us.

Wow. Look, that’s muscling.

That’s not parenting.

What do you think brought Charlotte back?

[Marty] Charlotte realized she had no place else to go.

Neither does Jonah. He’s just doesn’t know it yet.

[Marty] I want the security system on at all times, okay?

No one else is allowed in the house.

I want you home by 10:00.

Lights out by 11:00.

All right? And, uh, this should be more than enough for food or any unforeseen emergency.

Got it?

You know my net worth is more than six figures, Dad.

I know, buddy, but it’s all tied up in crypto and offshore accounts, right?

That’s a little liquidity, just in case.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.

So do steal ten grand and buy a shitty van?

Well, you gotta live a little.

Okay. Love you, pal.

[engine turns over]

Are you really not gonna say goodbye?

[sarcastically] Fantastic.

[tense music building]

[keyboard clacking]

[electronic zapping]

[Jonah] So you click this little icon here and the workflow runs itself.

Starts and ends with the same accounts, but on its way there, each deposit takes one of 20 trillion randomized paths through our other shells.

[Ruth] Twenty trillion?

Yeah, 16 factorial is a little more than 20.9 trillion.

Holy fucking fuck.

Yeah, pretty much.

[car approaching]

Once our Internet’s upgraded, each deposit will make that journey in a matter of seconds.

[knocking on door]

[Ruth clears her throat]

What makes you think you can move my product without my say-so?

Fucking Wyatt.

[Darlene scoffs]

Well, he may be your cousin, but he’s my lover.

And I’m your partner, who you brought on because you know your business needs fresh blood and fresh thinking.

I brought you on because I like you, and because you got balls for being such a slight little thing.

But the second they start swelling like a dog’s, I’m gonna take them right off.

Don’t lay a finger on my product.

[engine turns over]

[Jonah] I’m sorry.

I can’t believe he fucking ratted me out.

Yeah. It sucks.


Are all our accounts online?

[electronic beeping and zapping]

As of an hour ago.

Good. We’ll be using them tomorrow.

[door closes]

[Wendy] So you’re meeting her in the park?

Public place. Open space.

[chuckling] Smart.

I should go.



[Marty] Good luck.

[Wendy] She’s got this.

[Marty] Yeah.

[woman] Wendy? Marty? What?

[Wendy chuckling] Oh my God.

[Marty] Hi. How have you been?

Would you look at this! Hi!

[woman] Great to see you.

[Marty] You too. Hey, man.

[woman] Hey!

[Wendy] Hi!

[woman] How are you?

[Wendy chuckling] Hello!

[man] What the heck are you two doing here?

Well, we, uh… we just… We thought we’d come into town for some business.

Okay, so it’s true what they said, then. That you all moved…

We moved to Missouri and we opened a casino.

At least that part’s true.


Well, you know, we… we wanted, uh, we wanted a simpler life, and…

Yeah. Marty ran the numbers, we saw it was in reach.

[phone ringing]

Yeah, and off we went. So…

[woman] Just… Just like that.


Ooh, I should… I should take that.


Excuse me. I gotta take this real quick. Hello?

[Omar] Where are we with Agent Miller?


We’re working on it.


You’re 400 miles away, working on saving yourselves, when I already told you, Marty…

[Marty] “We don’t win unless you win.” I did not forget that.

No. No, no, no, no. You don’t win until I win.

It’s a big difference.


Give me her number.



No. Wendy just got back from smoothing things over from the last time your impatience almost fucked this up, so we’re gonna do it our way this time.

Listen, I gotta run.

[line disconnects]


[Wendy] We’re right on the water, so the kids can swim and boat whenever they want.

[woman] That sounds idyllic.


Sorry, what’d I miss?

Wendy was telling us how you became the masters of your own destiny.

Yeah. [chuckling nervously]

Ah, well.

All good?

Yes. Yeah, yeah. All good.

Just a misunderstanding. We’ll… we’ll work it out. Um…

Great to see you guys.


[woman] Yeah, you too.


[woman] Yeah, okay. Bye! Okay, well…


Take care.


I’m here to see your boss.

You can park over there.


Your rehab permits were pulled.

[Darlene] Byrde leaned on the state inspectors.

And you knew?


You didn’t think to warn me before my guys lost a day running to shuttered workhouses?

Like how you warned me before I lost months refining a product that you were too chickenshit to distribute?

You are half a mil in the hole to me over these rehabs.

If I were you, I’d quit digging.

Well, lucky for you I have come to pay you back.

Figured you deserved a second chance.

I’m a little short on cash, seeing as I got no distribution.

Then I suggest you go find some.

Right now.

If I do, you won’t see a cent.

I don’t think you quite understand. I am asking…

Fuck that.

I’m demanding you give me what you owe me.

I can’t help people who refuse to help themselves.

[Zeke fussing]

What did you find?

I’m so sorry.

[Erin shuddering]

I knew it. I fucking knew it.

I’m so sorry, Erin.

Why, ’cause you’re the ones who did it?

We didn’t have anything to do with it.

Then how did it happen?

She worked for dangerous people.

So do your parents. They’re still alive.

They’re lucky.

Or they did it.

That doesn’t make any sense.

Why would they let me come tell you if they had anything to do with it?

Because they want me to stop asking questions.

They know this could land on them, so they want me to shut up.


Everything you’re feeling right now, you have every right to feel.

But for your sake, and the sake of everyone that you love, you need to forget that this conversation ever happened.

Because if even one other person finds out, you’ll be next, followed by Seth, then your Dad, and his girlfriend.

And that’s the last thing that anyone wants.

You don’t know what will happen.

I do.

Trust me.

Look at me.


Look at me.

Just because we didn’t have anything to do with your mom, it doesn’t mean we’re not capable in the future if we don’t have any other choice.

[foreboding music intensifies]

[ambient office noises and chatter]

[man] Mr. Byrde.


Connor McVeigh, Shaw Medical security, here to escort you off site to Miss Shaw.

Okay, great. We’re still waiting on a courier with a sample, and, uh, I wasn’t told, you know, when…

Sorry I’m late.

That damn Ryan.

Follow me.

Hola, Marty.


It’s good to see you again.

[Connor] Arms up.

Cell phones.

In the bag or the deal ends now.

[tense music building]

[Schafer] Do you like?

I gave one to each of my biggest donors at my retirement party.

Dr. King.

[Schafer grunts]

Not what you were expecting from the epicenter of the state’s moral blight?

You remember.

How can I forget?

Not exactly in keeping with your plaque.

Oh yeah. But it…

It is. I always saw your guy as a friend I could reach across the aisle to until he started working with you.

Which is why I’ve been waiting years to say “fuck you” to your face.

At least let me make my pitch, Randall.

Whenever you’re ready.

The Byrde Family Foundation is a non-profit, apolitical organization that understands to get anything done in the Midwest, you have to reach across the aisle.

We started with payday loan abuse and foreclosure relief, but now we have an opportunity to fight the opioid epidemic.

None of which discriminates between red or blue.

That’s why Wendy enlisted me and my experience working for Missouri’s most influential Republican donors.

And we can’t think of a more responsible steward for the foundation’s funds than a man who spent a decade as the ranking Republican member of the Senate budget committee.

A man who still plays a massive role in shaping what is and is not politically possible in the Prairie State.

[Schafer] Mm-hmm.

[tsks] So, you want to buy my obedience with some third-rate flattery and a board seat?

How about access to $150 million war chest that we now control?

[Jim] The road to the White House, for the next 30 years, goes through Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Missouri.

But since you’ve retired, your reach only goes as far as Illinois.

Think about the kind of influence that purchasing power could buy you across the region, Senator.

And across the country.

[Schafer sighs]

Is that a yes?

It’s a slightly less vehement fuck-you.

Well… don’t take too long with your decision.

Those board seats are filling up.

You didn’t even break a sweat.

There was a time when Schafer was the scariest man I could imagine speaking to. [scoffs]

[Clare] Pardon the gadgetry. Family of chemists.

[Marty] And a diverse real estate portfolio.

[Javi] I admire a woman who does her own dirty work.

I, uh… I made sure that… that your financial back-channel infrastructure, uh, will still point anyone paying attention to your suppliers to Tasmania.

It’s the same tax protocols.

No layering necessary. It’s all frictionless.

And we’re overhauling our production process, so all our output is medical grade.

Combine that with Marty’s work, and we’ll be pulling off the perfect sleight of hand.

It’s indistinguishable from our Tasmanian supply.

[tsking] Ah! Muy bien.

Then it looks like I’ll be seeing a lot more of you, Ms. Shaw.

From here on out, I’ll be my uncle’s personal representative on this deal.

I’d love to grab dinner when I’m in town to supervise the first shipment.

[in Spanish] Congratulations.

[both chuckle]

You’re the first gringo I’ve metwhose family’s killed more people than mine.

[bugs chirring]

All right. Is there a club around here, we can go party?

Not without drawing too much heat.

Oh, there’s no chance these guys are waiting till they get home.

Follow me.

[“Dreams” by Scantron playing on stereo]

Were you named after that guy from the insurance commercial?

[laughing] No, dipshit, he’s named after The Intimidator.

Holy fuck, y’all need to educate yourselves.

Dale Earnhardt, Senior.

All right, greatest NASCAR driver there ever was.

Okay? Drove the number three car.

What about Jonah? He your cousin too?

Uh… Nah. Nah.

He’s just my business partner.

[Darlene] You fucking did it, didn’t you?

[Ruth] Yes, I fucking did.

Tell me why I shouldn’t take your head off right now.

A: there’s a hell of a lot more where that came from.

B: you’ve been waiting for a partner with as much guts as you your whole life.

C: if you try, there’s no guarantee I won’t take off yours first.

I knew I made the right call bringing you on.



Thank you.

[in Spanish] Fucking motherfucker.

Everything all right?

When Blackwater over there stole my phone, a gun shipment got moved up to tonight.


[in Spanish] Hey. What’s up?


[line ringing]

[Omar] What is it, Marty?

Yeah, um…

Give up that gun shipment that Javi’s setting up for tonight.

It’s, uh… It’s exactly what Maya’s looking for, and if you wanna get her back, this is how you do it.

You’ve already won the war.

Those guns will be more valuable as a bargaining chip to get Maya back than they are in your hands.

Are you fucking me, Marty?

You really think that I’d risk my life suggesting this with Javi right here if I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary?

Ah, doesn’t mean you’re not fucking me.

To prove to you how much I’m not fucking you, I’ll give you Maya’s number and you can call her yourself.

So get a piece of paper and start writing.

[Wendy chuckles]

Where’s Marty?

In the garage with your partner.


Not him. The nephew.

If Javi said or… or did anything, you… you must know he’s… he’s not…

What? In charge?

He said he’s his uncle’s personal representative on this deal.

And so what if he is?

Does it really make a difference?

I’m considering closing a billion-dollar drug deal, Wendy.

How is this any better than what my brother did?

The jobs you’ll save, for one.


Great American excuse.

Look, I love my family despite… all of it, but I’m trying to save them without becoming them.

Concentrate on the illegal drugs you’ll get off the street.

The rehab clinics that we’ll start together, the lives that those will save.

I know it might not feel like it right now, but it really is, it’s the only way to make the bad mean something.

Bury it.

Bury it.

Pile good on top of good.

[elevator dings]

[news broadcast on TV playing]

[phone buzzing]


[Omar] You wanted something from me, so… here it is.

My show of good faith, huh?

How did you get this number?

How do you think, Agent Miller?

Now do you want what I have or not?

[tense music building]

[pen scribbling]

I… I have to go, right now.

[mother] Okay, then go.

We’ll be right here whenever you get back.

Well, should we go sit down? We’re not tourists.

When I was walking in the park today, it almost felt like we’d never left.

You coming?

[propeller whirring]

[helicopters whirring]

[gun cocks]

[Javi] What… What do you mean you’re not sure?

[Charlotte] I haven’t had a lot of time to think about it.

[Javi] Well, you’ve only got a few months until applications are due.

You two are not talking about this with her?

No, we are.

She’s got time.

Charlotte, college… can’t be missed.

And not because of the classes, but… the whole experience, huh?

The other students.

[officer] Truck is clear!


[indistinct police radio chatter]

Don’t tell me you’re gonna make me eat all these oysters myself? Vamos.

You too, sweetie.



Mm-hmm. Sí.


[Javi] You don’t chew, you just sort of slurp it down.


Uno, dos, tres.

[sirens wailing]

[officer 1] Clear!

Open them up.

[phone ringing]

Excuse me.

[whispering] Give me that.

[Javi, in Spanish] What the fuck are you talking about?

I don’t give a damn, I’ll give you the instructions.

[Charlotte] Is that what I think it’s about?

We can only hope.

You know what? Take that car and sit it down…

I don’t give a damn, you sit him down.

Uh, definitely, we’ll, you know, when we get back home, we’ll… we’ll look at our calendars and… and we’ll set up those, uh, those campus visits.

Everything all right?

[in English] Absolutely.


[Javi sighs]

Toast. Toast.

To your business being my business, and mine being yours.

[“Untitled” by Killer Mike plays]

♪ You are witnessing elegance ♪

♪ In the form of a Black elephant ♪

♪ Smoking White Rhino on terraces ♪

♪ Will I die slain Like my King by a terrorist? ♪

♪ Will my woman be Coretta Take my name and cherish it? ♪

♪ Or will she Jackie O Drop the Kennedy, remarry it? ♪

♪ My sister say it’s necessary On some Cleopatra shit ♪

♪ My grandmama said nope, never That is sacrilege ♪

♪ Tend to agree Because the thought is so disparaging ♪

♪ The Lord give a load You gotta carry it like Mary did ♪

♪ That’s why I’m giving honor To all these baby mommas ♪

♪ It takes a woman’s womb To make a Christ or Dalai Lama ♪

♪ The world might take that child Turn that child into a monster ♪

♪ The Lord’ll take a monster And fashion him a saint ♪

♪ I present you Malcolm X For those who saying that he can’t ♪

♪ Saying that he won’t When I know he will ♪

♪ You usually you don’t know it’s you Until you getting killed, for real ♪

♪ Dear Lord, have mercy ♪

♪ On the ones who go through life Like it’s a game we love ♪

♪ I won’t be forced to shut up When I don’t feel the same ♪

♪ ‘Cause people gonna lie Some people gonna steal ♪

♪ You gotta be careful Not to shit where you live ♪

♪ Them people might try To have you killed ♪

♪ Lord have mercy Life is such a battlefield, for real ♪

♪ I ain’t never gave a fuck I never did and never will ♪

♪ Live my life on principle Keep it true, keep it real ♪

♪ Better said, I keep it trill ♪

♪ And no matter who don’t like it Homie, that’s just how it is ♪

♪ Naked truth Like the stripper that’s in front of me ♪

♪ And I keep a blunt And a Bible and a gun on me ♪

♪ Why? ♪

♪ ‘Cause I’m country-bred ♪

♪ Actually I’m South-er-ren ♪

♪ Something like my brethren ♪

♪ The legendary Andre 3K, Cee Lo, Goodie, and some other men ♪

♪ You should pay some homages And honor this ♪

♪ This is not the fiction That is sold by conglomerates ♪

♪ This is Souls of Black Folks Mixed with Donald Goines shit ♪

♪ Better said, Robert Beck Esoteric I could get ♪

♪ This is John Gotti Painting pictures like Dalí ♪

♪ This is Basquiat With a passion like Pac ♪

♪ In a body like Biggie Telling stories like Ricky ♪

♪ If a rapper was to spar Please tell him better kick it ♪

♪ You with me? ♪

♪ Dear Lord ♪

♪ Pope or a bishop or them other men ♪

♪ And I believe God Has sustained me with rap ♪

♪ So I pick a burning bush Put it in a Swisher wrap ♪

♪ And they can’t kill a G I seen how I die, I’m gone ♪


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