Ozark – S04E02 – Let the Great World Spin | Transcript

Maya pushes back on Marty's plan for Omar. Ruth pursues the hipster heroin market. Wendy tries to raise $150 million. The new sheriff causes problems.
Ozark - Season 4

Original release date: January 21, 2022

FBI Agent Maya Miller has her baby and starts maternity leave. Nix’s temporary replacement is Sheriff Guerrero from an adjacent county. Javi directs Marty to clean Helen’s house to hide evidence of Nix’s death, and Javi has to hide when Guerrero arrives and questions Marty. The Byrdes arrange to sell heroin to a pharmaceutical company that wants to cut costs on raw materials in exchange for a company donation to their charitable foundation. Wendy intends to expand the Byrdes’ influence by using the foundation to rig elections and bribe politicians. Ruth becomes Darlene’s partner and works with a celebrity chef and casino customer to persuade his friends to use Darlene’s heroin. Darlene dislikes the idea of marketing her heroin as a “hipster” product and declines to participate in Ruth’s plan. With Nix unable to provide protection for Frank Cosgrove Sr.’s trucks, he declines to distribute Darlene’s heroin. Jonah remains upset with Wendy because of Ben’s death and begins laundering money for Ruth and Darlene. Maya stays with the Byrdes so she can respond immediately when Navarro is ready to meet. When Navarro calls, Maya decides not to go, but Wendy persuades her to make the trip.

* * *

[“How Lonesome Can I Get” by Durwood Daily Haddock playing on loudspeakers]

[fluorescent lights buzzing]

[woman] Can I help you?

No, I’m just… lookin’.

Excuse me.

Uh, can I see that one, please?


It’s perfect.

You don’t really think of goats and cookies together, do you?

[Ruth chuckles]

My husband, he says it’s ’cause they’re satanic, goats.

[chuckles] I don’t even think the devil eats cookies, does he?

[Ruth] Hmm.

Maybe he does.

Do you want a bag?


Thank you.

[vendor] You take care of that.

[bugs chirring]

[engine shuts off]

[crow calling]

[breathing shakily]


[inhales sharply]


[choking back tears]


[crying softly]

[Ruth continues sobbing quietly]

[Ruth sighs]

[ominous music building]

[radio switches on]

[reporter] A young hiker is recovering after falling nearly 50 feet off…

[knocking on door]

[Marty] Hi.


Thank you.

They never tell you how useful they are.

I think the Internet told everyone.

Oh. Oh, I see, well, you still don’t have enough, trust me.

[baby cooing]

Hey, there he is.

That’s a handsome dude.

You got a name for him?


Wilson. Great.



What are you doing here, Marty?

Well, uh, you never called me back, so…

Well, after 20 voicemails,

I pieced it together you were still alive.

So what’s so important you’re in my living room eight days after I give birth?

Uh, what are the steps for making a deal with a cooperating witness?

That’s what you want to be now? It’s a little late in the day.

[Wilson cooing]

It’s not me.


Yeah, he wants out.

Omar Navarro wants to cut a deal with the FBI?


Why now? He’s winning the war.

And it almost cost him his whole family.

Mortality’s catching up with him, I guess.

What does he want?

He wants no prosecution, and he wants, you know, freedom of movement between Mexico and the US.


I know it. Um…

What would it take?

[suspenseful music builds]

More than he’s willing to give.

Huge bust, big names taken down.

He needs to do time.

I’m not going to my bosses with, “Hey, a mass-murdering cartel leader would like a pass, please.”

Yeah, I understand.

Um… let me talk to him.

He’s very serious about this, though.

You all are if you still think you won’t have to pay for it.

[papers rustling]



Where’s Ben?

Where’s the box?

[Charlotte] Uh…

I… I don’t know. It… It was right there.

[scoffs] Maybe Jonah took it.

Hey, where’s Ben?

Have you seen his ashes? Did you move them?

[electronic zapping continues]

[sternly] Jonah.

Answer me.

I gave them to Ruth.

[breathily] You did what?

She loved him.

She’ll keep him safe.

[door slams]

[electronic zapping]

[car brakes hiss]

[Wendy shouting] Ruth!

[car door slams]


I know you’re home! Get the fuck out here!

Your sister’s got a real loud mouth on her…


[exhales deeply]

[gun cocks]

If you did anything to Ben’s ashes, I swear to God…

They’re fine.

Then give them back.

They belong to me.

[Ruth] Well… I promised Jonah I’d take care of them.

If you want them back, he’s going to have to say so.

Now get the fuck out of here.

He didn’t love you, Ruth!

He was sick!

You were just next in a long line of broken, bad-tempered women he could obsess over.

He would have been done in a month.

[melancholic music playing]

[scoffs softly]

[sarcastically] Yeah.

If you hadn’t killed him first.


[sighs seethingly]

[Omar in Spanish] It has been five days since my last confession.

I took the Lord’s name in vain.

[engine turns over]

Three times that I remember.

I kicked Silvia’s dog.

I was short-tempered with my children.

Rafael especially.

[sighs quietly]

[priest grunts]

[in Spanish] Bon-Bon is too small to be kicked.

Yes. But Silvia lets her in my office.

She gets under my feet.

[priest] So pick her up.


[priest] She’s a good dog.

I’ll try.

And… apologize to Rafael.

He’ll learn more from that than your anger.

My anger makes him strong.

[priest] And shortens his childhood.

Let him have it a little longer.

[phone buzzing]

[Omar exhales heavily]

I have to return this.

[praying] I am sorry for having offended thee, my God.

I detest my sins because they offend you.

I resolve, with thy grace, to do penance and avoid the near occasion of sin.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost I absolve you of these sins.


[priest] Any other confessions?

[Omar inhales and exhales deeply]


[store door dings]

[phone ringing]


[Omar] Well?

Uh, she’s interested. She just is gonna need to know that you’re serious.

Tell me what she said, exactly.


[clicks tongue] Well, she… she… she mentioned prison, but I think that if you make a list of everything you’d be willing to give, there’s probably a…


No list.

I want to meet her.

Uh… you can’t make a… a handshake deal with a single agent.

She’s gonna need to go to her bosses with a real offer.

You said you had her, Marty. Were you lying to me?

Make it happen.

[phone line disconnects]

[in Spanish] Was that Marty Byrde?


[Javi grunts]

Please tell me he has the hillbilly bitch in line?

These Byrdes are so disrespectful.

Helen would have fixed this immediately.

Are you joking, Javi?

You nearly fucked us with your impatience.

If they connect that sheriff to us, the FBI will come down here just like they did with Lagunas.

Then you will have all our blood on your soft little hands, Javi.

I was careful. They’ll never know.

Oh, Javi was careful.

[scattered chuckling]

With all his years of experience.

He protected us all.

Or did you leave it for somebody else to clean up? Huh?

It’ll be taken care of.

[exhales sharply]

All of it.

[Omar chuckles]

Now the baby is sad.

[men chuckle]

[sighs deeply]

[Darlene] There’s no problem here except for your cowardice, Frank.

When you offered me distribution, you said you had the sheriff in your pocket.

[Frank Jr] What’s going on?

Your daddy’s a pussy.

He doesn’t want to make millions dealing my dope just ’cause one measly sheriff goes missing.

[Frank] Sheriff Nix was killed by the cartel.

I’m not getting mixed up in that shit again.

They took good men from me.

No protection, no distribution.

[Frank clears his throat]

[Zeke cooing]

Hey, if I’m willing to work with her, you should be too.

[scoffs] What’s this mean?

“Do your fucking job”?

Well, I did say, “please,” see there?


I just wanted him to… have a look around Helen Pierce’s house.

Did he?

[Mel] I don’t know, but, uh, it’s weird, isn’t it?

First, she’s missing, then Sheriff Nix?

‘Cause I gotta tell ya he seemed reluctant to get into anything involving her, which was unusual, it’s not like I was asking for that much.

[woman] Maybe he just didn’t like her.

There’s nothing about Pierce in his files.

Well, you know, I’m… I’m just thinking here that a lot of these beachfront properties have a security system, so, I mean, if Sheriff Nix was there, there could be a video.

You could be sitting on a lead and not even know it.

I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Okay. Well, thank… thanks so much.

Sheriff Guerrero, nice to meet you.

I thought I should stop by and introduce myself. Darlene Snell.

I know who you are.

Oh. You from around here, Sheriff?

Polk County.

[gasps] It’s nice over there.

Hey, you know the Jarvis family at all?

What can I do for you, Mrs. Snell?

John Nix and I go way back.

He knew my husband when they were just kids.

I just wanted to stop by and see if there was anything I could do to help.

State police called off the search a week ago.

So unless you know where John is, I don’t see what you can do for me.

Oh. Maybe there’s something else…

Mrs. Snell… sheriffs talk.

We gossip.

I know all about the hold you had over John Nix.

Now I’m covering two counties while John’s… “away,” and he wasn’t exactly a closer.

So how about you do me a favor and don’t add a bribery charge to this pile?

Save it for whoever wins the election next year.

Well, all right! Thank you for your time, Sheriff.

I’ll keep a good eye out for John.

Be nice to have him back.

[Guerrero] Wouldn’t it?


[indistinct chatter]

[dealer] Seven out.

[Sam] Dang it, again?

Aw, come on, man.

Hey, Wendy. How’s it going?

You do know… we’re not reimbursing you anymore.

Oh, sure. Yeah, yeah, I know.

This is all my money. [chuckles lightly]

Did he take a marker?

No, no, it’s all right. See, I got a system almost all the way figured out.

I… I could write a book on this game, or at least a pamphlet, right?

This man is banned from the casino. Cash him out, put his ID at the door.

What are you doing? I’m fine, you know I’m good for it.

It’s for your own good. Go home, rest. You look like shit.

[Wendy] So. Where do we start?

[Jim] That depends.

What are you after?

Are… are you trying to insulate your family, or…

do you want more?

What if…

I wanted all the elections in the Midwest to run through us?

National influence.


Well, um… for that, you’re going to need quite the starting lineup, and not all of them are on your side of the aisle.

Are you willing to play in someone else’s sandbox for a while?

If that’s what it takes.

All right.

But there are some hard line, fetus-loving, women-hating monsters in here, so strap in.

Ideally, what you want are five key players from five states on the Byrde Foundation board.

Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Now, Missouri, you’ve already got Wade, but that boy don’t do shit as a Senator, so you’ll have to plow some cash into making that a governorship.

Michigan is your union guy.

Jonathan Pittman.

He is a hard-headed bitch. You’ll get along famously.

Then there’s Illinois, an old friend of yours.

Don’t say Schafer.


He retired.

Yeah, but old Randall held on to plenty of strings.

He hated me in the day.

Which is why you’re going to have to bring a very sunny disposition and very, very deep pockets.

How much?

Conservative estimate?

A hundred and fifty million just to get you off your blocks.

By when?

You get me half by Christmas, I don’t see why you can’t have this done in a couple of years.

What about this year?

For that you’re gonna need it yesterday.

There’s local elections next month, which you can’t afford to miss.

You get it by then, and I’d say you could buy almost anybody.

Including you?

I think I’m going to go to my next appointment.

[Jonah] So we’ll start with the carpets, air conditioners, decorating.

The price ranges are higher, makes it easier to hide everything.

[Ruth] Good thing this place is such a shit hole. Huh?

Do you know how much you’ll be making?

I need a monthly estimate to figure out how much I can wash.

No, but this isn’t the only place we got.

Darlene’s talking about building a couple rehab centers out near the state line.

We can put the rest through construction.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Hey! Boy!

You want to tell me what your parents did to John Nix?

You better tell me right now if you know one thing about it.

I… I would.

I promise. I don’t… I don’t know anything.

No man can serve two masters, Jonah.

Now you think about that.

Now, get on home.

He’s lying.

Why’d you hire him anyway?

How good is he?

[Ruth] Really fucking good.

I think he’s one of those “savornts.”

[engine turns over]

So what’s giving you a hot flash, anyway? Hmm?

KC Mob pulled out of distribution.

They think the cartel hit Nix.

No shit.

[Darlene scoffs]

You’ve had a fucking morning.

We have, because unless you got any bright ideas, this ain’t a laundering front anymore.

It’s just some shitty motel you spent all your money on.

[Maya] This is a terrible idea.

But why would he want to meet me?

What have you told him?

Just that I trust you, that’s all.

Oh, so he thinks I’m in your pocket.

Fuck you, Marty!

No. No, no. Maya, this is a massive get.

You would be the agent that brings in Omar Navarro.

It’s a massive risk too.


Well… Who else in his organization knows about this?

No one. It’s… It’s you. It’s me. It’s Wendy, that’s it.

Is someone moving against him?

No, no. No one’s moving against him.

If anyone found out…

No one suspects a thing. He’s very smart.

I have a family now.

Mm-hmm. Well, you know, we all have families.

I don’t know.

I wouldn’t have backup. Can’t risk telling the Bureau.

It’ll leak.

I’ll be there. Wendy’ll be there.

Is that supposed to reassure me?


I promise you that you’re going to be safe.

He knows how valuable you are.

We’ve been after him since before I joined the Bureau.

Tell me how it works.

It’s a… It’s a three day window.

He gives you 30 minutes notice before he sends a car.

I don’t know where the meeting will be, probably in state.

You want to give a cartel boss my address?

That doesn’t work for me, Marty. You can’t do that.

Why don’t you stay with us?

How about you stay with us and Charlotte will watch Wilson while we’re at the meeting? He’ll be safe.

She dropped Jonah one time.


[Maya scoffs]


[Wilson fussing]

[man] Our show has been covering the opioid epidemic for years.

We’ve interviewed whistleblowers, doctors, and victims, but never has the CEO of a pharmaceutical company agreed to sit down with us, until now.

Clare Shaw takes over the role of CEO from her brother, Michael, ousted from his family’s company after he publicly blamed drug users for creating the opioid crisis.

Eight percent of our research budget is going towards developing the next generation of opioid blockers to help victims of addiction.

We have dramatically improved our patient programs, and every single piece of marketing we put out now accurately reflects the best evidence available.

We’ve heard promises from companies like yours before.

What makes this different?

This time they’re true.

She seems perfect. That’s, uh, Missouri?

Well, their head office is in Chicago, but their factories and labs are all here.

Yeah, okay. Excellent.

Well, I put together this packet here for the, uh, rehab facilities.

This is, uh, five possible sites and, uh, partners.

Right here are two early construction bids.

[Jonah] Isn’t Mrs. Snell building rehabs?

Uh, yeah, I saw that she was pulling permits.

This is pretty reasonable.

So you just stole her idea?

Why do you care what happens to Mrs. Snell?

[knocking on door]

Hey, it’s for me.

Hey. Yeah, you can just go through here.

Put it all in the basement.

[Marty] What’s all this?

I’m installing a new system.

Looks expensive.

[Jonah] Bought it with my own money.

I need it for my new job.

Huh. Really?

What are you doing?


Washing money for Ruth.

Oh, no, you are not.

I’m not using your software. I wrote my own.

[Wendy] Okay. Okay, enough.

[van engine turns over]

I know that you’re angry…

I’m not gonna fight with you about this, Mom.





Uh, you do not talk to Jonah about the business anymore. Okay?

Not a word, seriously.

[Charlotte] Okay.

This is insane.

I know.

He’s betraying our family. We have to stop this.

[Marty] I know. Um…

Jesus. Laundering at 14.

Do not be proud of him right now.

All my old crew went into meth.

Can you believe it?

Doing it on the water too, just like I taught ’em.

Ungrateful shit-lickers.

Don’t know what’s good for them, do they?

I’m sorry. Wish I knew how to help.

[clears throat] I did have this one idea.

It’s kind of, well… [chuckling]

Look, I got this whole damn list of high rollers from the casino, right?

And those guys are into all kinds of shit.

This one dude, this chef from Chicago, he’s connected to a whole lot of them.

Does everything. Girls, blow, even likes dope.

[Darlene] One high roller is not enough.

We need a whole distribution network.

Well, I know. But I’m telling you, these rich fuckers will pay for anything if you convince them it’s fancy.

I don’t think we need to sell more. I just think we need to charge more.

[chuckling] What like… like hipster heroin?

[grunts] I don’t like that.

[Ruth laughing] Exactly.

Brand it like it’s the fucking Moët of dope.

Say it’s, like, cut with natural antihistamines to prevent itching.

[Wyatt and Ruth laughing]

[Ruth] Multivitamins.

[Wyatt] For micronutrient leaching.

[Ruth snorts]

[Wyatt guffaws]

Honestly, with this guy talking us up, I mean, we can charge a shit ton, and before you know it, I mean…

We’re in the designer heroin business.

[scoffs] From farm… to needle.

[Wyatt cackles]

Locally sourced family heroin.

[Ruth laughing]

[utensil clatters]

[Ruth] I can head to Chicago from the Lazy-O this afternoon.

[suspenseful music building]


I’m here to see Clare Shaw.

Thank you.

[man] Please take the elevator to the 25th floor.

Great. Thank you.

[Wendy] We’ve already spearheaded the biggest campaign against predatory lending in the country.

And we’re backing anti-corruption initiatives across the Midwest.

Voter rights in Ohio, police corruption in Michigan.

Well, there is no doubt your work is very impressive.

[Wendy] And… honestly, Clare, who else is going to put the Shaw name on three brand new, state-of-the-art mental health and rehab facilities?

I am sure nobody.

Wendy, I like the Byrde Foundation. I like you.

I do, but… risking $150 million on a newly formed foundation just wouldn’t be prudent, especially… after hearing about the mess at your fundraiser.

Your husband got knocked out?

It’s worse than that. It was my brother who hit him.

He has bipolar and drug issues, that…

That’s why building these is so important to me.

That must be awful.

How is he doing?

He’s missing.


I am so sorry.


Family is hard.

[both chuckle]

Wendy, in a couple years when we are both on sure footing, we’ll do this.

But for now…

Shaw Medical has… has made donations this size.

[scoffs] That was before lawsuits and nine-figure fines.

I am sorry. Wendy, it’s not going to happen this time.

[car horn toots]

[Ruth] I’m not giving them back, Marty! They’re hid!

[brakes hissing]

[Marty] This is not about Ben’s ashes.

This is about you recruiting my son to launder money for a heroin operation.


Yeah, “Oh.”

Now, I… I know that you’re mad, but this is low. Okay?

He’s grieving. Don’t use that to hurt me.

That’s not what’s happening.

I could have set up those accounts if you asked me.

Oh, yeah?


I’m sure Wendy would have loved that. Darlene, too.

Look, all Jonah’s doing is math.

He’s not in an operation. He’s safe.

Now get the fuck out of the way.

Hang on. Please. “Safe”?

How stupid are you? When Darlene’s involved, no one is safe.

Not you, not Wyatt, and especially not Jonah.

[laughing] And you’re any better?

You really think you could trust someone who shot a guy’s dick off?

I know what I’m doing.

You don’t! You’re out of your depth, Ruth.

And I’m not gonna let you drag Jonah down with you, okay?

He doesn’t work for you. You got it?

[engine starts]

And what exactly are you going to do about it, Marty?

Get your dick shot off too? Hmm?

[sarcastic] Nice.

[“11/8” by Sym Fera playing]

[man] All right.

Holy shit.

[chuckles] Looks like a fucking painting.

I don’t want to mess it up. [chuckles]


[laughing] Much.

[Ruth] Mmm!

This is so good.

You’re a better cook than you are a poker player.

[both chuckle]

What are you doing in Chicago, Ruth?

You guys branching out?

Mm-mm. No.

I ain’t running games no more. I got a new venture.

Something you might like, actually.

Small batch of dope. No fentanyl, no baby powder.

None of that shit, guaranteed.

I thought maybe you could help me move it.


I might like a pinch after a game, but, uh… I’m not a drug dealer, Ruth.

I got a job. I own a restaurant.

No, I don’t need a dealer.

What I need is an influencer.

All I want is for you to talk it up to the other high rollers, and the product will do the rest.

I can get clean dope already.

What makes yours so good?

This shit hits different.

Hey, you don’t gotta smoke it neither. It’s pure enough to snort.

You know, it’s home grown, organic, sustainable.

Farm to fucking table.

[both chuckling]

Where are you growing it?

[Ruth] Mmm.

The most beautiful farm you’ve ever seen, right there in the Ozarks.

They make honey too.


Seriously, Kerry. I mean, you have got to try this.

[sighs] It looks good.

[Ruth] Mm-hmm.


[laughing politely]

[grunts] No. I don’t… I don’t do that stuff.

Well, how do you know it’s so good, then?

Come on.

It’s impolite to make me try it alone.

[ominous music playing]


[lightly coughs]




[Kerry groaning in pleasure]



Hoo! [exhaling]

Yeah. I’m… I’m, uh… I’m interested. [sniffs]

[Ruth] Hmm?

I want to go to that farm, though.

I visit all my producers, got to get my hands in the dirt.

Yeah, no, not… Not a problem.

[chuckles softly]

[crows cawing]

Did you find anything?


Okay. We don’t have time for maybe.

I had to beg Clare for this meeting.

We have a 40-minute window to make this deal.

Yeah. It’s just… It’s a little crazy, you know?

Well, crazy is better than nothing.

[knocking on door]

[Charlotte] I got it.

Uh, thank you.

Um, Charlotte, do me a favor, too, would you?

[Charlotte] Hi! Hi, here, come in.

Hey Maya! Charlotte, please, uh… settle Maya in for me and, um, Maya, I apologize.

We’ve got a last-minute meeting, uh, at the casino, but I promise we’re just 30 minutes away.

You’d better be.

[Marty] Yeah.

You can sleep in Jonah’s room since he’s staying in Buddy’s.

I got the bottle warmer that you asked for. Um…

I… I hope it’s the right one.

It’ll be fine.

[car engine turns over]

This must be weird for you.

It’s not how I saw my maternity leave panning out.

[car drives away]

[Maya sighs quietly]

[sniffs] Oh, yeah. That’s good soil, ma’am.

Sure you don’t want to taste it too?

No, it’s no need. I know good dirt when I smell it. I grew up on a farm.

Well, look at you.

It’s a beautiful spot you got here.

Can I see the poppies?



[chuckles] That’s all right.

We had a… a good go of it the other night.

I know you make damn fine dope, Darlene.

You know, Darlene’s family’s been on this land since, uh… since forever.

Runs all the way to the horizon.

[Kerry] Wow, really?


What else you grow?

Uh, we grow flowers, mostly, um, but we’ve been thinking about soybeans, right?

Oh, for sure. Yeah, there’s a market for it.

Yeah, Tatsoi is another good one.

Hot new brassica. Going the way of the Brussels sprout.

[Wyatt] What about edible flowers? They still a thing?

Nah, I feel like they’re all sewn up, you know?

I mean, if you got the room, you could maybe try a small-batch dessert wine, or…

Oh, shut your mouths, all of you!

This ain’t no bullshit, hippie co-op.

And this girl isn’t authorized to make a commitment.

You need to get off my land before I put you under it.

Deal’s off. Wyatt.

[Ruth] Darlene! Hey!

Hey, I set this up for us! This is a good idea!

Darlene, I’m… I’m… I’m a partner in this operation.

Will you just listen?

What? What the fuck?! Talk to her.

[truck door opens]


It’s her farm. I don’t…

If she doesn’t wanna do it, we gotta respect that.

And… she’s my girlfriend.

[engine turns over]

Are you fucking kidding me?

[seat belt warning dinging]

Those two are dating?

[truck door slams]

I… I… I can see where you… you can’t spare, um, $150 million.

Uh, your opioid division is… is about to go bankrupt, right?

You’d be lucky to make it to March.


We’ve got two new drugs about to hit the market.

We’re making three acquisitions this month.

Well, I mean, you know, buying a company and then price-hiking their, uh, their best drug is not really a sustainable model.

You know, Medicaid will be knocking on your doors for a refund, then the short-sellers will take the rest.

You know, you’re in trouble. It’s right there.

How’d you even get these numbers? They’re not public.

Uh, no, but they’re accessible.

So, you know, I’m only two months ahead of the pack, if that.

This is your unmissable offer?

A dressing down by the owners of a riverboat casino?

Clare, please, that… That is not what we’re doing.

We just need you to understand the reality.

Your company’s in trouble, which means your family’s in trouble.

And we may be able to fix both, if you’ll listen.

[sighing] Okay.

So, what… what can you tell us about your raw materials?

If that is your angle, you really are wasting my time.

Materials is the one area we can’t cut costs.

Every provider has to be licensed. There is no meaningful competition.

Just give us a moment.

[Marty] We’re thinking specifically about, uh, the opium.

You… you need that for your… your bestselling drug, right?

And… And… that’s out of Tasmania, right?

Afghanistan too.

Tell me what you would say if you could pay 65 percent less for that particular raw material.

That would save us, but there is only one way to do that.

[ominous music playing]

We can stop talking anytime you want.

[Clare clears her throat]

Go on.

This is the exact same product, same specifications, integrated seamlessly into your current supply, and everything is tracing back to an FDA-approved, a DEA-cleared supplier.

Clare, if we can save you $300 million in raw materials, could you donate half of that to our foundation?

You realize we’re breaking about a dozen laws just talking about this?

And as I said, we can stop talking anytime you want.

This is what your FBI audit was about.

That’s right.

And as you’ll recall, they found nothing.

I believed you, when you said that you wanted to do good.

You take this deal, you… you get $300 million of heroin right off the streets.

[Wendy] We got it.

[Jim chuckling] Whoa, that was fast.

All in one?

[Wendy] Mm-hmm. Shaw Medical.

Thank you for getting those financials.

[Jim] You’re welcome.

That’s a… That’s a big donation. What’d you promise them?

Their name on a bunch of rehabs.

Are you sure this is a done deal? We can’t un-ring this bell.

Make the offers, Jim. We’re ready.

[phone line disconnects]

[man] You’re gonna have to choose soon.

Charles or the Byrdes.

[Jim scoffs]

[chuckling] Jeez.

[Marty] Hey.

Hola, Marty, cómo estás?

Hi, there. What are you doing here? I told you that, uh, it wasn’t safe.

I didn’t go inside.

Come on, hop aboard.

Where we going?

To clean up your mess.

[phone buzzing]

[suspenseful music building]

[keys jingling]

[Marty] Thank you.

You do know that returning to the scene of the crime is how 80 percent of idiots get caught?

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

How’s that?

You’re untrustworthy, Marty.

Anyone can see it.

Once more with this. Walls, too.

[phone buzzing]

[Javi] You getting that?



[phone continues buzzing]

I’m not here.

You say a word and you’re dead.

You, your wife…

I get it.

[Javi] Well, pick up, then.

It’s your boss.


[dogs barking]

Marty, thank you for your message.

Come on. Let’s go. Vamos.

[dogs panting]

Has she arrived?

[Marty] Uh, yeah.

Good. And she is happy to do this, yes?


[Omar] Something’s wrong.

Uh, nothing. I, um… I had something that I need to ask you.

I… I did a… a deal. I should have run it by you first.

With who?

A pharmaceutical company.

Uh… it, you know… They need raw materials and it works well.

It’s… It’s more money for you. It’s less for them to spend, and, you know… It’s complicated. There’s a couple extra steps, but…

Is this better for my safety, Marty?

For ours, which affects yours.

[dogs barking]

Well, then let’s make it happen.

Good, great.

[phone line disconnects]

[camera drone buzzing]

[Wendy] You made a mistake!

This family is getting out!

The foundation just got a huge donation, life-changing.

So if I were you, I’d think very carefully about your choices right now.

You’re on the wrong team.

What did you do with the sheriff’s body?

Did you burn it like the rest of them?

[Marty] Okay, I think that does it.

Okay, all set? Let’s go.

Oh my God. That’s a cop. It’s a cop. Cop, cop, cop, cop.

Get rid of her.

Yeah, just, can you hide? Come on.

[suspenseful music playing]

Hi, can I help you?

Sheriff Guerrero. I’m looking for Helen Pierce.

Oh yeah, me too. I’m… I’m Marty Byrde. I’m her business partner.

Oh yeah, I know you.

“We like your odds.” The casino guy.

The commercial, yeah. You saw that, huh?

Mind if I come in?

Oh, I’m, um…

You know, I… I have not seen her for a couple of weeks.

She gave me a spare key, so I thought I’d come on in and take a look around.

You find anything?

No, no. She seems to have cleared out.

I know she was dealing with a tough divorce.

So I hear.

[Marty] Yeah.

You doing some cleaning?

Our, um… our business paid her deposits, so I…

You know if they have one of those security systems here?

[Marty] No.

A lot of these places do.

[Marty] Yeah. Yeah, well, um…

Uh, you know, they… if, uh, if they do, it probably, it’s back there.

Yeah, to your left, the kitchen there, just above the, uh, microwave.

Hey, what the fuck are you doing?

What’s in that system?

Get back in there. Nothing’s on the system. I wiped it.

[Guerrero] Huh.

[Marty] What’s that?

Looks like it’s been off this whole time.

Oh, yeah? Yeah, well…

[Guerrero] Yeah, that’s weird.

[Marty exhales sharply]

[Marty groans quietly]

You okay?

Yep, yep, yep. Yep.

Just, uh…

Just, you know, worried.

I’ll check with the realtor. She might have heard something.

Okay. All right.

You know you really shouldn’t have cleaned up in here.

If she’s a missing person.

Yeah. Sorry.

Just… Just assumed that she’d gone back to Chicago, you know?

Which worried you?

[Marty chuckles nervously]

Why don’t we walk out?



Saw that commercial, huh?

[Guerrero] Mmm! That was something.

Well, it could have been better, I guess.

[door closes]

[bugs chirring]

[Wendy] You can’t tell Maya.

Look, I’m serious. We need her at that meeting.

She cannot know that Navarro’s nephew is here.

I won’t say anything.

What’s the new sheriff like?

Uh, she’s clever, I think. Kind of hard to read.

Is she smart enough to keep her nose out of our business?

Maybe. How are things here?

Jonah saw us with Nix’s body.

[Jonah] What’s the most common mistake money launderers make?

[Wendy] Jonah.

[Maya] Getting caught.

[scoffs] Yeah.

But if you had to say?

Come on.

I wouldn’t.

Let’s give Agent Miller a break. Let’s let her eat. Okay?

[silverware clatters]

[Charlotte] Fuck.

[Maya] Get in the back. Somebody’s outside.

Take the baby, quiet as you can.

Federal agent. Hands in the air.

Whoa. Hey, there.

Hi, uh, I’m Mel Sattem.

I’m a private investigator. I’m down from Chicago.

May I just get my ID out?

What are you doing here, Mr. Sattem?

I just came to chat with the Byrdes for a minute.

The doorbell’s a little hit or miss, so…

[Marty] You okay?

You know this guy?

Yeah, I got this. Go ahead inside. Wilson’s crying.

I have to build a fence around this place?

Would you look at that. FBI agent at your house.

What’s that about?

Family friend.

Case closed. Get the fuck off my property.

Yeah. All right. Well, listen.

I had this really interesting conversation with the new sheriff this afternoon.

It seems that the security footage at Helen Pierce’s house somehow got wiped.

Maybe you messed it up when you broke in there illegally?

Yeah, okay. I hear that or, I don’t know, maybe you got rid of some evidence?

The sheriff also mentioned you were doing a good job in there cleaning up, too, like really scrubbing it down. So now I got thinking, “Why doesn’t this big shot CEO just hire a cleaning company?”

Good night, Mr. Sattem.

You know what happened to Helen Pierce, don’t you, Marty?

Yeah. Yeah, I can always tell.

It’s like, uh, I don’t know, a thing with me.

My ex-wife hated it, but… I think she also just kind of hated me.

Is it something to do with, uh, your wife’s brother?

Don’t trespass here again.

[Mel] Hey, thanks for the help. It’s been enlightening.

[Wilson fussing]

[Wilson crying]

[door opens]

[Wilson cooing]

[Marty] You guys okay?

He was just… hungry.

They sleep so well for the first two weeks and then you realize that they just hadn’t woken up yet.

I can’t wait for my mom to get here.

I didn’t plan for him to be early.

Yeah. It… It’s unusual for a first kid.

So what’s a PI doing sniffing around?

What did you do now?

Uh, he’s looking for Helen.

Her divorce went bad.

Is she dead, Marty?

I don’t… I don’t know.

I mean, she’s… She’s missing.

What else aren’t you telling me?

Something is going on.

Please, if there’s anything I should know…

Yeah, um…

Navarro’s, um… nephew… was here today.

That’s why I didn’t take your call.

What’s he doing here?

He’s just… He’s checking up on us.

He doesn’t know anything. You’re safe.

He’s… He’s just, you know… He’s just ambitious.

Thank you.

For being honest with me.

[whispering] Good night.

[phone ringing]



Thirty minutes.

[ominous music playing]


[Maya] Come in.

[door opening]

[Marty] We got the call.

I can’t do this, Marty. It’s too dangerous.

[Omar] You said she was ready, Marty.

[Marty] Uh, yeah, yeah, she is.

She’s just… She’s got a… She’s got a new baby, and it’s, uh, it’s not a… It’s not an easy time, uh, but, um… give me a few days and…

Well, or a few hours, really, and I’ll talk to her.

Ten minutes.

That’s what you got. Now get her in the car.

Uh, we… we’re going to work this out, but it’s probably gonna take a little bit longer…

[Omar] This happens today, Marty.

If she’s not here, you can forget about your pharmaceutical deal.

Nine minutes.

[suspenseful music building]

[phone line disconnects]

You are going to that meeting.

[Maya] No, I’m not.

You weren’t honest with me. How can I trust you?

You do not cancel on Omar Navarro.

[Maya] Not my problem.

I don’t work for him. You do.

Step aside, please.

If you do not go to this meeting, he will be very angry, and not just with us.

Do you understand, Maya?

If you won’t protect my family, I won’t protect yours.

[Wilson crying]

[door creaks open]

[Wilson wailing]

[Maya] My mom’s number’s in the bag.

Just her.

[Wilson continues crying]

[ominous music playing]

[car door alert beeping]

[slow tense music playing]


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