Obi-Wan Kenobi – S01E04 – Part IV [Transcript]

Obi-Wan Kenobi plots a daring mission into enemy territory.
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Original release date: June 8, 2022

Having escaped Vader, Kenobi and Tala infiltrate the Inquisitors’ stronghold on the ocean moon of Nur in the Mustafar system to rescue Leia, now being interrogated by Reva for details on the Path. During the infiltration, Kenobi discovers a trophy vault filled with the preserved corpses of Jedi who had been captured and killed, including a Youngling. While they are successful in freeing Leia, Tala’s cover is blown, and their presence is revealed. They eventually escape with the help of Path commander Roken and his guerilla troops. Vader is furious over the course of events and threatens to kill Reva, but spares her when she reveals that, in anticipation of a rescue, she had attached a tracker to Leia’s companion droid Lola.

* * *

OBI-WAN: This is where he told us to come to.

LEIA: Maybe they’re just late?

Maybe it was a lie. I knew it! I never should’ve trusted him.

LEIA: We don’t know if maybe…

No one is coming here, Leia.

Prove yourself, and the position of Grand Inquisitor is yours.

We should send out all remaining probes now.

A couple of strays I found. Thought you might wanna check ’em out.

STORMTROOPER: Raise your head.

STORMTROOPER 2: Get down! Get down on the ground!

Come on. I’ll take you the rest of the way.

TALA: We have safe houses like this throughout the galaxy.

Some call it the Path.

These days, the Empire hunts anyone who’s Force-sensitive.



OBI-WAN: What have you become?


DARTH VADER: I am what you made me.



Ready the transport. We have to get him to Jabiim.

Are you the one I’m supposed to meet?

I’ll take you from here.



TALA: Ben.

Ben, stay with me. You’re gonna be okay.

Hold on.


Get the bacta tank ready.

MAN: Bacta tank is right this way.



DARTH VADER: The years have made you weak.


You should’ve killed me when you had the chance.

TALA: Don’t. Don’t.


You’re still not healed!

Your burns, your body, they just need time.


We’re on Jabiim. You’re safe now.


Where’s Leia?

You can’t keep me here. My father is Bail Organa, he’s a senator.

I am a princess of Alderaan.

That’s cute.

You have no rights here, Princess.

The Empire doesn’t take kindly to Jedi sympathizers.

He will come for me.


Obi-Wan is dead.

(WHISPERS) Nobody’s coming for you.


He shouldn’t be here.

I know you’re upset, but…

I mean it.

Get him on the first transport outta here.

Too many people are looking for you.

You’ll put us all in danger.

I need your help.

So does every kid making a rock float from here to Coruscant.

Someone very important to me has been taken.

I need your help to get her back.

General, I’m sorry, but that’s not my problem.

Well, I wish that were true.

TALA: She knows everything.

Where we are, what we’re doing.

Roken, if she finds us, we need to prepare an evacuation.

I can’t shut it down. Everything runs outta here.

OBI-WAN: Then help us to get her back.

I can’t lose her.

You’ve no idea what the Empire is capable of.


I had a wife once.

I knew exactly what she was before we got married.

We tried to hide it.

And the Inquisitors found her anyway.

So I know exactly what the Empire can do.

Look, if you want my help, you got it.


Nur. It’s a water moon.

We got this off the grid while it was being built.

It’s all we have. It’s in the Must a far system.

That’s Vader’s system.

Is Vader there?

We don’t think so.

Our intel shows he’s still on his ship, but he’s close.

So that’s it? Fortress Inquisitorius.

It’s impenetrable, Wade.

How far down do you think it goes?

Have no idea.

It’s their base of operations,

so probably got a command center, a training facility.

Truth is, nobody knows what it looks like in there.

I don’t see any shields.

That’s because no one would be stupid enough to attack them.

We could take those speeders, go in at night.

You have some T-47s in the hangar.

It’s suicide.

We need to find a way inside.

Yeah, well, we’re not soldiers. Those speeders are for hauling sewage.

She’s ten years old.

I won’t leave her there. I’ll go on my own.

SULLY: You can barely stand. You’re not getting in there.

I’ll go with him.

Well, I have officer clearance.

I can get you inside, and I can get you access.

Is your cover still intact?

We’ll find out soon enough.

We’re wasting time. Get my ship fueled and ready.

I’ll be all right.

Your body is not the only thing that needs to heal, Ben.

The past is a hard thing to forget.

And you just need time, that’s all.

Some things can’t be forgotten.

You care about Leia?

Then you’re gonna have to try.

We’re almost there.

REVA: We intercepted a transmission on Balnab last year.

Bunch of talk of a secret network. A Path.

We thought it was a lie.

But a safehouse, like the one you were in,

has been found in two systems.


I need to find out where they are, Leia.

And I think you know.

How did he die?

He burned to death on Mapuzo.

The people I’m looking for

left him there to die.

If you tell me where the Path is, you can go home to your family.

This can all be over.

I don’t know anything about a Path.

Well, let’s think a little bit harder, shall we?


Prisoner transport 538.

GUARD: Identification.

No admittance without clearance.

I have officer class C.

Now, please.



Is there a problem?

This isn’t your sector. I can’t let you through.

And you are?

I am the lead security on this level.

Then I’m your commanding officer, and you will address me as “Sir.”

Yes, sir, of course. But…

Perhaps I should just inform the Grand Inquisitor of your insolence.

I’m here with classified intelligence.

Do you know what “classified” means?

Yes, sir.

Then why am I wasting my breath on you?

GUARD: Yes, sir. Of course.



All right, I’m inside the system. Here we go.

Ben, I’m overriding an entry port.

It should be right ahead of you.




I’m in.

Is this a staring contest?


You’re strong.

The braver you seem,

the more afraid you are.

I learned that at a very young age as well.


I had a droid when I was younger, too.

It was taken from me.

Like everything else.

God, look at this place.

What are they keeping down there?

Where is she?

TALA: Detention area’s in a secure sector.

Just keep heading north.

(WHISPERS) Seeker droid.

TALA: Yeah, I see it.

Looks like they’re everywhere.

You’ll need to…

This isn’t your station.

Let me see some identification.

Come with me.


Tala, can you hear me?





STORMTROOPER 1: This place gives me the creeps.

STORMTROOPER 2: Hopefully we won’t be stationed here for long.


Did you hear that?

Over there. Let’s go.

What happened?

I had some company.

But it’s been taken care of.

I know what it’s like being alone.

Kenobi is gone.

The people you’re trying to protect,

they are not coming for you.

The only person that can save you now, Leia,

is you.

Tell me where they are.

We’re all on the same side here.

These people, they’ll leave you too.

To die.


I’ll tell you where they are.

I just don’t want anyone to get hurt…

I give you my word.

I’ll have to tell my father first.

But that’s okay, right? You said we’re all on the same side.

Nice try, Princess.

I hope you like pain.

I’ll never tell you where they are!

Then it’s time to make those tears real.

Let go! Let go of me!


TALA: Ben, where are you?

OBI-WAN: I think I just found the secure sector.

Let go! Let go!

Help! Somebody help! Help me, please!

What are you doing to me?


Let go! Let me out!

Help! Somebody help, please!

TALA: Ben, what is it?

I think I’ve just found out what they’re hiding down here.

This place isn’t a fortress.

It’s a tomb.

You are gonna tell me what I wanna know!


What are you doing to me?

The same thing I do to anyone who doesn’t embrace the Empire.


This is your last chance, Leia.

Say something!

I’ll never tell you!

Then your choice is made.



LEIA: Help! Somebody help, please!

Tala, I need a distraction.

Why? What’s happened?

Just do it, now.


Help! Somebody help, please!

I’m sorry, Leia, I really am.

You did this to yourself!

LEIA: What are you doing to me?

Please! Help! Help! Somebody help!

I was told it cannot wait.



I’m sorry to intrude.

I… I understand that you’re leading the hunt

for the network they call the Path.

Just speak.

I was stationed on Mapuzo when the hunt began.

Ranking officer…

Qualifications for discharge.

They’re on Florrum.

The network runs out of the Sertar sector.

They use a salvage business to launder goods, render new identities,

and fly the Jedi out.

I found evidence before the escape.


We need to direct all resources there immediately,

and take the network out at its root.

Unless, of course,

you’re lying.


STORMTROOPER: There’s no way out.

Stand where you are.




You’re alive.

They told me you were dead.

I didn’t tell them anything.

I know.

Come with me. I’m gonna get you home.

It makes sense the Path would have people among us.


What does not make sense is how an old man and a little girl

escaped an Imperial checkpoint on your planet.

Unless they had help.

I will not have my integrity questioned.

Then admit you’re a spy!

Of course I am.

I spent two years undercover trying to find out where they were hidden.

When Kenobi came, they panicked, and I got inside.

You expect me to believe this?

Look, I couldn’t tell anybody.

If they found out, I would’ve been killed.

Look, I promise you,

he’s on Florrum.


I do like a good liar.

I don’t know if you’re lying to me or for me, but we’ll see.

Take her to interrogation.

If the debriefing confirms it, then…


It’s him.

Tala! Tala, we’re in the open!



(PANTING) Where are you?







Blast him. Keep blasting.







Ben, the window!



OBI-WAN: Tala!


Tala! Get her out of here. I’ll hold it.

Come on.







TALA: This won’t hold for long.

Put this on. This way.


I want the base shut down now!

Third Sister will suffer for this.

This is her doing.

Almost there.


REVA: A traitor!

A child and an old man. Was it worth it?

Betraying everything you are.

This was never who I was.

Then you die…

For nothing.




SULLY: Come on. Get in.

Get in. Get in.



WADE: I got you, Sully, just go!

SULLY: Wade, leave her, come on.

WADE: All right, I’m on my way.

FIFTH BROTHER: Destroy them!


All right, I’m right behind you.




You were warned what defeat would bring.


I will tolerate your weakness no longer.

(CHOKING) I let them go.


I put a tracker on their ship.

Soon, the location of the network and Kenobi will be ours.

It seems I have underestimated you.

But, my lord, the base was almost destroyed…

Kenobi is all that matters.

There can be no mistakes.

You’re certain the tracker is with him?

Yes, my lord.

Where he goes, it will follow.

Where’s Wade?

Guess you’re soldiers now after all.




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