Money Heist – S05E10 – A Family Tradition [Transcript]

With multiple lives on the line and Spain's economy at stake, the Professor and Tamayo engage in one final showdown.
Money Heist - Part 5

Original release date: December 3, 2021

In the flashback, Professor sees how his father was killed by bank guards, during a heist. At the bank, Tamayo asks Denver to take a deal and tell where the gold was to be transported. Denver refuses and he was handed over to police outside bank, in handcuffs. While videos of heist are released online, by Professor’s hackers in Pakistan, which police could not stop from becoming viral. The videos showing gold being flushed out of bank hit the stock market badly but Tamayo does not agree to strike a deal with Professor. Police keeps searching gold in wrong direction due to fake clues left by Marseille, as per Plan Tom Thumb. While Sierra tracks down Rafael and Tatania, who stole the gold bars, and gives them message of Professor. Professor assures Tamayo of getting back gold if he gives statement that matter has been peacefully sorted and gold will reach back bank, so Tamayo gave the statement but to his surprise, the news of trucks bringing gold helped stabilize the stock market but the gold bars in trucks were fake. Professor tells Tamayo that fake gold bars saved country’s economy so now he can either continue this lie and leave them or they both will lose a lot. After few gun shots, Tamayo goes out to press and says that during standoff Professor and his team died while Denver will stay in witness protection. Tamayo also announces that hostages and gold reserves are safe. Professor and his team get new identities as per deal with Tamayo while Professor left message for Rafael that he will also get his share from gold that Sierra hid in a house in Portugal. Professor and his team then fly off in an army helicopter to a new location, to start their new lives.

* * *

[crowd chanting] Professor! Professor! Professor!

Professor! Professor!


[demonstrators shouting]

[slow, tense music playing]

[music fades out]

Tell me where you put the gold.

I don’t know.


I knew you would say that.

[clicks fingers]

[handcuffs clicking]

[Tamayo] Take a look.

This is what you achieved.

Look the kid in the eye!

And tell him that, on top of his countless list of crimes,

now he’s added the death of five soldiers.

A life sentence. Tell him.

Kid, how old are you?


[Tamayo] Twenty-three years as a free man, but not a single day more. Get used to it.

All thanks to this guy.

Same for Stockholm, huh? Look at her.

Look at her, you piece of shit!

By the time she gets out, her son will be a 45-year-old man.

Do you enjoy causing all that suffering, you son of a bitch? You enjoy it?

And there’s Denver. What are you gonna say to him?

Tell him that he lost his son, just like he lost his father?

And both times the same person was responsible, you!

Did you actually love her?

Well, look at her.

Because I want you to remember that face every single day you’re in prison,

thinking that if you’d only just stayed away from her,

she would still have a life, a mother, a daughter.

But now she’s got nothing!

And I don’t give a shit what you’re planning to do with the fucking gold.

Because I won’t even try to find it.

One of them will tell me where it is.

Do you know why?

Because whoever tells me is gonna get a completely new life.

Prison for life

or life restored.

One of you is gonna make today the happiest day of your life.

And of my life!

[laughing manically]

I’m really glad you’re so happy right now, because the storm clouds are coming.

You don’t get it, Tamayo.

What you believe to be the end of the game…

is actually only just the beginning.

On your knees.

[Tokyo] The Professor was playing the biggest poker game in history.

And as crazy as it may seem, he wasn’t bluffing.

Even though he didn’t have any cards,

and Alicia, who was looking for them, didn’t know where to start.

[“My Life Is Going On” by Cecilia Krull playing]

♪ If I stay with you If I’m choosing wrong ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ If I’m losing now But I’m winning late ♪

♪ That’s all I want ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ I am lost ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ Lost my time My life is going on ♪



[insects buzzing]

[exotic birds chirping and whistling]

[Tokyo] After the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain,

the Professor spent his days haunted by the guilt of his brother’s death.

He felt like he’d pushed Berlin away from the Bank of Spain heist

so he could pull his own job.

And now he was dead.

So, after sleepless nights,

he found solace in an obsession,

figuring out the impossible heist at the Bank of Spain.

Maybe Berlin and Palermo knew how to get the gold out.

But the real impossible challenge

was something else.

[Professor] We know how to get the gold out.

But how do you get out

without handcuffs?

For a long period of time, I’ve studied this.

And the starting point is very simple. Step one…

we tell them the truth.

We’ll show them how we got the gold out, with videos.

And we’ll do it from Pakistan.

[demonstrators clamoring]


In eight minutes,

the show begins.

[interference buzzing]


To all of our passionate amigos and fellow lovers of the heist genre

as well as any curious onlookers, welcome.

We’re gonna explain to you

how to get the gold out of a state’s national reserve.

In this instance, Spain.

So we invite you to come with us as we dive into the fascinating journey

through the heart of the biggest heist of all time.

Hundreds of servers are transmitting that signal simultaneously.

It’s gone viral. TV stations are already streaming it live.

[reporter] Breaking news.

The robbers say they emptied the gold vault of the Bank of Spain,

and they’re about to show us live exactly how they did it.

Spain may have lost its national reserve,

which could lead to unimaginable repercussions…

…is that the vault would be flooded with water. What’s the solution?

We weld this steel pipe to the vault so that a diver can get in.

They made it easy… so everyone in Spain gets it.

[Palermo] …one of the greatest heroes of this heist. Bogotá, how are you?

Do you have any idea how many ingots you got out?

Yes, I do… 7,258.

Twelve kilos and a half. 600,000 euros each.

That’s about 4 billion, 355 million euros.

[Bogotá] Lots of dough.

[Palermo] Anything else you wanna say?

I’d like to say “hi” to my kids.

Take it away, big guy.

My incredible kids, Emilio in Venezuela, Julián in Mexico City,

Erik in Iceland. Hanna in Finland…

[reporters speaking various languages]

Now it’s airing on CNN.

…Ivanna in Odessa. A kiss to all of you from your papa. [kisses]

[Palermo] That was very moving.

Now, ladies and gentlemen,

if you wanna know how we managed to get 90 tons of gold out of the Bank of Spain,

don’t touch that dial. New video coming up soon.


This could be very bad for us.

[reporter] They managed to bypass every security measure in place.

Why are they telling us how they did it?

Why now? To pressure the Spanish government?

You think I don’t know what you’re doing?

You’re trying to provoke a financial crisis,

get the country against the ropes, and then blackmail me with all of that.

Well, bad news for you, because I’m backed

by the Bank of Central Europe. They’ll inject cash or buy debt if needed.

And I can also completely halt stock exchange trading.

What do you think of that?

You can take your little financial storm and shove it up your ass.

And step two?


See, financial markets are pretty much like a gigantic gambling house.

You can bet on anything.

On the New York Stock Exchange rising, on wheat dropping,

or on a country collapsing.

You can place your bet and win so much money, and it’s perfectly legal.

And what are we going to give to all those funds

and all those corporations desperately in search of a victim to profit from?


When we tell them the gold is outside of the bank,

betting against Spain will become the market’s winning horse.

And at the same time, all that panic will drive the investors

to massively sell out Spanish debt and shares,

which will then cause…

the stock market to plummet, and even more significantly,

the risk premium will skyrocket over 800 points.

And what does that mean?

That in a matter of hours, Spain won’t be able to get funds from the markets.

It’ll become insolvent and therefore bankrupt.

[Professor] Exactly.

It’ll be like a domino effect,

which will generate colossal pressure on the government.

And then we will be the only ones

able to stop all of that with a single gesture…

giving back the gold.

Uh, what?

Uh, just making sure I got this all right.

Are you telling me that my life depends on placing a fucking bet, Professor?

On the market tumbling or not tumbling? What if it doesn’t?

It always happens this way, Denver. Like it did in Greece.

It’s the very nature of the system. It’s designed to do that automatically.

And it’s predictable.

You know what’s predictable? Going through a tunnel.

Because you get in one side and you get out the other.

That’s predictable. But this is beyond our control.

Denver, stop…

No, don’t “Denver, stop” me.

He can’t play with our lives like that. Let me tell you something.

It’s not gonna work, okay?

[Tamayo] You came in here to make sure no one would talk

so that you could keep blackmailing me.

Great, now that we all know

that this economic scheme is nothing but a fucking hoax,

do you know what I’m gonna do?

I’m going to question all of you one by one.

And whoever doesn’t tell me anything,

they’re gonna go out through that fucking door,

directly to a new life in a prison cell.


with all those TV cameras on you, so that there’s no going back.

Each one you take out,

each person, I swear to you,

equals ten tons of gold you’ll never recover.

[whispering] Son of a bitch.

I told you that was a game you couldn’t play.

Denver, shut up. The game is on.

[Denver] “Shut up”?



Shut up.

Shut up? Shut up?

We’re all here right now, all on our knees,

with a fucking rifle against our necks!

Because we listened to this psycho!

Shut up!

I won’t shut up!

Denver, shut the fuck up!

[gun blasting]

[glass shatters]

[empty shell plinks]

Take those two and separate them from the rest of the gang.

Denver, you’re going to be the first one.

Denver. Remember what I said!

Someone stole the gold. If anyone finds out, it’s over.

I swear on our son that I’ll get you out of here.

Denver, don’t do anything.

Denver, listen to me.

Denver, remember what I told you!

[Tokyo] And while the gang was up against the ropes…

This pump is used to suck aggregate from the sea bottom.

With this much driving force, they could send all the gold upstream.

[Tokyo] …Ángel thought he’d finally found the right thread to pull.

We’ve been looking in the wrong direction the entire time.

[Tokyo] But that was just part of Plan Tom Thumb.

I need eight men at the door, immediately, now. We’re leaving.

[Alicia] Where the fuck do you hide 90 tons of gold, Benjamín?

In a… In a forest.

Or in the desert. Or an abandoned place no one knows about.

We need to think like them, like an engineer, a graduate of MIT.

Minimize the risks.

And to minimize the risks, you have to make sure that no moron

will come around looking for coins with a metal detector someday.

And there’s only one way to do that,

limiting the access…

A private property.


A private property, which by the way needs to be close enough to the stormwater tank.

These people knew the plan perfectly,

but with Berlin dead,

they didn’t even imagine the heist would ever take place, though.

Holy shit!

They started to act the moment the heist began.

We have to look for any land that was bought in the last five days.

All roads will lead to the same place.

The land property records.

Then we need to go in fully armed.

[sirens wailing]

[helicopter whirring]

[indistinct chatter]

This could be your new identity, Denver.

And there’s more.

Three million euros for a new start, financial freedom.

You could buy a house with a jacuzzi, throw some nice little parties…

In the country of your choosing.

And also a lifetime allowance of 25,000 euros a month

at the expense of the Government of Spain.

A premium pension. [snickering]

What do you think?

And, uh, what happens to my family?

[sighs] We can make an exception. Two for one.

If you tell me where the gold is,

Stockholm, you, and your kid, who’s hiding out there somewhere,

will be able to start from zero.

Okay, but I don’t know where to find the gold.

It’s the truth. I don’t know.

Look, Denver, you know something, and I need an informer

who can give me all the details of the plan.

I’ll find the gold later, but you’ll get your freedom anyway.

I know it’s fucking tough,

but you don’t even have to say it out loud if you don’t want to.

All you have to do

is write down what it is

that Raquel Murillo doesn’t want you to say.

Just a simple answer

for a life of freedom.

Hm. A fucking life of freedom.

“Add the fingers on your hand to the toes on your feet…”

“Plus your cock and your balls, it adds up to 23.”

[laughing] You can just stick that in your GPS

and it’ll take you directly to the gold.

Get out of here.

Fine by me.

That was three million. Make sure it’s cash. I don’t like going to the ATM.

[Tamayo] Get him out!

I want a house in the Dominican Republic! Got it?!

[“No Time” by Pol 3.14 playing]

[officers shouting indistinctly]

[whispering] I love you.

[camera lenses snapping]


Come on.

This will be your fate.

I’ll give you a moment to picture it and I’ll come back for the next person.


Sergio, I don’t understand. Why are you planning a heist?

My dad I can understand, you know? [chuckles]

But you, with all that knowledge you have…

[Berlin clears throat]

Thank you.

Thanks so much.

Why does it suit me?

You’re a textbook hedonist. [laughs]

You need your time to, uh, to enjoy art, uh, love,

traveling… with all that, you wouldn’t have time to work.

Enjoying life doesn’t suit me. I get it.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What we do is far more than just work.

It’s a tradition in our family. It’s our heritage.

It’s, uh, really important that you never forget that.

There are families of doctors, right? Families of lawyers.

Families who honor a profession.

Your grandfather inaugurated our family line.

How did it go in Denmark?

[chuckling] The exchange was exquisite.

Where were you when Grandpa was killed?

In the kitchen.

They said on the radio that a robber, uh, had been shot down.

Your grandma froze.

She left the fridge door completely open.


she came and hugged me.

That’s when I knew my papa was that robber.

Then, the fridge started to beep.

Did you find out like that as well?


[Berlin] Well, sure you did, Sergio. You were there.

You’d just been discharged.

In fact, it was one of the few times you weren’t in the hospital.

I was there, but I already knew.


A noise woke me up that morning.


[Professor] I jumped out of bed, in my pajamas.

I went to the window, the one that was facing the courtyard, and I saw Papa.

He was loading the trunk. I thought, “It’s the fishing gear.”

Remember he promised, when I got out of the hospital,

that we’d go fishing?

So I got dressed and chased after him.

I ran down the stairs.

[engine turns over]

[young Professor] Papa!

[Professor] I missed him by three seconds.

By three seconds!

So then I grabbed your bicycle.

And I began pedaling as fast as I could.


[Professor] I saw the car in the distance. I was getting closer.

He stopped at a traffic light, but as I was about to reach him,

the light turned green.


He kept escaping me.

And I saw him in the distance.

He was changing cars.

And after five, six minutes…

I saw the car parked without him in it.

And then…


…I heard two gunshots.

I was scared to death.

And then I saw Papa coming out of the bank.

Don’t move!


On the ground, now!

[Professor] And he saw me.

Then they started yelling at him, “On your knees!”

On your knees!

[Professor] “On your knees.”

[officer] On your knees! Get on the ground right now!

Right now! On the ground!

He didn’t do it, Andrés.

Because he was looking at me.




That’s how I found out.

[Rafael] And what did you do?

Nothing. I just… went home.

Sergio, I… I was there when you got home.


Why didn’t you say anything?

Well, because for me, it was like a movie.

Papa would always tell stories about…

about heists and all that as if they were a movie.

[both chuckle]

[Professor] And, uh,

while I was pedaling on the way home, I thought…

“This is just a movie.”

“And if I don’t say anything,

it’ll always be.”

And it worked. It worked,

until I heard the radio.

So when you ask me why I choose to plan the heists,

the answer is simple.

To talk to him.

The night before, he told me about his dream to rob the Royal Mint.

And we both laughed our asses off. [laughing]

“Can you imagine a machine that can make money?”

[all laughing]

Now I’m the one who’s narrating movies.

I ask him, “Papa, what do you think? How’s this or that part of the plan?”

Um… “Do you see any weak points?”

We talk a lot.

More often than I talk to any other living person.

[police radio chatter and chirping]

[K-9 barking]

[phone buzzing]

Tell me.

[Ángel] We found the Professor’s base.

No sign of the gold. They burned everything before escaping.

Fuck, Ángel. Can you give me some good news?

Looks like they melted the gold back into ingots

maybe so it’s easier to carry.

And Colonel, we can probably trace those trucks.

Go talk to Interpol.

We need to issue an international warrant

and get all those European satellites looking.

We’re going to find them, Ángel.



[Tokyo] Those trucks were the breadcrumbs Marseille was leaving on his path.

Traces on a road that wasn’t taken. Of a loot that wasn’t there

whose only purpose was to drive the police crazy.

And so?

We don’t have the backing of the Bank of Central Europe.

They’re very skeptical…

about how to manage the crisis.

And what does… does that mean?

[governor] Minister?

They’ll let us fall apart.

[governor] The stock market plummeting 14% today in three hours

will be a joke

compared to what will happen at nine in the morning

when the markets open.

[loud bang]

You’ve got the mastermind of the operation in there,

on his knees, beaten, and handcuffed.

Tell me what the fuck you’re doing in here!

[Tamayo] You, get out of here.


You son of a bitch!


[Lisbon] No!

You know, you’re wrong about me.

Tamayo, if you cross that red line, there’s no turning back.


You’re saying that to me?

Watch this.

[Professor grunts]

I need you to understand one thing, or I’ll smash that little head of yours.

You won’t have an autopsy.

I’ll tear you apart, punch after punch in front of your girlfriend.

And I won’t stop until you tell me where the gold is or until you die

because either I win or no one does.

[Professor grunts]


[Tamayo panting]

And what if you’re wrong about what it means to “win”?

Picture yourself a few months from now, at home,

listening to the unemployment figures, the debt maturities.

The whole country

plunging into bankruptcy, into an unprecedented crisis,

into absolute chaos.

Which Tamayo would have won more?

The one who arrested us? The one who killed us and lost the gold?

Or the one who got it back and stopped the biggest financial collapse in history?

Listen to me.


I know you’ll struggle to grasp this. I really do.

But in this moment, we both only have one option.

Just one.

Either we both win…

or we both lose.

[tense music playing]

[music ends suddenly]

I don’t know where the gold is. I don’t know.

I don’t. Lisbon doesn’t. No one in the gang does.

What did you expect?

You think I’d be here with that information?

I’d never do that.

Tamayo, you bury people in the desert.

Sooner or later, you would’ve squeezed it out of one of us.

I couldn’t let anyone into the bank with that information, not even myself.

That’s our firewall.

The gold is already out.

It’s on the move.


So this is the grand finale, the last abracadabra, huh?

Ninety tons of gold somewhere out there…

dancing gracefully.

[smacks tongue]

But you are still right about one thing.

I don’t really know how I can win.

So maybe both of us have to lose.

Tamayo, you and I are insignificant

compared to the impending economic tsunami.

Absolutely insignificant.

Tamayo, you know there’s only one way out.

I know you do.


[suspenseful music playing]

[guns cocking]

Buenos días.

[Alicia] The auction has begun.


[Alicia] Who’s been working here for longer than 15 years?

Longer than 20?


[shuddered breathing]

And sold.

Would you come with me?

Today you’ll be able to enjoy

the kind of thing you’ve been hearing all over the news,

cooperation with an armed group.

You won’t be charged though because we’re forcing you.

Thrilling, huh?

Oh. Yeah.

[Tokyo] Everyone was after the gold, like a scavenger hunt.

Sierra knew that the gold was the only way she could avoid jail.

It’s here.

[Tokyo] And Ángel was scrambling.

He took the bait so hard the fishhook was almost in his stomach.


[Tamayo] Tell me!

Colonel, we’ve tracked down the trucks. They’re heading north, on Route 1.

They’re at the Pasaia port.

The fucking Professor won’t say a word, Ángel.

Get your ass there right now.

[Ángel] I’m getting on a helicopter. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

[Lisbon] Sergio.


Does it hurt?


Does it hurt? You’re bleeding.

Oh, no, no, no. I’m fine. I’m fine.

I’m… I’m really good. Really good.

I took a couple of punches, but…

you should see the other guy.

[Lisbon chuckles]

If he stayed here for two more minutes, I mean…

You’d kick his ass.

I’d kick his ass.

[both laughing]

[laughter bleeding out of headphones]

I have no doubt.

I’m glad to hear that.

If I’m not wrong, the last time we talked, you called me a coward or something.

You yelled at me to shut up.

Yeah, I did.

We argue a lot during heists.

Mm. Mm-hmm.

Maybe we should give it up.

Mm-mm. It’s not like canceling your library membership. No, no, no.

You need money.

Not to be on the most wanted list in 130 countries…

Oh, and a new identity.

And right now, my face

is in no condition for a passport picture.

More importantly, you don’t want to stop.

Let me ask you…

After the Royal Mint of Spain heist,

how long did it take you to start thinking of this one?

[Professor sighs]


Forty-eight hours.

Maybe 24.

I owed it to my brother.

Sure, sure, of course, yeah.

Your tribute to dead relatives.

Some people throw ashes into the sea,

others bring flowers to the cemetery…

You rob the national reserve.

But you know what?

You don’t do it for your father

or for your brother.

You do it for you.

Um, no, it’s my way of communicating with them.

I mean, how? A Ouija board?

[Lisbon scoffs] No.

That’s just what you tell yourself.

It’s easier to say than to take off your mask.

Because I know you love masks.

You’re always…

playing the role of the nerd,

with your glasses, origami…

And in reality…

In reality, you…

walked into the bank with the confidence

of someone that’s about to arm-wrestle the government.

You are the magic trick, Sergio.

Dressed like Clark Kent.

But it’s about time you take it off

and accept who you really are.

Will you marry me?


Was it a better proposal this time?

Fuck. I did it again, I…


I suddenly spit it out like at the motor home.

I just… I can’t believe it…

[chuckling] No. No.

It was good. Yeah.


I will.

I’ll do it.

Let’s win this.

No matter how tough things get, they still love each other.

A total of 612 purchases have gone through in the last five days.

Mr. Anselmo Bueno Gutiérrez… He sold an urban plot…

Wait, hold on a sec. Let’s keep it short.

Give me just the ones bought in cash, no mortgage.

That does narrow down my search.

But would you please…

would you please stop pointing a gun at me?


Oops, sorry.

Here, Doña María Flores González purchased a lot in Robledo de Chavela.

The seller is Rosario Pineda Hernández, the lot comprising an area of 3,189…

[Tokyo] While Alicia Sierra realized she was running out of time to find the gold,

the police were about to have an epiphany.


Our man in the shadows will scatter breadcrumbs along his path.

Marseille, go to the stormwater tank. When you get there, launch Plan Tom Thumb.

[Tokyo] At 23:07 on the previous night,

they prepared a crime scene worthy of an Oscar.

The red trucks then transported their fake loot.

And at 8:10 in the morning,

Ángel thought he found something extraordinary.

Colonel, I’ve got some footage of a group of guys

loading pallets from trucks onto a fishing boat.

What? A fishing boat?

[Professor] Breadcrumbs in the sea.

In order to follow them, they’ll need satellites,

so they’ll reach out to NATO for help, to Interpol.

They’ll scan all the traffic cameras in Spain. And all that…

will make them confident.

Could you zoom in?

Zoom in here, on the main screen.


They’re loading the gold onto a boat.

[printer whirring]

Because the harder it is to follow something

and the more it takes to reach it,

the more you believe that what you’re going after is real.

[tense music playing]

[Tokyo] That’s why Tamayo didn’t hesitate.

The cornerstone of the investigation was the Virgen del Carmen IV,

a vessel used for anchovy fishing in the Cantabrian Sea.

Ángel, where the fuck did that boat go?

I don’t know, Colonel. We lost their GPS signal.

[Professor] Once they have absolutely no idea where we’re going,

they’ll discover another turn of events.

A random kidnapping at sea.

Colonel, the boat showed up in Cantabria, 100 miles away.

The captain and the crew were tied up in the cabins.

I’m on my way there on the helicopter.

What? What do you mean, “tied up”?

Because we have to make sure lots of things are happening

so that they won’t have any time to think.

Okay, then, tell me what happened.

Well, uh, we were out there sailing for about three or four hours.

After that, we heard some noises on the, uh, on the deck.

As if someone was working.

What kind of noises?

The fishing crane.

Like maybe the cargo was being emptied.

Where did they empty it?

The ocean. They were throwing something into the ocean.

Oh, fuck off, Ángel. It makes no sense.

Why wouldn’t they just transfer the cargo to another boat?

Why would they throw it into the sea?

I don’t know. They had some reason.

And that question…

the most important one…

will be answered by forensics.

They burned everything.

The few things we were able to restore are pieces of nautical cartography.

They show the Bay of Biscay, and it’s a very wide radius.

How wide?

Thirty, forty miles.

But there’s something else too.

What’s that?

It’s a diagram for a depth buoy.

It shows a marking at 70 meters below the water’s surface.

It could be a beacon for something anchored to the sea bottom.

[Professor] And then,

once all that information is spread out on the table,

what had seemed crazy will suddenly make sense.

Because where is the only place

you’re able to leave tons of gold for centuries

without anyone finding it?

Where can you find all the lost treasure of Spanish galleons?

The bottom of the ocean.

The bottom of the ocean.

There’s that fucking buoy.

We need to mobilize the Navy.

I want frigates, battleships, aircraft carriers,

every goddamn fucking thing!

We’re going to comb the Cantabrian Sea.


[man] We’re changing directions.

New course, the Bay of Biscay. Tracking service.

[Tokyo] Tamayo was desperately trying to hide that the gold had left the bank.

He thought the best way to do this was to pretend the war wasn’t over.

Fire at will!

We can hear several gunshots coming from inside the Bank of Spain.

Apparently hostilities are continuing,

although we still don’t have any more information.


Yes, God damn it. Yes!

Hey, can you hear that?

[officer] Shut up!

[Palermo] Know what that means?

[officer] Get down!

[gun cocks]

It’s just a fucking smoke screen.

A smoke screen or they just executed the Professor.

We gotta be hopeful.

If the Professor’s here, then we’ll be able to leave.

Maybe you think too high of the Professor.

We have to think positive.

Here we go, the classic positivity of idiots.

Take a look around you, Rio.

How many clips do you guys have?

I mean, if you wanna think positive,

I guess we can try to take them down with some good old kung fu,

then we escape and catch a train home.

Positive thinking is the downfall of civilization.

I could even kick your ass right now. I’m that optimistic.

And do you know why?

Because I was inside a fucking tomb in Algeria.

And all I could think about was getting out of there, and here I am.

You are here because I got involved in all this.

And this guy here.

And that guy there.


[Helsinki] Well, I’m with Rio.

My whole life I’ve been in fucking wars.

Now I want peace.

So I think about the future,

a positive one.

I, uh…

No one has ever loved me.

I’ve never had a serious relationship.

[sighs] I think it’s finally my moment.

[Palermo] Are we in jail by any chance, formally arrested,

waiting to be judged?

Or are we dead inside a plastic bag? No, right?

And why is that?

What do you know that I don’t?

I’m just paying attention to the signs, my friends.

We’ve been detained for 24 hours and we’re still alive.

Denver is out there.

He’s arrested.

That’s the sign that I see.

And it’s irreversible.

This guy knows something.

You should try a little positive thinking, my friends.

[interference buzzing]

[Tokyo] The last thing Tamayo needed

was a video that showed the world everything he was trying to hide.

[Palermo] Ladies and gentlemen, as promised,

the answer to the question “How did we get the gold out of here?”

It was thanks to this baby.

This extraction pump propelled the gold over a distance of 18 kilometers,

to a location where our team outside collected the nuggets,

melted it down again,

and turned it into gold ingots.

That’s the blatant proof now

that we don’t have the gold.

…the gold has already left the Bank of Spain.

In today’s treasury auction,

we’re going to lose billions and billions of euros,

week after week,

until we’re unable to get any financing.

And after that, the country will go bankrupt.

[minister] I said to stop the exchange.

I don’t care if it’s been open for three minutes. Cut off the trading!

The Professor was right.

This is a total shitstorm.

[Tokyo] And just when everyone thought the Spanish economy

couldn’t be more discredited…

Look at this!

…came the cherry on top.

You could argue that we were lying.

But seeing the Navy combing the sea in search of the gold

was inarguable proof of the success of our heist.

Come on, who the fuck tipped off the press?

Everything I just told you, multiply it by ten.

That is how we close Plan Tom Thumb.

And then finally…

finally we’ll be in a position to negotiate.

Nothing’s been moved around for a while. The garden is well kept.

How many left?

One. It’s seven kilometers away.

Let’s go.

It’s a stone house built in 1926. It’s rustic.

This one’s prefabricated, right?

[whispering] Check the lawn.

[engine revving]

[foreboding music playing]

[tires screeching]

[guns cocking]

[guns cocking]

[shuddered breathing]

Now what do we do?

Should we go, “One, two, three,” then we all kill each other?

Very well.

No one can hear us.

I imagine you’ve got a plan.

You’re going to give a press conference.

You’ll say that after investigation, the police…

have found the gold.

If I do that, then you’d have me with my pants down.

If I betray you on this, you’ll stop trusting me.

That’s not good.

It shouldn’t be a matter of trust.

It should be a matter of life and death.

Suárez, Cañizo, proceed.

On your feet!

[gang grunting]

[Manila] What the fuck is happening?

No fucking clue, Manila.

Trick me, Professor,

and you’ll watch your friends be executed.

Suárez, you hear me?

Copy, Colonel.

[Tamayo] Now that you know the game we’re playing,

do you really want me to go out there and have a word with the press? Hm?

I told you, “Either we both win…

or we both lose.”

I know the plan of how to steal the gold from the Bank of Spain.

The little I don’t know, I assume.

You wanna give them back the gold as a bargaining chip, isn’t that right?

But I won’t let that happen.

Because the true miracle was to get it out.

And that part is done.

You must be the nephew, right?


Your uncle wrote this for you.

[camera shutters snapping]

Good morning.

I regret to call you here on such short notice,

but I have an important announcement.

The investigation by the police has moved forward.

We’ve intercepted two trucks carrying the gold reserve of the Bank of Spain.



And you’ll tell them something else.

That I came into the bank

so I could negotiate the gang’s surrender to prevent any greater harm.

On that matter, he went down to the bank’s basement,

48 meters deep,

where the other robbers are still entrenched,

fending off the attacks of the State Security Forces.

And you’ll conclude with a message of trust and transparency.

As soon as you show up on TV, those trucks will make their way to the bank.

You can escort them along the AP1 North.

And how exactly will you give that order arrested and handcuffed?

It won’t be me.

The order is you.

Your announcement on TV is the signal.

[sirens wailing]

[Professor] It’s all part of the plan.

You’ll have won, and the whole world will see it.

[dramatic music playing]

[reporter] A dramatic turn of events.

The gold returns to the Bank of Spain,

in turn de-escalating the stock market turmoil.

The government and the economists agree the debt crisis is now under control

and it can be recovered as fast as its downfall.

Right this moment, civil servants from the Bank of Spain

and the State Security Forces are unloading the gold

from the trucks to get them all back into the bank’s vault.

What trucks are those?


It’s part of the plan.

A part of the plan I don’t know?

Not every secret should be told in bed.

What the fuck are you saying?


I can’t relax, because I don’t know what’s happening right now.

It was necessary.

Maybe you can fool everyone else, but not me, Sergio.

I don’t understand.

You would never go into the Bank of Spain to later return the gold. Never.

Of course not. I’m doing it to save Rio.

Yeah, yeah, sure. He’s a real fantastic kid.

Why don’t you tell me the last part of the plan?

No one who’s going into the bank can know the last part of the plan.

Well, I can understand that.

However, in that case, I’m out.

[Professor] Martín.

What is a country’s gold?

Its wealth?


It’s… an illusion.

It’s an illusion.

It’s useless.

Spain doesn’t pay for anything with that gold.

Not one transaction. Nothing.


[Palermo grunts]

It’s merely psychological.

[Palermo] Gold for brass.

So you’ll do to the Bank of Spain what Berlin did with the Viking treasure?

The exchange was exquisite.

[Palermo cackling]

[chuckles softly]

[crickets singing]

Get out!

The ingots that came in those trucks are gold-coated brass.

Just gold-coated brass.

I warned you.

Suárez, Cañizo, weapons ready!

Raise weapons!

Tamayo, wait a minute.

Those bars have stopped the debt crisis.

Didn’t you portray yourself as a Robin Hood?

Now you want to steal the gold of an entire country?

[reflective music playing]

I’m a thief.

Son of a thief.

Brother of a thief.

I hope someday to be the father of a thief.

[chuckles softly]

No one can reject their nature, Tamayo.

I’m leaving you an honorable way out.

Think about it, Colonel.

It’s almost funny.

You know perfectly well it fits with the Spanish tradition.

Which other country could have a national reserve of fake gold

and still be one of the most important economies in the world?

It’s the Spanish picaresque.

The Lazarillo de Tormes, it wasn’t written in English.

Isn’t that right?


you will be a hero.

A hero.

And this small difference of metals

will be just another state secret.

It’ll pass down from president to president for the next 50,

60, 70 years, but at the core…

nothing is going to change.

Load them.


No, Tamayo. No!

Did you really think you’d get out of here that easily,

leaving me a national reserve made of brass?

Tell me where to find the gold.



The brass reserve is the best of your options right now, Tamayo.


You can’t do this, Colonel.

You can’t do this.



If they shoot, I’ll prove that all you have out there is nothing more than junk!


I’ve got videos, I’ve got documents.

Everything will go public at once.


Do you know what that means? The debt will skyrocket.

The stock market will plummet.

The country will be broke.


It’ll be total bankruptcy. You won’t have a plan B!



That brass will be the best of both worlds! Tamayo!




Accept it. All the markets accepted it.

The rest of the world accepted it. Only you have to accept it.

It’s your only option.


[Suárez] Two!


You’ll never get the gold, you hear me?

It’s not even up to me. The plan carries on.

The gold is our protection, the ones inside and the ones outside.

It’ll never be returned.



If you shoot, you’ll only have the dead bodies and bankruptcy.

I told you and I’ll say it again,

either we both win or we both lose!


it’s time for you to face it.

This is checkmate.

[rapid machine gunfire]

[crowd screaming]

[Tamayo] Good morning.

The heist is officially over.

The Army’s Special Forces have managed to gain access

to the bank’s basement with the use of explosives,

releasing the final hostages.

[“Fix You” by Coldplay playing]

♪ When you try your best But you don’t succeed ♪


♪ When you get what you want But not what you need ♪

♪ When you feel so tired But you can’t sleep… ♪

During the operation, due to strong resistance,

the following gang members have been taken down.

Aníbal Cortés, alias Rio.

Santiago López, alias Bogotá.

Julia Martínez, alias Manila.


Matías Caño, alias Pamplona.

Mirko Dragic, alias Helsinki.

Mónica Gaztambide, alias Stockholm.


[Tamayo] Martín Berrotti, alias Palermo.

Raquel Murillo, alias Lisbon.

And Sergio Marquina, alias the Professor.


♪ And high up above, or down below ♪

♪ When you’re too in love to let it go… ♪

The police investigation that led to the recovery of the national reserve

was decisively aided by the cooperation of Daniel Ramos, alias Denver,

who will now be part of our witness protection program

until all legal actions are concluded.

♪ Lights will guide you home ♪

♪ And ignite your bones ♪

♪ And I will try to fix you ♪


[Professor] No one chases a dead man, Colonel.

The real gold is our hostage.

If you don’t want the biggest state secret to be revealed,

this chase ends here and now.


♪ Tears stream ♪

♪ Down your face ♪

♪ When you lose something ♪

♪ You cannot replace ♪

♪ Tears stream ♪

♪ Down your face ♪

♪ And I ♪


♪ Tears stream down your face ♪

♪ I promise you I will learn from my mistakes ♪

♪ Tears stream down your face ♪

♪ And I… ♪

[Tokyo] Now, what you’re really wondering is,

“What happened to the real gold?”

[Rafael] He’d have wanted this.

[Tatiana] Are you sure he’ll give you your share?

[Rafael] Yeah.

It’s a matter of family.


[triumphant music playing]

We actually made it.

You gotta believe, brother.


Thank you.

I almost blew it, huh?

This man always has a double twist, right?

[all laughing]

You fuckers.

I didn’t say a word, by the way. [laughing]

[sad music playing]

It didn’t all work out the way we wanted.

We’re not all here.


Well, we did achieve something.

[Marseille] Come on.

[Bogotá] Okay, okay.

[optimistic music playing]

Professor, you have something for me.



And Victoria.

And the gold?

The gold’s already in Portugal.

It’s in a little house.

The little treasure house.

[engine turns over]


[rock version of “My Life Is Going On” playing]

[Tokyo] Nobody could’ve imagined when this story began

that we’d end up being escorted to safety by an elite military team.

And that we’d fly into our new life without anyone knowing the truth.

A new life, a free life,

filled with gold.

So that no one in the gang would ever have to rob a bank again.


[all cheering]

[theme music playing]

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ If I stay with you If I’m choosing wrong ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ If I’m losing now But I’m winning late ♪

♪ That’s all I want ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪



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