Monarch: Legacy of Monsters – S01E02 – Departure | Transcript

Monarch closes in on Cate, Kentaro, and May as they try to track down a key individual. Keiko, Lee, and Billy stumble on a major find.
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - S01E02 - Departure

Monarch closes in on Cate, Kentaro, and May as they try to track down a key individual. Keiko, Lee, and Billy stumble on a major find.

* * *


[colonel] Enter.

[door closes]

Lieutenant Shaw reporting as ordered, sir.

[colonel] At ease.


I believe that’s gonna stick around awhile.

You know, this island is lousy with sailors, Marines.

You couldn’t pick a fight with one of them instead of two of our own?

[both grunt]

Sometimes the fight picks you, sir.

[colonel] What was the fight even about?

I guess I just can’t abide bullies, sir.

[colonel] You know, your father threw a few punches in his day.

Some of them at me.


What do you think he’d make of you now?

[grunting, groaning]

[Lee] I don’t know, sir.

Maybe we could sober him up and ask him.

All right.

Well, some orders have come through.

Security escort for a Japanese scientist.

[stammers] Sorry, sir. A Japanese scientist?

[colonel] This isn’t a milk run, Lieutenant.

We already lost a man on one of these escort missions

a couple of months back.

You will protect, observe, and report when and if able. Understood?

Understood, sir.

Then that is all, Lieutenant.


Excuse me, sir, uh, you don’t happen to be Dr. Miura, would…

[speaks Japanese]


[speaks Japanese]

Oh, sorry.

I think you’re here for me.

[chuckles] Wish I could say I was, but I’m here on army business.

Maybe we can get a drink on my way out, huh?

[chuckles] Wait a minute.

They told me they were sending a military escort,

and you’re the only one here in uniform.


I’m… I’m supposed to meet a Dr. Miura.

I’m Keiko Miura.

You’re… Keiko, nice to meet you.

[chuckles] Nice to meet you.

You must be his daughter?


I’m sorry. I think there’s a little miscommunication happening here.

Um, let’s start over.

Yes, why don’t we?


You are…

I am Lieutenant Leland Lafayette Shaw III, but you can call me Lee.

I’m Keiko Miura, and you may call me Dr. Miura.

[Lee] You know, these things aren’t supposed to go that fast.

[engine revs]

Would you like me to drive?


Am I making you nervous?

Nope. But, uh,

I’ve been assigned to you as your military escort.

This is an army jeep and I’m, you know, the army.

I’ve been driving up and down these roads for weeks.

I know the way.

[engine revs]

[Lee] Okay then.

I’m starting to get the feeling you don’t really want me around here.

Aren’t you even curious why you’re here?

Very much so.

[sighs] A WB-29 on a routine weather mission

scooped up some airborne radioisotopes over the Philippine Sea.

That’s… That’s pretty far south for a Russian bomb test. They don’t…

That’s because it’s not the Russians.

Well, it’s not us. So, who is it?

Well, they were the wrong isotopes for bomb fallout.

And meteorological data shows they likely originated here.

The Philippines?

That’s gotta be a mistake.

That’s what I’m here to find out.


We should get to work. Hit the gas, Doc.

[alarm ringing]

[alarm stops]

[exhales sharply]







Every day the reading diminishes.

Soon it’ll be entirely gone, and the trail will be lost.

[Lee] Uh-huh. Got that. Double-time.


Your English is very good.

It came in handy when I did my postgraduate work at Berkeley.

It’s impressive.

But, uh, doesn’t that make you a little overqualified

for this snipe hunt?

[Keiko chuckles] This what?

Wild-goose chase.

Come on, Doc. Don’t you think if those readings were legit,

Washington would’ve sent half the eggheads at Los Alamos

to check it out?

Not a woman. Certainly not a Japanese woman.

Oh, you got that right. Yeah.

You want me to lie and pretend that’s not the way things are?


You’re telling me you didn’t take one look at me

and make a snap judgment about who I am the second we met? Huh?

It’s not the same, Leland Lafayette Shaw III.

[sighs] Suppose it’s not.



[branch snaps]


Do you hear that?

[branches snapping]


[branches snap]

[footsteps approaching]

Lieutenant? [sighs]

[person breathes heavily]




[Lee] Don’t move.


[Keiko] Lieutenant.

Who are you? Who are you?

Don’t shoot.

I’m American. Navy vet.

And what are you doing here, American Navy vet, huh? You filming us?

Why? You guys doing something film worthy?

I asked you a question.

I’m just asking a question back.

Well, I got the gun, swab,

so who are you and what are you doing here?


My name’s William Randa.

Okay, Lieutenant Shaw?


Look, I promise I won’t shoot you if you don’t shoot me.


All right.

All right?

Still haven’t answered my question. What are you doing here?


Well, you could say I’m on a hunting expedition.

I’m a cryptozoologist.

You’re a cryptozoo… Uh, what?

He studies animals that don’t exist.


Atmospheric sampler? Spectrometer?

Hey, is this a radiation monitor here?

Hey, hey, hey.

[Lee] Easy.

[Keiko] Don’t touch that.

Sorry. I just… I’ve never seen one before.

[chuckles] Just wanted to check it out.

‘Cause, uh, it seems like maybe we’re out here hunting for the same thing.

And wh-what’s that, Mr. Randa?

The truth.

[cell phone rings]

[Caroline, on phone] Catey, where have you been?

I’m sorry. I, uh…

[Caroline] I’ve been calling and calling you.

Mom, I’m fine. I’m coming home.

[Caroline] Already? What did you find out?

It doesn’t have anything to do with us.

[Caroline] What does that mean? What does it have to do…

What did it always have to do with, Mom? Him.

[Caroline] Catey.


We’ll talk when I get home, okay?

Don’t do this.

Love you. Bye.

Catey, do not…


Excuse me?

Sorry, I… I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I just…

I… I overheard your accent.

Sometimes this place can make you feel like you’re stranded on another planet.

Glad I could help.

Where are you heading?

Look, I don’t mean to be rude,

but I’ve made all the new friends I can handle for one day, thanks.

Yeah. Nah, nah. Hey, I totally get it.

This young woman abroad runs into a strange man

at the train station.

And next thing you know, you’re buried alive in a coffin somewhere.

I can’t imagine that that helped.

Hey. Wait, wait, wait. Look, look, look. Hey, I’m harmless.

My name’s Tim. [chuckles]

They don’t come much more harmless than the “Tim” variety.

Have a nice night, Tim.

I need to talk to you about the files.

I don’t…

What files?

I work for Monarch.

You’re not in trouble.

Not yet.

Those files belong to us,

and they are more important than you could possibly imagine.

I need to make a call.

Okay. Let’s make a call.

All right. All right.

Make your call.

Speaker, please.

Sure. [sighs]

[line rings]

[Caroline, on phone] Cate? Hello? Cate?




[grunting] No.

No. [grunting]

[breathes heavily] I said you weren’t in trouble.

“Yet”. You said “yet.”

[Tim pants]

Look, I swear we’re not gonna hurt you.

[Cate] No, you can’t do this.

I can’t let you see where we’re going.

[Cate] No! You don’t understand.

I can’t breathe. [panting] I can’t…

[hyperventilating] I can’t…

[Tim] Relax. You’re gonna be fine. Just breathe, okay?

[Cate] Let me out. Let me out!

Calm down. Relax.

[Cate] Let me out! Let me out!

[Tim] Relax. Calm down.

Hey! [grunts]

Get her under control, man.

Let me out!


[Cate yelping]

[Cate coughing, panting, groaning]

[Tim grunts]

[driver breathes heavily]

[breathing heavily]



[in Japanese] Why aren’t you answering my texts?

[in English] When’s the last time I answered one of your texts?

[in Japanese] I don’t know… I thought…

[in English] You thought?

You thought that because of your crazy family drama

that what happened between us is ancient history?

What do you want from me?

[in Japanese] I found this in my father’s office.

[in English] I do audio, not home movies.

I told you I was sorry.

Apology accepted.

I’m sorry too.

I… I grabbed onto you to keep my head above water,

and you didn’t wanna drown. I get it.

You should go home now.

[stammers] Wait, wait, wait.

[stutters] I want those old computer files we found.


[stammers] Because they’re mine. What difference does it make to you?

I’m busy.

Come back tomorrow.


[Cate, in Japanese] She sounded French.

[officer] You said they were American.

[Cate] The man was.

[officer] Tim?

Do you have some identification?

I lost my bag when I ran away.

My passport…

…my phone, all my money.

And you’re sure this wasn’t some kind of…



Tourists come here to enjoy what Tokyo has to offer.

The nightlife. Some karaoke.


…it’s easy to overindulge.

You think I’m drunk?

I was almost kidnapped!

If you feel you are in danger…

…I would recommend you contact the American Embassy.

Wait here.

I will get you the address.

[breathing heavily]

I’m home.

[parent] Welcome back.

Have you had dinner?

I’m not hungry.

[chuckles] You haven’t?

I was going to warm up the curry.

What’s this?

[parent] His life was not easy, you know.

He lost so much when he was young.

You’re defending him?

Aren’t you angry?

You’re angry, Kentaro.

Do you feel better?

What are you doing?

Now I’m angry too.

Join me, Kentaro.




Throw it! [breathes heavily]





[exclaims, chuckles]

[breathes heavily, exclaims]

[breathing heavily]

Now we both feel better, right?

[chuckles] A little.


I’ll warm up the curry.


[Billy, in English] So, you guys are following the radiation, aren’t you?

And how do you know about that?

Well, I know you’re not gonna find what’s out there

following a Geiger counter.

[Keiko] What should we be following, Mr. Randa?

Just Billy.

I think you should be following the stories. Folklore. Legends.

You know, the people of these mountains, they have an oral tradition

about a dragon that carves a path of fire across the sky.


Or maybe a path of ionizing radiation.

So, you’re hunting dragons.

[sighs] I told you, I’m looking for the truth.

That’s great. But we got work to do,

so it’s time for you to hit the trail, bud.

Wait a minute, Lieutenant.

I don’t think it’s such a bad idea for Mr. Randa to join us.

I think it’s a terrible idea.

[chuckles] You’re not here to think for me, Lieutenant.

[inhales deeply]

Look at him. Smell him.

He’s probably been lost out here for weeks.

Hey, hey. I know exactly where I am, pal.

Do you?


No. Look, I am here at the behest of the US Army, and my orders are…

Your orders are to provide me with whatever assistance I require.

M… My orders are to provide you with operational security,

and I cannot do that with our new friend, Billy the jungle hermit, hanging around.

[chuckles] Wow.


Fine. Just go then.

[scoffs] Don’t tempt me, Doc.

[scoffs] I didn’t ask for you.

I don’t need you and I don’t want you.

So, you are relieved of any responsibility for me.


I’ll send someone back with the jeep.

[engine starts]

Shall we go?

[Keiko] So, have you ever seen a dragon?

[Billy] Once.

[Keiko] Oh.

[Billy] Well, maybe. It’s kind of why I started doing this.

Trying to prove I’m not crazy.

You think I’m crazy?

I don’t even know you.

[sighs] That’s true.

Do you often follow strange men into the jungle?

Uh, this is my second time today.

[chuckles, sighs]


We call ’em MUTO’s.

For Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms.

I came up with that.


Terrestrial. So, you don’t think they’re space aliens?

You do think I’m crazy.

[sighs] I’m a scientist.

I believe what the evidence tells me to be true.

[breathes heavily]


Everyone around here tells some version of the same story.


Lights in the sky.

And whatever’s making them has been tracing the same path

over and over and over again, going back centuries.

Like comets.

No. More like migrating birds.

Hold on.

I have to show you something. [breathes heavily]

These… [inhales sharply] …are the tracks [exhales sharply]

of the radiation readings from our surveillance aircraft.

[Keiko breathes heavily]

See this?

[breathing heavily]

[Billy scoffs]

[Keiko] Incredible.

[exhales sharply]

This way. This way. Come on.


[Keiko] Where are we going?

[Billy] We’re following the map.

[breathing heavily]

We’re almost there.

[Keiko] Almost where?

[sighs] What is it?

What is that?

The Lawton.

[breathing shakily]

[breathing shakily]

[Tim] I don’t know.


You wanna take a look and see what’s on these.

I have no idea if they’re any good but…



[Duvall] You do it.

[speaks Japanese]

[in Japanese] Hiroshi was eighteen when his father died in Vietnam.

His Uncle Lee was the only family he had left.

If they were so close, why didn’t Dad ever mention him?


I think something happened between them.

He didn’t like to talk about

some parts of his life.

Is he still alive?


Oh, I don’t know.

This would have been a long time ago.

[phone chimes]




[doorbell rings]

I’ll get it.

Thank you.


Good Evening.

Do you speak English?

[in English, stammers] Yes.

Ah. That’s… That’s great, actually.

That makes this much easier… [inhales sharply] …for me anyway.

May we come in?

No. Who are you?

It’s official business.

[stammers] We’re with a special government task force.

Which government?

[inhales sharply] You know what?

We’ll be in and out before you even know it.

Wow. You have a lovely home. [speaks Japanese]

[in Japanese] Who are they?

[in English, stammers] What do you want?

I want Bill Randa’s files.

No, you need to leave.

No, you need to hand over those files.

Otherwise, you, your friends,

and your mother are gonna be in a lot of trouble.

[parent] Kentaro…?

[in Japanese] It’s okay.

There’s something that your son stole.

He’s going to have to come with us.


Is it true?

Did you take something of theirs?

They say I stole some files.


Let’s have it.

If he returns whatever he took, will you leave him alone?

Of course.

[exhales sharply]

[inhales sharply, speaks Japanese]

If you have what they are looking for…

…you should give it to them.

Are you sure?


It must be very important.

[in English] I’ll get it.

Amazing. [stammers] Thank you. [clears throat]

Tea? You like tea?


[Tim] Uh, no. We’re good. Thanks.

[in Japanese] I hope my son hasn’t caused any trouble for you.

He’s a good man now,

but when he was younger there were so many problems!

So much drinking!

[in English] Hurry up!

[in Japanese] I wanted him to find a nice girl.

Someone to settle him down.

You are very attractive.

Are you single?

[in English] Oh, shit.

[door slams]



[banging on door]

[Tim] Open up!

[in Japanese] Kentaro, run!

[phone chimes]

[Keiko] You know this ship?

[Billy] USS Lawton.

Went down 200 miles west of Pearl in 1943.

Pearl Harbor?

That’s 5,000 miles from here.


[Billy exhales deeply]

[ship creaks]

[Keiko] Is this safe?

Mr. Randa.

You said you study myths, stories.

I’m interested in why people tell the stories they tell.

[Billy] What inspired the storyteller.

[ship creaks, rumbles]

[gasps, breathing shakily]

What terrified ’em.

[breathing shakily]

[Keiko] What is it?

Mr. Randa. Maybe we should stick together…



[Keiko] Mr. Randa.



You were on this ship.


Is this what you were looking for?

Did you know it was here?

Did I know?

Let’s say hoped.

Not very scientific.

[sighs] I know we hit something in the water that night.

We figured it was a Japanese sub.

[sighs] The whole ship went down in less than three minutes.

Who else survived?

Only me.

[Geiger counter whirring]

[in Japanese] Going to the back.


[in English] Who are you? Jason Bourne?

You’re from San Francisco. You were there that day.

You don’t have a bag packed,

ready to head for higher ground when the tide starts rising?

Yeah. It’s full of bottled water and batteries, not extra passports.


Hey, are you okay?

What is she doing here?

Hey. Whoa. She’s in this too.

Somebody’s after those files.

Why don’t we just give ’em what they want?

[scoffs] Maybe then they’ll leave all of us alone.

Okay, yeah. Good luck with that.

What’s your plan? Just run?

Me? I have contacts. I can get us fake passports.

I don’t want a fake passport. I want my real passport.

I haven’t done anything wrong.

Okay. When have people in power ever cared about…

Hold on.

I know where to go.

Trust me.

Come on.

[Keiko] What is that?

[Billy] I don’t know.

[Billy sighs] Looks organic.

[Billy gasps, exclaims]

Oh… [groans, pants]

Oh, God.

[Keiko] There are so many.

[inhales shakily] When did you say this ship sank?

Nine years ago.

I think I’ve seen everything I need to in here.


[breathes heavily] That wasn’t there before.

[Billy] This is fresh.

Fresh what?

We’ll find another way outta here.

How did it get here?


Is there something in here that’s making it…

I don’t know. Come on.

[in Japanese] You’re here to see the Colonel?

Yes, we are.

[in Japanese, stammers] If he’s still alive.

So, we can see the Colonel?

[in English] Colonel Shaw?

What’s your name?


Kentaro what?


[inhales deeply] Oh, my God. [chuckles] You’re Hiroshi’s boy.

[Lee inhales deeply]

[stammers] And you?

I’m Cate Randa.

Course you are.

I, uh… I didn’t know Hiroshi even had a daughter.

[Cate scoffs] Well, I didn’t know he had a son.

Turns out he was good at keeping secrets.

[chuckles] Not my drama. No relation.

We wanted to ask you about our fa…

W-Why don’t we, um…

Yeah. Come on.

Let’s get some air.

Come on.

If you guys could just kinda keep your voices down, that’d be good.

Tell me, how’d you get here?

Rented a minivan.

That’s good. But I mean, how did you find me?

My mom.




We found something in my father’s safe.


What? He’s my great uncle Lee.

What did you find in the safe?

Old computer files.

Bunch of crazy shit. Monster shit.

[shushes] Can you please, please keep your voices down?

What’s this all about? Why are you here? And you gotta make it kinda quick.

We wanna find out what happened to my father.

[stammers] You tell me.

Right after G-Day, he said he had someplace he needed to go.

Wouldn’t tell us where,

but a week later we were told the plane he was on

disappeared somewhere in Alaska.

[scoffs] Turns out he had a whole secret life in Japan.

I came here to try and figure it out,

but now we’re being chased by these Monarch people and, uh…

“Disappeared”? As in, no body?

No death certificate?

What are you saying?


Hey, w-what is this place? Huh?

Oh, this place is what Monarch euphemistically refers to

as “secure asset management.”

Right. So, you’re imprisoned here.

Okay. Well, we’re leaving. Mmm.

Yeah, you can try, but they’re just gonna keep following you

and following you and following you, until they finally get what they want.


Well, that’s up to you.

Now, you can choke down that mountain of Monarch bullshit

about your father disappearing without a trace.

Or… [sighs] …we can get the hell outta here right now

and find out what really happened with your dad.


Now you got just about 60 seconds to make up your minds.

What’s it gonna be?

Here, this way.

[Keiko] Are you sure?

I did two tours in this tin can, Doc. [breathes deeply]

[exhales sharply]


[gasps] What is that?

Let’s keep it moving. Come on.

[Keiko] Okay.


[Billy] Whoa!

[Keiko] Are you all right?

[Billy] Oh, Jesus Christ.

Go back! Go!

[pants] Oh, my God.


[grunts, screams] Oh, my God!



Hang on!

[grunts, screaming]

[Keiko] It’s leaving! Now’s our chance!



I am pushing!

[Keiko] Come on!

[Billy yells, grunts]

Where’d it go? [groans]

[Billy] Help!


[Billy] Hurry!

What the hell is going on?

[Keiko] Help! Help!

[Billy] Come on!

Watch out!

Holy shit!

[grunts, pants]

Oh! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Help me get him out!


Come on! Before it comes back!

Okay. [grunts]

Here we go.

One, two, three.


[grunts] It’s too heavy.


I’m gonna stick this under, and we’re all gonna lift, okay?


[Billy grunts]

One, two, three.

Go! [grunts] Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Billy! Hey, get up!

[panting, groaning]

[Lee] Go! Go, go, go!

[Keiko] Okay, okay.

[grunts, pants]


[grunts] Go, go, go!

[panting, grunting]




Go! Go, go, go, go!



[panting, grunting]


[dragon shrieking]

Oh, my God.

[pants] It is a dragon.

[dragon shrieking]




It’s… [pants] …incredible.

[dragon shrieking]



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