Mary & George – S01E06 – The Queen is Dead | Transcript

The people are dissatisfied with the king and demand war with Spain; James also lacks the money for the queen's funeral: the dead woman has been lying in the palace for weeks.

Mary & George
Season 1 – Episode 6
Episode title: The Queen is Dead
Created by D. C. Moore
Based on The King’s Assassin by Benjamin Woolley
Starring Julianne Moore, Nicholas Galitzine, Tony Curran, Laurie Davidson, Trine Dyrholm, Nicola Walker
Original release date: March 5, 2024

Plot: Following Raleigh’s execution, the English revolt. Queen Anne dies, but the Palace is too debt-ridden to afford her state funeral. George empathises with the bitter, grieving Prince Charles, and the two work to bring the king out of his self-indulgence and recognise the grave issues at hand. King James finally agrees to open Parliament for the first time in six years to argue for higher taxes and continued peace with Spain. Sandie, who had warned Mary of Sir Francis’ scheming, is jailed for Sir David’s murder. The king mourns Queen Anne but admits he did not love her and cannot be sure of George’s continued declarations of love for him, as love is fickle. Sir Edward resigns from the Privy Council to lead Parliamentary committees into the Spanish threat and domestic corruption. Mary begs him for Sandie’s release, but he vows to see Sandie hang as revenge for Frances’ suffering. King James retreats back into his indulgences amidst the political chaos. Sir Edward seeks to arrest George and Kit on behalf of his committees, so the two flee to Mary for advice and she agrees to help them in exchange for a pardon for Sandie. To avoid going down with the lot, George convinces Diego to help him frame Sir Francis for treason; in exchange, George will try to arrange prospects between Prince Charles and the Spanish infanta, to secure peace. Kit murders Sir Francis’ greatest ally, Wearstrap. Katherine gives birth to a daughter. Sir Francis is found guilty of treason, stripped of all titles and banished. Believing Mary was at the heart of his betrayal, he has Sandie murdered with George’s permission.

* * *

GONDOMAR: An English force attacked Spanish troops.

Led by a man we told you to keep here in the Tower.

You will return.

As long as Raleigh is free and lives, we are all at risk.

What is going on? If you and I spend the night together, my father will have no choice but agree to our marriage and pay my dowry.

What do you think should really be done, with Raleigh?

You and your boy may as well have put the gallows’ axe to my own throat.

SANDIE: So, what now?

If George does not bend war.



(CHANTING) King James Spain fucker. King James Spain fucker.

King James Spain fucker. King James Spain fucker.

King James Spain fucker.

King James Spain fucker. King James Spain fucker.

King James Spain fucker. King James Spain fucker.

King James Spain fucker. King James Spain fucker.

King James Spain fucker. King James Spain fucker.

King James Spain fucker. King James Spain fucker.


King James Spain fucker.



Want a bit of fresh meat?


When will these riots end, it’s been months.

Things end when they end.

How are you, Your Highness?


‘Well’? My… My mother is dead. I meant in the circumstances. How long Buckingham, until she’s buried? Soon.


You both keep saying that. It’s been… weeks.

How… How hard can it be?

Everything is being done, Charles.

Except finding the funds for a state burial, George!

Oh, and… and… no, she’s here your mother.

Good of her to visit.

Do you know how many times my father… has visited her?

Our Queen… when she lies there?

Not once.

How many steps is it between her and father’s room?

Get some sleep, Charles.

When I rule men… like you will be where they belong.


How long before our King rests like his Queen?

A decade, at most. Maybe half that.

Then he need think better of us.

Well, he couldn’t really think less. (DOOR CLOSES)

I’ll leave you alone to converse, my love.

Is it safe to leave her side?

I suppose we must wait for mummy and daddy to finish.

Can we do it in silence? Of course.

It’s where we’re all headed

the eternal silence of death.

That unending black void. Shut the fuck up.

What is it you want? To pay respect to a great Queen.

If you meant respect, you wouldn’t have brought her.

Have you turned Puritan?

I am in the King’s Court. I can’t have my mother

fraternising with street girls.

Bacon’s any better? Of course he is. He’s a Viscount.

If you’re so concerned with propriety, you should bury her soon.

Embalming only holds for so long.

We will. It’ll be done. How?

The King has spent like a crazed Emperor, he cannot borrow any more.

But if you open Parliament to raise taxes

Yes, yes, we know.

And the Parliamentarians will use the House to call us very bad names.

We’ll cope. Will you?

All these riots since you killed Raleigh…

It’s under control. Whose? Not the King’s.

He’s disappeared. He’s in private mourning.

Does he know of her decay? Or yours?

How easily you’re bought?

There are songs in every tavern about the Marquess of Fuckingham

and his greedy brother, and all they take, take, take.Christ.

This does not have to be a fight between us. It’s not a fight Mother.

You’re not even on the battlefield anymore.




Unfreeze us, George.


(MUSIC STOPS) Aww… Why ruin the scene? It’s funny!

The first few times, maybe.

Where’s your sense of fun? You’re an unfair bear.

How’s your mother? The Queen is rotting.

And we have no money left for a state funeral.

If the people hear. They’re already angry…

Well didn’t you have something to do with their anger?

Raleigh was your idea. Was it?

Why either way, they blame me, call me ‘Spain fucker’, and worse.

You punishing these mobs?

We have hung some, yes.

Oh, not too many, please. But good.

If only to stop the slaughter of innocent swine. (LAUGHS)

Oh, come on, don’t… don’t look so unhappy.

Parliament needs open to raise new taxes

to pay for her death and your life.

How bad can my debts really be? The fact that you don’t know…

Am I really the only profligate at the heart of this nation?

And as I told you, you only open Parliament when you’re weak.

They’re wolves who will prey on us.

They want two things: War with Spain and to belittle my Crown.



Better not to have to. Leave Parliament shut a thousand years.

What about Charles?

He is heartbroken; He hasn’t left his mother’s side.

Charles is Charles. He’s always moping around

like a big dog just bit him. But you’re still his father.

Or have you forgotten?

You’d use my son against me?

He needs you.

We all do.

Or will you hide in here forever at play?

He’s hardened. Each time I see George, he sees less of me.

Need you stay?

What? All the money you have now.

You don’t need him or the King.

What then? Wait for some new lover to replace George

and take all our family has in spite?

You can get away is all I’m saying. And where would we go, Miss Brookes?

Anywhere, somewhere away from men like Bacon

who’d cut you apart as soon as you sneeze.

A sort of man who would scare the girls at the brothels.

The regular you might not wake up from. There are men like that everywhere.

Every estate, church, slum. You don’t escape from them.

Still, he is coming for you. Oh, let him come.

What is enough, anyway?

Even the King does not have enough.

So, why should I have less? Why should any of us?



I can’t sleep without it. It’s…

It’s more ceremonial, really.

Why are you here? More false promises? No.

A true apology.

For whatever way I’ve wronged you. (SCOFFS) ‘However’? Don’t you know?

Do you think that my father’s love is endless?

After everything you’ve stolen, how much is left for me?

Not enough. My God! I think… I… I think he gets it!

While my mother

who did love me, with all of herself. No, no, no

she loved me more, she loved me with all the world,

and she is left to

r-r-rot, rot, rot

like off-meat.

Because of that man, your King! James loves you.

He just… He forgets himself to his indulgences.

Oh, does he? Does he? I hadn’t fucking noticed! Look, even with me


Even with me… when I’m out of his sight,

or I refuse him

he forgets me.

He latches on to another.

He needs constant

constant reminding of his love.

I’m his fucking son, it shouldn’t take all that! (SWORD CLATTERS)


I know.

So, what’s the answer?


That’s the amount of steps between them.

Let’s make it less.



pours blood in the form of man.

Makes us kings.

Even young princes.


He anoints us with Grace.

Then, clears a solitary path for our lives we must follow,

even if, at times, that path, too often,

seems a bloody, treacherous one.

So, you may understand why I’ve left Parliament closed

these last six years. (PARLIAMENT GROANS)

In truth… my fear of you.

If I am Prometheus,

you are the eagle plucking at my liver.(LAUGHS)

And who wants that?

But you are all honourable men, I’m sure.

And I have tried to live frugally.


Yes. Yes. Yes… but… but not like a pauper.

So, money must be found by the taxes you will raise.(EXCLAIMS)

By the taxes you will raise! For the welfare of the realm.

By you: A Parliament of my People,

for me

under God.

I know there will be concessions, necessary.

Compromises. Deals.

That is the nature of this esteemed and

rancorous place, God bless her.

But please

do not be distracted by dreams of war.

Spain can be our friend. (EXCLAIMS)

Spain can be our friend! (SHOUTING)

An ally in hard times.

Or does any here wish to challenge (FALLS SILENT)

the Divine Right of Kings?


The terms are clear.

And our Queen

if not I can find peace.

God save the King. God save the King. God save the King.

God save the King. God save the King.

God save the King. God save the King.

They’re gonna hang me, Mary.

For Sir David’s murder. You will be freed.

How? I will get you out.

You know what I can do.

I know all of that got me in here.

We tempted them, though, didn’t we?

Me walking around, like you, dressed as one of them.

You are better than one of them.

I fucking warned you what Bacon could do.

I can feel that… that rope around my neck.

It’s getting really tight.

You cannot give up. Do you doubt me?

No, I’m really trying not to.

On my word.

When she was first meant to visit me in Scotland as my new wife, I…

I’d never met Anne before.

Just some polite letters.

Twice, she sailed to me.

Once from her Denmark, then Norway.

Twice, the boats nearly sank, in such… terrible, foul weather.

So, instead, I made my way to her.

And the storm I faced

it was like God was screaming at me.

Was he saying, “Don’t marry her, son?”

Or was he just warning what any marriage is?

Fifty-foot waves. Lashing winds.

Black, unfathomable depths beneath you.

Do you miss her?


I do.

You loved her.

I don’t know about that.

Love changes like a

a liquid in your hands, you can never really grip.

And the more you try…

My love for you

is as firm as the ground we stand on.

You know that. Do I?

You should.

Will you do your duties now?

The storm… she rages.

KATHERINE: What if it’s a girl?

No. It’s a boy.

I know it.

Another George? My… Can the world cope?

Where did you get my new necklace from? It’s ravishing.

(WHISPERS) Tell me.

A man called Donnelly.

He’s a friend of Kit’s, he gave it to me.

Why? Well, he wanted land and a peerage.

He paid twice.

Once with money.

And again with flesh?

(WHISPERS) Do you sell everything?

Only for a good price.

Shall we begin with how these new taxes will be received by the Crown

once Parliament finalises the law?

The King not joining us again?

He’s still in mourning, Sir Edward.

I suppose it makes no difference to the Privy Council’s effectiveness?

No, we are still very effective. Are we?

Then how can it be that we’re quite so impoverished as a state?

Difficult times. Hard hours.

I’m only glad I can now sit in an open Parliament

where the question concerns other patriots like me.

Well, this is not Parliament.

The Privy Council is here to best serve and advise the Crown

Is the crown best served by vultures busy feathering their own nests?

Is this about governance, or your daughter, Sir Edward?

Your Frances and my brother are still married.

Once he recuperates, they will be man and wife again.

We are family. Let us act like one.

If I ever act like your family, may God strike me down

into a pit of plagues and pestilence.

And now, I think it’s time for me to offer my resignation

from the Privy Council. (PEOPLE WHISPER)


We accept it.

Your wisdom will be greatly missed.

It will find a new home.

Parliament is voting tomorrow on new committees.

One to deal with the Spanish threat.

Another to search for corruption at the heart of our own state.


I will lead both.

We will not humour any such endeavours on this Council, sir.

Against Spanish evil or domestic corruption?

Or do you defend both? Neither.

Of course.

We’ll see.




GONDOMAR: You both told me you could control Parliament.

There is more anger than we anticipated.

I pay you both to be smarter than this.

To be Spain’s friend. That’s why we’re here.

Coke is gunning for war, foreign and civil, so be careful.

We should not meet again, until Coke is controlled.

Yet you still want to be paid?

Well, that is up to you, Gondomar.

(CHUCKLES) And how will you control Coke?

Through the King.

But I hear the King is, um, absent.

George can always bring him around. Hm.

I hope so. But I wonder if we missed our chance for real peace.

All these riots. Protests.

When things were calmer

we should have done more to unite us.

(SCOFFS) What could we have done?

Diego has this lovely dream for their princess, the Infanta,

to marry our young Charles.

A marriage of the ages,

uniting England and Spain in a perpetuity of peace.

Shame it’s pure poppycock. It does not have to be.

A Spanish Princess of England?

There would be more riots. Worse.

Not if it was done properly.

Two hundred years ago, this was a Catholic country

and the idea of a Scottish King who lays with men…

Hm. Our Infanta would be a great Queen of England.

The people would love her, I know that.

Well, here in the real world, my friend,

we currently have a dragon in our bed, namely Sir Edward Coke.

So, let us avoid its flames until Saint George and I slay

the fiery little upstart flat-faced cunt.




Get out. He means you, Page.

Yes, I do. Leave us, Page.

I think you know why I’m here.

Your Celtic girl? Are you here to beg for her, then?

I should not think I need to beg, Sir Edward.

You might fucking have to. I mean, where would this leave you?

Your Lady-In-Waiting tried for murder?

But I can help you.

How, exactly?

I will be your ally, again. (SCOFFS)

You barely see the King. Or even George.

Who do you influence?

Your maids? Packs of stray dogs?

I hear you come for George, too? Your new committee?

Is that wise? To anger the King, and me, and my son?

Oh, Christ, spare me.

There is no bargain to be had here, woman. No blackmail.

Intimidation. Your usual ugly tricks.

Your bitch girl needs a miracle.

Without one: You’re fucked and she’s dead.

Sir Edward, please. What?

I have not had a chance to apologise

for the whole Frances business.

Do not say her name to me again.

The rumours I hear of her behaviour.

What your family drove her to, despicable.

Even if your John recovers, whatever that means,

the wound will never heal.

Alright, then I beg.

I am begging you.

Release her.

I beg you release her, now.

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do, is there?

In the world you and your boy live, anything’s done to further yourself.

Well, with me

it all stops.

After your girl hangs, or even before,

let see what we can do about your George, too.

Maybe his own cell to rot in, as he let our Queen rot,

for the rest of his sorry life?

Sir Edward, please don’t do this. Mary, Mary.

The abyss before you, weep, beg,

but it will not change.


What can Coke’s committee really do?

All of Parliament’s powers led by a zealot like Edward?

He’s the worst of things. A man who cannot be bought.

He’d really dare attack us?

Be as persuasive as you were before with the King.

Work your charms, boy. For both of our sakes.

May I enter, Your Majesty?

Imprison Coke. On sedition.

He wants war with Spain, and with me.


Your Majesty.

I was wrong.

You were right.

We must close Parliament now.

I told you. Wolves.

It would bring civil war if I closed her now.

We’re in God’s hands, George.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty?


Your Majesty. Your Majesty!


She’s moving.

I already told you not to say that.

It’s a boy.

I know you’re angry.

And probably… scared?

But there must be a way. Coke is just a man.

You… are a God.

Like me.

KIT: George!

George! George!

What’s wrong, Kit?

Fuck. How can they do this? I’m me.

Do what? They were at my house.

I had to jump out the fucking window.

They’ve taken it all. I hid nothing, did you?

(HORSE NEIGHS) Hidden what? From who, Kit?

Them, George. Them.

Let’s go!

(KNOCK AT DOOR) Open up!

(KNOCK AT DOOR) Open up!

Is the master of the house here?


May I ascend?

If your warrant lets you.



A present.

Is this a bribe?

No. I am saying it was a present.

From an aunt who died. I have lots of such trinkets.

Lots of presents.

Covering for him?

You are one of the family.

More than one.

But that does not stop me.

It’s the most natural thing in the world.

I disagree.

Begin the search, boys! Quickly!

Now, where is he?


Hurry up. Why? Where are we going?

As far as I see, we have two very shit options.

Flee to France. Or…

Or what?

You won’t like it.

But, my God, she will.




Can we skip the bit where you gloat, please?

Why’s she not saying anything? I’m waiting for my apology.

Uh! I won’t dance a fucking jig for her.

Brother. Just say what you need, then.

You. We need you.

Let him say it.

(EXHALES) Kit’s right.

We need you.

Kneel. No.Kneel.

I need things of you both.

First, a pardon.

If I could get a fucking pardon I wouldn’t be here. Not for you.

But if you do as I say, the King may embrace you again.

It’s only the stench of death that’s on you now.

Wash it off and he’ll return.

And in that embrace, insist Miss Brookes is pardoned and freed.

She means that much to you?

Does it look good for me if she’s tried and hung?!

I’ll try.

There are two men to visit. First Coke.

Go to him, on your knees.

Tell him you’ll testify against Bacon, if he relents against you.

Bacon is a friend. Oh…

Is he?

So, why is it you are on the run, not he?

Surely, Coke will want to try all of us?

I think he will prefer one, assured prosecution of his longest rival,

than three cases that may not hold.

What do I have to do?

And who’s the other man I have to visit?

I thought we were not to meet again?

Things have changed. Yes.

Now you’re a fugitive.

Where’s Bacon? I don’t know.

He’s gone very quiet. And why hasn’t Coke gone for him yet?

I think Coke knew that Bacon would be more careful than I was.

So, his committee arrest me, build a case and then use me against Bacon.

And then, you’re left with no allies.

I hope your wrong. Now, goodbye.

I have a deal for you. I do not deal with criminals.

Do not insult me, Diego.

I want proof Bacon is in your pay.


So, you don’t lose him and me.

Just him. Bacon has been with me years.

I trust him. He trusts me.

What about your plan for the Infanta? Hmm?

I could persuade The Prince.

Charles. How about we go. You and me.

Like knights of old on a crusade, for a girl?

What? Where? Madrid.

Bring England and Spain together. Just like you want.

Perpetual peace.

You do this for me,

and I will make your dream true.


(DOOR CLOSES) Sacrifice yourself or hang.

I pick neither. Now you may go.

Answer me. Mary.

For fuck’s sake, play is over.

Bow and admit defeat. George is a fugitive.

Your Lady-in-Waiting soon to be cheap offal.

Why don’t you admit you’ve been in the pay of the Spanish for years.


I have private letters from you to Gondomar. It is all very clear.

I never wrote to him.

And if I did, he would burn such papers.

‘My dear Diego.

This boy the King shines to

he seems a future we might ride.

The mother is a foul wretched cunt, but one I can handle

as much as that is not my area of expertise.’

So, this is blackmail?

A clarification of positions.

You forget.

I know so much of you, George.

And I have a witness.

One who didn’t eat enough prunes who may recall your role, too.

And I have a son who’s not tethered to normal niceties.

And only wants to please me.

Arthur Wearstrap is dead?


Dangerous, knowing what I know of you? No?

Who will care about my deceits

in the face of your abject Treason?

This is a proclamation to this House

that our committee,

which aims for a full and frank transparency in all public life

has found Sir Francis Bacon guilty

of countless acts of corruption.

From this moment fourth, Sir Francis is stripped of all titles

any rights of land ownership or ability to bear office. Gone.

He will suffer lifelong banishment from the Royal Court

or any office of state.

We can only hope that his severe punishment serves as a grave warning

to the rest of the nation.

The days of wine and song at others expense, they are done!

Virtue, she still lives.

And Vice, that foul, but persistent enemy of Good,

is given fair warning.

Your days are near their end.

Can you quite believe all this is yours?

Our next house will be much bigger.


Oh, how disappointed are you? Really?

That she’s a girl?

A boy will come.

It’s a girl I hear? May I hold her?

No. Never.

Your pox marks speaks to where your hands have been.

What’s her name?

Mary. It’s not my choice, was it?

An offering of thanks, George?

Should you be here? Legally?

No. I ask for one minute with him.

I heard of the Infanta business.

That’s how you tempted Gondomar to throw me onto the shit heap?

Your mother’s idea was it?

It was mine. Oh.

I assumed she came up with it.


Well done, George.

Now, if you can convince the King and Charles to try it,

there’ll be years of negotiation, diplomatic trips.

Make sure her fingers are well away from all of it.

Or she’ll get all the glory for making this union happen.

Our dear Queen Mary.

Thank you for the advice.

Is that why you’re here?

Would you hold it against me if I got some personal vengeance?

To sweeten the taste of all this?

One small act against our future queen?

Feel free yet? I fucking don’t.

When they take these off, maybe.

What’s your name?

Cassie. You?


Sweet, that. Bless.

I’d shake your hand but…


It’s what I let them call me, whenever I got here. It’s not even me real name.

What is your real name?


Cleaner? (LAUGHS)

Why the fuck do you think I changed it. You English.

Ruining everything. So

what did you do then, Sandie?

I killed a man.

And then the King did verily pardon me.


Get you. Yeah.

So, how did ya get your pardon?

Oh, it’s a long story.

Shall I tell you a story?

Go on.

About a man who came to me in my cell.

Said if I carried a message to you, he’d get me out so I wouldn’t hang.

What sort of message?

Sort you can’t put in a note.

I’ve got money… I can pay you.

Enough for you and your family. Haven’t got one.

I’m not gonna die in shackles. This is just where we are.

Yeah, well it doesn’t have to be.

I mean it. I’m sorry, love. I am.


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