Mary & George – S01E04 – The Wolf & The Lamb | Transcript

King James travels to Scotland, and George and his younger brother Kit are allowed to accompany him. In Edinburgh, however, the King gives George the cold shoulder - to test his loyalty.

Mary & George
Season 1 – Episode 4
Episode title: The Wolf & The Lamb
Created by D. C. Moore
Based on The King’s Assassin by Benjamin Woolley
Starring Julianne Moore, Nicholas Galitzine, Tony Curran, Laurie Davidson, Trine Dyrholm, Nicola Walker
Original release date: March 5, 2024

Plot: After a night together, George sustains a brutal bite on his arm from King James, whose mood swings continue. In yet more bizarre behaviour, John, who cannot swim, walks into a lake and nearly drowns. King James travels with his men to Edinburgh and appoints Sir Francis as Keeper of the Seal in his absence. In a bid to secure marriage between John and Frances, still aggressively rejected by Lady Hatton, Mary and Sir Edward have Frances kidnapped by Sandie. At Sir Thomas and Mary’s manor, Sandie witnesses John repeatedly stab Jenny, disturbing her. George’s new lover Peter Carr, cousin of the Earl of Somerset, continues to cause a rift between him and the king. When the king dismisses George, he and Peter visit the remote Ruthven Castle, where Peter tells George of the king’s first love, the late Lord Lennox. During an attempt to trap and murder George as revenge for the deaths of the Somersets, Peter is shot and killed by Kit. King James and George reconcile. The king reveals the true purpose of the trip north was to retrieve Lord Lennox’s embalmed heart, and the two bury it in a new secret location. A spiraling John and miserably unhappy Frances are ultimately wed, and Mary promises to next find George a wife.

* * *

Somerset will topple. Be sure you’re there, stood tall, when he falls.

Robert Carr, you will be hanged, until dead.

Just remember, the King had boys before Somerset, and more will come, as you have.

I still think a union of my Frances and your John benefits both families.

Who marries John if this is known?

How dare you pretend he is good enough for her?

He will never have my daughter,

as long as there’s blood in my strong heart.

As long as the terms are clear.






And there’s no coffin?

Just “remains”, they said. Who wants ’em?

And fuckin’ why? They wouldnae say.

They did say, we ever tell a soul of this we’re dead men.

And, well

we’re gravediggers. So





Jesus fucking wept!

How deep has this bastard dug? Deep.


What the fuck is that?

(GASPS) What sort of demented wee man are we working for here?






KING JAMES: What’s wrong, boy? It’s early.

You bit me.

Let me see.




All better.

Poor lamb.

And poor wolf.

On the edge of the dark, dark woods.

Do we enter?

Or, no… no… no.





(MUNCHING) Mm, mm.

SUSAN: A sheep for breakfast?! (KIT IMITATES SHEEP)

It’s animal, Mother. Oh, for fuck’s sake, Susan,

let him devour what he wants.



Oi, open the bloody door then!

Come on. Ya colossal collection of coddled cunts!

(GROANS LOUDLY) Not again?

Yes, again!

Does he not know he can’t swim?

You talk to him you know. Why don’t you ask him?

Why do you swim, John?

In the tide, there is a sun.

Well that’s cleared that up. I understand.

I’m glad someone does. I’m glad that you’re glad.

I’ve raised six boys, three girls.

I like some of them.

Not a single one is like any of yours.

What family’s perfect?

I’m really getting to miss being bored,

and alone!


MARY: Don’t worry. (DOOR SLAMS)

We’re all in the tide.


GEORGE: Swimming? Why?

I think he wants to go to France.

And be like you.

I haven’t the will to tell him it’s a lake.

I worry about him.

Do. John is so sad.

He misses you.

I miss him, too.

Is the King not keeping you busy?


He bit me.

Like a lover at play?

More like a terrier on a hunt. KING JAMES: Who?

Who’s like a hunting terrier?

Me! Ruff! Ruff!



Ruff, ruff!


Will you feed the old girl?

Of course. Let’s see if she trusts you.


(COURTIERS EXCLAIM, CHUCKLE) Oh, that doesn’t bode well.

Come, who can win her favour? (GEORGE EXHALES SLOWLY)

What about you, Sir Edward?

Where is Lady Hatton? Go on. It’s not gonna bite you!

In Italy. Trying to find Frances a husband.

Some Earl.

Hmm. Interesting.

KING JAMES: We’ve not got all day!

Imagine the dowry.


If John wed their young Frances…

We’ve been there before, remember?

Never again. Why not?

Oh, I don’t know, Lady fucking Hatton for a start?!

Well, she’s not here, as you said. Her husband’s much more: Pliable.

He who waits and all that.


Come on, have a go. Don’t be shy! A thought strikes me,

every day, like a hard fist.

I do not own my home,

or any asset.

My children are unwed.

If the King’s affection for you curdles, we have nothing.

And I will not return to that, George. Ever.

He would never leave me.



Thank you.

You taste good today. (CHUCKLES MISCHIEVIOUSLY)

Bacon! Your go now, son!

His mood changes every hour. Every second.

I’m exhausted.

Grin and bear it.

I fucking try.

Come on, now!


We can always count on Sir Frances! (CHUCKLES)

Well done!

Wonderful! Oh! So wonderful!

Everyone, good day.

Now that she’s fed, you should know that this is Helen.

From Jamestown, Virginia.

They mate with just one partner

for all their long lives.

These exotic creatures.

So loyal.

Is there a finer quality?

I brought you all here, friends, men of note, others,

to tell you I’ll be going to Edinburgh

for the first time since I became your King.

I’ve yet to decide who will be the Keeper of the Seal,

in my absence, but there are several

strong candidates, in my view.

But whoever it is, we need more of her devoted kind.


MARY: All his loyalty talk scares me. When you go up north,

don’t take your eyes off him for a fucking second.






This is the border?


Beware, the nation behind us is a deep feather bed for a sound sleep.

The nation before you, a bare stony couch

to keep you forever awake in fear.

Why propose we come?





Mary. I don’t think I ever thanked you for the Somerset case.

Gave me a brief moment centre stage.

Not enough, alas,

to be chosen as Keeper of the Seal instead of Bacon.

Hmm. That was a curious choice. Yes. How can I help you?

Do you know a father can authorise a marriage contract for his daughter.

We tried that and it didn’t work…

Lady Hatton would feed my knees and joints to her dogs.

Use my skull as a brandy glass.

Do you not fear for your own legacy more?

A man of your standing,

passed over for roles of state he so deserves,

again and again

ever humiliated by your own cold wife?

And what would solve all those ills?

The King.

He is George’s now, no doubt.

Join our family and the stage is yours.

My wife to pay you for my rise?

Yes, I love that part.


Oh my God alive.

Christ! Lucifer!

That is my vase. Give me my vase! No, no!

Be strong. How? Follow me.

They’re ransacking my possessions!

I thought you were in Italy?

Ah. Well, I’m not.

Ciao.Ciao. What have you done?

Is that the contract for Frances?

Thought you could turn up, wave it around whilst I was away,

do a spry jig and merrily steal off with her?

It’s not stealing when you own a thing.

Frances is his daughter.

Yes, we all make mistakes.

How did you find out?

Your clerk, Page, is an ale-riddled, flatulent blabbermouth.

It’s why I changed my plans for Italy.

Fucking, Page! Where is Frances?

Well, she was the first thing secured away. Next

everything I own, which you thought you owned.

Wrong again. So where have you taken her?

Tell us, so we can this done civilly and with a modicum of fuss.

Oh, really do get fucked.

No, I really will get Frances.




MAN: Look, he’s here!



It’s a beautiful city, Your Majesty.

Outwardly, maybe.

But within…

What is there to fear?

Can you not just fucking trust me on this?

I know where we tread.





KIT: I know I am just here to get me out of mothers hair,

but why are we on the children’s table?

He told me I’d be bored with his.

Looks like he is already bored of you, brother.

Dirty old sausage.

CARR: Don’t worry, my Lords,

you’re better off here with us wee bairns.

Didn’t ask you, pal.

And I’m not a Lord, I’m just wee Master Kit.

Why would we better off?

James is just protecting your fresh… innocence.

Protecting?! Mm-hmm.

I don’t need protecting. We all do, love.

No shame in the shelter of another man’s arms.

Who are you, mate?

Sir Peter Carr.

Call me Sir or Peter. But never Pete. (CHUCKLES)

Do you mean “Carr”?

The Earl of Somerset was Something Carr.

He was Scottish. And you do seem

incredibly Scottish yourself, no offence, Pete.

I am Scottish, none taken but

call me Pete again and we may fight, son.

And yes, Somerset.

My… my cousin.

Well! That’s very awkward.

I- I admired the man a great amount.

Fuck that! He brought disgrace to our nation.

An arrogant, selfish cunt who deserves his cell.

Sorry, the Earl of Buckingham is a much better man for the King.

Everyone knows. (CHUCKLES)

They’ve heard of me, up here? The things we hear!

Can they all be true though?

My dear gosh. No, James chose very well.

Even if he keeps you on such a long, distant leash.

I’m on no man’s leash.

Good, then you’re free to roam.




Are you sure? How can you be?

I persuaded the scullery boy in the house,

that I was from the farm over, out looking for a lost spaniel.

I collared him in the pigpen.

And he was a chatty catty!

Frances is in the main house?

Mmm. Clever girl. Where’s Lady Hatton?

It’s her cousin’s house, is she there?

They’re in town somewhere, but could be back any minute.

Hatton has her men with her, armed,

and so left behind half in the house, on watch.

What do we do, then? We move now.

Before the guard doubles. Agreed.

Make sure you ask them, do any inside want to die

to prevent the oldest legal right of all:

A father’s dominion over his progeny?

I might be a bit more blunt than that, sir.

Right, lads! Come on!











Stop resisting!


(GRUNTS) Take her hands! Move. Move!

FRANCES: Ow! Help me! Ow! Let go of me or you’ll hang!

This is insanity!

Let me go! You will fucking hang for this!

You will fucking hang for this. (MEN GRUNTING)

Let go of me! (GRUNTS) MAN: Move!

Your dirty animals broke my arm.

Bones heal. Reputations do not.

I know, father.

Don’t worry, Frances.

This is all for the best.

Not mine. Is it?



Do you like me, brother?


Mother doesn’t.

Nor our sister.

The staff. Or even John.

Yes. John loves everyone.

No. You didn’t answer my question-Kit!

I’m busy. Alright?

And you’re drunk and you are sad. You need a drink.


Won’t King Sausage cut your head off

if you dip it in another pig?

He doesn’t care what I do.

Besides, I’m just… looking.

I don’t trust him.

Anyone that amiable

they want something. (GEORGE SIGHS)

Don’t worry, brother.


I will keep my guard entirely

you know… up!



What’s wrong? My turn, no?

If he finds out.

He knows what his young pups do.

Does he? Fucking aye, he must!

Know how many men he had here before we lost him down to England?


No one can find out. Never.

Our secret.

To the grave.

Thank you.

You know, my brother doesn’t think I should trust you.

Well, you’ll have to.

With your life.

I’m an officer in the Scottish Guard.

My job: Protect the King on this tour.

And all his hangers-on. (CHUCKLES)

So, I’ll be seeing a lot more of you then?

Mm. If that’s possible, aye.





How were the Lords you were- Quiet, cunt.

It was just a question.

I saw you, with your darling little soldier boy.

I know his family, do you ken?

We were actually just chatting.

Amiably. Chatting of what?

Spit and cock?

No, nothing. Well

actually about how much he admires you.

Which is it? Nothing or admiration?

Your lies reek almost as much as you do; Of the gutter and worse.

I’m not lying!

And I’m not the one touching other boys in front of you!

Laughing and ogling- And it’s all I do!

Open play, that all may see.

You’re the creeping fellow out in the dark,

playing secret games with violent soldiers. Creeping?

Maybe if I wasn’t relegated to this far off table,

then I wouldn’t-Oh, I’ve heard it all now!

My table placement had me fuck a chap’s arse!

You know, I had a love, once.

A true love.

A man worthy of me, as a vessel of God.

And he told me, once, that man…

“No one… will ever be as true to you as I.”


How right he was.

Who was he?


this man…

It wasn’t Somerset?

It was another?

This country has already infected you.

Why don’t you go and find a bed elsewhere? Hmm.

You’re good at that, no?





MARY: You’re reading my fortune?

Isn’t that what she is, to you?


DRIVER: Whoa-eh!


My turn to face the fire.

(SIGHS) Fuck.

How did you find us?

I am Sir Francis Bacon.

We all have our crosses.

This will not look good for anyone, will it?

Both sides forcibly taking away the girl.

Even the King would not approve, I’m sure. Very sordid.

She is ours. It is plain fact.

Clear in law and custom.

No, heavily disputed in both.

Not by me.

And when I speak to the King: He will listen, and agree.

How? He is not responding to any letters.

He may be away for a long time. We’re on our own.

I imagine you have a proposal?

In James’ absence,

as Keeper of the Seal, I must be Kingly.

But perhaps I can be like another King.


So we slice a baby in half?

In a manner, yes.

What will we do today?

(SIGHS) What we do every day.

We wait, for the King’s word.

Until then, you’ll have two mothers to look after you.

Don’t worry, Frances.

Bacon’s little joint custody experiment will soon be over.

I hear Scotland’s going very badly for her boy.

Maybe James will find another young catamite up there to

plug and pound to an early grave?

Who cares what you hear or think? (MUNCHING) And when he does

where are you?

Back to the provinces you plod.

Mother. If we must live together by law,

perhaps we could be a little less cruel?

It could be many months. Years.

If that’s what it takes.


GEORGE: I have letters. Some from Bacon.

But most of them are from my mother. She wants me to read them to you.

She says my brother has been- Put them on like all the rest.

And stop smiling at me for Christ’s sake.

Your judgement is needed, back home.

I don’t care a given shit.

It’s not good for you to be this long in Edinburgh.

We should get out, we should… We should see the country.

Look, whatever has been troubling you,

the people have been kind to me here.


These people killed my father before I was born.

Gave my mother to the English to be caged and beheaded.

I spent no second on this sorry soil at peace.

So don’t you fucking “kind” me, boy.

But you’re right!

On my life, we need get out of this rabid city!




What the fuck are you looking at?


We won’t wake them, you’re sure?

Lady Hatton and Frances are dead to the world.


How is John? Did you give him my letter?

I tried. What is it?

(WOMAN SOBBING)I went back to the house, as you told me,

and… it was hell.

Tears and screams and more.

And John stood by

with a blade.


(SOBBING CONTINUES) Out of my way!

Your serving girl…


He sliced her.

Look at me, look at me.

I need you to breathe.


Why would he hurt her?

He kept going in the lake.

And your husband, in his fury,

locked John away in his room.

First dinner he was allowed out,

he just, grabbed the knife off a plate she carried and just…

She’ll be compensated.

How?! Put her eye back in?!

Oh, don’t be daft. The dowry will help.

You still want him wed?

What does this change? What doesn’t it?

I don’t see that.

What about Frances? Oh, she’ll be fine.

I’ll speak to John. He listens to me. He wants to be wed.

He’ll behave, from now on.

Do you even believe that, yourself?

You’ll share in the dowry, too.

Where does all this end, Mary?

Nothing ever ends.

Everything’s a ceaseless fight.

But I vow to you,

as I battle, you will rise.


I told you.

Country air. It’s healing.

Depends on the severity of the wound.

It’s good to be by your side

without the distractions of the city.

Distractions? Him?

Not me.

Your Majesty. Forgive me but, this laddie, he loves you.

Does he now?



James? Are you alright?

Where are our horses?

Our horses, they were here. They were right here.

No, we tied them further up. (PANTING) Is this Treason?

Trapped by water, no means to leave!

George is right, we tied them up over the hill.

Who planned this? Which traitor?

You? You’re the soldier.

No. Yes.

No, no, you, the brother. Yes, you.

It’s… (PANTING) It’s treachery.


James! KIT: Your Majesty!

James! Your Majesty!



What’s he doing?

I don’t know.


Bring him here!


Lay him here. (PANTING)

Let him breathe.


Cover him with… (HACKING COUGH)

Get him out!

Get him out!


SERVING BOY: Go on, then.

Off you go. Oh, you little fucking shi


George, leave him be.

Give him space.

Let him crave your return.

Let’s you and me get away together.

I know places we may go to kill some time.

Kit can come, too, if he wants.

Or would he advise against it?

I fear he doesn’t like me very much.

Kit doesn’t know you, Pete.

And I’m not George’s keeper. Or anyone’s.

I’m only here to see if the Mad River King is

gonna have us all killed in our beds tonight. And do you know what?

I think he fucking might.




BACON: Hit her with a poker or something.

He attempted to bludgeon the girl.

LADY HATTON: So John maimed a servant, did he?

Good. Wait till the King hears.

It the first thing I’ll tell him when he’s back.(SHE GASPS)

You understand I had to appear to be fair, to her?

I do. You did very well. As ever.

If only I’d married you. My wife probably agrees with you.




Have you heard of Ruthven Castle. No.

It’s got quite the history, this place.

You’re sure we weren’t followed? No, we are entirely alone, love.

Come on!

The King stayed here, long ago.


It’s too dark and gloomy for him. (CARR CHUCKLES)

I suppose it is.

Did you know he had a lover?


Lord Lennox.

Lennox was much older than the King.

James was… besotted.

Let Lennox rule us by his every whim.

Just like my cousin Somerset ruled you.


But other Lords here were not happy with this Lord Lennox.

Just like your Lords who… hated Somerset.

Including… Lord Ruthven of this castle

who kidnapped the King,

brought him here as prisoner. Kidnapped?

For how long? Ten months.

Before James escaped.


And Lennox? When did he-? Who cares what happened to him?


But after he escaped here

the King had his revenge.

Lord Ruthven and family executed.

The name Ruthven erased from history.

Called Hunting tower Castle now.

So, if anything happened to you here

all in Scotland would know its significance.

Its… beauty.


(GEORGE CHOKING) Thought you could brag about

what you did to my cousin to my face?


It wasn’t me.

You already admitted it, wretch.

Don’t… kill.

We can… talk.

Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to, you wee English slut?



He was talking to me.




Lo siento.

Mi spiace.


Why are you sorry?

I’m the one who fucked up.

Whoever you fucked, I pushed you away and into his arms.

I was like you, once.

I was too trusting.

But then…

Lord Lennox, he found me.

He was my age. As I am now.

I was as young as poor you.

Where did he go?


Whilst I was detained in that awful tower, he was exiled.

He died in France, impoverished, and alone.

No one ever let me bring him back.

He was your first great love?

Every Scot thought he was using me.

Was he? He loved me.

I have proof.

He gave me his heart.

His actual heart.

After he died, in Aubigny. He…

He left instructions for it to be embalmed,

and sent to me.


I had it buried above Edinburgh, in a quiet, secret spot.

But I decided, recently, to bring him home.


The real purpose of this whole sorry trip.

Am I a lovesick fool?

No, James.


(CHUCKLES) We both are.

But I’m older.

And I’ve got less excuse.

And I’m your King.

I should know better.

I’ll teach you, as I’ve being taught.


Will you learn, under me?

I would love to.



Call the men to shovel.

Let me do it.





What does it say?

“Semper mea.”

Always mine.







I wasn’t expecting to see you. May I see the King?

You’re Keeper of the Seal, you don’t need my permission.

I should bow to you, really.

And yet you don’t?

Come on.

Heard from your mother, recently?

Did she write? Yes. A lot.

I heard you stuck her in a house with Lady Hatton and Frances?

I did. I fear she’s scared to leave

in case Lady Hatton whips Frances away again.Hmm.

How’s your John faring?

Fine, I think. Why?

And why ride out to meet us?

We’ll be in London in a couple of days.

Did you want to make sure it was your version James heard first?

Am I quite so transparent?

Not just you.


Sir Francis, so good to see you.

I hope you’ve had a pleasant journey.

You missed hours of conversation.

Pity. Yes. A tragedy.

Have you met young Kit, Francis?

He’s a hero now.

I’ve made him the Earl of Anglesey.

Suits him, I think.

He’s a noble soul, this one.

Oh, Your Majesty flatters me.

Don’t be modest, Kit.

I’m so proud of my boys.

And all they might be.

What could possibly stop us now?



She’s… so unhappy.

Well, she’s getting married.


Still. Look what it means to John.

It’s a shame Lady Hatton couldn’t make it.

She paid for all of this. Maybe be gracious in victory?

I am. I’ll find you a wife next.

Can I please choose my own? No.

Don’t worry, I’ll choose well.

I look after you, don’t I?

All of you.




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