Mare of Easttown – Episode 1 – Miss Lady Hawk Herself [Transcript]

After answering a call about a neighborhood prowler, Detective Mare Sheehan shoulders her chief's directive to revive an unsolved missing person's case amid increased community pressure.
Mare of Easttown - Episode 1 - Miss Lady Hawk Herself

Original air date: April 18, 2021

In the small community of Easttown, Detective Mare Sheehan is called on to reopen the year-old investigation into a missing girl named Katie Bailey when the girl’s mother, Dawn, speaks out on the news about the unsolved case. Mare does not believe Katie will be found. She is also called to investigate a prowler supposedly peeping in windows, and a break-in where she sprains her ankle chasing the suspect. Mare has some local fame for winning a basketball game with a difficult shot in high school, and attends the 25th anniversary commemorating the game. Afterward she meets Richard, an author who recently moved to town, and the two have sex. Richard pursues a relationship with Mare, but she insists it was a one-night stand. Meanwhile Erin McMenamin, a local teenage mother, struggles to find the funds for a surgery to treat her baby’s ear infection. Her abusive father Kenny refuses to pay for it, as does her ex-boyfriend Dylan, who fathered the child and has split custody. Erin looks forward to meeting Brendan, a boy she has been texting. However, when she arrives at the park where they plan to meet that night, it turns out “Brendan” was a catfish set up by Dylan’s violently territorial new girlfriend Brianna, who ambushes Erin with a group of friends and beats her. This is witnessed by Mare’s daughter Siobhan, who comes to Erin’s aid. Erin escapes into the wilderness, but the next morning her dead body is found naked in the river with a severe head wound.

* * *






Mrs. Carroll?

Is everything all right?




[MARE SHEEHAN] Mrs. Carroll? It’s Mare Sheehan.

I’m standing outside your front door.

In the fucking freezing cold.

Mrs. Carroll?


[BETTY CARROLL] Mare? Mare, you out there?

Oh, you’re here.

I’m here.

[BETTY] I wanted to make sure you knew about this right away so the community’s safe in case the pervert is still on the loose.

Well, next time, you just call the station.

Do you have the main number? I don’t remember.

But… but I trust you, and I don’t know who the station will send over.

I understand, but I’m a detective sergeant, which means I investigate the burglaries and the overdoses and all the really bad crap that goes on around here.

Sounds awful.

Maybe you should look into a different line of work.

Here it is, Mrs. Carroll. See this?

That’s the main station number, all right?

That’s the one you want.

I’ll put it right in the center.

So you call them, okay, next time, instead of waking me up.

So, there’s the scene of the crime, as they say in your business.

My granddaughter was upstairs getting undressed to take a shower when she looked out the window and “Ahh!”

There he is. He was standing right out there.

One of those creepy peeper weirdos.

MARE: Did your granddaughter say anything about him or…

He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt so it was hard to get much of his face, but from what she could see, he looked like a ferret.

[MARE] A ferret? That’s what she said.

Is that a security camera up there?

Oh, yes. We bought that at Best Buy three months ago, but Mr. Procrastinator hasn’t figured out how to use it yet. Big surprise.

And where is your granddaughter now?

Oh, she was scared to death, so she hightailed it back to Allentown.

She didn’t wanna stay around here with a ferret on the loose.

All right. Well, uh, I’ll file a report and, uh, make sure patrol’s aware.

I’m half tempted to leave as well, but then I’d have to go to my sister’s place in Ridley, and she has cats.

Oh, I hate cats.

No, I get that, Mrs. Carroll.

They are disgusting animals.

You know, they’re all bones.

Good morning, Mare.

Mr. Carroll.

Did Betty tell you what happened here this morning with the weirdo?

Oh, of course.

Mrs. Carroll filled me in.

Of course I told her what happened.

The whole case would’ve been solved if you had been able to figure out how to set up the security camera.

I told you I was going to do that today.

All right, I’m gonna head back to the station now and file a report.


We’ll take care of it.


Hey, Mare. Big night tonight, huh?

They did a full article on you in the Tribune.

Did you see it?

Uh, no.

GLENN CARROLL: Oh, you gotta see it, Mare.

You got a sec?

I don’t, actually.

GLENN: Just a second.

BETTY: Well, now, no, just go get it for her, okay?

You let him, he would talk all day.

GLENN: Betty!


GLENN: What did you do with the paper?

I left it here in the bathroom.

Now you stay right here. I’ll be right back, Mare.

GLENN: Where is it? Where did you put it?

BETTY: Oh, come on, Glenn. Do I have to…


I’m gonna miss you this weekend.

Who’s gonna sleep next to me?

And hold me, and kiss me, and snuggle me?


Sometimes I wonder if you even realize how much I love you.

Your grandmom used to say, “You’ll understand when you’re a parent.”

And I was always like, “Yeah, whatever.”

But now it’s like you can love someone so much, it’s scary.


Oh, my God. I’m gonna miss you so much.

Okay. Let’s get you changed.






He’s pissing in your car window or someone else’s car window?

No, no, no, no. Just stay in the house.

An officer will be there momentarily.

Morning, Jan.

See this yet?

Big write-up in the Tribune this morning.

I’m gonna frame it for you and hang it up in your office.

Yeah. Please don’t do that.

I want us all to give a very warm welcome to Officer Trammel.

Today is his first day out in the field.


CORPORAL MASTERSON: Good luck out there, Trammel.


MASTERSON: All right, folks, let get to it.

Uh, Mare, you had something today, right?

Uh, yeah. A prowler at 28 Grubb Road.

Homeowner said a suspicious male was watching from the backyard as her granddaughter took a shower early this morning.

You get a description?


OFFICER BOYLE: I already caught the bastard.

He’s in a cage in my daughter’s bedroom.


MASTERSON: All right, all right. Let’s float a car out there between Eldridge and Garnet Mine…

What’s up?

DAWN BAILEY: (ON TV) My daughter’s been missing for exactly one year today.


DAWN: Every moment without her has been complete torture.

And the police aren’t doing anything.

They don’t care. That’s why we’re here.

If they’re not gonna fight to find Katie, we will.

CARTER: The Board of Commissioners called again this morning about adding a county detective to assist with the case.

They want a fresh set of eyes on this by Monday.

MARE: No, no, no, no, no.

I don’t need some county shithead coming on my case.

They’re getting pressured, Mare.

MARE: Oh, come on, Chief.

And ’cause they’re getting pressured, I’m getting pressured.

MARE: Chief, come on.

You know how this shit goes.

Katie Bailey was a known drug abuser with a history of prostitution.

(SCOFFS) She’s probably lying at the bottom of the Delaware River right now. We’d never know.

CARTER: The thing is, we don’t know.


After a year.

(SCOFFS) Thanks for being in my corner.



Sit down, Mare.

The Rotary Club increased the reward money to 15,000.

We’re printing up new flyers and handing them out at every needle exchange from Camden to Wilmington.

Go back to the file. We’re starting over here.







Hey. Come on in.

Hi. Could you…

Could you just hand him over ’cause I gotta… I gotta go.

It’s cold out. You can at least stand inside.

It’s nice to see you too. Jeez.





What is she doing here?

Don’t worry about what she’s doing here.

I don’t ask about your life.

I don’t want her around my son, okay?

I seriously, like, don’t even know what you see in her.

Oh, just shut up, Erin.



Hey, Dylan. You forgot this.

I put his ear drops in the front pouch in case he runs a fever.


You better not be talking about me, Erin.

I haven’t said nothing about you.

Stop texting my man.

‘Cause he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. Okay?

He’s the father of my baby, so I kind of, like, have to talk to him.

BRIANNA: What’s that?

Are you seriously that stupid?

Fuck you, Erin!

You know what? You’re gonna get it.

Yeah. Trust me.

When you least expect it, you dumb bitch.

DYLAN HINCHEY: Could you please just put the window up?

BRIANNA: No, I’m not gonna fucking put the window up.

DYLAN: Brianna, Jesus Christ.




We really need to schedule his ear surgery.

The doctor says if he keeps getting infections, he could have hearing loss.

Did you talk to your parents?

Don’t bring my parents into this. They do enough for him already.

Way more than your dad.

You just said you’d talk to your parents about…

If I gotta pay more money, it’s gotta go through the court.

That’s what we decided.

That’s gonna take forever.

I mean, can we just get his surgery done?

Just to make sure that he’s okay?

DYLAN: I don’t have $1,800 to meet the deductible, Erin!

And then we can…

How many times have I told you?

Everything needs to go through the court, okay?

I gotta go.


Yeah, I’m looking for a… For… like a turtle tank.

Do you have, like, a tank for turtles?

Yes, we do.

Um, how about this one?

This is the Amphibian Life 1500.

This one’s got a UVB heating kit.

This is a nice one.

And it’s got…

Yeah, I just… I just need something simple, really.

It’s a… it’s a… It’s a baby turtle.

Okay. Um, all right. Let’s take a look over here.

This one, this is the Oasis Habitat.

This is another nice setup.

Yeah, it also has…

I think even simpler.

I doubt the thing’s gonna live very long.

Well, you’d be surprised.

I mean, my mother’s turtle outlived her. (CHUCKLES)

If it’s taken care of, sure.

If you feed it and give it clean water and make sure it’s not swimming in his own filth.

It’s for my grandson.

He’s… he’s four and has trouble focusing on tasks.

I just… yeah, I don’t think we need all the bells and whistles is all.

Have a look around. I’ll be up front.


This is Mare.

TRAMMEL: Hey, Sarge, this is, uh, Officer Trammel.

We got a burglary at 535 Argyle Road.

Just tell her it’s Beth Hanlon’s house.

Uh, I’m gonna need you out to process the scene.

What happened?

TRAMMEL: Homeowner came home to find the trophy case smashed and some sports memorabilia missing.

BETH HANLON: It’s Freddie again, Mare.

He’s being his fucking asshole self.

She thinks maybe it’s her brother.

Um, she caught him in the basement shooting up last night and threw him out.

All right.

Tell Beth I’m on my way.

Excuse me.


That’s perfect.




How’s your morning going so far?

Great. I just, uh wasted the last half hour picking out an aquarium for the turtle you and Drew brought home yesterday.

FRANK: He seems excited about it.

I think it’ll be good for him, you know?

Give him something to look after.

(CHUCKLES) That’s what you said about the lizard.

Two weeks later, I was flushing it down the toilet.

FRANK: (SIGHS) Did you really flush it down the toilet?

Yes, I did.

I’m busy, Frank.

FRANK: Okay. All right.

Uh, look, I won’t hold you up. I just, um…

(CLEARS THROAT) I wanted to let you know that last night, Faye and I… uh, well…

FRANK: I asked Faye…

Frank, I got 75-51 Delcom. I got eyes on the burglary suspect 200 block of Glen Riddle, heading east.

Black male wearing, uh, blue jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.

Freddie. Freddie Hanlon.



(GROANS) Goddamn it.

Fuck. Fuck!

Fucking thing. Fuck.






(WHISPERING) No, don’t. Put it away.


Freddie? (WHISPERING) Be careful.



Come on out, so we can get a look at where the blood’s coming from.


Freddie, don’t make me call in the K9.

(SIGHS) He’s 11 years old

and I think his mind’s starting to leave him.

Freddie, come on.

You have two minutes, all right?


What’s the matter?

The sight of blood.

MARE: Don’t look at it, then. Get out of the doorway.

Come on. Sit down. Hurry up. Come on.

Put your head between your knees.

Squeeze both your fists.


God. Think maybe you should’ve thought about that before becoming a cop?

I just thought it was something I could overcome, but.


Jesus Christ.

Breathe in.

FREDDIE HANLON: Mare, goddamn it. You still out there?

Keep breathing.


What’d we decide, Freddie?

FREDDIE: I’m coming out.

I don’t want that retarded pooch tearin’ up my house.

Smart man. Where’s the blood coming from?

FREDDIE: I cut my fucking hand.

MARE: All right. Put your hands in the air and stand back from the door. I’m coming in.

Breathe. In, out. In.


Oh, fuck. Jesus.


All right.

Where’s the stuff you stole?

What stuff I stole?

Where’s the fucking stuff you stole?

What stuff I stole, Mare?

Jesus Christ, come on.

We’re done with the lies. We’re calling the K9.

Where’s the fucking stuff you stole?

Behind the bed.

Trammel? Come on.

Fucking Jesus Christ’s sakes.

Why is your house so cold, Freddie?

Gas company shut me off.

Well, they’re not allowed to between November and March.

That’s what I told those motherfuckers but they… Ow!

Jesus. Jesus.

BETH: Piece of shit!

All right. All right.

You smackhead dirtbag!

All right. All right. All right. Jesus. All right. All right.

Get him in the car.


What the fuck you hitting me for, huh?

What the fuck was that about?

MARE: All right. All right.

Get him in the car.

Watch your head.

Come on, Beth. Come on.

Oh, I can’t… I can’t take it no more, Mare.

I can’t. I can’t fucking take it.

I can’t.

I know.

He fucking lost his job, his family over this shit.

I know. I know.

When is it gonna be enough?

I’m sorry, Bethy!

I’m sorry!

I can’t. (SNIFFLES)


BETH: Oh, fuck.

You gonna press charges?

No, I’m not… I’m not gonna fucking press charges.

There’s no heat inside.


Can he stay at your place?

I can’t… no!

He can’t fucking stay at my place.

He fuck… I… You know what? I… I’m sorry.

I’m… I am ashamed of myself for saying this, but sometimes I wish he would just fucking die.

I do. I really do. Just get it over with.


‘Cause I can’t do this anymore.

Hey. Hey. It’s okay. All right?

Wait here.


All right.

We’re gonna take you to Riddle and get your hand stitched up.

Then Officer Trammel’s gonna drive you to the shelter for the weekend while we work on getting your heat turned back on.

I’m not staying in no fucking shelter, Mare.

MARE: Well, your sister’s not taking you in.

So your options are you sleep in the house and freeze your balls off, or you go to the shelter with a bed and a blanket and a hot meal.

All right.

All right the shelter, or all right I’ll freeze my balls off?

All right. I’ll stay in the fucking shelter.



Take him to Riddle.

Then drive him to Saint Michael’s.

Tell Father Dan Hastings I sent him.

And call PECO Gas.

Let them know they’re breaking the law, and unless they want us to notify the Public Utilities Commission on their asses, they’re gonna put his fucking heat back on.

You got it, Sarge.

Hey, you good?

(SIGHS) I’m good.


I’ll walk you back to your car. Come on.

BETH: (SIGHS) Look, his fucking neighbors looking at us.

MARE: Yep. Smile and wave.



Dinner’s ready.


Did you have a good day at work?


I’d like you to come to work with me once to see if you can find anything good about it.

Um, I was wondering if I could maybe borrow your truck tonight?

Some of my friends are meeting at Sharp’s, and it’d be nice to have it.

What happened last time you borrowed my truck, huh?


Then you tried to act all sneaky about it, as if I wasn’t gonna fucking notice the scratches.

Ow! Fuck! Aah! Erin!

I’m sorry, I… I should’ve told you, I just took it out of the microwave. I’m sorry.

Did you talk to shit-for-brains about getting the kid’s ears fixed?

Yes. He… He stopped over earlier and he said that he’s gonna pay for the surgery.

He said that?



‘Cause I’m paying for the wipes.

I’m paying for the diapers. I’m paying for the formula.

ERIN: I know you are…

All for his son! His son!

I know. And Dylan said he’s gonna take care of it.

KENNY MCMENAMIN: I’m not paying for another goddamn thing.







MARE: Hey!


Are you freaking crazy?

Remember what happened last time you jumped off that table?


MARE: You got a bump on your head the size of a grapefruit.

Here, I got this for your new pet.


Come on. (GRUNTS) Check it out.

Siobhan’s gonna help you put it together.



Will you help Drew, please?

You here to guilt me into returning to the church again, Danny?

No, no, no, no. I gave up on that a while ago.

You even watching him out there?

He’s jumping off that thing like it’s a diving board.

Table’s not a diving board, Andrew. Knock it off.



What’s the matter with you?

Freddie broke into Bethy’s again.


Did he come by the shelter this afternoon?

Deacon Mark made sure he had a bed for the weekend.

Poor Bethy. I don’t know how she handles it.

DAN HASTINGS: How’s she holding up?

Well, her mom’s got Parkinson’s, and her brother’s smashing her kids’ piggy banks to buy Dilaudid.

I think she’s wondering where the hell God is in her life.

Depends on what her view of God is.

(CLEARS THROAT) Merton says that “our idea of God” tells us more about ourselves than about…


When you’re up at the altar preaching to the congregation, you ever get the feeling no one’s listening?

Every single day.


What are you all dressed up for anyway, Mom?

I thought you weren’t coming to my ceremony?

Did… did you talk to Frank this morning?

I hung up on him earlier. Why?

Well, he’s having us all over for rib roast, you know, to celebrate his engagement to Faye.


HELEN: I thought he told you.

Well, he didn’t.

How long have you known about it?

Uh, three weeks.

Three weeks?

I’m innocent. I found out this morning.

And you didn’t… And you didn’t say anything?

Wasn’t my secret to share.

Yes, it was, Mom.

I’m your daughter.

FRANK: Hey, Helen.

Oh, hey, Frank.

Come on in.

I got Drew’s bag.

Do you, uh, you got any oregano?

Oh. You’re, uh, you’re home.

You have something you wanna confess?

Uh, well, yeah.

Um, Faye and I, we…

I told her, Frank.

FRANK: Okay.

Nice of you to let me know.

Well, I tried calling. A few times.

MARE: Did you get down on one knee?

‘Cause you skipped that part when we got engaged.

Uh, yeah, well, I was 20, Mare.

I didn’t do a lot of things right.

DAN: She’s a good woman, Frank.

We all like Faye very much.

“We all”?


MARE: What?

She can barely look me in the eyes, Mom.

DAN: I won’t even look you in the eyes, and I’m your cousin.



Oh. Congratulations.

Thanks, Mare.

Okay. I’m gonna go.

You forgot the oregano.

FRANK: Okay, uh, I’ll see you guys…

We’ll be over shortly.

DAN: See you, Frank.

Okay. All right. Bye.


MARE: Of all the houses he could move into, he has to buy the one right behind mine.

Well, I heard he got a really good deal on it.

DAN: Mm-hmm.

And since when is he a fucking cook?

He just needed a good woman to bring out the best in him.





SIOBHAN: Huh? Yeah.

I got a… I got an email from, uh, Drew’s school this morning.

Something about a concert tomorrow.

Uh, yeah. I’m getting his recorder together now.

Does he even know how to play that thing?

Siobhan, can you help me with my fish house?

SIOBHAN: Yeah. In a… in a minute, Drew.

Yes, Mom. He knows how to play.

You blow into it and move your fingers and look cute. He’ll be fine.

DREW: Siobhan!

Uh, just… just a second.



Did you know about your father and Faye?

Yes, Mom, I knew. I helped him plan it.

So everyone’s having a dinner over there because he’s a big cook all of a sudden, and no one’s coming to my ceremony. Is that it?

You told us you didn’t want us at the ceremony.

Do you not remember saying how stupid that whole thing was at dinner the other night?

Where are we with applications?

SIOBHAN: They’re not due till January 15th.

Today is the 10th, Siobhan.

I know it’s the 10th, and they have to be postmarked by the 15th.

Just get them in on time, all right?

There’s a reason I sent you to Gardner Academy.

Because I got a scholarship?

Because doors would be opened that weren’t open for people like your father and I.

Dad seems to be doing fine, especially now that he and Faye made it official.

Just get them in on time, all right?

Ten, fifteen years from now, when you’re happy and employed and far away from here…

No, I was planning on living here with you for the rest of my life.

You will thank me, okay?

So quit trying so goddamn hard to screw it up.


♪ You’re gonna see my stripes ♪

♪ I won’t flinch I won’t flinch ♪


He’s cute, right?

He’s hot.


JESS RILEY: Sorry. What? He’s hot.


How long have you even known him?

Uh, we’ve been texting back and forth for like three weeks.


You know what he said to me the other night?

JESS: What?

He said, “I want you to dance again.”

That seriously, like, almost made me start to cry, ’cause, I mean, you know how much I miss dancing, and it was, like, the one thing my mom and I used to do together.

But where are you meeting him?

Sharp’s Woods.


Erin, you know Brianna and those bitches are gonna be there.

She came over today with Dylan and started going off on me for texting him.

JESS: Well, did you?



Erin, jeez.

Just… I… I got really lonely one night and… Brendan wasn’t texting me back, so I sent Dylan, like, one message.

And what did it say?

It was something stupid like… “I miss when we use to sneak up to your parents’ attic,” or something.


Well, can you just… can’t you meet him somewhere else?

I don’t know, I would… I would stay away from Brianna if I were you.

It’s fine. We’re not gonna stay there all night.

Besides, maybe if she sees me with another guy, she’ll leave me alone.

Be excited for me.

I’m going on a date!


Hey, Mom?

TRISHA RILEY: Yeah, honey?

Can you come in here?

What’s up, babe?

Erin has got a big date tonight.

(GASPS) A big date, huh?

Oh, yeah.

Go get my makeup case out of my bathroom. Come on.

He’s not even gonna recognize you when I’m finished.


Where’d you find that turtle, Drew?

At the creek.

You give him a name yet?

(SIGHS) Right now, Watermelon and Rainbow are the frontrunners.

DREW: Also Fart-Smeller.



Now, cut it with the fart talk, Andrew.

No, no, no. We’re going to a party.

Here we are.

Hey, Helen!


Oh, my God.

Hey, buddy.

Hey, big boy.

All right. Get right in there.


NATHAN FORDE: Father Dan, you’re gonna sit in tonight, right?

Of course. Of course.

Can’t wait.


Yeah, of course. Of course.

We’ll see you inside.


NATHAN: Yikes.

Hey, babe.

You look really pretty.

Thank you.

Hey, Gabeheart, what are you looking at?

Uh, I got my cousin hitting up the dispensary tomorrow for us.



Anything but what we got last time.



You weren’t into the Rasta Reeces?

Oh, I was fine with it. Becca, on the other hand.

Hey, that was a shit batch.


Maybe eating 70 of them was not a good idea.

Or maybe Gabeheart bought junk.

Junk? My cousin has been getting us, like, actual good…

Like, he’s a weed ninja.

BECCA LYNCH: He’s a ninja? Wow.

‘Cause I always thought he was just a douche.


GEOFF GABEHEART: You starting to be like a pop star?

Becca? Becca, Becca.

I’m sorry, I’m a fucking expert when it comes to weed.

I’ve had a lot of fucking weed in my life, and that was a fucking shit batch, okay.

Calm down.

Stop. Just calm down.

I’m fucking calm!



Maybe next time, you shouldn’t eat a whole bag.

Okay, thank you, Mom.

SIOBHAN: I love you.

Yeah, thank you. Love you too.




Yes. Thank you, sweetheart.



How’s your mother doing?

Don’t worry about Mom tonight, Dad.

She’s going to the game with Lori.

All her friends will be there.

There’s nothing Mare Sheehan loves more than being a hero.


Will you put some Diet Coke in there too?


NATHAN: There she is!

Woo, woo, woo!

Kiss her. Kiss her. Kiss her.

SIOBHAN: Come on!


All right. We want a song.

Yeah, you got it!

Yeah. Of course. Of course.


SIOBHAN: (SINGING) ♪ I have a chain I wear around my neck ♪

♪ I did not choose my life And I won’t choose my death ♪

♪ Oh, here we are now Stuck between the two ♪

♪ Don’t you waste it ♪

MARE: Lor?

LORI ROSS: Be right down.

Hey, Ryan.


MARE: What you got?

Is that homework already?


It’s Friday night.

I just don’t wanna get behind.


Well, give yourself a little break sometimes, you know?

Hey, Moira girl.

Hi, Mare.


Anyone being mean to you in school?


Hmm. I hope you’re not lying to me.

No. Everyone’s really nice.

‘Cause you know, if they’re not being nice, I’m gonna have to come over and arrest them.

All right? (CHUCKLES)

Hey, Mare.

MARE: Hey.

Did you know about the engagement?

The what now?

You’re a shitty fucking liar, John.

JOHN ROSS: Frank said he wanted to tell you himself, so.

Well, he didn’t.

I found out from my mom an hour ago.

So here. Get started. How you holding up?


All right. Well we’re gonna go over to Frank’s now.

Have fun tonight, Mare.

Get, uh, get drunk.

I will.

I love you.

Love you. Have fun.

Come on.

Bye, Mom.

Bye now.


Have a good time.


LORI: Yeah.

Who’s coming tonight?

Everyone’s coming.


I think Stacey’s even flying in from Arizona.

I thought she was in San Diego.

Mm-mm. No. She got married a third time.

Remember I told you I got food poisoning at her rehearsal dinner?

(WHISPERING) Jumbo shrimp.

Jumbo shrimp.



Um, did you see Dawn on the news this morning?

Yes. I was hoping you didn’t catch that.

You know, it’s not about you. She just misses her daughter.

I know, but…

You know, Mare, she’s got stuff going on. You know, cancer treatment.


I’d only say this to you, Lor.

We’re never gonna find her. Never.

She’s a needle in a thousand fucking haystacks.

Yeah, I would keep that to yourself.

We gotta go. It’s 7:35.

Can we get a drink there, you know?

Is there, like, a reception or something?

LORI: You know what? I don’t know what the plan is, so you can drink, and I’ll drive.






How’s everyone doing?



Listen, I wanna thank everyone for joining us this evening to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the proudest moment in Easttown sports history, our state championship season!

I mean, I don’t really think of myself as being old enough to be a person who lives on a golf course, because…


But it’s convenient.

You guys should really come out west for a visit.

Mare, we got plenty of room. Lor, you’ve been to my house.

Yes. It’s quite something.

Ten bedrooms…


And a zero-edge pool.

Wow. Awesome.

Come out in February, March.

Escape the cold for a long weekend.

Yeah. Let’s, you know, toss around some dates.

Lor, remember how much fun we had at the wedding?

That was quite a weekend.

Oh, she had a blast.

You know, she never stops talking about that wedding.

The jumbo shrimp. Oh! Yeah. To die for.

Guys, I think that’s our cue.

She said, “to die for.”

Let’s go.

Right, Lor?

I did. It was delicious.

You love shrimp, remember?

I’m not talking to you anymore.

You love me. You fucking love me.


ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Help me bring them out here, folks.

Beth Hanlon.


Saw you on TV this morning, Dawn.


You know, if you don’t think I’m doing my job, I just wish you’d come to me first.

This isn’t about you, Mare. It’s about finding my daughter.

(WHISPERING) Mare, be quiet.

Yeah, I know that.

It’s not the right time.

I do know that, but I’m doing my job, Dawn.

Mare, it’s not the right…

Lor, get her away from me right now.

You know I’m doing my job.

Hey, it’s not the right time to have this conversation, okay?

You can have it later.

And it doesn’t help if you go on TV over and over and tell the whole goddamn town I’m fucking up.

Mare, stop now.

This isn’t about you, Mare. Not everything is.

LORI: All right, Mare.

It’s not the right time to have this talk.

Lor, get her off of me.

Lori Ross.

MARE: You know how hard I’ve worked to find Katie.

Hey, they’re calling our names, so just zip it for two seconds, okay?

Lori Ross, are you back there?

Every week, I sat with you…


(LOUDLY) Mare!


In the loop on the investigation every fucking step of the way.

I’ve knocked on every drug house door from West Chester to Kensington.

Not to mention the tips I’ve chased down.

Fucking hundreds.

Brought in the county dive team…

This isn’t about you, Mare.

To scrape the bottom of the Schuylkill.

How many times do I have to tell you?

Dawn Bailey.


Fuck. Shit.

And finally, Miss Lady Hawk herself.

Give it up for Mare Sheehan.





You might have to go down there. He’s not gonna see you up here.

It’s fine. I know him.

What can I get you, Lady Hawk?

Uh, Rolling Rock and a shot of Jameson.


Is this a good place to get a beer?

You like it here?

So far, yeah.

Then it’s a good place to get a beer.

You part of that reunion back there?


What’s it for?

It’s, uh, a basketball game… thing.

RICHARD RYAN: Sounds fun.

I just moved here from Syracuse a few months ago.

Well, I’m sorry. That’s, uh, that’s too bad.

It’s okay.

Give it time.

I’m Richard.

You’re seriously trying to pick me up right now?

Well, that depends. Is it working?



Okay. I’m sorry.

Look, I had seen you back there before and I was sitting here thinking about what I might say if I was to come and talk to you.

And then, uh, all of a sudden you’re there and I didn’t have anything good planned, so…

LORI: I’m taking off.

My apologies.

Oh, hey.

Do you need me to save you here?


Um, he’s not from around here.

Oh. I like him already.

Call me in 20 minutes.

Yeah. If I need you by then, that’ll be my escape.

Don’t make that face.

Twenty minutes.

You hurt?


No. Not really.

You didn’t tell me your name.


What do you do, Mare?

Uh, I’m a detective.

A detective?


You don’t have any bodies hidden under your porch, do you?

Uh, not yet, no. But, you know, I’ve only been here since September, so…

Why did you move to Easttown anyway?

I am guest lecturing at Kettleman College.

Creative writing.


So, you talk about writing? That’s a…


Oh, that’s a thing, huh?

(CHUCKLES) It’s a thing.

Oh. Cool. How’d you get that job?

I wrote a book once.

MARE: Was it any good?

You know, some people think so.

They made a TV movie out of it in the ’90s, starring Jill Eikenberry.

I don’t know who that is.

It doesn’t matter.

Why do they call you Lady Hawk?


I made a shot in a… In a basketball game, that… that basketball game, 25 years ago.

Okay. Must have been some shot.

In most places, no.

Around here, yeah.







Hey. Hi, Kerry.

Hey. How’s the baby?

It’s a boy, right?

Good. Yeah. DJ.

He actually just turned one.

It’s crazy how fast it goes.

Yeah. I’ve seen pictures of him on Instagram.

He’s really cute.

Thank you.

Is it weird, like, being a mom?

Um, it’s hard.

It’s, like, really hard. (CHUCKLES)

But I love it.

It’s like my whole life revolves around him now, you know?

It’s good seeing you guys.

SHANNON: Yeah, good seeing you.

KERRY: It’s really good seeing you.








BRIANNA: Erin, I want you to dance again.

What’s going on?

BRIANNA: I don’t know. What’s going on?

Oh, yeah. There’s no Brendan. Right.

I made him up.

I told you I was gonna get your ugly ass.

Did you text Dylan about sneaking up to his parents’ attic?

What happened up in the attic?

That’s where she’d suck my dick.

BRIANNA: Are you gonna stop texting my man now?


I asked you a question, you dumb bitch.





BRIANNA: Are you gonna stop texting my man now?

What are you doing? Get the hell off of her!


SIOBHAN: What are you doing? Get off of her!

BRIANNA: Are you? Huh?

You dirty fucking skank.

Hey. Hey! Get off of her. Stop.

Hey, you all right? You all right?

You okay?

What’s wrong with you, man?

Don’t fucking touch her. Back the fuck up.

SIOBHAN: It’s okay. It’s okay.

DYLAN: Shut the fuck up. Beat it.

Come back, it’ll be fun!

That’s your man.

BRIANNA: Two for two, dude!

Do you need a ride home?




RICHARD. Okay, so that’s Coco’s. Right. So it’s…

It’s Laspada’s for hoagies and Coco’s for cheesesteaks?

Cheesesteaks. You got it. It’s…

I… I think what I wanted to say to you, had I… had I got up the nerve, is that you’re a very beautiful woman.



RICHARD: You’re not married, are you?


Can we, um, can we go somewhere else?



Oh, wait. Hold on.

Fuck. Oh, jeez.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

You don’t have to rush off. You can stay, you know?

Oh, that’s… that’s okay.

I have to take my grandson to school tomorrow.

You’re a grandma?

Did I fuck like a grandma?

Oh, a very hot grandma.

His name is Drew. He’s four.

RICHARD: Well, can I at least call you, Lady Hawk?


No. I fucking hate that name.

No, I mean, can I call you and ask you out to dinner or lunch or something?


Yeah, I think this was kind of a one-time thing.



Well, does it have to be?

My life’s complicated.

Well, if it means anything, I had a good time with you tonight.

That’s your book, huh?

Yeah. The one and only.

MARE: How come you never wrote another one?

I guess I peaked early. (CHUCKLES)

National Book Award winner. Wow. Sounds fancy.

In some places, yeah.

Around here, not so much.

So, uh, can I call you?

I’ll call you.

Can I keep it?

Well, I don’t know.

That’s a signed limited edition copy, so, you know…


What can I get for it on eBay?

Eighteen fifty.

Twenty if the market’s up.

I’ve sold a bunch to pay the rent.

Good night.

Good night… Lady Hawk.



MARE: 75-51 Delcom. I got a visual on a suspicious male. Matches the description of the prowler seen this morning.

Send a marked unit to the area.

DISPATCHER: (ON RADIO) You got it, Mare.



HELEN: Mare?



What are you doing up?

Uh, my legs are acting up again.

I feel like I got ants crawling through ’em.

Don’t ever get old.

What’s your excuse?

My excuse?

For walking in at 3:30 in the morning.



You’re living in my house now, remember?

The hell’s that supposed to mean?

(SIGHS) It means I can come home at 3:30 a.m., drunk, high, or sideways if I want to, and not be made to feel I’m a fool.

Oh, well, good for you, Mare.

Yeah. It is good for me.

HELEN: You’re a lot of things I don’t like, but you’re not a fool.



You get it all out, buddy?


MARE: Okay. Come on. Let’s go.

Gran, can you rub my head?

MARE: Mm-hmm.

Okay. In you get.

Come on. Up.

I named my turtle Kevin because my dad was named Kevin.


Did my dad also like turtles?

(SIGHS) He did. Yeah.


Come on. Look at your stars.












SINGER: ♪ Between two floors ♪

♪ My dreams and yours ♪

♪ Following a friend ♪

♪ Foregoing ♪

♪ The end ♪

♪ From the hammers to the ears ♪

♪ We invite our fears ♪

♪ With pockets of light ♪

♪ Chasing ♪

♪ The night ♪


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