Mare of Easttown – Episode 3 – Enter Number Two [Transcript]

As Mare and Colin parse new physical evidence, phone records lead to an unlikely suspect. After lashing out at Helen about a possible custody fight over Drew, Mare receives some unprompted advice from Richard on how to move forward with Carrie. Later, Kenny and Mare face the consequences of their misguided attempts to protect their families.
Mare of Easttown - Episode 3 - Enter Number Two

Original air date: May 2, 2021

Lori relays Jess’ theory to Mare, who promptly confronts Frank. He admits he was closer to Erin than previously stated, but denies any sexual relations or involvement with the murder. Dylan survives his shooting, and Mare gathers paternity tests from both him and Frank. Erin’s finger, missing from a defensive gunshot wound, is found in a local park, where Mare recovers a bullet. The park is identified as the kill site, with Erin dumped in the river afterward. Erin’s phone records reveal her last phone call was to Deacon Mark. While Mark is initially cooperative and claims he was counseling Erin in a time of crisis, Zabel uncovers records that the church had him transferred to Easttown for unknown reason, and Mark stops speaking to the police. Mark is later shown removing Erin’s bicycle from his car and throwing it in the river. Mare goes on a date with Richard, where both discuss their dysfunctional family histories. Siobhan works on a documentary about her brother Kevin for a school project. She grows fed up with her girlfriend Becca’s irresponsible behavior when her excessive marijuana use derails their band’s set at a college radio station. She later agrees to a date with Anne, the station DJ. Mare runs into a drunken Zabel at a bar, who vents about his life’s disappointments and unsuccessfully propositions her. Trying to prevent Carrie from gaining custody of Drew, Mare plants heroin from the evidence room in her car. Chief Carter immediately catches onto the ploy and puts Mare on administrative leave.

* * *





MEDICAL EXAMINER: Decedent is Erin Catherine McMenamin.

A hundred and nine pounds and sixty inches in length.

Approximate time of death between midnight and 2:00 a.m.


BILLY ROSS: I… I’m sorry, Johnny.

I… I was so tired last night, I just…

JOHN ROSS: Hey, Billy, it’s not your fault.

BILLY: He took the fucking gun.

Jesus Christ.

He probably blew his brains out by now.

No tears, abrasions, ecchymosis.

Any signs of rape?

MEDICAL EXAMINER: There’s no evidence to suggest she was sexually assaulted.

No semen was found inside the body.

No evidence of vaginal or anal trauma.

The bruises on her body are consistent, meaning they appeared to have happened all around the same time.

Wait. When she was ambushed in the woods?

MEDICAL EXAMINER: Or not long after.

What about the missing finger?

MEDICAL EXAMINER: Appears to have been severed by a bullet.

I sent the fingernails scrapings out to the lab, along with the underwear, but I’m not confident we’ll find much.

What the hell are we doing out here, anyway?

Graham said he saw his truck parked on Edmonds Road late last night.

He’s gotta be out here somewhere.

John. Ken. Ken.

Hey, Ken!



What the hell are you doing down there?

I got him.

I got him, Johnny.

Got who?


I killed that son of a bitch.

If it’s not a sexual assault, why take all of her clothes off?

Maybe they wanted to make it look like it was.

Could have been a date gone wrong.

They start to have sex, she stops it, which pisses him off.


Come on. It was 28 degrees that night.

Why mess around in the freezing cold when you can take it to the backseat of a warm car?


So, the ME said she was killed between 12:00 and 2:00.

There were still kids out on those woods then, and we know no one heard a gunshot.

No. Erin wasn’t murdered out in those woods.

She was killed somewhere else and her body was dumped there.


That would explain why her bike’s still missing.

She rode it out of there that night.


Hey, John.

All right.

All right. I’ll… I’ll meet you at the station.

MARE SHEEHAN: Knowing and understanding your rights as I’ve explained them, are you willing to talk to us today without an attorney present?


All right, Kenny.

Tell us why you’ve come to the station today.

KENNY: Last night, I picked up Dylan Hinchey outside of the gas station on Bridge Street.

I had my gun with me.

I made him drive out to Leahy Road, and I, uh…


I shot him.

I killed him.

I killed him… for killing my little girl.

You didn’t kill him, Kenny.

Dylan Hinchey’s alive.

DOCTOR: The bullet went through his posterior flank.

Fortunately, it didn’t hit any organs.

So we performed a laminectomy and removed the bullet.



Is he gonna walk again?

DOCTOR: We don’t know.

Once he regains consciousness, we’ll begin to evaluate for any deficits.

Your son is very lucky that he was brought in.

I don’t know that he would have survived if he were left out there much longer.





Kevin, your sister’s so fucking annoying.


Get the fuck out of here.

KEVIN SHEEHAN: Watch your language.

CARRIE LAYDEN: (CHUCKLES) Oh. ‘Cause of the baby?







The first time I realized my brother was different was when my mom took us to see Harry Potter.

Kevin’s tics were bad that day. He started snorting.

The kids in front of us turned around, and one of them said, “Fucking weirdo.”

My mom was so embarrassed, we left before the trailers ended.




TEACHER: Okay, everyone, don’t forget to get your documentary edits in by Friday.

Thank you. Have a good day.


Ow! Ow!


Ow! That hurts.

Ow! Ow!

No. Come on.

Hey, hey, hey. Come on.

Hold still, all right? I’m not gonna hurt you.

I spy with my little eye a ukulele.



One more. Do more.

Uh, I spy with my little eye a turtle.

Found him.


His name is Kevin.


MARE: You got it.

Nana said I might need to live with my mom.

Well, she is so silly.

That’s… that’s not gonna happen, all right?

You’re gonna stay right here with us.

Always. (WHISPERS) Mom?

All right. Go.

SIOBHAN SHEEHAN: I spy with my little eye…

Window looks pretty great, huh?

Yeah. Ellen Clark’s youngest son came out this morning to fix it.

All right. I’m going to Dad’s.



The fuck? Why are you telling him he might have to go live with his mom?

‘Cause he might have to go live with his mom.

Shit, Mom. Jesus fucking Christ.

He’s four years old, Mom.

We don’t know what’s gonna happen, all right?

Don’t be telling him stuff like that.

He’s lived this house his entire life, Mom.

Which is why we need to prepare him.

Otherwise he’ll feel like the ground is just falling out beneath him.

I called Kathy Dryers today.

You did what?

HELEN FAHEY: She works over at the Child and Youth Services.

And I thought that she might be…

I know where Kathy Dryers works. Why the hell are you calling her?

Because I wanna find out how this whole custody thing works.

But that is not your place, Mom. All right?

She told me, Carrie has a… a place to stay, and a job…

It’s so fucking out of line for you to be telling him stuff like that, Mom. -…and she stays clean, and takes her meds!

She is his mother!

She’s the mother. She’ll get custody.

And there’s not a damn thing you or I can do about it.

I’ll figure something out.

HELEN: What’s there to figure out?



You’re not his guardian, all right?

HELEN: I know that! You don’t have to say that!

Mom. Stay out of it.


Understand me?

Hey, hey.

Hey. Hi.


Want a beer?


Picking up on a weird energy in here.

Yeah. It’s the energy of betrayal.

Oh, cut it out, Mare. Jesus Christ.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

That’s your cue to fuck off.

Oh, God. Sorry.

Good luck.

She’s in one of her giant asshole moods tonight.

You know what? Fuck you.

HELEN: Yeah, fuck you, too.


MARE: My God.

Next time she goes to church, I swear to God, I’m gonna take all of her stuff and I’m gonna fucking burn it.

What’s going on?


Jess Riley came over to the house late last night.

You know, she was Erin’s friend.

MARE: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

And she told me Dylan Hinchey isn’t DJ’s real father.



What? Why would she come to you with that information, and not the police?

Well, that’s what I asked her, and she said she didn’t wanna come to you, because…


…she thinks the real father is Frank.


My Fr… What?


No, Lor, this… No way that’s…

That’s what I said too, but she said she saw the two of them together.

Together? Like, what… What does that mean?

How? Lor? I mean…

Twice at Erin’s house after school… she saw Frank pull into the driveway with Erin in the car.

And she said that he got out with diapers and wipes and formula and brought it in for her.

And I just… (INHALES)

Why… would Frank do all of that?


I’m gonna go find out.

Hey. Mare, slow down. Don’t go now.


MARE: Don’t stop me, please.

Please don’t stop me.

LORI: Oh, shit. Mare.

No, no, no. Not…


SIOBHAN: Cheater.






Hey, Mare.

MARE: C… can we talk?

Um. You remember, this is Faye’s son, Patrick, and his girlfriend, Rose?



It’ll… It’ll only take a minute.

Well, can we do it tomorrow?

We’re in the middle of the game here.

MARE: I’d prefer if we did it now.

We’re in the middle of something, Mare.

Can we do this tomorrow?

You lied to me the other night.

Erin McMenamin, you said you never really talked to her.

It was a lie.

Will you excuse me for a minute?

So you knew her more than you were letting on, huh?


But we could have this conversation in a different way.

What different way? I’m investigating her murder.

FRANK: Or not when Faye’s son is here, who just got here from California!

So excuse me for forgetting my fucking manners!

Mom! What’s going on?

Ask your father. He lied to me.

He knew Erin McMenamin when he told me he didn’t.

And there’s a rumor he’s the father of her baby.

What? What the fuck is…


So what’s the truth, huh?


Yeah, I helped her out.

It was after Kevin died, and…

She confided in me after class one day.

She was upset. Things weren’t good at home.

She needed things for her baby and… I felt sorry for her, so I bought her a few things.

Did you have sex with her?

Mom, are you fucking serious right now?

MARE: Get back in the house, Siobhan.

FRANK: No, stay right there.

No. Fuck you.

Don’t talk to me like that.

FRANK: I’m not afraid… Stay…

Please, get back in the house.

No, you stay right there.

No. I never had sex with her.

And you know I never did. You know I never would.

Besides, where the hell did you even hear crap like that anyway?

MARE: Lori.

Someone told Lori.


Are you willing… (SIGHS) …to take a paternity test?

Sure, Mare. I’ll take your test.

Have your lab guys come over to the house.

MARE: That’s not how it works.

Well, you tell me how it works.

I’m not afraid of their test, just like I’m not afraid to talk about our son!

FRANK: Come on. Let’s go in.

Hey, guys, sorry about that.


KATHERINE HINCHEY: She was a good mother, Erin.

On our weekends with him, she would call me and say, “I’m dying to see him.” (CHUCKLES)

And I’d sneak him out of the house, and she’d be waiting in the driveway in her dad’s truck.


She’d just squeeze him for a minute.

Dylan didn’t like that I let her do that, but… as a mother, I understood, you know?

I’m really sorry about what happened to your son.

What can we help you with, detective?

I need Dylan to submit a DNA sample.

He didn’t kill Erin.

We received information that he might not be DJ’s real father.


No. That’s impossible. Who even told you that?

I mean…

It might be just a rumor.

They’re not sure he’s ever gonna walk again.

I understand, but I’m investigating a murder right now.

So, I’m sorry, but I… I do need to be sure.

This could help his case.

Okay. Okay. We’ll talk to Dylan.

COLIN ZABEL: The night of Friday the 10th, where were you?

I was celebrating my engagement.

We had a small party at my house, with, uh, friends and family.

About 10:00, we went to the Forest Lodge.

I got home around… 2:30 in the morning.

ZABEL: How’d you get home?

FRANK: A friend.

ZABEL: Which friend?

John Ross.

ZABEL: And who’s John Ross?

Mare knows him. He’s married to her best friend.

(INHALES) Of course.


Will you submit to a DNA sample?

Yes. But I want you to know something, detective.

I never had sex with Erin McMenamin.

And I certainly didn’t kill her.




MARE: Morning.

Erin McMenamin’s cell phone records just came in.

I left them on your desk.


Frank’s here… with Faye.


Okay. Thanks for the heads up.




All right. You’re all done.



So, how’d it go at the hospital with the Hincheys?

They’re gonna speak to Dylan about, uh, giving us a DNA sample when he wakes up.

Time-stamped records from Erin McMenamin’s cell phone.

Last call made was at 10:55 p.m.

After the fight in the woods?

Who did she call?

Deacon Mark Burton.

He’s a priest at Saint Michael’s Parish.





Have you finally heard the call of God?

Detective Zabel, Father Hastings.

Expert Manhattan drinker and pastor here at Saint Michael’s.

Also happens to be my cousin.

Nice to meet you, Father.

DAN HASTINGS: You as well, detective.

We’re looking for Deacon Mark. Is he in?

Yeah. Uh. Well, he’s… He’s over at the church.

I’ll walk you over.

No. That’s okay.

Stay. We’ll go over and get him.

Is there anybody you’re not related to?


So what do we do? Do we bring him in?

Nope. We’re gonna question him right here.

In the house of God?

Makes it harder for him to lie.

Since, uh… you were the last call Erin McMenamin made the night she was killed, you’d agree it’s important for us to get the context of that, uh, conversation.

Is that all right, deacon?

Yes. Of course.

All right.


Where were you the night of January 10th?

I was here at the rectory all night with Father Peter.

Can you tell us what you and Erin discussed on your call?

We spoke briefly. A couple of minutes, I think.

And she… she was very upset. I could tell she’d been crying.

There was some betrayal, I gathered, but I… I didn’t get into specifics.

Why would she call you?

Uh, pardon?

Well, a 16-year-old girl with friends, a dad.

I mean, why call Deacon Mark at Saint Michael’s?

Seems kinda like an odd choice, right?

I don’t see it as odd. No. I… We had a relationship.

A friendship that began while she was in our parish youth group.

I… I make myself available to all members of our parish, but especially our youth.

I find that they need me the most.

Do other members of the youth group call you at eleven o’clock at night?

No. Not usually, no.

But if they did, I would answer.

MARE: Were you ever alone with Erin?

Yes. There were… Over the years, there were times that we were alone.

Does that, um, does that worry you at all, deacon?

I mean, you know, being alone with a child, with all the recent reports of priests, uh…

Of course. There were, yeah.

But I can’t allow it to stop me from fulfilling my vocation.

That’s a battle I can’t avoid. I won’t.

And what are you, uh… what are you battling, exactly?

Human weakness.

Loneliness, doubt, hatred, irresolution.

It’s not my battle. It’s Christ’s battle.

So I… I don’t ever see it as me offering mercy.

It’s Christ himself working through me.

I’m his vessel.

Just so we’re all clear, was it you on the phone with Erin or Christ himself?



That was me, detective.

MARE: Hmm. Hmm.

And did she say where she was going?


Seems odd you wouldn’t call and tell us that she, uh, phoned you the same night she was murdered.

Did she, uh… How did you end the call?

I told her that, uh, she was loved, and I said, “God bless.”



DEACON MARK: All right.

Thank you.

Appreciate your time, deacon.

Yes. Of course. Anything I can do to help.

Oh. Oh, uh, one last thing.

Will you give us consent to look at your cell phone?

Or we can head back to the station, get a warrant, come back for it.

It’s your choice.

There’s… no need.

What’s your passcode?

It’s four, eight, five, two.

Have a nice day.

DAN: Everything go all right?

MARE: Where’s Siobhan?


MARE: Mom?

Her room’s a goddamn disaster, and it smells like pot.


The band has a radio show over at Haverford College.

You look nice. Where are you going?

I have a date.

No shit.

All right. Don’t act so surprised.

Well, I mean, is… is it somebody I know?

No. His name is Richard.

And, uh… And he… And he’s a writer.

That’s wonderful, Mare.

All right. Just don’t… Like…

Like, you haven’t met him yet, you know?

Like, what if the Elephant Man walks through the door?

(CHUCKLES) I’m just glad he exists.

And… and that you’re… You’re going out and… moving on with your life.


HELEN: Hey, you know what you should do?

You should parade him right past Frank’s house.

You know, maybe grab his ass.



I don’t think that would be very wise right now.


That’s probably him.



You look great.

MARE: Oh, thanks.

HELEN: Richard.

Uh, come on in.


Mare, aren’t you gonna introduce us? (CHUCKLES)

Uh. Richard, this is my mother, Mrs. Fahey.

RICHARD RYAN: Oh, nice to meet you, Mrs. Fahey.

I see where Mare gets her beauty.

Um, well, it was very nice to meet you too.

And, please, call me Helen.

Helen. Of course.

HELEN: Mare has told me all about you.

MARE: That’s a lie.


I literally told her about you 30 seconds ago. (WHISPERS) Mom!

So, where’d you two meet?

MARE: Forest Tavern.

But I have managed to coax her out to a restaurant this evening.

Oh, I bet that didn’t take too much coaxing.

Okay. We’re leaving.


Let’s go. Let’s go.

Okay. All right.

Good night, Helen.

Good night. Bye, Richard.


All right. I am Anne Harris, and you’re listening to WWXU Haverford College Radio.

That was Mannequin Pussy.

Next up, I saw these guys play a few weeks back, and their set totally blew me away.

So get ready for a local band with big promise.

Androgynous, coming up live in our studio.



Becca, we go on in two minutes.

Are you gonna be okay?

I’m fine. I’m totally fine.

I’m just resting.

Thought we talked about how this was a big opportunity and you guys weren’t gonna pre-game.

Well, w… we… we didn’t.

But, yeah, Becca definitely ate a handful of edibles before we got here.


Speaking of, I was thinking that we could take ours now, and then they would hit us right after the set.

No. No.



Hey, guys.


♪ Share a drink, a look… ♪

Hey, so I just wanted to give you, like, a little preview.

So I’ll do a little introduction.


ANNE HARRIS: And then I’ll turn it over to…

♪ Walkin’ up to you… ♪

To me, yeah.


I wasn’t sure, so…


Okay. I just wasn’t sure.



Oh, my God.


Oh, god. Shit. Shit.


Fuck me. Jesus Christ.

I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.


I’m so sorry.

It’s okay, I think I have an extra sweatshirt.

Gabeheart, help us out, man.

BECCA: No. No. I’m fine.

Here. Put this on her, and I’ll run and get some towels.

SIOBHAN: Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry.

NATHAN FORDE: Sorry, Anne.

SIOBHAN: Arms up. Arms up, Becca. Come on.

BECCA: Guys? I have to pee.

♪ I’m so happy ♪

He’s so funny right now. He’s… God, he’s cute.

He has a loose tooth. Finally out of diapers at night.

My daughter is great with him.

She’s in her last year of high school.

RICHARD: What’s her name?



So… why did you become a writer?

Oh, uh… well… my home life was shit, you know?

My, um… my mom was basically a string of major depressive episodes, you know?

She was there, not there. And… and my father, uh…


You close to your father?

He was my… my best friend.

And he passed away when I was 13.



He was a detective.


MARE: Yeah.

You know, if he’d been a bartender, I would’ve been a bartender.

If he had shoveled shit, I probably would have shoveled shit, you know?


You must miss him?

Yeah, I do.

Well, at least you still have your mother.

Oh, we can’t stand each other.

Oh, come on. You live together.

Well, when Frank moved out, she moved in to help, uh, take care of Drew after my, uh… uh, my… my son died.

Oh, Mare. I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t know that.

(CHUCKLES) I didn’t tell you, so…

RICHARD: Had… had he been sick?

Uh. Yeah.

Yeah. And now, his…

His girlfriend, Drew’s mother, wants custody.

But he’s always lived with us, and she’s been in and out of rehab, so…

I’m trying to figure out a way to keep him.

Yeah. It’s a big mess at the moment.


My ex took my son away. And…

she had every right to at the time.

You know, I… I was not ready to be a father.

(EXHALES) I mean, this was ’96, and… and Luke was two.

You know, I’d written the book. Everyone loved it.

Uh, women, especially, loved it.

And I loved it that they wanted to know… hear what I had to say. So… suffice to say, I s… spent many years waking up with women I didn’t wanna see anymore.

What… So, what happened with your son?

I mean… d’you get to see him or what?

Yeah. It’s okay, you know? We…

We’re good. We have a good relationship now.



I know it’s not the same thing, but I…

I think you ought to sit with Drew’s mother and… and… and tell her… that you wanna be part of his life.


And if it feels like you… You’re conceding something or whatever, you’re not.

RICHARD: Okay? He’s your grandson.

You don’t wanna lose him.


Sorry. I forgot my purse.

Oh, your purse?


Yeah, I have it.



ANNE: Here you go.



Is she okay?

Yeah. Yeah. She’ll be fine.

She just needs to party less. A lot less.


I thought you guys were great at Bryn Mawr.

Thank you. (CHUCKLES)

You have a really beautiful voice.


(CHUCKLES) Oh, sorry. Um…

So, do you guys have a show this weekend?

SIOBHAN: No. No. We’re off.


Well, I have an extra ticket to see Boygenius at the Met on Friday night.

Oh. Um…

♪ Pick through The empty dirt… ♪

Oh, yeah. That’s me asking you out on a date, Siobhan.


♪ Shoddy work ‘Cause I’m interested… ♪

Uh, I can’t.

I’m sorry.

Oh. No, that’s okay.

Thank you.

ANNE: Sure. Yeah.

♪ Right beneath my nails… ♪


A group of kids were playing football and came across it.

We get the K-9 out?

He’s here now.

Alerted to something over by the amphitheater already.


ZABEL: Should we be looking for Erin’s bike?

The ME said she was killed between midnight and 2:00 a.m.

We’re 13.7 miles away from Creedham Creek.

There’s no way she rode her bike that far.

Someone must’ve picked her up.


Hi. Detective Sheehan. This is, uh, Detective Zabel.

So what did we find?

The dog hit on scents in two places.

Over there, where finger was found, and right here, all along this bridge.



Okay. Thank you.

Boyle, I wanna yellow tape this entire area right around the pond, 50 yards back.

Nobody in or out, except forensics.

All right? Nobody.

You got it, Mare.

Okay. I think we found our crime scene.

ZABEL: Mm-hmm.

MARE: All right, Zabel.

The killer shoots her here. Why drag her body over there?

Come on.

To hide the body.

He puts her there, goes and gets his car… then comes back and picks her up.

Takes her body out to Creedham Creek.



There’s no bullet found lodged in Erin’s body, right?

Who knows where that went.

ZABEL: Right.

There’s probably casings and projectiles right around here.

ZABEL: Right.

And we know there’s at least two bullets ’cause she was shot twice.

No, she was hit twice. Maybe just once, if her hand was up protecting her face.

She could have been shot at a hundred times for all we know.

There could be bullet fragments all over this fucking park.

Right. (EXHALES) Right.

Uh… we could bring in metal detectors, but depending on the angle, it’s… it’s a very large area.

Yeah. That’s why we’re calling out the firearm K-9s.

You guys even have firearm K-9s?

No. No. But county does.

Top-notch dogs, too, from what I hear.

Just need someone to make the call.

Those bullets could be half a mile in any direction.


You really want me round up all the dogs out here on a… on a long shot like this?

Unless you got a better idea… hero detective.



Yeah, it’s Zabel. Uh.

Can you tell county radio, I need… all six firearm dogs out at Brandywine Park, ASAP?

Dude, I don’t give a shit if they’re off duty.

You gotta get me these dogs.


Thanks, guys.

You just got that overtime.






What the fuck?

Let’s call it a night, huh?

We’ve been out here five hours now.

MARE: Those dogs picked up something around here.

You heard ’em.

Well, sometimes they’re wrong. Even the top-notch county dogs.

It’s fucking freezing out.

We checked every inch of this place, twice.


ZABEL: Yeah.

You should have worn a thicker jacket.

Look at this.

There. You see that nick?

ZABEL: Yeah.

It’s a ricochet.






Good work, hero detective.

Can you feel that?


DOCTOR: See if you can put some pressure on my palm.



Dylan, you are a very lucky young man.

Best thing you can do right now is rest, okay?


KATHERINE: Thank you.

Thanks, doc.


I’m gonna walk around, see if he’ll go to sleep.

ANNOUNCER: (OVER PA) Dr. Evans to recovery, please.

Dr. Evans to recovery.




D… A, uh, detective… came by the hospital the other day.

She said there were some rumors going around about DJ.

What kind of rumors?

About him… maybe… not being your son.

What the fuck?

Of course he’s my son.

STEVE: That’s what I said.

I know…

Like, that’s the last fucking thing I need to hear right now.

I get it. It’s bullshit. I do.

Who’s going around saying that, anyway?

Hey, hey. I’m sorry I brought it up, okay?

But I think you should do the test to be sure.


ANNOUNCER: (OVER PA) Everybody, welcome to the 37th Annual Winter Food Drive.

Meal and raffle tickets can be ordered at the main tent across from the west bleachers.



Hey. Thank you. Ooh, Superman pants.

ANNOUNCER: Reminder, all proceeds go to supporting the Easttown Food Bank. Thank you.

Mm. Yeah, you get the spaghetti dinner, five dollars each.

I swear that the police ought to be looking at him.

Who? Who’s that?

BETTY CARROLL: Kathy Lahey’s son.

They live right behind us, and he’s very strange.

Thank you.

CUSTOMER 1: Thank you.

I don’t think he’s strange, Betty.

How many?

CUSTOMER 2: Just two.

Well, he’s… he’s one of those people that leaves town…

HELEN: Here you go.

CUSTOMER 2: Thanks so much.

…and you find out ten years later that he murdered somebody down in Florida.

Do you mind? There’s a child present.

And you say, “Yep!”

Just one… Oh, two? Okay.

(SINGSONGS) “Not surprised.”



Thank you. Here you go.

Is he looking at me?


Is he still?


CUSTOMER 3: Two more burgers…

Sure. Yes. Two tickets.

…and two more hotdogs.

CUSTOMER 4: One water, please. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Hey, Lor, uh…


…let me, uh, have one of those.

MARE: It’s warm.


I need cheese. We’re out.

I’m not in charge of the cheese, Mare.

What’s up your ass, anyway?

We’re two feet apart, and you haven’t said a word to me all day.

Well, Frank told me you made him submit a DNA sample.

I didn’t make him do anything, all right?

He willingly came to the station.

You really think Frank had anything to do with this, Mare?


Well, if he needs an alibi…

I brought him home, 2:30 in the morning, singing “Uptown Girl.”

Then he took a piss in the closet.


ZABEL: Hey, Mare!



A message on the tip line.

Anonymous caller asking us to look into the circumstances of Deacon Mark’s transfer to Saint Michael’s.

MARE: Circumstances of the transfer?

What does that mean?

It means he was at one parish and got shipped off to another for a reason.

Has your cousin mentioned anything

about why Deacon Mark was transferred?


But I haven’t asked.




Light’s on.

Where does he drink those Manhattans?



STEVE: What’s that? You want that there?

Put some of those there?


Will you bring him over here, Dad?

Just put him on my lap.

The doctor said you’re not supposed to put…

Just put him on my lap.



Go see Dada.

Here we go.






Oh, for fuck’s sake.

BETTY: I want those removed right now.

GLENN CARROLL: Settle down, B.

BETTY: Settle down?

What if it was your penis painted out there?

GLENN: I don’t know what the big deal is.

They don’t even look like yours.

I know who did it, too.

That little bastard sitting right there.

No, we don’t know that. It could have been anybody.

Did you get that, uh, security camera set up, Mr. Carroll?

Yeah. Yeah. Let me get my glasses.

BETTY: Oh, this is awful.

GLENN: Well, you shouldn’t have been spreading rumors about him, Betty. It serves you right.

BETTY: This is humiliating.

I don’t think I can even go outside in this neighborhood.

I can’t set foot in the church. This is terrible.

GLENN: Got ’em, Mare.



GLENN: Anything?


Still don’t seem like it’s working, Mr. Carroll.

GLENN: What do you mean it’s not working?

BETTY: Big surprise.

Can’t you do anything right?

Will you let it rest?

MARE: How’s it been going here?

It’s going.

We got a new batch of roommates in today.

One of them brought bedbugs with her.

Everyone is freaking out.

I washed my bedsheets four times already. (CHUCKLES)

I’m assuming you’re here ’cause you got the court papers.

You had to know I was gonna come for him.

Yeah. I was, uh… hoping we could wait until at least the school year was over.

CARRIE: I’ve waited long enough.

I’ve missed enough of his life already.

I, uh, signed a lease on a new apartment.

I just think a change right now could really disrupt him.

CARRIE: Kids are resilient, right?

Do you remember anything from when you were four years old? ‘Cause I don’t.

Soon we’ll get into a routine, then he won’t remember his life without me.


Did Frank tell you about the tics we’ve been noticing recently?

CARRIE: I don’t care about any of that shit.

Well, I don’t wanna give him up.

So if we go to court, I’m gonna tell the judge that you’re an unfit mother, and that you have psychotic breaks, and that you couldn’t raise a fucking kid to save your life.

And that you see ghosts in the trees, and you fucking talk to people who aren’t fucking there.

And I’ll tell the judge that I’m on medication now, and I haven’t had an episode in sixteen months.

And he’s my son, goddammit! Mine!

Not yours!


Kevin fucking hated you.

Do you know how much he despised you?

And if he knew you were raising our son…


So, yes, I want my son back for me, but also for Kevin.

‘Cause he deserves a lot better than you.

ZABEL: E-trace records came back.

Besides Kenny, nobody else has any registered firearms, including Dylan and Brianna’s parents.

As far as suspects go, we’re looking at family member or intimate partner.

Which gives us Dylan and Kenny.

We can’t confirm Kenny’s whereabouts all night.

Maybe he kills Erin in a heated argument over the baby, and shoots Dylan in a drunken rage for causing it.

Why confess to shooting Dylan but not Erin?

You’d be surprised at the things that people will and won’t confess to.

ZABEL: Well, what about Brianna?

We know she had bad blood with Erin.

Erin’s body was moved from Brandywine Park and dumped all the way out at Creedham Creek.

You think Brianna could have done all of that on her own?

Not on her own, but if Dylan helped her…

I mean, Dylan could’ve helped her.

Jinx! You owe me a Coke.

Then there’s the deacon.

You run his cell phone?

Yep. Nothing substantial.

Uh, a few texts between him and Erin.

Mostly around the time she had the baby.

Wanna take another run at him?

No. Not yet.

May only get one more chance.

Once the diocese knows we’re sniffing around, he’ll lawyer up.


Everything all right?

Just tired of staring at this stuff, hoping for an answer.

How’d you crack it?

That case in Upper Darby with the ten-year-old girl.

Oh, um…

No magic.

Just, uh… (CLEARS THROAT) …worked the case.

Became consumed with it. Obsessed.

I read through statements. Read them again.

Went back to interview people, friends, family, neighbors.

Everyone. And, uh…

I just kept doing it.

Seeing whose story changed, whose timeline shifted.

Looking for inconsistencies… over and over and over until, uh…


a crack.

In that case, her neighbor.

There was an hour he couldn’t account for.

I knew he worked construction out on Ridge Pike.

There was a dump site out that way.

That’s where her body was found?

We brought her home.

That’s all that matters.




A month before he killed himself, my brother left the house one morning.

He didn’t say goodbye. He didn’t kiss his son.

He left a burnt waffle in the toaster.

And then two days later, he sent me this video.

He says something at the end, but it’s cut off.

It was the last time I heard his voice.

He and Carrie weren’t getting along then.

And I’ve always wondered who was with him.

Was he alone?



♪ In Massachusetts ♪

♪ Only thirty minutes From Alewife ♪

♪ I lay in my room ♪

♪ Wonderin’ why I’ve got this life ♪

♪ I met you by surprise ♪

♪ You were hangin’ out All the time ♪

♪ But you know You saved me from doin’ ♪

♪ Something to myself That night… ♪



I just wanted to get this back.

Thanks. (CHUCKLES)


Is that, um…

Is that concert ticket still available?

Yeah. Yeah, it’s still available. (LAUGHS)

Come in.



♪ Coming out of my cage ♪

♪ And I’ve been doing Just fine ♪

♪ Gotta, gotta be down Because I want it all… ♪


♪ How did it end up like this? ♪

♪ It was only a kiss It was only a kiss… ♪

ZABEL: Well, howdy-do there, partner.

How are ya?

Hey. What are you doing here?

Uh. Drinking.

It’s the, uh, post-game with the boys.

We had our, uh, fifteen-year high school reunion over tonight at McGillin’s.

It’s, uh, Ridley High Raiders, class of ’05.

What are you doing? What about you?

What’s going on?

I’m just trying to drink away a bad thought.

Let me help you.

Uh, bar guy!

Sorry, I won’t do that again. Uh…

Can we get one more for the milady, and, uh, I’ll do one of those.

And, um…


I’ll do a shot of Jameson.

Thank you.

So… how was it? The, uh, reunion?

Uh. It was good. It was, uh…

It was pretty awful.

My ex was there.

Almost ex-wife.

She, uh… (LAUGHS)

She called it off two weeks before the wedding.

But… what’re you gonna do?

I’m sorry, Zabel. That’s, uh… I’m sorry.

It’s okay. It’s just like…

You know?

Hey. Here’s to, uh…


To uh, being us.

♪ She’s touching his chest now ♪

♪ He takes off her dress now ♪

♪ Let me go… ♪

I still don’t…

I still don’t know what happened, you know?

I woke up one morning and she goes, “Nope.

Not in love with you anymore.”

♪ They’re taking control… ♪

Okay. (LAUGHS) Just…

let me put my bagel down.

You know what I mean? (SNORTS)

♪ Into the sea, swimming Through sick lullabies… ♪

I’m, uh… (SIGHS) I don’t know.

I’m getting to that age, right?

Forgive me, but I’m… Like, I’m getting to that age where I’m starting to look at my life and I’m going…

“Well, here’s what I thought it would be… and… here’s what it actually is.”


Am I making any fucking sense?


I always imagined I’d be a cop.

It’s the life around me I didn’t expect to fall apart so spectacularly.

♪ I never ♪

Sorry about your son.

♪ I never ♪

I bet you were a good mother.



No, I wasn’t.

Zabes! Zabes, shots!

Fuck yes!




Go on.

Go back with your friends.



I don’t know if I wanna go back with them.

I think I’d rather stay here with you.


Hey, I talk you out of that bad thought?



Yeah. Thanks.

Oh, thank God.

All right. Well… cheers.

To nuts.

(MUMBLING) To hazelnuts.

♪ And you made me smile ♪

ZABEL: ‘Scuse me. ‘Scuse me.

♪ For a little while ♪

♪ I was falling in love ♪

♪ I saw your eyes ♪

♪ And it touched my mind ♪






Good morning, Chief. What’s going’ on?

CARTER: Let’s talk outside.

What for?

Get your coat on and come outside.

MARE: What’s going on?


Where’d you go last night?

Last night? I… I stayed home. Got some sleep.

Station got a call early this morning from a young woman named Carrie Layden. Ring a bell?


CARTER: Said she got pulled over late last night out in Kennett Square.

Cops found two packets of heroin in her glove compartment.

Oh, Jesus.

She swore the drugs weren’t hers.

That you must have planted them on her.


‘Cause you wanted to make sure she never got custody of Drew.

She’s… (SCOFFS) She’s a drug addict.

She’ll say anything, that girl.

CARTER: That’s what I thought.

Until she described the stamp on the heroin packets.

A stamp I remembered from the Barnett case last year.

So I took a walk into the evidence closet and noticed someone changed the logs.

Yesterday afternoon. From 66 packets down to 64.

And… and you think that was me?

Cut the bullshit, Mare.

I know it was you.

I’m gonna have a conversation with the DA about withdrawing Carrie’s charges.

Part of me… wants to make sure you never wear a badge again.

No, come on, Chief. I…

CARTER: I’m placing you on administrative leave.

What? No.

Story is you’re overworked.

These two cases have taken a toll, and you’re still struggling to deal with the loss of your son.

No, that’s…

I recommended grief counseling, and you agreed it was necessary.

I’m doing you a favor here, Mare.

Because I know what you’ve been through, and… I know you’re worth saving.


Gun and badge.


No. No.






If it crosses your mind to keep going on the McMenamin case, don’t do it, Mare.

Don’t do it.








I don’t want you to get discouraged if there’s not… a big hallelujah moment.


Let the healing begin.

SPEAKER: Deacon Mark.

I just wanted to ask you some questions about the circumstances of your transfer.

You can understand why I’d be concerned, right?

Hello? Who are you? Why are you calling me?

KIDNAPPER: Do you miss your daughter, Dawn?

Five thousand dollars by tomorrow night.

SHEEHAN: Jess, did Erin tell you how she was planning on getting the money for that ear surgery?

The only person you’re helping by keeping silent is the person who killed her.

I already told you everything that happened.



Oh, my god.

What are you doing here?


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