Mare of Easttown – Episode 2 – Fathers [Transcript]

Mare visits a grisly murder scene before informing the victim's enraged father. As a video from the night of the crime surfaces, Mare questions suspects in the case and gives an icy welcome to County Detective Colin Zabel, who's been called in to assist.
Mare of Easttown - Episode 2 - Fathers

Original air date: April 25, 2021

Mare responds to the call about Erin’s body, identifying her head wound as a gunshot. She notifies Kenny, who promptly blames Dylan. Under interrogation, Dylan denies killing Erin but omits details of his and Brianna’s violent encounter with her. The murder gets publicity due to the recent reopening of the Katie Bailey case. Much to Mare’s chagrin, county detective Colin Zabel is brought in to assist. Drew’s mother Carrie informs Helen and Siobhan that she intends to fight for custody. Drew begins exhibiting tics, and Mare worries he might develop the same mental illness as her son Kevin, who committed suicide. A video of Brianna’s attack on Erin surfaces, and Mare recognizes Siobhan. Mare hastily arrests Brianna at her father Tony’s restaurant, deliberately causing a public scene. Tony starts stalking Mare in retaliation. Kenny shoots Dylan dead. Erin’s friend Jess visits Mare’s friend Lori, confessing that she believes Frank Sheehan, who briefly taught Erin in school, was the real father of Erin’s child.

* * *






It’s not pretty.

Kenny McMenamin’s daughter.


A jogger came across it this morning.

Holbert was here first.

Medic pronounced her at 7:14.

We ran a preliminary search.

Didn’t turn up anything.

MARE SHEEHAN: She’s been here a while.

Jesus Christ.


How close would someone have been to cause that kind of damage?

How close? I’d say… face to face.

You notify the M.E.?

Just waiting on you.

I called the County Supervisor.

They’re sending one of their detectives down to assist.

Don’t look at me like that. I don’t got a choice anymore.

We know who it is?

His name’s Colin Zabel.

He’s the one that solved that cold case in Upper Darby last year. Missing ten-year-old girl.

He should be at the station by this afternoon.


Yeah. Mare Sheehan, uh, down at Easttown.

Got a 17-year-old female out here in Sharp’s Woods.

Cause of death suspicious.

Send out the on-call M.E. tech right away.

All right. Everybody, put your gloves on.

Do a grid search, all the way out to Route 13.

Mark anything that seems out of place.

Tag it so we can photograph it.

MASTERSON: All right, guys, circle up. Let’s go.

LORI ROSS: So, have you talked to Corey?

MOIRA ROSS: I haven’t.

But I want Jason Culver to take me to the homecoming dance instead of Corey.

What? Well, Corey already asked you, and you already said yes, so you’re stuck with Corey, and that’s that.

(SIGHS) Whatever.

LORI: (GASPS) Whatever?

Oh, my goodness. You’re so bad, Moira Grace Ross.




LORI: Uh, hi.

You didn’t answer when I called last night, so I assume he wasn’t too big a chump.

Is John up yet?

No. He’s dead to the world.

They must have had some fun at Frank’s last night.

Wake him up for me, Lor.

Erin was killed last night.

LORI: What?

Oh, my God. What happened?

MARE: We don’t know yet.

Her body was found this morning out at Creedham Creek.

I’m on my way over to Kenny’s now to tell him.

I want John and Billy to meet me there.

Probably good to have his cousins there for him, you know?

Yeah, I’ll get John up and have him meet you over there.

All right. (SIGHS) I’ll talk to you later. Bye.



Hey, bud. Get your water bottle ready.

Mrs. Evans is gonna pick you up in ten minutes.



(SNIFFS) I’ve felt better. (CHUCKLES)

What’s going on?

Erin’s dead.

Kenny’s Erin?





Hey, Mare.

How you doing, Mare?

Hey. Jesus Christ, I’m sorry.

I’m so sorry, Bill.

It’s, uh…

Okay. Let’s just fucking do this.



What the fuck?

Uh, hey, Mare.

Hey, Kenny.

Johnny. Billy.

JOHN: Kenny.

BILLY ROSS: How’s it going, Ken?

What’re you doing here?

Can we come in?


What’s going on?


What’s going on?


Is it Erin?

She was found dead out at Creedham Creek this morning.

She was a victim of a homicide.


MARE: I’m so sorry.

JOHN: Hey, come on, man.

(SNIFFLES) Stay away from… Stay away from me.


Erin? Erin?

(SOBS) Fuck!

Shit! Stay away from me, man.

JOHN: Easy. Just take it easy.

Shut the fuck up!

You’re gonna fuckin’…


You’re gonna fu…

I’ll fucking kill him!

BILLY: Calm down! Calm down!

I’ll kill him! (CRYING) That’s my daughter!

That’s my daughter.

It’s okay. It’s okay.






I’m gonna ask you some questions, okay?

I need you to remember as much as you can, all right?

So we can find out who did this.

Who did this?

One person fucking did this.

Dylan Hinchey, DJ’s father.

Is that where the baby’s at now?

(SIGHS) When did you last see Erin?

(INHALES) Last night.

We had dinner here.

She asked me if…

She asked me if she could borrow my truck.

Then she got on her bike and she went out.

Do you know where she was going?

KENNY: I don’t know. She didn’t say.

MARE: What time did she leave?

Seven, 7:30.

And, um, did everything seem okay?

You know, anything different about her?

You know, did she maybe have an altercation with someone or some…

KENNY: Oh, no, no.

Mare, you’re wasting your time.

…you know, conversation or…

No one else had any reason to hurt her except him.

Why do you say that?

He never wanted her to have that baby.

He hated her for it.

Were you here last night?

All fucking night.

FRANK SHEEHAN: All right, go. There’s your mom.


Hey. Hi, bud. Ooh, I missed you.

FRANK: Good to see you, Carrie.

CARRIE LAYDEN: You ready to have some fun?

DREW: Yeah.

Whoa, look at you!

SIOBHAN SHEEHAN: She seems like she’s doing okay, right?

FRANK: So high! Ooh! Whoa!



Well, she was nice when we came in.

Well, we’re not the one she hates.

DREW: Woohoo!

CARRIE: Hey, you hungry, bud?

FRANK: Wanna try to climb on this side?

Hey, you guys got some snacks?

HELEN: Oh, yeah. Sure.

DREW: You can’t get me!


CARRIE: Thanks for bringing him to see me.

Oh, sure. He was so excited to come.


So, where are you living now?

Sober house in Kennett Square… (CHUCKLES) …called Rebirth, as if we were all dead before we got there. (CHUCKLES)

Well, we’re all just glad you’re doing so great.


The only thing I’m missing now is my son.

I want custody. Full custody.

I filed the paperwork with my attorney yesterday.

My mom, she… she’ll fight you.

Yeah. No shit.

But I’m his mom, not her.

Thanks for the snacks.


FRANK: Let’s go.

Oh, snacks.

CARRIE: Pay attention.

We got snacks, and we got some water.

MARE: When did you, um…

When did you last see her, Dylan?

I saw her yesterday.

I went to go grab DJ from her house around 3:00.

And… I saw her out in Sharp’s Woods, like, last night.

And what time was that?

DYLAN HINCHEY: I dunno. Maybe 10:00, 10:30.

Which was it, 10:00 or 10:30?

It was 10:30.

Was she there with you?

DYLAN: No. She came on her own.

Did you talk to her?


I mean, I don’t really… Things aren’t really…

They’re not really good between us right now.

“Aren’t good between you.” What does that mean exactly?

Like, we’re arguing about things with DJ.

And we’re not together anymore, so… it’s kind of awkward to see each other.

So the mother of your baby’s out in those woods last night, same woods you’re in, and you don’t say a single a word to her?



Like I said, things aren’t really good between us right now.


So we…

Brianna. Is that Brianna Delrasso?

Is she your new girlfriend?

I don’t have a new girlfriend.

MARE: What time did you leave the woods?

(SIGHS) I got home around midnight.

MARE: That’s not what I asked.

I asked you what time you left the woods.

Well, if I got home around midnight, then I probably left the woods at 11:45.

You can ask my mom if you want to.

Why would I ask your mom?


DYLAN: Because she was awake…

It’s okay if you want to go ahead and get that.

You can… I can give you…

No. She was in the den and she was feeding DJ, and… ’cause his teeth hurt…

And she wanted to give him some milk, and she asked me to get some, and I didn’t know where any was, and…

Well, I usually keep mine in the fridge.

Well… the kitchen fridge was full.

So we usually keep some extra out in the garage fridge.

So that’s where I went, all right?

Hey, Dylan. Dylan. Listen.

Did you have anything to do with Erin’s death last night?


MARE: ‘Cause looking at things right now, you’re the only person with a reason to commit this crime.

I didn’t kill Erin.

You’re not gonna put that shit on me.

I didn’t kill her.

MARE: I hope you’re not lying.

‘Cause I wanna help you, all right? I really do.

Yeah, I get that things couldn’t have been easy for you two.

You’re young, you know?

Fighting over money, sharing custody of a kid.

You know, being a single parent, that… that’s a struggle.

That struggle is fucking real, right?

I get that. I get that.

Was she making you pay for that ear surgery?

You said that I could leave whenever I wanted to, right?

MARE: Yeah, but the second you walk out of here, I can’t help you anymore, so if you’ve got something you want to tell me, you better do it now, ’cause as soon as you leave this station, I’m gonna start digging through your life and I’m gonna find out everything.

Every thing.

And if you’re lying to me, it’s gonna be very bad for you.

I didn’t fucking kill her.

MARE: The Easttown Police Department received a call at 6:47 this morning… from an individual who was out hiking in Sharp’s Woods, reporting a dead body in Creedham Creek.



An officer responded to the call, and the body of 17-year-old Erin McMenamin of Easttown was found and pronounced dead at the scene by the township medic at 7:14 a.m.

Right now, we’re asking parents, if they know their child was out in those woods last night and might have seen something or heard something, please come forward.

Every bit of information helps at this point.


At this time, I’ll turn it over to Chief Carter to field any questions.


Chief, do you believe right now that this is in any way connected to the disappearance of Katie Bailey?

We’re not investigating them as related incidents right now, but we’re not rule…


…but we’re not ruling anything out.

REPORTER 2: What do you wanna say to the community now that a second young girl is gone?


CROWD MEMBER: Yeah, Chief. What do you have to say?

First of all, we don’t know what happened to Katie Bailey.

And why is that, Chief?

It’s been a year.

Why do you still not know what happened to my daughter?


CHIEF CARTER: Hey. Hey. Calm down. Calm down.

We’ve decided to bring in a county detective to assist with the case.

Finally! Why don’t you make it somebody fucking competent?

CARTER: Oh, come on now.


CROWD: (CHANTING) Bring Katie home! Bring Katie home!


CARTER: Listen, I understand!

CROWD: Bring Katie home! Bring Katie home!


MARE: Looking for anything in particular?

Uh, no. Sorry. Just habit, I guess.

Detective Sergeant Sheehan, I’m, uh, Detective Colin Zabel, with the county.

MARE: Mind moving your…

Oh. Right. Right.


Um, well, I hope you don’t mind, I, uh… I asked the secretary here to pull me Katie Bailey’s file.

I was gonna read…

Why would I mind?


Well, listen, uh, I don’t know what your process is, but…

Mine usually starts with a ten-minute smoke break.



DEACON MARK: I’m sure you’re all aware by now that a young girl, a member of this community, was taken from us far too soon.

My first assignment as a deacon was a campus ministry up at Merrimack College.

One morning, I stepped out of the monastery and a woman came running up to me and began yelling at me at the top of her lungs, cursing God, cursing me.

And somewhere in all the anguish, I was able to piece together that she had lost her boyfriend in a motorcycle accident.

She looked at me as if to say, “Say something.

Go on. Defend your God.”

I didn’t… I didn’t know what to say. And I froze.

What do we say to one another when faced with an unspeakable tragedy like the one that claimed the life of a beautiful daughter and mother like Erin McMenamin?

Truthfully, I don’t know.

But my thoughts often drift back to Merrimack.

And if I had to do it over again, what would I say to that woman whose life had been turned upside down that morning?

I think I would sit down beside her and say simply… “I’m here.”

FATHER DAN HASTINGS: That was a lovely sermon, Mark.

MARK: Thank you, Dan.

Wasn’t Erin with our youth program for a while?


Did you know her very well?

Um, no. Not really.

I didn’t spend much time with her.

And then she stopped attending meetings soon after the baby was born.

Did we keep track of her after she left?

No. Not as well as we could have.

A tip just came in.

There’s a video from last night online.

Oh, also the emergency ping information you asked for from Erin’s cell phone, that just came back.

Thank you.





BRIANNA DELRASSO: (IN VIDEO) …stop texting my man now?


This is taken out at Creedham Creek late last night.

BRIANNA: I asked you a question, you dumb bitch.

COLIN ZABEL: Do we know who she is?

MARE: (SIGHS) Brianna Delrasso.

SIOBHAN: What are you doing? Get off of her!

Wait, wait, wait. What about her? Who’s that?

That’s Siobhan. Mare’s daughter.


Write up a warrant for Brianna Delrasso, get it over to District Court.

Tell them I’ll be there in 20 minutes to pick it up.


SIOBHAN: Hey, it’s Siobhan. Leave a message.



You need to call me. Right away.



Are we carpooling?

I’m happy to drive myself. I just… I…

You gotta give me the address.




Okay. We’ll see you at 7:30.

Great. Thank you.



Hey, Patty.

Hey, Mare.

Hey. Table for two?

No. Uh, is Brianna waitressing tonight?


Will you get her for me, please?

Sure. What… what for?

Just bring her out here.


Are you friends with these people?


Should we maybe do this outside, or away from the staff and the guests watching?

She beat the shit out of Erin in a forest full of kids.

Let ’em watch.


MARE: Put your hands behind your back.

What the hell are you talking about?

You’re being placed under arrest for assault.


PATTY: Mare…

Let’s go, Brianna. We’ll talk down at the station.

What for? Shit.

MARE: You need to come with us.

Hey, hey, hey. Whoa, whoa.

Mare? What did she do?

MARE: Calm down.

What did she do, Mare? Talk to me, please.

TONY DELRASSO: What’s happening?

Sir, I need you to back away.

I don’t know who the fuck you are, buddy.

But, hey, can we just…

ZABEL: Relax. Relax.

Can we do this outside of my dining room please, Mare?

She knows what’s happening, Tony. She knows.

Mare, talk to me, please!

Let’s go. Let’s go.

Mare, I’m asking a question as somebody that’s known you for the last 30 years!

Just relax. All right?

TONY: Stop telling me to relax!

She’s got my daughter in handcuffs.

Get the fuck off me, you fucking bitch!

PATTY: It’s freezing out!

Just relax.

Put a jacket on her, for Christ’s sakes!

All right. I got it. We’ll be in touch.

We’ll be in touch.


MARE: With these rights in mind, are you willing to talk to us now without an attorney present?

(SCOFFS) Nope. I want a lawyer.


So, we saw the video, Brianna.

The fight in the woods. You remember that, right?

Oh, look. That’s you.

Yeah, you smash her in the face, then…

there’s a part coming up where she’s lying on the ground and you kick her in the head.

I think she’s concussed. Right, detective?


I mean, I’ll have the medical examiner confirm it, but if that’s the case, I’ll recommend aggravated assault.


A felony of the first degree.


So you could spend between two and ten years in prison.

Lawyer. Lawyer.

Hey, okay. All right.

Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer.

I said I want a fucking lawyer! Are you deaf?

It’ll go on your permanent record, so…

Hey, Sarge. Sarge! -…anytime you apply for a job…

Sarge! That’s enough. That’s enough.

You’re a bitch. You know that?

No wonder your son fucking killed himself.


Can someone come in here and process her, please?

Stand up for me.


Night, Jan.

These are for you.




Hey. Uh…

RICHARD: Oh, hey.

Hey, thanks for the flowers. Uh…

RICHARD: I, uh… I was hoping that was you.

Listen, Richard. I just, uh… I… I wanted to call and just say thank you for the flowers.

Um, some things have come up at work, and it’s…

Wait, wait. Hold on.

Before you abandon ship completely, um…

They’re throwing a party thing for me here.

It’s like an anniversary reading of my book.

It’s not really my thing, but, um… you wouldn’t wanna come with me, would you?

It’s just not really a good time.

I’m sorry. I, uh…

RICHARD: That’s okay.

It’s fine. I understand. Yeah. I, um… I saw that they found that young girl’s body.

That’s… that’s awful.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s, um…

Well, they’re… they’re lucky to have you.

When is it, your thing?



Is Siobhan home?


Have you spoken to her at all today?

No. Why?

MARE: I called her like 15 goddamn times.

She’s not picking up.

HELEN: You want something to eat?

I ordered an extra cheesesteak from Coco’s if you want.

I need to work.

HELEN: I know, but you gotta eat something.

I mean, before you lock yourself in your bedroom and disappear down a rabbit hole again.

I need to work, Mom. It’s what I do.

HELEN: Yeah, that is what you do.

Which is why I moved in here to help out.

(SIGHS) You’re not helping out, Mom.

Sitting around drinking Manhattans with Dan isn’t helping.

I think I do a little more than that.

How’d it go with Carrie?

Uh, okay. She’s fine.

Did she say anything about custody?

Hmm? No.

Oh, by the way, Drew was doing that eye blinking thing again.

All day.

I told Frank.

I’m gonna turn in. You should too.


Hey, Mare.

Is Frank home?

Yeah. You wanna come in?

I’ll wait out here.

I guess you heard the news…


…about our engagement.


I’ll go get Frank.

FAYE: Frank?



MARE: Hey.

You two talk wedding dates?

Uh, looks like August.

Faye’s son will be here for a few weeks before he goes back to college.

I’m assuming I’ll be the maid of honor.

(CHUCKLES) Not a chance in hell.

Drew’s blinking his eyes again.

FRANK: Yeah.

I’m gonna call Dr. Long in the morning.

That the new pediatrician?

FRANK: She said she’d give us a neurology referral.

I think it’ll be worthwhile.

Yeah. Good. (SNIFFS)

I’ll swing by there on my way to work tomorrow.

Are you sure? I’m… I’m off.

MARE: Yeah. It’s fine.

I’ll go.

Goodnight, Frank.

Goodnight, Mare.

Hey, Mare. Uh, wait.

I saw the press conference.

Erin McMenamin?

How’s that going?

Ugh. We’re looking at family. You know, boyfriend.

What was… What was she like in school?

I had her for algebra a couple years ago.

Uh, just a quiet girl.

I didn’t really talk to her that much, you know? I…

But I got the feeling that, um, things weren’t good at home.

She told you that?


It’s just… a sense I got.



FRANK: Goodnight.




Where were you last night?


When were you gonna tell me you were out in Sharp’s Woods?

I… I wasn’t not going to tell…

Someone posted a video of the fight online, Siobhan.

All right?

I saw you going over to Erin.

How do you think it makes me look when my own daughter is one of the last people to be seen with a girl who ends up murdered and I don’t fucking know about it?

SIOBHAN: I’m sorry.

All right. What happened? You… you talk to her?

Yeah. I just… I walked over, and I asked her if she was okay and if she needed a ride home.

And what did she say?

SIOBHAN: Nothing.


She just looked at me and then walked off.

MARE: Walked off where?

Into the woods.

Was she alone? Was she… Who was she with?

SIOBHAN: No one. She… she was alone.

That’s everything?

That’s… Nothing else I need to know, hmm?

Yes, Mom, that’s everything.

All right.

I’m so fucking mad at you right now.

There’s someone at the station who might wanna ask you some questions about what you saw.

Fine. Fine.

All right?

Close the door, please.

DR. CHRISTINE LONG: Good morning.

You must be Drew’s grandmother?

Yes. Mare.

Nice to finally meet you.


DR. LONG: Have a seat.

I appreciate you seeing me so early.

Figured I’d catch you before all the sick kiddos show up.



DR. LONG: So, what can I help you with, Ms. Sheehan?

Well, it’s Andrew. He’s, uh… He’s still doing the, uh… the eye blinking thing.

DR. LONG: Oh, right.

Well, like I mentioned to your ex-husband, tics are very common in young boys.

MARE: Mm-hmm.

DR. LONG: Most grow out of them, and we normally don’t treat them.

Right. Yeah. Yeah. I know.

Um, it’s just his father, my son, Kevin, he…

I don’t know how much you know.

Well, he took his own life. It’ll be two years in February.

I am so sorry.

It’s just my ex-husband and I were concerned that these tics, um…

(SIGHS) We don’t know if it’s a genes thing, you know?

If it’s passed down.

My son was like this as a young boy.

I mean, he was normal.

Then he started having tics like the ones Drew’s been showing, and…

What was your son’s diagnosis, Ms. Sheehan?

(SIGHS) Oh, Jesus. Uh…

God. I don’t even, um…

My ex-husband was in charge of keeping track of it all.

There were so many over the years. (SIGHS)

First, he was diagnosed with Tourette’s.

Then pervasive developmental disorder. Um…

We were on the autism spectrum at one time.

Mood disorders.

I can’t even… (SCOFFS) …remember which ones.

We fought about it all the time. The drugs, mostly.

I was against medicating.

I don’t know that either of us were right.

We were dogs chasing our tails for a long time, you know?

DR. LONG: Right.


I had to check out after a while.

You know, it just… became totally overwhelming, you know?


Not being able to figure him out.

DR. LONG: Sure. I understand.

Well, I think it would be helpful for everyone if Drew sees a neurologist, then.

Like I said, tics are very normal, but maybe just for peace of mind.


DR. LONG: Can I ask if you’re seeing anyone now?

Just to talk?

It’s been my experience that it helps parents who’ve lost children.


No. I never, um… Mm-mm.

DR. LONG: Well, if you ever think maybe you’d like to…


DR. LONG: …I’m happy to recommend someone.


Thank you.


(SIGHS) Morning.

That for me? ‘Cause I got you one.

Mare, can we, uh, hit the reset button here?

(SIGHS) I don’t even know what that means.

It means… this is your case.

This is always gonna be your case.

I’m just here to help you find out what happened to those two girls, which, given your relationships here in town, with everyone involved, it couldn’t have been easy on you.



Okay. I’m Detective Colin Zabel.

Come on. Come on.

You fucking kidding me right now?

ZABEL: Come on.


Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

MARE: Oh, my God.

You’re the chef. I’m the sous-chef.

What are we cooking?

Stop talking.

ZABEL: Right.


ZABEL: What time did you get to the woods last night?


We got there maybe at like 9:00, 9:30?

I got to the woods about… maybe at 10:00?

I saw her bike when I got there. When I got back to my car, it wasn’t there.

And you’re sure it was hers?

Yeah. It’s a pink beach cruiser.

You can’t really miss it, you know?

And how would you describe Erin’s relationship with Dylan Hinchey?

She was, like, more into him than he was into her, you know?

BECCA LYNCH: I mean, I don’t really, like, pay attention to their social lives or whatever.

I would say that he’s, like, aggressive.

MARE: Do you know Brianna Delrasso?



Total fucking bitch. Sorry. Um…

…like, jealous, you know?

She’s like a… like a really… Like… bad person.

ZABEL: So, tell me what this fight was about.

Catfishing, basically. Catfishing.

I don’t know all the details, so I can’t say exactly what happened, but I would say maybe look into that.

Do you think Brianna killed her?


She’s all bark, no bite.

What time did you get home?

Oh, pretty late, like…

Midnight, 12:30.

Twelve-oh-five, exactly.

ZABEL: Did you hear a gunshot?



I did not hear a gunshot.



Not at all.

MARE: She was your best friend, huh?

Here you go, sweetie.

JESS RILEY: Thank you.


Can you think of anything that was going on in Erin’s life recently?

Did she mention anything out of the ordinary?

Every detail helps right now, Jess, all right?

It’s really important, hon, okay?

Even little things that might seem insignificant.


I can’t think of anything.

MARE: Are you sure?

I helped her get up, and asked her if she was okay, and if she needed a ride home.

And she said no, and, you know, pushed me away.

And… and I’ve been thinking about that a lot, you know, because what if… What if she’d come home with me?

What if… what if I’d pressed her harder, you know?

You did everything you could, Siobhan.

It’s not your fault.

SIOBHAN: How do you like working with my mom so far?

It’s good. Yeah.

Uh, we’re just getting started out.

So, um…

(SMACKS LIPS) Yeah. Any tips?


Lower your expectations.

All right. Let’s, uh… Let’s get you out of here.

SIOBHAN: Thanks.

So, what’d he ask you?

Uh, just lots of questions about what happened.

Did you see your mom?


ZABEL: We interviewed over 40 kids so far.

Five confirmed seeing Erin arrive on her bike around 10:20.

And a witness said it wasn’t there when he left at 12:05.

Uh, no one was seen carrying a gun, and no one heard a sound resembling a gunshot.

The emergency ping on her cell phone shows its last known location was approximately 13 miles east of where her body was found.

Ping stopped providing information at 2:37 a.m.

So the phone was destroyed or the battery died.

We’ll get some guys out to recheck the area.

Any word back on her cell records?

Verizon security is dragging their feet.

Promised me tomorrow, but they said that yesterday.

Shit. What time is it?

ZABEL: Uh, almost 6:00.

Fuck. I gotta go.

Uh, Wawa coffee?


I fill mine up every morning. Happy to pick up an extra.

Uh, sure. Two creams, no sugar.

You got it.


Have a good night, Mare.

Good night, Mare.

Why don’t you have a good “nightmare.”



Oh, fuck it.

TONY: Mare. Mare, we gotta talk.

(SIGHS) Come on. I gotta be somewhere.

Why are you doing this to my daughter, huh?

No. I’m asking you as a friend, Mare.

Brianna didn’t kill nobody.

You need to get back in your van and go home, all right?

She’s not a killer, Mare.

And I’m not gonna let you ruin my daughter’s life.

Get the fuck away from my car, okay?

PATTY: Tony!

Or I’ll have you arrested on harassment charges.

You’ve got two fucking seconds.

Tony! I told you not to come over here.

-(ALL CLAMORING) -HELEN: Mare, everything all right?

Get back in the house, Mom. It’s okay, it’s just Tony.

-You kidding me, Mare? Arrest me? -Leave her alone. Stop.

You know Brianna didn’t kill nobody.

Tony, stop. Please, goddamn it!

MARE: Jesus fucking Christ, Tony.

You fucking know it, Mare!

Give it a fucking rest, all right?

Get out of my fucking way!

I’m not gonna let you ruin my daughter’s life.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

TONY: You fucking hear me?

PATTY: Tony!

You hear me? Fucking maniac.

Christ almighty, Patty. What’s going on?


Oh, jeez.

PATTY: Sorry, Helen.

No, uh… come on in.

BILLY: Where’s Ken?

JOHN: Upstairs.

I think he is down for the night.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Go. Go.

Be with the kids.


I’ll take it from here. I got it.

You all right?



Get some sleep.




WAITRESS: Duck liver pâté?

Thank you.



Thanks, ladies. Excuse me.


Mare! Mare, wait.


Wait. I’m sorry. I… I got cornered back there.

MARE: Yeah, whatever. I’m heading home.

Leave you to talk to all your fans.

Wow. I didn’t see you as the jealous type.

Give me a break.

I don’t have to talk to them.

You invited me here, Richard.

You know? I’m standing there.

No. I’m…

I mean, come on, man.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Mare.

To be honest, I didn’t know you’d show up.

But you did, and you’re here, so… let’s go back inside.

I’m sorry, Mare.


You’re not getting laid tonight.


Thank you.

RICHARD: I’m sorry. That’s not the reason I’m asking you to come back inside.

MARE: Yeah, it is.

RICHARD: You look beautiful, by the way.




Everything all right?

Yeah. I’m just gonna take a ride over to the store.

You guys want anything?

Do you really think you should be going out right now?

DYLAN: I didn’t do anything.


I’m not gonna sit here in this fucking house like a fucking hermit, okay?

STEVE HINCHEY: D, we know.

We know you didn’t do anything, D.


Can I get a pack of Boros? (SNIFFS)


Can I have a pack of cigarettes, or are you just gonna keep staring at me?





Drive. Out to the turnpike.

Mr. McMenamin. I swear I didn’t kill her.

I swear to you I didn’t kill her.

(SHUSHING) Shut the fuck up.

Drive out to the turnpike.

You understand me?





Hey, Dawn.

Forty on three, please.


How you feeling?





(SIGHS) What are you doing, Tony?

Oh, I’m just picking up some things.


You need to walk out of here and go home.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m just buying milk.

(LOUDLY) Your daughter beat the shit out of a girl who wound up dead in a creek.

What part of that don’t you fucking understand?

You can keep going down this road, but you’re not gonna like how it ends.

Leave her alone, Tony.

What the hell are you defending her for?

Huh? What’s she ever done for you, Dawn? Or Katie?

Thank you, Dawn.

TONY: Mmm.

Don’t take another step, Tony.

What are you gonna do?

You gonna stop me?

Okay. Okay.




Oh, babe.


(SIGHS) I know this is so hard.

Erin told me a secret.

She made me promise never to tell anyone.









SIOBHAN: Are you okay?

What the hell was that?

That was an angry, scared father.

What’s this?

SIOBHAN: Um, Dad got served.

Carrie’s filing for custody of Drew.


Hi, Ryan.

Hi, Ms. Riley.

Is… is your mom home?

RYAN ROSS: Uh, yeah. Come on in.

Mom, Ms. Riley’s here.

Hey, Trish.

TRISH: Hi, Lor.

LORI: What’s going on?

Can we talk?

Maybe in private.

Slow down.


Pull in here.


Pull in here!

This one? Oh.

KENNY: Stop. Turn it off and get out.


Walk. Walk!

Mr. McMenamin, please.

Shut up!

I’m begging you, please.


I’m a kid. Come on.



Shut up and walk!




JESS: There’s something I want to tell you… about Erin.

LORI: What is it?

Dylan isn’t the baby’s real father.

So why come here instead of go straight to the police?

JESS: Well, Erin wouldn’t tell me who the real father was, but… but I think it’s Frank Sheehan.




Jess Riley came over to the house late last night.

She told me Dylan Hinchey isn’t DJ’s real father.



Deacon Mark was the last call Erin McMenamin made.

We’re gonna question him right here.

The house of God?

Makes it harder for him to lie.

We’re looking for Deacon Mark, is he in?

SIOBHAN SHEEHAN: What’s going on?

Ask your father. He lied to me.

Where the hell did you even hear crap like that, anyway?

Why the hell were you calling her?

I want to find out how this whole custody thing works!

I want my son back ’cause he deserves a lot better than you.

I know what you’ve been through.

And I know you’re worth saving.


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