Manifest – S03E08 – Destination Unknown [Transcript]

As Mick and Ben join forces to aid a desperate Flight 828 passenger, Saanvi grapples with a discovery at Eureka, and the burden of secrecy that comes with it. Grace and Angelina's bond deepens. A maturing Cal enlists Zeke's help in a personal matter.
Manifest - S03E08 - Destination Unknown

Original air date: May 6, 2021

As Mick and Ben join forces to aid a desperate Flight 828 passenger, Saanvi grapples with a discovery at Eureka, and the burden of secrecy that comes with it. Grace and Angelina’s bond deepens. A maturing Cal enlists Zeke’s help in a personal matter.

* * *


[Mid-tempo dubstep music plays]

[Keyboard clacking]


[Monitor beeping steadily]


[Machinery whirring]

Dr. Gupta: We identified curious genetic markers in both you and the control group of deceased returnees.

If you’re referring to the DNA anomaly, Saanvi broke that story a long time ago.

There is more.

It’s a unique combination of iron, titanium, and multiple other components, but together, they crystallize to form sapphire.

Is that… what was on my hand?

Like a… a fingerprint of what happened to me?

Or what caused it.

What caused everything.

Wait, a-are you saying sapphire triggered our disappearance and return?

Dr. Gupta: These are hypotheses, far from being proven.

We still have a lot more tests and diagnostics to run before we can be certain or even begin to hypothesize.

[Echoing] with any degree of chemical…

[Flames crackling]



[Exhales sharply]


Bursting into flames? How many?

Uh, 15, maybe.

I’m worried it may have to do with the dark cloud hovering over Eureka.

A bunch of 828ers saw it, too.


We received a shipment from the Vatican.

What’d they send?

It’s a fossilized piece of driftwood.

I’m not sure what it is, but it made Dr. Gupta smile, which I didn’t think was scientifically possible.

Take me to it. It’s under lock and key.

And they are insisting that you have to go, and I doubt that they’re gonna let you back in here now that they have all the testing they needed.

Besides, I’m… I’m still trying to prove that I belong here.

[Door beeps]

I know. Alright.

Just… find out everything you can about this driftwood, and I’ll figure out what’s going on with these passengers.

I’m on it.


Cal, we still hitting the school book fair?

Yeah. Just one more sec.

Michaela: Hey, what’s taking you guys so long?

Found it.

[Sighs] I knew it was here.

Okay, we can go now.

Okay, bud. Can we get going?

I seem to remember you telling me that the organizer of the book fairs…


[Flames crackling]

Aah! [Inhales sharply]

Hey. Hey. What happened?

It just felt like the card burnt my hand.

I’ve never experienced a Calling like that before.


Feels normal to me.

[Sighs] Sorry, Cal.

I think I’m gonna have to rain check on the book fair.

Whatever the Calling was saying, it felt urgent.

That’s fine, as long as Zeke can still come.

Oh, I don’t know, bud.

I-I-I should probably help Mick with the Calling, don’t you think?

Yeah, I guess.

Uh, tell you what?

How about you guys go to the book fair, and then if I do need backup, I will call you.


Let’s go.

[Box rustles]

Let me know.



[Birds chirping, dog barking]

[Knock on door]


How you holding up?


Me too.

But me and Eden are gonna head out.

Are you gonna be okay here by yourself?

Olive’s on her way back from her senior retreat, right?

Not ’til tomorrow.

I know it’s, um… I know it’s hard, but I don’t think Pete would want you to stop living.

Well, I’m gonna take my own advice.

Eden and I are going to look at the restaurant location.

You’re opening a restaurant?

A nice little cafe, using our dad’s recipes.

I think it’ll be a nice way to honor my brother’s memory.

[Baby coos]

You know who I think would really love it if you came?


Uh… I would.

I just… I don’t have anything nice enough to wear.

Just borrow something of Olive’s.


[Door opening]

You got a Calling, too?

Passengers bursting into flames?

Not exactly. [Sighs]

It’s the World card from Al-Zuras’s tarot deck.

I saw about 15 passengers’ photos burst into flames in Vance’s office.

Morgan, Butler, Hall, Villa, couple more towards the back of the plane.

Another woman at the front. I don’t know.

It happened so fast, it was impossible to memorize it all.

You think our Callings are related?

They might be.

How? How are passengers connected to a volcano?

Based on what I saw this morning, I think this is all about our Lifeboat.

Which passenger is endangering it?


What if it’s not about the images?

What if it’s about the numbers?

Roman numerals 21.

The rows on the plane.


Lorraine Talebi, Rebecca Viega, Adrian Shannon…

None of these.

No. No, no, no.

Rachel Hall. 21E. That’s it.

I saw her photo burst into flames in Vance’s office.

The question is… how is she endangering the Lifeboat?



I guess these are the kind of homes you get when you’re in real estate.

No volcanoes in sight.

According to my file, Rachel and her husband Jonas bought this house after they got married…

A couple years before we disappeared.

But he wasn’t on the plane.

[Doorbell chimes]

Hi, I’m Michaela Stone.

This is my brother Ben.

Uh, we’re looking for Rachel Hall.

Rachel doesn’t live here anymore.

I’m… I’m Hannah Hall.

This is my husband Jonas. Can we help you?

Uh, yeah.

Do you know how we could get in touch

with your ex-wife, or perhaps her family?

I’m her only family.

I’m her sister.


[Engines roaring]


It may not look like much to the naked eye, but this piece of wood potentially reframes 828 as no longer a mere bewildering one-off, but as the next crucial piece in a metaphysical puzzle stemming back millennia.

Indeed, it may just be the key to unlocking not only why miracles happen, but how.

Dr. Gupta and I are counting on each of you, working with your respective teams, to run full diagnostics.

We need to understand what we have here, inside and out.

Can we get an iota of context?

All you need to know is it’s the only recovered specimen on the planet coated with the particular sapphire compound Dr. Bahl identified.

One last thing… I’ve instituted a change in our reporting structure.

All department heads will now relay their findings to Dr. Bahl, who will in turn present them to me.

Excuse me, but w-why are we reporting to Dr. Bahl?

You’re without a doubt the best and brightest scientific minds ever assembled under one roof.

And yet, for all your collective knowledge, not one of you were able to make the discovery she made.

In other words, she’s the reason you still have jobs.

Any questions?

Very well. You’re dismissed.


When 828 went missing, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

How do you grieve when you don’t even know what happened?

Mm. It must’ve been excruciating.

I know it was for my family.

Hannah was the only one who understood and felt the same pain.

Hannah: Rachel was all the family I had left.

When she disappeared, it was… it was only me, and Jonas.

So we started spending more time together.

One thing led to another.

Michaela and I were both in Rachel’s shoes.

That couldn’t have been easy for her to… come back to this.

She was very upset, but Rachel and I had been having problems, and the truth is, it was never meant to be.

I know that now.

Hannah’s really the one.

But Rachel, of course, felt I had betrayed her.

She was furious.

At first, we tried helping her.

You know, we offered to give her money to start over.

We found her a place to stay, a job.

But the one thing that she wanted, we…

We couldn’t give her.

We couldn’t pretend that those five and a half years had never existed.

I’m guessing you guys don’t stay in touch with her.

Do you know where she is?

A few months ago, she began acting erratic, harassing us at all hours.

It got so bad, we had to get a, uh a restraining order.

We… We didn’t want to.

Truly, but… but she gave us no choice.


Alright. Rachel Hall’s date of birth is August 8, 1985.

[Keyboard clacking]

[Telephone rings in distance]

Hey. This is a surprise.

Yeah, well, I-I noticed you left your wallet in your pocket.

Thought you might need it.

That’s really sweet of you. Thanks.

Uh… maybe next time, just shoot me a text.

Uh, I didn’t want to bother you.

You know, in case you were helping some other obsessed girl find her mom.


Alright, well, I have it now.

Thank you.

Sorry if I interrupted.


Didn’t realize Jared was dating again.

Maybe it is work-related.

That’s the Major’s daughter.

I thought that case was closed.

Why is she bringing his jacket?

Okay, Inspector Gadget, maybe they are dating.

But he’s a grown man and he’s single.

Out of all the women in New York, he has to choose this one?

I should have left you outside. Oh, my gosh.

[Clears throat]

Hey. Okay. So, I found Rachel.

Except she is now Rachel Evans.

She went back to her maiden name.

[Paper crinkles]

Sounds like your dad and Mick are making progress on their Calling.

So, does that mean you can stay?


Hey, Cal. Thanks for coming early.

Can I see what books you brought?

Yeah. Uh, not much.

I just grabbed whatever was lying around.

“A Wrinkle in Time”.

It’s my all-time favorite.

Is it? Cool.

Hey. I’m Zeke, bearer of books.

And you must be… Stella. Hi.

Where should I put these, Stella?

Here, I’ll take them.

Thanks, Cal.

I’ve never seen one with this cover before.

Might have to buy it for myself.


Whatever you’re selling, I’m not interested.

Rachel, I-I’m Ben. This is Michaela.

We were with you on Flight 828.

We were hoping that we could talk.

Sorry. I don’t have time.

Rachel, do you see things?


Because I saw a vision of you, and I-I thought you might need some help.

Do you mind if we come in?

[Softly] Uh, yeah. Sure.


Thought I was going crazy, on top of everything else.

Yeah, we know the feeling.

It must’ve been very challenging.

You think?

My sister marries my husband and moves into my home while I’m on a plane, and I’m the one who’s in the wrong?

What were you doing in Jamaica?

Jonas and I… needed a reset.

So we decided to get away.

Got more than we bargained for.

You traveled together?

Yeah, but I’d been in a car accident a few weeks before, and all that sunshine triggered horrible migraines, so I decided to head home early.

By yourself?

The hotel wouldn’t refund the rest of the week, and Jonas didn’t want to waste the money, so he stayed.

Instead of three extra nights without me, he got 2,000.

The vision I saw…

Maybe the Calling wants you to try to accept what happened and reconcile with your sister before it’s too late.

Look, we know that Jonas and Hannah filed a restraining order.

I-It’s not what you think.

I know now I’ll never be able to break them apart.

I’ve moved on.

Look, if you really want to help me, you can let me get to work on time.

I can’t afford to lose this job.

[Sighs] Thank you.


Uh, Dr. Bustamante, do you mind if I ask you just a quick question about your methods?

Oh, you’ll have my full report in a few hours, Doctor.

In plain English, since radiology isn’t your field.

Actually, I read your latest paper on mass spectrometry acceleration.

Your writing’s not that hard to understand.

Any progress with our piece of driftwood?

Looks like we’re about to find out.

What can you tell us of its provenance?

It had been buried for millennia until seismic activity brought it to the surface seven years ago.

An archeology expedition retrieved it when they recognized its antiquity.

Where exactly was it?

Just south of Armenia.

It may have originated elsewhere, but the Vatican was never able to…

[Device beeping]

So, wait. There is something else here.

Trace elements of biological material fused between the shards.

Any idea what that could be?


I’d like to extract a sample and run a DNA test in my lab.

Whatever this is could help us figure out what the wood is.

Take the day.

Report your findings directly back to me.


Why would the Calling warn us about Rachel if she has moved on? Maybe she hasn’t.

The restraining order must’ve had some grounds to it. So, what?

She’s trying to convince herself that she’s okay, but the Calling actually wants us to help her heal?

It would explain why you and I of all people got this Calling.

We’ve had to do our fair share of healing.

I find it odd that Jonas didn’t mention they went to Jamaica together.

And that Rachel returned by herself when she wasn’t feeling well.

Why do I get the impression that everyone we’ve talked to is either lying to themselves or to us?



You are looking at a little over 2,000 square feet of prime real estate in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city.

Please tell me this comes with the place.

[Laughs] Oh, I’m sure that could be arranged.

My brother idolized Prince.

He even had his own band.

Well, lucky for you two to have such a thoughtful mom.

I’m… I’m not her daughter.


she is family.

Oh, how about I show you the kitchen?

Yeah. Great.

[Baby crying]

Somebody decided to be a little fussy today.

[Shushing] Let me try.



[Crying stops]It’s okay.

Wow. [Laughs]

Well, you guys can go ahead.

I’ll… I’ll stay here with her.

Okay. Thank you.

[Buzzes lips]

[Gasps] A-blblblbl!


[Keyboard clacking]

Looks like you were right.

Check it.

The biological material we extracted?

Looks like it was a bird.

An extinct member of the Phasianidae family.

It’s not just any bird. It’s a peacock.

And either this sequencer needs recalibrating, or both the peacock and the wood DNA samples are roughly 6,000 years old.

No. [Sighs]

That can’t be right.

How is it possible that this peacock has the exact same DNA anomaly as every 828 passenger, as the Meth Heads, as Zeke?

Do think that 6,000 years ago, this peacock disappeared and returned, just like your plane?

Well, we haven’t found this genetic anomaly anywhere else in the world.

Maybe it’s no accident seismic activity coughed up this driftwood.

Maybe we were actually meant to find it.


Hey, you find the, uh, accident records?

Uh, Diaz is printing up your copy.


I saw Sarah stopped by earlier.

I thought the Fitz case was closed.

It is.

Is that bugging you?

I’m happy if you’re happy.

Why do I feel like there’s a “but” coming?

I mean, the Major’s daughter?

Really? Of all people?

Look, I know it’s a bit weird, but Sarah…

She’s nothing like her mom.

She’s a good person, Mick.

She’s sweet, sensitive.

I guess I’m just protective of you, so, um…

Hey, sorry it took so long.

Copy machine tried to eat the damn thing.


Pretty brutal collision.

Rachel was taken to the ER with a concussion and a couple broken ribs.

March 12, 2013.

That was less than a month before 828 disappeared.

I mean, no wonder she wasn’t feeling good in Jamaica.

Hey, you haven’t heard the worst yet.

The other driver in the collision?

Jonas Hall.

Rachel’s husband?

Okay, uh, yeah, I’m no expert, but it looks like this car T-boned the S.U.V.

And Rachel was in the S.U.V.

He crashed into her on purpose.

Um… okay, what happened to that restraining order?

There’s only one violation, two weeks ago.

A neighbor called it in.

Why? Was no one home?

Hannah was, but I guess she refused to press charges when Rachel agreed to leave.

So, Hannah takes out a restraining order but then refuses to enforce it?

None of it adds up.

Um, does that neighbor have a name?

Ron Williams.

Thank you.

So, you really think your friend can explain how a piece of driftwood surfaced after 6,000 years?

Troy: If anyone can, it’s him.

Now, full disclosure… Nerd alert.

Oh. Hey, Patrick.

You have a sec? Uh, Dr. Bahl.

Um, I thought I had a few more hours before I had to send you my report.

Oh, not here for that, big guy.

Saanvi, meet my gaming buddy, Dr. Patrick Cooper.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

Let’s talk earthquakes.

What can you tell us about the one that unearthed the piece of driftwood we got from the Vatican?

The region where the driftwood was found has an abundance of fault lines.

Odds are a series of quakes moved it inch by inch up to the surface over time, not unlike the seismic activity that unearthed 828’s tailfin.

Wait, you’re saying an earthquake is what brought the Tailfin up from the ocean floor?

It’s just a theory.

And yet, the quake in question is a ghost.

Wait. What?

Take a look at this.

People claim to have felt it, but there’s no dip separation, there’s no shearing, nothing.

If these tectonic plates could talk, they’d say that quake never happened.

But it took something to shake the Tailfin off the bottom of the ocean floor, just like how it took something to make the driftwood surface.

That’s what I said.

But if they don’t see it, no one believes it.

Captain Daly, the 828 pilot, said that dark lightning hit the plane, and nobody believed him.

Dark lightning is a burst of gamma radiation… invisible.

A seismic ghost?

Sorry, weather’s not my department.

You want to talk about a dormant volcano coughing up an ancient piece of driftwood, I’m your guy.

Did you just say a dormant volcano?

Yeah, where the driftwood was found. Why?


Michaela: Hi, there.

Can I help you?

Yeah, we’re looking for Ron Williams.

Oh, Mr. Williams isn’t home.

Uh, we just wanted to ask him a few questions about an incident from a few weeks ago.

He called the police.

Yeah. Next door.

Sad situation.

Were you here that day?

I work here every day, and there’s always drama going on over there.

With Mr. Hall’s ex-wife?


She doesn’t come around that much.

But the current wife… I don’t know why she stays with that guy.

She seems like a nice lady, too.

Uh, what do you mean?

He’s out every night, and when he’s home…

Shouting, throwing things.

He’s abusing her?

Mr. Williams apparently doesn’t hear any of that.

Huh. Maybe it’s ’cause he plays golf with Mr. Hall.

But when the ex-wife comes to help her sister, all of a sudden, it’s a 911.

I’m sorry. Hold on. Rachel comes to help?

I still have a pile of laundry to fold, if you don’t mind.

Well, that paints a different picture. [Sighs]

I wonder if that’s what Rachel meant when she said, “It’s not what you think.”

Rachel left Jamaica to get away from Jonas.

Came back and found him married to her sister.

So, maybe Rachel’s Calling and ours wasn’t about closure.

It was about protecting Hannah.

Or protecting all of us.

Our Lifeboat.

[Car door opens]

You said the driftwood was found south of Armenia.

Just… how far south are we talking?

Oh, 30, maybe 40 kilometers.

Okay, that would put us in Turkey.

In Eastern Turkey, to be exact. That’s correct.

You never said anything about it being near a dormant volcano, and there’s only one dormant volcano in that region…

Mount Ararat.

And what does that mean to you?

A seismic event on the day of our disappearance yielded a 6,000-year-old piece of extinct cypress, most likely a vessel transporting animals, laden with sapphire, found near Mount Ararat which is historically known for one thing.

Go on, Saanvi. You can say it.

Mount Ararat is believed to be the final resting place of…

Noah’s Ark.


Your friend Stella runs quite the operation.

You ended up buying more books than we donated.

Speaking of Stella, did you pick up anything from her earlier?

“Pick up” anything?


Why? Should I have?


Ohhh. Gotcha.

She’s special, huh?

[Sighs] K-Kinda.

So that’s why you had to find her favorite book and why you were…


Cal, were you hoping I would feel her emotions?

Is that why you wanted me to take you to the fair?


Alright, buddy, we gotta talk.

[Chair rattles]


Look, man, I-I get it.

It’s not like these powers of ours came with a rule book.

But using your Callings or my empathy thing for personal gain, it puts us on some really shaky ground.

These are gifts, and it’s wrong to abuse them, you know what I mean?

Y-Yeah. Sorry.

I won’t do it again.

Look at it this way…

Maybe I didn’t sense anything from Stella because you’re supposed to figure it out on your own.


[Insects chirping]

No one really knows what goes on in people’s homes, do they?

Michaela: Abusers count on it.

I mean, do you really think that bastard

went from abusing one sister to the other?

I mean, it would explain the urgency in the Callings and [Sighs] the inconsistencies in the stories we’ve been told.


Why would Hannah put on that whole Stepford wife front?

[Door opens]

And why didn’t Rachel say anything either?

[Car alarm blips]

Now’s our chance.

[Car door opens, closes]

Hey, if what we suspect is true, it’s probably better if I talk to Hannah on my own…

Police business.

[Engine starts]

Are you sure? Yeah. Look, you’ve done enough.

I’ll just… I’ll grab a taxi home.

You go.

[Engine revs]

Yeah, I-I don’t know, Mick.

The Calling wanted us both here.

She’s more likely to open up to a woman.

Alright. Go.

Call me. Let me know what happens.


[Flames crackling]

[Exhales shakily]


[Engine starts]

So, I’m not just imagining things.

The driftwood really is a surviving piece of Noah’s Ark?

Perhaps. All the data seem to point us in that direction.

And… what if it is?

What if the vessel experienced the exact same phenomenon as Flight 828?

What if, indeed.

I’ve exhausted all means at my disposal trying to explain the disappearance and return of Flight 828 scientifically.

But now… now we may hold evidence of a direct link between the divine and the physical world.

If we can find a way to reverse-engineer that link, to deconstruct the miracle…

You’ll be able to create a miracle.

When the world finds out that Noah’s Ark is real, when the passengers realize that this may be a precedent for what happened to us… Vance: No one can know, Saanvi.

Flight 828 may be the most important event in human history.

We have to understand it first if we’re going to deconstruct and harness the power behind it.

But the passengers…

This happened to them, and they deserve to know.

And without Ben’s test results, we wouldn’t even be this far along.

You have to stop thinking of yourself as a private citizen.

You are now a government operative with top-secret security clearance working on this country’s most highly classified secrets.

We can’t risk this falling into the wrong hands.

But Ben can help us understand the connection between 828 and the Ark.

I mean, we can trust him. It doesn’t matter who we think we can trust!

From now on, your loyalty is to this facility and nothing or no one else.

You’re either in or you’re out.

Which will it be?

I need to hear you say it.

I’m in.


Welcome to the big leagues.


[Car alarm blips]


[Keys jingle, seatbelt clacks]






[Keys jingle]





You know it’s just me and you right now.

I’m a detective with the NYPD.

I can… help.

Rachel wants to help, too.


But you knew that.

Which is why you didn’t let the cops arrest her, isn’t it?

Growing up in her shadow, I was, uh… I was always the disappointment.

Never as pretty, never as smart.

Everything always came so easy to Rachel…

Her charm, her wit.

She always won.

[Chuckles softly] At everything.

That must’ve been tough, then, for her to come back and realize that everything was taken away.

I didn’t take anything from her.

She just couldn’t accept that I was happy.

For once in our lives, I had won.

So, are you happy then, Hannah?


Or are you trying to prove something?


[Breathing heavily]



[Gun cocks]

What are you doing here?

Did Jonas send you? No. No, no.

I’m on your side.

I know you’re just trying to protect your sister.

Stop talking or I’ll shoot you.


You never wanted Jonas back.

You just wanted Hannah to get away from him.

She wouldn’t listen.

No one did.

But you knew.

Rachel, you knew because you have been trying to get away from Jonas’s abuse for a long time.

The accident, Flight 828.

You wanted to escape.

He wouldn’t let me.

And it’s the same for Hannah.

He has such a grip on her.

Just put the gun down.

Let’s talk about how we can help.

There’s no other way.


[Door opens]

[Gun cocks]

What the hell? It’s over.

You’re never gonna hurt her again.

Rachel, no!

Jonas was the best thing that had ever happened to me.


For once in my life, I… I felt special.

The way he looked at me, how he noticed even the smallest detail.

A new shirt, new earrings.

I thought it was sweet how he’d be jealous if a co-worker texted me.

Yeah, he made you the center of his world.

But that came at a cost, didn’t it?

One night, a friend had a breakup, and a bunch of us took her out for a drink, and Jonas followed us.

When I got home, he lost it.

Slapped me across my face.

Called me a slut.

You must think I’m so stupid.


No, I don’t.


[Breathing shakily]

Look, I know you think there’s no way out of this, but there is.

Listen to him, Rach.

I never wanted to hurt you.

You know I loved you.

Put down the gun and we can all walk away, pretend like this never happened. Shut up!

That’s always your solution, huh?

Pretend nothing happened.

No one believed me.

Hannah, the neighbors…

You convinced everyone I was crazy.

You left me no choice.

I believe you. My sister believes you.

She’s talking to Hannah right now.

We can protect her. We can protect both of you.

He’s never gonna stop.

Please! I’ll change!

I’m done with your promises.

Rachel, no!

You don’t want to spend the rest of your life in jail, not because of him.

He’s taken enough from you.


Come on.


Police! Don’t move! Hands where I can see them!

Drop your weapon.

Okay. Michaela: Breaking and entering, possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Sorry, how did my buttoned-up brother rack up a rap sheet like that in a couple of hours?

I prevented a murder, one that would’ve sunk our Lifeboat.

So why don’t you thank me and let me go home?

Oh, yeah, like…

Like you should’ve done when I told you to?

You know what, next time, why don’t you just call me before you break into a building?

Jonas would be dead, and Rachel would be on her way to a life sentence if I hadn’t stopped her. Yeah, maybe, Ben, but what if you had gotten hurt, or…

Or better yet, what if you had died?

No, seriously.

What would I have told Grace or your children?

What was I supposed to do, Mick?

Ignore the Calling?

Sit still while another passenger ruined our chances at survival?

Who put you in charge of protecting the entire Lifeboat?

The Calling did, when it showed me those burning passengers!

It tasked me with keeping everyone safe!

So, what, you’re just an 828 vigilante now?

No. No.

But we have to take action.

We have to do whatever it takes to make sure that we all survive.

Take action? Ben, stop.

Listen to yourself.

How do you know you’renot the one sinking the Lifeboat making sure no one else does?

I never said this was going to be easy.

No, it’s impossible!

There are 200 of us, and the ones that went up in flames, you don’t even remember who most of them are!

That was the point, Mick.

Every day, there are countless passengers out there ready to do something to ruin everyone’s chances!


Did you think I was just gonna cross my arms and do nothing?

No. Um, no.

I know you far too well to know that that would never happen, but Ben…

I don’t want to lose you.

[Door opens]

Mick, Hannah’s asking to speak to you.


Go home.

[Door closes]

Hannah: Thank you for pulling some strings to get me back here.

No problem. I’m a sister, too.

We have enough evidence to make sure Jonas pays for what he did to both of you.

And what’ll happen to Rachel?

She was just trying to protect me.

She’ll have to face charges.

I don’t care.

As long as you’re safe.

Given the circumstance, though, I think the judge will be sympathetic.

Especially if you were to testify on her behalf.

Of course.

She only did this to save me.

Justice finds a way in the end.



Well, this is a surprise.

Obviously, now that I have my wallet, I figured I’d use it to, um try to buy some forgiveness.

Nothing to be forgiven.

I’m sorry I showed up unannounced.

[Chuckles] You made my coworkers’ day.

They were burning me non-stop about us dating.

Dating, huh?

I guess it depends if you like tulips.





[Door closes]

You’re just in time. Smells like it.

Thought you needed something special after the day you had.

It actually turned out okay.

Um, I’m just mad I missed Cal’s book fair.

How’d it go? Fine.

I ended up getting strong-armed into buying way too many books by the object of Cal’s affections,

but other than that, all good.

I’m sorry, wait. Cal has a crush?

Oh, my gosh.

Now I’m really mad I missed it.

Wow, love is in the air.

What do you mean?

Uh, Jared is dating Sarah.

Sarah “the Major’s daughter” Sarah?


Isn’t that a little odd?

Uh, yeah.

I thought so, too, but you know what?

He seems happy, so I’m happy for him.

He deserves it.


This looks really good.

You didn’t need to do all this.

[Echoing] You didn’t need to do all this.

You okay?

[Thrumming stops]

Hell no.

Our food’s getting cold.

[Normal voice] Let’s eat.

[Cellphone vibrates]


[Cellphone swishes]

[Cellphone clacks]




Don’t look so bummed out.

You did a good thing today.

Mm. Tell that to Mick.

I think she’s disappointed they didn’t press charges against me.

Well… I don’t disagree with her.

You could have been more careful.

But one way or another, we gotta protect this Lifeboat.

For Cal, for Eden, for Olive, for all of us.



“Angelina is like family.”

Hey, Ol. I need some advice.

Uh, sorry. Just me.

Olive’s not back yet.


I do happen to give really great advice, though.

If you need it, I mean.

Alright, well, there’s this girl at school, and her birthday’s coming up, and… I just don’t know what to get her.

You should give her something of yours, something special.

I’ve seen your drawings.

Maybe you could draw her a picture.



Uh, no thanks necessary, but I do know a way you could return the favor.

Just don’t tell Olive about the dress.

It’ll just be our little secret.




[Pops lips]










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