Manifest – S03E04 – Tailspin [Transcript]

Ben and Saanvi join forces with Vance in his newest venture to understand Flight 828. Michaela and Zeke adjust to their new home life while aiding a non-passenger with a looming death date of their own.
Manifest - S03E04 - Tailspin

Original air date: April 22, 2021

Two months later, Vance has been reinstated to NSA and is heading up the 828 task force. He invites Ben and Saanvi to view the operation, with the tailfin now added to the plane wreckage. Vance shows Ben and Saanvi old security video of the tailfin vanishing, and Saanvi recognizes the time stamp on the screen as when she killed Fitz, the same day Zeke rescued Cal and beat the death date. Ben enters a secure area and sees the body of 828 passenger Kelly Taylor, who was shot and killed over a year ago, in an experimental container. He learns the body no longer shows a bullet wound, but has injuries consistent with a plane crash. Coupled with the return of the tailfin to the Caribbean, Ben says science now proves the passengers died on the plane. Zeke discovers his callings have changed, when he feels exactly what Evie’s mother is feeling during an episode. He later uses this ability to get Pete to reveal that his high school football coach was forcing Jace, Kory and himself to deal drugs, which resulted in a teammate’s death. Using his pending death date as leverage, Michaela gets Pete to reveal that Jace is going to the coach’s house right now. Michaela arrives to find Kory has been shot when he tried to stop Jace, and Jace in the wind. Finding drugs in a vent, she arrests the coach. Meanwhile, Jared and Drea get closer to solving Fitz’s disappearance.

* * *


[Muffled screaming]


[Two Months Later]




[Cellphone chimes]



Everything okay?

It’s, uh, happening again.

Lighting up like Christmas.

What do you think?

It sounds insane, but I can feel the tailfin… beckoning me.

I’ve got to see it again.

Are you calling or am I?


Grace: Nine weeks radio silence, and suddenly Vance is sending you a car?

Yeah, well, I told him about my hand.

Sort of.

Are you sure that’s a good idea?

Ben, he’s officially NSA again.

Yeah, but he’s still the guy who endangered his life to save mine.

So no matter who he works for, I trust him.

And I trust you.

Hey, Mom.

Hi, honey.

Excited for prom?

Which dress did you settle on?

I’m actually gonna skip it.

What? Are you sure?

I doubt I’m missing much.

Oh, I-I know you bought those tickets for you and TJ, but you might regret not going.

It is prom.

I barely see those people anymore.

Yeah, but that’s the point — one last rager.


That still a thing?

No. Nobody says that.

Oh, Dad, your badass carriage awaits.


Wish me luck.


Have you seen him?

I’m assuming he’s alright.


Alright, how about this one —

where exactly are you taking me?




You really think the tailfin is here?

Just hiding in plain sight?

Well, unmarked buildings, inconspicuous heavy security — sounds about right.

[Door closes]

What, you don’t call, you don’t write?

Saanvi, why don’t you head inside?

Mary at the security desk will take your phone and ID.

All you had to do was sit tight and trust that I had things handled.

I couldn’t let you rot in a Cuban prison.

Can’t imagine the things I’ve answered for.

So thanks for the favor, but I didn’t need it.


Anything you see, anything you learn is highly classified, never to be shared beyond these walls.

Is the tailfin here?

Along with a confluence of top scientific minds convened to study the phenomenon.

This is it?

This is the entire 828 investigation?

You’re part of it again?

I’m in charge of it.

Well, I guess my contacting the NSA didn’t turn out so bad for you after all.

Well, I was about to negotiate my own release, until you swooped in, caused a massive international incident, and almost landed me in federal prison.

Are we going in?

Or are you two planning to keep bickering out here?






[Computers beeping]


Welcome to Eureka.


[Engines roaring]


Do you — Do you want something else?

There are no raisins.

Oh, um…

Really, I –I always have raisins…


…with my oatmeal.

Where are the raisins?

Oh, sorry.

Why are you hiding them?!

I — No, hey, hey —

Uh, why don’t I cut you up some fruit?

Where are the raisins?

Or something, maybe —

Did you eat them?!

Beverly, hey —

Where are the raisins?!

Do you want an omelet?

I can make you an omelet. I can —

Beverly: Where are the raisins?

I heard something about omelets. I-I —



Beverly, I’m Zeke.

Michaela’s husband.

I know you may not recognize us right now, but Michaela went to school with Evie.

Evie was my best friend, Beverly.

Glen asked us to — to be here with you to keep you company.

Glen asked you?


To — Oh.

Here we go.

I used to drive you to practice.

We were always running late.

[Both chuckle]

But you did bring the best snacks.

And you’d sneak them in the car.

[Both laugh]

I did not think you knew that.


She just needed a reset.

You, um…

You a mind reader now?

Something strange happened to me.

You have a Calling?

No, it was something else.

I was scared, confused.

I didn’t know who we were or what we were doing in the house.


A-A-Are you saying that… you felt what Beverly was feeling?

I think I did.

That is next level.


So no phone or credit card activity after December 28th.

That was when I last spoke with her.

And this is you right here at 9:37 p.m.?

Yeah, my mom told me she was getting off the ferry and headed home.

But she never made it.

I’m combing through all the police calls from that night.

Still nothing.

There has to be something.

I know it.

I’m gonna keep looking.

We’ll find your mother, Sarah.

Thank you for being so thorough.

I’m really grateful.

Just doing my job.

Listen, if you happen to remember anything else, please let me know, okay?


You know, sometimes when she’s had a hard day at work, she takes the long way home and strolls through some park.


Says it helps her leave work at the door.

I’m guessing she didn’t say which park.

Looks like I got some homework to do.

I’ll let you know if I find anything out.





[Breathing heavily]




[Dishes clatter]


Pete. Pete!

Are you okay? You have to tell me.

I’m trying to help you before it’s too late.

You’ve been so nice.

Coming here all the time.


I-I don’t deserve this.

Of course you do.

Why are you wasting your time with me?

How many times do I need to say it?

I choose to be here with you.

I was chosen to be with you.

Whatever you’re seeing, you don’t need to be afraid.

The Callings saved me, and they can save you.

[Sighing] No.

I think I’m way past that.


No, you’re not.

Look, you drowned in that lake.

But now you’re back, breathing air.

But this second chance has an expiration date.

You have less than one week until your Death Date.

Even if everything you’re saying is true…

…nothing I can do about it in here.


It’s quite a step up from the clinic back room.

Well, I miss the lollipops, but we have a few more toys here.

What exactly are you researching?

Well, we’ve undertaken a broad spectrum of projects surrounding 828.


Everything from aeronautic engineering to, uh, meteorology, neurology, biology.

You’re surveilling private homes?

The inquiry’s scope is necessarily all-encompassing.

Oh, uh, Ben Stone, Saanvi Bahl, meet Dr. Gupta, director of research.

I still think it’s a mistake to bring passengers in here, not to mention they don’t have clearance.

You’ve made your point, Dr. Gupta, but they’re with me.

At the very least, we should be running full diagnostics on them.

Thank you, Doctor.

So nice to meet you.

She’s a very committed researcher, but after two years of doing things a certain way, new approaches can… be challenging.

What about the Major? What if she resurfaces?

She won’t.

You can’t guarantee that.

What happened to not trusting the government?

I demanded full oversight.

And as you can see, I got it, thanks to the tailfin discovery.

A discovery we made together.

Exactly, which is why I let you come in here.

And speaking of, what’s this mystery development you called me about?

Uh, I just…

…needed to see the tailfin.


[Inhales sharply]


When can I see it up close?

Soon enough.

I need to show you something first.


I brought you some new puzzles.

Oh! Thank you, honey.

Thalia makes it look so easy.

She’s a trained nurse.

[Doorbell rings]

I’m sorry, I — I didn’t know where to go.

You said if I ever needed anything, I —

Of course. Come in.

Pete needs your help.

Did he say something about Jace, where he might be?

No. Pete had a Calling.

I was there. I saw it.

You said it’s important to follow the Callings if we want to survive.

Pete’s not like his brother. H-He can still be saved.

He has to work for it.

And he would, but how can he follow the Calling if he’s in jail?

Maybe we can follow it for him.

And along the way, maybe get a lead on Jace.

Yeah, but Pete’s got to want to talk to me.

I’ll come with, give Pete living proof the Callings can save him.


He’s almost out of time.

[Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing]

You know, my dad always said that stubbornness in the face of an impossible obstacle is a waste of time.

I’m guessing you didn’t listen.

Oh, I’m persistent, not stubborn.

Seriously, though, why so drilled down on finding this Fitz woman if she’s such a monster?

[Sighs] Sarah drew the short straw when it comes to moms, but she still deserves answers.

Alright. We getting any closer?

I’m trying. I literally pulled every 911 and nuisance call between the ferry and Fitz’s apartment that night.

Okay, domestic dispute, drunk and disorderly…

Most promising is a noise complaint in the park nearby.

Sarah said her mom used to walk through it.

Sanitation truck idles off-hours in a residential area?

That’s kind of weird.

What’s even weirder —

not another noise complaint in that area for the rest of the night.

Affluent areas pull a high volume of nuisance calls.

Off-hours garbage truck?

I mean, a bunch of entitled neighbors would’ve called that in.

Makes you wonder whether the truck wasn’t on the job.

I mean, at the very least, maybe a cop saw something suspicious.

Guess I’m not the only persistent one.


[Cell door buzzes open]

[Cell door slams]

No, no, no. W-Wait, Pete, please.

Angelina really wants us to help you.

She cares about you a lot, okay?



Name’s Zeke.

You’re the one.

The one Angelina told me about.

The one who survived.


Zeke followed a Calling and saved Cal’s life and his own.

Why are you telling me all this?

Because you have less than one week before your Death Date.

Pete, please, tell us about the Calling.

Maybe we can help.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Weeks before my Death Date, frostbite started setting in.

I was dying.

It’s started happening to you, too, hasn’t it?

You feel water in your lungs?

Your time is running out, Pete.

But we’re here to help you.

Um… okay.

I-I-I was in some…dark place, a-a-and I ran and got nowhere.

A-And — And everywhere I turned, there was this huge…clock…


…counting down.

Have you seen it before?

Our high school football field.

M-Mom would work late, so w-we would stay after practice a-a-and keep throwing around till night.

Who’s “we”? You and Jace?

And Kory and a couple others.

Till we got booted off the team.

After that, life sort of went south.

Who kicked you off?

Coach Hannity.

Why? Why would he do that?

‘Cause he could.


Tonight’s your prom?

Yeah. But, um, I’m — I’m not going.

I skipped mine, too.

My parents thought prom was some high school version of Sodom and Gomorrah.

I’m really sorry.

What’s your excuse?

Oh, well, I was supposed to go with TJ, but he’s halfway around the world.

Maybe he wants to make sure he survives his Death Date so you guys have more time together.

A few months apart now in exchange for happily ever after.

I didn’t peg you for such a romantic.


You really think we can survive?

Zeke did.

And I’m not gonna stop trying until I make sure that my family, TJ, and you do, too.

So that’s why I’m spending my prom day digging into some Egyptian mythology.

Mind if I help?



[Whistle blows]

Michaela: That must be him.

Think this will lead to finding Jace?

All I know is that while he and Kory are out there, Cal’s in danger.

This is the most Pete’s talked in two months, so if we can solve his Calling —

Maybe he turns on his brother.


Can I help you?

Uh, Terry Hannity, I’m Detective Stone.

What can I do for you, Detective?

I’m, um — I’m hoping you can recall a player from a ways back.

Pete Baylor.

The Baylor boys.

Darkest moment of my career.

Still haunts me.

How so?

I never had kids of my own.

These boys, they’re all I have.

When I found Derek dead in the locker room —

I’m sorry. Who’s Derek?

W-What happened?


We searched the lockers, questioned the kids, come to find out Pete sold Derek the drugs.

You never suspected anything?

Well, I always knew his brother and that other kid they ran around with were trouble —

Jace and Kory.

Yeah, exactly.

But Pete denied he was selling for them, insisted it was him alone.

He ended up in juvie.

I kicked those other two off my team.

Couldn’t risk it.

Four young lives ruined.

Thank you for your help, Mr. Hannity.



Pretty big omission from Pete. You didn’t know?

No, his records as a minor are sealed.

I think the Callings want Pete to reckon with his teammate’s death.

You know, come to terms with his grief, his guilt.

Sounds like the three of us are a bit more alike than we realized.


The hull of the Montego 828 plane that landed in New York’s been housed here for study since it blew up on the tarmac, under the tightest security.

So how does a piece end up in Cuba?

That’s the first question I asked when I was reinstated.

And then I saw this.



Saanvi: Wait.

Wait, it vanished?

That’s impossible.

As a colleague of mine told me the day you landed, I think we’ve taken “impossible” off the table.

So, the tailfin disappears from here and our Cuban friends happen to fish one out of the ocean?

Are you sure it wasn’t stolen, footage wasn’t altered?

I’m certain.

No, Ben, you were right.

The Cuban tailfin is the real one.

I’m glad you finally believe me.

There’s more.

Unlike the rest of the plane, the corrosion on the recovered tailfin is consistent with having spent seven years in saltwater.

The time elapsed since 828’s original disappearance.

Wait. The tailfin disappeared on the same night that Zeke survived his Death Date and the Meth Heads drowned in that lake.


But why?


Help me. [Gasping]

[Voice breaking] I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

[Sirens wailing]

[Police radio chatter]

Molinaro? Lieutenant Vasquez.

We spoke about the noise complaint.

Said you were gonna take some time to think about it.


I responded to the call close to midnight.

Sanitation driver was still at the park.

Do you have a description?

White guy, 6 feet, rugged, 45 to 50.

Said something about his sick dog putting him behind.

Seemed real sorry and was wrapping up.

Figured I’d cut him a break.

Appreciate your time.

Be grateful if you could e-mail me your notes.

Will do.

Uh, two coffees, please.

Can’t let this be a total waste of time.

Still, something about this story doesn’t sit right.

What was that truck doing in that neighborhood so late at night?

You’re buying.

Thank you.

Ben: The tailfin now?

On our way.

What’s the working theory on how it teleported itself and aged seven years?

Everyone under this roof has a theory, none they can agree on.

It has to do with my Calling of the plane exploding, that things are somehow going back to how they’re supposed to be?

Well, it’s crossed my mind.

Why on that date?

Have to do with your friend Zeke living?

Those meth dealers dying?

Maybe. They returned, too.


There’s another group of returnees and you didn’t think to tell me?

Well, you haven’t exactly been easy to get in touch with.

In any event, this can’t be a coincidence.

What do you think, Saanvi?



You okay?


Yeah, it’s just a lot to process.

Yeah, well, whatever this means, it’s what we do.


[Gasps] Oh! Excuse me!

Oh, my God.

Troy? You’re…


I know! [Chuckles]

Sorry I ghosted.

I’m just digesting the fact that you’re not an actual ghost.


I thought something awful happened to you.

I was so worried.

You were?

I mean, h-honestly, so was I.

One minute I’m in our lab, next thing, I wake up in an NSA safe house getting recruited to a classified research team.

I was dying to tell you, but I couldn’t — classified.

What kind of research?

Well, I…

It’s in line with your DNA mutation study, but 828-focused.

They used you to replicate my work?

It wasn’t my idea.

I was literally abducted.

They didn’t even want me to know where I was until I’d been cleared.

I’m glad you’re okay.

I’m glad you’re here.

[Whispering] I don’t know half of what’s going on, but the things I’ve learned so far, it’s like…

[Mimics explosion]



[Inhales sharply]


Ben: What if it’s like in Cuba?

Vance: We’ve got a top-notch medical team standing by here.


Hey, listen to me.

I don’t need a repeat performance in full view of a bunch of people who would like nothing more than to poke and prod me like a mutant.


Lightning rarely strikes twice.

Why were you so convinced you had to touch the tailfin again?


I’m not sure anymore.

Michaela: Do you remember Derek Hanson?

That’s a pretty big detail to leave out — the death of a former teammate.

Derek’s got nothing to do with this.

Look, no one said that the Callings were gonna be easy.

They often get you to confront the most painful parts of your past.

Zeke: I think the Calling’s trying to tell you there’s no running anymore, Pete.





Who are you so scared of?

Who — Who are you protecting?

Is it Jace?

This Calling’s giving you a chance to choose a different path in life.

Take it and you might survive, Pete.


I never wanted to deal drugs.

But I — I had to if I wanted to stay on the team.

Coach Hannity — he made us.

I idolized him.

You dealt for Hannity?

After Derek died, I wanted out.

But Coach, he — he [sniffling] he beat the hell outta me.

You never ratted on him?

He — He would’ve killed me.

He would’ve killed Jace.

And besides, who was gonna believe us, anyway?

Telling us was the right thing.

What about Jace? Where is he now?



Wait, no. No, no. Peter, please talk to me.

Please! Guard.

Pete, you have the chance to save Cal and yourself!



It happened again, didn’t it? You connected with him.

I was like a scared little kid.

It was so raw. Stronger than with Beverly.

What are you gonna do?

I’m gonna pay Hannity a more official visit.

I think the Callings want a drug dealer off the streets.


I’ve been waiting for you. You saw that clock, too?

Felt like you had to come here?

Bastard’s run out of time.

He’s got to pay.

Jace, man, we need to stop rolling like that.

Why are you even here, then?

I-I don’t know what happened to us, but I feel like I’m drowning.

I’m literally puking water.

I keep seeing things, hearing voices.

You think Coach is gonna help you this time?

We got to make sure he finally gets what’s coming.


Saanvi: Why are we leaving?

All the questions we’ve had for two years now, and the best and brightest are assembled right here searching for answers.

And staring at us like lab rats.

I’ll go see about getting your IDs and phones back, and you meet me up front?


Ben, we can trust Vance.

Yeah, I want to believe that, Saanvi, but look around.

All this is much bigger than Vance.

To this place, we’re no different than pieces of the plane, a mystery to unravel… no matter what it takes.

[Inhales sharply]

Clearly, we are supposed to be here.

Maybe we’re just wrong about why.

It must be reacting to something nearby.

Like what?


There’s something they’re not showing us.

Only one way to find out.

Cover for me.


Ben, wait.


[Inhales sharply]


Hey, you sure there was no additional pickup scheduled on Saturday?

Alright, got it.

Appreciate your time.


In the way that nothing could be something.

Mm, I hate riddles.

Sanitation doesn’t even service that area on Saturdays.

So who was there, and why?


What I don’t get is, what does all this have to do with Kathryn Fitz?

Well, didn’t you say she was a high-ranking Pentagon official?

Be careful you’re not stepping on someone else’s turf, Vasquez.

[Cellphone chimes]

Ah. And duty calls.

Stay outta trouble while I’m gone.


Hey, thanks for coming.

I’m not too sure what’s going on here.

Well, a football coach pushing junk seems a little far-fetched.

Sure Pete’s telling the truth?

I mean, it seemed like he really wanted to fix his past mistake.

[Man screaming]

Call an ambulance!

Help me!





I didn’t shoot him.

This is Detective Drea Mikami requesting a bus to 427 Troutman.

You knew the Baylors were after me.

You left without even a warning!

Sir, I’m gonna need you to calm down and put your hands behind your head.

Is there anyone else in the house?

He took off.

Came here screaming bloody murder.

Total psychopath.

[Kory groans]


Where did he go?

Up and ran after he fired.

Some kind of friend you got, Kory!

Is that true? Jace shot you?

I tried to stop him from…

Hannity: High as a kite, if you ask me.

Both of ’em talking nonsense, hearing voices.

Your clock’s run out.

[Breathing heavily]

The clock — is that why you came here?

Jace saw it, too.

Sir, do you have any drugs or weapons on the premises?

They broke into my home, and now you’re treating me like I’m the criminal?

Answer the question.

Check the vent.

This is ridiculous!


I’m the victim here!

Michaela: Yeah, we’ll see about that.



None of those are mine. I got no idea —

Yeah, I got an idea. You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.

Kory, you know where Jace went?

I’d be happy to rat him out if I knew.

Drea: Do you understand the rights I’ve just read to you?



Olive, look at this.

According to the Egyptians, souls journeyed through Osiris’ underworld and faced a series of challenges.

Sort of like the Callings.

Who’s Osiris?

Lord of the Underworld.

But before the gods gave him the job, his brother killed him.


It gets better.

Osiris’ wife, Isis — she basically moved heaven and earth to bring him back to life.

And then had his baby.

That’s so romantic.

Osiris survived, even though his brother was a homicidal maniac.

Like Pete and Jace.

[Cellphone chimes]

It’s my Aunt Mick.

They solved Pete’s Calling.


It looks like he’s already on his way to save himself.


He will.

I never thought I’d find a way to save myself, and then I met all of you.

Do you have plans tonight?

Do I look like I have plans tonight?

Come on. Let’s go.


Thought you two left.

It’s my fault.

The tailfin reappeared at the bottom of the ocean because I killed her.

That is a huge leap to make, especially when we don’t unders–

You saw the time stamp.

The fin disappeared the moment she died.

Saanvi, you’re a scientist.

You can’t mistake correlation for causation.

Many impossible things happened that night.

Zeke wasn’t on 828.

Neither were the criminals who kidnapped Cal.

I was. I was connected to the plane.

I am connected to the plane.


Excuse me! Sir!

Sir, you can’t be here.

I need assistance on corridor D.

You feel guilty about what happened.

Oh, this isn’t about my feelings, Vance.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have ruined my chances of surviving the Death Date.

But what if there are further ramifications?

You cannot jump to conclusions when there’s so much we don’t understand yet.

Let it go.

I need my team laser-focused.


These people are flying blind.

We need some fresh eyes.

What about the clinic?

You have more important work to do here.

Don’t you want answers?

Scientist: Director Vance! The tailfin!


[Camera shutter clicking]


Where’s Ben?


Security guard: Sir!

Mr. Stone, stop.

Mr. Stone!


[Air hissing]


I am never flying Montego again.


This is so…normal.

Normal? That’s weird.

[Chuckles] Does that sound crazy?

It’s exactly what you need.

And an extra little accessory from your dad.


It’s beautiful.

Phone, please.


Your mom will kill me if I don’t send pics.

[Laughing] Okay.

[Both laugh]


[Camera shutter clicks]

One more.

[Both laugh]

What about you? Come on, let’s take a selfie.

No, this wasn’t a good idea.

It’s your prom, it’s your friends.

You go have fun.

[Scoffs] What? No.

You’re coming with me.

Going to yours won’t bring my prom back.

It’s okay.

Go have a blast. For me.


It’s a promise.

♪ Then I’m sleeping with the girl that broke it ♪

♪ Mmmm

Hannity will never, ever again use anyone the way that he used you, Jace, and Kory.

Is — Is Kory okay?

Your brother shot him in the leg.

He lost a lot of blood, and if we hadn’t gotten there in time…

Now what?

That’s up to you.


But there are four days till your Death Date.


I think I know how you can find Jace.


So, when were you gonna tell us you had a passenger’s corpse on ice?

The truth we’re all after… may well hover above the edge of traditional science.

Doctor, explain the results of Ms. Taylor’s postmortem.

You’re aware Kelly Taylor died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Of course. A year and a half ago.

However, any medical examiner who studied her corpse now would tell you that her injuries are consistent with those sustained in an airplane’s midair explosion.

There’s more.

The subject’s tissues recently produced traces of a tropical algae strain unique to the Caribbean.

A strain that’s a genetic match with the algae on the recovered tailfin.

So the tailfin and her body are somehow reverting to being back at the bottom of the ocean?

But why?

That’ll be all, Doctor.


You’ve scientifically proven what the Calling of the exploding plane was trying to tell me.

That we died on that plane.

We were resurrected.

You’re seriously not implying divine intervention, Ben?

I don’t see another explanation, do you?

Alright, alright. All my cards are on the table.

Now it’s your turn.

Your cards are on the table only because I found them myself.

I let you in here, didn’t I?

After you lied your way in.

I was protecting myself, like you taught me!

It’s only a mater of time before those lab coats out there figure out whose handprint was glowing on that tailfin.

They’ll want to study you.

Not an option.

It’s time you ask yourself the same question I faced back in Cuba.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to get to the truth?


[SYML’s “Symmetry” plays]


♪ Come now, child, the day is long ♪

♪ Hide not yourself from me ♪

♪ Angels sing the final song ♪

♪ Silence will turn to sleep ♪


♪ Take heed, my son ♪


♪ The darkness will come ♪


♪ Take heed, my son ♪

♪ Mm, mm ♪


We have a problem.

Vasquez is getting too close to the truth.



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