Manifest – S03E02 – Deadhead [Transcript]

A threat to the Stone family tests Michaela's commitment to play by the rules and forces Grace to make a difficult decision. Ben enlists the aid of an old rival to save an old friend. Olive helps a new friend solve a calling.
Manifest - S03E02 - Deadhead

Original air date: April 8, 2021

Michaela gets her suspension lifted and reunites with Drea. They view park ranger footage of Jace, Pete, and Kory walking out of the lake. They investigate and learn the men assaulted two campers and stole their RV. Angelina has a haunting calling that leads her to her old school. With Olive’s help, she digs up a time capsule containing an old photo of herself at a King Kone stand, reminding her of a time when family life was normal. Pete tells Jace they should flee to Canada. Jace agrees, but first tries to score money at the place he worked years ago: the King Kone. While there, Pete retrieves the photo that Angelina dropped. Jace and Kory leave without him when the cops come. Pete is arrested by Michaela and Drea, and says the photo has both himself and Jace in the background. Elsewhere, Grace tries to find a safe place for Cal with the three meth heads loose, forcing her to reunite with her estranged stepbrother Tarik. Also, Ben gets unexpected help from Tim Powell in rescuing Vance, while Zeke correctly deduces that Saanvi is troubled by something. News breaks of the discovery of a piece of Flight 828 in Cuba and the Stone house is inundated by reporters looking for answers.

* * *

[Woman panting]




[Breathing rapidly]

[Knock on door]


I thought you could use a bit of caffeine.

Thank you. [Inhales shakily]

So, how are you doing?

I’m fine.

It’s been less than 24 hours.

You don’t have to be fine.

But you are safe.

And if there’s anything you need…

This must be Eden?

Yeah, it is.

She’s zonked.

She’s perfect.

I like you already.

I’m sure you don’t really want to be around people right now.

But whenever you’re ready, we’re here for you.

Hey, have you, uh, seen my glasses?

I found exactly where we were when they took Vance.


And judging by the size of this road, it’s the only way they could have gotten the tailfin in or out, so —


Didn’t Vance tell you to stay out of it?

He must have a plan, and someone to help him with it.

Well, we still don’t know if the Major was working alone, so Vance can’t trust anyone in the government.

And he’s adamant no one can know he’s alive.

I have to go back in with Emmett.

Ben, you’ll be caught.

Probably before you even take off.[Knock on door]

No, Vance showed us how to get in and out of US airspace undetected.

No one even knows I was gone.

[Door opens]Woman: Good morning.

We’re here to see Ben Stone.

Uh, y– just a…

Ben? Huh?

We’ll only need a few minutes of his time.

Of course. Please, come in.

Ben Stone?

Director Zimmer from the Pentagon.

This is Assistant Secretary Greene, DoD, and Agent Powell, NSA.

We’ve met.

My colleagues and I would like a word.

Bowers: How the hell am I supposed to get boots on the ground when you won’t approve my overtime?

[Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing]

That’s not what I was told last month.

I got five officers wanting to do graveyard, and I don’t have the budget.

Then put up the money.

Welcome back, Detective.

Thank you…

Lieutenant? Mm-hmm.


You know, every time I go away for a minute, I come back and you’ve been promoted.

Ah. Yeah.

Except this time, you’re the one who’s married, so…

[Both chuckle]

Looks like you got plenty to keep you occupied.

Look, I don’t want to add to your workload.

There is a cold case I want to talk to you about.

This woman came in here looking for you and said —

I’m sorry. Wait a sec.

What is it?

This just came in a couple hours ago.

Why would a fish and game warden be calling you?

I gave my card to the guy who patrols the lake where Cal and the meth dealers fell through the ice.

I told him to contact me if there was ever any unusual activity.

Detective Stone.

My office, please.


[Clicks tongue] Yeah. Good luck with that.

Thank you.


Zimmer: A cargo plane with no registered flight plan landed at a nearby decommissioned airport yesterday.

That’s interesting.

I’m just not sure what it has to do with me.

We know you were on that plane, Mr. Stone.

What we don’t know is who you’re working for or what they’re up to.

Maybe you convinced someone in the NSA to help?

It wouldn’t be the first time.

You somehow convinced my old boss Robert Vance to work with you, and you got him killed.

Uh, excuse me. Sorry to interrupt.

Are you all planning to stay for lunch?

No, we –Because this is either a situation where we’re going to need lawyers…

And warrants.

…or you’re rolling up your sleeves and helping me with the calzone.

So, which is it?

Thank you for your time.

The truth shall set you free.

[Door closes]

So much for going out undetected. Now what?

You cannot be expected to single-handedly defy the federal government.

I know, but it’s my fault Vance is being held in Cuba.

I have to get him out.

At least… [Sighs]

At least I have to try.

I know you do.

When I got suspended, I kind of thought that was it for me.

[Clears throat] It was. [Chuckles lightly]

The CCRB recommended termination.

But someone intervened on your behalf.


And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

But I believe in you as a cop, so I put my ass on the line.

You screw it up, I’m out.

Captain, I would never want you to lose your job on my account —

Oh, I have no intention of losing my job.

So you’re gonna have to make a choice.

You’re either gonna follow the rules — no more sneaking around, no more anonymous tips — or quit right now.

Your rules. Got it.

Now, why do you have on your coat?

Are you going somewhere?

I got a tip.

Uh, not — not anonymous.

Um, the park ranger up by the lake where the meth heads disappeared, they have a suspicious video that they want me to go —

This is the case that led to your suspension, and you want to open it back up?

Well, the bodies were never recovered, so technically, it is still op–

I’m asking permission to take Lieutenant Vasquez up there to check it out.

Vasquez isn’t your partner. Mikami is.

Also, it isn’t 1973 — no one has to drive anywhere to see footage.

Have Park Services email it. Got it.

And if something is there, you and Mikami can go check it out.

Nice to have you back, Detective.

[Knock on window]

Hello? My appointment was 30 minutes ago!

[Baby crying]

Sorry. I know — I know you’ve been waiting.

[Telephone ringing]

Um, you ready?

You can go ahead of me.

Thank you.

Thank you. You okay?

Totally. I’m just — I’m swamped.

[Alert dings]

Can you get that for me? Buzzer’s right there.

Thank you so much.

[Telephone ringing]


You’re back! Hi!

Never leave me ever again!

There she is! Hi!

How are you, D?!

Oh, so much better.

Man, it was so boring without you here.

They stuck me with Wycoff. Ooh!

Yeah, I learned I never need to be around a miniature train enthusiast ever again.


So, what are we working on?

Hunting down an arms dealer? Locating a bank robber?

Something cool like that?

Yes, yes.

We’re waiting for a file to load.

Ohh, and suddenly, I miss Wycoff.

I got a lead on some activity near the lake where Cal and the meth heads went in.

That’s crazy they never found the bodies.

You think they snuck away that night?

That’s one possibility.

Well, what’s the other?


[Gasps] Oh, my God.

[Breathing heavily]


Ben, you need to call me back right away when you get this.

The three guys who kidnapped Cal…

They’re alive again.

[Engines roaring]


[Exhales sharply]

Mick’s headed up there now.

Why them?

Why do they get to come back after everything they’ve done to us, to Cal?

I don’t know. The universe doesn’t seem to have a moral barometer.

I mean, Griffin came back, and he was a cold-blooded killer.

Okay, okay, okay.

Let’s put ourselves in their shoes.

They come out of that lake, alive.

Last thing they’d remember is kidnapping Cal and falling into the ice with him.

What if they want revenge?

They might think he’s dead.

That’s good.

Let’s keep it that way.

84 days.

They returned after 84 days, which means they only have 84 days until they die.

Okay, so, for 84 days, we just keep Cal far, far away from them.

Yeah. Question is, where?

Well, not here. Yeah. Agreed.

We need to take him somewhere no one would ever connect back to us.

My stepdad’s place.

It’s off the beaten path.

It’d be difficult to connect it back to our family.

Grace, it…


Tarik owns it, though.

You haven’t talked to him in years.

He’s not gonna turn away his own sister.

I mean, we could all go.


What is it?


I’ve got to help him, Grace.


How long would you need?

A-A day or two.

Talk to Emmett, hopefully get a plan in motion, get to you by the weekend.


Tell the kids.

I’ll pack.

[Door closes]

Okay, so, the lake is over there.

In the video, they were walking southwest.

I mean, this seems right.

Yeah, till the trail splits.

Which way now?

Hey, what’s that?

It’s wet.

I think we’re on the right track.

Woman: Hello?!

If you can hear me, please help!

There. Help! Help!

It’s — It’s okay. We’re NYPD.

My husband!

I got a pulse. There’s a head wound.

Call an ambulance.

Can you tell me what happened?

These three men, they came out of nowhere and — and one — one of them just — just kept hitting him over the head with a rock, and they just kept hitting him.

You’re doing great, okay? You’re doing great.

They, um… They — They took our RV, and then one of them kept screaming, “What month is it?”

You have to catch them!

I don’t think I ever met him.

Oh, you did. You just don’t remember.

He’s mom’s step-brother, right?

Yep. And why don’t they get along?

You know that adults don’t always say and do the right thing.

Feelings get hurt, especially when it comes to family.

But he’s your mom’s little brother, and she loves him.

A lot.

[Woman panting]




[Glass shatters]


Are you okay?

I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.

Sometimes I see things. Please don’t tell anyone.

No, no. It’s okay.

My Aunt Mick, she… told me a little bit about what happened to you.

And how your parents reacted to, um… well, we say “Callings.”

They thought my visions were a sign that I was gonna bring about the End of Days.

It won’t stop.

It keeps coming back.

That just means you haven’t solved it yet.

What did you see?

Someone… is stalking me.

It has wings and no face.

Just before it reached me, it… it transformed into millions of colors and then just shattered like glass.

Sometimes the Callings only show you something that you would know.

Do any of these details mean anything to you?

Wait, there was a-a stained glass window at my old school in Syosset.

A-An archangel?

Well, maybe the Callings want you to go back to your old school.

[Grace grunts]

Oh! Hold on. Let me help. Let me help.

Thank you.

Did you get a hold of him?

No, voicemail’s full.

I’ll try again later.

It’ll be good to get back into those woods.

Cal’s gonna love it there.

This one’s Olive’s?

No, it’s mine.

I’m ready to come the minute I’m done.

Girls, where are your suitcases? We need to go.


Mom, Dad, we’re not going.

E-Excuse me?

Olive, there are dangerous men out there.

Angelina had a Calling.

And we just figured out what it might mean.

I don’t want to cause a problem.

No, no, no. You’re not.

She’s had the same one over and over, and she’s finally able to follow it.

We can’t let her ignore a Calling.

[Sighs] If Angelina stays, I could help her.

You really don’t think I can do this, do you?

No, that’s — No, Olive, it’s not that.

We’re worried.

I’m supposed to do this with her, Mom.

I’m supposed to help her.

I know it.

I know it, too.

Our family split up like this before, seven years ago in an airport in Jamaica.

And it ended up saving Cal’s life.

And this is gonna keep him safe, too.


Well, then, I guess this is goodbye.

Come here.

For now.


There you go.

Bring all your patients in here?

Uh, just the ones who die and came back to life.


This is unbelievable. What?

Something wrong with me?

No, not a single thing.

I see no trace of the frostbite or the gangrenous tissue that was consuming you 3 1/2 months ago.

So…so surviving the Death Date gave me a do-over?

Not just on my life, but on my health?

There’s more. I see no trace of the ischemic blood marker that all returnees have, that you had.

So I’m guessing that — Yeah.

No more Callings. I’m a Muggle again.


You sure you’re okay?

Yeah, I’m just…busy.


Hey, man. Hey.

Check your phone. Mick’s been trying to call you.

My battery died. I’ve been looking for apartments all morning.

Is everything okay?


The meth heads are back.

From out of the lake?

Alright, I will try and reach Mick.

Saanvi, the meth heads aren’t the only problem.

Some agents from the DoD and the NSA happened to be in my neighborhood this morning.

Do they know about Vance?

I didn’t say a word, but Vance’s old deputy seemed suspicious.

Do you think they know anything about the tailfin?

Could you imagine how the world would react if that got out?

The scrutiny we would be under again.

No, what really scares me is the Major finding out.

Mm. Yeah.

Especially… if she saw this.

What happened?! I don’t know.

When I touched the tailfin, Saanvi, it blew me back like an electrical shock, and then this happened.

I got to take a sample and clean it. No, no, later.

Right now, I really need you to contact Emmett.

Hand first, please.

Jared: We got a hit on the RV plates.

They were spotted southbound on the highway out by —

Love it when things line up like that.

We are going northbound.

Thanks, Jay.

Actually, that’s Lieutenant Jay.


Yes, sir. Over and out.

No! Unh-unh. Do not look at me like that.

I’m just enjoying things being back to normal.

I didn’t say anything.

I was just appreciating some casual banter between two people who used to be engaged to be married.


That might be them.


[Tires screech]


[Tires squealing]

[Siren wailing]


[Canister clanks, hisses]

Look out!

[Tires screech]

[Both coughing]

[Both panting]

You okay?

Yeah. I’m fine. Are you?

No. Damn it!


Come on, Jace. This is insane.

Yeah. Yeah, it is insane.

We fell through the ice and made it out alive.

It was winter when we went in the lake and spring when we came out.

We should be dead now.

I think we were dead, and we came back to life or something.

Like 828.

Like that damn cop and the kid.

Look, w-why don’t we just stop running?

And give up?

What happened to you?

The same thing that happened to you!

I mean, this is a miracle, and you know it!

A-And I don’t think that we should be beating people up and — and fire-bombing the cops!

I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of those people.

You used to be the guy that took care of everyone.

Y-You remember when you spent all the money from your — your after-school job

to pay for the high-tops for me and Kory?

We had the best kicks on the block.

I hadn’t thought about that job in years.

Hey, m-maybe that’s why we came back.

T-To do things differently.

Maybe you’re right.

Hey, Kory, pull over, man. I’m gonna drive.

[Keypad beeping, buzzer]

[Door opens]

What the hell?

We’re supposed to have no contact for three weeks.

Yeah, well, and Vance was supposed to come home with us.

Now, look, I’ve put together everything I can remember.

If we fly back into here, I think —

Cuba? You’re not serious.

About saving Vance’s life? Dead serious.

Stone, you’re a math professor.

I spent my life in military intelligence, and I can assure you we ain’t getting him out on our own, no matter how many maps you draw up.

Well, I’m not gonna just give up on him.

Yeah, you are. ‘Cause we don’t have the resources.

And Vance doesn’t want to involve the government.

It’s a direct order.

Yeah, they’re already sniffing around.

I had a house call this morning.

And, no, of course, I didn’t say anything.

[Glasses clatter]


There’s got to be another way.

If there is, he’ll figure it out.

You need to stand down.

So, how does this work?

How do I take this ring to Vance’s wife and tell her that he’s not coming home and that I’m standing down?

I don’t know.

I’m just glad he asked you to do it and not me.




There. That’s it.

Th-Those wings… [Stammers]

Th-Those are peacock feathers.

We’re definitely supposed to be here.

This is what’s been following me.

Last time, it was holding up its hand — the one that’s holding the scales.

Do…scales mean anything to you?

Not really.

I mean, Archangel Michael uses them to weigh your soul on Judgment Day to see if you’re worthy.

Okay, so, the figure in your calling, right, it doesn’t have a face.

Neither does the Archangel.

Yeah, I was here when that happened.

My class made time capsules, and when we were choosing where we each wanted to bury them, some kids were messing around, and a rock sailed right into the window.


You buried a time capsule right around here?

I know exactly where mine would be, but there’s not much in that box.

Okay, the Callings — they led us here, right?

And the figure was faceless, so that means it wanted you to remember that day.

I-I think the Calling is leading us to the box.

Right here.



[Rock thudding]


[Engine shuts off]

[Wind chimes tinkling]

[Doorbell rings]

[Footsteps approaching]


What, uh…

10 years, you just… show up on my doorstep.

I know. I’m sorry.

Don’t even bother to call first.

No, I — Y-You didn’t pick up.

But you knew I’d be here ’cause, “Where else he gonna be?”

Tarik — Let me guess.

You need something.

Yeah. I do.

I need help.

I needed help once.

Called on the one person who I thought would help.

She said no.

There was more to it than that.

Ben was working all the time.

I was really overwhelmed. The twins were so little —

Sure. Sure.

You had your family to worry about.

You are my family, Tarik.

You’re my only brother.

[Sniffs] So you figured I’d be the one person to always be there for you, no matter what, right?


Wrong .

[Door slams]


Yeah, held up pretty well, considering.

Let’s see what’s inside, though.


This is from our first trip to Costa Rica.

Oh, my God. King Kone.

They used to take me there on special occasions.

Your parents?

They were almost normal then.

[Voice breaking] I had no idea what they’d do to me one day, how they’d… [Inhales shakily]

You know, I keep trying to find the right thing to say, to tell you how sorry I am for… all that you’ve been through.

But the only thing I can think of is, “That sucks.”

[Both laugh]

It does.

It does suck.

It’s hard to believe I was ever happy, but this — this picture is proof [sniffles] I was.

Maybe the Calling wanted you to have that photo.

To remind you what it was like to be happy.

It’s gonna take more than a picture of a slushie.

What about tasting one?

I just want to get rid of these visions.

If a slushie will help, I’ll have 12 of them.

Boy: Yeah! Nice!

Boy #2: Aw, man!

Do the boys know that he’s been in hiding this whole time?

Only thing that’s kept me sane is knowing that one day I’ll be able to tell them that he’s finally coming home.

I suspect that day is not today.

Estelle, we were ambushed by the Cuban military.

He’s not coming home anytime soon.

I am so sorry. No.

No, he told me that after this he’d be done.

Estelle, I hate that you and your family are going through this, especially since I was the one that dragged him to Cuba.

You’re the one who dragged him into all of this!

It’s your fault that the world has to think that he’s dead, and, yes, this is your fault!

So if you’re looking for absolution, get him back.

Do you hear me?

Fix this.

I don’t care what it takes.

Uh, he asked me to give you this.


I swore that I’d never marry a man whose life was shrouded in secrets.


Look what he put inside.

“You shall know the truth.”

“And the truth shall set you free.”

The truth shall set you free?

Would anyone else know that he used that quote?

Only the people who loved him enough to visit his grave.

It’s right on his tombstone.


Do you really think the Calling wanted us to get slushies?

Mm, I have no idea.

But, uh, I’m so glad that we did.

Can I have a napkin?

You know, this might be the most fun I’ve ever had following a Calling, so thank you.

No, thank you. I needed this.

Oh! And here comes the brain freeze.

[Both laugh]

Great, and — and can I pay for the room with cash?

Sure. Yeah —


Hello? You there?


[Basketball bouncing]

Cal: Oh, there’s Uncle Tarik.

Well, that’s a good sign.

It is? Yeah.

When he was little and he wanted to talk, he would sulk within view.


You any good at horse?

[Indistinct conversations]

What are we doing here?

You jogged my memory earlier, when you mentioned how it used to be.

Back when I worked here.

I’ll bet Ron and Julie never bothered to change the combo to the safe in the back.

W– Hey, Jace!

L-Let’s just go. Alright?

Wouldn’t it be better if — if everyone thought that we were still at the bottom of that lake?

You saw the looks on those cops’ faces.

They know we’re back.

Well, then, l-let’s just disappear.

I-I-I don’t know.

Go to Canada or whatever. For sure.

But first, we got scores to settle.

Now, let’s go.

We’re gonna do a smash-and-grab and peal out in an RV?

We might have to improvise.


Jared: State troopers got a tip about three guys getting out of an RV. One had a knife.

They’re at a fast-food joint called King Kone.

Driving on a damaged radiator, but we’re going as fast as we can.

[Engine revs]

Scratch that. Now we’re going as fast as we can — slightly faster than we can.

Is that, like, “R”?

It’s “S,” actually.

[Ball rebounds]


You gotta nail that shot.

I’m a little rusty.

Alright, remember it like this.


Balance —

Eyes, elbows, follow-through.

I know.

Sounds like you got a good coach.

[Chuckling] Yeah. My mom’s the best.

She never beat me at horse.

Not once.

She only let me win.

Every damn time.

She said every time you did something well, she’d be even prouder than if she did it herself.

She said you made her a good mother.

Go to her.

Go to her.


[Ball bounces]

[Echoing] Go to her.


What the hell was that?

You heard that, too?

[Echoing] Go to her!

It’s the damn kid that died in the lake.

What the hell’s “go to her” supposed to mean?

[Siren wailing]

It’s the cop. She’s close.

[Echoing] Go to her!

That kid’s trying to mind-control us to turn ourselves in.

We gotta go.

Pete. Pete! We gotta go, man.

What are you doing? We gotta go!

Get in the RV!

This girl.

I-I think I’m supposed to go to her.

What are you talking about, man? We gotta go.

The cops are coming! Come on!

We gotta go! The cops are coming!


[Engine starts]

[Tires squeal]

[Siren continues]


Michaela: Put your hands up!


Put your hands up!

Hands behind your back.


Where are the others?

[Handcuffs click]

Where are they?!


[Chuckles lightly]

“The truth shall set you free.”

About time you figured it out.

Been following you all day.

Estelle said only people who love her husband would come here and remember his epitaph.

I’m here a lot.

It was sorrow at first. Losing my friend. My mentor.

Then guilt that I wasn’t there to protect him.

Then it became something else.


A nagging feeling that Robert Vance isn’t buried in this grave.

You were right.

He’s alive.

Oh, my God.

Tell him I want to talk —

I can’t. He’s being held by the Cuban military.

What?! How did he get himself —

Well, I’m more concerned with how he’s gonna get out.

I’ve gone around and around, and I can’t figure it out.

What if the government could do some kind of…

[Sighs] I don’t know.

Some kind of prisoner exchange.

The prisoner in question faked his own death, operated off the grid for a year and a half, apparently in an embargoed country.

Our government will classify him as a spy.

They’re not gonna be interested in a prisoner exchange.

What if you go back and tell your people that Vance isn’t the biggest news in Cuba?

That there’s something bigger.

Much bigger. About 828.It would take something like that

for me to move the mountains I need to move.

Okay, but I need you to keep it under wraps.

Vance’s life is in the balance.

And, in a way, so is every passenger’s.

I promise I’ll do everything in my power to keep it secret.

But everyone on the planet is fascinated with 828, so it may not be in my power.

So, what is it? A piece of intel?

A piece of 828.


As I said, you have the right to remain silent, but do you want to tell us what you were doing here?

Yeah, or where your lunatic brother went?

Nothing? Alright, in you go.

Wait! That’s my photo.

Actually, it’s NYPD’s.

[Car door closes]

I’m gonna leave my card with the owner, tell him we’re taking off. Okay.

Olive: Aunt Mick?

What are you guys doing here?

Didn’t your dad tell you? They’re back.

Yeah, but Angelina had a Calling.

What was it?

Archangel Michael, holding scales.

We dug up this box that she buried, like, a really long time ago.

W-What are you doing here?

Oh, we lost something from the box.

We’re just trying to retrace our steps.

What was it?


No. Wait. Wait!


T-That photo belongs to me.

No, it’s mine. I dropped it.

H-How could you have a picture of me?

This is a picture of me. I…

Right there. I was 10 years old.

In the background.

That’s my brother Jace w-working at the counter.

And that boy staring at the girl with the slushie?

Staring at you?

That — That’s me.

So, this is weird. What’s the move?

We’re gonna go by the books. Olive, you need to go home.

There’s still two of these guys at large, okay?

No, I’m — I’m sorry. Uh, you can’t take that.

This is all I have.

I know, but it’s — it’s evidence. I’m sorry.

Aunt Mick, this is a part of a Calling, okay?

You just saw what happened, alright?

We — We have to keep it. Dad is gonna want to see this.

And there might be more clues.

I can’t. I’m sorry. It has to go in the report.

I’m — I’m — I’m sorry.


Get home safe.

[Car doors close]

[Engine starts]


Sample taken from subject’s hand shows nothing more than trace amounts of aluminum oxide, consistent with an injury from a piece of metal.


[Recorder clatters]

[Knock on door]

Zeke: It’s me.

It was so nice of you to stick around.

Happy to help out anytime.

Uh, but I’m still here ’cause I wanted to talk to you.

Sure. What’s up?

I just get the feeling that you’re pushing yourself for some reason.

There’s just a lot of people to help.

Are you doing all this — putting everything into overdrive — to be sure you survive the Death Date?

I have to tell you, my take on it is that as long as you follow Callings, then —

Look, I haven’t had any Callings since I medicated myself!

So, if solving the Callings is the only way to survive the Death Date, what do I do?

You just keep doing what you’re doing.

Helping people.

Making the world better one patient at a time.

You can’t let it eat at you.

How did you know? Know what?

That, uh, it was eating at me.

In all these months, zero people have noticed, and you have been here five minutes, and…

How are you seeing what no one else is?

I don’t know.


That was a very thorough report you submitted.

Nice work, Stone.[Chuckles] Trying to do the right thing.

Well, it paid off. Pete Baylor’s back in custody, and I’m getting the help of every law enforcement agency in the country to hunt down the other two.

In the meantime, you think you can get this back to its original owner?

Forensics is done with it, and Mikami mentioned it had sentimental value.

Thank you, Captain. Mm.

Anything else you want to share?

I saw that video.

Where do you think they were for three months?

In that lake?

The — The truth is, Captain, I-I… I don’t know.

I have my theories, but I know that you —

Prefer facts.


Stone, let’s keep a lid on that video.

Good work, Detective.

[Dog barking in distance, crickets chirping]

[News fanfare plays on television]

Reporter: Project Manager Fields says if he gets the go-ahead…

[Cellphone vibrating]

…begin construction by the end of the year…

[Beep] …a big boost for the local economy.


Thank you, Powell.


[Cellphone vibrates]

[Chuckles] Oh!

Good evening, folks. Our top story to tell you about now —

Leaked photos from a driver who was working inside Guantanamo shows what appears to be airplane debris bearing the Montego Air logo.

This could be the biggest bombshell yet in the Montego 828 investigation…


Shh. Shh. Shh.

…is leading to new speculation about the plane and passengers who landed in New York a year and a half ago.

If the plane is in pieces in the Caribbean, are there two planes?

And what does that mean about the people on the plane?

Who, or some would say what, are the 191 passengers who landed?

I’m Logan Crawford, reporting from the newsroom in New York.

Now back to you.

[Tires screeching]


[Car doors closing]

It’s the press.

We can’t go.

They’ll follow us all the way to Tarik’s.

I’ll tell your mom we can’t make it.

[Knock on door]

Woman: Ben Stone? Vicky Smith, local news.

Two minutes of your time, please!

[Knocking on door]

Come on.

♪ I find sorrow in idle mind ♪

[Knocking continues]

♪ And solace in being heard ♪

♪ You better run, boy, run, but be afraid ♪

♪ Cry, boy, cry, don’t play the game ♪

♪ Gravity holds me down ♪

♪ And it’s taking over ♪

♪ I call everywhere, oh ♪

♪ I cry out ♪

♪ You are my destroyer ♪

♪ I call everywhere, oh ♪

♪ I cry out ♪

♪ You are my destroyer ♪

♪ I call everywhere, oh ♪

♪ I cry out ♪



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