Loki – S01E05 – Journey into Mystery [Transcript]

Loki tries to escape The Void, a desolate purgatory where he meets variant versions of himself.
Loki - S01E05 - Journey into Mystery

Original release date : July 7, 2021

Sylvie learns from Renslayer that Loki was teleported to the Void, a dimension at the end of Time where everything the TVA prunes is dumped into. Meanwhile, the other variants tell Loki that a cloud-like creature named Alioth guards the Void and prevents anyone from escaping. In an attempt to reach Loki, Sylvie prunes herself and narrowly escapes Alioth with Mobius’ help. Boastful Loki attempts to betray the other Lokis for President Loki, causing a fight to ensue while Loki and his variant allies escape. After reuniting with Loki, Sylvie proposes a plan to approach Alioth and enchant it, in hopes that it will lead them to the real mastermind behind the TVA’s creation. As the Lokis head toward Alioth, Mobius uses a TemPad Sylvie stole from Renslayer to return to the TVA. Kid Loki and Alligator Loki escape while Classic Loki creates a large illusion of Asgard to distract Alioth, sacrificing himself in the process. This allows Loki and Sylvie to successfully enchant the creature and move past the Void. Noticing a citadel in the distance, the pair walk towards it.

* * *





LOKI: What is this place? Where are we? Who are you?

This is The Void. That’s Alioth. And we’re his lunch. Come on!



Give me your TemPad.

Who’s really behind the TVA?

I’m as in the dark as you are. (GROANS)

Poor Judge Renslayer. Your whole reality’s been destroyed.

Tell me, how does it feel to be on the other side of it?


This is it, isn’t it?

This is where you dragged me after you stole my life.

A fitting place, then, to take yours.

And what if I said Loki wasn’t dead?

Not yet, anyway.

I’d say you were lying.


Or maybe we want the same thing.

How is he still alive?

And how will saving him get us closer to who’s really behind the TVA?

It’s complicated.

I’m telling you this willingly.


Because I wanna know who’s at the top of this.

I want to know who lied to me.

When we prune a branched reality, it’s impossible to destroy all of its matter.

So we move it to a place on the timeline where it won’t continue growing.

Basically, the branched timeline isn’t reset.

It’s transferred.

To where?

A void at the end of time.

Where every instance of existence collides at the same point and simply stops.


I don’t know.

The dogma states that the end of time is still being written, that the Time-Keepers are transforming it into utopia.

That’s nice. Super believable.

Whatever the real reason… nothing ever comes back from there.

I can help you if you trust me.

I suggest we take a breather, so I can ask several thousand questions.

Gotta keep moving so we don’t die.

Okay, but what’s your plan?

Don’t die.

Okay, but beyond that?

Don’t die.

That’s not a plan.

It’s a general demand of living. If you’re Lokis, you should always have…


Will someone please explain to me what the hell is going on?

Look, it’s been a very, very, very trying past few days.

Months? I don’t even know how long it’s been since New York.

All I know is, I got pruned and I woke up here, and now I’m surrounded by Variants of myself, plus an alligator,

which sadly I didn’t find all that strange.

And now we’re running from God knows what to God knows where.

When I need to be trying to find a way back to the TVA.


Stop wailing or you will signal Alioth.

You mean the monster in the sky?

Thank you.

This is the place where the TVA dumps its rubbish, everything they prune.

And Alioth, he ensures none of it ever returns.

BOASTFUL LOKI: It’s a living tempest that consumes matter and energy.

They send entire branched realities here that are devoured instant…

We’re in a shark tank. Alioth is the shark.


Oh, there’s no such thing as an alligator tank.

Besides, it’s a better metaphor. He’s overly sensitive like the rest of us.

Hang on, that thing’s a Loki too?

Oh, yes.

Okay, fine. Willing to accept that. Why are there so many of you?

Because Lokis survive. That’s just what we do.

Great. So how do we escape?

We don’t.

All of us were arrested by the TVA and pruned, just like you.

And just like you, we all stood around making bad plans that went nowhere.

But we could use a TemPad.

Oh, the one thing that could get us out of here, yes.

They’re all over the place, right, guys?


Fine. What about causing a nexus event?

The TVA doesn’t care what happens here.

Surely there’s something to do.

There is.

Survive. That’s all there is. All there ever was.

KID LOKI: We’re done talking. Let’s go.

Just do what you want.


Okay, wait, wait, wait.

Why do you wear the horns? You let a child command you.

You’ll do well to respect the boy.

This is his kingdom.

LOKI: Right.

What was your nexus event, Your Majesty?

I killed Thor.



So, why did you want to return to the TVA so badly, anyway?

You leave your glorious purpose there?

Something like that.

RENSLAYER: Miss Minutes, I need you to remote access a series of restricted files from the archives.

MISS MINUTES: Ooh, doggy! On what?

RENSLAYER: The beginning of time. The founding of the TVA.

MISS MINUTES: Right away.


What about the end of time?

It’s just a void.

What if The Void isn’t the end? What if there’s something beyond it?

Hiding in the shadow of apocalypses obscured me from the TVA because I couldn’t create a diverging branch there, right?

So if all of this is still being written, whatever happens is just a new timeline.

It would be impossible to start a nexus event there.

You could be completely undetectable.

That’s it.

That’s the only place they could be.

So how do we get past The Void?

(SIGHS) It’s impossible.

There’s nothing for the TemPad to lock onto, no destination.

Then we go through it.

That’s suicide.

Then I guess my need for you has passed.

Wait. What about The Void spacecraft?

Yes, the prototype.

Great. I’ll get the file.

It’s a spaceship designed to withstand the temporal void.

It could take us to the end of time.

Find Loki.

Find the man behind the curtain.

And kill him.


Miss Minutes, where are the files on this timecraft?

MISS MINUTES: Still lookin’, hon.


Hmm. Buried pretty deep.

It’s highly restricted. I might not even have clearance.

Oh, no, I think you would. If it’s real.

How long?

Any second now.

GUARD: Go! Go! Go! Move it!


You hurt?

I’m fine, but she took my TemPad.

Sylvie? Not thinking of going on the run, are you?

We know where you hide.

Sooner or later, we’ll catch you.

It must be so exhausting.

I’ll admit you had me fooled there for a minute.

Or did you get a little real?

Did Judge Renslayer really feel betrayed by her beloved TVA?

Why don’t you come back out and we can talk about it?

Sure. Just tell everyone else to piss off and we can settle this between us.

Works for me.

What happened to finding the man behind the curtain?

Tell you what. You come out with your hands up and I’ll put you in a time loop.

Something not so bad.

You can live out your days in a good memory.

Do you have any good memories?

Just one, really.

She self-pruned.


Then she’s dead, too.



So, after I vanquished Captain America and Iron Man, I claimed my prize, all six Infinity Stones.


That’s alligator for growling and saying “liar” at the same time.

At least my nexus event wasn’t eating the wrong neighbor’s cat.



Whoa, whoa, whoa, Hey, hey, hey.


Tell them your story, Loki.


Nobody wants to hear about that.

I would, actually.


It’s just I’ve been wondering, because I’m…

Well, we’re supposed to die, right?

Thanos kills us after Ragnarok.


In my timeline, everything proceeded correctly, my entire life, until Thanos attacked our ship.

So, you didn’t try to stab him?

(CHUCKLES) Certainly not.

Take no offense, my friends, but blades are worthless in the face of a Loki sorcery.

They stunt our magical potential.

But they look awesome.


Especially when they clatter to the ground just before your neck is snapped.

I cast a projection of myself so real, even the Mad Titan believed it.

Then hid as inanimate debris.

After I faked my death, I simply drifted in space.

Away from Thor, away from everything.

Thought about the universe and my place in it, and it occurred to me that everywhere I went, only pain followed.

So I removed myself from the equation, landed on a remote planet and stayed there in isolation, in solitude for a long, long time.

How did the TVA find you?

I got lonely.


To tell you the truth, I missed my brother, and I wondered if he missed me, if anybody else did.

But as soon as I took my first steps to getting off the planet, the TVA arrived.

Because we, my friends, have but one part to play, the God of Outcasts.

Nothing more.

The God of Outcasts.

I’m going.

Going where?

Out of this place, out of The Void, back to the TVA.

We’re as good at escaping as we are at surviving.

That gives me a decent chance.

You won’t do either, you’ll be murdered.

Well, so be it.

That was my destiny to begin with.

You’re different.


No, I’m not, you see?

I’m the same, really. I’m the same as all of you.

Have any of you met a woman Variant of us?

Sounds terrifying.

Oh, she is.

But that’s kind of what’s great about her.

She’s different.

She’s not trying to take over the TVA, she’s trying to take it down.

And she needs me.

Now, you said Alioth is what keeps us here.

You said it’s a living thing. You said it’s a shark.

Well, if it lives, it dies.

So I’m gonna kill the shark.

I’m gonna kill Alioth, and I could use all the help I can get.



Yeah, baby. Yeah.






Ah. Hello, which one of us are you?

This is a nightmare.








Shut the door, we still got a situation here.

You should be careful just jumping into a stranger’s car like that.

Watch out!

I see it, I see it.

Really? You’re driving right towards it.

God, you really are one of you.

Hang on.

You bastard! You led the wolves to our door.

We prefer snakes to wolves.

I’ve eaten both. They die just the same.

Apologies, my liege.

I betrayed you, and now, I’m king.

About that…

You can’t be serious.

Come on.

What did you expect?

That was not the bargain!

I gave you our location. In exchange for shelter and supplies, you give me your army and I take the throne.


Not so good a bargain.

How about this one? My army, my throne?

About that.

Why you beef-witted, half-faced scrubs.

We had a deal!

For God’s sake.



Why the hell is there an alligator in here?

ALL: He’s a Loki!










BOASTFUL LOKI: Glorious purpose!

Come on.

Take that, Loki!

Damn it! Animals, animals!

We lie and we cheat, we cut the throat of every person who trusts us, and for what?

Power. Glorious power. Glorious purpose!

We cannot change.

We’re broken, every version of us. Forever.

And whenever one of us dares try to fix themselves, they’re sent here to die.

That’s why I need to get out of here.

Nothing can change until the TVA is stopped.

And you trust her?

She’s the only one I do trust.

And right now, I believe she’s our only chance of stopping the TVA.

That’s good enough for me.

Okay, okay. We’ll help you.

But approaching Alioth is a death sentence.

We’ll get you to it, but that’s as far as we go.

All that time, I really believed we were the good guys.

Annihilating entire realities, orphaning little girls, classic hero stuff.

Well, I guess when you think the ends justify the means, there’s not much you won’t do.

By the way, you did some annihilating too.

I did what I had to do.

Yeah, so did I.

You hunted me like a dog.

I’m sorry about that.

When I pruned myself, I thought I might be able to find Loki.

That storm, that thing, it’s likely already got him.

You really believe that?

It doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters now is getting out of here and finding out who’s behind all of this.

Great. How do we do that?

We turn around.

Turn around? What, and go back to the angry cloud?

Yeah. I think it might be the answer.

We’re going back to it.

CLASSIC LOKI: I have to say, it feels odd walking toward the gargantuan creature.

Do you have a plan of action?

Get inside, find its heart or brain or whatever, and then, you know, do it in.

KID LOKI: I mean…

Just because it’s not complicated doesn’t mean it’s bad.

It also doesn’t mean it’s good.


See? He’s on board.

He’s praying. He thinks we’re going to die.

SAILOR: All hands to battle stations!

Alioth is like any animal.

He’ll go after the big meal first.

And while he’s busy with that, we can sneak around the back and…






Maybe we, uh… think a bit more about this, huh?



Along the horizon.

LOKI: Is that bad?

KID LOKI: Well, usually means cannibalistic marauders or cannibalistic pirates.


Now they’re slowing down.

What are they doing?

Just stay on guard.


I don’t understand. Is he a coward or was he being brave?

I’m not too sure.

Come on.

You’re alive.

What happened? You okay?


How did you…

We thought you could do with some backup.

Oh, no, wait, wait, wait, these are my friends.

Well, they’re, um… How best to put this?

Us as a child, us in the future, and us as an alligator.

It’s best not to question it.

You throw a rock out here, you hit a Loki.

So you’re all after the giant cloud monster, too, then?

Well, we haven’t decided how we’re going to kill it, but…

Come again? Kill it?

Yes, we’re gonna kill Alioth.

Oh, my God. That was your plan.


And you went along with it?

KID LOKI: I had my doubts.

Probably unsafe.

All right, well, what’s your plan, then?

I think the person we’re after is beyond The Void at the end of time.

And if they are, that thing is just their guard dog protecting the only way in.

Okay, so, um, how do we get past the guard dog?

I’m gonna enchant it.


That’s insane, right?

As insane as what?

Paper-cutting a cloud to death?

Listen, I’ve been down here longer than you…

I’m going to enchant it.

She’s pretty confident.

Leave us.

Why am I locked in here?

You freed the Variant.

You were disloyal to the TVA.


Did you think you’d escape punishment?

Disloyal to who?

You were in the Time-Keepers’ chambers. They weren’t real.

And why does that change anything?

That changes everything!

The people need to know the truth.

No, the TVA needs stability.

And until we figure out what’s going on, that is what it will get.

So you need to tell me everything.

What exactly do you want from me?

You had a link with the Variant.

I want you to tell me what drives her.

Revenge drives her.

Killing the Time-Keepers.

But they turned out to be fake, in case you forgot.

So she’ll be searching for whomever created them.


This isn’t about protecting the TVA at all, is it?

You just want to find whoever is behind all of this, too.


You’ll never find them.

Not before she does.

And why is that?

You only want it.

She needs it.


Hey, y’all.

I need all the files on the founding of the TVA.

Everything from the beginning of time.

Well, that’s a mighty tall order.

Whoever created this place is in danger.

I need to find them.

Okay. Right away, ma’am.

CLASSIC LOKI: You really don’t remember him?

MOBIUS: I mean, the TVA arrested a lot of Lokis,

but, no, I don’t remember an alligator.

I mean, who’s to say he’s even a Loki Variant?

He is green, isn’t he?

I don’t know, he could be lying.

The long con. Of course, that just makes him more likely to be a Loki.

It’s always the game within the game with you guys, which I respect.

KID LOKI: Mobius, assuming you do get back to the TVA, what exactly are you getting yourself into?

I don’t know.

I’d like to let people know the truth.

So just like that, you’re turning on the very thing you devoted your life to.

Well, it’s never too late to change.

I hope they know what they’re doing.

Mobius isn’t so bad.

Or so good.

I think that’s why we get along.

He cares about you.

It’s cold.


I could conjure one for you, if you like.

You could conjure me a new outfit.

You have no idea how uncomfortable something like this is.


Mobius and his theory about…

Right, right. About our nexus event.

Total rubbish, right?

Absolutely. Of course. I mean… I don’t mean that it wasn’t a nice moment.

No, it was great. It was really nice.

It just sounds like another TVA lie.

A hundred percent. I mean, totally. Yeah.

I don’t know how to do this.

I don’t even know what we’re doing.

I don’t have friends.

I don’t have… anyone.

Well… there are more important things, right?

Right? Yeah. Like bringing down the TVA.

Saving the universe, even.

Well, there’s no need to be dramatic, but, yeah, kind of.

It’s not very snuggly.


Is it a tablecloth?

No, it’s a blanket.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

How do I know that, in the final moments, you won’t betray me?

Listen, Sylvie, I…


I betrayed everyone who ever loved me.

I betrayed my father, my brother… my home.

I know what I did.

And I know why I did it.

And that’s not who I am anymore.


I won’t let you down.

You sure?

‘Cause if we make it, and the TVA is gone, there might be a timeline for you to rule.


And then I’d finally be happy.


What about you?

What will you do when this is all over?

I don’t know.

I don’t know either.

Maybe… Maybe we could figure it out… together.





Okay, so what’s the next move?

SYLVIE: The TVA needs to be brought down.

We don’t know who created it or where they are, but that thing out there does.

When it hit me earlier, I linked to it.

It was brief, but I caught a glimpse of something, and I think if I can get close enough to it, I can enchant it, and it’s gonna take me to whoever’s behind all of this.

I’m staying.

Loki, I don’t know if this is gonna work.

You go, I go.

It’s happening, guys. The branch will be right out there.

MOBIUS: I’ll give your regards to Renslayer.

Oh, please do.

You boys want a ticket out of here?

What? No. We’re staying here.

This is our home.


Are you sure? What about Alioth?

We’ve survived this long. We know what we’re doing.

Loki, you’re gonna need this on your journey.

Go on.

CLASSIC LOKI: Good luck.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Looks like you got away in the end.

I always do.

What will you do at the TVA?

Burn it to the ground.

Thanks for the spark.

Well, see you later, Loki.

Thank you, my friend.

(WHISPERS) You’re my favorite.



SYLVIE: When a branch appears, Alioth will focus on it.

That’s when I’ll enchant it.



What if we don’t have time to wait for a branch?

We’ll have to cause a distraction.

Come and get me!



LOKI: (SHOUTING) No! This way!

Come and get me!


No! No!



How is he doing that?

I think we’re stronger than we realize.




What are you doing?

SYLVIE: We’re gonna enchant it.

LOKI: I don’t know how.

SYLVIE: You do.

Because we’re the same!






Glorious purpose!



Open your eyes.




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