Kota Factory – S02E02 – Control System | Transcript

Struggling with Physics, Vaibhav attempts to bend the rules to attend Jeetu's classes. Meena frets that teenage hormones will get the best of him.
Kota Factory - S02E02 - Control System

Original release date: September 24, 2021

* * *

I guess Bhaiya is not in the mood to teach today.

He will teach. If he weren’t in the mood, he would’ve taken the day off.

Has he ever taken a day off?

Has he ever not been in the mood to teach?

So… when do we begin?

Uday, I am asking you!

Yes, Bhaiya?

Should I finish reading the entire Google news?

If you wish to, Bhaiya.

Where is Meena?

How much longer do I have to wait for him?

Bhaiya… he is unwell.

Just a little.

Just a little, Bhaiya. I mean, he’s okay.


Let’s begin.

This contains a single bond of carbon.

So, the hybridization will be…




If it contains a double bond of carbon, the hybridization will be…



Very good.

If it contains a triple bond of carbon,

the hybridization will be…





Now, this contains two double bonds of carbon!

So, the hybridization will be…






This doesn’t require a formula at all.

X coordinate is the same.

So, the points become collinear.

The area must be zero.


Sit down.

Thank you.

Now, that’s a good observation! Very nice!

Madam, your AIR 1 is confirmed.

Thank you, sir.

Do you all see this?

Now… find the area of…

As you can see clearly…

As you can clearly see…

As we can see clearly…

We should’ve done this before.


We wasted an entire week.

I am weak in physics.

May Lord grant me admission.


So, the rasmalai is to impress Bhaiya!

He loves the rasmalai.

If you’re weak, he’ll give you preference anyway.

Got it?

The problem is with me.

But you’re an old student… and his favorite as well.

He’ll definitely tutor you.

See you later.






You didn’t notice me.

Yes… I was lost in my thoughts.

I noticed you though.

So… did you join Bhaiya’s class?



The teachers at Maheshwari must be good, right?

Yes. They’re too good.


Hey, baby girl!

I have to go. Bye.

What’s up?


Let’s go.


Come on.


Hurry up.

What’s the hurry? We’ll take our own sweet time.

I don’t know. How can I just call him all of a sudden?

We haven’t talked for years.

We haven’t been in touch either.

I know it’s awkward, but we don’t have a choice.

It wouldn’t have mattered if we just had to conduct physics classes, but we have to launch an entire institute.

And in only 36 days, the JEE Advanced results will be declared.

Why didn’t Meena show up for the class today?

I have no idea, Bhaiya. We’re coming from Maheshwari.

I thought you knew.

No, Bhaiya. I haven’t spoken with Meena.

So, what brings you here today?

Oh, great!

I wish all my students have a friend like you.

You got it from the same place, right?

Yes, Bhaiya.

Keep it aside.

Bhaiya, I’m unable to understand the physics they teach at Maheshwari.

It feels like it’s a class of deaf and dumb.

Yes, Bhaiya.

They keep writing something on the board, but no one understands what they write.

We don’t understand a thing.

Professor Bhargav.

They claim he’s a retired IIT professor.

But I assure you, he’s got zero knowledge!

I mean, one feels sleepy in his class than inspired.

Calm down, bro.

Do you say these things about me as well?

No, Bhaiya. He’s right.

I can hear people snoring at the back.

Yes, Bhaiya.

He’s an IIT professor. Show him some respect.

They are pretty good at research.

They know a lot… but teaching is a different skill.

Isn’t that weird?

How can he become a tutor at Maheshwari if he doesn’t know how to teach?

If Dhoni stops playing, what will CSK do?

They will employ another player. Like Rohit Sharma.

Then Mumbai Indians will need another player.

Virat Kohli!

But that vacuum will always be there, right?

I got it, Bhaiya.

That’s how the cycle will continue.

At the end, some team will have to get a new player.

And then, anything is possible.

I left Prodigy, and they got SRT from Delhi.

The Delhi guys got SKM from Maheshwari.

And Maheshwari got Professor Bhargav from Hyderabad.

This is how the circle of All India IIT-JEE faculty works.

This is what happens.

It means Jeetu Bhaiya is Dhoni and Prodigy is CSK.

I got it.

Bhaiya, I don’t want to get involved in all this.

I want to join your class.

I don’t have a problem.

But first, you’d take up a class with them, and then with me.

You’d only waste time.

Come on, Bhaiya!

If I get to learn physics from you, then why would I waste my time with them?

Just say yes or no.

I see.

So… the equation of the directrix… of this parabola is…


Got it?

Yes, sir.

So, the equation of…

Hey, where are you going?


How are you?

All good.

Long time no see.


Where have you been?

Sorry, I was sleeping! Let’s go quickly!

I had a narrow escape.

There were Professor Bhargav and the maths teacher.

I slipped past both of them.

I didn’t know what to do.

It was indeed a narrow escape.

Now, hurry up, or else we will be late.

Oh, no. Why is the gate closed?

Let’s ask the guard.

Brother, please open the gate.

Son, where do you want to go?

We want to go out.


But the gate will only open at two o’clock.


This is very important.

-Try to understand.

Yes, it’s very important.

You can talk to my mom if you want.

I have got her permission.

Listen, son!

Your mother doesn’t pay my salary.

Bring a written note from my master and go wherever you want. I won’t stop you then.


Please try to understand.

This is very important. Why else would I request you?

Listen to me.

Ask your mother to speak to the master and go.


Try to understand.

This is very important.

Yes. Why else would we bother you?

Please! We’re requesting you.

Son… go on.

You were right.

About what?

Of course, Papa would say that we shouldn’t worry about the money.

But we should know better, right?

I’m not going to join Jeetu Bhaiya’s class.

You can go alone.

Vaibhav, hurry up!

Yes, coming!

Of course! I am the Krishna of this Mahabharata.

I have nothing better to do than solve the feuds between you Pandavas.

Arjun can’t tackle a guard, so Uday will handle him.

Sahadev doesn’t want to attend the class, so Uday will lie to Jeetu Bhaiya.

I didn’t lie to Jeetu Bhaiya even when he caught me with a porn magazine, but I had to lie to him about his health!

You just lie around here! Why don’t you attend the class?

Uday, my problem is bigger than his.

Can we solve that first?

Yes, of course.

Solve his problem first.

My problem is not that big.

I don’t attend the class because I’m able to study everything easily at home.

It’s not like Jeetu Bhaiya will explain it to me any differently.

I used the self-study method.

I will clear the IIT exam.

I’ll do well in Prodigy as well.


This is the bigger problem, dude.

Tell me honestly what’s going on, Meena.

By doing self-study–

Not this.

The truth.

The past couple of days–

Not that either.

And definitely not this one!

Look, we’re your friends.

We can easily tell when you’re lying.

Tell us the truth! Look, we don’t have anything else to do.

So, we won’t budge. You won’t be able to leave either.

Come on, speak up.

What can I say, Shivangi?

And how?

He never proposed to me either, right?

Yeah, you’re right.

He isn’t proposing, so you shouldn’t do it either.

You two can keep playing this awkward game.

It’s just a matter of a few months.

He’ll get into some good college, and you’ll get into a cheap one.

He’ll find some hot girl and your parents will find someone for you.

You two can continue living your lives, man.

Wait a minute.

Why would only he get into a good college? Why not I?

He’s a bloody Clostridium.

He will anaerobically respire in the awkwardness’ CO2.

And you are a Paramecium.

Will you be able to concentrate on your studies in the awkwardness’ CO2?

Tell me!

I don’t attend the class because my mind gets restless there.

Strange images haunt my mind.

I get scared.

My heartbeats start racing. I begin to sweat, and my throat dries up.

Jeetu Bhaiya’s voice becomes faint.

I can’t focus my attention in Jeetu Bhaiya’s class.

I feel restless even after returning home from the class.

I haven’t slept properly since last week.

So, it’s better if I don’t attend the class at all.

No way!

Why won’t you attend the class?

I’ll stop Vartika from attending the class.


Why would you stop Vartika from attending the class?

Then, I’ll stop Meenal instead!

Is that possible?


Both of you are so selfish.

We’re not selfish–





Just hear us out, dude!

Forget him.

He is facing teenage problems in his adult life.

Focus on your own problem.

The guard needs permission, right?


Why don’t you ask the physics professor?

He teaches physics.

He must be expecting some logic.


Root 3g/2.

Sir, not that one. This one, sir.

I am yet to teach this.


You haven’t taught this yet?

Anything else?

Sir, I–

Sir, I wanted to tell you that I will not be able to attend your lectures anymore.


Sir, a different professor used to teach me in the 11th grade.

And he taught me 12th-grade physics then.

He didn’t teach me 11th-grade physics.

Now, he’s teaching that in the 12th grade.

So, it’s better if I study under him now. Otherwise, I’ll get confused.

So, do you… know this one?

Yes, sir.


Okay… what, sir?

Okay! Don’t attend my lectures if you don’t need to or don’t want to.

Thank you so much, sir. Thank you.

Thank you so much, sir.


If you give me a written note, then the guard will allow me to go out.

Otherwise, he won’t let me go.

He troubles–

That I won’t do.

Please, sir.

I don’t have the authority to give you permission.

Please, sir.

For that, you will… have to ask Maheshwari.

Please, sir. It’s just a note.

Sir, I’ll write an application. You just need to sign it.

Okay, sir.

I can’t talk to him directly about this… but I don’t wish to beat around the bush either.

Bhaiya, just call him.

He is your wingmate, after all.

What’s the worst that could happen? He might refuse. That’s all.

I hope you remember that… in only 35 days, the JEE Advanced results will be declared.

Put it on speakerphone.

Some Jeetu is calling.



Hey, Jeetu! How are you, asshole?

To what do I owe this call today?

I needed your help with something.

Oh, of course. It’s not like you’re in love with me.

Now, hurry up. The market’s about to open.

I am going to launch my own institute.

And… I have invested all my savings.

But I needed more money.

So, I thought who would have more money than an investment banker!

Are you serious?

I had heard that the teachers in Kota mint money.

How did you fall short of money?

These are just rumors, dude.

Okay, fine.

But don’t empty your entire savings.

Save some money for your personal expenses as well.

At least, for a year or two.


Then, let me know how much money you still need.

I’ll transfer it immediately.

If I keep some money aside, then…

Yes, because this can be a long-term affair.

If I keep some money aside, then I’ll need four crore.

Four crore?

I don’t have that much money, dude.

I have about 15 lakhs… which I can transfer immediately.


Let it be. I’ll try something else.

You don’t have to empty your account either.

I thought investment bankers mint money.

These are just rumors, bro.

Fine. You just focus on the market then.

I’ll call you later.




I can give you 250,000 in cash right now.

Investment banker, my foot!

At least, he was offering something.

Dhruv’s calling.

Yes, Dhruv?

Hey, Jeetu! Did you mean four crore dollars or rupees?

What an asshole!

He told you to meet Maheshwari?

The same Maheshwari who humiliated your father!

You are too naive.

If any other person with self-respect had been in your place, he would have never got admitted into this place!

Are you going to tell me what to do, or will you keep screwing with me?

No, it’s okay. The latter is much more important, right? Keep doing that!

Come on!

Now, there is only one way out.

So, Mr. Guard!

How are you?


Just doing my duty in this hot weather!

It is very hot indeed.

Have a drink.

The guard refused even after seeing the money!


Such honesty!

Honesty, my foot! He’s just playing games with me.

Meena! It’s ready!

How much money did you offer him?

Twenty rupees!

Oh, really?


Where did you get so much money?

I had saved it, dude.

Bloody cheapskate!

He’s not playing games, you are!

You should’ve offered him at least 100 rupees.

This is so embarrassing!

I can’t give him 100 rupees every day!

You mean I should give him 3,000 rupees a month!

Papa sends me only 6,000 rupees as pocket money.

What a pity! I spend that much money on cigarettes.

So, do you want me to sell cigarettes now?

You two are assholes!

You should sell cigarettes.

If you sell cigarettes every day, you can give 200 rupees to the guard.


Here you go.

Eat something.

My friend… if you keep fasting like this, you’ll become weak.

Come on, get up.

Shivangi, leave me alone.

You won’t understand.

I’ll understand if you make me understand.

If you don’t want to talk to me, then talk to Jeetu Bhaiya.

Jeetu Bhaiya–

I can’t talk to my teacher about these things.

Meena, it’s not such a big deal.

You’re just attracted to a girl.

It’s normal human behavior.

Let it be, Shivangi.

You wouldn’t know all this.

It’s easy for girls.

Only I know how my studies are getting affected.

At any given time, 17% of the female population are on their periods.


And it’s not just the blood loss… even the hormones are at their peak.

Often, we have to take exams during that time.

Seventeen percent of the girls in your IIT must be on their periods.

There are 2,5 billion women in the age group of 14-45.

Right now, 42 crore ladies are on their periods.

And if they all started behaving like you, then imagine what would happen.

So, get this thought out of your mind that everything’s easy for girls.

Shivangi, do you really go through so many problems?

You’re still a kid, Meena.

Don’t think about me.

Let me think about you.

Look, everyone experiences physical attraction… and you are no different.

Vaibhav, Uday, and even I experience it. But we’re not as disturbed as you.


Do you know why you’re so disturbed?


Because you don’t do it.


You should do it.


Faire l’amour.

Love thou self.



You want to see a practical now?


And this is our IIT aspirant.

Mastur– Yuck!

Hey! You’re not a kid anymore!

Behave like an adult!

Go and talk to Maheshwari!

You’ve paid him the fees for your studies!

If you don’t understand his physics teacher’s lectures, then you must tell him!

Go to his office and say that you want to learn physics from Jeetu Bhaiya.

Talk to him directly!

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, Vaibhav!

Yeah, right.

I mean, you are right.

Hey, Meena.

Are you still not coming?

Earlier, I was just sad.

But now, I have become a sinner as well.

What’s going to happen to me?

I think I should go back home–

Mr. Maheshwari wants to see you.


Mr. Maheshwari wants to see you.

What’s up, Meena?

I have lost my mind.

I shouldn’t have listened to you.

It’s my fault that I opened up to you.

This is what happens when you are heading for your doom.

I came to Kota to study, to get into IIT, to become an engineer.

I thought I would get a good job and make my parents proud.

Now, I feel my life’s worthless.

You had said that I’ll be able to focus on my studies after this.

But now, I don’t feel like doing anything else.

During the day, I wait for nighttime.

And at night, I wait for daybreak.

The entire day, I just–

Bhaiya, what are you doing here?

Hi, sir. Namaste.


Please have a seat, Bhaiya.

You came so suddenly…

Well, if Balmukund Meena doesn’t attend the class for five days, then I will have to come, right?

So, tell me.


it’s nothing, Bhaiya.


Keep it.

No, Bhaiya.

Come on, keep it. I have enough of it.

I don’t need it, Bhaiya. It’s okay.

Then, what’s wrong? Any problem at home?

No, Bhaiya.

I can see it on your face. Sit.


Telling me won’t solve your problem, but at least, you’ll feel relaxed.

So, tell me.

Bhaiya, I have… developed a bad habit.

Bad habit?


No, Bhaiya.


No, Bhaiya.

Come on, tell me.

Look, it’s not like I didn’t have any bad habits.

Tell me what’s wrong.

Well, I have… begun masturbating.

I keep telling myself that I won’t do it, I’ll quit.

But I do it anyway.

You feel restless.


Different scenarios cross your mind.

First, you think you should do it.

And if you don’t, you find it difficult to focus on your studies.

Once you do it, you feel angry and disgusted.

Yes, Bhaiya.

How do I know all this?

Everyone feels this at your age.

I used to feel it too.

Bhaiya, please don’t say that.

Just because the topic is awkward, we shouldn’t discuss it?

The addiction to masturbation is a real problem, right?

It creates a hindrance in studies, right?

-So, shouldn’t we discuss it?

No, Bhaiya.

Look at me.

I also do it.

It’s not a sin.

But you shouldn’t be addicted to masturbation.

That’s wrong.

Everything should be done at a specific time.

Like, eating, drinking, sleeping, and this as well.

You can’t just do it at any time and anywhere.

It will be a part of your routine.

But when that happens, don’t feel guilty or depressed.

Or else, you’ll never be able to focus on your studies.


But one should be a celibate during student life, right?

Yes. They say, “A student should be curious to learn, like a crow.”

What else? He should meditate like a heron and stay away from his home.

An ideal student should have all these five qualities.

But it’s not possible.

I don’t think people would’ve imagined a competitive exam like JEE when they wrote down these qualities.

But Bhaiya… how can I stop believing in everything… that I believed in until now?

Okay, fine.

Do you agree that a teacher’s position is higher than parents’?

Yes, Bhaiya.

Then listen to your teacher… and stop feeling guilty about this thing.

Don’t be depressed.


Once you finish your JEE, you can decide what to do.

Until then, just do as I say.

Got it?

Yes, Bhaiya.


You really don’t need the money?

No, Bhaiya.


Come on.

These kids, I tell you!

What all things you have to teach them, Bhaiya!

I only teach a few like him, not everyone.

I am scared of them.

You’re scared of Meena?

Yes… I’ll tell you some other time.

Come in!

Good morning, sir.

Talking to the teacher was right.

Bribing the guard was wrong.

Sorry, sir.

It won’t happen again, sir.

At Maheshwari, we don’t complain about students to their parents.

In fact, we don’t even admit such students.

Sir, sorry! It won’t happen again, sir!

I promise, sir! I won’t do it again!

It was a mistake. Sorry, sir. Please, sir.

Are you not able to understand physics?

No, sir.

Other students don’t complain.

Are you different?

Yes, sir.

Sir, you had rejected me saying that I won’t be able to cope up.

In four months, I moved up to A3, sir.

Do you want to attend Jitendra Kumar’s classes?


He’s the one who made me this capable.

If he teaches so well, then why was he fired from Prodigy?

Sir, he wasn’t fired.

He quit.

Go on.

Your portion was up to here.

Read this one.

This one is different. What is it?

I’ll learn all of it in a couple of days.

After how many days?

So, Meena… how do you feel about attending Jeetu Bhaiya’s class after so long?

It feels like… I dived in the holy river.

You know what?

When we speak up like mature people, all the problems get solved.

Oh, mature guy!

Is she invisible to you?

You two like each other, but you won’t admit it.

You are in the same class, but you ignore each other.

You have complicated everything for no reason.

So, let’s decide what you’re going to do in the next nine months.

Do you want to stalk each other and keep track of what the other person is doing?

Or do you want to date each other?

If you do, then there’s a cafe!

Go and have a chat!

Meena, let’s go!

It’s okay. I’ll go on foot.




Bye, lovebirds.

Shall we go?

Yes, let’s go.

There was no one

Or is

Or ever will be

Like you

Like you

There was no one

Or is

Or ever will be

Like you

However the world may be

It is worth saving When you are there along with me

Well, I am not the melodramatic kind

But it’s possible that you are The hero of my dreams

However the world may be

It is worth saving When you are there along with me

Well, I am not the melodramatic kind

But it’s possible that you are The hero of my dreams

I looked everywhere

But there is no one Quite like you, my love

I looked everywhere

But there is no one Quite like you, my love

Like you

There was no one

Or is

Or ever will be

Like you

Like you

There was no one

Or is

Or ever will be

Like you

However the world may be

It is worth saving When you are there along with me

Well, I am not the melodramatic kind

But it’s possible that I am The hero of your dreams

Like you

Like you

There was no one

There was no one

Or is

Or is

Or ever will be

Or ever will be

Like you

Like you

Like you

Like you

There was no one

There was no one

Or is

Or is

Or ever will be

Or ever will be

Like you

Like you

However the world may be

However the world may be

It is worth saving When you are there along with me

Well, I am not the melodramatic kind

Well, I am not the melodramatic kind

But it’s possible that…

But it’s possible that…


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