Kota Factory – S02E01 – Reasoning | Transcript

With their new classes off to a bleak start, Vaibhav and his peers question the value of the IIT dream and seek inspiration from a trusted source.
Kota Factory - S02E01 - Reasoning

Original release date: September 24, 2021

* * *

Shall we go?

Just give me a minute.

Ain’t I looking like a good boy?

Brother Raman says that Mr. Maheshwari is very strict.

That’s why I dressed up neatly.

Am I looking nice?


Hello, Mom.

You’re awake.

Yes, it’s been a while.

I took a shower as well.


Today is the orientation.

I was just leaving with Meena.

But Meena is still in Prodigy, right?

Not that one.

I’ve found another one now.

Fair Meena.

He’s an original copy of the first one.

But there’s one good thing about him.


He’s not as smart as I am.

Anyway, I’ll call you tonight when I am free.

Okay, son.

Bye, Mom.

Don’t mind it, bro. I was just kidding.

I will do the same as well.

Okay, fine.

Today is going to be a hectic day.

We have an orientation, followed by classes and lunch.

Then we must collect books from my brother.

Jeetu Bhaiya.

I am talking about Brother Raman. He’s got all the books.

Is he a famous teacher?

He is not just famous but the best.

And he is not a “sir”. Call him Bhaiya.

Others teach subjects… but he makes you feel it.

You’ve got a crush on him.

Yeah, but it’s one-sided.

Let’s go. Or we won’t get any seats at the orientation.

Look at him!

Welcome to Maheshwari Classes.

Since it’s your first day… so take a good look at the students sitting next to you.

Don’t think about it.

Take a look at the faces of all the students sitting around you.

What is he saying?


More than 1,1 million students appeared for JEE this year.

And the number of general seats in IIT is 4886.

Success rate…

.442 percent.

Last year, 1,00,000 kids came to study at Maheshwari classes.

And 1713 were selected.

Success rate…

1,69 percent.

There’s no need to rejoice.

Point number one… remember the faces around you.

Your biggest and most serious competition is around you.

You are in class 12 now and you’ll appear for JEE next year.

You’ve only one year now.

This year, JEE will be conducted on 27th May and results will be declared on 6th June.

Remember these faces.

They will be all-India toppers.

And when we’ll felicitate them on 8th June, then these students will be sitting on these reserved seats in the front.

Why is it important for you to know that these students will be sitting in these reserved seats?

Before coming here, many of you were your school toppers, tuition class stars and the brightest student in your neighborhood.

Many of you think they know what they have to do.

Some might even believe that they are smarter than Maheshwari Classes’ faculty, our system, reading materials, and counselors.

Actually, such students exist.

But none of you are like them.

Not even a single one.

I can say this because I know next year’s toppers as well.

We know which city they are in and which Olympiad they are preparing for.

And I can say this because you joined here in class 12.

Already a year late.

And toppers never start late.

A repeater has never topped in 53-years of IIT’s history.

Except in 2002.

So, none of you are toppers.

None of you will be sitting on these reserved seats.

You don’t have a year.

You’re one year late.

So, you will just follow the rules of the institution.

This is the first and yet the most crucial battle of your life and you cannot afford complacency.

Where will you make it in life, how grand your home’s going to be, how beautiful your wife will be, will your children visit Europe or their grandparents for vacation, will you drive an SUV, sedan, or hatchback, will be decided by this exam.

This is your chance to be somebody.

You might be talented… but this world is swarming with unsuccessful men with talent.

Unrewarded geniuses are not geniuses, but clichés.

And I strongly believe… that there are only successful men in this world.

Unsuccessful… are not men.

Last point.

Listen to our lectures, attend our doubt classes read our study material and attempt the test papers.

If you quietly follow our instructions and guidelines, then you may be rejected.

If you don’t follow our instructions… you will be rejected.

Welcome again to Maheshwari Classes.

Everyone, stand up for the oath.

Repeat after me.

I swear…

I swear…

I’ll never take my eyes off my goal.

I’ll never take my eyes off my goal.

I will always respect…

I will always respect…

my parents and my teachers.

my parents and my teachers.

And by being successful…

And by being successful…

make my family proud.

make my family proud.

I belong…

I belong…

to the most prestigious

to the most prestigious

educational and life coaching institute of India.

educational and life coaching institute of India.

I will always be…

I will always be…

proud to be…

proud to be…

a student of Maheshwari Classes.

a student of Maheshwari Classes.

Show me what you wrote.

Sir will scold me.

As you can clearly see…

What did he say his name was?

He didn’t mention it.

Sir, it’s been a week since the sessions started.

But not a single Physics class has been conducted.

You sent some other teacher instead of the Physics class.

You hardly attend class yourself.

And now you complain.

Sir, please. Please take him off the roster and bring Jeetu Bhaiya back.

Yes, sir.


Who is Jeetu?

We made him who he is.

We promoted him. We did his PR.

We spread the word that he’s the best teacher.

And we did it for the students.

So that the students can concentrate on their studies.

But it doesn’t really matter.

Teachers are all the same.

Even this teacher is the best.

Start attending the class first.

What is all this, sir?

This is an important year for us and you changed our main teacher.

How can we cope like this, sir?

It will ruin our entire rhythm.

My dear Meenal… this is not in my hand.

It’s the management’s decision.

But you are the management.

Call Bhaiya back.

Yes, sir.

Please, sir.

Jeetu Bhaiya…

Jeetendra Kumar is no more…


with Prodigy Classes.



And don’t let this news out.

How do I explain to you guys how low a man can stoop?

Jeetu must be a good teacher… but he’s not a good man.

Being an IITian doesn’t make you a good guy.

Success had gone to his head.

And he even stole a mirror from our institute.

You have no idea what all he did in his home.

He boozed, consumed weed and alcohol all night.

Ladies were spotted coming out of his house in the morning.

Every day.

Sometimes even the students–

Enough, sir. Don’t misuse your post.

You know nothing about that person.

Jeetu Bhaiya’s name alone speaks of credibility.

But you’ll never understand. It’s beyond your domain.

Don’t say a word against that person or else…


Meenal, please explain to him.


He got it.


How low people can get!

What was he saying?

I will break his jaw.

He doesn’t know who he’s messing with!

If I lose my mind, I’ll tell papa to conduct an income-tax raid on him.

He is talking utter nonsense!

Yes, you’ve said this before.

So what if I don’t class?

Don’t I have a right to ask about the teachers?

Didn’t I pay their fee?

The one we joined the class for, has left.

Please don’t mind, Vartika… but I feel you’re bad luck for us.

Whoever you set your eyes on, leaves us.

Stop talking nonsense, Uday!

Call Jeetu Bhaiya.

I tried calling him but his phone was switched off.

He must have switched off his phone as everyone might be trying to reach him.

Wait a second.

Try calling on this number.

This is Jeetu Bhaiya’s personal number.

This will connect.

Jeetu Bhaiya gave you his personal number?

But you don’t even have a phone.

Call him first.




Hello, auntie.

Sushrut must be in his room.


Yes, he was supposed to collect books from Brother Raman.

So that’s where he must be.

Was he crying?




It’s okay. I will talk to him. You…

I will talk to him.

No, I will…

You want me to talk to him now.


No, I’ll check on him right now. Don’t worry.

No, auntie.

He won’t do anything absurd.

I am on the stairs right now. I am going.

I’ll make him talk to you.

Don’t worry auntie, he’ll be fine.


I am knocking on the door, auntie, but he isn’t opening the door.


What do I do? Break it down?

Okay. Susu!




He’s still alive. Talk to him, auntie.

Hello. Why are you calling me continuously?

How will I study?

Is this how we do IIT?

Why weren’t you answering your phone?

Do you know how worried your mother was?

What happened?


Then why are you crying?

I am not crying. Am I crying?

What happened?

Did something happen in class?




Why are you crying?


I can’t understand anything.

Everything seems alien.

I couldn’t answer a single question.

Until when will I keep lying to my mom about my studies?

My father took debt for my studies.

Fine, stop crying.

Tell me about one problem.

In which class is this happening?

Every class.

I am the topper of Christ Jyoti Senior Secondary School, Satna.

I have never left a question unsolved.

I wish I had continued studying in Satna and got into some small engineering college.

And all would’ve been good.

But instead, everyone provoked me.

They said, “If that dimwit can get into IIT, then you’ll definitely score.”

And I believed them.

I thought I’ll clear IIT just like I cleared class ten.

I saw Erodov.

I shat my pants.

I don’t want to do IIT.

I’ll appear for some other engineering entrance exam.

This is not my cup of tea.

No, no.

My fundamentals are clear.

I don’t want to get into all this.

What do you mean?

The discussions about “Why do you want to do IIT? What’s so special?”

Why do you want to do IIT? What is so special about IIT?

And why don’t you want to discuss it?

Listen… don’t you think you’re late to discuss this.

Secondly… we are in the second year of IIT preparation.

And now you want to discuss why you want to do IIT?


Isn’t that great?

If you ask a question late, does that make it wrong?

If it’s important, then it is!

You must have asked someone as well.

I did.

So what answer did you get?

You’re alone but not late.


You’re late but not alone.

You’ll fight till the end, and crack the IIT exam.

21 days!

Only 21 days of hard work–

Not that same old nonsense.

Now you’ll say, “Let’s go get some kachori.”

I don’t want to eat kachori.

Okay, fine.

Do you even know what he was saying about you?

He was right.

Doesn’t matter.

Cheating is allowed sometimes but don’t get used to it.

Isn’t that right, Bhaiya?

Deepak was right.

You should attend your physics teacher’s class.

That’s your truth.

Bhaiya, we’ll learn only from you.

Yes, Bhaiya.

Yes, Bhaiya.

I’ll start a demonstration.

I’ll cause a traffic jam.

I won’t let any teacher enter the class.

I’ll start a candle march. I’ll–

Listen, JNU. Calm down.

IIT preparation is not your normal life.

IIT is like a concave mirror.

Doesn’t matter how close you get to it.

You can’t get in until… you don’t cross this point.

This point.

And what point is this?


And the focus is IIT, not your teacher.

But why did you quit the institute?

I was thinking about quitting for some time.

But then I realized if I quit in the middle of the year, it will be bad for the class 12 and class 13 batch.

The year is over. End of story.

I’ll start my own institute in Vigyan Nagar.

No fee for old students.

Yes! Thank you, Bhaiya.

You’ll have to pay the fee.

Okay, Bhaiya.

Now, get going.

Thank you, Bhaiya.

Thank you.

Thank you, Bhaiya.

Hurry up.

Also, give a chance to the new teacher.

Don’t start a demonstration, Mr. Uday.

Okay, Bhaiya.

What else can I do? Either I can do my homework or explain to him.

I can do only one thing.

And he can leave if he wants to. I don’t care.

Do you know what Mr. Maheshwari was saying the other day?

My competition is around me.

And he lives above me.

What if you spare some time for him and he gets selected?

Won’t that be a reason to celebrate?

Why are you getting sentimental, Mom?

This is his first time away from his house.

He’s all alone.

He’s someone’s son as well.

Encourage him.

People explained to you as well.

They considered you kin and not a competition.

Even you can be someone’s Meena.

Engineers are the foundation of the country.

Whether the foundation is strong or weak will all depend on you.

And this question of waves was in 2005 JEE.




Which IIT are you from?

I am not from IIT.

But I’ve taught many IITians.

One thing.

You know this is given in the question, “When beats increase to six.

Therefore the original frequency of the second fork equals to 196 Hz.”

“CH4 Hybridization.”


I was weak in Chemistry.

So I would study all night.


That’s why it remembers it as well.

So cool!

Brother, we needed some help from you.

Take it, guys.

JD Lee, Krotov, Finar.

Take any book you guys want.

You want us to take all your books… before the exam?

It’s your drop year.

The JEE exam is next year.

You’ll only give mock tests now.

Take it all.

No. I won’t give any mock tests.

Because I won’t appear for JEE.

Susu, I am going home.

You’re going home?

Yes. I am done with IIT.

I wished I had asked myself the same question.

I want to get in IIT. Why?

Why do you want to do IIT?

I didn’t learn my lesson even after getting rejected last year.

We were called repeaters in Kota.

So, I forgot that we’re droppers.

Even after seeing my Mains performance, I didn’t realize that appearing for Advanced is a waste.

But brother, if you don’t appear for Advanced, then your dream of IIT–

Will remain a dream!

I’ll enroll myself in some college near my house.

And you’re right, Susu.

IIT is not at all necessary.

We’re not IIT material.

No, brother, Susu is not like that.

He’s not at all like that.

And, what is an IIT material?

If you scored marks in JEE, then you’re an IIT material.

It’s just a paper.

First question. Solve it.

Did you solve it?

No, bro.

Then why did you pick up the pen?

To solve it.

An IITian never picks up the pen to solve a question.

He does it to write the solution.

Brother, give me some time.

I am from Maheshwari’s A3 batch.

Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur, Bhilai, Rourkela, Vizag, Patna, Pune Cochin, Bangalore, Jabalpur, Hisar, Bhatinda, there are many A3s in many cities.

When the A1 batch doesn’t get 100 percent security… then you’re nowhere close.

Every one out of five IITian must be from Kota.

But only one out of 50 from Kota makes it to IIT.

It’s better to quit your IIT dream.

If you have a rich father then prepare for MIT, Princeton or Harvard.

Prepare for SAT.

But if we can’t clear IIT then how can we get into Harvard?

Poor boy doesn’t even know which battlefield he’s on.

If you can’t clear Harvard then how can you clear IIT?

Every single mark puts you dozens of ranks below.

You’ll be caged in your expectations.

Don’t make this mistake.

This is your entrance. This will be the reception area.

We’ll put a standee of you here.

And we’ll put in a huge TV over here with Jeetu Bhaiya’s videos.

We’ll even post a boomerang on Instagram.

That’s a radical idea.

Stop acting like Prodigy.

The results will do our publicity, not us.

Make the reception slightly smaller.

And put in comfortable chairs in the class for the students.

Don’t put in those benches.

They will be expensive.

The lectures last for two hours.

Their backs get strained.

The size will be 50.

Setup an Olympiad lab in the rest of the classroom.

Olym… Olympiad?

Let’s deal with JEE first.

The ultimate goal is the Olympiad.

So we’ve got to start preparing right now.

Jeetu Bhaiya!


He literally shocked me.

This is such an unlucky day.

Everyone’s trying to bloody lecture us.

What do you mean?

Even my language has become foul in Uday’s company.

But he was telling the truth.

I am going back home.

Yes, he was telling the truth.

You need to meet Jeetu Bhaiya.

Only he has the solution to your problem.

I’ll take you to him on Sunday.

Please, bro.

No more motivational lectures.

Let me go home.

If he can’t convince you then I’ll buy you a train ticket.



Let’s go home and fix our moods.

Let’s have some rasmalai.


And tonight we’ll order from Al-Kareem– Vartika?





Why did you come here?

I mean I am glad you came but…


I was going to call but… you know–

Actually, nothing was fixed here so I thought…



How are you?

I am fine.

Sorry. What am I saying? I am sorry.

Can I buy you a kachori?

No? Why?

Are you still angry with me?

I was going to call and come but my friends…

I’ll tell you some other day. I really liked your surprise.

I loved it, thank you. Thank you.

You didn’t see us.

You spotted her. And were we invisible?

Was everyone missing me?

Oh, God. Of course, you guys had to come.

I was wondering how Vartika knew my address.

It’s because only Uday knew my new address.

Here he comes. I was talking about him.

Everyone. This is Sushrut.



This is everyone.



You already made new friends.

No, he’s just… how do you say it?

He’s just an acquaintance.

No, I didn’t mean that, Susu.

Susu, it seems!

You even gave him a nickname.

The kachori here are mouthwatering.

It’s a good thing you guys are here.

Let’s go have kachori. Come on.

But you said we’ll have rasmalai.

First, we’ll have kachori and then rasmalai.

Listen, Mr. Kachori!

We didn’t come here to meet you.

We came to Jeetu Bhaiya’s institute.

Jeetu Bhaiya’s institute?

Did he quit Prodigy?

Yes, he started his own institute. There!

I saw that as well.

Right next to our paying guest house! Yeah!

Ma’am, first answer my question.

After that, I’ll take you wherever you want.

But first I need answers.

Wow! How come all of you are here together?

Hey, how are you?

I am great.

Did you bring this as well?

Give that to me.

Bring me a spoon.

So ma’am, what have you decided?

No need to be shy of them.

They have all got holes in their boat.

Tell me.

I don’t see any benefit in appearing for JEE-Advanced.

Since my Mains exam was okay, I can get into some NIT.

I’ll have to study the entire month again, give the papers, appear for the exam wait for the results and get rejected again.

What’s the point of all this hard work?

Since my mains was good, I’ll get into some NIT.

NIT is good as well.

Yes, they are great.

But whose poster do you have in your room?


You must have a poster of Ranbir, Hrithik, or Virat.

There must be something.

Shahid Kapoor.

Shahid Kapoor?

But he’s impossible to get.

Put up something more convenient to get.

No, right?

You don’t want to aim low when it comes to boys.

But you can when it comes to life.

It sounds good to hear that you should dream big.

But do dreams ever come true?


Rarely. Occasionally.

When you have dreams, they are bound to shatter.

In fact, IIT shouldn’t be anyone’s dream in the first place.

First things first, stop using this word called “dream”.

Because then you already believe… that nothing’s going to happen.

It’s just a dream that you saw.

Start calling it your aim. Aim!

Dreams are imagined and aims are achieved.

Call it your aim and you’ll find it doable.

Then your next question will be about the path, strategy, and further doings.

IIT is my aim.

He’s a fast learner.

Open it up.

When you aim big, then the entire neighborhood finds out.

And when you can’t achieve it, these relatives begin to say things.

Aim big and fight for it.

And if you don’t clear the exam, then say it proudly that you failed in JEE-Advanced.

What are you scared of?

Don’t aim for IIT because there’s no life without it.

Sundar Pichai, Arvind Krishna are IITians.

But Satya Nadella is not.

And don’t do IIT because they teach better.

You’ll find good teachers in every school and college.

Aim for IIT because it’s tough.

And fighting tough battles gives confidence in life.

It’s easy for you to say. You’re an IITian yourself.

You’re right.

I was not a normal baby.

My birth was a miracle.

Lord Brahma blessed my mother.

My dear child, your son will become an IITian. Bless you.

Stop laughing.

That’s how IITians are.

They don’t read but scan the book.

They pick up the pen to write solutions.

We’re not scared of Inorganic.

Silly problems? What’s that? We never did that.

It’s convenient for me to say that “Don’t take stress.”

But you’ll have stress.

Studies say that stress for a short duration is a good thing.

And do you know what’s easier?

To say “Be yourself.”

But the truth is that you should always try to better yourself.

Even I was in Prodigy.

Life was good.

Why did I set out to start my own institute?

I never ran a company or raised funding.

I wonder what more challenges I’ll have to face. Yet I am doing it.

I am gearing up at 32 and you’re slowing down at 17.

How is this possible, sister?

Fine, I’ll think about it.

Will you drop me now?

I just said it for the sake of it.

Take a rickshaw home.

Fine, I’ll leave.

If I have a problem with Physics then I’ll call on your new number.

Please pick up.

Even she has his number.

Hi, Bhaiya.

So, you guys are hereafter attending your formality lecture.

Bablu, give them the timetable.

Classes start on Monday.

So, why have you brought rasmalai?

I actually brought it for him but you ate it.

He’s been bothering me since morning.

So I brought him to meet you.

Since I already ate it, you should’ve said that you brought it for me.

That’s the truth, Bhaiya.

I see…

So, what do you want to talk about?



Tell him.

He’s been bothering me since morning. Now tell him.

It’s all clear now, Vaibhav.


Everyone’s been telling you the same thing since morning.

Everyone was telling me.

But not making me feel it.

Now you got the feel, right?

Now leave. Come back on Monday.

I’ll be sad

I’ll cry

I’ll be heartbroken

I’ll understand

But I won’t keep anything inside me

I’ll say it aloud

Come what may…

I’ll fight

But I’ll never lose courage

I’ll fight

I’ll never lose courage

I’ll fight

I’ll never take a step back

I’ll fight

I’ll fight

Helplessness I won’t be scared of you

Dreary I won’t be scared of you

Come what may… I’ll fight

Helplessness I won’t be scared of you

Restlessness I won’t be scared of you

Come what may… I’ll fight

Disappointment I won’t be scared of you

Disappointment I won’t be scared of you

Come what may… I’ll fight

Helplessness I won’t be scared of you

Restlessness I won’t be scared of you

Come what may… I’ll fight

I’ll never lose courage

I’ll fight


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