Jupiter’s Legacy – S01E04 – All the Devils Are Here [Transcript]

With her partying spiraling out of control, Chloe nears rock bottom. Sheldon encounters hardship in his search for answers to the visions haunting him.
Jupiter's Legacy

Original release date: May 7, 2021

Grace snoops around and finds Sheldon’s drawings on the ship — she sees the map and a drawing of his father looking injured. Walter and Sheldon find her looking, and Walter is concerned about the drawings. He also finds the watch — they buried their father with the watch, and Walter gets increasingly irritated. But they cannot argue for long, as they rescue a man in the sea — he turns out to be a doctor. The man talks about a storm that suddenly comes from nowhere and wonders why it let him leave — he warns the others that the storm is here.

* * *

[dance music playing]

[indistinct chattering]

[both grunting]

Hey, you wanna watch where you’re thrusting there, Travolta?


Wow! You’re digging deep in the classics. I love it. I give you points for it.

[laughs] We’re giving points? Okay.

Uh, minus 20 for being a shit dancer.


Nick. Just so you know who you’re insulting.

Hey, Nick.

I’m guessing you already know who I am.

Why? Are you somebody?

Come on, of course I know who you are. You’re…

Like, everyone in the world knows who you are. Let me ask you something.

When did you decide to say screw it to being a hero?


I mean, look at you. You’re the daughter of the Utopian and Lady Liberty, and you’re doing your own thing. I mean, was it hard to turn your back on all that?

Why are you asking me that?

[Nick] ‘Cause I wanna know.


Sorry, it’s just most people, they wanna talk about my mom or my dad.

Dudes especially have a real hard-on for my mom.

Yeah, well, I’m not trying to get into your mom’s pants…

Or your dad’s.


Good to know.

Chloe? Chloe! Oh my God! [laughing]

Janna, what are you doing here?

Are you kidding? I love this place.

Hi! Janna.


Hey, you guys gotta come over. We have a table.

Wait. You… you’ve got a table?

Well, Ruby did. We’re celebrating. I got into the Union!

[Nick] What? Congrats! That’s awesome!

Yeah, I know how much you wanted that.

You gotta come over and say hi.

No, no, no. It’s okay. I…

[Janna] Come on!

[in singsong] We got bottle service.

Is she always like that?

Eleven is her lowest setting.

Wait. Janna? Like, is that Janna Croft, Ghost Beam?

You got a thing for capes and goofy names?

I thought she was your friend.

Yeah, when we were kids. I grew up. She didn’t.

Wait. All right. New plan.

We’re gonna drink all their shit and then take off without chipping in.

[dance music continues]


[Ruby snorting]


What are you doing?

[all chuckling]

The hall monitor’s back.

[all laughing]

Come on, guys. It’s her night.

We’re supposed to be setting an example, in and out of uniform.

[Chloe] Oh, you sound worse than my dad.

Well, look who it is.

Hey, guys. I’m Nick.

This is Nick.

Hey, Nick. Ruby.

I know. Ruby, Jay, Austin, Kaitlyn. You… you guys are awesome.

Ah, shit! We’ve got a groupie.

[all laughing]

I’d offer you some, but this is the last of it.

Oh, well, then you bitches are lucky I showed up.

[all gasping]

Chloe, put that away!

[snorts] Uh, can you relax for, like, five seconds?

What if a mine caves in or another Blackstar comes out of nowhere?

We could get the call anytime.

That’s what the geriatrics are for, Sugar and Spice.

Are you really gonna call me that?

That was her nickname in fifth grade.

So, you guys all go back that far?

Everybody’s powers had already kicked in, and I was a late bloomer.

Chloe’s the one that made sure no one messed with me until I got mine.

[Ruby] Those were the days, huh?

Back when you actually gave a shit.


You got a bug up your ass, pull it out.

[Ruby] Why weren’t you at the funeral…


[Ruby] …you know, the one for all of our friends?

Too busy showing your ass on some magazine cover?

[woman] Forget about the funeral.

Where were you when our friends were getting ripped apart?

What were you doing when I was getting my goddamn teeth knocked out?

[Chloe] Uh…

Not getting mine knocked out, like a complete fool.

Say that again, bitch.

Yo, Chloe… Whoa.

Guys, we should just all calm down.

[Nick] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You wanna keep the rest of those teeth?



Back off, Sierra.

Ooh! [chuckles] Oh, shit!

Guys, come on! We’re all friends!

Chloe doesn’t have any friends, because she’s an asshole and a coward.




You got powers?

Yeah. I thought you knew.

I’m Nick. You know, Nick of Time?

Oh my God. That is so bad.

[chuckles] Yeah, well, I… I… I’m working on that name, but, uh…

Look, I can’t hold this many people for long.

Why don’t we take this party some place else? What do you say?

Boring as shit, anyway.

[dramatic music playing]

[wind gusting]

[children chattering indistinctly]


[children giggling]

[man grunts]

[whispers] John.

[John] Get in the car.

[woman] John…

[John] Go on. Keep the little ones quiet.

You looking for a handout, we got none to give, mister.

You looking for more… I’m gonna take issue.

I’m not looking for trouble. I just wanna pass through.

That’s the same story the last asshole spun me…

Before he tried to part my hair the hard way and help himself to my vehicle.

Use that thing to straighten him out?

You guessed right.

Now, state your purpose, or you get them feet working.

I’m not looking to do you or yours any wrong.

I’m just looking for directions if… if you can spare them.

I tell you what. You help me change this goddamn tire, I’ll oblige best I can.

[grunts, panting]

So, what you doing way out here… if you don’t mind me asking?


Like I said, I’m looking for directions.

You wouldn’t happen to have seen…

This place?

[John] What, a windmill?

[chuckles] Shit, you throw a rock with your eyes closed, you’re likely to hit one.

No. No, this windmill’s got three blades missing.

You see that?

No, can’t say as I’ve seen it.


You, uh… you recall seeing anything like this here?

[Emma] Can’t rightly say. Sorry, mister.

Uh, we came from the east, out of Missouri.

I mean, it might be further west, maybe.

[Chester] Or maybe it’s all in your head.


Maybe you really are crazy, like Walt’s been saying.

[ominous music playing]

[Emma] You okay, mister?

[Sheldon panting]



You got a family back where you’re from, a wife, kids you should be looking after?

Yeah, I got a… a brother.

I had a gal that I was, uh, supposed to marry, but that was before things went sideways.

[children giggling]

I don’t mean to speak out of turn, but, uh, maybe you ought to get back to ’em.

Folks like that, they provide a comfort.

Keep you upright, you know, when all you want to do is…

Is lay down, call the fight.

Yeah, maybe.



[airplane engines whooshing]

[Chloe laughing]


Hmm. [grunts]

Ectoplex? I mean, come on, what kind of name is that, right?

Sounds like something that goes wrong with your uterus.

She thinks she’s better than me ’cause she wears a silly uniform like all the other flying sheep.

[Nick] Yeah, Sierra’s a bitch.

Don’t let her get to you.

[Chloe] She ain’t getting shit. You want a line?

[Nick] Hell, yeah.

[Chloe] Ladies first.

You got a nice place.



Did you go?


To the funeral?

I didn’t know anybody. It didn’t feel right.

Do you think I should have gone?


Look, pretending to give a shit is worse than not showing up.

Yeah, but, like…

They were my friends, or…

At least they used to be. Like, shouldn’t… shouldn’t I want to give a shit?

[Nick] Chloe…

This is your life, you know?

And in it, you gotta do what feels right.

You do.

Not something other people just think you should be doing.


[both panting]









[sighs] Hello?

[man] Where are you? You were supposed to be at the shoot an hour ago.

Shit! I’m sorry. Sorry. I’m… I’m… I’m on my way. [sighs]

Hey! Hey! You gotta go.


No. I wanna make you breakfast. I’m amazing with…

[Chloe] No, no. I’m late for work. Out.

[Nick] You don’t have to tell me twice.

Yeah, I just did.

Hey, so, uh… what do you think about Speed Ramp for my new name?

Like the freeway?

[laughs] No, that’s an on-ramp. Uh…

What about Time Warp?

Why do you care about some stupid made-up name?

What’s wrong with just Nick?

Well, I need it for the application. I’m applying to the Union of Justice.

You’re what?

[Nick] I’m applying to the Union.

I mean, I’m actually reapplying.


Look, I know it’s not your thing.

And I… I don’t want you to think that…

I… I’m just trying to be honest here with you.

I wasn’t even gonna bring this up, but I’d kick myself if I didn’t.

Look, you being who you are and all…

Yeah, just say it.

I was hoping maybe you could put in a word for me.

With my dad?

[Nick] No.

No, it doesn’t have to be, you know, that high up.





Okay, here’s the thing. First thing he’s gonna ask you, my dad…

[Nick] What?

“Can you take a punch?”

Hell, yeah!


I got hit by this truck once, and I’m telling you…



[car alarm blaring]


Much appreciated.


[ominous music playing]

[man coughs]


[indistinct chattering]

Sir? Excuse me.

Is there a telephone in there that I might be able to use?

You want a handout, go stand in line with the rest of the bums.

[hammering continues]


I need a telephone.

Under the counter, beside the cash.

Thank you.


Cash register…

[Chester] What are you waiting for?

You just blew your last dollar on this.

Now, call your brother.

Call your girl if you still got one.

No shame in giving up.

I’m not giving up.

You gave up on everybody.

You gave up on your company. You gave up on Walt. You gave up on me.

You gave up.

What do you think I’m doing here, kid?

You’re grinding me down every goddamn step.

I’m trying to keep you from ending up like me, you stupid little shit!

Now, admit you’re wrong.


[Chester] Ask for help.

That’s what I should’ve been man enough…

Shut up! Shut up!

Hurry it up in there, pal!

[dialing phone]

[line buzzes]

[woman on phone] Operator. How may I help you?

Yes, I’d like to make a… a collect call, please, to Humboldt 3627.

[line clicking]

[phone ringing]

Coleman residence.

[woman] Ma’am, you have a collect call from Morton County, Kansas.

Will you accept the charges?

Kansas? We don’t know anyone in Kansas.

Give me the phone.

It’s a collect call.

[Jane] Give me the phone.

[woman] Hello?

Yes, I’m… I’m sorry. We accept.

[woman] One moment, please.

Go ahead, sir.

Sh… Sheldon?

Sheldon, is that you?



Yeah, it’s… it’s… it’s me.

[Chester] Tell her you’re sorry and you want to come home.

Jane, I’m…

I’m sorry.

I love you, and I…

[man 1] Hey, stop! Get off me!

[Jane] Sheldon, it’s okay.

[man 1] Get your filthy hands…

[Jane] It’s just so good to hear your voice.

It’s all gonna be all right. Just come home.

[clicking over phone]


Sheldon, are you still there?

[man 2] Let go, you old bastard!

[man 3 yells]

[man 1 grunts]

[Sheldon] Hey!

[man 1 groans]

[man 3] Here. Take it.

You leave him alone.

[man 2] It’s none of your concern, mister.

[man 3 grunting]

[Sheldon groaning]

[crowd chattering indistinctly]

How you like it, city boy?

[grunts] Come on.

[Sheldon groaning]

[indistinct chattering continues]

[groaning, panting]

[Sheldon groans]

Give me it. I need that.


I ain’t never seen you around here before.

[spits] It’s ’cause I’m not from around here.


Then why you drawing the windmill at the old Miller farm?



You’ve seen this?

Just said so, ain’t I?

How far is the Miller farm from here?

[rock music playing]

[Chloe] Sorry! Sorry!

Give me one moment.

[clears throat]

Sorry. Sorry.

Do you own a goddamn clock?

I’ll be ready in five.

Everyone’s been sitting around waiting for you with their arms up their asses.

Do you know how much this cost the company?

We’re here to sell a car, Leighton, not save the world. Take a breath.

You look like shit. Get it together.

Suck my dick.

♪ I got something to say ♪

♪ I killed your baby today ♪

♪ And it doesn’t matter much to me ♪

♪ As long as it’s dead ♪

Chin up. Hold it there.

♪ Well, I got something to say ♪

♪ I raped your mother today ♪

♪ And it doesn’t matter much to me ♪

♪ As long as she spread ♪

[inhales, grunts]

♪ Sweet lovely death ♪

♪ I am waiting for your breath ♪

[snorts, grunts]

♪ Come, sweet death, one last caress ♪

♪ Go! ♪

♪ Sweet lovely death ♪

♪ I am waiting for your breath ♪

♪ Come, sweet death ♪

♪ One last caress ♪

♪ One last caress, sweet death ♪

♪ One last caress, sweet death ♪


♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪


[photographer] Okay, that’s it.

Okay, give me more of those eyes.


[rock music playing]

[Chloe] Thanks, Jace.

[Leighton] Uh, we’re not done yet. We still have the hero pose.

The what?

Corporate wants it.

It plays into the whole nostalgia bullshit.

[scoffs] Screw that.

You know, if you can’t be a real superhero, the least you can do is pretend for five minutes.

It’ll help you earn enough to shove up your nose.

Corporate wants it. [grunts]

[sniffs, exhales]


See? Was that so bad?


No. That was actually pretty damn good.


[eerie music playing]



[knocking on door]

[Sheldon] Hello?

[door opening]


[wind whistling]

[metal creaking and rattling]

[eerie music playing]

[gun cocks]


[farmer] Been waiting for you.

Best get to it.

[Chloe] I told her I didn’t wanna do it.

[man over phone] So you walk out. You don’t throw a car at the woman!

[sighs]I was making a point.

[man] Well, congratulations. You made it.

They’re dropping you as their spokesperson.

[scoffs] Whatever, man. I don’t need their bullshit.

[man] Yeah, you do. They were the last endorsement we had left.




I’ll call Leighton tomorrow and apologize.

[man] This isn’t working out.

[Chloe] I said…

[man] This… this isn’t working out for us.

Wait. You’re dropping me?

[tires screeching]


[Chloe grunts]


[inhales sharply, grunts]




You want some of this?



[Chloe] Hey!


I know you.

[gasps, grunts]












[phone clicking]

[phone beeps, rings]


[Kaitlyn over phone] Hey, girl.

Hey. Get over here, okay?

You’re not gonna believe the shit I just scored.

[farmer] You’re trespassing.

In my rights to put one between your eyes.

I don’t want any trouble.

Well, you got yourself a shitbag full, don’t you?

I… I just wanna talk.

That’s what the last son of a bitch the bank sent out here said.


Don’t play that with me.

Sir, look at me.

Do I strike you as somebody who works for the bank?

[farmer] Ah, shit.

You ain’t from the bank, why the hell you breaking into my home?

I saw this place.

It wasn’t like in a picture or anything. It, uh… it was…

I don’t know. I just saw it.


Saw it in your head?

How do you know that?


You think you’re the only one?


[glasses clinking]

Really wish you were from the bank.

You had ’em, too, the visions?

[bottle opens]

[liquid pouring]

How did you… how did you know? What… what… what did you see?

You should wet your mouth, go back to where you came.

No, I’m not leaving.

[grunts] Hmm.

Wh… when did they start?

For me, it was when my father died, when the… when the market crashed.


Taft had just taken the White House. We shipped out three days later.

So you… you were in the Army?

[farmer] Navy.

Storekeeper, Second Class.

Wound up on the USS Shetland, Smith-class destroyer.

Called ’em flivvers back then.

The Shetland was the first destroyer that could make a go of it on the open sea. [grunts]


Or that’s what everybody thought.


So, what happened?

That goddamn thing came out of nowhere.

[sighs] One minute…

The sea was…

Clear, glassy, like a mirror.

The next minute, I looked up, and it was on us.

[wind howling]

Oh, the wind came up something awful.

Waves like I’d never seen.

[waves crashing]

We tried to go around it next three, four days.

But iffen we turned, it turned.

It was like it knew what we were doing.

Like it… like it was alive.

And then, all of a sudden…

The world went upside down.

Broke my collarbone, my leg…

Bunch of ribs.

I got this doozy on my head.

[ringing sharply]

And I heard this ringing off and on ever since.

You hear that? The ringing?


You ain’t been out there yet, then, have you?

Out where?

Out where the sea comes alive!

[waves crashing]

Ain’t you been listening?

I never went to sea again.


It found me, even after all these years.

The water always finds you.

It makes these patterns.



Told you there ain’t nothing out here.

Just a crazy old fool with a finger on the trigger.


Was it somebody close?


[farmer] Whoever was talking to you.

It’s always somebody close.


[farmer] Don’t listen to ’em, boy.

They’ll lie to you.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

[gun fires]

[ringing sharply]

[metal creaking]



[ominous music playing]

[Kaitlyn laughs]

[indistinct chattering]

Got to be kidding me.

[dance music playing]

Hey! The hell do you think you’re doing?

[sighs] The hell does it look like, Carl?

I’m having a party.

Mmm. You put a goddamn hole in my wall!

Eh… You got my notice on the door, I see, huh?

I want you out now. You’re trespassing, all of you!

Yo, who is this asshole?

I’m the asshole that owns the building, you little shit.


All right, everybody out. You, let’s go now.

[laughing] Kaitlyn? Kaitlyn, you mind?



See? All better.

Now, get out of my apartment, or I’ll have her reverse something on you.

[partygoers oohing]

[feigns snarl]

[partygoers laughing]

That’s hilarious. You’re very funny. You’re very funny. Thank you. Uh, just…

Okay, just keep it down. People are trying to sleep.


[partygoers laughing]

[in singsong] Bye! [laughs]

[Chloe] Lay some more lines out, bitch!


[Chloe] We’re just getting started!

[partygoers cheering]


[Sheldon panting]

[ominous music playing]





[farmer echoing] It makes these patterns.


[metal grating]


[metal grating continues]




[farmer echoing] Thirty-two. Forty-nine.

Twenty-eight. Thirty-four. Forty-seven. Sixteen.

Go! Go!

[ticks loudly]

[farmer whispers] Go.



[laughing distortedly]

[Sheldon gasps]



[yelling continues]

[farmer echoing] Go.

Go. Go.


Go. Go. Go.



I’m ready to come home.

[farmer echoing] Thirty-two.






[retches, coughing]

[grunts, gagging]


[sighs] Jesus, Chloe.


Sugar and Spice.

[Janna sighs] Okay. Let’s get you cleaned up.

Get away from me. You’re not my mother.

Look, I’m just trying to help.


Brandon wants to be him.

You wanna be her.

But you can’t.

You’re just you.

No matter what you do…

You’re just you.


Hey, let’s, um… let’s get something in your stomach.

Okay? I think it’ll really make you feel better.

[sighs] Why are you here, Janna?

Because I’m your friend.

No, you aren’t.

[Janna] Chloe…

I don’t have friends…

Because I’m an asshole.

That’s what all of you really think, right?



[footsteps departing]

You’re better than this.

[ethereal tinkling]

[softly] No.

I’m not.

[phone clicking]











[breathing raggedly]

[static buzzing]

[static continues]


[electricity zapping]

[spluttering continues]



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