His Dark Materials – S02E07 – Æsahættr – Transcript

As all paths converge on Cittàgazze, Lee is determined to fulfil his quest, whatever the cost. Mrs Coulter's question is answered, and Will takes on his father's mantle.
His Dark Materials - S02E07 - Æsahættr

Air date: December 20, 2020


LENA: She’s coming back to us.


When they had hold of me… I felt numb and so cold. Life or death meant nothing.

Just rest. Stay calm. Give yourself a chance to heal.

You’re not safe here. You can leave us.

No, Lyra. We won’t do that. But, Will, once we’ve found your father, we must leave this world. Let’s hope we find him fast. Your knife frightened them.

It frightens everyone.







JOPARI: You have the only weapon that can destroy the Authority.

PAN: Bad dream?

I’m frightened. I saw my father, and I’m scared.

She can’t see the fear. Your fear.

Can’t she?

She thinks you’re the bravest fighter she’s ever seen. As brave as Iorek Byrnison, King of the Armoured Bears.

Iorek Byrnison. That’s a compliment. Well, I think Lyra’s even braver than me.

She can be. But…sometimes she’s not.

She’s the best friend I ever had. You know that? Not that I’ve had many friends.

You’re her best friend, too. Now, sleep. Maybe you’ll feel better in the morning.

I’m no longer an aeronaut. We’re insects now, travelling the world just like all the others.

You couldn’t be an insect if you tried, Lee.

Says you, rabbit.

The shaman’s on his feet.

I know where the Bearer is. We must go west, to a canyon. You picked a good spot, Mr Scoresby, but that last Magisterium airship will have landed by now. They’ll be looking for us.



SERAFINA: These Spectres could be everywhere. How safe are we?

LENA: I have another problem for you, I’m afraid. Jabar has seen an adult with a daemon wandering the city. If they’re from our world, they may not know the dangers here.

There were other children on that rooftop. Start there. Check they’re safe.

I’ll send Jabar back with news.

Kaisa will watch for his safe return.


Check the forest. We need to know the path is clear before we continue searching for Will’s father. Be safe.

There! The campsite!

Well, go on, then. Skedaddle.

You could come too. We like you, miss.


Well, that’s very kind of you, but I’m afraid I can’t.

Where are you going?

Well, I’m looking for answers, and… I have a feeling that’s where to look for them.

Bye, miss. Thank you.

I was delighted to help.

Serafina wants to scout ahead. She wants to know exactly where these Spectres are. She’s sending Lena down to the city and Reina out to the forest. If we can track their movements…

Spectres only affect adults. We should go on without them, for their sake and ours.

They’ll keep us safe.

For the first time in a long time, I’m close to my father. It’s time I go find him. I can’t stop thinking about what my mother said. That I’d take up his mantle, carry on whatever he went into the other worlds to do. I think that’s why the alethiometer’s telling us to find him. It’s connecting us.

We can help him, Lyra.

I heard what Pan said…last night.

You were listening?

And I heard what you said. I’ve had a best friend. And I let that best friend down. Maybe this is how I let you down.

You haven’t let me down. You’ve made me stronger, Lyra. I’ve made you stronger. But we need to go on our own, without them. This is our journey now.

MRS COULTER: Is Lyra with you?

This town isn’t safe. You should leave.

And a boy? A boy with a knife?

How do you know this?

How many witches are you?

There is only me. I haven’t seen a boy. Or knife.

How disappointing.

There are creatures here that would hurt you. Please, save yourself.



Why would you do that?

Because Lyra is important to me.

You’re her. The woman of Bolvangar.

I’m not important. Where are they?


You don’t want to tell me?

STRAINED: I’ll never tell you!

You witches, you know something about Lyra. What is it? Do you not think I have a right? She is my daughter. She is my daughter! Why won’t anyone tell me the truth?

Eve. She’s Eve. The Mother of All.



She’s Eve… Eve before the Fall. This time, she mustn’t fall. I’ll see to that.



Stop whimpering.


Do you think Will’s right? Do you think we can do this on our own?

Serafina has already had to save us twice. And you want to leave her side?

The Spectres could hurt her. She’s not safe.

Everything’s a risk, Lyra. Haven’t you learnt that by now?

No. What I’ve learnt is that we make mistakes. I don’t want to make a mistake with either of these people.

There’s something out there.


WHISPERS: Do you think it’s a Spectre? You’re a witch!

And you’re Lyra. She found you.

SERAFINA: Is Asriel preparing for war?

I asked him what battle he intended to rage against the Magisterium. He told me this war has to be bigger than them, that in every world, agents of the Authority are committing injustices.

He intends to fight the Authority.

And he needs us. It is our duty to call to arms every single clan and bring them to his cause.

My duty is to the girl. Hers is to the boy. I must stay here.

Serafina… The Great War. The end of suffering.

If this is the Great War, then she will be needed.

So you will chaperone Lyra as she chaperones this boy. Where?

To his father. After that, the prophecy is clear. She is the child that shall bring about the end of destiny and return free will. You trust Asriel. I trust that.

There is something else. As I was travelling, I came across some cliff-ghasts. They spoke of the AEsahaettr. Something that will be the difference between winning and losing. I’m not sure where to begin, but…

Go. Find Asriel this AEsahaettr. Make his fight yours.

REINA: She’s gone?

To Asriel. And the Spectres?

From what I’ve seen, the way is clear.

Then let’s find this boy’s father.


That’s not my daemon.






Yeah. That went well.

Can you run?


Go on, then. I’ll cover you.


Lyra needs our help more than ever. We’ve no choice now.


You’re either with me or against me. Which is it? If you’re against me, you’re against Lyra.




What are you frightened of? Hmm? Her? Lyra is special. Lyra is Eve. We must prevent the Fall.

We have to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

I will find her.

Come to me.



You all right?


Look, we’re not going to outrun them now. One of us needs to stay and fight them off, if we stand a fighting chance. Give me your gun.

I’m no shaman, but let me make a prediction. I leave you here, you die. If we don’t get the protection to Lyra, all of this will be for nothing.

Mr Scoresby…

Listen, I’ve weighed all the options. I’ve made my choice. You’re it. Now, find the bear.

You’re a good man.

Just remember your promise. I love that little girl like a daughter.

I remember. You have my word. I’ll make sure she’s protected by the Knife.

That’s all I need to know.



Go on.

Listen… if this were anyone else, it’d be suicidal. But I’m a fine shot.

Goodbye, Mr Scoresby.




I think I’m changing, Pan.

I like you just as you are.

Once I change, you’ll stop changing. What do you think you’ll be?

A flea, I hope. Is it Will that’s changing you?

A bit.

I don’t think I’m ready for things to change.

I don’t think anyone ever is.

“A fox, after nearly crossing the stream, gets his tail in the water.”


“The task at hand is not yet completed. It promises success, but proceed with caution.”

I’m out.

HESTER: Come on. Let’s move.



Remember the games we used to play when we were little?

The Alamo.

Hah! The Alamo. Take it in turns being Danes and French.

They’re still coming. SNIFFS

How many bullets do we have left?

About 30.

Well, let’s make every single last one count, then.

I don’t like taking lives, Hester.

It’s ours or theirs.

It’s theirs or Lyra’s.

On the right!


I’m running out of bullets.

Don’t think about that.

What should I think about?

Think about anything. Think about bacon! Just keep shooting. Over by the back boulder!

It’s nothing big. A bullet clipped your scalp, but no great damage.


Did you count how many fell?


This is my fault, isn’t it?

How do you figure?

I’ve always stopped you before.


You always pushed me.

Only when there’s an adventure on the way.

Hester. There were always adventures.


Lee! The cloud pine. Maybe we can call her to this world.


She gave it to us to summon her. Serafina Pekkala, I beg you… come help us. Do you think that’s enough? Let’s hope so.


He’s in trouble.


Lee Scoresby.

Lee’s here?

I can sense that he is near.

If Lee’s in trouble, you have to go. Please. He’s here looking for us. We’ll be safe. Just go. We’ll stay here. Please, go!

How far we flew. Don’t you go before I do.

I’m still here. We held them up. We held out. We’re a-helping… Lyra…

Find me.

Don’t come any closer.

So. You’re the Knife Bearer.

I was told I’d find my father out here. Dad?


It’s really you? I thought you were dead.

Your mother… Will, where is she? Will?

She’s safe. In our world. Why didn’t you come back to us? My son… is the Knife Bearer.

You have a daemon.



Hello, Lyra.

JOPARI: Did you come through a window?



How did you do it?

You owe me answers, Dad, not the other way round.


Do you have any idea how hard Mum found it without you? Thinking you were dead?

I couldn’t get back to you. I tried everything. And in trying, I got a better understanding of these strange worlds. An understanding that I could use to actually help people.

And you chose these people over your family?

No. I thought by helping them, I could help you. I’m talking about the end of this tyranny, Will, for you. For everyone. I’ve thought about you… every day. But, Will… if you’re the Knife Bearer, you have a task ahead of you. The fate of many worlds may rest on you.

On me?

There’s a war coming, Will. The greatest war there ever was. You must go to Lord Asriel and tell him that you have the only weapon in all the universes that can destroy the Authority. All right?

I don’t want to. I hate it. I don’t want anything to do with any of this.

You’re the Knife Bearer, Will. If you don’t use it against them, they’ll tear it out of your hands and they’ll destroy us. They’ll have absolute power. I’m sorry, Will, but… you must do this. You must do it.

And then we go home?

Then we’ll go home. All right? Then we’ll go home.

I can’t. I’m not capable.

You fought for the Knife?


Yes. It chose you. It chose you. Argue with anything else, but don’t argue with your true nature.

I’m not strong enough.

Both of us were brought here. Do you understand? You with the Knife, and me to tell you what to do with it, Will. Will. Will? Listen to me. This… This is your duty.

And your duty was to be my father.

Will… I’m so sorry. But look what you’ve become. Without me. You’re a warrior, Will. You’re a warrior.





Dad? Dad?

Let me look at you. The night is full of angels. They will guide you now.



LORD ASRIEL: I have struggled through many worlds to arrive here. But you know this. I have sacrificed things… things I did not want to. My fight is not with you. But you are the last obstacle between me and my enemy. And if I must, I will raise arms… again. My fight is with the Authority… and those doling out cruelties in his name… those who seek to divide in order to control… and who have built worlds founded on privilege and divine right rather than care and need. I fight for freedom of knowledge, and in place of deceit, intolerance and prejudice… I fight for the possibilities of understanding, truth and acceptance. But I cannot win these things alone.

I will need help and support. From you, and all those who have rebelled. Let us be united in heart, soul and deed, and together we could build a Republic of Heaven above and a Republic of Ideas below. Worlds in which the scars of history may be healed. Better worlds, where the privilege of freedom becomes the right of all peoples. But I tell you this now. There is no neutral ground. You are either for me or you are against me. Now, which is it?

QUIETLY: You’re out there. I know you are.

Answer me!

SHOUTING: Answer me!


ANGEL: We stand with you, Asriel Belacqua.

Good. Then let us prepare for war.

My darling Lyra. You’re fine now. We’re out of danger. I’m taking you somewhere entirely safe.

BOY: Lyra. Lyra! Lyra, help me!

LYRA: Roger? What is this place?


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