Hawkeye – S01E05 – Ronin | Transcript

After a fallout between Clint and Kate, the latter is ready to abandon her dream of becoming a hero, but Kate makes a discovery that changes everything.
Hawkeye - S01E05 - Ronin

Original release date: December 15, 2021

Bishop returns to her mother’s house and informs her about Duquesne’s shell corporation, leading Eleanor to call the cops and have him arrested. Bishop then goes back to her apartment, where she finds Belova waiting for her. Belova tells Bishop about her past and her mission to kill Barton. After recovering at Grills’ apartment, Barton puts on the Ronin suit and challenges Lopez to a fight at the auto shop where her father was killed. After incapacitating the rest of the Tracksuit Mafia, Barton unmasks himself and tries to convince Lopez to end her vendetta and stop pursuing his family. He reveals that he was tipped off by an informant working for Lopez’s boss, who wanted her father dead. Bishop returns to assist Barton against Lopez and helps him escape. Lopez doesn’t believe Barton at first, but later questions Kazi, who she suspects of being the informant. The next day, Belova messages Bishop and reveals that she was hired by Eleanor to kill Barton, and that she is working with Lopez’s boss, the Kingpin.

* * *

YELENA: It’s a synthetic gas.

The counteragent to chemical subjugation.


ROMANOFF: He had Widows implanted all over the world.

You should be the one to tell ’em it’s over.


Hi there, Ana.





Do it.




Stop. I’m trying to help you.

Then why’d you break into my house?


Sonya, hold her hands.

SONYA: Hurry. Hit her with the antidote.




YELENA: The next bit is gonna be really scary, but we’re here to help you.


Look what you did to my rug.

Twenty thousand dollars down the drain. Thanks.

Excuse me?

SONYA: I don’t think she was brainwashed.

What? You thought I was some rich pervert’s prisoner?

Well, yeah, kind of.

Wait, this is your house? How can you afford all of this?

By doing the thing we’re all best at. Killing for money.

So, how many widows have you helped?

Many. Many.

Yeah, it’s hard work.

It’s hard finding them. It’s… It’s hard watching them wake.

But it’s so worth it.

And when we’ve cleared up all of this mess, we will make good lives for ourselves.

Yelena, how is your sister doing?

She’s doing okay.

ANA: Good.

Yeah, she’s good.

And then, you and Natasha will be reunited and go live your Sex and the City fantasy in New York.


Excuse me.

ANA: Sex and the City, we should watch it together.







What’s happening? What’s going on?

MAN: Uh, who are you?

Who are you?

Yelena? Oh, my God, you’re back.

Who’s that, Mommy?

It’s okay, sweetie. She’s an old friend.


ANA: I got married.

We adopted three years ago, it’s been amazing.


Sonya, who left my house in a much less dramatic fashion than you did that day, realized this and now you will too.

You can start with contract work.

And then you can stay here as long as you need.

Okay, stop.

Ana, I was in there for five seconds, I come out and I’ve lost five years of my life. Please.

I’m sorry, Yelena. I was just trying to help you.

I know, I… Thank you. Yeah.

I need to find Natasha.

Can you help me find Natasha? I need to tell her I’m okay.


I cannot lose Kate.

I’ve lost people before.

I know in your line of work, you have, too.

I understand.

Sloan’s a shell company that launders money for the Tracksuits.

And Jack Duquesne is the CEO.

KATE: You lost your family in the Blip?


Is that where you met the Ronin? It’s you, isn’t it?

Everybody dealt with the Blip in their own way.

What do you want?

I don’t want anybody else to die.

But Maya’s need for vengeance is gonna get her killed.



Someone has hired a Black Widow assassin.

This has gotten very real, very quickly. So I’m doing this alone.

I chose to be here.

I understand the risk, I understand all of that.

I’m not gonna do it.

Go home, Kate. It’s over.



Oh, my God. (GASPS)

Are you okay?

And why are you wearing your archery suit?

I’m okay.

Does this have to do with Clint Barton?

Mom, no. Clint protected me.

You’ll be glad to know he then told me to come home and stay away from him.




Look at me.

You’re the only thing that matters to me.

Are you sure you’re okay?


Oh. Come here. Come here.

Oh. My baby girl.


It’s okay, hon.

Does Clint think you’re a superhero?


I don’t either.

Mm. I know it’s scary now, Kate.

But this doesn’t have to change who you are.

It just means that what you do might look a little different than you dreamed of as a child.

And preferably a little less reckless.

I never wanted to be reckless. I wanted to help you.

I know, hon.

Recklessness is the unfortunate side effect.


Bet you regret buying me that first bow, don’t you?



You were so cute with that tiny bow.


God, I thought I could do anything.

I really thought I could be one of them.

Don’t beat yourself up, hon.

Sometimes the paths we’re on, they wind around in ways that we never would have expected.

All you can do is keep moving forward, even on days when honestly, it all just kind of feels like shit.

Do you ever worry about me not finding my path?


I know exactly who you are.

And I have a pretty good picture of who you’re becoming.

I need to tell you something.

Clint and I have been looking into Armand’s murder.

And we found a lot of incriminating stuff about Jack, Mom.

Including this Shell company that he has, called Sloan Limited.

Maybe there’s a reason for all…

I don’t know. But you have to please just promise me that you’ll look into it. That’s all I ask.

Okay. Okay, I will.

You go get your things and come back home.



Come on.



Must stop.


Oh, my God.



Kate Bishop.



I made macaroni if you want some.

I’m sorry. What?

Well, I was starving and you took forever.

So I wanted to make food.

What do you want?

Relax, Kate Bishop. I just want to talk, okay?

Are you really not hungry?

That fight was so long.

It’s really tasty. Really tasty.

I know what boxed mac and cheese tastes like.

I know it’s… It’s delicious.

(GROANS) Forks. Forks.


You have one fork?

I’m one person.

That’s so weird.

Kate, this is not cutlery. This is not cutlery.

I am not gonna have dinner with you after you tried to kill me and then broke into my house.

I did not try to kill you.

A, I put you on a wire to remove an obstacle.

And B, I did not break anything.

I am way too talented than that.

And C, stop being so defensive. Okay?

You’re so hostile.

I’m not going to hurt you. I promise.

I don’t have any weapons on me.

Okay, I take that back.

I don’t have any weapons currently in my hands.

That’s a lie also.

Come on, take a fork. Eat. Eat.

Please, my daddy says it’s good for you.


You’re probably thinking, “What? This is crazy. I’m going to have dinner with the enemy?”

“And she made some really good smelling macaroni.”

But in all honesty, if I wanted to kill you…

You would have already.

Right as you open the door.

I probably wouldn’t have time to shut it.


I’d have been dead. Okay.







GRILLS: Hello?

Hey, Grills, it’s Clint. Can I come up?

Oh, my God, yeah, yeah, come up.



GRILLS: I’ve been thinkin’ about a name…



Can I come in?

Yeah, come on.

Are you done?


I go?

Sure, can.

I could put hot sauce on it?


Ah, I love hot sauce.


So what do you want?

Well, it’s my first time in New York. Mmm-hmm.

It’s a business trip, so time is limited.

But I want to see some things.

I want to see, uh, the Empire State Building, the new and improved Statue of Liberty, and the Rockefeller Center.

(CHUCKLES) Very funny.

What, it’s not good?

Oh. No, they’re-they’re great.

Yeah, you… I mean, you’ve gotta see the tree.

(GASPS) Mmm.

Exactly. See? I love American Christmases.

The tree, the presents, the super-powered reindeer, Rudolph.

Mmm-hmm. Rudolph. Heh.

He is so weird. (CHUCKLES)

Have you ever eaten reindeer?

Cannot say I’ve had the pleasure. No.

It’s… (LAUGHS)

No, it is not a pleasure. (CHUCKLES)

No, it’s, um, it’s really tough. It’s chewy.

Mm, you have to braise it for a really long time.

But, hey, Kate Bishop, you grew up here, right?

You must have some recommendations for me.

Yeah… Um… (CHUCKLES)

Yeah, I-I have. Let’s see. The High Line. High Line is great. Um…

There’s a Christmas market in Union Square. Um…

I’m not quite sure those are the right fit for the blood-thirsty vigilante type.


Blood-thirsty vigilante. (CHUCKLES)

Sometimes you’re funny, Kate Bishop.

Do you say my whole name to point out that you know it?

Yes. I know a lot about you.

Mother, Eleanor. Lives on Park and 41st.

Father, Derek, deceased. Very sad.

And you recently walked into traffic to save a dog, which I’ll admit is pretty cool, and you got a few points from me on that. Um…

University GPA 3.8. Senior, double major, and…

Right, okay. We get it.

Thank you.

Are you in New York to talk to Clint? Is that why you’re here?

No. No, no, no.

I’m here to kill him.

I have a question for you.

What is it?

Why do you risk your life for him, Clint Barton?

How has everybody forgiven him for his past?

He saved the world.

No. My sister saved the world.

Natasha Romanoff, she saved the world.

Stop pretending like you’re not surprised. It does not look cool.

You’re really Natasha’s sister?


Wow. I did not see that coming. Thank God, I didn’t kill you up there.


You kill me?

Again, oh, Kate Bishop, you are so funny.

That’s hilarious. That one is the funniest.

Natasha and Clint were friends. Why are you after him?

You are so fond of him.

It tells me you don’t really know who he is.

He came out here to protect me.

No. He came here to protect his reputation.

Do you know how many people he killed?

The trail of blood that follows him, it could wrap around the entire world.

Okay. Wow. That was very Russian.


He’s still an Avenger.

What does that word even mean? Huh?

That it holds so much power.

You call him a hero no matter what he does?

It means that when you choose to spend your life trying to help people, there are going to be things that you lose.

When you face the kind of threats that he has, there’s going to be collateral damage.

My sister is gone because of him.

What? No. No, that is… No.

She’s gone.

Is she collateral damage?

No, look, there is no way that that is true.

He would not let that happen.

How long have you known Clint Barton?

About a week.

It will not be difficult for me to complete this assignment.

Wait a minute, somebody hired you to kill him?

All I’ll say is that if there is someone out there that is telling you Clint is a bad guy, then maybe you should ask yourself what kind of person hired you.

He is not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. But he is good.

However he convinced you about who he is or how many people think or call him a hero, truth is it doesn’t matter.

We are defined by what we do.

Not by nice words.

Like it or not, there is no escaping this.


Where is he?

I don’t know.



Thank you for the girls’ night, truly.


Oh. And, Kate Bishop, do not get in my way again.



BARTON: Well, I really appreciate it, thank you.

GRILLS: No problem.

Since there was this… This guy.

GRILLS: Come on, man, of course.

You think you could, um, look after the dog just for a few more days?


I, I got a hotel, and they don’t have…

They don’t allow dogs.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on.


Yeah, it’s just, uh…

No way.

Hawkeye’s gonna stay in a hotel for Christmas?

Man, take my couch. Really, take my bed.

The-The-The couch will be great, thank you.

Here, bud.

Almost forgot.

Missy dropped off the new outfits for you and Kate. You wanna see ’em?

You know I do. Just… (BREATHES DEEPLY) Just not right now.

OFFICER: We’re gonna need you to come in and answer some questions.

I promise you this is all a big misunderstanding.

I’ve never worked a day in my life.

We have some tax records that will beg to differ.

I’m telling you, the only Sloan I’ve ever known was this woman I dated in Palm Beach and she was an absolute nightmare.

I’m so sorry, Mom.

ELEANOR: I looked into it, honey, and you were right.

I don’t blame you for calling the police.

I would have done exactly the same thing.

I’ve obviously been framed.

I’ll clear all this up and be back in a jiffy for your Christmas party, you’ll see.





Natasha… I really need to talk to you right now.

You were the bravest of us all, weren’t you?

Loyal, stubborn.

You always had to win, didn’t you?

And for a stupid orange rock.

I replayed that a million times in my head hoping for a different outcome.

But I do my best every day to earn what you gave me.

Just wanna say I’m… Just wanna say I miss you.

And I’m so sorry for what I’m about to do.






Hey, it’s me. Um…

Listen, I know you said, “It’s over,” but it’s not.

Not for me.

Call me back.


We need to talk about the other woman on the roof.

Not Maya, no, the other one.

I don’t wanna say much on the phone. Call me back.

So, the police arrested Jack, which is all pretty crazy.

Would be great to discuss.


Yeah, okay, sure, I’ve screwed up a few times.

Okay? Fine, (SCOFFS) whatever, I’m still learning.


Oh, shit.

Do you think I wanna do this, Clint?

You think I wanna leave these messages like a crazy person?

No, this is your fault.


This isn’t over, Barton. I’m gonna find you.

The mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time.





Run-DMC’s classic tracksuit.

Classic. Classic.

Or, uh, Tommie Smith in Olympics or Royal Tenenbaums, right?

Tony Soprano, “Forget about it”.

Royal Tenenbaums? Come on. Do we look like Royal Tenenbaums?


MAN 1: You know what you don’t see anymore?

MAN 2: Tell me. MAN 1: Brass knuckles.

MAN 2: What are we gonna do, huh?

Pull them out of your pocket in middle of fight?

“Wait one second please.”

“Let me put on brass knuckle to punch your face.”



MAN 2: “Maya, meet me tonight where you first met the Ronin.”


But we are not Maya.



Hey. Perfect timing. I just put Nate down to bed.

BARTON: Yeah, good. We need to talk.

Uh-oh, no fun conversation’s ever started that way.


Look, I… I’m sorry, this problem just keeps getting bigger.

This Maya is relentless.

She’s got her hands on the watch. She looked into our family.

Someone has hired a black widow.

And I… I don’t wanna think about where this all goes.

Clint, we’ve been so careful, really. I… I mean, the kids and I are so far away.

It’s not far enough. It’s never far enough.

If I don’t end this tonight, um, it’s just a matter of time before the big guy gets involved.

Jesus. Are you sure?

Can’t be sure. It’s just a sinking feeling.

Then follow your gut.

What? It’s not what you wanted to hear?


Yeah, no.

Listen, you didn’t call looking for permission and you don’t need it from me so…

I trust your judgement.

You do what you have to do.


LAURA: And know that I’ll always understand more than anybody else ever could.

BARTON: I love you.

LAURA: I love you. Go end this.



Okay, let’s talk. (GRUNTS)



















I wanted you…


But if you or anyone comes after me or my family, it will be the last thing you do. You have my word.

You and I, we’re the same.

We’re weapons.

But when you’re filled with rage, it makes you blind.

It could be used, could be manipulated.

Trust me, I know.

Yes. Your boss.

Your boss wanted your father dead. Now he’s using you…






KATE: I bet you’re wondering how I found you.

You tracked my phone again, didn’t you?

KATE: Yeah.

So this rescue mission, you got an escape plan?

Hey, are you Tabitha?


DRIVER: All right. Hop on in.



Thank God.

Look, I’m sorry, okay?


That’s it? He got away.


God damn it.

What are you talking about?

I don’t know. I didn’t get the call.

You sure?


Well, there’s, uh… one more thing we should worry about.

Yeah? What’s that?

Um… Do you remember the girl from last night, the one in the mask?


Um, I spoke to her.


She said she’s Natasha’s sister.


KATE: Yeah.



You all right?





GRILLS: Dance. Oh!


GRILLS: Good job, buddy.

Wait. I wanna try.

You’re amazing.

Here, you try it.

All right. Dance.


No, dance.

You made it look so easy and cool.


Yeah, Grills is cool.

You can cook, you can LARP, you can put out fires.

Ah. Stop it.



Unknown Kate Bishop, I found out who hired me.

BARTON: What is it?


Eleanor Bishop.

Thought you deserved to know.




KATE: Look at this. Who’s that with my mom?

Well, that’s the guy I’ve been worried about this whole time.




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