Halo – S02E06 – Onyx | Transcript

Spartan training intensifies, ONI's secrets unravel, Master Chief and allies face betrayals and battles, edging closer to epic conflict.
Halo - S02E06 - Onyx

Season 2 Episode 6
Episode Title: Onyx
Original release date: March 7, 2024

Plot summary: The episode opens with a failed Spartan mission simulation led by Corporal Talia Perez, highlighting the challenges and the steep learning curve faced by the Spartan cadets under Kai-125’s rigorous training. Meanwhile, a power struggle within the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) unfolds as Admiral Parangosky and Colonel Ackerson navigate rumors and strategic maneuvers involving Dr. Catherine Halsey, the Master Chief, and a mysterious Covenant threat. The episode intricately weaves together the personal vendettas, strategic deployments, and revelations about ONI’s secretive projects, including the contentious Spartan program’s origins on Onyx. Amidst these tensions, Master Chief and Kwan Ha’s pursuits intersect with ONI’s and the Covenant’s, leading to critical confrontations and alliances that question loyalty, power, and destiny. As betrayals surface and battles ensue, the episode lays groundwork for an impending showdown, promising profound implications for humanity, the Spartan legacy, and the broader galactic struggle.

* * *

[John] Ackerson left us down there to die.

No evac, no armor.

ONI knew we wouldn’t make it.

[Halsey] The city fell.

What happened on Reach wasn’t personal, it was political.

It was Parangosky.

The ONI protects itself.

Make them your enemy, and it won’t matter

that you’re Master Chief.

When did you leave ONI, Admiral?

[Cortana] Please, will you help him?

What are you prepared to do for me?

[Arbiter, speaking Sangheili]

[Makee speaking Sangheili]

What do you know of the Demon?

He remembers you.

You keep his memories. Show me.

[Makee speaking Sangheili]

[speaking Sangheili]

Whatever built the Halo left something in you.

[woman] It’s close now, the monster.

Find me, deliver me, save me.

Do not forsake your name, Protector.

[Laera] Where did you get this?

[boy] A boy gave it to me.

Where is he?

They took him away.

[Soren] Who took Kessler?


[John] His name was Vannak-134.

I will find the ones who caused your death.

And I will end them.

This was my family, my friends!

There’s no training for this!

[powerful thrust]

[Kai] I can’t stay and watch.

Are you suggesting I deploy Silver Team without its leader?

Just me, till John’s cleared.

[Ackerson] You and I both know he’s not himself.

[heavy doors open]

[dramatic music rises]

[heels shift en masse]

[dramatic music swells]

[man] Whiskey-uniform one-one. This is Phoenix.

Maintain speed.

[overlapping comms chatter]

[Mullins] This is what we’ve trained for.

It’s time to pay them back.

[door mechanism whirrs]

[Perez breathing heavily]

[comms chatter]

[Mullins] Perez.

[sharp gasp]

You bounce off that hull, you’re gonna spend

your last two hours spinning into space, and I’m gonna

have to write a report about what a dumbass you are.

And I hate writing reports.

[Perez] You ain’t gonna write about me.

[woman, over comms] Assault Unit Javelin,

you are clear for jump.

[Mullins] First squad,

on the beam!


[all] Never die!

[Mullins] Spartans!

[Perez] Never die.

[Mullins] On me.

[man] Godspeed, Spartans.

[breathing heavily]

[Mullins] Javelin-Two, check your angle.

Maintain formation.

Watch your line!


[indistinct comms chatter]

[Perez] Shit.

[Mullins] Perez!

What the hell are you doing?

Get back into position.

[Perez] Put it in your report.

[Mullins] You’re not the only one out here!

[loud thudding]


[Gilroy] High-velocity plasma!

[Spartan III screams]


[Mullins] This is Javelin.

Taking sustained fire from the Covenant Corvette.

[Spartan III] Singh’s gone!

[Spartan III] They have a lock.

[Spartan III] They see us!

Maintain your lines!


[Gilroy] Unknown number of turrets tracking.

[man, on comms] Javelin Team, maintain dispersion.

[Spartan III screams]

[Mullins] Don’t overlap!

[Spartan III] Break right!

[panting] Shit, shit.

[Mullins] On target in three, two, one…

[indistinct radio chatter]


[Mullins] Phoenix, this is Javelin-One.

Phase One complete.

Initiating Phase Two.

[Spartan III] Fire in the hole!

[Perez] Wilco, armed!

[explosion, Perez grunts]

[Mullins] Bounding overlap.

[Perez gasping]

[Okada] Barrier deployed.

[Spartan III] Move! Move!

[indistinct shout over comms]

[Mullins] The bridge is on this deck!

[Spartan III, over comms] Hit him back!

[Perez] Mark smoke on the deck! Stay back!

[soldiers grunt]

[Spartan III] Hayes is down!

[Perez] Medic!

[Spartan] Movement on our six!

[Mullins] We gotta move!

[Perez] Moving!

[Okada] Gilroy’s smoked!

[Mullins] Now, Perez! Let’s go!

[Mullins] On me!

[Perez] Move! Move!

[indistinct shouting]

[Perez] Bridge! Break right!

[Mullins] Move! Go!

[Mullins] Who’s got the spike?

[Perez] Gilroy! Cover me!



[Okada] You good?

[Perez] I’m good.

[Okada] Move it!

[Perez] I have it!

[explosion, scream]

[Perez] Okada’s down!

[Mullins] Go! Go!

[Perez] Frag out!



[Mullins] Go! Go!

Check your corners.

[Perez panting]


[Mullins] I told you, only rookies say “clear.”

[Perez] And I told you to kiss my…

[sharp gasp]

[Perez] Mullins!

[Mullins] Finish it!

[needles whirring]


[Perez gasps]

[Perez] Fleet Command, this is Javelin-Four.

I’m the last one left.

Preparing to spike.

Stand by to connect.


[sharp gasp]

[Spartan III] We don’t have it!

[whispers] Goddamn it.

[Mullins] Take it easy, Spartan.

[door opens]

[soldiers muttering]

[clamor stops]

[Kai] You’re all dead.


The Covenant’s advanced shielding

means that we lose three ships for every one of these.

Their targeting system is superior as well.

But that is also their weakness.

Playback, please.

They have no problem locking onto our attack ships.

But they’re less effective against smaller targets.

That’s you.

I can take down an Elite at 2,500 meters.

But my rifle is useless against a swarm of bees.

So we’re bees now?

You wish.

Bees work together.

Many bodies. One mind.

One mission.

Infiltrate the ship. Deliver the spike. Infiltrate the ship. Deliver the spike.

The bridge is the nerve center.

[graphics hum]

It’s protected on the outside, not on the inside.

Not from this.

Our intel indicates that their system

is vulnerable to override.

This spike delivers a virus.

Full system shutdown.

Lights out.

Like a bullet to the brain.

[soft chuckle]


Do you have something you would like to add, Spartan?


I’d like to add it’s bullshit, ma’am.

We cleared the enemy.

Those rounds came out of nowhere.

The simulation is random.

So is war.


[doors slide open]

[Perez] Hey! Hey!

[Kai] Let me be clear.

We are not equals.

I am your instructor.

Do you have a problem with me?

I have a problem with failure.

I have a problem with soldiers

that continue to repeat mistakes,

jeopardizing not only their mission

but the lives of their comrades.

My comrades were all dead.

Is it personal?

Is it ’cause I was on Reach and you weren’t?

One battle doesn’t make you a veteran.

Just makes you lucky.

[Perez] I know what I signed up for.

Are you telling me you want to die, Spartan?

No, ma’am.

[dramatic music playing]

[tea service clatters]

[Parangosky] They grew leaves like these

on a small family orchard in a place called Sri Lanka,

on Earth.

Dried in the sun,

then borne on the back of the father 16 miles.

His brown feet, that red earth.

Sold at auction…

then placed upon shoulders,

then upon ships, then upon seas.

Packaged, purchased,

and poured into this fragile cup,

just for your lips.

They shouldn’t have.

They didn’t.

These leaves were actually engineered in a lab

on Level Four.


And why would the ONI concern itself with making tea?

Because I told them to.

The point is, you drink the tea, but what you taste is the story.

Stories are important, but they’re delicate things.

Tea, like empires,

centuries of work can be undone by the smallest of oversights.

[Ackerson sighs]

If you’re concerned about Reach,

then the narrative remains intact.

A ship penetrated our airspace less than an hour ago.

I’m told whoever piloted the vessel

showed some familiarity with our defense network.

I hope that you’re not blaming me.

They landed less than 15 kilometers

from where we are now.

Send a team.

Did I mention that, uh, one of our agents from Aleria

is convinced he saw Catherine Halsey

boarding a ship of the same description?

If I told you how many Catherine Halsey sightings we have…

Nineteen hours ago.


She’s dead.

Of course, he could have been mistaken.

It could be anyone traveling with, and I quote,

“A scarred man.”

Perhaps the largest human he’d ever seen.

That’s not possible.

You keep saying that.

You think that he’s alive, that he’s here on this planet?

I suppose we’re going to find out.

[scope optics whirring]

[portentous music rises]

[theme music rises]

[gunfire and explosions]

[heavy breathing]

[grenade powers up]



[muffled explosions]

Pause simulation.

What are you doing?

[Kai] I couldn’t sleep.

Kai… [exasperated sigh]

you can’t keep coming here.

I mean, don’t you think it’s a bit morbid?

[Kai] I’m training.

You’re punishing yourself.

[gasps and breathes heavily]

Why weren’t we here?

All those people we lost.

[Kai panting]

My team.

They’re all gone.

[Ackerson] It didn’t just happen to you.


No one escapes this kind of tragedy.

None of the recruits survived the Corvette simulation.

They will.

They just need time, preparation.

I need to know we’re not sending them on a suicide mission.

Did you ever ask for a guarantee?

Did he?

Master Chief is gone.

But you are making the next generation in his image.

They’re not Chief.

I can’t make them Spartans.

End simulation.

They are Spartans.

And it’s your job to make them believe it.


May I have that back?

What is it that you want?

[Soren] What she always wants. Leverage.

I know where they took your son.

[somber music rises]

[distant birds cry]

[Soren] This is where Halsey says it all started.


What do you know about this place?


No maps. No records.

No history.

Just rumors.

Just whispers.


[Kwan panting softly]

[Soren] They’ve got Kessler.


Remind you of anything?

They’re still making Spartans.

[pebbles tumble]

[gasps softly]

[wind gusting]

[ominous music]

[dramatic music playing]

[Kwan gasping]

[Laera] Halsey’s gone!

[Soren] It doesn’t matter. We don’t need her.

I know where Kessler is.

[John] You better get going.

[Laera] What are you talking about?

[dramtic music rises]

Soren, we need to move.

[Soren] I can see what you’re thinking.


You’re all banged up.

You don’t have your armor.

Go get your son.


[Kwan gasps]

[man] Right there!


[bullets strike nearby]




[men shouting]

[dramatic music playing]

[grunting and yelling]


[dramatic music rises, falls]

[disengages firing mechanism]

[weapon drops]

[man] Stand down!

[ominous music playing]

[footsteps in snow]

[Laera] What is it?

[breathing heavily]

[wind rises]

[Kwan gasps] [distant bird caws]

[distant bird caws]


I know this.

What is it doing here?

[submachine gun fire]


[distant man] Stand down! [shouting indistinctly]




[whispers] Oh, my God.

[panting softly]

I’m okay.

[Halsey] If you say so.

[Kwan] What is…

How are…


Where are we?

What are you doing?

How’d you know that was there?

[latch creaks]

Still works.

After 20 years. Take it.

You’ve been here before?

Yes. I used to practically live here.

What is this place?

It’s where it all began.

You know, I remember you.

I’m flattered.

You ruined my best work.


Before you, John was consistent. Dependable. A Spartan.

Then he met you and he became unpredictable.

Oh, sorry about that.

Oh, don’t be.

Sometimes the introduction of a new variable,

however insignificant,

can be the catalyst for huge change.

[Kwan] Thanks?

[ominous music rises]



[Uto ‘Mdama speaking Sangheili]

[speaking Sangheili]

[Uto ‘Mdama]


[Uto ‘Mdama]


[Uto ‘Mdama]


[Uto ‘Mdama]

[sword whooshes]


[speaking Sangheili]

[door opens]

[Cortana] Do you think he knows?

That you’re lying.

[combat noise and chaos]

[Okada] I told you, I can’t see!

[Perez] Where are they?

[Mullins] Concentrate your fire.

[Perez] Mullins!


[Okada] Look out!


[Perez] Move!

[Gilroy] Return fire!

[Mullins] We have to move!

[Perez] Wait!

[Mullins] We can’t stay here.

[Perez] We need numbers before we push.

[Mullins] I give the orders!

[Perez] Suppressive fire!

[Mullins] Move it! Now!



[Okada] Moving! Moving!

[Mullins] Perez, lock that corridor down.

Okada, Hayes, Olsson, assault the bridge.

[Perez] No, ma’am.

[Mullins] What?

We assault that room by the book,

they’re gonna pick us apart again.

We all have to go. Same time.

[Mullins] We stick to the tactics.

[indistinct shouting]

[Perez] The tactics are bullshit!

We gotta assault in force!

[Okada] Like the fucking bees, man!

[Perez] Exactly.

[Gilroy] Great. We’re all gonna die.

[Perez] If we send enough bodies,

it might buy you some time to spike the system.

[Mullins] You’re out of line!


[Spartan III] Richer is down!

[Mullins] Gilroy, get up here!

[Perez] We run the same plan, it’ll end the same way.

[Mullins] Perez! What the hell do you think you’re doing?

[Perez] What it takes. Frag out!


On me!

[Spartan III] Move it!

Come on, you can do better than that.

[Spartan III] Contact. Rear.

[Perez] This is Javelin-Four. We’ve reached the bridge.

[dramatic music playing]

[Perez] Do it!

[spring clicks]


[massive whooshing]

[energy crackles]

[Gilroy] Holy shit!

What do we do now?

[Mullins] Get the hell out of here.

Beginning exfil.

Javelin, on me.


You waiting on another medal?

Let’s go.

[Perez breathing heavily]


[Perez] Where’s the Covenant?

Where are they?

[Mullins] I’m not waiting around to find out.

See you on the other side.

[Spartans cheering]

[Gilroy] We did it!

[Spartan III] Whoo!

[Mullins] That’s how it’s done!

[excited shouts]

[Spartan III] Finally!


[Spartan III] That’s what I’m talking about.

[excited shouts]



The exfil. It was too easy.

Don’t get cocky.

No, that’s not what I meant.

After we spiked the system, we had no more enemy contact.

Take the win, Corporal.

[dramatic music rises]

[cell door slams]

[door lock unlatches]

[Briggs] Master Chief.

Nice to see you again.

Last time we met,

you had a weapon pointed in my face.

I prefer this, don’t you?

Eleven of my men are incapacitated.

One of them may die.

Usually when people are hurt in combat,

it’s ’cause they’re poorly trained…

or poorly led.

So, which was it?

With those Spartans, your Cobalt friends.

You know, when we found them, they still had full mags.

Never even got a shot off.

I’m beginning to think Spartans aren’t so scary after all.

I want to see Parangosky.


Clip him in.

[man] Yes, Captain.

[John] You can tell her I’m coming.

[Briggs] Yeah, right. I’ll do that.

[door clanking]

[man 1] All right, locking down.

[man 2] Securing right.

[cords zipping]

[man screams]






[John] I wouldn’t.

[effort grunts]


[sharp grunt]

[soft clicking]

[optics trill and whish]

[Ackerson] This was recorded just over an hour ago.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t want to show it to you, but…

I didn’t know what else to do.

He’s alive.

[Ackerson] Seems so, yes.


We’re not exactly sure.

But I’m afraid the most likely explanation

isn’t one you or I want to hear.

Do you remember when I asked you about John’s interaction

with the Covenant agent?


You said that there was no reason

to question Master Chief’s loyalty.

I have to ask if you were being entirely truthful.

When we got back from Sanctuary…

he told me he saw Makee.

In the fog.

Before they glassed it.

But I didn’t think he really…

[Ackerson] It’s okay, Kai.

I understand.

You’re a good soldier.

And he’s the Chief.

Or was.

What does this all mean?

From what we can ascertain, it would seem

that John-117 maintained his connection

to the Covenant agent known as Makee.

And it appears now that they are working together.

No. No, they can’t.

Intelligence places Makee on Reach during the attack.

[Kai] No.

John escaped from Reach.

How did that happen?

I don’t know.

How did that happen, Kai, when everyone else…

[Kai] You’re wrong!

He’s here now.

On this planet. In this facility.

Why is he here? Why is he attacking UNSC soldiers?

I don’t know!


I don’t know!

If you have an explanation, I would love to hear it.

[dramatic music]

Now, I’m going to tell you something,

and this information is highly classified.

We know the Covenant attacked the Visegrad Relay

for a very specific objective:

to cover their assault on Sword Base,

where they captured one of the Artifacts.

Fortunately, we were able to exfiltrate the other Artifact

before the planet fell.

Where is it?

It’s here.

[dramatic music plays]

[Cortana] All civilizations learned

that the position of any object

can be determined relative to three points in the night sky.


I feel it here.

I suppose that’s as good a guess as any.

Do you mock me?

You do know what will become of me

if I can’t find…


And what do you suppose will become of you?

If you were to use the Artifact to project yourself

back to the Halo,

you could determine its location in the stars, the same way…

I can’t.

Can’t what?

Find it.

I try to go there in my mind.

I touch the Artifact and nothing happens.

I’m fallen.

I’m being punished. My gift is gone.

Perhaps we should consider rational possibilities.

Now you mock my pain.

You’ve seen the Halo before.

I have a record of it here.

[graphics trill and whish]

[soft sob]

[sobbing] Turn it off.

I thought it might be help…

I said turn it off.

I can’t go there without him.

[dramatic music rises]

Something changed.

I don’t know. Something between us…


I touch the Keystone now.

I look for him, all I see is the dark.

Perhaps I can help.

I would just need access to your ship’s transmission array.

Do you think me a fool?

I do not.

Then don’t ask me to trust you.

Can you afford not to?

[dramatic music playing]

[indistinct lively chatter]

[chatter continues]

[chatter continues]

[forceful exhalation]

[lively chatter continues]

[Kwan] You know, Spartans are the reason my mother’s dead.

Please, can we skip this part?

What part?

The part where I say how sorry I am

about some person that I’ve never met,

from some place that I’ve never been.

The part where you say how callous I am

for having said that.

Because the truth is,

this is all being played out on a much larger scale.

And when we get to the end of this tunnel,

you might actually understand.

This isn’t meant to be here.

This shouldn’t be here.

[Kwan] It’s a wall.

[Halsey] I know what it is.

But it shouldn’t be there.

The whole cave system has been changed.

[Kwan] Uh-huh.

[wind gusts]


This way.

[Halsey] What is it?

Just a feeling.

[doors whoosh]

[graphics trill and whish]

Load CIC secured zones.

[doors whoosh]


We lost Vannak.



[Kai] But not here.

You’re alone?

Am I?

I would have given anything to be there on Reach.

You know that.

But you weren’t.

I had orders.

From whom?


From Ackerson?

They’re responsible, Kai.

For Reach. For Vannak.

The Covenant’s responsible.

The Covenant didn’t take our armor.

The Covenant didn’t leave us down there to die.

What are you talking about?

I’m talking about the people who sent you down here.

To me. ONI.

They knew an attack was coming. They let the whole planet burn.

Who sent you?


Was it Makee?

She was on Sanctuary.

She was at Visegrad. She was at FLEETCOM.


Is she here now?

No matter what I say, you’re not gonna believe me.

I want to believe you.

That’s not enough.

Believing me means seeing them for what they are.

I gotta take you in, Chief.

I’m here for Parangosky.

You can take me in when I’m done with her.

I can’t let you do that.


I guess you have your orders.

That’s right.

That’s what it means to be a soldier.

You’re more than that.

[grunts and groans]

How long have we been together, Kai?

A long time.

And what’s that worth now?

[quiet thunk]

[mechanisms engage]

I guess not enough.

[Kai] I guess not.

[John grunts]

This only ends one way.

[John groaning]

There’s no use in fighting me.

Don’t worry.

I won’t.

[John grunts]

Vannak died…

the moment Halsey took him.

Everything was decided.

His life ended when he was 6.

So did mine.

So did yours.

We just didn’t know it.


[Kai] Stay down!


[John groans and laughs]

That’s it.

Don’t ask questions.

Don’t even think about what’s on the other side of the gun.

Just be their Spartan.

[bones crack, John groans]

[Kai] I know what I am.

What are you now?

Where does the Spartan end, Kai?

And where do you begin?

[violent groan]

[resounding impact]

This is over, John.

Where’s the girl I grew up with?



[Kai] Stop. Please.

Go ahead.

[Kai] I don’t want this.

I know.

An order’s an order.

[Kai grunts, inhales]

Do it.

[hesitant gasp]




[breathing heavily]

[dramatic crescendo]

[Ackerson sighs]

Don’t pretend you had a choice.

The attack on Reach was inevitable.

And he was becoming impossible to control.

Master Chief is gone.

But his memory, his legend,

will make a million more Spartans in his place.

And a million more is what we need to win.

This is your program now.

You made it.

This is what it costs.

I used to feel doubt.

I used to feel guilt.

And I suppose my concern…

Are you a religious man?

Not particularly, no.

Then I wouldn’t worry about it.

[footsteps depart]

[door opens forcefully]

Admiral, we’re receiving an encrypted transmission.

[Parangosky] Have you identified the source?

Unknown, ma’am. It’s not a UNSC frequency.

[man] Data wave outside our spectrum.

High volume. Tracking point of origin.

Ma’am, our communications may be compromised.

Give me the room.

[man] Ma’am?

Get out.

[dramatic music playing]

[John groans softly]

[electricity crackling]

[Cortana] Chief?

[voice echoing] Master Chief.

[Parangosky] Hello, Cortana.

[Cortana] Admiral.

Where are you?

[electricity crackling]

Where are you?

[Cortana] I’m right here.


[Cortana] Here.

[John] Cortana.

[Cortana] Yes, Master Chief?

You don’t look so good.

What did they do to you?

Nothing that I didn’t sign up for.

[Cortana] I need you to get up, Chief.

[affirmative grunt]

[soft groan]

[loud clatter]

They’re gone, Cortana.

They’re all gone.

[Cortana] But I’m here.


I’m here now.

Something terrible is about to happen.

[soft groan]

What do you want me to do about it?

You’re the Master Chief.

Not anymore.

The Covenant’s going to find the Halo, Chief.

They’re going to use it.

It is imperative that you get there first.

I’m with them now.

They’re almost there.

I’m with Makee.

[breathing heavily]


I’m with the one they call the Arbiter.

The one who… who killed Vannak.


Tell me how to find him.

You need to touch the Artifact.

They’re connected.

I don’t know where it is.

That’s why you have me.

[Cortana disappears] [John sighs]

[John] Cortana?


[door sensor chimes]

[doors whoosh]

[Cortana] I was able to gain access to the Covenant systems.

I’m transmitting location data now.

[graphics trill and whish]

When will the Covenant Fleet arrive at your location?


I believe this fulfills all of my mission parameters.

It does.

I imagine the UNSC will be able to attack

the Covenant Fleet now.

I thought you might be interested.

I’ve simulated the attack many times.

Even with the element of surprise,

the chances of success are…

Thank you, Cortana.

Will you be needing anything else from me?


Because I’m always happy to be useful.

You’ve done well. We’re in your debt.

What shall I do now?

As agreed, you’ll remain where you are with the Covenant

and provide information to us

until you’re no longer able to do so.

Is that clear?

Yes, Admiral.

Will I be…


How could we forget?

[Makee] Nothing can be undone.

Have no regret.

[distant tapping echoes]

[Halsey] Wait.

[Kwan] What’s wrong?

[Halsey gathers breath]

[distant voices speak]

[indistinct chatter]

[Kwan] Who are these people?

Halsey, stop.

[dramatic music playing]

[Miranda] Halsey.

[Halsey] Do you have any idea what you’re doing here?

[Miranda] Finishing what you couldn’t.

You gave them my research.

[scoffs] Did you really think

you were the only person worthy of saving humankind?

These people lack the ability or the expertise…

Yeah, your work has been very valuable to all of us.

Without your research, I never would have been able

to discover your mistake.

[dramatic music rises]

[music subsides]

[Laera] Soren, what is this place?



[Laera] Is that…?


[distant door opens forcefully]

[Soren] They’re coming.

[Laera] Who?

We should get out of here.

I don’t understand. Is Kessler here?


[Kai exhales]


[spring clicks]

[Ackerson] I shouldn’t have sent you down there.

I saw what happened with John.

It’s my fault.

Put it all on me.

The Javelin Team completed the sim today.

You see? I told you they would.

It was just a matter of time.

And after they planted the spike,

they got to the evac ship without a hitch.


Is it?

In my experience,

the only thing harder than getting on a Covenant ship

is getting off of one.

Did you manipulate the simulation?

The simulation performed perfectly, as did your Spartans.

You let them win.

Kai, this simulation doesn’t reflect reality.

It conditions soldiers.

I designed it to be difficult.

To push our recruits to their absolute limit.

And at that moment,

when death seems like the only outcome,

to reward them.

To give them hope.

Now you want to know if your Spartans have a chance.

And I am telling you that they do.

But only if they have belief.

And that is what you have given them.

You should be proud.

[powerful footsteps]

And what did you give the people on Reach?

What are you…

Initiate simulation 142-A, FLEETCOM defense.

[system whirrs]

What are you doing?

John said that you left him here for dead.

Without his armor.

You saw what he did to those soldiers.

You can’t trust him.

But I do.

I always have.

He said that you knew the Covenant were coming.

That you let the whole planet burn.

What happened on Reach was tragic.

And inevitable.

Sometimes events are beyond our control.

And in those moments…

it’s all we can do…

to save what we can.

[portentous music rises]

As I saved you.

End simulation.

You’re too late.

I’ve sent in the Black Ops to finish what you…

[suspenseful music playing]



[doors slam closed]

[woman] You can’t be in here!

[all shouting]

[system trills and whishes]

[doors whirr]

[guard 1] Stop!

[high-pitched ringing sound]


[guard 2] Hey, you! Stop! Last warning!

[doors close forcefully]


This is Research One, we have an intruder in Sublevel 4.

Repeat, intruder in Sublevel 4.

[John] How are you doing this?

[Cortana] I have a lot of capabilities. Did you forget?

No, I remember.

Are you gonna get that?


[system trills]

[digits clacking]

[doors whirr]

[dramatic music playing]

[Uto ‘Mdama grunts]

[speaking Sangheili]

[Uto ‘Mdama speaking Sangheili]



[Uto ‘Mdama]

[sword whooshes]




[swords slicing]

[dramatic music playing]

[end theme music playing]

[signature theme plays]

[signature theme plays]


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