Halo – S02E04 – Reach | Transcript

As the Covenant start their assault on Reach, John and Perez fight to join up with Fleetcom. Halsey and Soren form an unlikely alliance.
Halo - S02E04 - Reach

Season 2 Episode 4
Episode Title: Reach
Original release date: February 22, 2024

Plot summary: The Covenant invasion of Reach begins with John and Perez witnessing her family killed by plasma bombardment. Halsey and Soren are freed from their cell when security for the ONI detention level deactivates. They run into Cortana’s containment room and witness Makee capturing the AI’s data crystal. John and Perez run into Riz, Louis and his spouse Danilo on their way to FLEETCOM HQ. Danilo is killed in the fighting and Louis sacrifices himself to take out a Covenant Wraith tank attacking the group. The remaining survivors manage to reach FLEETCOM where Vannak reveals their Mjolnir armor was taken during Ackerson’s secret evacuation and Kai is missing. Admiral Keyes informs John of High Command’s intention to abandon Reach and the truth behind Cobalt Team’s status at the Visegrád Relay. Keyes leads Halsey and Soren to an evacuation shuttle where Perez is helping civilians board. The hangar comes under attack and Keyes sacrifices himself to allow the shuttle to escape. Silver Team is ambushed by Covenant forces including The Arbiter and Makee orders him to spare a wounded John’s life. Vannak is impaled by a needler shard while attempting to kill the Arbiter, and dies watching one of the birds he’s been feeding as a secret hobby soar in the sky.

* * *

[voices speaking Sangheili]

[Sangheili speech continues]

[heavy, metallic thud]

This is the recording from Sanctuary.

[John] What is it?

[Perez] A prayer.

[woman] Stand down!

[John] Where is COBALT Team?

[Perez] “I bring you blessings, people of Reach.”

John-117 is relieved from active duty, and will be confined to barracks till such time as he clears a psychiatric evaluation.

They changed it!

[Perez] “Know that I have come without mercy.”

Do you have concerns about John’s mental state?

All of my simulations return the same result, regardless of any action taken.

So there’s nothing to be done.

[Perez] “Without pity.”

[Ackerson] The Covenant element hit COBALT Team days ago.

We can assume the Covenant Fleet isn’t far behind.

We’re not gonna fight.

We’re going to fight.

We’re just not going to win.

Essential assets are being

transported off the planet as we speak.

Can I count on you?

[Perez] “Know that I am the instrument of your extinction.”

I need to speak with Corporal Perez.

[Perez] “I bring this planet forth” as a burnt offering.


Upon this altar,

“I place the head of the Demon.”

[Riz] You said there were other ways to live.

[Louis-036] That’s right.

Like what?

[Perez] “And consecrate the Great Journey of my people.”

Know that I am Var ‘Gatanai.

“Know that I am Death.”

They’re already here.

Aren’t they?

[rumbling, explosion]


Got a little late-night supper here.

Hello, Benny. Uh, Jenny.

Hello, Lenny.



Whoa, whoa, whoa. Settle down. What’s up with you guys?

There’s enough for everyone.


[indistinct shouting]

[Perez] Go inside! Go inside!

This way.

I need to get home!



[indistinct shouting]

[John] Perez!

I need to see my family.

No, come on.

[Perez grunting]

I need to get to my family!


Corporal! They’re gone.

Let me go! I need to see my family!

[artillery fire]


Come on! Come on! This way! Come on!

[screams and explosions]

[explosions and gunfire]

[opening theme plays]

[low rumble; Cup rattling]

Don’t try to tell me you didn’t feel that one.

[indefinite rumble above]

Something’s going on out there.

You’re aware there’s a war?

In the outer colonies.

Well, that’s the thing about war.

It never stays where you put it.

[distant rumbling]

It is good to see you, Soren.

To know you’re still alive.

I don’t know what to say.

Well, that’s unlike you.

How would you know?

I’ve played this over in my head a thousand times.

What to say.

How to say it.

What I would do if I were ever in the same room with you again.


You’re smaller than I remember.

[artillery explosions rumble]


[Soren] There’s your upside.

The field perimeter may still be charged.

It’s more than enough to kill you, Soren!

See you around.

[Perez] What about these people?

We have to tell them.

[John] No time.

[soft sobs]

Focus on the mission.

Stay alert. Do your job.

Those weren’t Marines, okay?

This was my family! My friends!

There’s no training for this.

Do you get it?

Do you?

I need to get back to FLEETCOM.

Find my gear.

Link up with the defensive force.

You don’t have to come.

[indistinct PA announcement]

[breathing heavily]

[indistinct chatter]

Keep moving.

We need to get out of here.


They’re coming. You need to get out of here.

You need to get out of here! It’s not safe!

You gotta leave, come on! You need to get out of here!

You need to get out of here.



They need to know. They need…


[indistinct shouting]



[window smashes]



[metal clatters]

[both grunt]

[Perez yells]


[Perez] Chief!

[civilians screaming and shouting]

[John] This way! Come on!

[alarm beeping]

If you want to get out, it’s this way.

I know this place. Trust me.

That’s not gonna happen.

Suit yourself.


[artillery fire]

[distant screaming]



Come on!

In here.

[door closes]

[whispers] Are they coming?


[deep voices speaking indistinctly]


You relax.

I watch you.

All that plasma flying.

Death all around you and you never…

When I was a kid, there was this woman.

She flipped a coin.

She dared me to call it, and I did.


Eleven times in a row.



But I wasn’t guessing.

I knew.

It’s always been like that.

Every time I go into battle, I know I can lose somebody.

I know it’s not gonna be me.

Must be nice.

Not really.

[glass shatters]



[Perez gasps]

[Perez] Shit.

Oh. Please be careful with that.

[John] Ma’am?

That axe is over 600 years old.

Someone on Earth cut trees with it.

Used the wood for fuel.

You. Big man.

That typewriter.

It’s too heavy for me.

Ma’am, the city’s under attack.

You don’t say.

Well, be useful. The typewriter, up there.

You need to get out of here.

[Jade] This is my shop.

Same place for 40 years, give or take.

Look, top shelf, please.

[John] The corporal’s right, ma’am.

This location is not secure.

We’re on our way to FLEETCOM. We can take you with us.

And who’ll look after all my stuff?

Ma’am, all of this doesn’t matter.

That’s an Underwood standard portable.

Twentieth century.

Hartford, Connecticut.

That’s Earth, dear.

It’s seen six wars.

Fought communism, fascism, all the isms in between.

And it survived.

Now, if that doesn’t matter…

The Covenant is on the way, ma’am.

People nowadays talk like nothing matters.

Who are we?

If nothing matters, then we don’t matter.

Ma’am, they’re gonna glass the planet.

Nothing will survive. You will not survive.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

Ma’am, do you understand?

She understands.


[artillery explosions]

[dirt sifts]

[door closes]

What is this? Your secret dungeon?

Incarceration is a secondary purpose.

It’s principally an experimentation and interrogation site.

ONI access only.

[sighs] So, like a dungeon.

[muffled explosion]

They’re getting closer.

Tell me, what’s Kessler like?

How old is he? He must be 9 or 10?

I bet he worships you.


When you were that age, you were always trying to slip away.

Climbing, tunneling.

I don’t want to talk to you about my son.

[Halsey] Well, that’s what parents talk about, or so I’m told.

You had a child.

So, naturally, I’m curious to know how much of you has found its way into him.

My interest is purely scientific.


Do you even know where we’re headed?

Yes, of course I do.

I remember you were the most driven.

The others had to be recruited.


But you wanted it.

Right from the very first time I saw you.

You wanted to be a Spartan.

I was 6.

Yes, you were 6.

And you already knew your purpose.

So did I.

You were a born warrior.

Even after your accident, you…

My what?

Your arm.

It was very difficult to let you go.

Let me go?

I escaped you.

I survived you.

I made a life in spite of you.


I suppose that’s as good a story as any.

[softly] Oh, shit.



They’re here.

Take this.

And try not to shoot me in the back.

No promises.

[machine-gun fire]

Stay low!

[man] Go, go, go!

[man screams]

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Oh, my God.

[John] They’re evacuating people from FLEETCOM.

We’re no good here.

Go, go, go, go!

[man] Hey!


[man screams]


I hope you don’t mind, we got started without you!

I need a weapon!

Help yourself.

You good?

I am now.

Trying to get to FLEETCOM.

Ran into about 20 Elites. They just keep coming.

Any contact with the other units?

No, they took out the comms first.

[Louis-036] I hear you.

Keep making that noise. I’ll find your ass.

We gotta move!

Any idea how we’re gonna get around this Covenant position?

We’re not going around.

All right. Give me five Marines.

The rest of you are gonna lay down cover fire while we traverse to the defilade by the bridgehead.

[Marines] Yes, ma’am!

Once we get inside, everybody else fall back!

[man] To where, sir?

Wherever you’re needed. Just not here.

[man] Yes, sir!

What do you think you’re doing?

I’m going with you.

No, Louis, you’re not.

I don’t need your permission.

I’m coming too. I can help with the wounded.

Okay, let’s go.

Hey, you ready?

On your go.

Cover fire! Ready? Go!

[Marine 1] You and you with me!

[Marine 2] We got him!

Go! Go! Go!

[Riz] Come on! Keep moving!

Three o’clock!

[indistinct shouting]

[Danilo] Louis!

[Riz] Louis!

[Louis-036] Stay low! Move!

[John] Move! Go! Go, go, go!


[artillery explosions]

Moving! Let’s go!

[all yell]

[roaring and snarling]

[Riz] Contact rear!

[John] Reloading!

[Riz] Covering.


Frag out!

[man screams]

[John] This way!

On me!

Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

[distant shouting and gunfire]

[pin clicks]

[grenade clatters]




We gotta move. Let’s go!

We’re good.

Where’s Danilo?

Where’s Danilo?

Riz! Where’s Danilo?


He’s not coming.

[John] Wraith!

[Perez] Wraith!

[John] Get some cover fire!

[Louis-036] Come on!

[Riz] Louis!

[Louis-036] You want this?

[John] Gotta move!

You’d better go.

Come with me.


I’m right where I need to be.

[John] Go! Go! Go!

I’m right here!

[Riz] Louis!

[Louis-036]Come on!

I got something for you!

No! Louis!

[impact grunt]


We gotta go.

[Soren] What the hell is this place?

[Halsey] We’re not the only prisoners here.

[Soren] I thought you said you knew a way out of here.

[Halsey] Cortana?

Dr. Halsey.



[ominous music]

[Soren] Get back!

[Halsey screams]


[grenade clatters]


[indistinct chatter]

[muffled screams]

Riz, get suited up.


Let’s go.

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

Is that it?

Are you just gonna go off to fight

without saying anything?

Okay, well… thanks.


For luck.


Sorry to ruin your day off, Chief.

[chuckles] Well, I’m happy to see you.

I’ve been clearing out the lower levels.

Few of those cloaked Elites snuck in before the barricades went up.

I’m almost sick of killing aliens.


Hey, Riz, you all right?

Where’s Kai?

I was gonna ask the same thing. She must still be out there.

Well, if I know Kai, she went hunting.

We should do the same.

We’re just going to get suited up.

The armor’s gone, chief.

What did you say?

[Vannak] Our suits. The armor.

It’s not there.

Son of a bitch.

Where’s Ackerson?

[Vannak] I don’t know.

Command bugged out.

They took high-ranking personnel.

Valuable assets.

They took our suits.

Chief, what the hell’s going on?

Who’s in command?

Get us more kit.

[Vannak] Roger that.

[indistinct chatter]

Reduce rate of the salvos, buy us a little more time.

Copy that, sir.

[John] Admiral.

I want as many of those bastards on the bridge as possible before you blow it.

I’m on it, sir.

They took our suits.

You know, part of me was hoping that you were dead, so I wouldn’t have to listen to this “I told you so.”

No such luck, sir.

Sorry, John.

You were right.

Cobalt was KIA at Visegrad.

I saw the bodies myself.

They never knew what hit them.

Two of their weapons had full mags.

Didn’t get a shot off.

When Visegrad went down, it left a blind spot.

There’s no way of knowing how many Covenant landed.

It’s a ground game for now.

They’re hitting the power stations.

We’re defending the ones that we can, but without them…

MAC-array goes down.

That’s right.

No more orbital defense.

The Covenant fleet can move into range.

Then the glassing begins.

That’s about the size of it.

Tyrell, Scorpion in the east hangar.

Let’s get it on the bridge.

[Tyrell] Yes, sir.

What about our fleet? Where are they?

I believe the determination was made to preserve our most essential military assets.


Just let Reach fall?

They knew this was gonna happen.

They saw it coming, they did the math.


I don’t know. The powers that be.

The Admiralty. The ONI. Take your pick.



Doesn’t change the situation here.

Let me be clear John.

I don’t give a shit about their calculations.

I’m gonna make the Covenant pay for every inch of this planet.

Our mission now is to evacuate as many people as we can.

Where do you want me, sir?

We’re creating a choke point.

We’re outnumbered, but if we can concentrate our forces…

I get it, sir.


[soft groan]

My ears.

[Soren] Grenades will do that.

Can I have my hand back?

What do you mean, you let me go?

Do you have any idea what just happened in there?

Our enemy is in possession of Cortana.

What did you mean?

I saw your potential.

Your strength, your focus.

They all looked to you.

John looked to you.

After your augmentation failed, I needed him to look to himself.


No, that’s not what happened.

Why do you think there was no one guarding the ships the night you ran away?

[explosion and gunshots]

We need to get up there now!

[grim music plays]

[indistinct shouting]


[medic] Hey!

Help me with that one!

[Perez] What do I do?

We’ve got to get these people out of here.

Transports are leaving from the upper hangar.

[woman] Right this way.

This way.

It’s okay.

I got you.

[man] Clear the way! Coming through! Coming through!

Clear the way!

[indistinct PA announcement]


What are your orders, sir?

Hold my hat.


Attention all on deck!

Bring it in.

[Marine] Front and center! Double time!

Move it!

You know what I see?

I see some hard-ass Marines.

What I do not see is doubt.

I do not see defeat in this room.

And I do not see surrender.

[all] No, sir!

[Keyes] When I look at your faces,

I see the very best of who we are as a people.

You fought with courage. You fought with heart.

You fought with love

for your brothers and sisters in arms.

There’s nothing left for any one of you to prove.

You’re the finest Marines I’ve ever seen.

And you deserve the truth.

The enemy is at our gates.

Their numbers are overwhelming.

We will not be able to hold them back forever.

Any Marine who makes this stand with us will not survive the day.

But you will not make that stand alone.



It is my honor to introduce to you John-117.

You know him as Master Chief.


Today, he needs no armor.

Today, all he needs is the warrior inside of him.

And it’s the same warrior that’s in each of you.

The one that is willing to lay down your life for your home.

For every moment that we hold the enemy at bay, more innocent people can escape on the transports.

And when they do, they will go forth and tell the story that you write today.

You will be remembered as the brave women and men who laid down their lives so that one day our children may live without fear of this monster we call war.

Now, show those scaly bastards they fucked with the wrong planet!


[sergeant] Fall out!

Take your positions!

[officer] Fall out! Formation!

[Marine] Semper fi!

[Keyes] I am glad you’re here.

Yes, sir.

No, John.

It matters.

[sergeant] Your comms, sir.

Comms, Admiral.

What are you doing?

What does it look like I’m doing?

Stripes don’t mean shit today.

Get me my gun.

[John] No, sir.

We can’t afford to lose you. This won’t be the end.

There’s more fight to come after this.

We’re gonna need good people like you to lead us.

John, I’m still giving the orders here.

[John] And we need you to keep giving the orders, or else it’s gonna be people like Ackerson.

Now please, get those civilians out of here.

What about you?

I’m where I’m supposed to be.

[soft chuckle]

Make it count.

You bet your ass, sir.

Get this ammo evenly distributed.

[shouting and gunfire]

Right here, guys.

[Marine 1] Yes, sir.

[Marine 2] Lock and load!

[John] Tyrell.

Got your fire team set?

Roger that, Master Chief.

Fire team!

All right, then.

[Tyrell] Maintain your sectional fire!


[indistinct radio chatter]

[John] Guns are out.

[Marine] Somebody get me vis on that bridgehead!

[Vannak] Here they come.

Hello, Jacob.




I hate to interrupt whatever the hell this is, but could either of you point me in the quickest way off this hellhole?

There’s a civilian transport leaving from the upper hangar.

[Soren] I’m a civilian.

You’re a pirate.

Small business owner.

[distant gunfire]

[Vannak] Where the hell are they?

Scorpion-Three X-Ray, this is Silver-One.

[man, over radio] Go ahead, Silver. Over.

Give me one round of white phos on that bridgehead, over.

Copy. One round, Willy Pete.

Sending it. Over.

That’ll wake ’em up.



Oh, shit. Light ’em up!

Is Miranda here?

No. Thank God.

Where is she?

Sorry, I can’t say.

Get a room.

What exactly are you doing with this person?

Three minutes ago, I was a pirate.

I’m making progress.

They have Cortana.

The Covenant?

[Halsey] I saw them take her.

A Sangheili and Makee.

[Marines shouting indistinctly]

Makee’s dead.

Apparently not.

Corporal, get these people on this ship.

Trying, sir. Come on, come on, come on.

Come on! Every second counts!

Come on, come on. Faster! Come on, come on, guys!

Come on, come on, come on.

Is this the last shuttle?

Hear that?

Hear what?

What is that?

What are you doing?

[dramatic music rises, subsides]

[all yelling]


[Perez] Move out!


[Marines shouting]

[Keyes, over radio] This is Admiral Keyes.

Upper hangar is under attack

from multiple Covenant units, over.

That transport’s full of civilians.

We’ll buy you some time.

Cover on the way.

Move it!

Move it!

Move it!

Fire team in the middle!

[Marine] Come on, Marines! You got this!

[shouting voice cries out]


I’ll take that.

[indistinct shouting]

Civilians are all on board, sir.



Where are you going?

I’ll be back.

Can you fly this thing?

Not without you on it, sir.

[Keyes] I’ll be back!

[Marines shouting]

[Jackal snarling]

[growls and roars]

[speaking Sangheili]


[gas hissing]


We have to help him.

No. We can’t.

[Halsey] Wait!

[Keyes, over comm] Corporal Perez?

Yes, sir?

Punch it.

I can’t do that, sir.


You can.


[Halsey] No! Let me go!


Get off of me!

[dramatic music]

[inhales deeply]

Got a light?


[Halsey] Get out of my way!

[all scream]

[dramatic music]

[ship engine revving]

[man groans]

[Marine 1] I’m up.

[Marine 2] Form up!

[dramatic music]

[Halsey] Oh!


[soft sobs]

[cries softly]


[indistinct shouts]



[Marine shouting indistinctly]

[strained screams]


[both yelling]

[Jackals roaring]


Friend of yours?

[dramatic music]

[speaking Sangheili]


[John grunts]

[Vannak] Riz!




[weapon powers down]


[rasping growl]

[Makee, in Sangheili] Stop.

Not yet.




[low-key dramatic music]

[no audio]

[tragic music plays]

[somber music plays]


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