Griselda – S01E06 – Adios, Miami | Transcript

In "Griselda's" finale, Griselda's empire crumbles, facing betrayal, loss, and tragedy, culminating in her arrest and her sons' deaths, ending in her demise
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Episode Title: Adios, Miami
Series: Griselda
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Original release date: January 25, 2024

Episode plot summary: In the finale of “Griselda,” titled “Adios, Miami,” Sofia Vergara delivers a compelling performance as Griselda Blanco. The episode sees Griselda’s world unraveling: she’s losing against CENTAC, facing attacks from other narcos, and dealing with family turmoil, especially when Dario makes a drastic decision involving their son. Amidst this chaos, June pressures Carmen for information on Griselda’s crimes, but Carmen stays silent. A tragic turn occurs when Marta overdoses, leading Griselda and Rivi to hastily cover it up as a robbery. Griselda then murders Dario after he kidnaps their son and flees with her family to California. In a desperate move, she surrenders to the police to evade Rafa’s wrath, and Rivi is arrested and turns informant. Dario is killed during a rescue attempt of their son. The episode reveals Rivi’s illicit communications with a prosecutor’s secretary, leading to further complications for Griselda. The series concludes with an intertitle summarizing Blanco’s life after prison, including her 2012 assassination, and the tragic fate of her sons, highlighting her ultimate downfall.

* * *

[lighter flicking]

[“Na Na” playing]

[inhales deeply]

♪ Na na na na na na ♪

[exhales softly]

♪ Na na na na na na ♪


♪ Na na na na na na ♪

♪ Na na na na na na ♪

[breathes deeply]

[in Spanish] I fucked up, Marta.

[in English] ♪ Hey everybody Here’s a song to sing ♪

[in Spanish] I fucked up really bad. I killed that boy.


I can’t stop thinking about it.


Just clear your mind.




There it is, my love.



Do you know how fucking extraordinary you are?

None of these assholes appreciate you.

Not Rafa, none of them.

[in English] ♪ All the people tell me They’ve just had enough ♪

♪ I’ll tell you all the answer ♪

♪ We just got to love each other… ♪

[in Spanish] Of course my cousin’s not happy.

And Rafa wants him to have you killed.

But don’t pay any attention to that.


[Griselda whimpers]

Marta, listen.

Maybe you can talk to them for me?

Tell Fabio that you’re sorry?


Okay, what should I say?

I know. [shushes]

I’ll tell him that you’re sorry

and it will never happen again.

Should I tell him?

Yes. And you’re also going to tell him

that I’m better than all those gringo motherfuckers.

That I’m the only one that knows how to get the job done.



I don’t know.


I don’t know.

I’ll make you my partner.

Holy fuck!

[both chuckle]

[screaming excitedly] Partners?! Are you serious?

We’ll be like Greek goddesses of coke.


Greek fucking goddesses of coke!

Marta Ochoa.

And Griselda Blanco! Holy fuck. [laughs]


Listen to me… Go tell all those assholes.

Tell them who’s running things now.


Listen up, motherfuckers.

That’s it.

Know that in this town, the ones in charge…



…are us!



Everything is going to be fine.

And everything will go back to normal.

Huh? [sighs]

[yells] Marta!


[tense music playing]







Oh! Marta!


[glass shatters]

[foreboding music playing]

What happened?

Follow me.

What the fuck?

What happened?

I don’t know.

It was an accident.

An overdose.

Fabio and Rafa may not see it that way.

I’ll just explain it to them.

No! It may be more complicated than that.

After the party, all the shit that went down,

I had one of my guys follow Carmen, and you know what?

She went directly to CENTAC.



After everything I did for her.

Well, you did try to kill her.

Cops hit the bank, paper trail led them to the other stash houses. Understand?

All my money.

Yes, your money.

Chucho’s son, Marta, Carmen.

You’re done with the Ochoas, Griselda.

[breathing heavily]

Did you hear me?

[yelling] Motherfucker!

Wait. Wait!

Everything I’ve worked for, it’s gone!


Lost everything ’cause of this bitch.

Stop! Listen to me.


Nothing’s ever over.


There’s always something new.




Let’s dump the body and make them think she and I skipped town together.

Huh? Let’s leave Miami. Help me clean this shit up.

[Griselda’s breath trembling]

[door handle clicks]

Rivi, come see this!

[suspenseful music playing]

[Griselda sighs]

[Rivi] Beautiful.

[Griselda] The bitch was always complaining she didn’t have enough coke.

Rich people.

[Griselda sighs]

I think the universe is telling you something.

What if we take the coke with her body?

Rafa’ll think Marta ran off with it.

[chuckles softly] Hmm.


[Rivi] Are these the last ones?


I’ll bring the car closer so we can place the body in there. Wait for me here.

[vehicle approaches]

[brakes squeal]

Someone’s here.

Fuck, my car.


[suspenseful music playing]

[Rivi sniffles]

Come on.

Marta, I brought you McDonald’s.

[music intensifies]


[whispering] He’s gone. Let’s go.

What’s going on?

We have to leave, now.

Now what? You did something else?

Listen. I’m in trouble.

People are after me. But I have a lot of product.

We can go to another city and start from scratch.

Name one where the cartel won’t find us.

[telephone ringing]

[phone beeps]



Now, give it to me.


Where the fuck are you?

We have to get out of here.

[Dario] Griselda.

Carmen talked to CENTAC and the Ochoas are after me–

Griselda. I don’t care what’s happened. I’m not coming.

What are you talking about?

You forgot what you said to me at the party?

I was high.

I’ve given this a lot of thought.

[indistinct announcement over PA system]

I can’t keep doing this anymore, Griselda.

It’s over.

What do you mean?

[ominous music playing]

No, Dario.

Where’s Michael?

He’s safe.

He’s with me.

Where are you taking him?

You know I’m not telling you that.

Listen, Dario. You bring Michael here right now.

If not, I’m going to hunt you down

and rip off that pretty little face of yours.

Do you hear yourself?

That’s exactly why I left Miami and I’m never coming the fuck back.

Listen, you worthless piece of shit!

You were nothing before I met you, a fucking bodyguard!

I gave you money, I gave you a son, and now you’re taking him away from me?!

No. I’m saving him from you.

[woman over PA system] May I have your attention, please…

Come on, son.

…to announce the arrival of flight 700.


[tense music playing]

[keys jangle]


[in English] We were just going over everything you told us so far.

We’re putting everything together for Griselda’s arrest.

You get anything on Rivi or Dario?

What’ll happen if you do get her for murder, Detective Hawkins?

She goes to jail for a very long time.

Or the death penalty, right?

That’s up to the DA.

[knock on door]

[Al] How we doing?

Carmen over here is feeling a little uneasy about giving up more on her friend.

I don’t know anything about the murders.

Three years you’ve been by her side, Carmen.

You expect us to believe that?

[June] That little boy that she killed,

he was two years old.

Johnny Castro.

What if you don’t say anything and it happens again?


You know what?

I want out of all of this.

And if you’re smart, you’ll stop too.

Get her on the fucking drugs and put me somewhere safe.

[pensive music playing]

[door opens]

[door closes]

[birds squawking]

[man] Rafa.

[Rafa in Spanish] Anything?

[man sighs]

They took all their shit.

Probably left town.

I would if I killed an Ochoa.

Did you see how they left her?

I found her in the fucking jacuzzi boiling like a piece of meat.

Fucking waste. With so much life in front of her.

That bitch’s gonna sell that coke,

and I wanna know the second it hits the street.

[tense music playing]


There’s a million dollars for whoever tells me first.

[Hiram] Come on.

[“La Zenaida” playing]

[song continues over car radio]

[song stops]

[airplane flying overhead]

[distant siren wailing]

You okay?

I just asked you to teach him a lesson.

[car door closes]

And you kill his kid?

It was an accident. I sent Rivi to scare him, and–

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Uber was right.

You’re a liar.

[Griselda] Dixon.

Rivi’s going to sell the coke here, in stages, so we don’t alert the Ochoas.

Then we’ll have enough money to go live somewhere nobody can find us.

Not the cops. Not the Ochoas. No one.

What about Dario and Michael?

I have an idea where they are.

I’m going to do my best to convince them to join us, but if they can’t, so be it.



You’re right.

I haven’t always been honest with you.

But I want to change that right now.

There’s something I meant to give you

after Dario’s party, but…

[chuckles softly]

I had these made from my necklace.

So we can each wear one and feel close.


[solemn music playing]



I have one too.

And one for Michael.

Thank you, Mom.

[dramatic emotional music playing]

[boys shouting indistinctly]



[in English] Hello?

[Griselda] Carolina.

[in Spanish] It’s Griselda.

Can I please speak with Dario?

I told you, Griselda. Dario’s not here.

I know he’s there.

Please tell Michael I love him.

Please, stop calling.

[man speaking Spanish on TV]

[inhales deeply]


[in English] Hey.

[in Spanish] You okay?

Dario doesn’t want to talk to me.

[Rivi sighs]

This will make you feel better.

[intriguing music playing]

I sold the first batch.

[Griselda] I have a plan.


[foreboding music playing]


Son of a bitch.


[Hiram] Rafa.

You okay?


What do you want?

Got word she sold some of the coke out in Los Angeles.



Los Angeles?

Yes, sir. She’s in a motel in Long Beach.

Then let’s go to fucking Los Angeles.

Let’s go to Los Angeles.

[ominous music playing]

[pager beeping]

[line ringing]

[man] Hello.

It’s me.

Rafa is in LA. He’s on his way to the motel.

You better fucking move.

[in English] A roll of quarters, please.

Are you a customer?


We’re only allowed to give change to bank customers.

Give me a roll of quarters, please. I need to make a very important call.

I’m sorry, I can’t.

Next, please.

Look, do we have a problem?

[tense music playing]


Give me a roll of fucking quarters. Eh?

Thank you.


[telephone ringing]

[in Spanish] Keep playing.

[Ozzy and Uber laughing]


Griselda, Rafa’s on his way there.


You know what to do.


I know the boys are there, so just listen.

I have this feeling that in a past life, you and I were lovers. [chuckles]


[solemn music playing]

Goodbye, Rivi.


Griselda Blanco.


That was Rivi.

He wants us to meet him for dinner, but I’m tired.

Why don’t you take a cab?


[Dixon chuckles]

[Ozzy speaks indistinctly]

Later, later.

You don’t want to come?

No, I want to try Dario again,

he might pick up.

[emotional music playing]

Bye, Mom.



Come here. [chuckles]

[door opens]

[engines revving]

[tense music playing]

Are we almost at the motel?

[man] Yes, sir.

[engine revs]

[desolate instrumental music playing]

[tires screeching]

[helicopter hovering]

[car door closes]

Griselda Blanco?

[in English] You’re under arrest.

Put your hands behind your back.

[police siren wailing]

[handcuffs clicking]

[dramatic orchestral music playing]

[in Spanish] Bitch called the cops on herself.

[groans in anger]


[in English] It was a play, Al. This whole fucking thing.

She knows all we’ve got on her are these bullshit drug charges.

She’ll do five years with good behavior,

protected from the cartel, and she’ll walk out clean.


No, she’s not getting away with this.


I think she already did.

[man] As for these charges against Ms. Blanco,

two counts of felony possession with intent to distribute,

Ms. Blanco is willing to plead guilty.

But as you know, the entire Medellín cartel wants her head.

If you hadn’t shown up when you did, she would be dead.

So, in exchange for her plea,

we’re asking that you place her in protective custody at all times.

Let me run it up the chain.

[sighing] But it sounds reasonable.

[indistinct chatter]

[Griselda exhales]

I have something for you.

[briefcase unlocking]

I’ll let you know when the deal comes through.



[solemn music plays]

[clock ticking]

She is in jail.

What are you getting at?

Just that putting her there is our job.

Maybe we just call it a day, huh?

And let her win?

Al, every day, I come home

and I sit on that fucking couch in front of that TV,

trying to calm down, thinking of ways to stop this woman.



All right.


Try to get some sleep.

Al. Wait.

[pensive music playing]

She’s still a mother, Al.

She wouldn’t leave without someone else to protect her kids.


What are you thinking?

Her youngest, Ozzy.

He isn’t an adult yet.

Means that we could put an APB on him for kidnapping,

which puts Rivi in the federal system

and moves him to the top of every pile nationwide.

So if he gets so much as a parking ticket–

We’ll know right where he is.

And if we get Rivi, we could still get her for the murders, Al.

[canned laughter on TV]

[woman on TV] Come on in the house, dear,

before the neighbors see you.

[Rivi laughs]

[man 1 on TV] Come here. Quick. Take a look at–

[man 2] Oh, hi, Dave.

[pager beeping]

[man 1] Holy smoke. How did that happen?

[man 2] Apparently, you folks don’t approve of my new hairstyle.

[man 1] Why did you do it?

[in Spanish] Uber. Stir this for me. I gotta go make a call.

[chuckling] I thought we weren’t calling anyone.

We aren’t calling our fucking girlfriends.

You hear me?

[keys jangle]

This is business.

[sitcom continues indistinctly on TV]

So what?

Now we go from motel to motel with that psycho?

Gotta stick to the plan.

Well, I can’t eat any more of this shit.

[Dixon sighs]

They got nothing real on Mom.

That is the point.

This is how we keep it that way.

[anchorman in English] We interrupt this program to bring you–

[in Spanish] Hey. Look. That’s me.

[anchorman in English] The police are asking for your help

in finding a kidnapped ten-year-old boy

and the man who police claimed took him.

Osvaldo Blanco is believed to be traveling with this man, Rivi Ayala.

Ayala is alleged to have robbed a bank in Los Angeles a few days ago

and is to be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information about Ayala’s whereabouts is being advised…

[tense music playing]

[door alarm buzzes]

[metal door slams]

[indistinct police radio chatter]

[DEA agent clears throat]

The DA signed my deal?

Something came up.

Come with me.

Take a look.

[tense music playing]


[clicks tongue] Rivi is a hard man to find.

A security cam caught him robbing a bank a few days ago.

And the teller said that it was for a roll of quarters to make a call.

Can you believe that?

It’s a good thing the teller had the peace of mind to get the plates.

So, when Miami PD put out an APB, I got a hit.

And, hell, they’ll find you anywhere

if they think you’ve got someone’s kid.

Even yours.

Miami PD can place him at the Castro boy’s murder

along with a couple of others so we offered him a deal.

Tell us everything about you…

or face the death penalty.

What do you think your boy chose?

[door opens]

[door closes]


[in Spanish] My boys.

They’re fine.

On their way to Chicago with everything they need.

Thought we were lovers in a past life.

Doesn’t mean I’m dying for you in this one.

[Rivi laughs]

[in English] Miami PD is taking you back.

You’re all theirs now.

[indistinct police radio chatter]

Ms. Blanco. I’m Detective Hawkins. This is Detective Singleton.

Let’s get you back to Miami, shall we? I know you miss it.

[helicopter hovering]

[slow dramatic music playing]

[officer over radio] ETA, 45 minutes to LAX.

[sirens wailing]

[June] Going to jail to save yourself from the cartel.

It was clever.

I did it for my sons.

Yeah, I’m sure you’re mother of the year.

It bothers you, doesn’t it?

After you beat all those men, some bitch caught you.

You’ve thought about me a lot, haven’t you?

About catching me.

About how it will give meaning to your shitty, little life.

I haven’t thought about you once.

This is my job, Ms. Blanco.

Nothing more.

You should know the DA is gonna pursue the death penalty for you,

for what you’ve done.

[intense music playing]

[echoing] Ms. Blanco.

[normally] Hey, you hear me?


[Griselda] I’m gonna be sick.

Stop the car.


Stop the fucking car.


Stop the car.

[tires screech]

[coughs, spits]


[pensive music playing]


Let’s get them back in the cars. Get back in the car.

[helicopter hovering]

Everybody get back in the car.

[“Jericho” playing]

♪ Whoa, Joshua fit the battle of Jericho ♪

♪ Jericho… ♪

Let’s go.

[engine starts]

[sirens wailing]

♪ The walls come tumblin’ down Well, well, well ♪

♪ Joshua fit the battle of Jericho ♪

♪ Jericho, Jericho ♪

♪ Joshua fit the battle of Jericho ♪

♪ And the walls come tumblin’ down ♪

♪ You may talk about Your bonds of Gideon ♪

♪ Talk about your men of woe ♪

♪ But there’re none like good old Joshua ♪

♪ On the walls of Jericho Well, well, well ♪

♪ Joshua fit the battle of Jericho ♪

♪ Jericho, well, Jericho ♪

♪ Joshua fit the battle of Jericho ♪

♪ Y’know, the walls come tumblin’ down Well, well, well, ♪

♪ Good ol’ good ol’ Jericho… ♪

[Rivi] That’s correct.

And Griselda Blanco ordered you to kill those people?


She did.

[attorney] Okay.

[DA] Let’s go back to the moment

when she ordered you to kill Chucho Castro.

I lick your lips.

[breathing heavily] And then I take your beautiful breast

in my mouth.

[woman moaning]

[Rivi] I run my tongue around your nipple.

[woman moaning]



And again.

And then, I’ll slip inside you…

[woman continues moaning]

…and fuck you…

Oh, my God. I love your accent.



Do you feel me now?

[breathing heavily] I feel you. Yes.

I give you a little bit more.


More. More. A little harder. Harder.

And harder.



Oh, my fucking God, Janice.

What is going on here?

[line buzzing]

[sighs in satisfaction]

[indistinct chatter]

[man] You’re not gonna believe this.

So, Rivi was having phone sex with the DA’s assistant.


I know.

He’s their star witness.

And they made this woman his handler so he could call her whenever he wanted.

One thing leads to another, these two start having phone sex.

She doesn’t even realize they’re being recorded.

And it’s about to go public.

Which means Rivi is no longer a strong witness against you.

I have no idea what he was thinking, but, Griselda,

he just imploded their entire case.

[intriguing music playing]


[sighs] Rodney. What did they offer?

Eight years.

Tell them I’m doing seven.

You got it.

Oh, and, uh, I have a message for you.

From Rivi.

[in Spanish] “You’re welcome.”

[chuckles softly]

[“Have Love, Will Travel” playing]

[June in English] A fucking phone sex scandal.

After all that, we lose because some secretary got bored with her husband.

Gotta hand it to Rivi. Makes her whole case, then blows it up.

Yeah, fucking men.

Hey, don’t throw me in with Rivi Ayala just because we both piss standing up.


Look. Hey, June, I get it.

Probably be thinking about this case for a long time.

But seven years? Better than nothing.

After all the people that she murdered?

Throw in six years for her drug plea, she’s in for 13 years.

Our job is to catch them, and we did that.

For a long time, Griselda Blanco can’t do shit to anyone.


Well, I’m sure she’ll find a way.

[in Spanish] Here you go.

Oh, your napkin. Your napkin.

[knocking at door]

[suspenseful music playing]

I’ll go.

[in English] Okay.

[in Spanish] Don’t play with your food.

Listen to Daddy.

[Michael] Dad!

[objects clattering]

[glass shatters]

[Dario’s mom] Dario!

They took Michael! Dario!

[Dario] Are you okay?



[Dario’s mom shrieks, whimpers]


[Dario’s mom breathing heavily]


[“El Niño Canibal” playing]

[door buzzes, opens]

My boys.

How are you, Mom?

So much better now.

[Dixon] We have a surprise for you. [chuckles]

Say hello.

Hi, Mommy.

My baby.

I missed you so much.

One of Dario’s friends brought him from Colombia.

Dario had to go somewhere for work.

He couldn’t take care of him anymore. He wanted him to be with us.

I’m so happy.

When I’m out, we’ll all be a family again.

[song continues]

Tell Mommy you miss her.

I miss you, Mommy.

[all laughing]

[song ends]

[wistful music playing]

[June in English] Gun.


There you go.

Thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

[typewriter clacking]

[telephone ringing]

[door closes]

[Griselda] What do you want?

Have a seat, please.

You finally found a murder to charge me with?

I’m not a detective now.

I took a desk job.

It was too much for you?


No. I wanted more time with my son and my husband.


What do you want?

Ms. Blanco.

Your sons were attacked.

Dixon was shot while he was walking to his car.

And Ozzy was in a crowded nightclub.

[softly] Are they…

[June] They’re dead.

[voice shaking] Uber?

[melancholy music playing]

[June] Uber was shot in Colombia while he was making a drug deal.

[object jangling]

He was holding this when he died.

[softly] Who did this?

[June] We’re not sure.

We imagine that they were waiting until your time here was almost done

so that this could be as painful as possible.

I’m sorry.

There’s other news.

Your youngest son, Michael Corleone.

He’s still alive.

And he’s with Dario’s mom in Medellín.

[breath trembling]

[melancholy music continues]

[door slams]

[gate buzzes]


[pensive music playing]

[boys laughing]

[Uber, echoing] Mom.

[laughter echoing]

[seagull squawks]

[“Who Knows” playing]

♪ Who knows what tomorrow will bring ♪

♪ Maybe sunshine and maybe rain ♪

♪ But as for me I’ll wait and see ♪

♪ And maybe it’ll bring my love to me ♪

♪ Who knows, who knows ♪

♪ Who knows it better than I ♪

♪ That it’s she who’s keeping me alive ♪

♪ Keeping the little girl as my goal ♪

♪ Makes my life worth living you know ♪

♪ Another day, another day ♪

♪ Just another day ♪

♪ I wanna live ♪

♪ To share the love That only she can give ♪

♪ And if she don’t come on home ♪

♪ I pray the Lord will help me carry on ♪

♪ Another day, another day ♪

♪ Just another day ♪

♪ Oh Lord ♪

♪ Another day, another day ♪

♪ Just another day ♪

♪ I wanna live ♪

♪ To share the love That only she can give ♪

♪ And if she don’t come on home ♪

♪ I pray the Lord will help me carry on ♪

♪ Another day, another day ♪

♪ Just another day ♪

♪ Oh Lord ♪


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