Grey’s Anatomy – S20E02 – Keep the Family Close | Transcript

Bailey tells the interns they must complete dozens of basic procedures before being allowed back in surgery. Meanwhile, things are awkward between Simone and Lucas, and Amelia comes up with a solution to a complicated surgery.
Grey's Anatomy - S20E02 - Keep the Family Close

Original air date: March 21, 2024

Bailey tells the interns they must complete dozens of basic procedures before being allowed back in surgery. Meanwhile, things are awkward between Simone and Lucas, and Amelia comes up with a solution to a complicated surgery.

* * *

Meredith: At the height of the Great Depression, Harvard scientists started tracking students in hopes of discovering the key to a long and happy life.

Luna’s waking up so early these days, we should get some sleep.

Yeah, we should.

They looked at participants’ mental and physical health over 75 years.

[Breathes heavily]

It is the longest study of happiness to date.

♪ It’s all good ♪

Mika: Oh, yeah. Oh!

75 years.

And all they did was confirm what we’ve known since the beginning of time…

♪ It’s all good ♪ [Mika moaning loudly]

The most powerful predictor of health and happiness is the quality of our relationships.

Are you still awake?

Strong relationships protect us…

Don’t give me that look, Grandpaw.


Loneliness, on the other hand…

I’m talking to a cat.

Can be deadly. [Cellphone chimes]

♪ Everything is clearer, I’m right where I need to be ♪

♪ Ain’t no need to be stressed, I’m just doing my best ♪

♪ Ain’t no doubt that I’m blessed, yes ♪

It smells like old feet.



Uh, you… No, you go.


Thanks. [Coffee pouring]

You didn’t get any sleep, either?

Mnh. Nope. Should we change the locks?

You want to lock out one of the chief residents?

Yasuda has the van.

We’re already not allowed in the OR.

What’s Helm gonna do?

Hey, are we good?

You said you needed a minute.

It’s been a week.

Yeah. Just working some things out.

I can’t really put a timeline on it.

Okay, but if you want to talk… [Footsteps approaching]

Oh, finally.

Someone had fun last night.

Hey, what happened to your ground rules and needing three full REM cycles?

Karma sucks, doesn’t it?

Let’s go. I can’t be late. I’ve got a liver biopsy.

Say it louder.

I didn’t mean that. I… Okay.

Hey, uh, please don’t put me on rectals.

Ben: You getting nervous? Huh?

[Scoffs] The interns should be nervous.

I know this job. I made this job. [Chuckles]

Yeah, but times have changed.

This generation, they ain’t afraid to push back.

I’d like to see them try with me.

I’m just saying that you should be prepared

for this class to be different.

They’re baby surgeons. Baby surgeons don’t change.

They need structure, limitations, and tough love.

Right, Pru? Who’s the boss?

You’re the boss! See? She knows.

Why you make that girl do that? [Chuckles]

Here you go. Thanks.

Did that guy just wink at you?

Um, probably.

20 years later, it never ends.

What do you mean?

What do you mean, “What do I mean?”

That’s how we met.

Your first shift at Jimmy’s.

The guy who looked like Father Time.

He was hitting on you. I bailed you out.

Sorry I don’t have an encyclopedic memory of every guy who hits on me.

Well, how about an encyclopedic memory of meeting the man you love?


I’m kidding.

[Chuckles] [Chuckles sarcastically]

Now that I know that you’re not into the whole monogamy thing…

Don’t finish that sentence.

Have you ever been in a throuple?

Do you remember when we were just colleagues and didn’t know anything about each other?

Can we please go back to that?

Mm. Millin was in a throuple. I didn’t say that.

Hey, love who you want to love.

20 bucks says that you’re loving a new job before the year’s up.

50 says it’s Griffith. What? Why?

High risk, high reward.

I need gas money. Millin, you in?

Can we all just shut up and focus on our jobs, please?


Bailey: You’re late.

I stopped to get you the Mean Green.

Suck up. Number I rule broken.

Get out of my space.

I don’t know what their deal is.

Your days as surgical cowboys are over.

Our patients deserve well-trained surgeons, which you decidedly are not.

You’re going back to basics.

No more dodging protocols, no cutting corners.

If you want to operate again, you will earn it.

Procedure logs.

You will complete every procedure to perfection and get an attending to sign off.

Until those cards are complete, you will not so much as look at an OR.

10 IVs, 15 chest tubes? 10 central lines?

Dr. Bailey, we appreciate what you’re doing. Suck up.

But we’re already cramming for the ABSITE exam.

Oh. Well, if it’s too much for you, feel free to choose another career.

I hear that dermatology is nice.

Want to be a dermatologist, Dr. Kwan?

Didn’t think so.

Schmitt and Helm have your assignments.

Okay. Kwan, Adams, Millin, take the pit.

Yasuda, you’re with Ndugu.

Griffith, you’re with Schmitt.

Any chance we’re going somewhere with a lot of procedures?

We get what we get and we don’t get upset.

Did your class ever have to do surgical bingo?

My class didn’t screw up like your class.

Alright, I put an order in for a repeat chest X-ray.

How are you feeling?


Honestly, I am more concerned about Ms. Acharya and Mr. Jenkins.

Well, her biopsy was benign, and his ECHO got pushed to noon.

So your patients are covered.

Just focus on recovery.

Yeah. Doctor’s orders. Okay?

Oh, it’s… [Cellphone buzzes]

Oh, it’s the ER. I’ll, uh, check in later, okay?

Okay. Yeah. I just… Can I…


I’m here and ready to help.

I can remove chest tubes or…

Never mind.

Let me guess. Dr. Bailey’s new program?


[Monitor beeps]


No procedures on the chief.

And no trolling for them on my service.

So finish rounding, then come find me.


[Monitor beeping]

Yasuda. I could use your help.

Yeah. Of course. [Sighs]

Tuggle, Futrell…

Are they specific techniques? They’re patients.

I want you to check on them and report back.

Are you sure you should be working?

It’s only been a week, and I’ve got…

A procedure log. I know.

Okay, Mr. Tuggle is going to need his pacing wires removed. [Sighs]

And Mr. Futrell, he’s always pulling out his A-line, so…

Oh, procedures. Okay. Mm.

And when you’re done with those, I have others.

Just use discretion.

Discretion is my middle name.

Actually, it’s Elaine.

I-I’m on it.

[Crowd speaking indistinctly] All my life… All my life, I’ve wanted to be a champion.

And what happens? I get… [Crowd speaking indistinctly]

Millin: If we could all just talk one at a time.

[Whistles] Please.

Okay, this sounds counter intuitive.

But this is going to go a lot faster if one person speaks at a time.

Our family softball game turned into a bit of a bloodbath.

I cut my leg, and Allie and Billy need some help.

Yeah, I… I can’t straighten my arm.

That’s not normal, right?

No. Not really. What about you?

I don’t know.

It feels like I broke my back.

Make her the priority.

She’s carrying my grandbaby.

How about my broken nose?

Charlotte fouled a ball into my face.

Who is Charlotte? Me!

She’s my other son’s daughter.

She’s going to be this year’s MVP.

Oh, when pigs fly.

Okay, Millin, let’s get the Best family settled while I do their intake, okay?

Alright, let’s go.

Alright, who actually needs medical attention?

Come with me.

The rest of you can wait in the waiting room.

Paramedic: Coming through.

Oh, oh, wait.

Everybody move back. Move back, please.

Right, let’s get him to trauma three.

John Doe, looks to be in his 20s, found unconscious by Fisherman’s Terminal.

No witnesses, multiple gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen.

Systolic has been stable in the low 100s.

Received 2 liters of fluid and 200 mics of fentanyl on the way here.

Alrighty. On my count, everybody.

Ready? One, two, and three.

Whoa. Smells like Pike Place Market.

Order a type and screen.

[Grunts softly]

I can’t get through.

[Grunts] [Fabric rips]

Whoo! That’s a whole lot of Benjamins.

[Indistinct chatter]

Richard: Dr. Griffith, will you please present?

Dante Collier, 33.

He’s had right upper quadrant pain on and off for two weeks.

Presented to the ER this morning.

His lab showed elevated transaminases with normal alc, phos, and bili.

Ultrasound confirmed cholecystitis.

He is scheduled for surgery today.

Soup to nuts, how long is this gonna take?

I need to feed my pumpernickel starter.

What’s a pumpernickel starter eat?

Sorry. I am a surgical resident.

I keep textbooks in my oven.


Richard: I’m afraid we’re going to have to keep you here.

Dante is a baker.

He owns Bread for This, the bakery.

Oh, their cinnamon rolls changed my life.

That’s my baby.

You should come by sometime, on the house.

I’ll tell the staff to look out for the handsome surgeon who keeps textbooks in his oven. [Breathes sharply]

You know, my wife makes a mean cornbread.

Sweet or savory?

Oh. You kidding? Sweet.


We’ll try and get you back to work as soon as we can.

Dr. Schmitt will be your lead surgeon.

I’ll be assisting.

You will?

Uh, he will. Because I am your lead surgeon.

Griffith, go check on his labs, please.

Do you want me to stop and see if Mrs. Fairey needs her wound vac changed?

Just the labs. [Breathes deeply]

Uh, okay. Get some rest. We’ll be back soon.

Looking forward to it.

How far along are you?

29 weeks.

And, yes, I know I had no business playing softball.

Not the way your family plays.


They’re my in-laws.

This is what happens when you take a bunch of highly competitive, wildly unathletic people and give them bats.

I’ve suggested Wiffle ball or badminton, literally, anything else, but…

Babe, those aren’t real games.

Well, I paged OB.

But I’m also going to get you an ortho and a neuro consult.

That doesn’t sound too good.

Well, I just want them to check you out.

So you just stay right here and don’t go chasing after any fly balls.

[Chuckles nervously] Couldn’t if I tried.


D-Did he rob a bank?

This must be thousands of dollars.

Or maybe he was trying not to get robbed.

Winston: He has three wounds in the front, two in back.

One bullet must be inside still.

We’re ready for films.

I could buy six vans with that.

Yasuda, what do you need?

Mr. Tuggle’s post-op, day two.

Should I remove his pacing wires?

No. And it’s not the time to ask.

Let’s hang another unit. [Monitor beeps]

X-rays up. Kwan?

Bilateral hemopneumothorax.

He needs a chest tube.


Both: I could do it.

Adams, take that money down to security and have them lock it up until the police arrive.

[Grunts] Here, Kwan.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]

Oh. Pressure’s tanking.

He’s coding. Let’s prep for a thoracotomy.



Have you seen the pie episode of the Great Bakeoff?

It’s dope.

I don’t have a lot of time for TV.

Before surgery, we need to make sure we have all your medications noted.

I already told the ER doctor.

Are you taking any medication for HIV?

Excuse me?

I didn’t see any meds listed for HIV.

I figured it was a mistake.

Just wanted to make sure.

I don’t have HIV.

I’m so sorry.

Hold on.

Our labs indicate a positive HIV result.

It’s right here. Well, it’s wrong.

I mean, when was I tested?

Standard screening for our ER.

I want one of the other doctors.

Oh, Dante, I would never… No, you’ve made a mistake, and clearly you don’t know what you’re doing.


Get me another doctor.

[Door opens, closes]


[Indistinct conversations]

Hello, Allie.

I’m Dr. Lincoln. This is Dr. Shepherd.

Hey, Allie. Tell me, have you experienced any back pain during your pregnancy?

Maybe a little. Mm-hmm.

This is sharper. Stabbier.

[Whispering] And my groin area is a little numb.

Herb should be MVP. He’s 81.

He’s still pitching strikeouts.

Everyone gets unlimited pitches.

You’re really going to deprive a dying man?

Who says he’s dying?

Look at him!

If anyone deserves MVP, it’s Allie.

I don’t want MVP…

Gah! Ah! Ah. Ah.

Okay. Hang on. Ooh, ah, ah.

Wait. I think my water broke.

What’s happening? Is she okay?

Uh, Allie, I-I don’t think it’s amniotic fluid.

It’s urine.

I peed myself in front of my in-laws?

Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’re family.


She needs an MRI. This could be a spinal injury.

And if we don’t move now, she could end up paralyzed.

[Gasps, groans softly]


Trash duty suits you.

Security’s busy on the psych floor.

I’m stuck with this guy’s money until they get back.

It’s been 20 minutes. No cardiac response.

Okay. Injecting another epi.

Hang more blood.

[Flatline continues]

Heart’s not starting. Resuming cardiac massage.

Come on, man, come on.

Is there any ID on this kid, Adams?

Uh, no, nothing.

Still nothing. Damn it!

[Flatline continues]


Time of death…

Before you declare him, can I take over cardiac massage?

[Whispering] He’s dead.

[Whispering] Exactly. Good practice.

Yeah, fine, Kwan. Step in.

[Flatline continues]

Careful, now. One hand on top, one hand underneath, and squeeze up from the apex.



[Monitor beeps]

It’s beating. It…

Is it beating?


Oh, congratulations. Now move.

Let’s get him up to the OR ASAP.

Can I scrub in?

It’s not up to me.

Ask your residency director.

Is your procedure log completed?

We just got it this morning.

Then, no. Let’s go.

[Bed clanking]

You just happened to get your hand in there at the right time.

You’re walking around with $40,000 in a trash bag.

Dante, we repeated your lab test twice, and they both came back positive for HIV.

Now, I know this is a lot to take in, so we’ll give you some time.

We can postpone your surgery for a couple of hours and provide you with some counseling and a referral to a specialist.

Schmitt? I’ll put in the consult now.

[Breathing quickly]

Hey, careful. You’ll pull out your IV.

I need to get out of here.

You can get some air, but we need to keep the IV antibiotics going until surgery.

Surgery is the last thing on my mind right now.

I need to go.

HIV can be treated with minimal changes to your life.

But if we don’t treat your gallbladder infection, your health will drastically decline.

Where are my clothes?

Dante, please let us help you.

I’ll sign whatever you need me to sign,

but please let me go!


Uncle Bo: Herb’s been playing for 60 years.

Just because she’s 5 doesn’t mean she can’t add value.

How’s a busted nose added value?

Ohh. What do you think, Dr. Millin?

I think that I am done with your leg.

Give me a sec. Okay?

You’re a sore loser. Because you cheat.


[Clears throat] Dr. Hunt,

I finished the, uh, leg lac.

Could you please sign my procedure log?

Uh, could you please put me on a different patient?

This family is… a lot.

Dislocated finger in bed seven, Millin.

Okay? Yes.

Allie: Is it almost over?

First time all day I can hear myself think, and now all my thoughts are terrifying.

Should just be a few more minutes.

I grew up an only child, and I hated it.

I wanted noise and sibling rivalry and someone who also despised my mom.


Then I married Billy and his giant family.

[Inhales shakily] But if anything were to happen

to my baby because of this stupid game…

Try to take a few deep breaths.

[Breathes deeply]

Hey, uh, no more cake.

So your options are chocolate, sugar, and glazed.

Second breakfast?

First. First.

[Computer beeping]

Scans are up.

There, severe disc herniation at L5 and S1 levels.

The disc is protruding and pressing into the nerve root.

This is cauda equina syndrome.

I’ll book her an OR for emergent decompression.

Mm-hmm. You can’t go in posteriorly.

If we go in anteriorly, we’ll have to deliver the baby.

She’s only 29 weeks.

We can’t position her laterally.

It increases her chance of bleeding.

[Sighs] You’re not leaving us many options.

I think I have one.

Teddy: What’s happening?

Mr. Jenkins is prepped for his CABG.

No change on Mr. Futrell, but I think he has a crush on Dr. Beckman.

Which is relevant because…?

When he pulls out his A-line, he only wants Dr. Beckman to put it back in.

Here, answers to your other questions.

Good. [Sighs]

Actually, I need to finish rounding on Ndugu’s patients.

That’s got a possible central line.

Are you sure you don’t need help?

Yes, with my patients. Go.

[Door closes] Oh.

[Door opens]


Those are the AMA forms to sign.

I arranged an appointment with our clinic so you can talk to them about your treatment options.

I already know the spiel a pill a day and then passing on the virus is basically a non-issue.

There’s also an inject able option if you’re not into pills.

When I saw you walk into the room this morning, my first thought was, how was I going to ask the hot surgeon out on a date?

Now I’ll always remember your face as one of the ones who told me my dating life had changed forever.

Hey, y-you will still date.

When and how you disclose your status is up to you.

And then they’ll run.

Or they’ll be like me and they’ll already be on PrEP.

So they’ll have the freedom to date whoever they’re into.

Even guys who

feed their pumpernickel.

[Laughs, winces]

Hey, hey, hey. You okay?

[Breathing heavily]

I think it’s getting worse.

You’re getting clammy, too.

Dante, you need this surgery.

Hey, if you walk out of here, you could become septic and die.

Okay. Okay.

Okay? Yeah.

That… That’s it? Yeah.

Because I don’t think I can walk.

[Groans] Can I get a hand in here?

[Bailey sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

We still don’t know who this kid is.

As a parent, I… I just can’t imagine.

Um, if you have something to say to me, go ahead.

Lap pad.

You learn how to be a surgeon in the operating room.

Full stop.

Suspending the interns is stunting their education.

And what’s worse, it’s impeding my work.

They should be in the OR, pushing past their mistakes and learning from them.

Growing, Bailey. Suction.

I won a Catherine Fox award. I’m aware.

Most people think it is because of my work in reproductive care, but really, it’s for teaching reproductive care.

Okay, this bullet shattered the spleen and hit the small and large bowels.

I’m afraid the SMA is involved.

He might never eat normally again.

If he lives.

Looks like the bullet injured the hilum of his lung.

Think I can feel it. Oh, yeah.

There it is. Gotcha.



Take the bullet to pathology.

As in now.

[Machine beeping rapidly]

His pressure’s tanking.

Whoever you are stay with us.

[Elevator bell dings]

The table is shaped like a donut?

No. We add supports to the iliac crest to create a hole in the center like a donut.

That way, you can lie face down without putting pressure on your belly.

And we go in and remove the discs pressing on your nerves.

And you’ve done this before.

Well, it’s an unusual situation.

That sounds like no.

Is this safe for the baby?

I think it’s the best choice.

And I will be in there to monitor both of you.

[Breathes sharply] I should have let that ball go.

I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, but now the baby… I-I-I should have…

Hey, hey. Hey, it’ll be okay.

No matter what happens, we will all be there for you when you wake up.


I will tell whoever you want to leave.

I love you.

As soon as we have an update, we’ll let you know.

[Exhales slowly]

You’re here.

That must mean Mr. Wallace is out of surgery.

I passed that case to Dr. Boyle because I have a lap chole.

Why? Is someone asking?

I plead the Fifth.

Yasuda, you want to tell me what’s really going on here?

I plead the Fifth again.

This doesn’t concern me, so I’m gonna…

Chief Altman said I might get some procedures for my log if I checked on her patients. Mm.

Don’t worry. Joke’s on me.

I haven’t done a single procedure, and I’m behind on Ndugu’s patients, so…

Also, I know it’s not my place, but maybe she’s pushing it just a little bit too…

What are you doing?


Yeah. You did these.

On my wife.

You helped save her life, Yasuda.

I won’t forget that. Okay?

Now, I need your help getting her to rest.

Save her from herself.

And don’t tell her it’s coming from me, okay?

Use discretion.

[Sighs] I’ll see what I can do. Owen: Thank you.

Amelia: Finished the decompression.


Art. Father Time’s name was Art.

Are we still talking about this?

It’s important.

Well, maybe you should have warned me.

There’d be a quiz about the day we met 20 years later.

Almost done stabilizing the spine.

No, no, no, no, no.

I’m seeing deep decels.

The baby’s heart rate is dropping into the 60s.

Okay, we need five minutes. We might not have that.

Her spine is not stable.

If we move her, we could paralyze her.

Okay, I might be able to manipulate the baby.

If the cord is compressed, I might be able to reposition the baby to take the pressure off.

Okay, I need the other screwdriver.

[Monitor beeping rapidly]


No change. Let me just try one more thing.

Damn it! It’s not working. We need to get the baby out.

I haven’t confirmed placement…

We need to flip her now!

Alright, we’ve got enough screws.

We can finish after we save the baby.

Let’s do this. Wet lap pads.

Page the NICU team and OB.

Let them know we’re doing an emergency C-section.

Everyone here, drop what you’re doing and help us flip her.


I got your text. What happened?

Just gave someone the biggest diagnosis of their life as casually as ordering a freakin’ coffee.

And then he almost canceled his lap chole.

He could’ve died ’cause of me.

That really sucks.

I’m sorry.

Are you sure you want this?

I want to feel better.


Is there a problem?

Look, I want to. You’re upset.


Well, maybe we should talk.

Yeah, don’t worry about it.

Wait, look… Simone, I…

Hey, Simone.

[Door opens]

[Door slams shut]

We successfully stabilized Allie’s spine, and it’ll take a little while, but we are expecting a full recovery.

[Sighs] That’s great.

[All chuckle]

And, uh, what about our baby?

Is she going to be okay?

Well, her lungs aren’t fully developed, so she’ll need a little time on a ventilator.

But for her age, she is strong.

[Babies crying]

Yeah. [Sniffles]



Welcome to the team, little slugger.


So, we are loud and we’re opinionated, and we’re not the best athletes, okay?

But we are the Best family.

Yes, we are.

We’ll give you a moment.

He can be sentimental.

Well, he is a new father.

I was talking about Link.

I mean, he remembers everything.

Birthdays and anniversaries, good and bad.

Well, you’ve known him longer.

You know how sensitive he is, how much he cares.

And I think it’s even more intense with people that he loves.

He told you about us?

He didn’t have to.

We were already family anyway.

Hm. Mm.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Telephone ringing in distance]

How is Dante?

His gallbladder was very inflamed, so we had to convert to an open procedure.

But Schmitt handled it well.

He’ll brief you on the post-op orders.


He’ll be okay.

My instincts… I’ve always trusted them.


I don’t know.

It’s a terrifying feeling, isn’t it?

No one has a perfect record.

I mismanaged more than a few things in my life.

How long did it take you before you stopped?

I’ll let you know when I do.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Keyboard clacking]

What do you have for me, Yasuda?

Lemon, orange, and cherry.

It’s Jell-O.

I don’t want Jell-O.

I used to hate it.

My mom could serve nine kids from one box.

So we had it all the time.

A-And I mean literally every Sunday afternoon.

But then I went to college, and I found myself grabbing it at the dining hall.

It… It became a little taste of home.

You know who wants a taste of home?

Ms. Granados.

Was she discharged?


What about…

What about focusing on rest?


I don’t know if it was my husband or my surgeon who put you up to this, but either way…

I’m fine.

You are not fine.

And that is not coming from Dr. Hunt or Ndugu.

That is fact.

I know because I was standing next to you when you collapsed in the OR.

We pounded on your heart to keep you alive.

It was… It was traumatic and awful.

And I’m still not over it, but… but here you are, acting like business as usual when you almost died!



Chief Altman.

[Wails, crying]

Oh. I… I should go.

[Inhales sharply, crying]


Please don’t tell anyone this happened.

Discretion. Total discretion.


It doesn’t matter. She shouldn’t leave if she’s pregnant. I understand that.

[Indistinct conversations] Excuse me.

Excuse me! [Conversations stop]

Billy is with Allie. The baby is fine.


Now, all of you who needed help have been seen.

So you are all free to go.

Oh, thank you so much, Doctor.

Thank you. You’re welcome.

Alright, what about the MVP?

What? Oh, what about Nowell?

What about him?

An MVP is supposed to inspire people.

Okay? Make them want to rise up and do better.

Nowell’s played left field for 25 years.

Hasn’t caught so much as a cold.

Oh, at least he didn’t set the cabin on fire with illegal fireworks. Those weren’t mine!

Really? That’s why your eyebrows were singed off?!


Stop it! This is a hospital.

There are people who are sick and injured here.

Some are in pain. Some will never leave.

You should all be grateful that you have a family that wants to spend time together, that plays games together, that has family traditions.

And instead you have all been arguing all day, making it next to impossible for me to do my job and help you.

So I hope that you all remember this when you are all back here next year.



Family: MVP.

No. Family: MVP.




Family: [Chanting] MVP! MVP! MVP!

[Cheers and applause]

[Monitor beeping]

If I ask you something,

will you just not be you for a second?

I need to know the question first.

Have you seen the bag of cash?

I think “idiot” might be too generous in this situation.

Help me find the bag.

You’re on all the butt stuff for the next two weeks.

Fine. I don’t care. Just help me find it.

You left it in the on call room, dumb-ass.

You’re lucky I’m the one who found it.

[Grunts] Ooh, oops.

Bailey: Hand me that bag

before I hand you something else.


The police put out a missing persons report.

Hopefully someone will recognize our John Doe.

Dr. Bailey, is this a good time to sign my procedure log?


So I don’t get credit for the cardiac massage?

You didn’t do that for credit.

You did it to learn to save a life.


This… [Sighs]

Look, this man is a human being.

He’s someone’s son, maybe someone’s brother.

He’s just like you, at the beginning of his adult life.

And then he was shot multiple times and might not live.

Yet, the only thing the two of you seem to see is blank boxes to be checked.


This exercise is not a game.

It is to determine whether or not you will ever regain the privilege of operating inside someone’s living body.

And if I hear that you put procedures over patients again, I will make sure that you never do.

Surgery went well, but you will have a longer recovery since we weren’t able to go in laparoscopically.

You’ll have to be here a couple days, okay?


[Knock on door]

Griffith, now is not a good time…

I just want to apologize if that’s okay.


[Door closes] Thank you.

Dante, I am so sorry.

I should have been more tactful.

It’s no excuse, but I was racing through my work, and I-I screwed up.

Sorry. Been there.

I missed a couple of calls from the health department a few months ago.

Huge red flag, I know.

But we had just launched mobile orders.

The kitchen was slammed.

I didn’t have any symptoms, and I wasn’t seeing anyone.

So I put it off.

I never expected to have HIV.

I had to find out at some point, right?

See you in the morning.

Thank you.

[Door closes] Got any dinner plans, Dr. Schmitt?

I hear the pudding’s good. [Chuckles]

No dinner plans.

But I-I do have other patients.


But I could spare maybe 20 minutes.

Have you ever seen the “Great Bakeoff”?

It’s my favorite.

[Both laugh] It’s good. Right?

Hi, I’m Dr. Kwan.

You two responded to the missing person notice.

Our son… he was on break from grad school.

And he got work on a fishing barge.

Andres: They docked yesterday, but we never heard from him.

And we saw that there was a… a robbery in the… in the area in the news, and the… the police directed us here.

Oh. You have a photo of your son?

♪ …all the money lying on her bed ♪


♪ My brother lied, told me I was brave ♪

Please take a seat.

♪ He said… ♪

Your son is here.

Dorian… his name is Dorian.

Dorian is here in the ICU.

He was shot three times.

We did aggressive resuscitation, and his heart stopped, but we got him back.

He’s stable, but in critical condition.

The bullets caused extensive damage.

I can take you to go see him, but I have to warn you, it will be difficult.

♪ Maybe it’s best to never see the light ♪


♪ Dug the fields with our hands ’til… ♪


Yasuda told you that I cried.

No. But you just did.

[Chuckles lightly]

♪ …’til he was satisfied ♪


I’m a mess. [Inhales shakily]


♪ …of the men we’d like to become ♪

You’re alive.

♪ Dreamed about the day… ♪

I just…

♪ …we’d find all the strength to run ♪

I can’t get the image of Sam lying on that OR table out of my head.

I was supposed to save him.

But you didn’t, and now you’re trying to save everyone else.

Mm? Maybe.

Teddy, what happened to Sam was not your fault.

It was out of your control.

And I promise you, you will be back to work soon.

But you need to recover.

♪ One day, okay, alright ♪

And that is something that you can control. Okay?

♪ ‘Til then it ain’t alright ♪

You’re right.

Okay. No more work.

Alright, take this.

Okay, give me. I got it. I got it. Okay.


Thank you for looking after me.

♪ Maybe it’s best… ♪

Of course.

♪ …to never see the light ♪

Mm. Mm. What? Wait…

What? No. Do I feel…?

No, no.

Teddy, is this another tablet?

It’s… Really?

[Laughs] Please, can I… Okay.


I love you.

[Door closes]

Winston. Hi.

I got a cat.

Are you talking to me?

I miss my family, I miss Meredith,

I miss Maggie, I-I miss Kai, so, uh, I got a cat.


I know things have been rocky between us, but I consider you family, and I would love it if we were the kind of family that could fight and still eat meals together.

Would you be interested in a burger at Joe’s?

I could go to Joe’s. Yeah.

You know it would be with me, right?

[Clicks tongue] Yeah. Come on.




Oh. Oh, uh, Pru convinced Tuck to set up the camping tent.

So now they’re singing campfire songs.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, we had a John Doe in his 20s.

He came in full of bullets.

Turns out to be a fisherman who had, uh, just gotten his big payday when someone stuck a gun in his face.

Just senseless.

It’s the worst part of the job.

Now, I’m different.

The interns, right, they’re just like any other class clumsy, competitive.

Their hearts are sometimes in the right place.


I’ve changed.

I’ve seen too much.

I’ve felt too much.

But isn’t that a good thing?


Doctor Ndugu openly questioned my methods today.

[Chuckles] And, um…

Well, maybe he’s right.

Maybe [inhales deeply] it’s a sign that.

I… I shouldn’t do this again.

Um… Hold on. Hold on.

You remember how long it took me to figure out Pru’s Diaper Genie?

[Stifled laugh]

Or how frustrated I got when she would only eat orange foods?

As long as it’s food, who cares?


See, you, y-you’re sailing through parenting Pru because you’ve done it before.

You know what works and what doesn’t.

You know when to get mad and when to hold a hand.

[Sighs] So, yes.

You’ve changed, but for the better.

I scored four procedures on my card, and I won a trophy.

I think victory looks good on me.

Anyone else?

I got two procedures, I saw an attending cry, and I’m exhausted.

Oh, who cried?

Doesn’t matter.

How many did you get checked?

Also two. Come on, you’re not gloating?

Not in the mood.



Over the course of our lives, our relationships ebb and flow.

[Whispering] MVP. MVP.

We get together, break up, move away or fall out of touch.

♪ The less it makes sense the more we try ♪

[Door closes]

When did you have time to, uh, prepare for a famine?

Okay. Do you remember the first year.

Jimmy’s did All-You-Can-Eat Crab Day?

Oh, when they didn’t limit the time, and everyone who came for lunch stayed through dinner and we made almost no tips?

[Chuckling] Yes.

And my tuition was due, and I was totally miserable.

I remember.

Okay. Well, after that awful shift, you and I sat in the back booth eating oyster crackers.

And you told me that someday I’d become a doctor and make enough to afford everything on the menu.

[Chuckles] You made it all better.

Just like you’ve done so many times since we first met.

Mm. Also known as the day I rescued you from Father Time.


But I know this isn’t Jimmy’s Crab Shack, but this is everything on the menu from the Fisherman’s Lure.


You know what I love even more than donuts?


I was going to say lobster rolls.


It’s prolonged periods of loneliness and toxicity that wreak havoc on our health, our brain function, and our longevity.

♪ This is the place we’re all hiding ♪

[Door closes]

Sometimes being alone can be so terrifying that we trap ourselves in harmful relationships.


♪ The one we all long to be ♪


♪ The why it’s so hard to sleep ♪

I avoid hard truths.

I avoid them till they are staring me in the face.

Ran from Baltimore. I ran from my wedding.

After everything with Sam, I ran from you.

And I think it’s because I am too scared to admit that…

Right now’s not a good time for us.

I’m not sleeping. I’m slipping up.

I’m hurting people. I’m hurting myself.

And I need to put me first.

I need to put my career first.

When haven’t you?

♪ Fire ♪

You accepted a marriage proposal right after kissing me in your room.

Then you asked me to be your best man.

And then you say you need a minute to sort things out, but that’s over right when you need me to help you feel better.

No. You put yourself first.

Don’t worry.

Lucas, all of that was…

From now on we’re roommates.

You and I are done.

But in order to really thrive, you’ve got to be willing to cut and run.

Your life just might depend on it.

♪ When we are known ♪


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