Grey’s Anatomy – S17E17 – Someone Saved My Life Tonight [Transcript]

It's wedding day for Maggie and Winston. Meanwhile, Meredith takes on a new role at the hospital, and Jo makes a life-changing decision.
Grey's Anatomy - S17E17 - Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Air date: June 3, 2021

* * *

Meredith: People often ask what I’ve learned from surviving COVID.

[Seagulls crying]

I know they mean well, but it’s a really annoying question.

Being away from work, my children, getting hooked up to a vent it’s not exactly a masterclass.

Though it did teach me something.

It taught me that I’m still alive.


[Horns honking, clock ticking]


Did you know that every avocado sold commercially originates from a tree this one dude had in his backyard?

No, but did I know that an avocado has more potassium than a banana.

Well, did you know that if you ate 400 bananas, you might overdose on potassium?

Why would you say that? You know I worry about dying.


Okay, whoa.

We’ll shut up. Please don’t evict us.

Taryn: That’s not our stuff.

Are you evicting yourself?

I’m smart and I’m capable and I have made livable homes out of the humblest of places, including my car.

But I deserve more than just livable.

And so does Luna, so I am fighting for her.

I’m rich. Ha!

Technically, I am rich. I own part of the hospital.

So I’m gonna sell my shares and hire a lawyer to help me adopt Luna.

And then, I’m taking whatever money’s left and moving to a place where I don’t have to listen to people argue about fruit!

♪ Yeah, yeah

Dibs on the bed. [Sighs]

[Laughs] But explaining that to my ex-husband was like a full-time job.

[Chuckles] Sounds like it.

You paged? Oh, hey.

Dr. Altman, this is, uh, Sophie.

She was in a little fender bender.

She’s all clear except her heart rate is a little high.

So I thought you should check on her EKG.

I told him it’s probably just white coat syndrome.

One look at him and my heart’s off to the races.

[Laughter]Oh, sorry.

Keep forgetting it’s COVID and you can’t just touch people.

Don’t worry, I’m wearing protection.



I, uh… I’ll come back and check on you.

See you soon, Sophie. Hope so.

Oh, you’re wearing protection?

I didn’t mean it how it sounds.

Well, she’s throwing herself at you.

No, she’s just nervous.

Well, I can give her your number, if you want.

Oh, really? No. [Laughs]

[Elevator dings]Now, look.

As Residency Director,

you’re not only teaching them to do surgery,

but you’re… You’re guiding them.

When a resident loses a patient,

it’s your shoulder they cry on.

If they succeed, you’re their cheerleader.

So, essentially, they…

You’re on call 24 hours a day.[Laughter]

That’s the way you always described it to me.

I appreciate the advice. I do know how to do the job.

I’ve been watching you do it my whole career.

If I were you, I would be doing the surgeries

that I don’t get to do.

Well, you’re the only one I wanted for the job.

We’ll see you at the wedding.

So, you gonna give Richard’s speech

or did you write your own?

No speech. No… No speech?


[Cheers and applause]

Meredith: No, no, no, no, no.

Okay, we admitted 10 patients last night with COVID symptoms.

What are the statuses of all 10 patients?

Woman over P.A.: Cardio tech, room 342. Cardio tech, room 342.

Give the O2 a minute, Gerlie.

We’ll increase it if your sats don’t come back up.

Or you could present the patient to me,

and I could decide if we should increase it right now.

Present, Schmitt.

Gerlie Bernardo, 37,

admitted this morning with sats of

88. Temp was 102.

Heart rate 105, BP 96/54.


I’m a nurse… long-term care.

Gotten pretty good at knowing when to call the ambulance.

Private or at a facility?

Lakeforest… assisted living.

I’m guessing that’s where I picked this up.

But I’ve helped take care of Earl for 7 years.

Even when he has COVID,

I’m still helping him to the bathroom.

He’s 96.

The kindest person I know.

My parents were at Silver Villas.

They were hit hard.

Yes, they were.

So, let’s put her on high-flow, order chest films,

and start steroids and Remdesivir.

[Monitor beeping]



How did Luna do?

Couldn’t have been better.

Hate that CPS made the poor thing wait a week

before approving her surgery, but…

Woman over P.A.: Nurse Kaiser to the OR.

Your name will be back up there soon.

I don’t know. They gave me an office.

And a desk. Mm.

And a chair.

Wow, a chair?

They must really fancy you. [Chuckles]

You could have just said no, you know.

When I asked you out for a drink.

You didn’t have to pass out and spend two months in the hospital

just to avoid turning me down.

That seems like a lifetime ago. Mm-hmm.

Did I hear you?

Did you come to my room and tell me to fight

and talk about my kids?

Couldn’t have been me.

I’m far too busy to do sickbed visits.

Must have been some other Irishman

hanging around around here. [Laughs]

That being said, I am glad you didn’t die, Grey.

Me too.

You’ll get back there soon.

I should get going.

My sister is getting married.



As long as we both shall live.

Now, very important question.

Is there anyone here who objects to this union?

Oh, well, we do!


He… He was kidding, Nana.

Well, we aren’t. I’m sorry, Maggie.

Wait, is this real?

Mommy, what’s happening? I’m not sure, sweetie.

Nana Ante: Winston, I’ve been waiting for this day

since I could cradle you in my arms.

And I know you went to a lot of trouble to get us here,

but this… This is broke.

Catherine: Ha!

Oh, I am so sorry. Oh, I’m so sorry.

No disrespect, Meredith. You have a lovely home.

But Maggie, your own sister isn’t here!

Amelia had to be on call today.

Right, should she let someone die of a stroke

just to be here with us?

But even if she was here, you have more family.

You have uncles, aunts, cousins.

I have a savings account for your wedding,

to do this right.

Nana Ante: In a church.

Or at least with more than 10 people.

Do you know how proud we are of you two?

We want the world to see.

But it isn’t safe right now, Nana Ante.

We can’t do it that way.

Well, then wait. What’s the hurry?

You all are already living together.

[Clears throat]

So, uh… we wait?

[Sighs] Yeah, I guess so.

I’ll get the champagne.

– Yeah. – Vodka, please.

Can I cut the cake? Just wait a minute, okay, honey?

You can do whatever you want, sweetie.

Okay, she said you can go get cake!

You wanna take this?

Great, thank you.

Link: Champagne, anyone?

I’ll take that.

Thanks. Mm-hmm.

Maggie: Bottoms up, everyone!

Woman over P.A.: Dr. Sellers, Dr. Mari Sellers, 4619.

Uh, technically, I still haven’t signed the discharge paperwork.

I… I know, but I’ve never missed a month of work

in my life, and they need me.

I heard Earl took his pants off during Arts & Crafts.

Twice. [Laughs]

You were on a vent for two weeks.

I know at your facility it’s all hands on deck, but…

Take it easy and go slow.

Yes, Dr. Bailey, I know the recommendations.

Oh, so you know they apply to you also?


Come on, let’s have one last listen.

May I take a listen first, Chief?

I don’t have a lot of experience

listening to lungs that have recovered from COVID,

and I think it’ll be really beneficial to my education.

Fine. Yes!

Just take a few deep breaths for me, please.


Does that mean I can go?

Uh, no, I’ll still need to take a listen of my own.



[Ship horn blows]

The rush I felt when I watched that woman,

who’d been in a coma for weeks,

whom I could only talk to via MRI,

leave the hospital with her father…

The relief and the joy and the hope…

I mean, I felt that for, like

30 seconds.

And then just

all the worst-case scenarios started screaming in my head.

I mean, not for her, for… for me.

For my family. My son.

And I don’t know why my thinking is so dark, except


But it’s been a year. Um…

So much. So much fear.

[Inhales deeply] So much fear.


And I know you guys all get it.

And my boyfriend,

my, um, child’s father

he is not one of us. [Laughs]

And I am so glad

that he does not have to go through life like that.

Um, but

sometimes, there’s a part of me that wishes he got it.

You know, just, uh… really got it.

I feel lonely in it.


I’m here.

Chairperson: Thanks, Amelia. Jason?

Hi, I’m Jason. I’m an addict.

“And all the king’s men

couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

[Luna crying] Hmm.

Huh. Should’ve let the women try.

What do you think, Luna?

All this talk of eggs is making her hungry.

Can I get her bottle?

Humpty Dumpty’s an egg? Isn’t he?

Looks like someone’s got an appetite.

Yep, eating like a champ.

I’m glad. Everything else good?

Yeah. Just checked her vitals.

How long until she’s discharged?

She’s still pending an upper GI study

and pre-albumin we need to monitor, so…

But if you had to ballpark it. Days, weeks, months?

I’m sorry. It’s too early to say.

I know you want to get started with a placement.

I’ve already got a family interested

in fostering to adopt. They’re perfect.

They don’t mind the extra attention that she’s gonna need,

but they did ask for a timeline, so keep me posted.

You want me to foster Luna?

Just on paper. I would do all of the work.

All of the… everything.

I… I know that I’m asking a lot,

but I am out of options and time.

And you… you are…

You are stable and good.

You already have a kid.

You’re a doctor, which might be a plus

for a baby with medical issues.

And unlike me, your background check will be spotless.

Link, [sighs]

I have never loved anybody like this,

and the idea of her going to live with somebody else,

it just… it carves out my stomach.

I can’t lose her.

I… I can’t.

I-It’s… It’s temporary?

It’s temporary!

A-And… And we will eventually transfer custody to me.

And… And you probably won’t even have to take her home,

because she can’t leave the hospital yet.

Please, Link, please.



I-I’m saying yes.



[Sighs] You know, w-we’ll figure it out.

Hell, she’d probably do the same thing.

So, Jo, my answer is yes.

Of course it’s yes.

It’s you.

But you’re cool if I change her name, right?

Shut up. Hear me out…

Hildegard.[Both laugh]

[Sirens wailing in distance]

[Clears throat][Sighs]

How could this happen?

COVID’s just a numbers game.

Oh, do you think that it’s a false positive?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m testing you again.

What about the kids? What about you?

Your mom… Teddy, I’m negative.

And you don’t have any symptoms.

Let’s just follow the protocol. We’re gonna be okay.

What if I’m not?

Meredith was… Teddy.

We’ll be okay.

Let’s not worry about anything until we have to.

Go home, get in bed. My mom will take the kids.

I have to go. Mm-hmm.

Amelia: You’re adopting a baby for your friend?

It’s fostering.

It’s just to get Luna off the market

while Jo figures out the legal stuff.

And if she doesn’t? She will.

But if she doesn’t?

Then I guess we’ll have a daughter. [Laughs]

Bad joke. Okay, that won’t happen.

I promise, Amelia, this is just a technicality.

And really, what other choice did I have?

We didn’t think twice when… When Mer needed our help.

Meredith is my sister

and her kids are my family.

But they’re not mine. Technically.

But I love them, so I did it.

Is this really a problem?

[Stammers] Of course not.

[Cellphone vibrating]It’s just surprising.

I mean, it’s only for a little while, right?

You’re sure?

Go to your surgery.

I’m fine. [Chuckles]

Thank you.


[Door opens]

[Door closes]


I’ve been in the hospital for a month.

Forgot what the sky looked like.


I had it, too.

Well, if you’re back at work,

that seems encouraging, right?

Do you sit at a desk?

Nurse. Oh.

Everyone recovers differently, I think.

I’m still taking it easy.

Continuing shortness of breath, fatigue, lingering cough…

Sounds like recovery’s a blast.


They don’t happen all at once.

What about the survivor’s guilt?

That doesn’t go away.

My ride’s here. Okay.

Autzen? Thank you.

Take care of yourself.

Thank you for… For being honest.

I’m… I’m Gerlie.

I’m Meredith.


Are you okay?

Dr. Grey!


Call a rapid response. I need a gurney!




Canceled? What?!

[Groaning] Grey…

Hey, hey.

Uh, what happened to Grand Rounds?

Oh, well, Gerlie’s post-COVID complications

are far more instructional.

She’s got a pneumothorax,

she’s day 14 post-op from a very complicated VATS procedure,

and now she has multifocal pneumonia.

Oh, so…

Grand Rounds aren’t canceled, they’re just postponed.

It would have to be a really slow day to make it worthwhile.

[Scoffs] But i-it’s tradition.

I-I can’t tell you

all that I learned in Richard’s presentations.

Yeah, but the last thing people need right now

is to listen to someone talk about how surgery works,

especially after the year they’ve had.

If you’re dying to listen to someone talk about surgery,

I’ve invited the class to watch me do Gerlie’s bronch.

You’re more than welcome to attend.

You’re doing it yourself?

I’ve been back three months and have not operated.

[Stammers] Are you ready? You sure?

It’s just a bronch and some cultures.

Don’t forget, you gave me this job to change things.

So that’s what I’m doing.Uh…

Woman over P.A.: Dr. Blast to nuclear medicine.


Jo: Okay, great. Thank you.

Hey, listen…

Oh, no, you first.

Okay, I realized something

that’s going to make your foster application a shoo-in…

Owning part of the hospital!

How nice of you to think of me.

Ugh! I need the money for stupid adoption legal fees

and a family-sized home, but nobody wants my shares

because hospitals are just bleeding money during the pandemic

and it’s, quote, “the worst investment of all time.”

Really selling me on the idea.

Okay, I didn’t want to have to go down this route,

but as part owner, I’m kinda your boss.

So I could just order you to buy them.

Okay, but then wouldn’t I be your boss

and I could just make you buy them back?

Some friend. [Chuckles]

Sorry, Jo. Ah!

It’s a no.

But I really hope you figure out something fast because…

I got approved to foster.

What? Really? What?!

Why didn’t you tell me?! You went first!

Oh, my God. [Squeals][Laughs]

Thank you!

Okay, I have to tell Luna!


Amelia: So, the social worker came

and looked through our place,

uh, so we can get ready to foster a baby

that is never gonna be ours.

And, um, the social worker gave us this to-do list

to get the place ready for a second kid, and, uh,

my boyfriend is just diving right into the project.

And, um, when I reminded him that it was temporary,

he was like…

“Yeah, but we’ll need it one day.”

Meaning, one day, when we have a second kid of our own.

And it just feels…

It just feels like I don’t want what he wants.

And I don’t know if that’s diseased thinking or

if it’s just me.

Marriage and more kids, um…

I don’t want it.

And… [Inhales shakily]

I can’t tell him.

And I’m mad.

Not at him. He’s

nothing but wonderful, and…

I’m mad at me.

And I know that all of this would be unimaginably worse

and more confusing if I was high, so

since I can’t be sure of anything,

I’m just being sure of that.




Happy end of quarantine.

Maybe we should wait one more day.


I mean, just to be sure.

Listen. The kids are fine.

We’re all testing negative,

and there’s no patients testing positive.

Okay. Good.

That’s… That’s good.Yeah.

How you feeling?

Got my energy back. And no fever, no cough.

I mean, I did sneeze maybe once.

[Laughs] Teddy, come out.

Okay? You’re safe.

And Leo made me bring you a very special celebration meal.

Mac and cheese? Yep.

In a mug.

He was very adamant about it being in a dinosaur mug.

I miss them.Yeah.

[Sighing] Okay…

Here we go.


You look tired.

You look beautiful.

Owen, I just…


Wow. Two weeks is a really long time.

Schmitt, look at all this fibrosis and scar tissue.

I can’t believe it’s this bad.

Culture tube.

Dr. Grey?

Is everything okay?

[Inhales sharply]

Saline flush.

And someone get me a wheelchair.


What’s going on?

Phew. I’m dizzy.

My breath is shallow.

My heart rate has gotta be in the 100s.

Should we page Chief Bailey?

I’m coming in.


We maxed Gerlie out on the vent in the middle of the night.

She still wasn’t saturating well.

Then about an hour ago, she coded for the second time.

Why didn’t you call me when she coded the first time?

It’s Christmas Eve!

I thought you’d be with your kids, or, you know,

wrapping presents, baking cookies… Stop talking.

You put her on ECMO?

She’s young, I saw no other comorbidities in her chart,

and I’ve seen patients walk out of here

weeks later after being on it.

I’m sorry, I know that Gerlie is your patient,

but it was an active code.

No, it’s okay. It was the right call.

Alright. Uh, I’ll see you tomorrow?

Yes, of course. Merry Christmas, Altman.

Merry Christmas.

[Bells jingling]Merry Christmas!

These guys will keep you company

and play you music

and stimulate your extraocular muscles.

Jo. [Gasps] Yeah?

What do you think?

I thought it was pretty clear

we were just doing the baby thing.

That would be funny

if I wasn’t worried Amelia was gonna say it.

Wait, you guys haven’t talked about marriage

since she said she didn’t want to get married?

She also said that she didn’t notwant to get married.

She just didn’t want it to feel compulsory,

and I’ve been planning this for weeks.


It’s too small, right?

[Gasps] You got another diamond ring?

I’m not stupid. I got a sapphire, too.

Okay, stop. This is getting weird.

I need your advice! Okay, I…

I am yourbest friend, not hers,

so I’m not sure which one she’d like.

Um, you know, she’s… They’re all so beautiful.

She’s gonna love whatever you pick.

Should I have gotten a fourth?

Okay, you’re literally holding

the value of three of my lofts in your hand.

Here goes nothing. Wish me luck.

Good luck. And merry Christmas!

[Door opens, closes]

Holidays are hard. Huh?

For me, anyway.

It’s when I miss Abigail the most, you know.

Oh. Yeah. Joy to the world.

I was just hoping that dying patients

who’ve recovered from COVID were eligible for lung transplants.

What a world that would be.

Got you a present.

Might help.

A present?

It’s open and half-empty.

Short notice.

Unless you’d rather pass out again

to get out of this…


Whatever you said.

♪ Paper and ribbon

♪ Candles glow in window panes

Bailey, wait your turn.

Amelia: Okay, Leo, this one is from Auntie Amelia.

And Uncle Link.

Uh, no, this one is just from Auntie Amelia.

– Whoa! – It’s a brain!

Yay! It’s educational andfun.

Yep, that one is definitely just from Aunt Amelia.

Now, uh, I’ve got one for you, Amelia.

Whoa, look. It’s snowing.

– Snowing! – It’s snowing?

What? What?

Why is it snowing only in the backyard?

Owen: That’s weird. Let’s go see what’s up.

Come on. Let’s go.

♪ Sending cards to loved ones we never get to see ♪

Look at this!

Why is it snowing outside my bedroom?

What’s happening?

Look at this! Do you believe this?

You got me snow for Christmas.


It’s snowing!

[Gasps] Oh, my God.[Gasps]

Oh, come on, man. Oh, my God.

Theodora Grace Altman…

Now, this is not the first time I’ve asked you this.

And we’ve hurt each other, I know,

but we have forgiven each other.

We may not make sense to the rest of the world,

but we make sense to us.

So I am asking you, in front of everyone…

Including your ex-wife.[Laughter]

Would you please continue to make me the happiest man alive?

Yes. Yes.

– Yay! – Oh, my God! Wow!

– Whee! – [Gasps]

Yes, yes, yes.

♪ Paper and ribbon seem to be everywhere ♪


♪ Hey!



♪ Hey!


♪ Hey!

♪ When you’re looking up at the sky ♪

♪ I will always be where you are ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, our love carries on ♪

♪ So go, go, go back where you belong ♪


♪ When you’re looking up at the sky ♪

♪ I will always be where you are ♪

Well, Hunt says that the whole staff

should have their first dose by the end of the day.

I love needles. [Laughs]


♪ Back where you belong

♪ Back where you belong

Yes, yes.

Meredith: Hi.

We need to put Gerlie on the list

for a double lung transplant.

[Scoffs] Grey, I am in my joy.

Do not take me out of my joy

to remind me of something we shouldn’t do.

She can handle it.

Her hemoglobin has been stable for weeks now,

but her lungs are not improving.

If this is the part where you remind me of her cousins

or how she rescues puppies

or buys groceries for old folks

or sends half of her paycheck to her family in Manila

and deserves to live, I…

I know who she is, right?

The work she does, the lives she’s saved.

I-I know what she deserves.

But Gerlie recovered from COVID.

Hey, she might recover from this.

So, why risk putting her through

a potentially unnecessary and dangerous surgery?

So, we’re just supposed to wait and hope she lives?

Or try other treatments.

What if we wait too long and she develops sepsis

and is too sick for a transplant?

We’re not there yet.

[Sniffs] You took my joy.

You took mine.

[Sighs] There you go.

Oh, thank you.

You are welcome.

[Sighs] So, uh…

You didn’t, uh… Didn’t share today, huh?

Have you gotten some clarity with things at home?


Just tired of talking myself in circles

on a subject with no answer.

Well, it doesn’t have to work. You know that, right?

Me and Link?

You and anyone.

You have a child… You’ll always have a connection.

And I’m sure you love each other, so,

but it doesn’t have to work.

It really sounds like you’re telling me to leave him.

But that also doesn’t sound like something you’d ever say.

I’m definitely not telling you that.

You know, something I’ve noticed in recovery…

You know we… We get it in our heads

that the addiction is the only reason our lives were a mess.

So we think, “Well, I’m… I’m sober.

It should be working.”

And that’s not always the case.

And I’m not saying that either one of you

are doing anything wrong.

But you’re allowed to want what you want.

Even if it’s not what he wants.


Anyway, that’s my two cents.


That’s like a billion cents.

Eh, it’s some advice

I wish I’d have been able to take in my life.

Giving yourself permission

for it not to work

might give you peace of mind to stay.


Jo: Thank you. Thank… [Sighs]

Thank you so much, Anne.

This… This means the world to me.

Okay. Alright, bye.

[Sighs]Sounds like good news.

Luna’s lawyer is a shark.

I am definitely getting custody.

Oh, congratulations, Wilson.

Oh, I’m so thrilled for you and Luna.

Hey, if you need a character reference or whatever,

just let me know. Thank you.


She isexpensive, though.

Is this you asking me for a raise?

No, this is me telling you

that I sold my shares of the hospital.

And you’re… wincing?

What, bad price?

Maybe I should just let the person who bought them tell you.


[Line ringing]

Koracick: Miranda! Did you hear the good news?

Wilson. You didn’t.

You know, it’s easy to push for change

when you don’t feel the consequences.

I wanted some skin in the game.

I offered you a character reference!

You won’t even know I’m here.

Aside from board meetings, expense reports,

weekly progress reports.

Okay, talk to you later, Tom.

Wait, I… [Cellphone beeps]

Should I…?

Yeah, I should just…

Thanks again.

Thank you.

[Scoffs][Cellphone vibrates]


Gerlie has shown no improvement since going on ECMO.

Oh, she’s alive. That’s an improvement.

So, treatment options.

Double lung transplant.

Yes, but since she could suffer additional bleeding

or sudden death, that is not an option.

But it could be. If you made it one.

Thank you, Helm. Who else?

Uh… Ortiz.

So, at first, I considered monoclonal antibodies.

Mm-hmm. But then it hit me…

Double lung transplant makes the most sense.

Anyone have any suggestions

other than double lung transplant?

Thank you. Perez?

Uh, we transplant her right lung,

and… also her left.

We could also try a double lung transplant.

I’m sorry.

Dr. Grey said we literally couldn’t stop pitching it.

Thank you, Schmitt.

This was in no way obvious.


Just tell me before you do it.

I’m already done.

So, just ice it and drink plenty of fluids, okay?

Oh, thank you, my boy.

You’re sure I didn’t steal it from someone?

[Laughs] It was extra.

I actually called our entire waiting list

before I called you.

If you hadn’t gotten here when you did,

I would have had to throw it in the trash,

which feels like a sin.

The more people that get this,

the safer we’ll all be.

And how long ’til I can hug you without a mask?

[Chuckles] Two weeks after your second shot, so soon.

Did I miss it?

Oh, I missed it.

You can give me my second shot, dear.



[Car horns honking]

Okay, not only did you take my joy,

I now have an army of interns trying to do your dirty work.

Double lung transplant is her best option.

You are supposed to be teaching them, Grey.

This is me teaching them.

We have to stop thinking about COVID

in terms of who survives and who doesn’t.

There are millions of people who are going to be suffering

from the aftereffects of COVID,

and we need to advocate for them

as hard as we advocate for everybody else.

It is risky, but it is also her best shot.

So, you teaching them is just

you breeding an army of little yous?

No respect for legacy?

Richard Webber made you.

He made me.

And he’s going to die someday.

And one day, you’re going to die,

and one day, I’m going to die.

And if this year has taught us anything,

it’s that that may happen a lot sooner than any of us want.

So I’m not going to waste any time

teaching anything other than what matters most.

And Bailey, you know if this was me or your mother,

you would be screaming from the rooftops.

[Scoffs]You know that, right?


Just please call UNOS.

[Sighing] Okay.

You can make changes

and still honor

what made you.

I don’t know what that means.

It means I’m gonna make the damn call,

but you’re starting back Grand Rounds.

Or you’re fired.


[Seagulls crying]

Zola: Mom!




♪ Talk

♪ Let’s have conversations in the dark ♪

♪ World is sleeping, I’m awake with you ♪

♪ With you

♪ Watch

♪ Movies that we both already seen ♪

♪ I ain’t even looking at the screen, it’s true ♪

♪ I got my eyes on you

♪ And you say that you’re not worthy ♪

♪ You get hung up on your flaws ♪

♪ Well, in my eyes, you are perfect ♪

♪ As you are

♪ I will never try to change you, change you ♪

♪ I will always want the same you, same you ♪

♪ Swear on everything I pray to ♪

♪ That I won’t break your heart ♪

♪ I’ll be there when you get lonely, lonely ♪

♪ Keep the secrets that you told me, told me ♪

Richard: Can everyone take their seats, please?

Thank you.

♪ Your love is all you owe me

♪ And I won’t break your heart

It is my absolute pleasure to be gathered with you today.

♪ On Sunday mornings we sleep in ’til noon ♪

To love and to cherish.

♪ Well, I can sleep forever next to you ♪

♪ Next to you

In sickness and in health.

♪ And we, we got places we both gotta be ♪

In Scripture, a young person about to embark on married life

says, “I have found the one whom my soul loves.”

Maggie, Winston, this is our prayer for you…

That you may love one another with your entire souls.

♪ But in my eyes, you are perfect ♪

♪ As you are

♪ As you are

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Go on, kiss her.[Laughter]

♪ I will always want the same you, same you ♪[Cheers and applause]

♪ Swear on everything I pray to ♪

♪ That I won’t break your heart ♪

♪ I’ll be there when you get lonely, lonely ♪

♪ Keep the secrets that you told me, told me ♪

Winston: Let’s jump that broom.

♪ And your love is all you owe me ♪

1, 2, 3!

♪ I won’t break your heart

[Cheers and applause]

Alright, now, everyone, um,

these two have to stick around to take some pictures.

Would the rest of you be so kind

as to head to the reception area?

♪ I won’t break your heart

Excuse me.

Hey, so they found a donor for Gerlie.

We have to go.

What… Oh, my God.

I’m sorry we have to leave you like this.

Yeah. Okay.

So, can you please tell Maggie what happened?

Mm-hmm. And can you watch the kids?

Of course. Yeah. Go, go, go.Okay. Alright.

Thanks. Okay.


You better give me a good price.

The economy is trash. You’re lucky I’m even looking.

Yeah, well, now that you actually have some money,

maybe you’ll, uh, figure out how it works.

[Laughs] I really hope you get a new joke.

Alright. I gotta get back to work.

Welcome home, Jo.



Welcome home.

Welcome home, Luna.

[Luna cooing]


I had a village. Teddy: What?

I have a village of people in my life who wanted me to recover, pulling for me at every complication.

I could literally hear them.

And it helped.

And Gerlie’s people can’t be here, so we’re her village.

We’re her village.

Stay with us, Gerlie. We got you.

Scalpel, Bokhee.

♪ I don’t fear

♪ ‘Cause it won’t be long now

♪ ‘Cause it won’t be long ’til we’re out of here ♪


Ready for the specimen?

I’m ready.

♪ I’m gonna take you home

Ready for the donor lungs.

♪ I’m gonna take you home

♪ I’m gonna take you home


You okay? You need a break?

No, why? Do you?


Bokhee, irrigation, please.

♪ Home

♪ I’m gonna take you home

[Snip echoes]



♪ I’m gonna take you home

♪ I’m gonna take you home






You’ve got this.


What’s going on?

Well, you said you didn’t want compulsory, so here we go.

I wasn’t sure what style you’d like, so I-I thought you could pick.

Or you can just have all four.

Link… Amelia, I-I know that this last year has been intense.

Everything about us has been intense.

It’s… It’s kind of our thing.

I don’t think it makes sense for us to wait until life settles down, because knowing us, it won’t.

But I do know that no matter what happens, I want to go through it with you.

You… challenge me, you… you thrill me, you impress the hell out of me.

There’s definitely no one on Earth like you, so please, will you do me the honor of marrying me?



♪ When the world was ending

Meredith: I’m still alive.

♪ And we talked about the places we’d never been ♪

People often laugh at that answer, but it’s not a joke.

♪ When the world was ending, we’d hold on to the past ♪

Are you responsible for this?

♪ ‘Cause it’s all we thought that we would ever see ♪

You do things your way, I’m-a do things mine.

Being alive… it’s everything.

♪ Another day to begin again

♪ To begin again, to begin

Okay, everybody, louder!

♪ And cry because I’m happy

♪ And hold my friends like long-lost lovers ♪

Time to celebrate.

♪ Be kind to me and love each other ♪

[Knock on door]

♪ The world keeps spinning on

And yes, time for pain.

♪ When the world was ending Oh, Link.

I’m so sorry.

Do you have some place I can crash?


♪ So far from comprehending

♪ They’d lift us to the stars

Time to change.

♪ Never seen each other from so far away ♪

To grow.

To love.

♪ It’s alright, it’s okay

♪ We will get another day

♪ To begin again, to begin again ♪

♪ To begin again



How are you feeling?

You’re still here?

I’m still here.

♪ To begin again, to begin again, to begin ♪

♪ To live and love

And time to give.

♪ And breathe again







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