Grey’s Anatomy – S17E02 – The Center Won’t Hold – Transcript

This is the third part of the November 2020 "Station 19" and "Grey's Anatomy" crossover event, a three-part crossover within the television franchise. It began with "Nothing Seems the Same" of Station 19, continued with "All Tomorrow's Parties" of Grey's Anatomy, and concluded with "The Center Won't Hold", also of Grey's Anatomy.
Grey's Anatomy - S17E02 - The Center Won't Hold

Air date: November 12, 2020


MEREDITH: We surgeons have come up with a stitch for just about anything. Get a mole removed… Subcutaneous suture. Snag your arm on barbed wire… loose interrupted suture. Internal bleed… silk. Slice your scalp open… well, that’s gonna need staples.

I heard you got into an O.R. today.

♪ I’ll end up strange if I don’t go crazy first ♪

I’m jealous. I haven’t held a scalpel in two weeks.

JACKSON: Yeah, well, if it’s any consolation, it was 98 degrees in full PPE.

♪ Life goes on when the lights go down ♪

Debriding a poor kid’s burns from a wildfire.

♪ I need more than just dreams ♪

All I do is run codes.

♪ To take me out of this feeling ♪

I get a break when I get to get a family in to say goodbye, and then I just run another code.

♪ To fill this glass bath to half ♪

Yeah, well, you’re not gonna like this part, then.

♪ And I’m sore from tattoos I shoulda known wouldn’t heal me ♪

I’m not even done yet.

♪ And I’m finding some peace

We obsess about making every stitch precise and strong.


♪ Life goes on

You asleep?

♪ No free will without the choice ♪

Thanks, Grey. I was perfectly content in that dream.

♪ How you gonna scream without the voice? ♪

♪ I can’t think around the noise ♪

Where were you?

♪ It gets hard to avoid

[GROANS] I was in a field…

♪ It all gets harder to avoid

…near where I grew up in Ireland.

♪ No free will without the choice ♪

But instead of barley,

♪ How you gonna scream without the voice? ♪

it was just dead bodies.

♪ I can’t think around the noise ♪

And you want to go back there?


I want to go anywhere that isn’t this bloody place.


Back to it.

Your mask is…

Falling apart? Yeah. I gave my new one for today to one of the nurses.


♪ Life goes on


WOMAN: [OVER P.A.] Dr. Mannard to radiology. Dr. Mannard to radiology.

MAGGIE: Richard. Hey!

Is everything okay?

Uh, yeah, yeah. I’m just going over patients’, um, uh, supply needs…


…with, um…

Catherine: Ready for you, Dr. Pierce.


With Dr. Fox.

Uh, I’ll just, uh, take the stairs.


Go easy on that hip. You don’t want to get hurt on your first day back.

Well, thanks. But the only pain I’m feeling right now is square in my ass.




I swear, if that idiot broke my nose, I swear I’m gonna sue.

BAILEY: Sir, shut up!

Uh, DeLuca, here. Take the other father over to bed 7.

If it’s occupied, I don’t care where he goes, as long as he’s 15 yards away from that one.

Okay. You got it, Chief.

[SIGHS]LEVI: There’s tissue swelling, she had trouble putting weight on it, and I can see some slight bruising.

It’s probably a sprain, but I ordered an X-ray to be safe.

NICO: What happened, exactly?

I rolled it or someone stomped on it.

I-I don’t… I don’t know. It happened fast.

Alright, well, it’s most likely just a sprain, but, Schmitt, shout when you get an X-ray.

I’ll take a look.


LEVI: Chief, that’s exactly what I said.

But you’re not the orthopedic surgeon.

Come on. Radiology! Let’s go.


Bailey needs soccer or T-ball.

Or maybe we could get him to run wind sprints

up and down the driveway just to wear him out.

You think that would be cruel?


What’s with everybody posting “Happy birthday” all over your social media? Your birthday’s next week.


Wait. No.

I didn’t miss…

How is next week already over?

I missed it myself until my mom called.

[SIGHS]Our lives are insane.

Okay, but when your mom called, why didn’t you tell me?

I didn’t want you to feel bad. [SIGHS]

I feel bad now!


I’m hungry.

[SIGHS] Babe, I-I’m not upset.

I promise. I-I ju…

I lived another year.

I made a healthy baby with a woman I am crazy about.

[SIGHS] It’s all good.

Oh, God.


You are the cutest, Scout.

Or maybe not Scout.

Why not Scout?

I’m not sure yet.

Oh. Why not Scout?

I love Scout as a nickname, and I love you.

I got that. I’m good.

But we should name him.

I agree with Link.

On Scout? On naming him.

What about Tony?

Mm… You hate it.

Tony Soprano. “Tony Baloney.”

“Tony’s a phony.”

I’m allowed to not like names, right?

I’m not weighing in on that.


Now… he’s adorable, whatever his name is.


Except… not Tony.


No, not Tony.

SCREENER: Thank you, sir. Please wait over there. Next!


Hey. Hey. Sorry to pull you from screening, but we’re running low on doctors over here.

This should be the last kid from the wildfire.

Nice change of pace…

I mean… not nice.

Obviously, it’s… it’s terrible and infuriating, and, you know, for the first time in my career,

I haven’t seen a stroke or a heart attack within a week, and I know that people are still having them, but they’re just afraid to come in because of COVID, which means they’re dying at home.

[SIGHS] Sorry. Not a lot of opportunity to vent these days.


Listen, Teddy, I know we’ve barely spoken since, um…

You don’t… You don’t need to say it.

But I’ve been thinking, and… there are some things we should talk about.

[SIGHS] maybe after work, if our schedules allow? Yes, yes, yeah.

Let’s… Let’s… Let’s talk.[SIREN CHIRPS]



PARAMEDIC: 18-year-old male found half a mile from the Black Ball Hill fire.

Penetrating abdominal trauma from a broken tree shard.

Otherwise, alert and oriented times three.

Let’s get him to trauma 2.Let’s go.

Please don’t tell my dad.




Amelia and Link had their baby.

Did you see him? Really cute little guy.

What happened last night? Oh, my mom told you, right?

I, uh, had a last-minute emergency surgery.

I should have texted, or a voicemail would have worked, too.


To tell me that our wedding was off?

What? Not off, just… just delayed.

Why would it be off?

I don’t know. I don’t know. I just… I-I guess I-I…

I-It just… I kind of… I got thrown.

Yeah. Okay. Well, got it.

Well, no. No. I don’t want to cancel our wedding, Teddy.

Do you? No. [SIGHS]


[SIGHS] Trauma’s coming in.

See ya.

[CHUCKLES] Would you like me to buy you a Porsche, as well?

Maybe a private jet?

I know it looks like a lot…

It doesn’t look like a lot. It is a lot!

It is unreasonable.

Catherine, it is just what I need to keep my patients alive and safe.

What is unreasonable is that too many of them are black and brown, and not enough people seem to care.

I know that! Then why are you yelling at me?

I’m not yelling at you, I’m yelling at the world through you!

I hate this.

I hate this!

I am good at my job,

and I have yet to meet a problem that I couldn’t fix until this!

Try it, Maggie! It feels good to yell.

I hate this, too!

Yeah! I hate this!

I hate that I’ve had to cancel all of my surgeries!

I hate that people are dying because they don’t have access to healthcare!

I hate that my entire day is spent on a computer conference!

Conference, conference!

And I hate that everyone is dying no matter what we do!

Lord, I hate that everyone is dying!

I hate that I can’t fix it!

I hate that I can’t fix this!




And I hate that my husband hasn’t come back to me.




I hate that, too.





Uh, I-I heard about your PPE cleaning hack.


Well, I’m glad to help.

I-I… You know, I’ve been meaning to ask, how are things, uh, with you and Dr. Fox?

You want to know if she’s back on the market?

How kind of you to offer. No.

I-I wondered if I could, uh, take credit for your idea.

Buy a little goodwill.

Yeah, forget it. I’ll just, uh…

I’ll just hide from her instead.



Richard: We cannot blame, um, environment, toxins, family history.

How ’bout that last quarter, huh?

Cells need apologies, and they need to know on an elemental… No, no, no. No, no, no.

The conference confirmed that they weren’t gonna post this.

Damn it! [GROANS] They didn’t.

It was someone’s cellphone.

I’ve gone viral.

Alright. That’s fine. We issue a press release.

We explain the whole thing. We explain the symptoms and the dangers of cobalt poisoning.

People need to know the risks.

My reputation, Jackson… It’s everything I had.

And it’s still intact, alright?

You have a legendary career. You got sick.

It’s tempting to want to point to my illness and say, “That’s why he made so many mistakes.”

But rigorous honesty is a tenet of my sobriety, and if I look at myself in the mirror,

I know there were things that were not the cobalt.

They were just me.

Look, I told Maggie she should operate on her cousin.

That was a tough call. In that circumstance, I might have made the same decision.

And I spent time with a woman who wasn’t your mother.

I knew it was wrong, and I did it anyway, all because she… puffed up my ego.

It wasn’t physical. I made sure of that.

But, still, it…

It felt like cheating.

And I have no one to blame but myself.


Ah, my patient.

Ah, you… you go.



School is done, and the kids are watching a movie.

All three of them? How’d you swing that?

I told them it’s what you wanted for your re-birthday.

[SIGHS] I missed the real one, so now it’s today. Surprise!

Amelia, you don’t have to…

Do you realize what I have done?

When was the last time every child in this house was doing something that did not involve us?

And the baby’s asleep.

The baby has a name.

But… I just forgot it.







What are you doing?

Oh, uh, I figured if we couldn’t pick a name, he could pick his own.

Maybe he’ll react when I say the right one.

Hmm? And I can’t think of a better idea.




No, no, no, not that one.

Gabe Lincoln? Oh, God.

Maybe we should try some girl names.

We don’t know if he’ll identify as male.

Good point.



This kid’s dad attacked another kid’s dad, somehow Bailey’s foot got involved, and now they’re all in the E.R.

Well, I’m okay with that as long as no one’s dying of the plague.

DeLuca’s wondering if there’s an update for the dad.

I mean, his blood pressure’s barely holding, and his burns are extensive, so it’s a long road.

Oh, wow.

These burns have gone through the muscle, into his chest?

Wait, you’re touching his lung?

Have cardio meet us in the O.R.

Get a thoracotomy tray ready right away.

I’m on it.



Hey. Hey.

Look, I-I don’t know when I’m gonna get another quiet moment, so do you want to talk now?

Uh, yeah, sure. That’s a good idea.

There hasn’t really been much time to think lately.

But what little time there has been, I’ve been… I’ve been thinking about the future and our future.

Yeah, me, too.

So I took a look at my medical directives and my will.

And if anything happened to me, obviously, you’d get Allison, uh, but we haven’t made a plan for Leo.

[CLEARS THROAT]Owen, I want to talk about us.

And I haven’t talked to Amelia and Link about this…

I wanna talk about you and me.

…but if you… if you can’t, then maybe they’d be willing…


At least then, the kids would.


You… You need to get that?

Yeah. I-I’m sorry. I, um…

Um, yeah. The O.R. needs me now.

Yeah. Okay.

Owen, look. Leo and Allison, they’re brother and sister.

I w… I-I don’t want to split them up.

Of course not. I don’t, either.

And if you’re okay with them both…

[SCOFFS] I’m not okay with you dying, Owen.


Let’s talk later, then.

MEREDITH: Hey, hey, Hayes! I got your page.

Please tell me it’s a surgery. It’s surgery.

Oh, good, ’cause I can’t call time of death on one more person.

And I don’t want it to be someone’s grandmother.

Oh, you’d prefer it was a teenager?

Well, no, no. That came out wrong.

I just want to do what I’m best at, and cutting people open is what I’m best at, and what do we have? Frankie Morris.

Eight weeks ago, I helped give him a transplanted kidney for ARPKD.

It was behaving beautifully till a tree branch penetrated it earlier today.

Injured the superior pole.

Tree branch? He was running from a wildfire.

What do you think? I think I’m saving a kidney!


You coming? Well, I wouldn’t mind, considering it’s my patient.

Stay out of my way.


LEVI: How does this feel?

T-T… It feels like you put on a tourniquet, and all my blood flow has stopped. T… Ah!

Alright. Uh, we got some soft tissue swelling but no fracture.

You’ll be as good as new in a few days if you stay off it.

Oh, great. Just like I thought.



Well, what happened here?

There was a fistfight between some parents.

You start it?

I live in a hotel.

My sister-in-law takes care of my boys.

I only get to see my husband when he comes hereto clap for me every 12 hours, and two grown men just used me as a wrestling mat.

You’re not funny.


ZANDER: Dr. Fox is ready for you, Chief.

Ugh. Ohh.

Should I tell her to wait?

And if so, can someone else? Because I am not her favorite.

Levi: So [SIGHS] conference room?

No. Cancun.

See? That was funny.

Chief Bailey?

T… Uh, tell her I’ll be there soon.




JACKSON: Rigorous honesty, right?

I am here to be rigorously honest with you.

No, not right now, thank you.

I’m gonna tell you my truth, and you’re gonna listen, whether you like it or not, because you’re bed-bound and I’m not.

I know it’s really hard to live with my mom.

I know she can be withholding when she’s angry or feels slighted.

And I remember. I know she didn’t say anything when Bailey fired you.

I have been where you are.

I get it. And, yeah, I’m a little pissed about the whole other-woman thing, but you know what? A-At my core, I kind of… I kind of even get that, too, because I know that Mom can push people to need to prove that she is not the sun, moon, and stars all rolled into one, to prove that you’re your own man, to prove that, “Hey, sometimes you’re just plain wrong,” even if she’ll never admit it.

I also get that she kind of is the sun, moon, and stars all rolled into one, especially when she loves you, ’cause when she loves you, man, she will move mountains to help you.

She will dedicate herself totally and completely to helping you, to getting you where you need to go, however you need to get there.

When she loves, it’s super hard.

And all of that love.

it’s worth the rest of it.

I know you love her. I know you do.

‘Cause you’re physically better.

The cobalt’s pretty much out of your system by now.

You’re still not yourself. You’re not even fighting for your damn reputation or your career, Richard, ’cause your wife isn’t here.

Why is that? ‘Cause you sent her away.

I know with all of my being that you need to get over this stubborn ego, stubborn pride, and go call and claim the woman that you love, ’cause you’re not gonna get over it.

And you’re damn sure never gonna get over her.

You know, I’m not too old to kick your ass.



I always wanted a son.

Well, you’ve got one.

So when she calls you, just answer the damn phone, okay?

Hear her out.

If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for me.


JACKSON: Can I get another 2 units of blood on standby?

Got your page. Got your page.

JACKSON: Get in here. Both of you.

His burns have gone past the chest wall all the way into the thoracic cavity.

MAGGIE: Full-thickness burns all the way to the lungs?

Have you ever seen anything like that?

Teddy: Yeah, in a bombing in Iraq.

JO: Clamp.

Link: This feels like…


I had this friend in the bike shop in Venice.


And one year, it rained like crazy.

And he said, uh, there had to be this one moment when all the windshield wipers on all the cars in the city were aligned and in sync just for one or two wipes.

He called it a fleeting moment of profound harmony.

Mm. This friend smoke a lot of pot?

Mm. Yeah, he had a medical card and a dealer.


[GROANS]I got it.

You enjoy your profound moment of fleeting…

Happy birthday. [SIGHS]




This website says some people pick names from a dream.

What was the last dream you had before the baby was born?

Um, does it have to be my dream?

Yes, because I don’t think we should call him.

Sex with His Dad.

I don’t think Snake in a Vest is much better.


Okay. Let’s keep going.

Power through it. Think outside the box.

No wrong answers. Say some things you love.

Or we could just take a step back… rest our brains, revisit the subject when we feel more… like ourselves?

“Like ourselves” as in “not hormonal and crazy”?

I mean…

Yes? Go away.

I-I… Get out before I shoot breast milk in your eyes.



Hayes: No one would be able tell you’ve been out of the O.R. for a while.

MEREDITH: I recite surgical steps when I’m putting on my PPE.

I’m claustrophobic, so it calms me down.

How are your lot taking it?

My kids? Mm-hmm.

Well, I haven’t been home in two weeks, so I’m not sure they remember who I am.

My lads are crawling the walls.

I just pray to God they don’t do anything this stupid.

Gonna tell me when you were this age, you don’t remember being away from your friends for two days

feeling like an eternity?

Friends, no. Girlfriend, maybe.

I once hoisted myself over an electric fence to get to a girlfriend.

What were you doing behind an electric fence?

Ah, we don’t know each other well enough for that story yet.

Alright, Frankie. Moment of truth.

We’ll have to inspect the calyces, but so far, so good.

Well, what do you know? Maybe there is another tomorrow.



Damn it. Clamp.


Come on, Frankie.

Come on, Frankie.


No, no, no. Ma, Ma, you got to do the thing where you pretend that the broccoli is the brother of the carrots that he already ate and that they need to be reunited in his tummy.

Yeah, like, uh, “Please, Mr. Leo. Please, please, let me be reunited with my sister in your tummy.”

Okay? Okay, good. Yeah, Ma. I got to go. I love you. Bye.

AARON: Excuse me, Doctor. Uh, my son is Frankie.

Is there any update?

Do they have to take his new kidney out?

Are… Are we going through this all over again?

Well, he only just went up to the O.R., so it’s gonna be a while before we know, I’m afraid.

You know, when COVID started, I told Frankie, “Now it’s our turn to protect the doctors and nurses who helped you,” and we have been diligent and careful.

We have quarantined, and we have prayed, and now my own son, my son who is alive because a good person died and donated a kidney…

He threw it all away for a party.

[VOICE BREAKING] I love my son more than I love myself, and I want him to be okay.

[CRYING] But I am so mad.

I don’t know how I’ll even be able to look at him.


OWEN: Schmitt, check on her post-op H&H and keep an eye on her urine output, okay?

Owen… what’s going on?

What’s wrong? I… [SIGHS]

What are you not saying? I know you.

I-I know that there is something wrong.

Do you think maybe you’re projecting, Teddy?

I mean [CHUCKLES] what are you not saying?

What are you not telling me?

I’m right here.

I’m right here, Teddy, and I love you.

And I [SIGHS] I trust you.

And you’re my best friend.

So if there’s something… you need to tell me, now is the time.

No. No, there… There’s nothing. [CHUCKLES]





TEDDY: Oh, God. Oh.

KORACICK: Let’s not wait till 7:00. Let’s leave now.


Schmitt… I can’t leave with you.

Oh, my God. Schmitt played this for me in the O.R.

I am marrying Owen… on what was supposed to be our wedding day.


So much for love.


So much for friendship.

So much for… [SNIFFLES]

So much for trust. [CHUCKLES DRYLY]

Owen, I… So much for us.

Owen, wait, wait. No.

Oh, my God. Wait. Owen.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.

No. They said he was out of surgery.

There were some complications.

Uh, y-your son’s burns were much deeper than we saw initially, so they had to take him back in.


Kayden told me about the party and asked if he could take the car.

And I had this feeling in my gut like it’s not a good idea.

But I figured, it’s just a few kids.

They’ll all wear masks.

No one will find out.


Why didn’t I say no?


♪ Walk with me, I’ll walk with you ♪

♪ Down these troubled roads we’ve stumbled into ♪

♪ We’re all in this thing together ♪

♪ We’re gonna make it through

♪ Walk with me, I’ll walk with you ♪

♪ Be there for me, I’ll be there for you ♪

♪ When we’re running out of hope ♪

♪ When we don’t know what to do ♪

♪ Like a candle in the darkness shining bright and true ♪

♪ Be there for me, I’ll be there for you ♪

♪ Walk with me, I’ll walk with you ♪


♪ I know the rain of today

♪ Will bring tomorrow’s bloom

♪ When we can’t see where we’re goin’ ♪

♪ Or what the world is coming to ♪

♪ Will you walk with me? Oh, I’ll walk with you ♪


♪ Walk with me


♪ And I will walk with you


♪ Walk with me


♪ And I will walk with you

♪ It’s gonna be

♪ Oh, it’s gonna be

♪ Walk with me ♪ Gonna be, gonna be alright

♪ Everything

♪ And I will walk with you ♪ Is gonna be alright

♪ Yeah ♪ Walk with me

♪ Ooh, it’s gonna be

♪ Walk with me ♪ Gonna be, gonna be alright

♪ Everything

♪ And I will walk with you ♪ Is gonna be alright

♪ Walk with me, and I will walk with you ♪

HAYES: Aaron?

Hey, Doc. Happy to report

he pulled through surgery like a champ, okay?

Dr. Grey’s settling him into the ICU now.

And w-what about his kidney?

Okay. We did have to remove part of his kidney, but it’s still functioning, so we’ll monitor him closely, but it’s promising.

Okay. Thank you so much, Dr. Hayes. Thank you.

Once the anesthesia wears off, we’ll set you up with a tablet so you can chat, okay? Thank you!

DELUCA: Mr. Lee?

These are Kayden’s doctors.

STEVE: How is he?

Is Mrs. Lee here?

She’s outside. One second.

Let me get her on the phone. No, no, we sh…

TEDDY: Let’s… Let’s go and talk to her.



Oh, God.


Just tell me he’s alive.

Just that much, because… I can’t go all the way to my wife if I don’t even know that.



He can’t be.

Not my baby boy.

[SOBBING] Oh, not my baby boy.



It’s okay. Come on.

I got you.

I got you.




So, that’s your report… That the world is on fire?

BAILEY: I think it’s an accurate summation.

What, you… you want me to give you the long version?

Well, Koracick’s $100,000 order was nothing but booties.

We are losing people. We’re losing money.

But we’ll keep showing up until we win.

End of report.


Look, I get that Richard humiliated you when he sent you away after his surgery.

So what?

You humiliated him when you bought his hospital.

You have both done incredibly hurtful things.

But he is someone who can help you through this nightmare and bring you some joy, which is something we all need more of right now.

And it’s only too late if you decide it’s too late!

There are people dying!

There are children dying!

There’s a worldwide pandemic!

But you are still alive.

And I am sorry that I’m yelling right now, but it really does feel good, especially when it’s the truth!

[CLAPS HANDS] Also an accurate summation.


LEVI: Oh, thank God. That was really uncomfortable.





Sorry. I just, um… [CLEARS THROAT]

I just really wanted that kid to live.

Yeah. We all did.

Oh, okay, so you’re on Owen’s side, too.

I guess that makes everyone.

You think they should be on your side?

I think everyone should just mind their own business.

Having your life fall apart is hard enough without everyone’s judgment.


Let me guess. You just followed your heart.

Well, this is where your heart led you, and it’s no one’s fault but your own.

You had a beautiful life, a beautiful family, and you blew it up with a butt dial?

Do you have any idea how humiliating that is for Owen?

It’s not my fault that Alex left you, but if you want to take that out on me, then okay. Fine.

You never made a mistake?

You never hurt someone that you love?

[VOICE BREAKING] You never tried to sabotage your own happiness because easy and happy are so unfamiliar to you?

They’re so foreign that you can’t even live with it.

I love Owen, and I broke us, and that feeling is unbearable.

So you can judge me all you want or you can take a break, because I’m doing enough judging of myself for the both of us.

Have you said all of that to him?

I tried, but he doesn’t want to listen.

Try harder.




I got paged.

Am, uh, I supposed to guess what you wanted?

Hey, Catherine. I-I got your page.

I guess you, uh…

[SIGHS]you heard about the delivery.

Tom, sometimes a crisis proves bigger than any one man.

This one has proved bigger than you.

You’ll stay on as neuro attending, but I’m accepting your resignation as chief of chiefs, effective immediately.

[SIGHS] Are… Are you firing me?

[CHUCKLES] And you expect me to… to stay?

Uh, yeah. N-No, thanks.

I-I can get a job anywhere I want.

And, what, broadcast your sexual escapades in someone else’s O.R.?

Tommy, word gets around.

This is a new world.

If I were you, I’d take the win.


Dr. Webber, I’m hoping that you will accept his job as chief of chiefs and my apologies for everythingl’ve done to hurt you.

I am so sorry.

♪ Amen


Well…♪ Amen

…I guess we need to get our hands on some COVID tests.

♪ Amen

Why? A-Are you feeling poorly?

No, I-I feel fine. Never felt better.

♪ Work a lot from home

I just want to make sure it’s safe

♪ I work a lot on the down low

to do all the things I want to do with you.

♪ I keep trying to be somebody

♪ Somebody that they all know

♪ I double-check my phone


♪ No new messages, no missed calls ♪

♪ Everybody needs somebody to hold them too close ♪

♪ I need a little mercy, mercy

♪ I need a little mercy, mercy ♪



What? I’m tagging you out, right?

You know, I-I pulled off this incredible surgery, and I sort of got a second wind, so I think I can stay.

You know, someone once told me that sleep’s important.

Mm. I should try it sometime. Mm-hmm.

♪ Devil’s not in the details, he’s on the front page ♪

Is there any specific patient you want me to check in on?

I can do it. It should be me.

Okay. You know that friend who told me about sleep?

She also told me that I wouldn’t be much use to anyone if I didn’t take care of myself.

She’s a friend now, huh?

She saved my life, so… she’s whatever she wants to be to me.

♪ I need some mercy, mercy

Okay. 1702… Mm-hmm.

If she decompensates at all, please call me.

I don’t care what time it is.

♪ Mercy

Okay. You have my word.


♪ Mercy

Good luck out there. Thanks.

♪ Mercy, mercy, no murcielago

♪ Just a Nissan low on gas

♪ Thank God for every time he saved my ass ♪

♪ Like back when we was on the Internet ♪

♪ But we never copped nothin’

LEVI: [SCOFFS] Not sure what you’re looking for, but we probably don’t have it.

♪ Moral of the story you can’t take it with you ♪

♪ Moral of the story, everybody needs something or somebody ♪

♪ Everybody needs a lil mercy

What are you doing?


I was a terrible boyfriend, and I get it if you say no, but…

♪ I need a little mercy, mercy

…my thinking is that you just need some stress relief.

♪ I don’t wanna talk to God

And while I couldn’t provide you with the love and the affection that you deserved…

♪ Mercy

♪ Mercy

…I can provide you with that.

♪ I need a little mercy

Stress relief?

♪ Mercy

Stress relief.


♪ I need a little mercy, mercy

…can we leave my mask on?

♪ I don’t wanna talk to God

That’s not what I want to take off.

♪ I just wanna be free

♪ Mercy


♪ Mercy


[LAUGHING] I’m serious.

The next time you feel overwhelmed,

just start screaming.

It really… It really took a load off.


Everything okay?

There’s just a tent here that wasn’t here this morning.


What? What are you talking about? What are…

Did you do this?

Well, sort of, yeah.

I-I bought it, but your family did all the labor.

You work harder than anybody I know, and you need your rest.

So I thought this way, you could see your family whenever you wanted without having to sleep on the floor.

Oh, baby.

[LAUGHING] Oh, my…

Oh, my…

Oh, my God!

This is amazing! Oh! I I…

♪ I just bought a new car

What was that?

You were about to say it.

Shut up. I was not.

But if Kingsley is there, I have something to say to him.

[LAUGHS] And I know you don’t like camping, but…

No, no. You know, it turns out when it’s just a-a tent in a backyard… camping’s kind of sexy.

Oh, really, now? Mm-hmm.

♪ And into my heart

Oh. I got to decon first.

♪ I wanna drive you wild, wild, wild ♪

Wait a minute. You really gonna strip and not let me watch?


♪ I wanna love you


♪ For miles and miles

♪ We can go slow, we don’t need to rush ♪

♪ I’ll take the wheel, make you feel every touch ♪

♪ I wanna drive you wild, wild, wild ♪

You got all the kids to bed while I was building that tent?

Can you forget all my birthdays?

♪ Lay on the passenger’s side


I know. It’s pathetic.

I couldn’t even light the candle because I can’t find anything in this house that makes fire, because we hid it all away from Bailey.

♪ We’ll get there tonight

I love it. Thank you.

They accidentally sent gluten-free.

I’m so sorry.


♪ You set me on fire

[SIGHS] I really am sorry I forgot.

♪ I swear you’re the only one

Are you kidding?

There were no major meltdowns…

…I got to have sex, and…

♪ I wanna drive you

…I got a doughnut.

♪ Wild, wild, wild

The only guy who might be luckier is Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln…

♪ I wanna love you for miles and miles ♪

…because he has the best mom in the whole world.

Now I’ve got to get a glass of water, because this is…

They’re terrible. It’s terrible. Terrible.

MEREDITH: As proud as we surgeons are of our stitches, they aren’t meant to be a permanent fix.

Your body still has to do the real work.


Your mom’s watching the kids.

And the… the gift shop was out of flowers.

Teddy, don’t do this.

Owen, I love you.

♪ Yeah, wanna love you

I am sorry. I am so sorry.

♪ Wanna touch you, wanna drive you ♪

I will do anything you say to fix this.

I don’t want to lose our family. Owen, please.

Can we just… ♪ Oh, wanna love you

Please don’t go. Ple… Owen, let’s just talk about this. Owen.

[MUSIC STOPS] What did I do, Teddy?

What did I do to make you hate me this much?

When I cheated on Cristina, it was because I hated her.

I was enraged, so… I don’t… I don’t hate you.

That’s… That’s not what this was.

Then what? Because I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to comprehend why you would do that, and I can’t.

I don’t know. It was a mistake.

It was… It was a stupid mistake. That’s all.

He asked you to run away with him.

And I said no.

No! No, you didn’t!

‘Cause I listened to it. I listened to it almost 100 times.

He asks you to run away, and you don’t say no.

You don’t say that you don’t want to.

You don’t say that you can’t because you love me or even because you have a family.

You just say, “I’m marrying Owen,” like it’s j… like it’s just some kind of fate that you just… accepted.

Look at me.

♪ Once in a while

An army of different cells comes in to build new tissue.

♪ I see myself

I want to be with you.


I love our family.

♪ No longer enchanted

I love you.

♪ By the future or the past

And eventually, you’ve produced enough collagen to heal.

Owen. I can’t. I’m sorry.

Teddy… Owen, please don’t go.

Owen, please.

♪ Once in a while

Owen, please wait.


Please don’t… Owen!

Wait! Wait!

♪ It’s crystal clear

At least that’s the plan.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t obsess about technique.

Please, obsess.

♪ They disappear

HAYES: No. No!

Grey! Grey!

Grey, Grey, can you hear me?

♪ If every breath is sacred

Somebody help me!

Because even one mistake…

Careful. Careful. I got her head.

I need rapid response, oxygen, and a gurney now! Go! Hurry up!

Can you hear me, Grey? Grey, come on. Stay with me, Grey.

I’m here, don’t worry. It’ll be okay.

One slip…

♪ Deep enough to believe

…can cost a lot of blood.

MAN: [ECHOING] Meredith!

♪ If every breath is sacred


Oh, my God.


♪ Deep enough to feel something ♪

♪ Deep enough to believe

♪ That every breath is sacred

♪ God, I want to breathe


♪ Deep enough to feel something ♪


♪ Please show me how to breathe ♪


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