For All Mankind – S04E10 – Perestroika | Transcript

Margo faces shock and betrayal, Aleida uncovers Sergei's death, and a hijacker's plot alters Mars' orbit. Tragedy and political intrigue ensue.
For All Mankind - S04E10 - Perestroika

For All Mankind
Season 4 Episode 10
Episode Title: Perestroika
Original release date: January 12, 2023

Episode plot summary: In the climactic events of “Goldilocks,” all parties brace for the critical maneuver. Margo encounters an unexpected turn with Irina’s arrival in Houston. Meanwhile, Aleida, concerned by Sergei’s silence, investigates his motel room, uncovering the tragic news of his demise. Margo, deeply affected by Sergei’s death, confronts Irina but holds back due to the public setting.

The Mars deputized security forces, acting on Miles’ coerced tip-off, raid the hijacker’s OpsCom. Despite their efforts, most of the hijackers evade capture, aided by Dev. However, their scheme is exposed, and a countermeasure is activated, jeopardizing their plan as the burn commences.

In a twist, the hijackers connect with Sam, initiating a contingency operation. Sam undertakes a risky EVA, engaging in a tense struggle with Palmer. His efforts extend the duration of the burn. Aleida and Margo, in a covert move, sabotage Houston’s control attempts, directing the asteroid into Mars’ orbit. Margo later discloses her protective actions towards Aleida.

Amidst the chaos, Miles is liberated by Ilya and his allies, sparking a rebellion against the Mars security forces. They converge on the North Korean capsule, but their advancement is stalled. Ed and Dani intervene to defuse the situation, but a tragic accident occurs – Dani is inadvertently shot amidst the turmoil, prompting an immediate ceasefire.

The narrative reaches a dramatic close as Margo is escorted from Mission Control in handcuffs, her courtroom monologue overlaying the scene. The Soviet Union initiates an inquiry into Irina’s conduct, while the mistreatment of Mars detainees becomes a media sensation. Lee’s wife arrives on Mars with a wave of North Korean refugees. Back on Earth, Dani reunites with her family and meets her new grandchild.

In a reflective moment in 2012, Dev looks out from Korolev Crater at Goldilocks, now the bustling Kuznetsov Station, a testament to an extensive mining endeavor.

* * *

[wind blowing]

[radio crackles]

[worker 1] We get back to base camp,

I still gotta write up this geo field report for Site 42.

[worker 2] You’re gonna update the techniques and methods sheet too, right?

[worker 1] Yeah. Yeah, I’ll make sure to include it.

[worker 2] File the report once you get back to Happy Valley.

And cross-check the…

Hey, do you see that over there?

[worker 1] Where?

[worker 2] Ten o’clock.

[worker 1] What is that?

[worker 2] I don’t know. I’m gonna go check it out.

[breathing heavily]


[radio chatter]

Taylor, I gotta go monitor the ionizer cooldown sequence.

Keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Aye, aye, sir.

[Ravi] Happy Valley, Ranger-2.

Ion engine deactivation is complete.

All argon fuel injectors have been rerouted to the plasma drive for the final burn.

[Danielle] Copy, Ranger-2.

Deactivation confirmed.

Any issues with the changeover?

[Ravi] Negative. All systems nominal.

[Danielle] Good.

After we authenticate the final command sequence for the slingshot from Houston, we will remotely initiate the final Earth burn.

[Ravi] Copy that. Ranger-2 out.

[worker] Commander Poole, I have the final fuel consumption estimates…

[dialogue fades]

[people speaking indistinctly]

[radio chatter]

Message from Dev.

[Ed] All right. They’re checking the final plasma drive start-up numbers.

We gotta keep everything on track.

Make sure to mirror that last diagnostic upload to Ranger.

Copy. Transmitting.

Looks like Ranger-2’s on target.

Two hours, four minutes till final burn.

Good. All right. I’ll be right back.

How’s he doing?

I think I must take him to medical bay.

No way. He saw our faces.

When he wakes up in there, we’re gonna be fucked.

If we keep him here, he could die.

Yeah, I don’t think we have a choice.

Easy for you to say, Ed.

You’re not the one who’s gonna go to jail when he picks you out of a lineup.

I take him.

All right?

Decision final.

What are you gonna say to the doc?

Accident with cargo loader.

Okay. That’s good.

And when he wakes up?

[Ed sighs]

We have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

I’m sure Dima will help out.

He has before.

[in Korean] It will be fine.

I hope so.

[Miles breathes heavily]



[Bishop] We’re running out of time, Dale.

Tell us who else is involved and you are free to go.

Like I told you before, I don’t know anything.

Just let me go.

[device beeps]

Please, you gotta stop this.


What you doing?

Increasing CO2 levels in room.

[sighs, grunts]

You ever have carbon dioxide poisoning before, Miles?

[grunts, sighs]

[Avilov] Very quickly it will become hard to breathe.

Your heart rate will increase.

[Bishop] Your head will feel like it’s gonna explode.

And soon, you’ll wish it had.

Please don’t do this.

Give us the names of those involved, and we’ll stop this right now.

I told you, I don’t know anything.

[machine beeps]



You should start feeling the effects of the CO2 quite soon.

[Miles] Please don’t do this.

[panting continues]

[Bishop] Who were you working with?

[distorted] Tell us what you know and we’ll stop this.

[Miles, distorted] I don’t know anything. I swear.

[panting continues]

[Bishop] Where are they?

[gasps] Please.

[grunts, straining] Please. I’m gonna be sick.


[Bishop] Just tell us where they are.

[normal voice] You got some on my shoe!


[speaks Russian]

[Miles groans]

[Miles, in English] Please. [gags]

I don’t know anything. Please.

[Bishop] This isn’t working, and we’re running out of time.

We gotta try something else.

[Miles breathes heavily]

Please. Please let me go.


Please, man. I just wanna see my family.

Just let me see my family.

[panting, gagging]

[device beeps]

[Miles] Please.

[birds chirping]

[knocking on door]

[person] Miss Madison?

[Margo groans]

[knocking continues]


Come in.

Good morning.

[groans] Yes?


Eli was wondering if you’d be able to come to his office.


Can’t it wait?

He says it’s important.


[indistinct speaking]


[Hobson] I’m feeling pretty confident that the security on Happy Valley has it in hand, as your people well know, because my people detected them attempt…


Margo, thank you for coming by.

Hello, Margo.

Director Morozova.

I, uh… [chuckles] I wish I’d known you were coming.

I would have prepared.

Oh, no preparations are necessary.

[Hobson] A nice surprise, isn’t it?


Yes, it is.

Feels like she and I talk pretty much every day lately over this damn thing.

But I haven’t seen Irina in person since Leningrad.

[chuckles] We had the best dinner at that place.

They served that little fried fish with the mashed potatoes…



Honestly, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. [chuckles]

Well, I’ve come to observe the culmination of our efforts to bring the asteroid to Earth.

[Hobson] It’s gonna be a special moment for all of us.


Eli tells me you have settled right back in.

Kinda hard to settle in when you’re followed everywhere you go.

[Irina] I can imagine.

Well, you don’t have to endure it much longer.

After asteroid has been put on a correct trajectory for Earth, you and I are returning to Star City.


[personnel speaking indistinctly]

[Aleida] Great.

We need to make sure we don’t miss any contributors to comm latency.

[colleague] We’ve run 50 end-to-end tests. Results match predictions.

[Will] Make sure we get those test reports back ASAP.

Excuse me.

Yes, sir.

What’s going on?

Irina Morozova is here.

In Houston?

She was supposed to be in Moscow with Korzhenko when the burn happens.

You know, maybe it’s about this sabotage rumor.

Whatever it is, we need to get word to our mutual acquaintance.

Have you been in touch with him?

I sent him the latest kinetic impact calculations this morning, but I haven’t heard back.

He’s not answering his phone.

You may need to go to him in person.

We’re less than two hours away to burn.

I can’t…

Aleida, please.

I’ll cover for you while you’re gone.

I’d go myself, but I’ve got a lot of eyes on me.


Tell him he needs to leave Houston. It’s not safe for him here anymore.

He’s not gonna listen.

Make him.


[personnel speaking indistinctly]

[Bishop] Commander.

Any update on Miles Dale?

He’s not talking yet.

But I think we should be making progress soon.

Keep questioning him.

My gut says that he’s involved in this somehow.

And any news about the missing equipment downstairs?

No, ma’am. Just a lot of people pissed off at being searched repeatedly.


I want everyone who doesn’t have a mission-essential job to be confined to their quarters until this is all over.

And continue the sweep of the base.

If someone really is planning something against Ranger, we need to figure it out fast.

Yes, ma’am.

Team two, start mods at nine through 15.

Team three, mods 16 through 22.


[employee] Team one, you’re with me.

[Tuttle] What’s going on?

You all need to return to your quarters immediately.


Orders of base commander.

Mandatory curfew.

All non-essential personnel are restricted to quarters.


[security officer] Take him.

Let’s go.

Get your hands off of me.

[people clamoring]

[Tuttle grunting]

[clamoring continues]

[announcer] Return to your quarters immediately if you are not… [indistinct]

Non-essential workers are to stay in lockdown for the next 36 hours.

Return to your quarters immediately.

I repeat, non-essential workers, stay in your rooms.

[clamoring continues]

[receptionist] Check-in’s at 4:00.

Oh, I’m… I’m not here for a room.

Do you know which room Sergei, uh, Bezukhov is in?

Oh, that was so sad.

What was sad?

Wha… He stayed here for a few weeks.

I figured he was here for some sort of business thing.

Yeah, we do get businessmen every once in a while.

He was from Yugoslavia, I think, or maybe it was Sweden.

And yesterday he just… [exhales] ups and shoots himself.

He shot himself?

It’s such a shame.

[sighs] He was just a… Seemed like a real sweet guy.

Always had a smile.

[no audible dialogue]


You were just down here hiding among us this whole time?

We all have things to hide, no?

Mr. Black Market.

[Miles chuckles]

[door opens]

[bag unzips]

[Avilov whispering, indistinct]

[Bishop] My friend was very helpful.

Hey, buddy.

How you holding up?

Please, man, you gotta believe me.

I don’t know what it is you want to know.

God, I want to believe you.

I really do.

That you’re just an upstanding individual caught in the middle of an unfortunate situation.

[device beeps]


[Bishop] Yeah.

[Miles] What is this?

[Bishop] We know all about your little import-export business.

Which makes your lovely little wife an accessory.


[Bishop] She’s looking at five years.

Felony, theft, and distribution.

Son of a bitch.

And your kids.

Hey, you stay away from my kids.

Oh, no, don’t worry about them. They’ll be fine.

Child Protective Services will take good care of them.

Hey, you… Hey, come here, you motherfucker!

Hey! Fuck! [grunting] Fuck!


No, please, man.

Please, man, not my family.

Please don’t do that.

[sobs] Don’t do that.

No, please, please.

Please, not my family. Please.

I didn’t do this to your family, Miles.

[sobbing continues]

You did.

No, no, no.

[Bishop] You want your family safe.

So do we.

Help me out here.

Oh, fuck me.

I can’t. I just…

You tell us what we need to know, we’ll keep them safe.

[breathing heavily]

[Bishop] You’ll all be safe.

If you help me out.

[Miles sobbing]

Okay. [sighs]

[sighs] Okay.



They’re on sub-level four.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. [sobbing]



[sobbing continues]


[crew member] Auto-sequences are now executing step 785.

[crew member 2] Happy Valley to Ranger.

[crew member 3] When we get down there I want every inch searched.

[personnel speaking indistinctly]

[security officer] Missions check.

No, don’t worry about it now. Pick it up and go.

Wait until Scott’s out of here…


[Danielle] How did they even access sub-level four?

I thought we sealed off the lower floors.

Someone circumvented the lockout.

[employee] Let’s go.

[security officer] Get extra rounds. We’re not coming back here.

All right, let’s move.

[security officer] All right… [indistinct] …make sure you got comms.

You good?

[Danielle sighs]

It’s Mayday, sir.

Jesus, they’re coming.

Spread out.

[radio chatter]

[employee] Yes, sir.

[people chattering]

It’s another Ops-Com.

They built another fucking Ops-Com.

[radio chatter continues]

[Danielle] My God.

[Hobson] Is that even possible?

In terms of physics, can someone steal an asteroid?

Technically? Yes.

If they had been able to take control of Ranger’s flight computer and lengthen burn, they could have slowed down the asteroid long enough to change its trajectory into Mars’ orbit.

Don’t they know what we’re trying to do here?

We’re trying to change the world!

And they’re trying to line their goddamn pockets.

[Will] Look, Eli, there is good news here.

We’ve regained control of Ranger’s discriminator and we’re back on track for Earth burn.

[Hobson] Good.

Will, take charge of this. Please.

Do whatever you need to do to make sure this asteroid comes home.

Yes, sir. I’m on it.

[security officer] I got one of them!

[speaks Spanish, panting]

[Gerardo panting]

[in English] Where are the rest of you?


Oh, um…

[Gerardo] Fuck!

Answer the question.


Bishop, that’s enough.

[shouts] Where are they?

That’s enough!

[Bishop grunts]

What the hell is wrong with you?

[person, in Korean] What are these foreigners doing in here?

This is against protocols and…


While Commander Cho is ill, I am in command!

Return to your stations!

Yes, sir.

[in English] It’s over, isn’t it?

It appears that way.


[Ravi] Ranger-2 telemetry reading nominal.

The revised trajectory calcs are coming in from Ames.

Good. Now that we’ve regained control of Ranger’s discriminator, we need to uplink that data ASAP.

Gonna take at least four minutes to get to them.

Okay, so in order for 2003LC to be at the proper speed when it reaches Mars for the slingshot maneuver to Earth…


Ranger will need to burn its engines for…

20 minutes, 14.271 seconds.

Copy that.

Commence uplink to Ranger-2.

[colleague] Commencing uplink to Ranger-2.

[people chattering]


[colleague] Once the signal is transmitted from Happy Valley to Ranger, and authenticated via our discriminator box, we have to keep an eye on…

[clears throat]

…the rate of argon.

Keeping it low.

[Margo] Excuse me.

[clears throat]

Did you get hold of him?

We should go to your office.


Can we please just go to your office?

All right. Let’s go.

[Margo] What is it? We can’t be away from MOCR for too long.

[no audible dialogue]

[mouths words] What?

[mouths words] That’s enough.

[no audible dialogue]

[no audible dialogue]

[people chattering]

[Irina] …the North Korean delegation.

We really need to talk about what percentage.

We should truly…

[Margo] What did you do?


What did you do?

Whatever you think has happened, I would ad…

Don’t fucking handle me.

Not now.

Please calm yourself.

Irina, what’s going on here?

[Irina] I think you are under a lot of stress.

And I think you should control yourself.

So why don’t you go sit down?

You knew him.

You worked with him for years.

How could you?

How could I what?

[Hobson] Margo, why don’t you come sit down?

We can talk about this.

But that’s not…

Excuse me.

[people murmuring]


Really? You can’t hold me like this.

What the fuck?


[panting] Shit, bro.

You okay?

What did you do to him, you fucking animals?


[breathing heavily]

[door opens, closes]

[Gerardo] Fuck.

Everybody okay?

No, man.

They found ghost ops.

[sighs] Everybody just ran.

It’s over.


Everything we did.

[sighs] It was all for nothing.

Fucking hell.

[Gerardo sighs]

[Danielle, on radio] Ranger, Happy Valley.

Final engine burn duration command transmitting.

Confirm acquisition and authentication.

[Ravi] Copy, Happy Valley.

Stand by for confirmation.

Taylor, verify discriminator active.

[Taylor] Discriminator shows active.

Affirmative, Happy Valley.

Command has been authenticated.

Commencing final engine burn checklist.

All systems nominal.

[officer] Commander Poole. Ranger is approaching the burn window.

[Danielle] Copy.

Ranger, Happy Valley.

You are go for your slingshot burn to Earth.

[Ravi] Copy.

Executing final Ranger-2 Earth burn in three, two, one.

[switch clicks]

Happy Valley? Ranger-2.

All systems nominal.

We have good burn.

We’re burning for Earth, people.

[staff cheering]

[crew member] Congratulations.

[cheering continues]

Maybe we could just overload the discriminator by sending multiple commands.

[Dev] Won’t work.

We don’t know the box’s new encryption key.

The computer’s back in control of the entire ship.


[Dev] Without ghost ops, our hands are tied down here.

Is that a high-gain S-band transmitter?

What are you thinking?

Well, doesn’t the M-7 charter require that any North Korean ujunaut on a joint mission be able to communicate privately with their superior officers?

[Lee] Yes.

For security.

Uh, no foreign entity can hear.

Which means we could talk to Massey on a private channel.


She’s the key.

[Rich] Wait a minute. How-How would that work?

I mean, you just said we don’t have control of the discriminator anymore.

[Dev] Doesn’t matter. We go around it.

If Massey can manually disconnect the flight deck from the engines, they won’t be able to stop their own burn.

They’d be completely cut off.

You see, they installed a local command override switch on Ranger when they were attaching the new plasma engines.

If she can engage the override and plug in a transceiver tuned to our frequency right here, the only person in control of the burn… would be me.

We might be back in business, people.

Hold on. But the override switch is outside the ship.

Sam would have to do an EVA during the burn.

That’s insane.

No, it-it’s dangerous, but it’s not impossible.

As long as we can figure out a way to use the S-band to communicate with her.

Guide her through it.

I can contact, uh, Park Chui Moo.

Science officer on mission.

He can give Massey Korean radio.

Do you trust him?

[Max] I see good chamber pressures in all plasma engines.

Fluctuation is well within limits.

[Lee speaking indistinctly, through radio]

[Ravi] Keep checking those pressures.

How’s the trajectory?





Hello, Samantha.


We need you to go to the rear cargo bay of Ranger.

We just might have another way to keep the engines firing, but it’s… Well, it is… It’s complicated.

[officer, through radio] Ranger, Happy Valley.

Trajectory looks nominal.

Deceleration rate as predicted.

[monitor beeps]

Commander, I have alert that cargo bay air lock hatch is open.

[buttons click]

[device beeps]

Cargo bay? Must be a bad sensor.

[monitor beeps]

[through radio] Ranger, Happy Valley.

We’re also getting a read on your cargo bay air lock hatch alert.

Bring up camera 37.

Switch to 38.


Is that a North Korean suit?

Where’s Massey?

[Ed, through radio] Now keep your breathing steady.

Don’t wanna burn too much oxygen.

[Sam, through radio, breathing shakily] Easy for you to say.

[Dev] Now what’s your distance from the override switch access panel?

[Sam] Six meters and-and closing.

Acceleration from the engine burn is-is stronger than I thought.

It’s trying to pull me off Ranger.

[Dev] Okay. Be careful.

Now we got about 17 minutes left until they try to shut off their engines.

It’s essential that the override switch is engaged at that point.

It won’t allow them to stop their own burn.

[Sam, panting] Copy.

Tether attached.

Translating to the access panel now.


And I’m at the override access panel.

[Ed] All right. Just keep it frosty up there.

Copy. Removing panel.

[gasps, grunts] Oh, my God.

[breathes shakily] Fuck.

[Ed] Now under that panel, you’ll see a handle with yellow and black markings.

That’s the override switch.

To engage it, you gotta pull it out to the override position.

Okay. And I can, uh… I can see an override handle.

I’m gonna pull it out now.

[Dev] After it’s engaged, you just have to put the transceiver Park gave you into the RF input and I can control the engine from down here.


One more time.

[grunting, sighing]

Shit. [panting]

The, uh, override handle won’t stay out.

Damn it. Must be spring-loaded to auto.

See if you can secure it with something.

[Sam] I don’t have a lot of options up here, guys.

Your tether.

[Sam, gasping] My tether.

Okay. Uh, then I… then I wouldn’t have a tether.

[Ed] You said you wanted to be an astronaut, didn’t you?

[Ravi] She’s at the override switch access panel.

Jesus. She’s trying to disconnect us from the plasma engines.

[Max, through radio] Why would she do that?

[Ravi, through radio] Happy Valley. Ranger.

They are attempting to engage the safety override so we can’t control our engines.

If those engines burn, even for a few seconds longer past our 20-minute window, the asteroid won’t turn for Earth.

[through radio] Palmer, get suited up.

I need you to put a stop to this.

[Palmer, through radio] Yes, ma’am. I’m on it.

[people chattering]


A moment, Commander?

Any sign of their crew?

Turns out Commander Cho has been unconscious in the med bay since this morning.

We think the crew may be holed up in the North Korean module.

Have you notified Houston?


Still waiting on approval.

Approval for what?

To go in.

Raise North Korean module.

Yes, Commander.

[through radio] This is Commander Danielle Poole.

Come in.

[Lee clears throat]

Lee Jung-Gil. Over.

Lee? Let me talk to Ed.

I know he’s in there with you.

Uh, he j… not here.

Don’t start with me.

Not after all we’ve been through.

Hi, Bob.

What the hell are you doing?

Well, Dani…


Ed, this is crazy. You gotta stop this.


So you can haul this thing back to Earth and let Mars wither up and die?

No, thank you.

This ain’t about Mars.

This is about changing things for the better on Earth.

Mars is not our home, Ed.

That’s where you’re wrong, Dani.

My family’s here.

My future’s here.

See, that’s the difference between you and me.

You’re still tied to that blue little planet.

Of course, I am. We all are.

That is what matters. That is our home.

Not anymore.

[staff chattering indistinctly]

[in Korean] Words have no wings but they can fly a thousand miles.

This is my home.

Mine too.

[Danielle, through speaker] If those engines burn, even for a few seconds longer past our 20-minute window, the asteroid won’t turn for Earth.

Palmer, get suited up.

I need you to put a stop to this.

They’re trying to lock us out of our own ship?

[sighs] Well, technically they’re engaging a diagnostic and checkout engine protocol, but… Yeah. Same idea.

I don’t care what we have to do. We must stop them.

If they override the flight computer, there is nothing Ranger can do.

They go around us. We go around them.

What do you mean?

Uh, we upload a shutdown command that, uh, bypasses the safeguards of the nuclear fusion reactor controls and turn off the engines.

Right at the end of the Earth burn.

I don’t understand.

They can’t burn to Mars if they don’t have the gas.

Ranger’s flight deck doesn’t have authorization to execute that, but we can do it from here.

And if we send up code that commands Ranger’s reactors to stop powering the engines, they’ll be forced to shut down.

Uh, with the communication lag, any command we send would take five minutes to get to Ranger.

Then we should get started.

All right. [sighs]

This has to work. I mean…


Wernher and I used to sit up here.

We’d have lunch every few days.

He’d tell me what I was doing right.

[sighs] He’d tell me what I was doing wrong.

Try to give me advice.

Usually just listen to me complain.

I was standing right there.

Where you are now.

After everything came out about what he did during the war.

I asked him if he knew.

About the camps.

The deaths.

I’ll never forget what he said.

“Progress is never free.

There is always a cost.”

You’re not him.


But maybe a part of me is.

Margo, we really need your help in there.

This is not a place for feelings.

Just the facts.

Wernher made it seem like… he had no choice.

But there is always a choice.

Just like you said.

That asteroid comes to Earth, then the Mars program is dead.

Just like Sergei said.

Maybe not this year, but soon.

People up there, they don’t care about Mars.

They just care about themselves.


But if they succeed, then NASA, Roscosmos, and the M-7 have no choice but to continue investing in Happy Valley and the future of the space program.

We can’t let them throw away everything we’ve built.

Are you saying what I think you’re saying?

“Progress is never free.”

[Sam panting, grunting, through radio]

[Dev] Sam, what’s your status?

[breathing heavily] Okay. I’m finishing securing the tether.


Override handle has been secured in the up position.

Okay, now there should be an electrical connector labeled J-13 EXT RF to the port side of the override switch.

That’s where you can connect the P13 connector coming off your transceiver.

Do you see that, Sam?


Okay. You should be able to receive engine telemetry now.

Signal confirmed.

As soon as I input the timing for the Mars burn, you have to keep the override switch handle in the up position for the entire duration of the burn.

[Sam] Copy that.

If we were able to insert this code directly into what MOCR’s uplinking, it might be able to prevent their shutdown command from stopping the Mars orbit capture burn.

But how are we going to modify it if they’re still writing it?

I’ll input it right before uplink.

Let’s do it.

But I’m gonna input the code.

Aleida. No. Absolutely not.

There are too many eyes on you.

It has to be me.

Or it will never work.

[Sam, through radio] Override is still engaged. Holding steady.

[Ed] Okay. Don’t let the unit touch the hull plate.

An ion charge could fry the circuits.

[Sam] Copy.

[Sam grunts, breathes heavily]

[Palmer grunts]

[both grunting]

Sam, are you there?

Come in, Sam.

[Sam, panting] I’ve got company.

It’s Palmer.

[Sam grunts]

The reactor shutdown path is almost done compiling.

Gotta send the command in the next 60 seconds if it’s gonna get there in time.

I’m typing as fast as I can.

Okay. Done.

Uplink complete.

[Palmer, Sam, grunting, groaning]

[grunting, groaning continues]

Come on. Come on. Come on, Palmer.

[Sam, grunting]

[Palmer shouts]

[Sam shrieks] No!

[Ed] Sam? Sam!

[Palmer, panting] The override switch is locked in the up position.

[grunts] Looks like she used her tether to secure it.

The goddamn carabiner’s jammed closed.

Gonna have to try and cut through it.

[Ravi] Okay. Do it fast.

We have less than a minute.

[Sam grunting, panting]

Come on. Come on.

[Palmer] I’m almost through.

[Ravi] Hurry, Palmer! You’ve got 12 seconds.

[Palmer] One last tether.

[Ravi, through radio] Ranger. Engine shutdown for Earth burn.

In five.


[Ravi] Three.

[Dev] Two.

[Palmer] One.

[Palmer shouts]


[Ravi, through radio] Happy Valley, Ranger. We have negative engine shutdown.

I say again, we have negative engine shutdown.

[all laughing]

[Rich] Oh, wow!

Son of a bitch.

[Dev] Yeah!

[controller] Commander, the asteroid is on track to enter Mars’ orbit.


I heard you.

I just need a minute.

What happened?

Why didn’t it work?

The engines are still on.

I don’t know.

The calculations were right.

And the code was successfully inserted into the uplink packet.

[Seth] Something’s off here.

The-The shutdown reactor command was sent, but it was immediately superseded by a restart command?

Someone messed with this code.

I even checked to make sure we haven’t missed any contributors to comm latency.

You did this.


What? That’s absurd.

Seth was still encoding while I was writing the command sequence.

And besides, you don’t have the expertise required to know…

Perhaps not, but I can tell when someone is lying.

As you are now.

Take her into custody.

Right now. She has deceived…

Irina, that is a serious accusation.

She and Ayesa have always had their own agenda.


That’s not true, is it?

You di… Did you do this?

No. No, I didn’t.

It wasn’t her.

I inserted the reactor restart command.

Aleida had nothing to do with it.


Not you.

You shouldn’t have done that, Margo.

There will be consequences.

I know.

[Christine Francis] In a brazen act, an unknown group has taken control of asteroid 2003LC. More widely known as Goldilocks.

In light of this action, the asteroid is no longer headed to Earth but has in fact gone into Mars’ orbit.

[Vera Martil] News of the asteroid’s hijacking has reverberated around the world with calls from both presidents Gore and Korzhenko to convene an emergency meeting of the M-7 as well as the UN Security Council.

A rare sign of unity…

[Bill McGann] Authorities say it is still unclear who exactly is behind the hijacking.

NASA administrator Eli Hobson has vowed that anyone found to be involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

[guard, faintly] Stop. We’re stationed over there.

Pack them two by two in the corner.

I’ll be right back.

[guard 2] Make sure…

[guard 3] Guess it’s automatic.

[guard 4] All right. All right.

[guard 5] This goes in the breech.

[guards chattering indistinctly]

Bishop, what is this?

We got the green light from Houston.

To go into North Korea?


Isn’t this all a little excessive? It’s over.

We don’t know what we’re walking into.

And I have orders.

I was not told about any of this.

Things are moving fast, ma’am.

That may be.

But the last time I checked I am still the commander of this base.

So unless the word comes from me, there will be no raid.

Due respect, my orders come directly from the DOD and they supersede your command.

Let’s move out!

[guard 3] Here we go!

[guard 4] Let’s go!

[guard 5] Okay. Let’s move.


[breathing heavily]

[Avilov] Who else is in your crew?

[grunts, breathes heavily]

Who are you working with?

[breathes heavily]


[Gerardo grunts, coughing]

[door unlocks]

What the fuck?


[both grunting]

Oh, God.

[Ilya] Are you okay?

[grunting, groaning]

[Ilya] Come on. Let’s get out of here. Let’s go.

[grunting, groaning continues]

[guard, through monitor] Guns in place. Preparing to breach.

Assessing the situation out. We’ll advise.

[guard] Try that one.

They are here.


[people chattering]

Miles, are you okay?


[Faiza] Do you hear what’s happening?


They’re about to attack the North Korean quarters.

Ed, Sparks, Rich, they’re all in there right now.

We gotta do something.

I’m tired of this shit.

[all] Yeah.

It’s time we remind them who really runs this base. Right?

[all] Yeah!

Let’s do it!

[person] Let’s do it!

Who’s with me?

[all] Yeah!


[guard] Here. Go ahead.

Open that door.

[grunts, panting]

That’s it.

[in Korean] Sir! The Americans, they are coming in!

Keep them out!

We must protect our territory!

Yes sir! Let’s go!

[guard, through monitor, in English] Confirm…


Fire in the hole!



[Lee] Stay here.

Three. Two. One.

[guard 2 shouts]

Three. Two. One. [grunts]


[Lee speaking Korean]

[guard, grunting]

[in English] Oh, shit!

[grunting continues]


[all grunting]

[people clamoring]

What the fuck is…

[all shouting]

[all grunting, groaning]

[grunting, groaning continues]

My God…

[siren blaring]

[fighting continues]

[grunting, groaning continues]

[Danielle] Hey! All right. Listen.

That’s enough! Let her go!



Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Break this up.

Hey! Stop! Stop.


[Danielle] Hey!

Get off of me!

[Ed] Break it up!

[fighting continues]

Hey! Hey. Hey!

[Ed] Break this up!

It’s your fault!

No! Calm down!

[Ed] Hey! Break it up! No, no!

You have got to break it up!

[grunting, groaning continues]




No, no.

No, no. Hey.

No. Hey.

No. No, no.

[groans, breathing heavily]

Hey. Hey.

Help! Come on!

We gotta get her to Dima. Help me up, Lynn.

[Ed grunts]

[Danielle screams, panting]

Get out of the way.

Clear the way!

[life support beeping]

[Dimitri] Maintain pressure.

Start an IV.

[nurse] Inserting line now.

I need three liters, normal saline.

Get her on O2.

Hey, Dani. Look at me. Hey.

You’re gonna be fine.

Okay? You’re gonna be fine.

You got this.


[nurse 2] Lungs are wet.

She’s aspirating. And stand by with something.

[Dimitri] I need room.

[beeping continues]

[Danielle coughs]

[Dimitri] Vitals are failing. I need to start a central line.

Where is my X-ray?

We need to operate immediately.

[beeping continues]

[nurse 2] Pupils are blown. Stay with us, Dani.

[nurse] Still dropping.

You hang in there, Dani.

[Dimitri] Maintain pressure.

[nurse 2] Compress rate increasing.

BP 80 over 40 and falling.

Pulse 130, IV below…

Come on.

[nurses chattering]

[machines beeping]

[Aleida] You can’t let them do this.

I don’t have a choice.

The Russians withdrew her diplomatic immunity.

[Margo] It’ll be okay, Aleida.

[Margo] I’ve always been captivated with the idea of justice.

It’s what attracted me to engineering in the first place.

The sense of right and wrong.

That I was in control.

[in Russian] Comrade Morozova, please come in.

[Margo, in English] But the truth is the world is not as simple as we want it to be.

It can’t just be boiled down into an equation.


[Margo] Especially when it comes to human beings.

[Margo] We are flawed, unpredictable, and full of contradictions.

It’s taken me most of my life to realize it’s exactly these traits that make us so resilient.

That give credence to the improbable idea that anything is possible.

Even in the darkest of times.


[chuckles] Oh!

[Margo] Your Honor, I was always told that we shouldn’t let personal feelings cloud our search for the truth.

But looking back now, I don’t think that’s right.

Our feelings may not be convenient.

They may even slow our progress.

But they are also the only way to truly begin to understand the world around us.

And the new worlds that await us.

[no audible dialogue]

[no audible dialogue]


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