Fallout – S01E07 – The Radio | Transcript

Maximus saves Lucy from Vault 4 expulsion, stays as she escapes with Thaddeus's help. They deceive Brotherhood with a fake head; Lucy escapes with the real one. Norm enters Vault 31.
Fallout - S01E07 - The Radio

Season 1 Episode 7
Episode title: The Radio
Original release date: April 10, 2024 (Prime Video)

Plot: Residents of Vault 4 gather to witness Lucy’s punishment. Overseer Bob expels her from the vault, but not before Maximus dons his power armor using a power core in the vault to save her from her supposed execution. Maximus offers Lucy his power armor as he intends to stay in Vault 4 and reveals his true identity to her, but decides not to follow through. Thaddeus abandons CX404 at a Red Rocket gas station and finds a portable radio who he uses to find a radio station to contact the Brotherhood. Lucy and Maximus eventually catches up with Thaddeus at a radio station and relinquishes the head to the duo after finding out earlier a Snake Oil Salesman turned him into a ghoul in order to cure his broken foot. With the Brotherhood coming, Maximus decides to separate with Lucy, by passing off another decapitated head to the Brotherhood while Lucy flees with the real head. In Vault 33, as the members of the vault split into Vault 32, Norm gains access to Vault 31. Meanwhile, Howard finds out Moldaver’s location and finds CX404 at the Red Rocket gas station. In a flashback, a younger Moldaver (then named Ms. Williams) discuss the conspiracy behind Vault-Tec and their plans. She gives Howard a listening device to spy on Barb and encourage him to find out the truth behind Vault-Tec.

* * *

[Thaddeus] I cannot wait

to see the look on everyone’s faces when they see us

return with the target.




[powering down]

[Thaddeus] This stinky old head’s mine now!

You don’t think it’s weird that we always elect an overseer from Vault 31?

[Betty] Some of us will be moving into Vault 32

to start anew.

[Steph] They killed my husband.

If your father were here, he… he’d do the right thing.

[Sebastian] I’m telling you, radicalism is sweeping through Hollywood.

You should come to a meeting.

You should learn the truth about where your wife works.

[Miss Williams] Mr. Howard?

I’m a big fan.

Welcome to Vault 4. Stay out of Level 12.

[Maximus] Where do you guys get your power from?

[Birdie] I see you’ve found our fusion core.

[alarm blaring]



[atmospheric music playing]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[Adam] Sandra, we’re home.

[wind whistling]

[dark music playing]


[footsteps approach]

[Ghoul] Thank you, darling.

Oh, wait.

You thought…?


Come on, now.

Sandra, wait outside.

Lead farming, huh?

Why, hell, I probably still got some of your lead in me somewhere.

[sighs] But today…

…I’m just looking for information.

I’ll tell you anything,

as long as you leave us in peace.

Say, am I out of date,

or did I hear you had three kids?

I had an older son, but he’s gone.

He took up with that madwoman in the hills two years ago.

We haven’t heard from him since.


There’s always some new little faction, ain’t there?

Brand-new team of believers with their own dumbass ideas

about how they gonna save the world.

What did you say the name of your eldest was?

Was it Roofus?

I didn’t say…

That must make you Tommy.

What did you do?

What is that envelope?

[Ghoul] Well, you see, daddy-o…

now, from what I can tell… [clears throat]

…Old Roofus got Tommy here mixed up with that madwoman, too.

Now, according to this,

Roofus sent Tommy a stash of caps to pay a courier

for “the safe transport of an Enclave defector”

to that very same madwoman in the hills.


But my problem is,

by the time I got this letter off your brother,

it was a little bit hard to read.

[tense music playing]

For some reason, I just can’t make out her location.

Now, you give me that location,

and I’ll be on my way.

[whispers] I’m sorry.

Tell him, son.

Just tell him.

[Tommy] I didn’t want to spend my life digging through dirt.

I want to build something, and we have the chance…

[Adam] Tell him what he wants to know!

Or else he’s gonna kill us all!

Including your little sister.


[Tommy] She’s…

she’s at the Observatory.


Now, please, leave us.


[dark music playing]

So, what you think, Tommy?

Am I really walking out of here today, or are you gonna try and draw on me

for what I did to your big brother?

He won’t.

[Ghoul] Maybe not today,

but maybe someday.



[somber music playing]

♪ ♪

[Miss Williams] What is it about California,

that we all came to this place?

[inhales deeply]

[Miss Williams] Maybe it’s the sunshine.

Maybe it’s the friendly people.

When you think of the promise of the American Dream,

you think of California.

But it is just a dream. It’s not real.

We were told the atom bomb meant the end of war.

That didn’t work out, did it?

We were told America’s always getting better,

it’s always moving toward a better future.

But the future is getting closer, and we can see it.

Their “better future” is a cliff’s edge.

And it’s coming up fast, isn’t it?


These soldiers that we’re fighting abroad,

their families, we have more in common with them

than we do with the people here in power, the real enemy.

That’s about all the horseshit I can take.

Coop. Coop, come on.

[indistinct whispers]

Mr. Howard?


I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.

I said that, um…

this is about all the horseshit I can take.


I didn’t realize that America’s favorite gunslinger

was so sensitive.

[soft laughter]

I have my principles, Miss Williams, that’s all.

Uh-huh. And those principles of yours…

how much did Vault-Tec pay to take them off your hands?

Well, this is America.

Everybody has a sponsor,

and, uh, I’m not ashamed to earn a living.

[Miss Williams] Vault-Tec is the largest company in America.

There’s a lot of money in selling the end of the world.

Well, I’m sure there’s a lot of money in selling a political ideology

that ends in breadlines.

[woman] Fascist.

Okay, uh, sorry, this was a mistake. We’ll be leaving.

Oh, no, I’m-I’m quite glad you brought Mr. Howard today.

You see, it happens

that I know your wife.

And perhaps a side of her you don’t.

[contemplative music playing]


How do you know my wife?

My research company was acquired by her division.

We were developing this kind of technology that’s… difficult to monetize.

Cold fusion. Infinite energy.

That’s what I was on the verge of achieving

when Vault-Tec swept in and bought up every company I’d ever worked for.

Every one of them?

So, what are you, a millionaire communist?

Hypocrisy is like violence in your movies.

If you only let the bad guys use it, the bad guys win.

Yeah? I, uh, I got a little showbiz secret for you.

A good bad guy doesn’t see themselves as the bad guy.

America has been locked in a resource war for over a decade.

Vault-Tec bought the means to end that war,

the same war you fought in, so they could put it on the shelf.

All because it didn’t fit into their business model.

I want your help in getting it back.

[Cooper] What is it?

It’s a listening device.

A listening device. You…

you want me to spy on my wife?

[soft chuckle]

Good luck with the revolution.

You can keep it.

As a token.

I’m not a communist, Mr. Howard.

That’s just a dirty word they use to describe people who aren’t insane.

♪ ♪

[eerie music playing]

[monitor beeping steadily]

We let you into our home.

Tended to your wounds, gave you food and water.

But you had to go to Level 12.

I saw what you were doing to those poor women.

You’re experimenting on them. It’s… it’s sick.

She needs to see the holotape.


All right. Play the tape.

[panting] Okay.

[Cassandra yelps]

What is this?

Your history.

[Lloyd] Overseer Hawthorne,

final log entry.

At this point, it would be irrational of me

not to acknowledge that these may be

my last words.


But despite our results here,

I want to reiterate that a society governed by scientists

Honey! Hey!

really is the ideal social structure.

[pounding on door]

What happened here should not be used as a case study

for what happens when scientists are given unregulated control.

Lloyd, gimme a little help!


and-and hybridizing humans

with radioactive-resistant species still has potential.


Our test subjects were

less compliant than we expected.

[creature roars]

[dramatic music playing]


Cassandra! Oh, no!

No, no, no! [shouts]

[creature growling]

[screams] No!


[static stops]

[sniffles] Sorry, I haven’t, uh,

seen that footage in a long time.

But it’s a stirring reminder

of what this place is all about.

I-I don’t understand, I…

In the lab, I-I saw your doctors…

Trying to ease the pain of the poor souls

your people lured into this place.

His ancestors were used as lab rats

by the original residents of Vault 4.

Until the lab rats rebelled.

[Benjamin] The, uh,

creature in the video was actually my Great-Uncle Peter on my mom’s side.

I’m so sorry.


I had no idea the original vault dwellers here were so… so weird.

I mean, my vault’s not like this.

What was the experiment in 33?

W-Well, there is no experiment.

[tense music playing]

Your ignorance cannot excuse your cruelty.

You have infected our home with violence

and now you must pay the price.

[Lucy] No!

Please. Please, I’m a good person.


[♪ Jack Shaindlin: “I’m Tickled Pink” playing on TV] ♪ I’m tickled pink ♪

♪ That things are rosy ♪

♪ And skies are blue ♪

[Lucy] Please!

♪ Once again ♪♪

Please let me go. Let me go!

[percussive music playing]

[♪ Merle Travis: “Sixteen Tons”]


♪ Some ♪

♪ People say a man is made out of mud ♪

[CX404 barking]

♪ But a poor man’s made out of muscle and blood ♪

♪ Muscle and blood and skin and bones ♪

♪ With a mind that’s weak and a back that’s strong ♪

♪ You load 16 tons and what do you get? ♪

♪ You get another day older and deeper in debt…


Are you done?

♪ St. Peter, don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go ♪

♪ I owe my soul to the company store ♪♪

Okay, okay, here we go.



Oh, shit.

I’m gonna fucking die.

Ow, hey! That’s my foot, it’s not food, okay?

You know what?

If you were a person, you wouldn’t have any friends, you realize that?



Okay, I got to reevaluate here.

What do I need, what do I need?

This fucking stupid thing. Oh, you want this too, huh?

Everybody wants this. Guess what? It’s mine.

You think everything’s for you.

It’s pretty selfish, actually, you know that?

Bite what you want to bite, go where you want to go.

It’s always something.


Oh, hell yeah.

You can’t eat this.


[intriguing music playing]

You know what?


Oh, yeah, this is great.

Lot of space.

You’re a loose cannon, all right?

This is a very important mission and I can’t have you jeopardizing it.

It’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than all of us.

[imitates beeping sounds]



Oh, see? You got a little window and everything.

You’ll be fine.


You can breathe in there, right?

All right, got a radio tower to find.

Got to contact the Brotherhood, get them this head,

and get me some glory.

[choppy, indistinct radio chatter]

[all chanting indistinctly]

[Birdie] We are all survivors here.

Lucky enough to have found


this sanctum of peace.

Of tolerance.

It doesn’t matter

where you come from or what you believe.


You deserve safety.

[can clatters]

[woman sneezes]


[ominous music playing]

…you threaten that peace.

For causing harm

to a fellow survivor,

you are hereby sentenced to death…


…by banishment to the surface!

[gentle sawing]

It’s almost there.

Need to get that sharpened, please. [clears throat]




[triumphant music playing]

Yeah! [whoops]

You’re just… letting me go?

Well, that’s certainly an optimistic perspective.

You’ll be killed almost immediately on the surface

by Lord knows what.

That’s why we’re giving you two weeks of supplies to take with you.

Thank you, Cathy.

[Cathy] Sure.

After that, you are on your own, Goosey.


That’s, uh…

That’s… really nice of you guys.

Okay, and now it is time

to be moving along.

Can I just ask you one thing?

Obviously, someone will carry the supplies to the surface for you.

My friend really likes it here.

And he’s a good person.

He deserves to be somewhere nice and safe,

like this.

I know that I’m not really

in the position to be asking favors. [chuckles] But…

[suspenseful music playing]

…can he stay?

[crowd gasping]

[automated voice on P.A.] Backup power initiated.

[soaring music playing]

[Maximus] [distorted] Let her go!

[♪ The Platters: “Only You”] ♪ Only you ♪

♪ Can make all this world ♪

♪ Seem bright ♪

[muffled] Titus, stop!

♪ Only you ♪

♪ Can make ♪

♪ The darkness bright ♪

♪ Only you ♪

♪ And you alone ♪

♪ Can thrill me like you do ♪♪

Titus, stop.

They’re letting me go.





Somebody maybe check on him.


[“Bossa Angela” playing on speakers]


We stole their fusion core.

Well, yeah, but…

You know, I needed it for the armor.

Well, without their fusion core, their auxiliary power

will only last a few days, and…

and then what?

No… No.



Giving it back is the right thing to do.

Without the fusion core, this armor is useless.

I can’t be a knight.


you can’t be a knight by stealing from people either.

Yeah, but I can help people with this armor.


All right?

You, for example. I want to help you.

You really want give them their fusion core back

if it means you don’t get your dad?

If my dad found out that I destroyed an entire community

to save him…

…that’d break his heart.

I can’t.

[melancholy music playing]

[armor powers down]

♪ ♪

Come on.

♪ ♪

[alert blares]

[janitor] Thank you!

Thinking ’bout those oysters?


We don’t have oysters in my vault.

We have canned tuna.

[chuckles ] But if you like oysters,

I’m pretty sure you’ll like canned tuna.

[chuckles softly]

I was supposed to marry a stranger from another vault.

It didn’t turn out so good.

I don’t have the best luck when it comes to strangers.



I can honestly say

you are the best stranger

that I’ve ever met.

You’re a good person, Titus.

And if you wanted to,

when all of this is over, you could come

and live with us in Vault 33.

[tranquil music playing]

With me.

There’s something I should tell you.

Just say yes.

My name isn’t Titus. It’s Maximus.

Titus is the name of the knight who owned this suit before me.

He was threatening me, so instead of helping him I watched him die.

And I took his armor and I lied to you.

So, all that stuff you were saying, you know, about, um,

about me being a good person…

I just threw acid in an innocent man’s face.

And I’ve only been up here two weeks.

The wasteland sucks.

Yeah. Sometimes.

Do you want to come live with me in my vault?


Yeah, of course.



Let’s go find that head.

[DJ Carl] Hey-yo, this Is DJ Carl at KPSS,

broadcasting from the base of the once-beautiful Hollywood Hills.

Like most weeks here at KPSS, this week is fiddle week,

when all of my airtime will be spent luxuriating

in my small but mighty collection of fiddle tunes.

So, I’d encourage you to sit back

and enjoy the folksy, gutsy sound

of bygone fiddlers.

And, if you don’t like what you hear,

just a reminder that I don’t take visitors at the station.

A simple postcard will suffice. That said, enjoy the fiddling.

[gentle fiddle music playing]

[music continuing in distance]

Excuse me!


Don’t kill me. I’m a doctor. I can help you.

Haven’t run into many people traveling with a human head.

Oh, this? It’s not… It’s nothing really, it’s more of a…

I have to… It’s a souvenir kind of thing.

Oh, yeah?

Welcome to my humble pharmacy.


[snake oil salesman] Have a seat, my dear boy,

and let’s take a look at that

tattered tootsy of yours.


[shuddering groans]



I’ve seen this condition before.

Uh, someone stepped on my foot.

Yes. Sometimes fatal.

But you’re in luck, ’cause I’ve got the cure.

I have, in my possession, serums and potions

for every malady and misfortune

that could possibly beset

a wandering traveler such as yourself.

[hammer clicks]

What’s stopping me from just killing you

and taking your whole thing of drugs?

Well, when it comes to serums,

not many people know the difference

between the noxious and the benign.

A murky hue of green could aid the humors.

A brackish tint of shamrock, and…

[blows raspberry]

That’s the sound of your lower intestine

falling right the fuck out.

But which is which?

Which is which…


Just give me the right one.


Before we start, there’s the small matter of my fee.

I don’t have caps, but…

[short chuckle]

Oh, my.

Is-is that a…

Fusion core?

You don’t see those around much anymore, do you?

[haunting music playing]

But, if you do want to survive…

…not a bad trade.

Okay, here.

Okay, let’s get started.

This elixir I have concocted heals all.

And I mean everything.

But I must warn you, the taste: not great.

Just give it.




[laughing] I’m sorry!

[hacking cough]


But the results…

Yes? The results.

[Thaddeus gasps]

Holy shit. Holy shit!

Ah, thank you.

Sure thing, buddy boy.


[case lock clicks]

Do you know where I can find a radio tower?

I have to make contact with my base.

Yes, I believe there’s one yonward.

Past the big crater in the middle of the Shithole.

It’s near a town that used to be called Shady Sands.

Shady Sands?

That place is radioactive as hell.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, do you, buddy boy?

Toodles and anon.

[♪ Dinah Washington: “What a Difference a Day Made”]

♪ What a difference ♪

♪ A day made ♪

♪ Twenty-four little hours ♪

[indistinct shouting]

♪ Brought the sun and the flowers ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ Where there used to be rain…

[P.A. system chimes]

[Reg] Hello, Vault 33.

In preparation for repopulating our neighboring Vault 32,

Overseer Betty will be sending out vault assignments later today.

Remember, wherever you end up,

that’s where you belong.

♪ What a difference ♪

♪ A day made ♪

♪ And the difference ♪

♪ Is you ♪♪

[sinister music playing]

What happened?

We don’t know.

The medic says it looks like rat poison.

We’ll find out who was behind it.

Get off of me!

I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t do something like that!

Ugh. More death.

I wish it would end.

What did I tell you, Norman?

Words have meaning.

People are gonna be upset when they hear about this.

People like to have something to fuss about.

[♪ Mozart: “Così fan tutte (overture)” [playing]

Oh, fuck.

[Pip-Boys ding]





[baby cries]



[music ends]

[latch clicks]

Oh, hi, Norm.

Oh, it-it’s just terrible

about the raiders, isn’t it?

Don’t be too long.

I’m holding the baby, so you have to pack everything.

We’ll miss you, Norm.


You’re going too?


Steph and I were given a starter home unit.

Just the three of us.


So you’re just gonna forget about everything we’ve seen?

I feel like this is a good moment for a fresh start.

You think so?

Someone obviously does.


You’re a coward.

You know that, Chet?

[soft chuckles]

We all are, Norm.

That’s why we live in a vault.

[mournful music playing]

[ominous music playing]

♪ ♪

[CX404 whimpering]


All right.

Let’s go find your daddy.

[♪ Cool Papa Jarvis: “Yeah Yeah Baby”] ♪ Baby ♪

♪ Why you treat me like you do? ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Why you treat me like you do? ♪♪

[intriguing music playing]

[short feedback]

[Barb] I’ve got three hot cocoas on deck,

two marshmallow, one plain.

Three? You have one for me?



I’ll be out there in just a minute.


[Barb sighs]

[over earpiece] Got your hot cocoa, sweet pea.

If you’d like, you can have the marshmallows

off of the top of mine.

[Janey] Where’s Daddy?

He’ll be out in a minute.

What’ve you got there?


[conversation continues indistinctly]


[both laughing]

You’re right, Roosevelt.

What are you thinking?

[haunting music playing]

[Cooper] Lloyd and Cassandra here are both scientists,

specializing in the effects of radiation on human DNA.

[Cassandra] That’s right, and we’ll be living and working

right here in Vault 4, leading a community

governed entirely by scientists.

Well, I may be a hero in the movies,

but you all are heroes in real life.


No dogs in the vault, huh?


♪ ♪


I’m sorry, Dogmeat, but you ain’t him.



[fiddle music playing]

[music warbling over speakers]

Yeah, my, uh, ride should be getting here any minute.

Thanks again for letting me use your radio. That was really nice.

Nah, no problem.


So, you were saying earlier that some people,

they don’t, uh, like the sound of this music, really?

Oh, people get fully mad.


The thing no one appreciates is

these are the original recordings.

Oh. Uh-huh.

You can’t get that warm sound anymore.

You know, the bass, the treble,

the mids.

Oh, that…

Right, yeah. Oh.


Oh, that… Okay, yeah.

[chuckles] That’s the, uh, that’s mids, right?

Yeah, yeah.


Wow, that’s really got that


thing on it.

Well, it’s not on it, it’s in it.

Oh, yeah, I like it. A lot, yeah.

Some people, they’re just so ignorant to music,

it’s kind of sad, I would say.



Great job on these booby traps, by the way.

Really good.

Hey, thanks.

[Thaddeus sighs] Yeah.

That one’s crazy. [chuckles]

[sighs] Critics.


People just, uh, can’t be nice. [chuckles]

Hey, is this your ride?


Oh, shit.

Guess not. Okay.

[percussive music playing]


God, I suck without a scope.

We just want the head.

Who are you?

I’m the person who cut it off.

Okay, um…







Why am I not dead?

Uh, I… I-I wouldn’t do that.

Well, I’m not just gonna leave it there.


Oh. Oh!




[eerie music playing]



I-I think you might be a ghoul.

Oh, no.


I’m so stupid. I should’ve never trusted

a doctor that smelled like that.

[helicopter blades whirring in distance]

Oh, boy.

The Brotherhood.

Oh, fuck.


Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck.

They’ll kill me if they find out.


This-this is good, no? The Brotherhood is the good guys?

Uh, it’s a complicated organization.

Thaddeus, give me the head.


I’ll slow them down. You’ll have time to run.

You’d do that for me?

Give it to me.

Oh, thank you.

Uh, I’m sorry about…

a lot of things and I didn’t mean for…

Okay. Ni-Nice meeting you. Bye.

What are you doing?


If they want a head, I’m gonna give them a head.

Find your dad.

Go home. That’s what I want for you.


You’re supposed to come with me.

They’re never gonna stop looking for the artifact.

I’m-I’m not leaving. I’m not leaving.

Trust me.

[♪ The Danleers: “You’re Everything”] ♪ You’re my world ♪

♪ You’re the song I sing ♪

♪ You’re my guiding light ♪

♪ You’re everything ♪

♪ You’re my star ♪

♪ You’re a diamond leaf ♪

♪ You’re my miracle ♪

♪ You’re everything…

I’ll wait for you.

Okay? In Vault 33.

Find me.

I will.

I will.

[helicopters approaching]

[tense music playing]

[Betty] And now

we say goodbye to all those

who are leaving us for Vault 32.

Each of them have been chosen for their agreeability,


and all of the other qualities

that make for a successful pioneer.

And, of course, every vault…

I’m not going.

I’m not going. I’m not going.

I’m not going, I’m not going.

I’m not going. I’m not… Um, excuse me.

Uh, I don’t-I don’t live there.

I live-I live there.


Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

That was weird. Um, sorry.

I’m fine.


Thank you.

And of course, every vault needs an overseer.

Which is why I have conferred with the high council.

And we are proud to announce

as interim overseer of Vault 32,

Stephanie Harper.


And with that,

now our friends

become neighbors.

Good luck, 32ers.

Hit it.

[alert blaring]

[♪ Jane Morgan: “From the First Hello to the Last Goodbye”] ♪ From the first ♪

♪ Hello ♪

♪ To the last ♪

♪ Goodbye ♪

♪ From the first ♪

♪ Hello ♪

♪ To the last ♪

♪ Goodbye ♪

♪ It’s been awfully nice ♪

♪ To know you ♪

♪ So excuse ♪

♪ The parting sigh ♪

♪ And I’ll watch ♪

♪ You go ♪


♪ With my chin ♪

♪ Held high ♪

♪ You’ve been dear and sweet ♪

♪ A pleasure to meet ♪

♪ A special treat ♪

♪ Say I ♪

♪ From the first ♪

♪ Hello ♪

♪ To the last ♪

♪ Goodbye ♪♪

[suspenseful music playing]

[computer beeps]




[suspenseful music playing]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


[louder] Hello?

[alert blaring]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪



[machinery quietly revving]

[circus music playing in distance]


[machinery quietly revving]

[metal clanking]

[ominous music playing]

[fiddle music playing]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[atmospheric music playing]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


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