Fallout – S01E05 – The Past | Transcript

Maximus reveals identity, Thaddeus traps him and takes the head. Lucy frees Maximus; they seek Thaddeus, navigate Shady Sands, and fall into Vault 4. Betty becomes overseer.
Fallout - S01E05 - The Past

Season 1 Episode 5
Episode title: The Past
Original release date: April 10, 2024 (Prime Video)

Plot: While bonding with Thaddeus, Maximus is comfortable to reveal his true identity. Thaddeus, refusing to keep Maximus secret, takes out the power core from Maximus’s power armor, trapping him and leaves with the head and CX404 without him. Sometime later, Lucy frees Maximus, who introduces himself as Titus. The duo agree to work together to retrieve the head. On their pursuit of Thaddeus, they come across the ruins of Shady Sands, the former capital of the New California Republic founded after the Great War, and Maximus’s former home. Maximus gets injured in a firefight with two Fiends, leading the pair discover an abandoned hospital for medical supplies. However, the two fell into a trap and inadvertently stumble into Vault 4. Meanwhile back in Vault 33. Betty Johnson, a former overseer of the vault, wins the election for overseer succeeding Hank. Johnson then proposes to the remaining residents of Vault 33 to repopulate Vault 32. Norm is shocked to find the carnage he discovered in Vault 32 was already cleaned up.

* * *

[Wilzig] You can change

the future if you can bring me to Moldaver.

Just my head.


[Wilzig] This is the only way to get your dad back.

[Titus] You stupid motherfucker,

you know this is all your fault.

They’ll kill you for this.

Not if I bring back the target.


[Thaddeus screaming]

[CX404 barks]

Is that…?

The head.



[Reg] Is there something you’d like to say, Norm?

It was not my intention to question your leadership, Overseer.

[both] Thank you.

I don’t know what the people of Vault 32

were up to, but it was anything but innocent.

It was opened from the outside.

They’d need a Pip-Boy to open the door.

They had one.

My mom’s.

[eerie music playing]


[indistinct chatter]

[Thaddeus] I thought I had it.

I thought I had it, I really did. I thought I had it.

[♪ The Jet Tones: “Henry”]

It was just like… [makes whoosh sound]

[Maximus laughing]

When you ripped that thing inside out

and its guts went flying everywhere?

I thought I was dead meat.

That was really special.

[Maximus] [distorted] Yeah, it was kind of special.

Wait. You should brand me.

[Maximus] Uh, I don’t know.

But I-I’m not officially your squire until you brand me.

It’s late.

Come on.

[Maximus] Are you sure? It really hurts.

I want you to. I want you to. Please.

[Maximus] All right.

Yeah, let’s do it.


It is your most sacred duty

to protect the Brotherhood.

After which, it is your most sacred duty

to protect me, Knight Titus.

Do you accept?

Oh, yeah. You bet I do. [chuckles]

[Maximus] Okay, hold still.




[Maximus chuckles]

Almost done.


[Thaddeus] Oh… [grunting]

Told you. It hurts.


[laughs] Oh…

Oh, man.

[groans] Still pretty hot.

Ah, thank you, Knight Titus.

[Maximus] Yep, yeah.

I cannot wait

to return to base and see the look on everyone’s faces

when they see us return with the target.

Oh, man.

Titus and Thaddeus.

The T-Boys! Yeah.


[Maximus] Hey, look, uh…

Before we go back

to the…


…to the base…

…there’s probably something I… I-I should tell you.

Yeah. I mean, whatever you want.

I’m officially your squire now. You can tell me anything.

Goals, insecurities, thoughts, regrets.

Love life stuff? I don’t care.


[Maximus] Actually, it’s, uh…


[Maximus] U-Uh, we can still be friends.

What did you do?

Where’s Knight Titus?

[Maximus] Oh, he’s…

He’s dead.

So, you know…

we… you and I, we-we just have to get our story straight

before we go back.

They’re gonna kill you.

No, I mean, they don’t have to find out.

It’s the Brotherhood. They’ll find out.

[tense music playing]

[Maximus] I should have known better than to trust you.

[heavy thudding]


I’m sorry.


[Maximus] Stop moving.

[Thaddeus grunting]

Get off me.

[machinery whirring]




No, don’t…

Don’t leave me in here.

I’ll fucking kill you, Thaddeus.

You should have.

Can’t believe I let you fucking brand me.


[Maximus] Thaddeus?

Don’t leave me here!

This stinky old head’s mine now.

[Maximus] No!

Get back here. Please. Please, please, no.

Don’t leave me in here.

Thaddeus! Get back here.


I’ll kill you! I swear I’ll kill you!

[CX404 barks]



[intense music playing]

[eerie music playing]

[panting softly]

[soft clicking]


No. No.

No. No.

Plea… Please.


Please, no, no, no, no. Not from there.

No. [cries]



[♪ Bonnie Guitar: “Robin in the Pine”]

♪ There’s a robin ♪

♪ Singing in the old pine tree ♪


[radroach squeals]

♪ Spring is coming o’er the hills ♪

[grunting continues]

[wet crunching]

♪ In a nest for two ♪

♪ You’ll find ♪


♪ Two eggs of blue…

[Maximus] [muffled] Hey. Can you please let me out of here?


[clears throat]

That was you, right?

Back in Filly?

Yes, that was…

…that was me.

Why can’t you move?

‘Cause someone stole my fusion core.

Please, c-can you please let me out?

♪ There’s a robin singing ♪

♪ In the old pine tree ♪♪

[soft clicking]

Believe me, I really want to trust you, but…

I’ve had a rough week.


Me, too.

[eerie music playing]

You, uh, remember that, uh, man I left with,

with the glasses and the wh-whole body?


Yeah, I’m looking for his head.

That’s why I’m here, that’s, um…

I mean, that’s why I’m passing through. [grunts]

Hey. You have radiation sickness.

I got, I got RadAway left in the sleeve of my armor.

You can have it if you let me out.


[tense music playing]

I really want to believe you, but…

practically every person I’ve met up here has tried to kill me, so…

Listen. Hey.

You don’t get this medicine, you’re gonna pass out. Okay?

And if you lose consciousness, we’re both gonna die.

Trust me, please.


What’s your name?

I’m Knight Titus.

I’m Lucy.

There’s a manual option, you just…

I got it. [grunts]




The T-60, right?

The Army started using these after the Battle of Anchorage.

I’ve seen these in old engineering manuals but never in real life.

And you’ve even got the tempered lining in this one, which is…

[stammering softly]

[atmospheric music playing]

How did the raiders get ahold of my mom’s Pip-Boy?

Maybe the logs were falsified.


Why? This is the thing you’re asking “why” about?

I want to check one more thing.


Can’t we just go home?

Come on.

[electrical buzzing]

[Norm] It looks like they were trying to get into 31, but why?

[Chet] All I know is,

we’re leaving.

[tense music playing]

If anybody asks where we were…

I’ll have a heart attack.

[children laughing]

[Betty] Norman? Chester?

Where have you two been?

We’ve been planting tat-tatos.


Well, run along now.

I had no idea people lived in those vaults.

What did you think was in them?



That’s what people say.

[chuckles] No.

Just regular folk like me.

Well, my squire stole something vital to the Brotherhood.

I’ve got to go after him.

Good luck.


This Brotherhood of yours…

You guys have more of those T-60s?


And guns?

Like real…

“I’m not messing around”-type guns?


Listen, I have a tracker that’ll lead right to that head.

Now, seeing as everybody on Earth seems to be after that thing,

I’m guessing that’s what you’re looking for, too?

What are you suggesting?

We travel together.

We use my tracker to catch up to your squire, get the head,

and take it to the Brotherhood.

In exchange for my help, then you’ll lend me the services

of five or six of your knights to save my father.


You could have been lying about the medicine, and you weren’t.

And you could have killed me when I collapsed back there, and…

you didn’t.

I get that trust doesn’t come easily up here.

But you can trust me.

I’m from a place where the worst someone can do to you is

forget to say thank you.

Sounds like a nice way to live.

It is.

[“Battle Hymn of the Republic” score playing]

[♪ Mormon Tabernacle Choir: “Battle Hymn of the Republic”]

[microphone feedback]

[Betty] [over P.A.] Good morning, Vault 33.

This is Betty, asking for your vote for overseer today.

As you step into the balloting kiosk, remember that today

is about the future of our vault

and, more importantly, the future of civilization.

Reclamation Day.

One day we will have the incredible opportunity

to repopulate the Earth

and bring order and civility up to the surface.

Who you choose today is an important step

to accomplishing that mission.

I have faith you will make the right choice.

Thank you.

♪ His truth is marching on…

I’m sorry, Reg.

I just feel that in times of crisis…

you need someone with experience.

Hey, it’s your vote.

No hard feelings, Davey.


♪ Glory, glory…

You know, with the water crisis and the prisoners

a-and just all the uncertainty…

Really, it’s fine.

We vote in private booths for a reason.


♪ His truth is…

And Betty’s already been overseer once.



I’m gonna vote for Betty.

I got that impression.

♪ Truth is marching, truth is marching ♪

♪ Glory, glory, hallelujah ♪

♪ Glory, glory, hallelujah ♪

♪ Glory, glory, hallelujah, his truth is ♪

Oh, who am I kidding?

♪ Marching on ♪♪


[Lucy] At this rate, we’ll have caught up by sundown.

Hey, can I ask you a favor?


Can you tell me what’s happened in the last 200 years?

What do you mean?

Just the last 200 years. Like a-a quick rundown.

I know about the Great War and the bombs falling,

and the 320 years of American history before then.

I just need help with the last 200 years.

After the bombs fell.

The bombs fell when I was a kid.

Is that what they tell you in your Brotherhood?

[Maximus] You’re the one who grew up in a box underground.

Also, you thought you would show up to some warlord

with no armor, no help, and expect him to just

turn over a hostage to you?

Did you really think that that would work?

I had the head.

Yeah, but we don’t even know what’s in it.

That’s true.

Look, I… I come from a place where the world is what you make of it.

Okay? It’s not like up here.

We’re naive down there.

Up until I was six, I really thought that the big light on our farm

was the sun.

My mom used to take me to play out under that light,

and I swear I could feel the sun

baking my skin.

[Rose] Lucy.

[speaks indistinctly]

[Lucy] After my mom was gone,

I realized it was just her that made it all feel so real.

[contemplative music playing]

[Lucy] So, like, Earth is round, Earth is flat.

Where are you guys on that these days?

[tapping key]


[atmospheric music playing]

♪ ♪

[Marianne] It is my honor to announce

that, with a 98% majority,

Betty Pearson has been elected vault overseer.

[dramatic music playing]

I’m so honored…

[cheers and applause]

…to step into Hank MacLean’s shoes.

Better luck next time, Reg.



[triumphant music playing]

[Norm] Congratulations, Overseer.

Thank you.


[Lucy] So, you guys use prewar technology

to find and collect prewar technology

to make sure no one has prewar technology?

I mean… [chuckles] yeah.

Well, when you say it like that, I mean, yeah, it’s…


…it’s weird.

[wind whooshing]

[metal creaking]

[Javin] You armed?


Yes, we are.

Are you armed?


We’re just gonna walk on by.

That okay with you?

It’s fine.

[quietly] Give me your gun.

What? No.

[Rink] Okay, we’re walking towards you.

There’s no one here but us and them.

It’s not safe. Give me your gun.

They said they’re not armed.

They’re lying.

You’re lying.

[Javin] What’s happening over there?

Yeah, we’re just being careful. You can come on through.

[Rink] Are you trying to fuck us?

[quietly] The gun.

Okay, uh, I think we’re all feeling some tension.


A little stress? [nervous chuckle]

Uh, so why don’t we all take a deep breath?

[nervous chuckle]

[Javin] What the fuck are you talking about?!

[deep exhale]

Oh, okay, uh…

We’re gonna do this.


How about on the count of three we all raise up our arms?

We already said we don’t have any weapons.

And neither do we!

Well, either way,

could we… could we just give it a try?


Okay. Great.

Uh, hands up on the count of three. Ready?




[♪ Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass: “Ladyfingers”]

♪ ♪

[disorienting music playing]

Wh… Why?!


Should’ve known.


You’ve been shot.

It’s just a scratch.

Happens all the time.

What’s a fiend?

It’s people who eat people.

I hate it up here.

[♪ Paul Cartledge & Harry Ferri: “Battle Hymn of the Republic”]

[door opens]

You ran a great campaign.

I know.

Must’ve put ten posters up.


That’s what you got to do. You put a few posters up

and let democracy run its course.

You know, I ran once.

And then that weevil famine came.

Lost to none other than Hank MacLean.

You know what they say.

“When things look glum, vote for somebody from Vault 31.”

[pats back]


I voted for Betty.


[Chet] Yeah.

[shower running]

[whispering] You don’t think it’s weird that we always elect an overseer

from Vault 31?

They did the same exact thing in Vault 32.

[Steph singing scales]

Honestly? No.

By all accounts, Vault 31 has more resources,

a better education system, and…

you know, they got that phrase.

“When things look glum, vote 31.”


[whispering] It’s a powerful slogan.


You think 200 years of coincidence comes down to a slogan?

[Chet sighs]

You might as well be asking why everyone prefers Jell-O cake to apple pie.

I don’t know why, they just do.

So, if it’s not at all worrisome, why are we whispering?

Because we just snuck into a vault filled with dead bodies.

Not to mention Steph’s from Vault 31.

Oh. Hello, Norman.

Steph. I actually was just heading out.

We’ll, uh, pick this up later.

Hey, sure.


[Steph] Hmm?

How was Vault 31 different from here?

What did your dad tell you?

Not much, actually. It’s-it’s why I’m asking.

Gee, I don’t know.

Maybe the mashed potatoes were a little better?

That is what my dad used to say.

Must be true then.

It must be true.

[gloomy, ominous music playing]

[microphone feedback]

[Betty] [over P.A.] Hello, Vault 33.

In my first edict as overseer,

I will be hosting a vault-wide meeting about the future of Vault 32

tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

See you there.

[metal squeaking]

[Maximus] What?

This isn’t… real, right?

You never heard of the New California Republic?

[Lucy] 34,000 people lived here after the war?

[Maximus] Yeah.

What about Reclamation Day?

Th-The entire purpose of my vault was…

to come up to the surface one day and…

[shaky breath]

…and restart civilization.

It’s-it’s Reclamation Day, it’s what keeps us all going and…

[sad, contemplative music playing]


It already h-happened without us.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, it didn’t work out.



♪ ♪

♪ ♪

What happened?

It’s the same thing that always happens.

Everyone wants to save the world, they just…

…they disagree on how.

I wonder if anyone survived.

I did.

[distant explosions]

We should keep moving.



Titus, this is more than just a graze.

We have to get you something… from somewhere.


We need to get the head.

[exhales] The head can wait.

Come on.

[sinister music playing]

[exhales] Look.



There could be anything in there.


Like a first aid kit.

[tense music playing]

[Maximus] Lucy!


[sighs, grunts]

[lights buzzing]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪



[alarm blaring]


Lucy! [screams]

[baby cooing]

[Betty] Thank you for coming, everyone.

It is important to me for us all

to see this place together.

As a community.

As a family.

So that we can heal together

and rebuild together.

What is happening here?

Now, I spoke with the overseer of Vault 31

and we agreed these vaults of ours

are too sacred to leave empty.

Which is why I am announcing a resettling campaign.

Some of us will stay home to rebuild 33.

Others will be moving into Vault 32

in the coming weeks to start anew.

[♪ Dinah Washington: “What a Difference a Day Made”] ♪ What a difference a day made ♪

♪ 24 little hours ♪

♪ Brought the sun and the flowers ♪

♪ Mm, where there used to be rain ♪

♪ My yesterday was blue, dear ♪

♪ Today I’m a part of you, dear ♪

♪ My lonely nights are through, dear ♪

[Betty] We must remember how good we have it here

in Vaults 31, 32 and 33.

Three democracies in three vaults.

Separated to prevent the spread of threats,

but connected to aid one another

in times of need.

We are the lucky ones.

We are the light

burning in the darkness.

And we will carry on until the day we bring

that light to the surface.

♪ And the difference ♪

♪ Is you ♪♪

Find anything interesting?

Great job cleaning up.

The raiders destroyed so much.

But not our spirits.


When my mother died, what happened to her Pip-Boy?

It was buried with her.

How are you so sure?

Because I buried her myself.

Me and your father.

[contemplative music playing]

♪ ♪


[intriguing music playing]

Where are we?

It’s okay.

We’ll be all right.

What is this place?

We’re in the best place in the world.

[♪ Brook Benton: “It’s Just a Matter of Time”]

We’re in a vault.

♪ Someday ♪

♪ Someway ♪

♪ You’ll realize ♪

♪ That you’ve been blind ♪

♪ Yes, darling ♪

♪ You’re going to need me again ♪

♪ It’s just a matter of time ♪

♪ Go on ♪

♪ Go on ♪

♪ Until you reach ♪

♪ The end ♪

♪ Of the line ♪

♪ But I know ♪

♪ You’ll pass my way again ♪

♪ It’s just a matter ♪

♪ Of time ♪♪

[ambient music playing]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


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