Euphoria – S02E06 – A Thousand Little Trees of Blood | Transcript

As relationships with mothers are tested, Rue tries to recover. Nate enjoys his newfound freedom.
Euphoria - S02E06 - A Thousand Little Trees of Blood

Aired on February 13, 2022

A few days after returning home from Laurie’s, Rue makes progression in recovering from withdrawals. She calls Ali and apologizes for what she said to him, and Ali comes over and cooks dinner for the Bennett family. Kat attempts to breakup with Ethan in a foolish manner leading to Ethan officially deciding to pull the plug on their relationship. Maddy ponders what to do after finding out the truth about Nate and Cassie by talking it out with Samantha. As Cassie and Nate grapple with their secret being out, they fight with their respective mothers. After seeing the stress Cassie is under, Lexi wonders how her play is going to be received while hanging out with Fez. While taking out the trash, Faye sees Custer and finds out that Custer is being forced to work with the cops to take down Fez and Ashtray for Mouse’s murder. Nate decides he must take matters into his own hands to protect his future and the Jacob’s family business by threatening Maddy with a gun to hand over the tape. Nate gives the tape to Jules, and they reveal to each other they were never lying about their feelings they had when Nate was cat-fishing her last year. Nate contacts Cassie and tells her she can stay with him while the drama blows over. Leslie finds out that nearby inpatient Rehab facilities aren’t available to take Rue in.

* * *

(breathing heavily)


(breathing continues)

(breathing faster)

(water overflows)

Here, baby. Rue? Baby, I need, I need you to drink this, okay? Come on, come on.

(Rue whimpers)

Let’s just take a sip, baby, please.

(candy wrapper crinkling)

(chair scrapes floor)

LESLIE: Do you need help with that?



(shuddering cries)

LESLIE: I got you.

RUE: You know what I like about hospitals?

LESLIE: We’re almost there. Come on.

(Rue crying)

RUE: They don’t need to know how good of a person you are in order to take care of you.

LESLIE: Come on.

RUE: They don’t need to know what’s going on in your head before they wrap a bandage around your arm.

(breathing heavily)

Come on.

RUE: People like that are rare. The doctor put my mom in touch with a rehab, who might have an open bed early next week.


Okay, okay.

RUE: Told me to stay strong.

Okay, okay, okay.

RUE: My mom is one of those rare people, but maybe that’s ’cause she’s my mom. She also grew up in the church. And say what you want about Christians. At least they believe in forgiveness.


(breathing rapidly)

I don’t remember everything I said to my mom.

It’s okay, Rue. It’s okay.

RUE: I wish I could say I didn’t mean any of it. Is that actually true? I mean, I thought it. I felt it… I said it.

(shuddering breaths)


(thunder rumbling)

I’m sure most people would say the world would be a better place without me.

(rain pattering)

I don’t disagree. In fact, I’ve been trying to leave it for as long as I can remember. Ali is also one of those rare people. The strange thing is, I bet most people would say the same thing about him. “He’s just a fuckin’ crackhead wife-beater.” I bet his daughter said that. Even I kinda said that.

(engine starts)

That I regret. Really fucking regret.

♪ ♪


But if I’m being honest about who I am… I’m a liar, a thief. I’m violent, abusive, manipulative.

It’s cold. It’s cold, Mom. Mom, it’s cold.

Rue, you have to break your fever, baby, okay? Okay? Come on.

RUE: And even if I got clean today, no one would forget the trauma of me not being clean.

(quietly) Shit.

(door closes)

(chatter on TV)

But I really regret what I said to Ali. Reducing someone’s life to a moment… an ugly moment. And punishing them for it.

(Rue crying)

(groaning, crying)

That’s what cops do. It’s actually what everyone does. It’s what you would do to me if you didn’t know me.

♪ ♪

(breathing heavily)

(no audio)

Anyway, I should call Ali and apologize.

(line ringing)

(line picks up)

ALI (on phone) Hello.

Ali? It’s, um, it’s Rue.

ALI: What do you want, Rue?

Um… I just wanted to, uh, call you and tell you that, um… I just wanted to call you and tell you that I’m sorry for what I said. Um… and I really regret it. Uh… I just-I never should’ve said that.

ALI: Rue.

And I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

ALI: Rue! Listen to me. I forgive you.

You do?

ALI: I do.

(sniffling) How do you know that I mean it?

ALI: Because the hour is certain to come. So we must forgive graciously.

(Rue crying) Thank you. (shuddering cries) Thank you.

(candy wrapper crinkling)


♪ Oh… ♪

♪ Taking it all for us ♪

♪ Taking it all ♪

♪ Taking it all for us ♪

♪ Oh… ♪

♪ Doing it all for love ♪

♪ Doing it all ♪

♪ Doing it all for love ♪

You look like a cat coughed your ass up.




RUE: Ali said he would only stop by if he could cook dinner for the whole family.

Aw, thanks for having me.


Oh, hi.


I’m Ali. Nice to meet you.

You’re Rue’s sponsor?

Uh… I am. A better question is, uh, what’re you doin’ right now?

GIA: Nothing.

Wanna help me cook?

Uh, I can help.

ALI: Nah, nah, you keep your stank withdrawal diarrhea-ass all away from my food.


Oh, you wanna tell him about–

No, no!

I think you should. (laughs)

No, no, no!

ALI: Hey, yo, yo! I’m serious. You’re a health hazard. In the other room.

Okay, dang. Thank you. Sorry.


RUE: Oh!


Bye-bye? Bye-bye to you, too.

RUE: Uh-huh.

I know you probably been washin’ that ass.


(all laughing)


They know I’m right.


(both laughing)

I think she’s doin’ better today.

For as tough as it’s been on Rue, I’m sure it’s been harder on you. Dice these tomatoes.

(heavy sigh)

It’s okay to be angry at her.

I’m not sure that helps anyone.

Ah, well, oh, I… tend to disagree. I think it would actually be good for you.


You’re not wrong to be angry at her. That shit hurts. It’s unfair. You don’t deserve it.

I’m fine. I am.

(knife scraping)

I didn’t say I didn’t believe you.


RUE: Now, Nate didn’t know what happened with Cassie and Maddy because when he exercises, he puts his phone on silent.

♪ ♪

The irony was Nate woke up that morning feeling fantastic. Because after an 18-year dick-swinging contest with his dad… Nate had finally won.

(“My Lovin'” by En Vogue playing)

RUE: His mom seemed to be handling it well. His brother on the other hand…

Fuck is she so happy about?

RUE: not so well.

♪ You never was this nice, you can’t fool me ♪

♪ Ooh, bop ♪

RUE: It wasn’t the 38 missed calls from Cassie that concerned him. It was the fact that there were zero calls from Maddy.

(tapping CD case)

Part of the reason Nate loved Maddy as much as he did is because she was loyal. But it’s also what scared the living shit out of him. If anyone crossed her, she’d bury them. And he had now really fucking crossed her. And there was no doubt in Nate’s mind what Maddy was about to do.

MADDY: You know when a kid shoots up a school and they go to interview the parents, and the parents are like, “We had no idea. He seemed, like, totally normal.” And everyone watching is like, “You’re a fucking idiot.” That’s how I feel, but with Cassie.

KAT: (on phone) Look, I never trusted her.

What? Why?

KAT: Because she seems like the kind of person who would fuck your boyfriend.

(sighs) I think I actually wanna murder her.

KAT: I get it.

No, like, actually… plan a murder and carry it out.

KAT: I get it.

Like a grisly murder. One that shocks the nation.

KAT: I think that’s more than understandable.


(Kat sighs)

What about Nate?

I have a few ideas.



That’s dark-sided.

Are you two ready to order?

No. (laughs)

ETHAN: Um… she’s just on the phone. We’ll just be a couple minutes.

We prefer customers not use phones at the tables.

KAT: No, no, no.

I can understand.

(Kat laughs)

I will circle back.

Okay, thank you.

Wow. She’s a cunt, yeah. (laughs) All right, bye. Love you. Okay.

Oh. (chuckles)


Sorry… I j-We haven’t said hello yet, so I just figured I would greet you like I normally greet you.

Oh, sorry. Maddy’s going through this thing. You know?

Sure. I get it. It’s awkward.

Yeah. (chuckles)

So, what are we doing here?

Goin’ on a date.

Yeah? ‘Cause on the phone you just kind of made it sound like, like it was an emergency.

Did I?



Like, you asked if I could cancel rehearsal.

I, um, I mean, well, I’ve– I’ve… been thinking… about us and, and our relationship, and, um… um… (sniffs) I have a… brain disorder.


That’s the rest of the sentence.

Um, I’m confused.

I think it’s terminal.

Y-Y-You’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship because you have a, you have a terminal brain disorder?

Yeah, I just, like, keep thinking, like, all the hospital visits, and… maybe, I’ll have to get out of school, stay home, you know, with the little time I have left.

What is this terminal brain disorder called?

No, no, no. ‘Cause you’re gonna google it, and then read about it, and I’m just gonna see it on your face.

I feel like you’re l-lying to me.

Lying about a terminal brain disorder? (chuckles) That’s sick. A-And to be honest, the fact that you think I would even lie about something that awful means there’s a big problem in this relationship, which is, like, literally what I was trying to say in the beginning.

No, no. In the beginning, I feel like you started to break up with me, and then, you pivoted to telling me that you got, like, a terminal brain illness, and now, I feel like you’re using my skepticism as, like, a reason to break up with me.

That’s your experience.

No, I think… that’s the experience.

It’s your experience of the experience–


Kat, you don’t wanna be in a relationship with me. And I get it. If it’s okay, just say it. Just have, like, the courage to actually be honest ’cause what you’re doin’ right now, it’s just, like-feels like shit.

I knew it. I-Wow. Wow, I can’t believe this. You’re literally trying to break up with me.

No, I’m, I’m trying to help you say what you wanna say.

Is this some sort of, like, manipulation tactic you learned on some fucking incel Reddit forum? God, this is the problem with guys like you. I tell you I’m sick, and you just dismiss my experience.


Yeah, you just gaslight me, tell me how to feel all because I don’t meet your expectations.

All right, well, you’re right. You didn’t live up to my expectations because I did expect you to at least be honest.

I am being honest.

All right, I don’t even think you believe that, but, you know, that’s besides the point ’cause I think we need to break up.


Wow, wow. I didn’t see that one coming. Hm. (chuckles)

I didn’t either.


Lex… Hon, take these in the back and hide ’em in the bushes.

You really think she’s gonna stab herself?

Your sister’s very emotional… Yes.


In the bushes, now. Go! Hurry!

(unsettling music playing)

(Suze sighs)

RUE: It was at some point while breaking branches off a tree in order to camouflage a bucket of kitchen knives in a bush… that Lexi started to have second thoughts about putting on her play.

Well, you know what… what you should put in the play… that time I beat Nate’s ass at that party.

No! Oh god.


I don’t know. Cassie isn’t doing too well. I’m worried that… she’s gonna see the play, and then, she’s gonna… freak out.

Yeah, I mean… everybody gets their feelings hurt. You know?


Some people… some people need to get their feelings hurt sometimes. (chuckles)

Yeah… I–

It’s, like, the first time in my life I’m doing something for myself.


What exactly is… the idea behind the play?

I don’t know, it’s… it’s, like, about a group of girlfriends who sort of… grow up and grow apart.

Damn, so it’s kinda like, uh, “Stand By Me” vibes.

Yes, exactly! I love that movie. That’s… exactly it.

Hell yeah.

Come on now. I’ve watched that film, like, 50 times.

Have you really?

That’s my shit, come on. In fact, my, my grandma has it on DVD, you know?

Should we watch it?

♪ I’ve got, you’ve got… ♪

RUE: Lexi needed a break.

♪ Skeletons in the closet, my dear ♪

Cassie… can I use the bathroom?


(line ringing)

NATE: (on voicemail) Yo, this is Nate. I’m busy. Leave a message at the beep.


(line ringing)

NATE: (on voicemail) Yo, this is Nate. I’m busy. Leave a message at the beep.

(line ringing)

Whatever you do, don’t marry anyone you meet in high school.

(both chuckling)

I mean it. I used to be fun. And I know you don’t believe me, but I was fuckin’ hot.

No, I believe you.

Yeah, well, could’ve had anything I wanted. Then I just… fell in love with your dad.

Well, I’m very happy he’s gone.

Yeah. Do me a favor. Just… don’t take your anger out on me.

Why would I be angry at you?

‘Cause you’re an angry guy.

No, I was angry at Dad. That’s very different than, you know, being angry.

Okay… Whatever you say.

And I feel like when I was angry, I had a pretty good reason to be angry.

Okay, look, I’m not, I’m not saying angry people don’t have a reason to be angry. Right? You hated your father. That’s as good a reason as any.

Yeah, but that’s my point. My anger was directed toward him. It’s not just towards anyone.

Yeah, I don’t know about that.

No, it’s not. It’s fuckin’ specific.

Okay, look… can we just have a nice time? Yeah?


Okay, thank you. (Marsha humming) Need another bottle.

CASSIE: I’m not the bad guy. Everyone keeps looking at me like I’m the bad guy, but I’m not the bad guy!

Well, you’re not the good guy.

Yeah, that’s for sure.

Everyone thinks that I was hooking up with Nate when he and Maddy were still together, but that’s not accurate. There was no crossover.

Cassie, please, just a little bit of peace, please.

CASSIE: But Rue made it sound like we were just hooking up the entire time, but I would never do that to someone I love.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a real airtight defense.

It’s the truth!

SUZE: Oh, Cassie, you’re driving me nuts! It’s one thing to do what you did, and it’s another thing to pretend you’re all innocent, and it’s no big deal.

I’m just pointing out the facts.

Well, I’m pointing out the principle.

What principle?

The “don’t fuck your best friend’s boyfriend” principle.

That is what I am trying to tell you, Mom! They weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, god!

I don’t care! I just wanna watch my “Millionaire Matchmaker” in peace for one hour, one goddamn hour! Fuck!

You, uh, you still seein’ that, that, that blonde girl?


Mm, ’cause I prefer her to Maddy.

Well, you’re in luck.

So, so you’re dating?

No, I just mean Maddy’s never gonna fuckin’ talk to me again.

Oh, well, that’s good.

Well, we’ll see.

I was, I was just terrified you were gonna get her pregnant.

Who? Maddy?

(scoffs) She’s the type that would keep it just to spite you. Thank you.

Can’t really picture her being a mom.

Ooh, man, I could. Especially if it meant she had the chance to screw you over for the rest of her life.

Yeah, well, she’s not fuckin’ pregnant, and she’s never gonna talk to me again.

So… what about the blonde girl?

Oh, it’s complicated.


Um, she’s Maddy’s best friend.

(laughs) Shit.

(both laughing)

Who’s the cunt now? Do you remember when she said that?

Yes, I do remember.

(gasps) Oh my god. I know it’s not the right thing to say… but when you grabbed her after that, and you, like, pulled her ass off, I was thinkin’, “That’s my boy.” Huh? “Stickin’ up for his mama.” (kisses) Oh my gosh. (laughs) Shit.

Yeah, it was a pretty insane thing to do.

I know, well, you know, you didn’t have to go so far as to choke her.

I didn’t choke her.


Mom, they dropped the charges.


I didn’t fuckin’ choke her.

Look… at that moment, I, I wanted to choke the girl, too.

Yeah, but my point is I didn’t fucking choke her, Mom.

Okay! Don’t get so upset that ya end up chokin’ me. ‘Cause I won’t drop the charges. I’ll fuckin’ clean house. (chuckles) Sorry.

(Cassie screaming)

What’s going on?

(cries) I just wanna die!

Well, a corkscrew ain’t gonna cut it.

(cries) No…

I told you.

I don’t understand. I thought you hated Nate.

When I didn’t know him.

You’ve literally known him forever.

Not like I do now.

Wait, is this why you ratted on Fezco?


Oh my god. That’s why you did it?


That’s why you said something? ‘Cause you were sleeping with him?

No, I wasn’t!

Oh really? When did you start sleeping together?

Uh… Uh… I, I don’t, I don’t know the exact date.

Okay, well, was it before or after New Year’s?

I don’t know!

Okay, but for someone who’s so obsessed with windows of time, I find that hard to believe.

God, Lexi, you are making me feel worse!

Do you even know why Fezco did what he did?

No, do you?!

Yeah, I do.

Then tell me.

No, I’m not gonna tell you because you’ll tell Nate. I don’t fuckin’ trust you.

No one does!

Yeah, ’cause you fell in love with someone who spent years making fun of you. It’s sad.

NATE: Did you know Dad was cheating on you?

Did you?


I don’t, I don’t believe that for a second because when he came in here and he was ranting and raving about bein’ a man, and markin’ his territory– I don’t know, whatever the fuck he was talking about. (sighs) I looked at Aaron and I looked at you, and, boy, was there a difference in his response and your response.

It’s because Aaron is a fucking idiot.

(chuckles) Okay, he is, isn’t he? That’s terrible. I’m laughing.


(both laughing)

Oh… You know what? I think I’m gonna buy a Peloton. Yeah, I am gonna start dating.

You’re a drunk.

Mm, what? You don’t want a stepfather?

Mom, shut up.

No? Ooh, ooh! What about one who’s your age? That’d be fun.

Shut the fuck up. You’re acting like a fuckin’ teenager. Jesus fuckin’ Christ.

Wow! Why is it, why is it that you only have the bad qualities of your father, and none of the good qualities?


Right, so Cal, Cal’s a fuckin’ saint now.

No. That’s, that’s, that’s not what I said.

That’s literally what you fuckin’ said.

Marsha: No, it’s not. I just– He’s deeply flawed, and somehow… somehow, some way, we raised a child who’s even more deeply flawed. Do you ever wonder about that? Do you just like– What went wrong? Do you ever think about that? No, of course, you don’t because your fuckin’ dumb-ass dad didn’t believe in therapy, so… self-reflection’s off the table. It’s just– It’s just a mystery to me. ‘Cause you were such a sweet little baby. I remember you used to come to our bedroom at night, and you would, you would ask me if I wanted anything to drink, you know, before bed, and sometimes I’d say, “Yeah,” you know, “I want a glass of water,” just to see if you’d, if you’d do it, if you meant it, and you did. Hm, you’d bring it up, right? You’d put it on the nightstand, and then, you’d give me a little kiss, and you’d tell me you loved me. Then you’d look over at your dad, and… you’d tell him you loved him, too, but without the kiss. And then… I don’t know, somewhere, like, around… eight or nine, you just, you-you darkened. Do you remember those years?

Not really, no.

God, I used to ask your dad, I was like, “Did a baseball hit him in the head? “Did he get a concussion? Did something happen? I just-I don’t understand.” It was such a drastic change, and I, I swear–

What’s the fucking point? What’s the point of all this?

Look, I’m just-I’m just tryin’ to figure out how things ended up the way they ended up. That’s all.

I feel like you’re tryin’ to say something without sayin’ it.

I-I’m not. Just… forget I–

(Marsha sighs)

(TV playing)

Who said Nate was a bad person? Rue?

It doesn’t matter.

‘Cause if we wanna talk about people, let’s talk about Rue.

Rue’s a good girl.

CASSIE: And I’m not?

I didn’t say you’re not a good girl. Rue’s had a very hard life.

Not harder than my life or Lexi’s life.

SUZE: It’s different.

Right. Her dad died and ours just stopped calling. I don’t know which is worse. And if you weren’t such a fucking loser with no self-respect, you’d drop her ’cause she treats you like shit.

SUZE: Enough! Enough!

What, I can’t say it to her, but you two can say it to me?!

I never said you didn’t have any self-respect!

You don’t have to! I can fuckin’ feel it!

Oh, she needs a fucking exorcism.

RUE: The truth was, Nate didn’t give a shit about what would happen to his dad. He did, however, care about what happened to his dad’s business because, eventually, that would become Nate’s business. And while he didn’t know much about real estate… he did know there wasn’t much of a market for homes built by a pedophile… or the son of a pedophile. Even though, technically, he wasn’t a pedophile, but it’s not like you could argue that out loud.

(tense music playing)

(barrel clicking)

RUE: Meanwhile, Jules was at home. And she hadn’t talked to Elliot since… You know what? Actually, I don’t want to talk about Jules and Elliot. Fuck them. Let’s go back to Maddy.

Theo: Then, there are two King Boo’s, and then, three King Boo’s.

RUE: Maddy wasn’t just angry about Nate and Cassie. She was also depressed and heartbroken.

(melancholy music playing)

All the times that Cassie consoled her, comforted her, pretended to be there for her… none of it was real. It was all an illusion.

♪ ♪

(phone buzzes)

(insects chirping)



How was your night?

It was nice. I hadn’t seen my girlfriends in a while, so it was good to catch up on all the meaningless, fun bullshit.

Well, Theo and I played two and a half hours of video games, and then, he told me about how he loves demons, and that when I sleep, they’re gonna steal my heart.

He’s a nut. Feel like we should get drunk and go for a swim.


RUE: Maddy didn’t wanna tell Samantha what had happened with Nate and Cassie. But after two glasses of wine… she told her what had happened with Nate and Cassie.

God, that’s horrible.

MADDY: Right?

You want to hear something more horrible?


When I was in college, I kind of did the same thing to one of my best friends.

You mean you were me?


No, that’d be less horrible. I, I was her.

Don’t tell me that. I like you. Please don’t tell me that.

Yeah, I know, I know.

You fucked one of your girlfriend’s boyfriends?

Yeah, multiple times.

You did this to multiple girlfriends?

No! Jesus. Just one.


Yeah… many times. (chuckles)

MADDY: Okay, but how close were you?

No, don’t do this to me.

I know. I’m sorry.


Because he gave me just the right amount of attention at the wrong time.

That is so depressing.

(chuckles) I was a fucking mess in high school… in college, and in my 20s. The idea that there was ever anyone in the world who… would want to settle down and marry me was a complete shock to me.

You’re lying.

No. I’m not. I was, literally, the girl that everyone and their mothers used to say, “No one would ever settle down and marry her, and God-help whoever did.”

Why would they say that?

Because I was messy. Oh, and I loved to fight.

See, I’m not a mess, but I do love a fight.

Oh, it’s the best.

Totally underrated.

In the long run, not so much, but in the moment?

It’s fucking amazing.

Oh, it’s so good.

But… I mean, that’s just who I am.

Yeah? I used to think that’s who I was, too, until I met Sebastian.

You don’t fight?

Not really, no.



I just don’t think my brain is wired that way.

If you are still dating guys like this in your 40s, we’d be having a very different conversation, but you’re 18 years old. Who gives a shit?


Did you and your friend ever make up?

God no. She never spoke to me again.

(“Stand by Me” by Ben E. King playing)

(Lexi crying)

Lexi: Oh god.

(chuckles) It’s so sad.

Think I got somethin’ in my fuckin’ eye.

♪ And the land is dark ♪


BOTH: (singing along) ♪ Is the only light we’ll see ♪

♪ No, I won’t be afraid ♪

♪ Oh, I won’t be afraid ♪

♪ Just as long as you stand ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

♪ So darlin’, darlin’, stand by me ♪

♪ Oh, stand by me ♪

♪ Oh, stand ♪

♪ Stand by me, stand by me ♪

♪ If the sky that we look upon ♪

♪ Should tumble and fall ♪

♪ Or the mountains should crumble to the sea ♪

♪ I won’t cry, I won’t cry ♪

♪ No, I won’t shed a tear ♪

(Lexi chuckling)

♪ Just as long as you stand ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

♪ And darlin’, darlin’, stand by me ♪

♪ Oh, stand by me ♪

♪ Woah, stand now ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

♪ ♪

CUSTER: Faye! Come here. Hurry the fuck up!

What are you doing?

I gotta talk to you.

Why are you in the alley?

♪ Darlin’, darlin’, stand by me ♪

(Ashtray urinating)

And then, so the fucking cops knock on my door, askin’ all kinds of questions.

What questions?

Questions about Mouse.

What did you say?

Nothing. But then, the next day I was walking, and I’m like-I had a couple OCs in my pocket, and they just ran up talkin’ all kinds of crazy shit. You know, “You’re gonna go to prison. We know you killed Mouse.” I was like, “I, I didn’t kill Mouse.”

Are you cooperating?

Hell no. Babe, they already had their sights set on fuckin’ Fez and Ash.

So, you are cooperating with the police.

I do not know if that is the right word, all right, but I’m helping ’em out. Okay, they definitely had their sights set on them beforehand, so I didn’t set anything into motion. I love you, baby, and I’m gonna be coming over soon, and I’m gonna be talkin’ about some things, and I need you to stay the fuck out of it.

(toilet flushes)

Oh, hey, it’s raining. I’m gonna take a shower.

♪ Darlin’, darlin’, stand by me ♪

♪ Oh, stand by me ♪

This shit go hard.

(Lexi chuckling)

♪ Stand by me ♪

♪ Stand by me ♪

But for real though, if, if your play is anything like “Stand By Me,” you’re not gonna have no problems. (chuckles)

(thunder rumbling)

(cocks gun)

What are you doing?

NATE: Don’t worry. I’m not here to apologize. Can you imagine if I was sitting here with a gun forcing you to accept my apology?

You’re scaring me.

Yeah… It’s kinda the point.

(tense music playing)

I love you. I love you, Nate. Nate… I love you.

I know you better than anyone in this world. I humiliated you. It’s over.

♪ ♪

Why do you think my dad likes to film himself fucking?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

♪ ♪

Can you believe it was Jules?

I’m gonna need that disc now.

I don’t have it.

NATE: Hm. Okay.


(barrel clicking)

(Maddy crying)

NATE: Take a deep breath.

(gun clicks)




Stop it, Nate.

(gun clicks)

(crying) Stop, Nate, stop. Please, please stop. Please, stop it, stop it, please.

(gun clicks)

Please, stop it.

(Nate grunts)

Stop, stop, stop. It’s in, it’s in my purse. It’s in my purse. It’s in my purse.



(Nate groans)


(thunder rumbling)

(rapid breaths)

(Maddy sniffling)

Hey, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I was– I was jok–

Don’t touch me!

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. There’s no bullets in the gun.


(“I’ll Be There for You/ You’re All I Need to Get By” by Method Man playing)

♪ You’re all I need ♪

♪ To get by, ahh ♪

♪ You’re all I need ♪

♪ To get by ♪

♪ Me for you that’s how it is ♪

♪ I be your Noah, you be my Wiz ♪

♪ I’m your Mister, you my Mrs. with hugs and kisses ♪

♪ Valentine cards and birthday wishes, please ♪

♪ ♪

(phone buzzes)


NATE: (on phone) Look, I know you probably don’t wanna talk to me, but I’m about to be outside your house, and I really need to speak to you.

I don’t care.

(phone buzzing)

(text notifications)

(uneasy music playing)

(blade clicking)

(thunder rumbling)

No, thank you.

It’s good to see you. I know you hate me. I’ve done a lot of shitty things, but, um… no, this isn’t one of ’em.

What do you want?

First… to apologize.

I’m not interested.

I know, but you are gonna be interested in the second thing. Unfortunately for you, you’re gonna have to hear my apology first. Uh… I’m sorry… for everything that I’ve done to you. You didn’t deserve it. I was, uh… I was tryin’ to protect somebody that didn’t deserve to be protected. If I could take it all back, I would. But… I did what I did. I found out about you and my dad from, um… from this disc. Yeah, he, uh, he secretly records every encounter he has, and, you know, he’s been doin’ it, well… well, honestly, as long as I can remember. I stole it from him, and he had a, he had a mental breakdown, and he moved out of the house, so I thought that I would, uh– I thought I’d give it to you, and, you know, you can do with it as you please.

So, there was a camera?


And you’ve seen it?


Have a lot of people seen it?

No, no.

Does he know you’re giving this to me?

No… No. He would fuckin’ kill me.

Is this, like, the only copy, or… is it other, other places?

I mean, it’s the only one that I know of, yeah.

Why are you giving this to me?

Honestly, the answer is too stupid and simple. I think it’s better if we just keep it a mystery.

What, did you become, like, a good person?

Absolutely not, no. I mean, you should’ve seen what I had to do to get it.

I came out here with a box cutter in my sleeve. You know, in, in case there was a chance I might have to slit your throat. That’s how little I trust you. Well, uh, thank you.

You’re welcome.

Um, I’m gonna go.

Okay. Hey, um… for what it’s worth… everything I ever said was true.

Same here.

(uneasy music playing)

♪ ♪

(phone buzzing)


NATE: (on phone) Hey, pack a suitcase. I’ll be at your place in 10. You can stay at my house.


NATE: Love you.

I love you, too.

(“Quiet, The Winter Harbor” by Mazzy Star playing)

♪ Well, you’re still walking ♪

♪ Around the block ♪

(phone chimes)

♪ You had a long time ♪

♪ To think who you are ♪

(door shuts)

♪ You look so sad ♪

♪ Well, so you think ♪

♪ You say, “Come over” ♪


♪ And you’re still a star ♪

♪ You’re like a villain ♪

♪ In some old film ♪

♪ Walking in the dark ♪

♪ In somebody’s room ♪

♪ Save me ♪

♪ ‘Cause I’m still sinking ♪

♪ And you’ve got a harbor ♪

♪ Close to the shore ♪

♪ ♪

I ruined my entire life for you.


♪ Save me ♪

♪ ‘Cause I’m still sinking ♪

♪ And you’ve got a harbor ♪

♪ Close to the shore ♪

(plays video)

CAL: (in video) How old are you?

JULES: (in video) Uh, 22.

CAL: Selfishly… I hope you stay.

Wider. Wider… There you go. That’s it. Good girl.

(“Quiet, The Winter Harbor” continues)

ALI: So, Rue, Rue.

(Gia laughs)


So, you think you hit rock bottom?


ALI: Hm.

Um… okay, uh, I know… that I have a lot of apologizing to do. Uh… I get that.

ALI: Uh-huh.

So, I just figured that I’d, you know… go to rehab, get clean, you know, sort my shit out, and, um… then come back, and… apologize.

ALI: So you wanna get clean?


ALI: Okay. How do you feel about that?

If it’s real, then great.

It is.

GIA: You’ve said that before.

LESLIE: Gia, come on.

What’s wrong with her not believin’ her?

I think she needs all of our support. Right?

ALI: I don’t think it’s a question of support. When you’ve let someone down again and again, I think it’s fair to lose a little faith.

I mean, what do you think? You think she’ll get clean?

I don’t know.

She said it’s like a five percent chance, right?

ALI: Somethin’ like that.

Where’s the hope in that?

The hope… is what Rue has to find. (clears throat)

Yeah… piece of cake.

Let Rue be Rue–


…and shower that little one with love. (softly) She’s been waitin’ on it.

(knocks on door)

RUE: Hey.

You mind if I sleep in your bed tonight?

Yeah, yeah, for sure. Come on. … I feel like I don’t know anything about your life anymore.

I’ll tell you when you get back.

Okay. Good night.


(phone buzzing)

Hello? Yes, this is her. Yeah, my daughter. She’s 17 years old. (sighs) I think opiates, hero-heroin. I think mainly just opiates. Well, I t-took her to the emergency room about four days ago, and… the doctor gave her somethin’ to help with the withdrawal. But I was hopin’ to bring her in as soon as possible. But she needs to be in an inpatient hospital. You don’t understand my daughter, okay? She’s a drug addict, okay? And she’s gonna kill herself. Please, I am beggin’ you, please, okay? She needs to be in an inpatient, not just the detox. She needs to be put back into rehab. No, don’t. Please listen to me. I know my daughter. She is going to kill herself. (crying) Please don’t do this, please. I’m begging. Please, don’t do this to us. Don’t do this to us, please! (crying) My daughter’s gonna kill herself. (Leslie sniffles, cries)

(melancholy music playing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


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