Debris – S01E13 – Celestial Body [Transcript]

In the climactic Season Finale, Bryan and Finola's lives are changed forever as Maddox and INFLUX converge on the Debris they seek.
Debris - S01E13 - Celestial Body

Original air date: May 24, 2021

In the climactic Season Finale, Bryan and Finola’s lives are changed forever as Maddox and INFLUX converge on the Debris they seek.

* * *


(engine starts)

(car bell dings)

(crowd chatters)

♪ (theme)

(phone rings)

BRYAN: Maddox. Hey.

MADDOX (on phone): Anson Ash escaped from the black site.


Killed a guard, jacked himself with a defibrillator and teleported out.

We got some X-rays from the prison last night.

Bryan, he has shards of Debris all through his body.

BRYAN: Were they experimenting on themselves?

Our guys think he ingested them, and they phased into different organs.

I tried to get a read through CCTV, get a pin on where he went.

I wanted you to know.

BRYAN: Great.

All right, listen, I gotta go. I’ll be in touch.

BRYAN: Thanks.



I just don’t want my father to be running and hiding for his whole life.

As long as they’re out there, he will never be safe.

I just thought, with his ideas behind us, that… um, that we would be able to stop INFLUX.

Anson being in prison was a good start.

We are going to protect your father for as long as it takes.

I hope.

(bird twittering)

(door opens)

Let’s go! We have to leave!

Dad, what are you wearing?

Protection for the radiation from the radio waves.

I was working on the antennas.

(Finola, indistinct)

We have to leave!

I’ve got the coordinates for the mapmaker, but the signal’s getting weaker.

We… We have to leave.

I guess we’re leaving.

(engine starts)

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yes, I’m fine.

GEORGE: Take a left here. We’re getting closer.

(device beeping)

(car stereo blaring)

What’s going on here?

(beeping increases)

Who are these people?

GEORGE: That’s a very good question.

GEORGE: They’re all facing east.

Hello. Can you hear me?


BRYAN: Hello.

FINOLA: This is like what happened to the techs at the warehouse.

(device scanning)



You said this was a “map maker” piece, George, a piece you might not even notice you had.

This isn’t map making.

And now we’re standing out here with no suits.

It’s too late for suits.

The suits wouldn’t be of any use anyway.

They weren’t designed for this type of Debris.

These… These people were brought here.

They came by car, so presumably, they were affected before they even got here.

But somehow they knew to be here.

This Debris could be affecting people 20 miles around.

And we were done the minute we hit the parking lot.

So will the same thing happen to us?

I don’t know.

The techs started dying two hours after exposure.

Dad. Dad!

The only way to find out is to keep moving forward.

We have to find the Debris.

We have to examine it.

I need to look at it.


I can feel it, an energy.

Can you? I can feel it.


(laughter grows)

What is this?

It’s emotional convergence.

BRYAN: What does that mean?

Come on! No! Come on!

(all shouting)

Hey! What are we gonna do?

(George chuckles)

(shouting continues)

It’s beautiful!


(shouting stops)

Devin Reece.

Two E’s?

Two E’s.

All right. Got it.

So these people are affected but somehow we’re not?

Are we saying that the Debris is just selecting people for its own purposes?

I don’t know. But it seems like we’re entering some sort of new phase.

(inhales) Whoo!

That one smelled like vanilla.

This smells like baby diapers.

Almost as bad as the tech section on the plane.

You mean your side of the plane?


Mercedes Russell.

Mercedes Russell.

Can I ask you a question?


It might sting a bit.

Wow. That sounds ominous.

We’re putting all of our faith in your father, and he was reanimated through his eye.

They restarted his brain, and he can’t remember where he was six months ago.

(device beeping)

He can’t remember why Maddox wants him dead.

He’s marching around in his tined foil cape; his memory’s foggy at best.

Just doesn’t feel right.

He could be wrong about all of it.

Maybe they told him something, and he just doesn’t remember it.

That’s dangerous.

All I know is that they brought him back to find it.

So it must be important.

(device beeping rapidly)

(all cheering)

You… are…


You are Dario.

I… am…


I am Mom.

LINDA: Hi, Julia.

Hey, Linda. Thanks for going.

You know what? Just leave those. I’ll deal with them.

Okay. I’m just going to put the next load in.

IRINA: Nice car.

I almost left.

No, you didn’t.

(Irina speaks native language)

(man speaks native language)

(Irina continues)

(Irina continues)

(device beeps)

(man speaks native language)

FINOLA: Take a look at their social media profiles.

They all have two things in common.

They all live within 25 miles of here, and they all have newborns.


BRYAN: After becoming a parent, you’re in a heightened emotional state; emotionally raw.

Higher highs, lower lows, the joy of having a child, the postpartum depression, and the fear of getting it wrong.

So it’s seeking out people in specific vulnerable emotional states, studying them?

Trying to absorb them, somehow.

Feeding off them emotionally.

What’s taking Otto so long?

You ready?

As I’ll ever be.

What have you done?

Let’s hit the road.

(engine starts)

FINOLA: Yeah. They just keep coming.

Sometimes they’re unloading, and sometimes they’re not.

It’s so strange. It’s like it’s happening in cycles.

We have to figure out a way to shut this place down and free these people.

I’ll get the N-Us from the SUV, we might be able to disrupt it.

Yes, and I’ll see if I can recalibrate them.

Never forget how much I love you.

MADDOX: We’re good.

(case latches clicking)

You know I can’t let you leave with that case, right?

I mean, you know that.

There’s another door for you, Irina, one only you can go through.

(device clicking)

Do you think you can manipulate the N-Us?

Pretty soon others are going to come looking for them, Dad.

They can ping cell phones, and then get GPS on cars.

Police will be called, and then the FBI… and that leads to Orbital and then Maddox.

I can’t let them find you, Dad.

The N-Us won’t work.

I didn’t think they would.

Well, let me tell Bryan.

I needed to distract Bryan so that I can talk to you alone.


There’s some things you need to understand.

Try to move this.

You want me to touch it?

It’s okay. I just want to demonstrate something to you.

It’s all right.

No, Dad. Don’t.

This one won’t hurt us.


It’s all right.

GEORGE: Go ahead.


Although his piece of Debris is relatively small.

It’s weight right now at this moment, because of the psychic connection to those people out there, is that of a large building.

And it cannot be moved… as long as their minds are linked to it.

To get it out of here, we have to sever the link between the Debris and those people.

This process will have an adverse effect on them.

What kind of adverse effect?

Their memories will be wiped completely.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.

And you’re going to have no choice but to allow it to happen.

FINOLA: Don’t we always have a choice?


I’ll figure out a way.

You are such a compassionate person.

You always have been.

You’ve got so much of your mother in you.

Oh. I’ll find a way.

I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

No, there’s no time.

What do you mean, we don’t have time?

We’ve been here well over two hours, and they haven’t died like the people in the warehouse.

It’s not the same thing.

I mean, yes, they’re being held, but my instincts are good.

Dad, we can do this.

There’s no more time.

Why do you keep saying that?

Because INFLUX operatives are almost here.

How could you possibly know that?

Because I called them.

Why would you say that you have called INFLUX?

I’m going to tell you something that at first you’re going to wish I hadn’t.


I took my life to allow myself a rebirth, and I paid the price.

I want you to know this.

That not one day goes by that…

That I don’t think of you and your sister.

I want you to know this.

What are you talking about? A rebirth?

That’s not what happened.

They did this to you.

You didn’t allow yourself anything.

Remember that first night in the hotel, I told you that this was bigger than you, me, your sister?


And I told you I needed the Laghari files to find this.

Yes. What does this have to do with INFLUX?

If we can’t help people, we do not deserve this Debris.

Okay. I came, and and I found you.

Do you remember that?

Tell me that you remember that.

Look at me. Tell me that you remember that.

You didn’t.

I knew you were coming.

You just came too early.

What are you saying? What are you saying?

What do you mean, you knew?

This Debris has given me more than even I expected.

Sweetheart, you’ve seen it.

The U.S.has been weaponizing the Debris.

So have other countries.

They cannot be trusted to be the guardians of this technology.

Putting it in the hands of the people so that they have the power to resist governments and use this technology for good.

This is what we need to do.

No! What you are saying is wrong.

Why are you talking this way?

Bryan was right.

This isn’t a map-making piece of Debris.

This piece, in concert with others, will enable the transformation of the human mind so that humanity can ascend to a higher plane of consciousness and thought.

Dad, this isn’t you.

I know you. This isn’t you.

They have done something to you.


Oh my… This isn’t you.

I have never lied to you about what I believe this Debris can give to us.

What have you done?

You never wanted to go into the pool.

I had to throw you in, and you kicked and screamed and…

But you always did better that way.

Nice to see you again.

(phone ringing)

(ringing continues)

(phone beeps)


Hello, Bryan.


BRYAN: There are still more people arriving.

Yes, yes. We have decided against the N-U’s.

It’s too dangerous.

Then what can we do?

We’re gonna try something else.

Let us know if there’s any change in their behavior.

BRYAN: Okay.

I was worried about you.

Why? What did you see?

Nothing that’s clear.

Call it instinct.

What happened? It’s active. Functioning.

A Telesphere was born yesterday.

Came from a pocket dimension inside Orbital.

I think it’s birth may have triggered the Debris.

Any idea with the sphere is now?

No. There’s been no reports about it either.

LOEB: You must be very proud.

You have the right to be.

Sometimes the world gets a leader that just defies it all.

He has something in mind, something only he can see.

A visionary. Okay?

He knows what we could be, what we would be, and what we should be.



I don’t want to kill you, but I will if I have to.

How long will it take for them to die?

How long’s a piece of string?

(device whirrs)

I’ll make it as quick as I can.

Likely a brain hemorrhage.


I want you to turn it off slowly.

Ease them off the bottle.

Their minds will still be wiped.

I want you to do that. Things can be learned again.

(device whirrs)

The beans.

You have to ingest this.

It’ll provide you with a protective envelope against the effect.

It’ll prevent your mind from being wiped.

There are at least 50 innocent people there.

This is the only way to disengage them from the Debris.

Turn it off, so we can move it.

And what about Bryan?

He won’t be alone in his sacrifice.

You’re doing…

I won’t lose you again.




Stop this.

Stop this.

Just stop this!

Stop it.

I’m sorry.


Careful, careful, careful, you cretin.

Careful, the finesse of a butcher.



I must say.

He’s a tough one, ain’t he?

Just stay down. Stay down. They’re with INFLUX.

Otto, how does he even know what day it is?


Look at me, young man.

Look at me.



See? I’m not going to hurt you.

How do you remember anything?

Why didn’t it affect you?


I know who you are.

You’re the third man.

The third man!

Garcia, Ming, and you.

Leave him alone.

You did a wonderful job in hiding your identity.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Let’s go.

It was wonderful meeting you.



I can show you. You belong with me.

No. No. I don’t.

You belong with me.

Look at me. Look into my eyes.

If I tell you that there are things that you have no idea of, that there are things about Debris that I know, things that I believe that you need to know.

Tell me. Am I lying?

You belong with me, your father.

My father, died six months ago.

And you are not him.

This technology will be free.

Hey, you okay?

I don’t know.

I think so.

FINOLA: Who was that? What was that all about?

When it all started falling… I was injured in a Debris event with Garcia, and a Chinese agent named Ming.

I have been taking injections for it, as a precaution to stave off something.

What? Stave off what?

They don’t know. Maybe nothing.

This is the first time that something has happened because of it.

I’ve never seen that man before in my life.

We need to tell Maddox everything.


(engine revving)

OTTO: It would never have worked out with that girl, not in any iteration.

Linda, is everything okay? What you still doing here?

Julia didn’t feel well and went upstairs to take a nap.

Hey, Julia.


Honey? Julia?


It’s okay. It’s okay.

I almost did something so stupid.

I almost did it.

It’s okay.

I’m here, you’ll be all right.

I can’t do this anymore.

I know.


I need you to help me.

I want you to come with me.

(phone vibrates)

(humming, whiriring)

JULIA: What is that?



Oh, oh…

Oh, my God.


Yes. Mom.

Mom. Oh, my God.


You’ve had a long journey.

My name is Dahkeya.

INFLUX just obtained the piece in a quarry in Virginia.

Then it’s time.

Let’s begin.






(digital warbling)





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