Debris – S01E08 – Spaceman [Transcript]

Bryan and Finola undertake a dangerous operation into an INFLUX compound in order to rescue George Jones. But Maddox and Ferris have their own plans for how the mission should be carried out.
Debris - S01E08 - Spaceman

Original air date: April 19, 2021

* * *

[MADDOX] Good morning, Finola.

All right. As you are all well aware, we have identified that George Jones is alive.

We think he is being held somewhere in an area called the Channeled Scablands in Eastern Washington State.

Thankfully, with memories extracted from Anson Ash, we’ve narrowed that down.

This highway marker here is near an area called Twin Lakes.

Now, this memory comes up a lot.

We are confident that INFLUX has an installation here, and what we’re looking for is within a five-mile radius of this location.

Satellites and flybys haven’t picked up anything?

No, but there is definitely something there.

We’re thinking subterranean?

[MADDOX] Could be, or camouflage.

From the memory images that we were able to pull up here, you can see something that we think is a research facility.

Our main priority is to recover George.

This is a surgical in-and-out mission.

Once you have George in a secure location, I will send an additional team to sweep the premises for intel, computers, any additional Debris we find.

And do we know when those memories are from?

A month? A week?

No, we don’t.

This is all we have to work with for now.

I wish we had more.

Have a seat.

I don’t want you to use Finola on this mission, tactically.

Finola’s capable. I trust her instincts.

There’s no way she would ever not be one of the first people through the door to retrieve her father.

You’re gonna have to find a way.

This isn’t a retrieval for you, Bryan.

George Jones doesn’t come out of this alive.

Yeah. Go for it.

[FERRIS] (on phone) There’s a change of plan, at least on our end.

I just sent Phelps a new directive.

Okay. Yeah. What is it?

We have operatives in place to stop your convoy after you’ve exfiltrated your father.

I don’t understand.

[FERRIS] We can’t let the Americans take possession of him.

There will be a plane waiting to bring you both back home.

The Americans aren’t just gonna let us take him.

Finola, whatever you and Phelps need to do, George needs to be on that plane.

[BRYAN] INFLUX has learned everything they can from George.

He’s not a risk to us now.

We can learn things from him.

This is what we’re doing.

Bryan, I know how hard this is.

I know how hard this is to ask.

Does the team know?

Sha knows.

He’s all you need.

[BRYAN] There must be another way.

Do you remember that night in Marjah?

When I told you to go into the north entrance of that compound?

And you did it without any questions asked, even though you knew that was the most dangerous entrance?

You remember that?

Keep her out of the building.

And you should take some comfort in knowing that you can tell her that her dad was killed in a crossfire.

Trust me.

All right.

I’ll stand by.

I’ll report back.

George needs to be in London.

It’s the safest place for you to be as well.

And you’re needed here on multiple fronts.

What does that mean?

Dee Dee was arrested a few days ago for drug possession.

I shut it down, but it’s clear she needs you right now.

[FINOLA] She didn’t tell me that.

[FERRIS] You know there’s nothing more I’d like than to see our family reunited.

You know how much I care about you.

It’s the right thing to do.

Just follow Phelps’ lead, and he’ll bring you home.

(door closes)

Ferris told me there’s gonna be a team waiting to ambush the convoy.

To take my father and I back to London.

That doesn’t matter if he’s dead.


What do you mean?

Maddox doesn’t want your father coming out of this raid alive.

What are you talking about?


I don’t know.

But he was adamant.

It’s an order. Sha knows too.

There has to be something more than Ferris can offer to shed light on this.

What could your father know?

You keep asking me that. Why?

Because there has to be answers.

Just because you say there aren’t doesn’t make it so.

I’m trying to get clarity. No.

No, you don’t need me to make sense of this for you.

You need me to give you some sort of hope that Maddox, your mentor, is doing this for reasons that are just.

I know what Maddox means to you, but this is my father, and Maddox ordering you to kill him is not normal.

We wouldn’t know any of this if we weren’t talking.

If it wasn’t for us wanting to know what we are involved in, you would be following that order.

Think about that. Please.

I can’t guarantee your father’s safety in the United States, so one way or another, we’re gonna need to get him on that plane.


And then what?

For you?

After Maddox finds out you didn’t follow the order?

We need to figure this out.

Ferris sent Phelps to help get my father to the plane.

[MAN](on radio) Tac Team Two to Tac Team One, over.

Go Sha.

[MAN] Target zone ETA three-zero minutes, over.

Roger that.

What are we gonna do about Sha?

I don’t know.


Did you see her?

Where’d she go?

Disappeared into thin air.

[FINOLA] She was here.

[FINOLA] What is it?

[BRYAN] Some sort of disturbance.

(woman gasps)

Please don’t hurt me.

It’s okay. We’re not gonna hurt you.

It’s okay.

It’s okay. We’re here to help you.

Gomez, can you get us some water?

Her neck…

[FINOLA] I think the Debris has been implanted under her skin.

Please get it out.

[FINOLA] Seems to have the same properties as the Nacho we discovered in New York.

It’s working through micro-vibration.

Making her atoms move so fast that she’s invisible?

That’s my guess, but more importantly, having it inside her has meant to give her control over it.

I mean, it must be some sort of lab out here.

[GOMEZ] Well, she still doesn’t remember who she is.

Okay. Do you wanna give us a second with that?

Thank you. Thanks, guys.

Hi. My name is Finola.

This is my partner, Bryan.

Can you tell me anything about the people that did this to you?

They were doing experiments on me.

There were others.

Did you see this man when you were in there?

Yeah, he was there. He was always there.

Him? Did you see him?

No. Maybe.

They’re always people being held captive.

Do you remember any landmarks from where you escaped?

There was a door.

We ran out of it into the brush, and there was water.

I’m sorry. [FINOLA] It’s okay.

I’m going to leave you with Agent Gomez, okay?

And he’s gonna take you somewhere where they can help you.

Okay? You’re safe.

Thank you.

I don’t know.

What don’t you know?

I don’t know where the ball of light is.

I never asked you that.

You didn’t?


You know, in Pennsylvania, one of the clones of Eric King, I was interviewing him.

Remember he asked me about a ball of light?

And now she’s just asked me about that.

They were both affected by Debris.

[PHELPS] Medevac is 15 minutes out.

Thank you.

(thunder rumbles)


I’m forwarding you the latest satellite package.

They’re still out searching for George.

The plane is standing by at the airstrip.

Very good. I’ll check in when I have it.

It was such a beautiful walk.

You should have come.

You would’ve loved it.

All right, let’s go.

You have to fix your face.

[FINOLA] This is it.

She said it was near water.

There was an old pumping plant here connected to the lake.

[SHA] There’s something down there.

Looks like underground tunnels.

We’re on top of it.

Here it is.

Maddox say she doesn’t go in.

Stick with me. Stick with me.

You’ll get your opportunity.

(radio, indistinct)

(radio continues, indistinct)

It’s my father’s handwriting. He’s here.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It’s okay.

I’m here to help you, okay? I need you to get up. Okay?


[BRYAN] Bowen, Get them up to the staging area.


You all right? It’s just a bruise.

We need to find my father.

[MAN] Clear.


(man whimpering)


Step aside. No.

I got it.

[FINOLA] I’m not gonna let Sha kill my father.

It’s okay.

Put it down.

Let’s get your father out of here.

Now. Go.

(alarm beeping)

[MAN] Get back, get back! Go!

Get ’em out! Let’s go!

Now! Go!

Come on, Phelps, let’s get out of here. I got you.


Come on.

Watch yourself. We’re good.

We’re clear. Where’s Bowen?

Hey, breathe, stay alive. Bowen is gone.

He probably took the people that we released to the staging area.

No. Bryan! What?

Bowen’s gone.


Bowen is gone, which means he didn’t even see my father.

He can’t tell Maddox about what he didn’t see.

He’s the only one left.

Just tell Maddox that my father wasn’t even here.

We need to get the surveillance.

(phone rings)


Bryan, can you hear me?

George wasn’t there. What?

The Intel was bad. George was not there.

Bowen’s alive. Sha and Phelps are dead. Finola’s been injured.

I’m taking her to get treated right now.

[MADDOX] What do you mean he wasn’t there? What…

What the hell happened?

You’re gonna have to deal with that, not me.

I’ll call you after, I gotta go.

(phone beeps)

Where do we have to go to follow Ferris’ plan.

[GEORGE] How did you find me?

One of the men, Anson Ash.

I found you from his memories.


(phone rings)

Yeah, Trisha. It’s Dee Dee.

You’ve been leaving me messages, but I can’t use my phone.

I think they’re listening to my calls and reading my texts.

Who? Your boss, Ferris.

That’s why I mentioned Michelle’s country house on the phone yesterday.

She was literally standing in front of me.

She made me call you.

What are you talking about?

She said that you were in danger, that I had to get you to come home because you’re in trouble.

What the hell is going on, Finola? Are you okay?

Yeah. None of what she’s saying is true.

Why are they doing this?

Fi, I’m scared. I know.

Dee Dee listen to me, okay? I’m going to need for you to stay with Trisha until I can figure this out.


Pack some things, and leave now, leave your phone behind, because they can track it.

Go now.

Okay. I love you.

I love you.

How is she?

What’s happening?

Pull over. Now.

Now, you need to tell me right now, how are you alive?

From what I understand, they took me from the morgue, and I was reanimated.

They can only do it to a person once.

I had no idea that the Debris had… had these capabilities.

They went in through eye.


How is this possible?

How is this possible?

Hey, just… Hang on, Finola.

He’s not going anywhere because they are liars, Bryan.

They are liars, all of them.

What’d your sister say?

That Ferris manipulated her to call me.

Why? To get him home? To get me home?

He is not going anywhere.

[BRYAN] How much can you remember, George?

I think they damaged my hippocampus and that’s the bridge between long and short-term memory, interference, consolidating and retrieving information.

But I remember what’s important.

Can you think of any reason why Craig Maddox would want you dead?

He and his government took Orbital away from me.

I should think I would want him dead.

But I don’t. I don’t.

He wants me dead?

I’ll have to think about that.

My death, your death, his death.

I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

Everyone on this Earth is going to die.

Rather irrelevant, really.

See when they were holding me, I learned things about this organization, Influx…

The scale, their ambition.

They know as much about the alien technology as Orbital does.

Maybe more.

They are actively seeking a very dangerous piece of Debris.

It’s game-changing.


And if they do, well, just refer to my previous statement about our deaths being irrelevant.

They were forcing me to build this device, a device that would track this piece.

It emits waves in a frequency that even Dr. Laghari couldn’t comprehend.

Where is he by the way?

Dr. Laghari suffered a stroke.

He’s in a facility in Idaho.

You visited him.

Don’t you remember?

That’s too bad.

I could have used him right now.

I mean, for all we know, the U.S. has already found it.

Russians or the Chinese or…

But even if they did, they wouldn’t recognize the power it holds.

They wouldn’t understand.

That’s one of the reasons why Influx brought me back to life.

They believed that I was the only one that could build something to find it.

And did you finish it for them?

I think I did enough work to allow them to finish it themselves.

And they’re close.

I know. I’m sure.

What are they planning on doing with it?

What does it do?

I don’t remember.

Is this okay for you, Dad?

Yes. It’s fine.


I was… I was really worried about you.

I’m fine.

I mean, I’m okay.

I know you made the decision to leave us alone.

And I just… I don’t know how you could have done that to us.

But I don’t know how you could have done that to me.

Your mother was no longer here to make sense of the world for me.

I was always drifting away from my original purpose.

I really understand how important your work is to you.

I just wished there was room in there for me.

That’s it.

I’m sorry. I wasn’t the father you needed, Finola.

But now this isn’t about you or me or our relationship.

This is about your children’s children.

This is about making rice in… in fields that should be barren.

This is about regrowing forests in days rather than decades, making the world harmonious and having no wants.

This is about restoring balance to a world that’s on fire.

That’s what this is about.

And the only ones who could usher these things in are the beings that… That created this Debris…

That… the beings that we may never…

They gave us the gift of their technology, and it’s going to take all of that technology to save mankind.

Yeah. Well…

I, um… Finola.

Maybe I made mistakes.

I viewed the world in a particular way, and now it’s all out of control.

Do you understand?

You are so important to me, and now I have a chance to set things right with you and with what I’ve done.

I need you to get Laghari’s files from Orbital so I can build the scanner.

I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t quite remember the math.

I got a guy we can see tomorrow in Oregon.

He’ll have all the tools your your dad needs.

That’s great.

How do we handle Ferris?

We can’t Maddox. But we can use her.

What do you mean?

Well, you heard what my dad said.

It’s not going to be easy.

We’re gonna need a lot of resources.

I think I know how to play this.

All right.

This should be good for a start.

Those are just some of the things I’ll need to… to build the scanner.

We’ll get on this first thing tomorrow.

Do you remember an Orbital scientist named Garcia from the early days?


He’ll have everything that you need.


Are you going to tell him about me?

Do we have a choice?

I wonder, should we leave now?

I have… George.

I have that I need in my head and as soon as we get the equipment, I can…

George, no. It’s okay.

We’re going to be on the road first thing.

No. I’m not safe here.

George, you’re gonna be safe as long as I’m here.

I’m gonna be right outside.

(door closes)

(phone rings)

Are you okay?

[FINOLA] Yeah, nothing serious.

[FERRIS] Maddox told me George wasn’t there.

Bryan only told him my father wasn’t there.

You have your father?

[FINOLA] Yes, I do.

May I trouble you for some aluminum foil?

Did he tell you how he’s still alive?

[FINOLA] That is not important.

Why does Maddox want my father dead?

What are you talking about?

You don’t know.

[FERRIS] Of course, I didn’t know.

Yeah. Well he does.

And you’re not getting him, either.

I know what you did.

I know that you tried to use Dee Dee to draw me back to London and you knew that once I saw him how hard it would be for me to bring him back to you.

I realized the moment that we touched down in London that I will be pulled off working on anything involving him.

[FERRIS] Okay. Yes.

But if you can’t see that I did this for your own good.

[FINOLA] There was piece of Debris that he told us about.

He says it’s the reason why they took him.

He says that we need to find it.


[FINOLA] I will let you know what you need to know when I learn it.

But what I need from you is to obtain all of the Laghari files, because if I tried to access them, it would throw up a red flag.

He needs them.

[FERRIS] I’ll say what I can do.

[MAN] No sign of Garcia… The Debris again. Over.


[MAN] Approaching the Debris.


[WOMAN] You broke up. Can you repeat?


[MAN] Garcia, I cannot read you. I cannot see you.


(radio static)

[MAN] Oh, my God. Oh, my God!


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