Debris – S01E07 – You Can Call Her Caroline [Transcript]

Bryan and Finola head to Maine to pursue an INFLUX lead, but they discover a volatile situation where a young girl has lost her father to debris; meanwhile, Maddox learns Anson's secrets.
Debris - S01E07 - You Can Call Her Caroline

Original air date: April 12, 2021

Maddox gives the team a lead on a potential Influx cell in Maine, and assigns them to investigate; meanwhile, he oversees the use of electroshock equipment to force Anson to remember where he hid George Jones. In Maine, Bryan and Finola find a dead man, a woman who doesn’t remember taking a bag from him, the man’s socially repressed brother Luke, and his daughter Caroline, who is collecting shards of debris from a marsh behind her house. At first, they struggle to put the pieces together until Finola deduces that the debris are being used to mentally control and manipulate people. Bryan then realizes that Luke, a veteran like him, is angry at the military and has been using the debris to give himself temporary psychic abilities so he can carry out a terrorist attack. Luke controls Bryan and Finola and compels them to leave, then tries to force Bryan to commit suicide until Caroline sacrifices her own psychic abilities to kill him. Finola gets a call from Dee that leaves her concerned; unbeknownst to her, the call was made at the behest of Priya. Maddox contacts the team and orders them to prepare to rescue George.

* * *

LINDA: Do you see it?


I told them we’d be on the ferry by nine.

I’m not gonna stress out because your father has to micromanage every single thing, Linda.

I guess I ruined that the ferries are on time.

LINDA: What?

Just text him and tell him the ferries are off schedule.

MAN (on speaker): Excuse me, folks. Sorry for the delay. The ferry’s about 15 minutes out.

(phone chimes)

No. No.


(gulls squawking)

♪ (theme)

Kenny, good to see you.



MADDOX: Have a seat. I need to get you up to speed. His name is Anson Ash.

Ex-SAS. Long history of recovery experience.

British Intelligence says he went AWOL six years ago. He was a decorated soldier and then became an issue for them.

Have you got any more clarity on INFLUX? Where it started?

Anti-government ideological movement organized to dismantle the government’s control over the Debris. So far, we don’t know where they started, and we don’t know where the dark money’s coming from. Largely, we think they’re autonomous cells. I, um… We got his phone… but there’s some sort of proprietary encryption on it. Have you ever seen anything like that? Calls keep coming into it.


The caller’s coming from somewhere in Maine.

What’s in Maine?

Another operating cell… or an impending event. I need you to go and investigate quietly. We wanna keep the lights off. At least then I can tell how dark this thing is we’re looking at. I don’t wanna lose any more lives, Bryan, okay?

Has Anson Ash revealed what they wanted with George Jones?

Not yet, but he will. What?

I think Finola and MI6 know he’s alive.


Just intuition. I’ve spent a lot of time with her recently, and she’s acting differently. I just wanted you to be aware, in case what I’m saying is true.

Okay. Thanks.



I got new briefing from Maine. Did Maddox get any more intel about my father?

No, not yet.

Yeah, well, I think he’s just going to hold on to whatever he learns. If it is an INFLUX cell out there, at least I’ll be able to interview them myself before Maddox, see what else I can find out.

I told him you know your father’s alive.


I didn’t tell him I told you, but I can’t let him be vulnerable to Ferris. He needed to know. Until there’s incontrovertible evidence against him, I can’t accept what you’ve been told.

Okay. Hmm.

AC-130s… I spent way too many hours in those things.

Hey, guys.

Hey, Tom. What do we got?

We tracked the calls made to Anson Ash’s phone. They were placed from a burner purchased a local Best Buy. Purchaser was a Bar Harbor resident with a long rap sheet. He killed himself this morning. Thing is he did it in front of witnesses, but nobody remembers anything. They say they don’t know what happened.

BRYAN: It looks like everyone else is in some kind of trance.


TOM: She took that blue bag he has with him.

He’s fighting against something.

We found the woman wandering on a highway six miles away. No bag or any Debris. She doesn’t remember a thing. He was clicking out at 240 when he brought him in.

Well… he was definitely near Debris recently.

New divorce, got into some small-time trouble here in Maine, and he doesn’t even have a passport.


Well, he doesn’t seem like an ideological terrorist.

Well, clear-skins are usually chosen by terrorist organizations for exactly that reason. They’re unremarkable, they’re under the radar.

Yeah, but he didn’t keep it clean. I mean, there’s check kiting, forgery, Liam Packard’s been committing petty crimes since he was 15 years old.

He and Anson Ash were trading calls several times. There had to be a reason.

Yeah. Maybe he was part of a sleeper cell. Maine is an easy hop to the Canadian border. It’s right on the Atlantic. I mean, it’s the perfect spot for Influx to set up. Let’s go check out his house.

Stand by.

You Luke Packard?

I am.

FINOLA: Hey. We’ve come to talk to you about your brother Liam.

That’s a lot of man power for a dead man. Is it about the UFO?

BRYAN: Why would you say that?

Liam found some small pieces of a strange metal out in the wash behind our property.

When was that?

A few weeks ago. There’s this group on the Internet that tracks this sort of thing, like it’s some kind of alien tech. Supposedly, pieces of this spacecraft fall to Earth. Liam said this was a part of it.

And what did he do with what he found?

He was always chasing after some get-rich-quick scheme. He was gonna sell it to some people he met online on the dark web.

Do you know who he was gonna sell it to?

It was a black market type of thing he said offered him a lot of money. Like, 50 thousand dollars. He said he was on his way to Winter Harbor this morning to do it. To trade. At least that’s what he said. Caroline, hey, sweetie, can you… Can you give us a few minutes? I’m just talking to my friends here. It’s okay. Caroline’s Liam’s daughter. I haven’t found a way to tell her yet.

Luke, is there anything else that you can tell us about the metal that Liam found?

Yeah. Yeah, ever since he found it, he’d been acting funny.

Funny how?

It made him intense. It reminded me what I used to see when I was in Afghanistan. Almost like he was suffering from shellshock, only there was no shells. You know what I mean? He’d just stare at the walls for hours. But then it’d pass, and he’d go back to himself.

I was in Afghanistan.

Oh, yeah? What branch?

Marines… MARSOC.

Oh-ho! MARSOC?

You guys were no joke.

We should probably take a look at his laptop, if that’s okay.

Yeah, sure.

We’re also gonna need to take a look at the marsh, where Liam found the pieces.

It’s right out back. I’ll, uh, grab the laptop.

(jet roars overhead)

The guy fights to keep from giving up a bag to a woman who doesn’t remember what she did with it, and then he kills himself.

He said his brother was acting strange after he found it. Maybe the Debris somehow took control of them all. Like what happened to me in Kansas.

The Debris was in the bag mind-controlling him.

Hmm. And it’s still out there. We should get some SAT scans going, see if we can pick anything up.

I, uh, wrote down the password for you.

Oh. Okay. Thank you.

You don’t have any experience telling children of a loss, do you?

Uh, yeah, it’s, um… It’s not easy. But, um, no matter what words are spoken, just… just focus on being there for her. That’s all that really matters.



Oh, wow, yeah, he definitely did frequent all sorts of conspiracy websites. There’s a lot of chat logs in here.

Like what?

Just things that people heard, saw. Hey, what was his reaction about? Luke. When he heard what unit you were involved with.

Nothing. We were just both there. What?

We never searched the marsh. How could we leave without searching it?

(Bryan whistles)

(device beeps)

390. I don’t wanna get too close.

I don’t wanna be here.

You okay?

I don’t think it wants us to be here.

You okay?


What was going on back there?

It was like it spoke to me. But it was different to what I experienced in Kansas. This was more like a… A whisper in my ear.

TECH BRANDT: Hey, Bryan.

You pick up any signatures on where that bag of Debris might’ve traveled?

TECH BRANDT: Nothing yet. Not a blip.

BRYAN: All right, let’s get that family to a hotel for the night. Lock down the whole property and dispatch the situation team to the location. We’re gonna need a water unit, so should give them a heads up.

Got it. Closest team is in Boston. Should be there by morning.

Boston… Then drop me a pin on a good, clean, hotel for the night… with a reasonably stocked minibar.

TECH BRANDT: Copy that.

(device powering up)

(powering surging)

MADDOX: You’re a soldier. I respect that. It takes a certain, um… discipline, right? A certain, uh, ability to endure, don’t you think? You know, to have the career you’ve had, you must have a very strong spirit.

I’ve been called obstinate.

(chuckles) Yeah, me too. This new terrain that we’re all in with this Debris, it’s not the first time I’ve found myself in uncharted regions. But I’ve always found it comfortable to make my own way in times of great duress. You may have even benefitted from some of my work in the war on terror. Some of the information I pulled from terrorists I shared with the UK when you were a soldier. It’s just Novocain. It’s better if it’s numb.



MADDOX: Breathe. Breathe! That’s it. That’s it.

You’re from Lancashire, right?

(device beeping)

Preston? You know I’ve been there? There’s a church there, if I remember, a beautiful, beautiful church. Is it still there, that church? You know, I… I always wanted to do a painting of it in oils.

(electricity surging)


I want you to think of the church. Just picture it. Think of the spire. Think of the… of the way the bell sounds in winter.

(device powering down)

The tone of that bell as it sends a vibration right through your body.


Now I want you to think of George Jones.

(device power surging)


Maybe you just could just pull up a chair to the buffet. It would be easier.

I stayed up all night watching the shopping network. Got a three-in-one titanium strainer for the kitchen. It’s definitely worth it, but I will be running off sugar and coffee for the rest of the day.

FINOLA: What? You couldn’t sleep?

By an active military base? Tom told me they got into Liam’s phone. The last number that Liam dialed the day he died at the ferry slip was not to INFLUX.

Who then?

His ex-wife. Ten minutes before he shot himself.

Hi, Mrs. Hernandez? I’m Agent Finola Jones, this is Agent Beneventi. Just wondering if we could ask you a few questions about your ex-husband and your daughter Caroline.

We understand that Liam contacted you the morning that he died. Can you tell us what he was calling you about?

He was upset. He told me if something happened to him to go get Caroline from his house. He was pleading with me.

And then… And what happened next?

I told him no.

How long were you divorced from Liam?

Two years.

Were you refused custody of Caroline?

No. I won custody. It was a long, drawn-out court battle. But I fought like hell for my daughter. She’s the most important thing in the world to me.

So why didn’t you go get Caroline when Liam asked?

Because she belongs there.

What do you mean, she belongs there?

That’s where she belongs.


LUKE: What’s going on?

Where’s Caroline?

She’s inside watching TV. Why?

(man chattering on TV, indistinct)

Why didn’t you go to a hotel, like we instructed?

What’s… I don’t remember that. What’s happening?

BRYAN: We believe Caroline’s involved with what your brother found.

We think the material in the marsh is controlling people’s thoughts, trying to keep them away.

(birds twittering)

FINOLA: Caroline? Hi. Do you remember me? I came here yesterday to talk to your Uncle Luke. I saw your mom today. I told her I was going to check on you to make sure that you’re okay. This is just like a no-touch thermometer. Like the ones they use at the doctors? See? Can I? Okay.

MAN: I’m getting signatures all over the marsh bed. There’s Debris everywhere in here.

I know there’s a lot going on, but they’re just looking for something we think might have gotten lost out there. And you know what I think? I think you know what I’m talking about. Do you know what your mom told me? She told me that you are the most important person in the whole world. You miss your mom? Yeah.

FINOLA: You don’t need to worry about them, Caroline.

You have to leave. You’ll be hurt.

What do you think might hurt me? Is it the metal that your dad found? Hey, I see how strong you are, trying to handle all of this all by yourself. I’m here to help you now. You don’t have to be strong alone anymore.

I’m the one who has to get it.

BRYAN: We’re concerned about Caroline’s safety. About what it might do to her. Until we have this under control, we think that you should collect a few of her items, enough for a few days, and… and as soon as they get back, we’ll get going.

Okay. Of course.

And do you know why it comes to me? I don’t want it to, but it does.

Is it hurting you?

He makes me get them for him, so he’ll have enough.

I think he hurt my father. And he keeps my mom away.

With his thoughts, but he’s not like me. He’s angry.

We were used as cannon fodder by bureaucrats pulling war levers in Washington. You know, rich politicians and their children don’t go to war. But the he rest of us… It isn’t right. They are in control of the will of us soldiers like we were machines. And all the while, they get no real blood on their hands.

Sometimes I hide pieces. But my uncle, he always wants more, so he can get strong again. And they get used up fast.

I need you to stop this, Luke, what you’re doing.

My brother found them. But he didn’t care what they can do, where the real power was.

Well, what happened to him?

I’m not gonna lie to you. What I did to him is gonna hurt me for the rest of my life. And I gotta live with that. But he interfered with the mission. And the mission must be executed.

What mission?

You know the upper levels of command, the guys who decide what happens to us pawns?


Well, a few of them are meeting for a conference at an Air Force base right near here, no doubt making plans to do to others what they did to my unit.

(plane roaring overhead)

I’ll stop them. I don’t want to hurt Caroline. But I need her to find more.

I know that you’re haunted by regret, by what the military put you through.

They want us to be machines. I’ll give them one.

And when I tell you that I understand… it’s not empty. When I was in Surabi, I lost brothers. Destroyed families. There are people that can help you get through what you’re going through right now, like they helped me. There is a way to get back from this pain. I was where you were, and that darkness almost ended me. And then somebody put out his hand. He was there for me. I wanna be there for you… if you’ll let me.

You should go find your partner.

Bryan, Luke is the one controlling the Debris.

Agent Jones, there’s nothing down there. We’ve checked everything.

Okay, let’s get going.

Let’s pack it up.

(doors slamming)

(engines starting)

Bye. It was nice to meet you. You have such pretty eyes.

See what you did, Caroline? You made me waste too much on them. I need more now. You keep telling me that you’re not finding anything. But I know. I know that’s a lie. I know you’ve been hiding what you found. How is it protecting you? Where are you hiding it? Where? Where? Good. Good girl.

AGENT LI: Tom and the team are back. They’re prepping to leave.

Great. Tell him we’ll see him back in Virginia.

Hey, what happened with that little girl?

Caroline? She’s fine. She’s at the house with her uncle. There was nothing there.

What are you talking about?

It’s all good. She belongs there.

Bryan. How did we get here?

Luke! Stop! Stop, Luke!

You can’t shoot me.

Don’t move! Now get on your knees!

LUKE: So you’re with them now? I’m just getting started.

Don’t listen to him.

Walk away. Go on. I said go on, do it. Do it. Pull the trigger. Do it!

(Finola gasps)

Did you do that? Or was that the first time?

He was gonna hurt you.

It’s over now. You did the right thing.

GLORIA: I would never leave you, Caroline. Do you understand? There are moments when I would remember just how much I love you, that I had to come for you. But when I got to the house to get you, it would be gone again. I am so sorry.

There was nothing you could do, no matter how hard you fought.

What did this? What did he find?

We’re still trying to figure that out. But you… you were the strongest of all. I’ll forever be grateful that you saved our lives. Thank you. Bye, Caroline.

What’d you tell her?


(phone vibrating)

It’s my sister. One second.

FINOLA: Hi, Dee Dee.

Finola. Listen, I feel like I’m in a downward spiral, and I need you to come home.

Okay. What’s going on?

DEE DEE: I just… I feel like I’m gonna relapse, and I just really need you back here, like, seriously.

FINOLA: Okay, okay. Um, have you called your sponsor?


Well, I need you to do that now.

Okay, but please…

Dee Dee. You need to call your sponsor.

Your place is in London, Finola, with me. You’re the only person that could help. I was thinking we could go to Michelle’s country house. Just the two of us.

You wanna go to Michelle’s country house?

Something like that, yeah. Are you there?

Yeah. Yeah, I’m… I’m still here. Well, nothing would make me happier than to go to Michelle’s country house, but I can’t make it back right now.

(phone ringing)

Yes, sir.

MADDOX: Hey, so listen up. I just got done interrogating Anson Ash. I need you and Finola back here right away to prep for a raid. You’re going to the Washington Scablands. I already spoke with Ferris.

And I’m gonna do my best to come back and see you, okay?

DEE DEE: Promise?

FINOLA: I promise.

I love you.

I love you.

Thank you.

I just had the strangest call with my sister. She used a code from my childhood when our parents were around and we didn’t want them to hear us. It’s like she was trying to tell me something but couldn’t. What? What’s up?

They found your father.

MAN: Roger that. Approaching Debris Field 56 now. Over.


I see it. It appears to have a strange shimmering wall near it. It’s undulating, and it…


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