Debris – S01E05 – Earthshine [Transcript]

INFLUX steps out from the shadows, weaponizing the debris in a terrifying experiment Finola struggles to keep her newfound knowledge from affecting her work.
Debris - S01E05 - Earthshine

Original air date: March 29, 2021

An extremist group known only as Influx is linked to an incident in New Jersey involving the disappearance of a bus via wormhole; the group plans to recreate this on a much bigger scale in the heart of New York City, and Bryan and Finola only have two hours to stop them. Bryan suggests that a video file from an incident in China might help, but the file has been deleted and Finola’s handler Priya has to send a physical copy. When it arrives, the courier warns her not to trust Priya. By watching the video, the team realizes that opening the wormhole requires two points of convergence, and split up into squads to search every possible location. By the time they find the pieces, however, they are almost fully charged and ready to open the wormhole. Bryan, with the help of a wounded colleague, performs a shut-down procedure to destabilize the connection just in time while Finola helps take one of Influx’s leaders into custody, hoping he’ll know something about her father. Afterwards, she turns down a call from Priya and instead watches a clip of a song she used to sing with her sister. Unbeknownst to her, the captive starts singing the same song.

* * *

(phone chimes)

A new case file just came in.

May I see it?


Why? You don’t read it.

You glance at it and you pretend you read it.

Someone doesn’t like Mondays.

It’s Thursday.

Then you’re not a morning person.

It’s 12 o’clock.

Man, I’m messed up.

That’s the first thing you’ve got right.


You’re upset with me.

You’ve been really quiet since Nebraska.

How would you know, Bryan? You slept the whole way.

I was making you think I was sleeping.

It’s training.


You’re still upset.

Okay. Just because we disagreed about how to handle the last case doesn’t mean that there has to be… a thing.

Sometimes I’m going to go against your logic and experience, and depend on my own,

Which is what you did. That’s fine.

I don’t want to get into it, okay?

It is what it is.

We see things differently, and it’s okay.


I’m good.

It’s all good.



Hey, Bryan.

AHMED: Long time. How you doing, man?

Finola Jones.


Let me get you up to speed. The bus was reported missing from Hackettstown, New Jersey around 7:05 AM.

How did it end up here in Boston?

From residual disturbances in the atmosphere, we believe a piece of Debris caused a temporary deformation in the topology of spacetime.

It opened up a wormhole?

Mackie’s team is working the Jersey side.

We assume the Debris was used there to get the bus here.

FINOLA: Any survivors?

One, but he’s gone.

Looks like he dragged himself to here.

Okay. He lost a lot of blood.

He didn’t get up and walk away.

Is there any camera work or security footage?


And did you check the local hospitals?

Nothing so far.

Well, he has to be somewhere.

There was a piece of Debris that they thought capable of doing something like this.

It was stolen from Germany a few months back.

FINOLA: Yeah, I remember hearing about that.

BRYAN: There was intel on an event in China a little bit after that.

Whoever tried to figure it out… did not end well.

Ended up coming out like long, human strings of spaghetti.

That was off the grid, though. In a remote area.

Why target a city bus?

FINOLA: Something’s changed They’re getting bolder now.

(phone rings)

Hey, it’s Bryan.

I got stuff.

Well, we need stuff.

I picked up CCTV footage to try track what happened to the bus.

Got it traveling down Beatty Street.

What we found is pretty unbelievable. Sending it to you now.

They’re sending over surveillance footage now.


Do you guys have the Debris on your end?

Uh, no, just faint signatures and atmospheric disruptions.

We’ve interviewed several people in the area who claimed to hear a high-pitched whine two hours prior to the event.

A whine?


People heard it from three blocks around.

(phone chimes)

I got it.

It just came through. Can you standby, please?

FINOLA: Well, that’s the entry point right there.

That’s something.

Maybe. Note the time stamp.

That guy leaves right after the bus disappeared.

Let me speak to Mackie.

Hey, Mackie, there’s a bank across the street.

Is there a coffee cup on a concrete barrier?


There’s a possible suspect in the CCTV footage who witnessed the event. We want to find out who he is.

Lift it for prints and then we can run it through IAEFS.


Agent Jones. We found the crash survivor.

Thank you.

FINOLA: He’s been shot.

Syringe wrapper.

Someone shot him and took his blood?

BRYAN: And a skin biopsy.

A sampling of his hair.

What’s going on here?

Collecting DNA. Maybe trying to figure out how messed up this guy got going through a wormhole.

Like, experimenting?


It has to be Influx.

Who else could be this organized?

BRYAN: Let’s get him back to Orbital, do our own tests.

FINOLA: I’ll arrange for transport.

I assumed they were trying to get Debris to sell… to countries, governments, black market. Not to use.

Well, they’re definitely interested in the results.

Maybe it was a test.

Test? For what?

To prove that they can do it? Maybe they just want to sell it.

A demonstration for a buyer.

If they’re the same ones who stole it from Germany, they’re getting better at it.

These commuters didn’t die like they did in China.

They’ve definitely crossed a threshold in terms of their understanding of it.

Wait. I can’t get a hold of the footage.

The piece that was used in China.

It’s not on the server.

Let me see that.

Any idea why it was taken down?

I don’t know. It was there.

It’s not a coincidence that file’s gone.

I want to catch these guys, Bryan.

Yeah, so do I. We will.

And I’ll ask Maddox about this when I speak to him.


AHMED: Hey. Print results on the coffee cup in Jersey.

Guy is ex-paramilitary. Peter Joseph Eickmann.

Came in on a flight from Germany to JFK yesterday morning on an EU passport.

NSA flagged him. He’s on a few watch lists.

CIA, MI6, Interpol.

FINOLA: Let’s go find out what he knows.


We’re three minutes from wheels up to New York City.

This guy you’re looking for, he wasn’t a guest?

No, he was dropped off by cab here yesterday morning.

He met with a group that checked into the hotel using stolen credit cards.

(keyboard clacking)

MAN: Uh, here we go.

BRYAN: Hello.

He seems to be the one in control again, no?

BRYAN: Sure would love to find out who he is.

FINOLA: Can you rewind it?

MAN: Sure.

FINOLA: Freeze there.

FERRIS: I know you’re upset–

FINOLA: Ferris, these are the men who took my father.

FERRIS: Are you absolutely sure?

FINOLA: Yes, I literally just saw them on video. They were here.

If we can stop this and catch one of these guys, I can learn more about what happened to him.

You must be strong.

The intel I’m expecting about your father, I’ve been told is promising.

What does that mean?

Ferris, you’ve gotta give me something. Anything.

I just want to know how– how he can possibly be alive when I saw him dead.

I know what I saw. And it was him.

We had clones in Pennsylvania.

Could they have a piece of Debris like that?

I know their shelf lives were short, but could Influx have found some sort of way to just–

FERRIS: Finola… I don’t know.

When I learn something concrete, so will you.

This is a nightmare.

This a bloody nightmare.


Bryan talked about an event like this, a wormhole in China where they were unsuccessful, but have now crossed a threshold.

They know how to do things they couldn’t do before, things they couldn’t do before they had my father.

They are using him. And now the case file from China is gone.

I can’t even access it.

What do you mean?

The Americans took it down.

Can you see if you can get the file and find out why?

I’ve been denied here, too.

Why do we even bother with this alliance?

This is pointless if the U.S. is being dishonest.

We’re supposed to be able to trust them.

I’m supposed to be able to trust Bryan.

I just want to remind you, we have secrets from the Americans, too.

I’ll look into this.

Listen, I’m gonna have to go. He’s coming.

BRYAN: You okay?

Yeah. Just catching Ferris up to speed.

The rooms they were in were clear, nothing here.

It’s as if they just–

(loud high-pitched whine)

This is the same sound they heard in New Jersey.

BRYAN: It’s gonna happen again.


JULIA: Do you want something to eat before I go pick up Dario?

MADDOX: No, thanks, babe. I’ve gotta get back to work.

You were quiet today. You didn’t share a lot.

Sometimes I think she thinks I share too much.


I think she thinks I try to take over the sessions or something.

I actually thought you were quiet today.

I want to move to Houston.

You want to move to Houston.

There’s a facility, The Goodson Clinic.

They’re doing excellent work.

We live here. I work here.

(cell phone rings)

Our whole life is here.

We talked about that place, like, seven years ago.

I-I just want to try something new.

For who, for Dario? Because that doesn’t make any sense.

He’s getting the best care here.

You can’t do that. You cannot do that.

You cannot say that to me and then– and then shut down.

We have to continue talking about this.

Susan just told us this today.

Yeah, I feel like she’s not on my side.

I am on your side. I have always been on your side.

Honey, that’s why I go.

I know how important it is for you to control the fate of the world, what it takes from you.

And I know how hard it’s been for you to accept what happened to us…

You cannot say that to me anymore.

…the things you couldn’t change, after the accident–

I am here now, and I do accept it.

I accept this, I accept all of this.

This is what we have.

I love you, I love our son, and I want us to be together.

That’s all I want, okay?

(phone rings)


WOMAN: We have an incident on the ground in New York.

(whine continues)

FINOLA: Anything?

There’s no point of origin.

It’s like it’s coming from everywhere.

We’ve been taking readings, trying to map it out.

How large is it?

Several blocks in diameter.

The previous event in New Jersey, the sound zone was much smaller. It was a block at most.

This is going to be a much larger wormhole.

They’re gonna make more than just a city bus disappear.

(whine stops)

I can’t hear it anymore.

It stopped. Everywhere.

How long do you think we have?

Mackie said it was heard two hours before it wound up in Boston.

Well, that explains why Influx is on the ground in numbers.

Obviously, they’re the ones who stole this piece from the Germans.

There was a case file, China, last month.

It was taken down off the servers. Do you know why?

No. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be there.

Wouldn’t you have to approve anyone taking it down?

Typically, yes, but MI6 doesn’t always follow protocol.

I’ll look into it. I’m heading to you now.

We need to stop this event and catch these guys, and I want the first crack at our British friend when we do.


I’m gonna put a team here, and then one over there.

Then I’ll check in, okay? Thank you.

Did we find out where it came from?

No, they’re still searching the buildings.

Base camp’s over there.


All right.

(phone rings)

(phone beeps)

(phone rings)

Hey, can I ring you later, Dee Dee? Are you okay?

DEE DEE: Yeah, I just wanted to ask you a question.

I was just thinking about that song.

Do you remember that Spanish song we used to sing?

It’s from, like, a movie or something. Do you remember it?

Listen, I can’t really talk right now.

Come on, just give me a sec. What was it?

Do you remember the name? Fi, put me out of my misery.

What was it? What was it called?

Where are you?

Just outside… the hospital.

Justin got a little carried away tonight.

Well… is he okay?


What’s going on?

I just wanted to talk to you.

I just wanted to hear your voice, you know.

I just feel so alone.

Just felt good when we listened to that song, you know?

Listen, Dee Dee, I want you to go home. Okay?

Get some sleep and call me later. All right?

I really have to go, but…

please, just go home and sleep.


I love you.

I love you.


Can I show you something?


The hotel manager of this place said that only some of the Influx Operatives checked in.

Yeah, they were at full capacity.

I think maybe some of the others checked in across the street.

It’s the only hotel for the next six blocks.



Get down!

Get on the ground! Get on the ground!

The gun! Drop the gun!

Nobody has to get shot. Let’s talk.

You can’t stop it.

If we can just talk–


Where is the sound coming from?

Where is it coming from?

Even if you stopped it… you couldn’t stop it.

What does that mean?

Another will rise in my place.

If you can just help us stop–

This technology will be free.


(exhales sharply)



Are you good?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Where’s Bryan?

Over there, talking to the coroner.

Listen, whoever they are, whatever their reasons, whatever they’re doing, they have enough conviction to die for it.

Did you learn anything?

He said, “Another will rise in my place.

This technology will be free.” It is like they are zealots.

Listen, you’re gonna have to get me this China file.

There has to be something on it that can help us stop them from opening up another wormhole.

It is all we have left.

Literally, it is all we have got.

We do not have long, so if there’s anything that I can get–

I have it.

I couldn’t risk sending it over the network.

It’s on its way to your location.

What do you mean?

Go to the intersection of Varick and Moore.

You’re a block away. Wait there.


She knows more than she’s telling you.

Your father is not a clone.

Who are you?

(engine revs)

(door opens)

BRYAN: Eickmann had nothing on him.

Still no idea where Influx plans to open the wormhole.

What’s that?

The China footage. Ferris found it.

She managed to get it.

Did you ask Maddox about it?

I did. He was unaware.

Said that the state department pulled it down.

China’s too, uh, hot right now, but he’s working on getting it back up.

And you believe that?

Why would he say it if it wasn’t true?

Well, I just mean I know there’s a lot of tension between, uh, China and the U.S. right now.

I’m just wondering if there’s, um, anything that he’s not telling you.


He tells me everything.

Yeah, well…

Go teamwork.

(keyboard clacking)

There’s nothing controversial on here at all.

It’s exactly as you described it.

It says the excavators were stolen from a nearby construction site.

Why did they need excavators?

That’s interesting. They’re facing each other.

And the shovels are extended.

What are you thinking?

Wait a second…

(keyboard clacking)

That’s how they’re doing it.

Yeah, we got scorch marks and residue all over them.

I’ve got two men on the radio towers reporting back 120 on the Laghari.

There was absolutely Debris here.

BRYAN: Okay, we’ll call you when we know more.

You’re right.


That’s how they enabled the Debris to pull the bus through.

The wormhole needs to be opened between two steel conductive poles.

And the whine we heard, I think it was some kind of charging process, almost like a tuning fork.

Like the Debris was gathering atmospheric electricity to power the event.

So we’re looking for two tall, opposing vertical structures… in the middle of Manhattan.

You realize that’s the entire island, right?

What’s the situation?

We’ve got teams canvassing.

Still no signs of Influx, or any of the Debris.

We’re mapping all readings and reports on the sound disturbance.

MALLORY: Agent Jones. Sir.

FINOLA: So, for the size of the event we’re talking about, they’d want the largest solid mass of steel they could get.

MADDOX: (sighs) If we don’t find the Debris they’re using here, a big chunk of Manhattan is going to literally disappear.

There’s got to be a way to narrow this down.

That one on Madison.

I read an article about it.

It was the first skyscraper in Manhattan to have a tuned mass damper on it.

They’re these huge steel weights designed to stabilize tall buildings against wind sway.

All right, are there any of these mass dampers in the sound zone?

Yeah, looks like we’ve got two more.

So they’re going to use two out of the three to open it up.

We only need to find one, deactivate the Debris so they won’t sync.

If we can do that, we can stop the wormhole.

All right, here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna take a team to Park.

Finola, you take a team to Lexington.

Bryan, you head to Madison. All right?


Yup. Thank you, Mallory.


(instrument beeping)

The Debris is charged to 80%. It won’t be long.



MAN: No signatures.

MAN: Clear.

Nothing here. It must be with you guys.

Repeat. Madison is clear.

(elevator dings)

(door opens in distance)

Are you okay?

Shots fired! Agent down.

Okay, take it down. They’re here.

Let’s go!


They’re in the northeast stairwell.

FINOLA: 54th floor.

I think they’ve taken the Debris with them.

AGENT: Laghari levels flat, sir.

(phone rings)


We’re clear.

Yours must be the second building.

That’s impossible.

We’re not getting any Laghari signatures.

It’s not here.


Finola’s team confirmed the other piece of Debris was taken from her location.

Maybe we’re not getting the signatures because the pieces aren’t synced.

It has to be you.


Hey, Pete? Something’s not right.

I’m gonna circle back.

(instrument buzzing)

It’s down to 90%.

As long as we stay above 70, we’re good.

The charge will last at least 15 minutes.

I don’t have enough time.

Now you do.

I’ve jumped too many times.

Once more. Think of the cause.

It must be done.


We got one of them. Dormant.

MALLORY: I’ll initiate recovery protocols.



(door opens)


(phone rings)


Agents down, in need of medical assistance.

Roger that. We’re sending EMTs to your 20.

We’ll back up Finola.

Help is on the way. You’re gonna be all right.

You’re gonna be okay. Hey, look at me.

Mallory, look at me. I’m gonna stay right here with you.

You’re gonna be okay. All right?


MADDOX: Finola, en route to you. What’s your 20?

Finola? Finola?


I’m here. They’re leaving. I’m going in.


(elevator dings)



(Debris powering up)

(Debris powering up)

That doesn’t make any sense.


It’s synced now.

Somehow they’ve initiated it.

It’s going to happen.


(Mallory gasping)

Hold on. Hold on.

Okay, careful. You good?

(groans) Uh-huh.

All right, stay with me.

I’ll walk you through the sequence.

N52 Disruption. Simple stuff.

Good, cause I’ve never done one.

I was joking. Not easy. Very hard.

I was hoping the joke was the other way round.

At least inside, you know I’m smart enough to do it.

Bryan, I’ve played cards with you.

I think you’re lucky enough. (panting)

Start an AF ground sequence.

AF ground sequence.

(high-pitched whine)

You’re off on the second parameter.

That’s way too high.

(whine fades, instrument beeping)


Lock it in.

Go back to the first node.

I thought we always go one, two, three, in that order.

If you do, you’ll be turned into a fine yellow mist.

I stand corrected.


You’ve got his eyes.

What’ve you done with him?

Is he alive?

Tell me what you’ve done with him.

Tell me what–

(complete silence)

(sound returns, Debris powering down)

(instrument beeping)



(sirens in distance)

You all right?



You did it, Mallory. You did it.

Help is on the way.

We recovered both pieces of Debris.

I heard. Well done.

Can’t say I’m not happy he’s caught.

But that was a risk.

I wanted him alive.

When I first met you, I wondered about you.

I doubted you could do this job.

I shouldn’t have.

Where is he?

He’s in the transport truck.

Where are they taking him?

Somewhere where no one will hear him scream.

Well, I’m gonna go finish the report.

I’ll see you on the plane.

MADDOX: Finola, hey.

How you doing? You okay?



You did great. Invaluable, really.

This is gonna completely open up Influx for us.

Yeah, well, um, I’m just, um, grateful that we were able to stop what they were attempting to do here.

The loss of life–

It would have been inconceivable.


Let me ask you something.

You were in contact with him just before agents took him down.

Did he… say anything to you?


Will I be able to interview him?

I want to get the lay of the land first.

Trust me, I will get what I need out of him.

And I’ll personally let you know what I find out, okay?

Yeah. I appreciate that.

(phone rings)

Oh, I gotta go. Yep, I’m on my way now.


(phone rings)

(phone chimes)


GEORGE: Dee Dee, put that down. Not yet.

JENNA JONES: Listen to your Dad, Dee Dee, we’re going to eat soon and I don’t want you to fill up on sweets.

I’m starving. Finola is, too.

YOUNG FINOLA: No, I’m not.

I’m not hungry yet.

GEORGE: Jenna. Jenna, take it away from her.

Take it away. She won’t have any teeth left. (chuckles)

(“Porque Te Vas” by Jeanette plays)

GEORGE: Oh, come on. Dance with Dee Dee, Finola.

♫ Hoy en mi ventana brilla el sol ♫

♫ Y el corazon ♫

♫ Se pone triste contemplando la ciudad ♫

♫ Porque te vas ♫

♫ Como cada noche desperté ♫

♫ Pensando en ti ♫

♫ Y en mi reloj todas las horas vi pasar ♫

♫ Porque te vas ♫

♫ Todas las promesas de mi amor se iran contigo ♫

♫ Me olvidaras ♫

♫ Me olvidaras ♫

♫ Junto a la estacion llorare igual que un nino ♫

♫ Porque te vas ♫

♫ Porque te vas ♫

♫ Porque te vas ♫

♫ Porque te vas ♫


WOMAN: Debris is not burning up on entry.

Repeat. Debris is not burning up on entry.


Multiple impacts in North America, Atlantic Ocean continental shelf.


MAN: Orbital responding.



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