Constellation – S01E07 – Through the Looking Glass | Transcript

Lost and alone in the woods, Jo desperately tries to reunite with her daughter.
Constellation - S01E07 - Through the Looking Glass

Season 1 – Episode 7
Episode Title: Through the Looking Glass
Original release date: March 20, 2024

Plot: Lost and alone in the woods, Jo desperately tries to reunite with her daughter.

* * *

[wind howling]


[breathing heavily]

[footsteps crunching]


[car door opens]

[footsteps crunching]


I saw you!


[“Tellur” by Surrogate Sibling plays]

[Jo] God, this headache, it just–

[stammers, sighs]

It’s hard. I can’t really, um-I can’t see properly.

Can we play it again?

[tape rewinding]

[Jo speaking Swedish on tape]

[Alice speaks Swedish on tape]

[Paul on tape] Jo!

Is that how you remember it?

No. [breathes shakily]

What’s different about it?

We weren’t speaking Swedish.

So you don’t speak Swedish at all?

I can kind of understand it.

But no, Mummy, I can’t speak it.

The way I remember it, you were speaking English,

and you were talking about the CAL.

The CAL?

You said that they were doing an experiment.

You told me that–

that Paul was doing an experiment.

[sighs] Thing is, Alice, I–

I don’t remember the CAL before the accident.

I don’t remember anything about it. I don’t–

I don’t remember it at all.

[sighs] What is it?

[sighs] Henry said it was something to do with, like, physics.

It’s, um-It’s a quantum experiment.

It’s supposed to capture a quantum superposition.

What’s that?

Well, it’s sort of like when one thing can exist in two places at the same time.

[breathes shakily]

There’s another one with your name on it.

Shall we?

What’s the, um-What’s the date on it?

“10th of the 15th, 2021.”

It’s the date after the accident.

[static hissing on tape]

[Paul] Houston, what are the protocols on dealing with a dead body?

[Michaela] Station, what’s your concern?

[Paul] My concern…

The concern is, um…

Ericsson is so badly lacerated.

My concern is that

when the body gets out of zero-G–


Maybe we don’t need to listen to these.

Um-Maybe, um, I just need to work it out. [sighs]



It’s gonna be okay. Don’t worry.

Um, just gonna make some pasta for us. We could just cuddle up, and, uh–



Am I the same to you?


[inhales shakily] Am I your Alice?

Uh… [breathes shakily]

I, um…


Oh, no, you mustn’t be sorry, Alice. It’s not–

I just don’t feel like you’re my mum.

It-It-It doesn’t f-f-feel that way?

[breathes shakily] No.

But we have to work it out.

[breathes shakily] Mm-hmm.

We, um–

[sniffling] We just, um-We just need to work it out.

[Frederic] Did you speak to Irena?

She’s on her way here.

Why is she on the way here?

Because she’s the one who will take care of your wife.

Jesus Christ.

And sorry, what-what are you doing here again?

I mean, your machine’s no bloody good to anyone now, is it?

I’m here because this happened to me as well.

[Alice in distance] Mamma!

Mamma! [echoing]




[door closes]

[Alice in distance] Mamma!


[breathing heavily]

[wind howling]

[Alice panting, crying]

[breathing shakily]


[cat meows]

[Alice breathes shakily]

[cat meows]

[grunts] Mamma?

Hey. [panting]



[breathing heavily]





[breathing heavily] Alice?


Alice, baby, talk to me.

Why did you hide in the cupboard?


I was scared.

[speaks Swedish]

Where’s Daddy?

[kissing, sniffing]

[in English] You smell like you again.

[in Swedish] Who else should I smell like?

[Jo sniffles]

[in English] Oh, this might sting a little bit.

But it’s gonna get you warm.

[sniffles] There you go. There you go.


Oh, no. We’re out of hot water.

[sniffles] I’m gonna boil you some more.

[in Swedish] Don’t go.

[breathes shakily]

Don’t go.


[bathwater sloshing]

[breathing shakily]

Mamma. I’m cold.

[breathes shakily]

[in English] Mummy?





Alice? [panting] I’m here. I’m here.

[Alice breathing shakily]

What happened? Where have you been?

I saw her.

She’s there, out in the snow.

[exhales shakily] Have y-Have you been out there in the snow?

I saw Mamma.

She was fine.

She found me.

And now she’s gone again. [breathing shakily]

Honey, if you saw her-I know you think you did–

It wasn’t a dream!

I felt it.

I felt her.

I smelt her.

I felt the snow.

She was right there.

She wasn’t.

She was. She was right there. [breathing shakily]

I don’t know what to do.

[sighs] Come on. Let’s just get you warm.

Let’s get you back to bed, okay?

[Jo speaks Swedish]


Where is she?


[breathes heavily] You.

I-I don’t know what you mean.

[breathing heavily] Didn’t you see yourself?

In the mirror?

No! Here.

Mummy, I didn’t see anything.

Are you okay?

Get dressed. There’s another cabin.

It’s like our cabin, but it’s not our cabin.

Is this about the tapes?

[sighs] Put your snow gear on. We’ve got to go across the lake.

Mummy, I’m sorry about what I said. [breathes heavily]

Get dressed.

[wind howling]

Mummy! I didn’t mean it!

I’m sorry. Let’s just go back to how we were.

She was hiding in the cupboard upstairs.

Let’s go!

It’s too cold. She’ll freeze. We gotta find her.


The other you.

[Magnus] What’s this?

Hello there.

The road’s completely blocked.

Well-[sighs] Well, get a digger.

It’s coming.

Well, I’m not waiting.

My daughter’s stuck out there, and my wife’s crazy.

[Alice] Mummy, I don’t think there is another cabin.

[Jo] Come on.

It’s this way. [pants]

I’m sure it’s this way.

[Alice sighs]

Come on.

[sniffles] I think-I think–


[breathes heavily]

People can see things sometimes when they’re upset.

People who have been to space before have seen things.

I don’t wanna hurt you…

I really don’t wanna make you upset, but I think you’re right…

I don’t think you’re my daughter.

But… [stutters] …if I’m not, then who are you?

What have you done to my mummy?

Let’s find out together.


[Alice] You’re crazy! I want Daddy! I want to go home to Daddy!

Alice, wait!


Alice, wait!


[door creaks]

[breathes deeply]



[door creaks]

Oh, Christ. Not again. [breathes shakily]







I think I found it.

I’ve found the other cabin.



[door creaks]


[breathing shakily]


Alice, can you hear this?


[Alice on tape] Alice, can you hear this?


If you can hear this, say something.

If you can hear this, say something.


[Alice on tape] Hello?

[breathing shakily]


[speaks Swedish]





Alice, if you’re not here, I’m gonna have to call the police.

Hello, Alice?

Where are you?

[breathes deeply]

At the cabin. Kind of. Upstairs.

Alice… [breathes heavily] …that’s enough.

[speaks Swedish]

[Alice] Is it our cabin?

It’s like our cabin…

Are you in the cupboard?


I can’t see you.

It’s not the same cupboard, I guess.

[Alice on tape] But we’re the same Alice?

Don’t know.

Is there a mirror there?


If you look in, I will too.

Shit. We’ve locked ourselves in.

[breathes heavily]


We’ve locked ourselves in.

[exhales sharply]

[Magnus] Hello? [speaks Swedish]

Do you speak English?

My daughter is missing.

We’re in a cabin on the north side of Älmedalen.


She-She’s ten years old. I need you to come quickly.

[breathing heavily]

She’s gone out on the lake. Is that safe?

Well, that’s where she’s gone.


She thinks she can find her mamma.

[glass shatters]

[Alice on tape] Can you see anything?

Is that you?

Are we the same?

What are you doing here?

L-Looking for my mum.

Have you seen her?


She came and took me out of this cupboard.

[Alice] This cupboard?


Are you staying at the cabin?


Is your mamma staying there with you?

She can’t.

Why not?

‘Cause she’s dead.


[breathing heavily]



That’s okay.

When did she die?

In space. She’s still up there.

Did she speak Swedish with you?


What color is your car?


Is your mamma dead too?


I think it’s your mamma who’s alive and my mummy who died.

I think they swapped places.


Can I have her back?

[police officers chattering]

[officer 1] Always be two… [continues]

[officer 2 speaks Swedish]

[Magnus] So, what happened?

What was it, like a-like a-a breakdown?

I was up there on the command module.

Just come back from the moon.

Sixteen hours in, there was a depressurization.

My crew…

It looked to me like they were dead.

I kinda blacked out.

The miracle happened when I came to, they were okay again.

When I came back to Earth, I wasn’t.

So, how’d you get better?

[Henry] I took the pills…

[search party clamoring]

…and I threw myself into my work.

And how long did it take?

We’re ready. You coming?

[officer 1] Ready!

[officer 2 shouts]

[dogs barking]

[officer 1] Alice!

[officer 2] Alice!


[high-pitched ringing]

[ringing intensifies]

[ringing continues]

[gasps] Alice!

[breathing heavily]


[cat meows]

[Jo] Alice?



[speaks Swedish]

It’s me.

Not the one who speaks Swedish.

[breathes shakily] Well, we need to–

[Alice on tape] Where are you?

I’ve got Mamma here.

In the cupboard?

No. She’s here.

I can’t see her.

[Jo exhales sharply]

I can’t hear her.

[breathing sharply]

[grunts] Alice?

I think you have to speak through me.

[Henry] Shut up.

Shut up!

[Bud laughing]

I’m coming to get you, Henry.

Sooner or later.

Oh, I’m comin’.

And boy, am I gonna fuck things up.

[search party clamoring]

[Magnus] Alice!


[person] Alice!




[Alice on tape speaks Swedish]

[speaks Swedish]

She says… [speaks Swedish]

[Alice on tape speaks Swedish]

[breathes shakily]

[in Swedish] I love you.

[in English] She says she loves you.

[in Swedish] I love you too.

[breathing shakily]

[in English] Can I see her in the mirror?

[breathing heavily, grunts] Alice?


[in Swedish] Can you hear me?

[speaks Swedish]

[in English] She can’t.

[Alice on tape speaks Swedish]

[in English] She says, “When are you coming home?”

Um, I don’t know if I can come home.

She says she doesn’t know if she can come home.

[in Swedish] Why not?

[in English] Becau-Because I don’t–

[stammers] I don’t know how to.

I might, um-I just need to work it out.

[stutters] Tell her I will work it out.

She doesn’t know how.

She just needs to work it out.

She’ll work it out.





[Paul] Commander Caldera?

[Bud] I prefer Bud.

Hold on, wait, wait, wait, wait, Henry, listen!

[Bud] Henry?

I don’t use that name. My name is not Henry.

[high-pitched ringing]

[ringing stops]




It is cold.

[sighs] Baby.

I’m sleepy.

[Jo speaking Swedish]

I’m scared.

[Jo] It’s gonna be okay.



[Alice coughing, breathing heavily]

[Jo] Alice, talk to me.

[glass shatters]

[gasps, yelps]


[Paul] Tell me what happened.

[Bud] This is what happened.

Fucking hands off–

I’m not taking shit!

[Bud] You get out!

[Paul] Commander Caldera, you tell me why you’re here.

[Bud] Why the fuck are you here?

[Paul] No, wait! Hey!


[high-pitched ringing]

[ringing fades]

[Jo] Henry! Henry! [breathing heavily]

Here, take her.

I’ve gotta find my daughter!


[Paul groaning, breathing heavily]

Oh, God, no.



Paul! It’s Henry.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

Oh, God. You stay with me. You stay with me.

[breathing heavily]

[Henry] Oh, come on.

911? They need an ambulance. It’s a gunshot wound.

Yes, t-to the stomach.

What? Address. Goddamn address.

Los Angeles. Los-Los Angeles somewhere. What–

[Henry] Christ, my glasses.

60-Stay with me, Paul.

60556 Lexington Avenue.

Yeah. [stammers] Uh…


[grunts] Bud.

Who the fuck are you, kid?

[sighs] Oh, my God, it’s cold.

[groans, stammers] I’m just in my underwear.


[Jo] Alice?

[speaks Swedish]


[grunts, panting]



[grunts] Alice.

Alice. Alice. Baby.

[speaking Swedish]


Come on.

Baby! [grunts]

[Alice] I made you one of these.


[breathing shakily, groans]

[in Swedish] I have to save her.


[in English] C-Come on.



[Jo speaking Swedish]

I can’t feel her anymore.

Okay. [sniffles]

I think she’s dead.

[panting, grunting]

Come on. Come on!

[dogs barking]

[search party clamoring]



[Magnus in distance] Alice!

[Jo panting, grunting]


It’s Daddy.

[speaks Swedish]

[in Swedish] Go to him.

[in English] But I’m your Alice.


Go to Papa. Okay?


[in Swedish] I love you, Mamma.


I love you too.

[Magnus] Alice! This way!

[dogs barking]

[search party clamoring]

[Magnus] Alice.

[Alice coughing]



[grunts] Alice.

[exclaims] Are you okay?


Hi, Daddy.

[Jo] Come on!


[Jo gasping] Okay.


[panting] What the fuck did you do?


Who was-[panting] Were you with someone?

[Alice, in Swedish] I’m so cold.

[Magnus, in English] Come on. Okay. Come here. I got you. How’s that?

[wind howling]

[breathing heavily]

[Alice coughing]

[Magnus] It’s okay, baby. [pants]



[speaks Swedish]

Alice, baby… [speaks Swedish]

Alice! Alice! Alice! Alice!

Alice! [mutters]

[no audible dialogue]

[Magnus panting]

Do not do that to me ever again.

Okay, baby?


But I saw Mamma.

She told me to come to you.

Didn’t you see her?

[Magnus exhales sharply]

Did you see her?

I-[breathing heavily]

I don’t know. [breathing shakily]

[monitors beeping]

[beeping continues]

[The Valya speaking Russian]



[The Valya, in Russian] You want to see your mamma?

Come with me, and I’ll take you to your mamma.

[in English] Who are you?

[in Russian] She’s not far away.

[in English] Where is she?

[in Russian] Come with me, child.

Come away, child.

[monitors beeping]

[in English] Daddy?

I’m here, honey.

I’m right here.

Where is she?

She’s gone to get help.

Who for?

[sighs] I’m so sorry.

I should never have let you be alone with her. [sighs]

Who did she go away with?

[stammers] A woman called Irena Lysenko.

A cosmonaut?

I think so.


We need to get her back.

[“Lullaby” by Suvi-Eeva Äikäs plays]


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