Batwoman – S02E12 – Initiate Self-Destruct [Transcript]

Batwoman and Alice team up to rescue Angelique and Ocean from Black Mask's gang.
Batwoman - S02E12 - Initiate Self-Destruct

Original air date: May 2, 2021

Black Mask finally reveals his plan to Enigma and the heavily bandaged Kate Kane. He places a mask — a replica made of the face of his late daughter — onto Kate, and Enigma triggers her into forgetting all of her memories and to having the memories of Roman’s daughter Circe Sionis. The False Faces interrupt their tryst by tasing Alice and abducting Ocean. When Batwoman tracks Angelique, she finds that Alice killed everyone there and suggests an alliance to rescue both Angelique and Ocean. They work together to free both and destroy the Snakebite they prepared, but Ocean is shot, and “Circe” captures Alice — Batwoman declines to save her. Sophie along with the Bat Team try to erase the DNA sample from the Crows Database. While doing so, Sophie learns Commander Kane is on Snakebite. Now free from the False Face Society, Angelique heads into the Witness Protection Program. Ryan decides to stay in Gotham. Mary re-opens her clinic as Sophie gives her the Snakebite that she found in Jacob’s office. Black Mask is about to kill Alice but instead tells Circe to take Alice to the basement.

* * *


Black mask: Masks have taken on…

Various meanings over time.

Deceit, disguise, cheap entertainment, but as Jung once said, we all wear masks, both to create an impression upon others but also to hide our own true natures.

Woman: ♪ Stay awake ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

Good evening, Mr. Sionis.

Woman: ♪ Will you follow me into the dark? ♪

♪ Will you follow me into the dark? ♪

It’s absolutely beautiful.


Though making people look their best is my specialty,

I think this just so happens to be my masterpiece.

For generations, every sionis…

Has had a replica mask decorating their casket.


I exhumed this one…

From the coffin of my dearly departed daughter, once dead, now on the verge of rebirth.

My name is Kate Kane.

No. No. Ugh!

Dr. Rhyme, if you would.

Ms. Kane, our therapy has come to an end point.

On my cue, you will remember nothing of your life before today.

Your only memories will be those of circe sionis.

No. N…


[Bang bang]


I must warn you, Roman.

While psychologically and behaviorally she is your daughter, there was nothing I could do about her voice.

Her larynx was damaged by your man during the kidnapping and subsequent torture.


[Breathing heavily]

Woman: ♪ Will you follow me? ♪

What the hell, dad? Why am I wearing this mask?

Roman: Don’t you remember, sweetheart?

You were in a terrible fire when you broke out of Arkham.

It still feels a little fuzzy.

Hmm. Well, things will become more and more clear as the days pass.

The important thing is now that you have this mask no one will ever hurt you again.


[Moaning softly]




You’re a little late for turndown service.

Where is he?





[Punches landing, Ocean grunting]

[Indistinct chatter]

Tavaroff: Yes?

Sophie: Agent tavaroff, heard a rumor you got a DNA sample from the Bat.

I’ll verify your rumor if you verify mine.

Word is you were pretty tight with the last one.

What’s your point, Russell?

Oh, that you could save the lab a lot of trouble if you could give us the name of this one.

How many rape kits have to go to the back of the line so you can make a big splash to boost your career?

The commander know about you squandering resources like this?

He’s the one who signed off on it actually.

[Knock on door]


Moore, what can I do for you?

I know how you feel about vigilantes, sir, but instead of wasting our time with Batwoman,

shouldn’t we be trying to figure out who black mask is?

Well, we were, but Batwoman got in the way of that, ruined our undercover operation, and cost us a chance to take down black mask.

She’s on our side, commander.

Heh. Well, if that were true, she wouldn’t mind being on a first-name basis.

Is that the real reason you’re doing this?

Trust? Or is it because every time you see her you think of Kate?

Get out of my office, Moore.

Excuse me?

You think a little fling with my daughter 5 years ago gives you permission to tell me how to do my job?

Sir, I… I didn’t mean to overstep.

Get out of my office now.

Yes, sir.

Why are you making me relive this?

Black mask kept tabs on his cookhouses with a video feed, allowed him an eye on the cookie jar without actually getting his hand caught in it.

Smart, right? Wrong.

Because that allows me to track the Internet traffic.

So we can track it back to the camera’s ip address to get the location of the cookhouse where Angelique is being held.

Not just a pretty face here, people.

Send those cookhouse coordinates to the Batmobile.

Uh, I’m not sure that’s gonna be your first stop.

Somebody turned on the Batsignal.

[Grappling line fires]


It’s not a pager.

A little busy here.

Well, unless you want to give me your name and number…

Uh-huh. What do you want?

First off, lose the tude.

I’m doing you a favor.

I thought you should know the crows are in the process of extracting your DNA profile

from blood spatter found at the snakebite facility.

Once they have that, they’re gonna upload it to the national DNA registry.

Of course, they’ll need something to match it against, so you should be good unless of course you’ve ever been in the system.

Anything you want to tell me?

Other than you need to destroy that sample?

It’s already being processed.

They’ll have the profile in a few hours.

Arrest warrant won’t be long after that.

I better use what time I have left to save the one person who had the guts to testify against black mask.

Remember her?

The one the crows were supposed to protect?


I can’t make any promises about the sample, but I’ll do my best.

Let’s hope that’s enough.

Ryan: Am I close? We don’t have a lot of time.

Batwoman, we took a group vote and you need to come home.

What are you talking about?

Angelique is being held somewhere in this dump.

And while we appreciate that she’s a former flame, Sophie just dropped an a-bomb.

We need to figure out how to preserve your identity.

We will once I find Angelique.

Didn’t Sophie just say that we only had a couple more hours?

Yeah. So I got to be quick.

Ok. I’m just gonna say it.

Finding Angelique is not worth throwing the Batlegacy down the drain.

Excuse me?

Look. I’m just saying you can’t have both.

Black mask is using Angelique to cook snakebite, right?

He went through a lot of trouble for her, so I highly doubt he’d just kill off his golden goose right off the Bat.

Priority number one should be saving the future of the symbol for your sake and the city’s, and then…

How about this? You two call Sophie, y’all put your heads together and save my future.

I’ll be here kicking some false face ass, saving my past.

I’ll check in later.

[Man groaning]

Ohh! Stop! Aah!


What the hell is this, barbeque for one?

Batty, what brings you here?

Oh. Was it the odor?

Honestly, I’ve been at this so long I can hardly smell it.

Why are you here?

The false face kidnapped a friend, so I’ve been popping by their known hideouts, seeing if someone would be willing to spill his possible location.

I’m looking for someone they kidnapped, too.

Really? Her name wouldn’t happen to be… pbb…

I don’t know… Angelique by chance?

How do you know that?

Well, according to Mr. Extra crispy over here, when Angelique couldn’t conjure up the special sauce that gives snakebite its bite, black mask took her phone and used it to track down the actual chef, who does know all 11 herbs and spices.

You’re talking about Ocean.


I thought you killed him.

Heh. Well, that’s completely besides the point.

Which is?

Angelique and Ocean are apparently being held at a place that is more fortified than this one, and quite frankly, I need backup, by which I mean someone to stand behind so that the bullets don’t hit my visage.


You’re crazier than everyone already thinks.

Well, enemy of my enemy, doesn’t that mean…

That you’re still the bitch who murdered my mom.

Touche, but I’m also the bitch who knows where our beloved cooks are.

Man: Unh!

The only one who knows as of now, and as much as our dearly departed was forthcoming about their location, he wasn’t as clear about how long they’d stay alive.

Apparently, black mask just wants them to spill the recipe, so the clock is tick, tick, ticking.

What do you say? Partners?

That silence sounds like a firm yes.

You cross me, and you don’t have to worry about bullets killing you.


Oh, goody! I’ve always wanted to ride in the Batmobile!

Singers: ♪ Doesn’t matter which way we’re going ♪

♪ We’re born to tell lies, and no means no ♪

[Batmobile engine revving]

♪ All I need is to burn like gasoline ♪

Ooh! What does this button do?

Ryan: Pisses me off. Don’t make me hit the ejector seat.

That exists?

You want to find out?

Kind of.

Woman: ♪ Just get on ♪

Initiate self-destruct? Cool.


This is a rescue mission, not a school field trip.


You agreed to this little team-up pretty quickly, which tells me that this Angelique must be very near and dear to your heart.

You want to tell me where I should turn?

Keep going straight, which I’m guessing you didn’t do with Angelique.

Come on. You can tell me everything.

Who emojied who first?

I’m dying to know how a drug chef stole Batwoman’s heart.

We are not doing this.

We are not getting to know each other.

Everything I need to know about you is written on my mama’s grave.


Woman: Can I help you?

Commander Kane just wanted an update on the Batwoman sample.

Yeah? He’s not the only one.

Agent Tavaroff was just here checking on it.

Don’t worry. I’m gonna babysit this thing the whole way.

How long until it’s ready?

Not much longer.

Blech. You know we’re gonna have to deep clean the Batmobile now.

Oh, I am well aware.

Ok. Based on the trajectory, they’re headed somewhere along the waterfront.

Ugh. I get the appeal of Angelique or whatever, but how desperate are we?

I mean, Alice? Alice? Really?

Do we even know this isn’t a trap?


[Cell phone vibrating]

Tell me you destroyed it.

I can’t. Too many eyes. We need a plan b.

What? Sophie? No. Every plan involves you destroying the damn sample!

Look. My entire office is acting like they’re sitting on the nuclear codes.

I’d have an easier time swiping records out of area 51.

There are only 78 more minutes till they get her profile.

Then they’re gonna upload it to the national DNA database, and…

And if she’s ever been entered in there for any reason ever, such as an arrest, they’re gonna get a match, and the whole world will know Batwoman’s identity.

I got to go. Bye.


How do you know false face was telling you the truth?

Well, it’s hard to lie through your teeth when they’ve all been yanked out.

Everybody ready for their closeup?

“An idiot’s guide to making snakebite” take one.

And… action.

Take two.

There will not be a take 3.

One sentry.

Looks like they’re trying to keep a low profile.

I want to see.

Why don’t I get any Battoys?

Can I least have a Batarang?

Ok. You draw him out, I’ll take him out.

Think you can handle that?


[Horn honking]

What the hell are you doing?

What you asked.

I told you to draw him out, not draw him to us.

And I delivered. Your move, lover girl.


Unh! Agh!

See? That worked out splendidly.

Man: There they are!


Might want to give me that Batarang now.

Mary: Hey.

Got you a prezzie.

Mary, kind of busy right now.

I can’t really do…

It’s not from me.

It’s from someone who knows how hard you are to shop for, and he got you this.

[Quietly] It’s a targeted kill drive.

Your lab is turning Batwoman’s DNA evidence into a bunch of ones and zeroes, and that guy will rearrange those ones and zeroes, making it unreadable.

Didn’t know you were on Batwoman’s payroll, as well.

Oh. Huh? No. Luke just asked me as a favor because we hang out casually as friends.



So according to the Bat team if I use this device, then when the file

is transmitted to the DNA registry it won’t match anything?


That’s pretty clever.

So did Luke include an instruction manual?

No, but he is available for tech support.

You just have to plug that little cutie into any computer in the building with tier one access.

Heh. Tier one access?

There’s only one person with that.

Your dad’s been holed up in there for hours.

How the hell do you expect me to get him to leave?

Why do you think I’m here?

[All grunting]

Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!


We make a shockingly good team, and by we, I mean your car and I.

Where are the cooks being held on the boat?

Because I’m gonna tell you?

Your bad. She was the nice one.

Where are the cooks?

[Straining] Upper deck. Upper deck.

If they were harmed in any way, I swear to you on my headless mother’s grave…



He just passed out.

Oh, my god. You love him.

I just kicked him for no reason.

Not him. Ocean.

Ocean? What?


Is that your boyfriend?

I drove a knife through his heart.

Well, for you, that’s not a no.

Oh. That’s true.

I had a bit of a breakthrough at yesterday’s therapy session, although it would appear all the unresolved feelings

I have for him that I thought I resolved in killing him are, as of yet, unfortunately still on the table.

Last night’s… ahem… Steamy tryst made it all the more confusing.

That’s why you needed my help, to make sure he makes it out of this alive.

Follow me. Stay close.

Man: Almost through with the cook, sir.

I have to admit I’m quite pleased with the performances.

Nuance is everything these days.

Ocean, quietly: Slow down.

Buy ourselves as much time as possible.

Woman, on radio: Got a perimeter breach at the north docks.

Roman: What is it?

Apparently, we got company.

Woman, on radio: Looks like Batwoman.


And she’s with that bitch Alice.

We need backup at the north dock now.

How will we pass the time?

Quietly would be my first choice.

I like you. You’re fun but mean.

You sure this Angelique chick is good enough for you?

She is. Thank you for your concern.

Is she, though? I mean, city hero, drug dealer.

Doesn’t exactly scream royal wedding.

You asking for a friend…

Or are you asking because you accidentally have feelings for someone and it terrifies you?

Because… how could anyone ever love a monster who watched her gang kill a woman and not even wonder her name?

Obviously asking for a friend.

Heh heh.

Angelique was the only person in our group home  who ever had my back.

I see.

So you were plucked away like

the little orphan Annie while she was left behind.

That’s… why you’re so determined to save her now, isn’t it?

Guilt. Ha ha ha!

Where have I heard that before?

Ech. Your predecessor was obsessed with saving me.

She couldn’t accept reality and move on.

Poor thing didn’t realize until it was too late…

And then she died.

Just a little piece of advice from an antihero to a hero.

You can’t save everyone, not without losing who you are.

Man: Go! Let’s go!

They’re at the north docks.

If you really want to know who I am, you should know this about me.

I am someone who never forgets.

[Handcuffs latch]

What are you doing?

Oh, don’t worry.

I’m gonna save Ocean… From you.

I am going to make sure he knows exactly what you are.

And… cut.

That’s a wrap.

Batwoman to Batcave.

I’m in, but…

Kind of got a maze situation going here.

Uh, head to the left.

There should be a stairwell in the northeast corner.

Ryan: Copy.


Luke: Hey. Sophie: Hey. So the lab’s about to upload Batwoman’s DNA to the mainframe.

Talk me through this.

As soon as the file’s uploaded, click on Batwoman’s profile.

It’ll shred that baby to high-tech ribbons.

That’s it?

That’s it.



Let’s hope this was worth the wait.

And… they’re starting the upload now.

Ok. Here it comes.

Oh, no.

What? What happened?

It’s not just Batwoman’s file.

They’re uploading DNA profiles from dozens of crows investigations.

You can’t single hers out?

That’s the problem. They made the file labels numbers for anonymity.

There are no names, meaning there’s no way to tell them apart.

The only way to get Batwoman’s would be to corrupt them all.

How serious are these cases?

This being Gotham, we can be damn sure it’s not for jaywalking.

If we did this, we wouldn’t just be protecting Batwoman.

We would be protecting rapists and murderers.

We can’t do it, Luke.

What about Batwoman, Sophie?

The results will be back in a matter of minutes.

What are we supposed to do?

I might have an idea.

What is this?

Guess who passed the health inspection with flying colors. Ha!

Last time we spoke, I got the distinct impression you had no interest in legitimizing this place.

I didn’t, but I do care about staying open and you keeping your guys out of my hair, so consider this… A compromise.

Wow. I’m impressed.

We’ve got up-to-code storage, certified nurses and doctors.

Sad to say, that leaves me inside most days doing paperwork.

You ok?


You’re sweating. Here.

Yeah. No. I’m… I’m fine.

So what happens if someone walks in with a gunshot wound that you’re supposed to report to gcpd?

Well… I do what the regulations say.

I fill out this thingy, and I fax it to the gcpd using this ridiculous monstrosity, which I’m pretty sure is twice as old as I am.

This an oversight?

Uh… well, no one ever taught me how to send a telegraph or a fax or whatever they are, and there’s n-nothing in the regulations that requires me to hire an I.T. Guy.

So you figured out your workaround.

Compromise works both ways.

Well, then as far as I’m concerned, you’re clear to open shop.

I need to get going.


Wait, wait, wait, wait. Seriously, you do get that we’re basically treating and harboring potential criminals here.

Well, if it means you’ll start taking my calls again, I don’t need to know that that thing is not plugged in.

I’ll… I’ll talk to you later.


Huh. Well, that worked.

Where’s Batwoman?

Finally, a member of this lame society who’s actually trying.

Love this. Is it oak?

You can find her on the deck.

I’ll be back for you.

Looking forward to it.

Tavaroff: Ok. A few more minutes, and the world will know the name behind the Bat.

Dibs on arresting her ass by the way. Heh.


Come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

All rightie. Who’s ready for this?

Betting windows are closed.

The identity of Batwoman 2.0 is…

None found? What… What the?

This is b.S.

How could she not be in the system?

Sophie: Uh-oh.

Did someone send out invites to a party before they found out if there was a party?

[Agents chuckling]

Tavaroff: What are you looking at?

Back to work.

Sophie: Tell Batwoman she’s good.

What did you do?

It’s handled. That’s all that matters.

Now I got to delete my digital footprint so the commander never finds out about this.

Angelique: Look, dude. You don’t have to kill us.

We can make as many Batches as you want.

She’s right, man. Watching a how-to video isn’t the real thing.

There’s a million variables…

Potency of the fear toxin, mushroom oil…


What the hell, man?




You don’t want to do that.

What? This?

How did you find us?

Your girl Ryan sends her love.

[Ocean gasping]

Can you walk?

Go without me.

Dude, no. You’re coming with us.

Come on, come on!

Hey. You’re gonna get out of here.

You’re gonna find that girl you won’t shut up about, ok?

Yeah. Go find your girl.

You guys take the back, keep your eyes up.

There’s false face everywhere.


H-Hey. Thank you.

Angelique: Come on.

Heh heh. They’re not leaving here.

Yes, they are unless you can get through me.

Health & perturBator: ♪ We forgot it away ♪

♪ We’re trapped in a dream ♪

♪ Pain ♪

♪ And who we choose to ♪

♪ Blame ♪

♪ Are you’re on your own ♪

♪ Or stuck here with me? ♪


[Both grunt]


♪ Could have never met ♪

♪ start it again, go back to the water ♪

♪ start it again ♪

♪ The blood on the altar ♪


Thank you.

Never leave a woman who’s been in captivity half her life alone with a hairpin.







Help me!

Good luck with that.

I remember your mom.

Cora. I remember her.

Short hair, purple sweater.

I lied about forgetting her.

Now help me… Please.

Like you said, can’t save everyone.

[Alice gagging]


Oh, my god.

[Knocks on door]

Hey! Check it!

It’s amazing what a little paint and 6 figures worth of permits and doctors’ salaries will do, right?

Yeah. It’s, uh… Wow… nice.

Hey. Have you noticed anything strange about your dad lately?

What do you mean?

I mean his demeanor.

Any mood swings, health issues?

Mary: He seemed fine when I saw him today.

I mean, he signed off on the place.

He even saw the fax machine.

What fax machine?

The one that’s not plugged in that keeps us from having to report our patients to the authorities.

He signed off on that?

Your dad?


Why are you asking me all these questions?

I found this in his office.

He probably seized it on a bust.

Wouldn’t it be in evidence then?

What are you saying? It’s his?

Your dad blew up at me today out of nowhere.

He kicked me out of his office.

Then I found this a few hours later.

It sort of just sounds like my dad.

Soph, you can’t be serious.

You should talk to him, Mary.

My dad is not doing snakebite.

Then it should be a short conversation, but I really think you need to have it.

Jason Walker’s “in another life (Goodbye)” Playing…

[Knock on door]

I thought you’d never want to see me again.

Ryan, don’t.

Walker: ♪ That this was coming ♪

Don’t what?


I told you that you’d be protected if you ratted out black mask.

You almost died because of me.

No. I almost died because that’s what I signed up for…

To make a lot of money, to feel like I matter, and to know that everything could be ripped away at any moment, including my life and all the people I care about.

It’s my fault.

Then let’s start over, putting all of this behind us.

Come into witness protection with me.


I made a deal with the feds.

Everything I know about false face in return for my protection.

It’s real. I trust them.

Where are you gonna go?

Come with me and find out.

There’s nothing holding us back now.

Say something.

My life is here.

Here? Gotham sucks.

It swallowed us whole and spit us out, ry.

But what if it could suck less?

How? This city’s a cesspool.

Look out the freaking window.

There are ways to fix it.

Like the community center I’m working on.

Ang, what if kids like us didn’t have to grow up in the same city we did?

I never deserved you, did I?

Are you kidding me?

You changed my life.

Walker: ♪ It’s hard to say ♪

I’m gonna miss you, ry.

Walker: ♪ Hard to say ♪

♪ Goodbye ♪

Me, too.

♪ In another life ♪

♪ It’s always hard to say goodbye ♪

Pretty swanky place you got here for a guy who slings dope in the streets.

Alice, delusional leader of the defunct and failed wonderland gang.

Charmed I’m sure.

I’m not.

Why is she getting fleas on my furniture?

She was with Batwoman during tonight’s siege.

Figured you’d appreciate a face to face.


Nah. Just kill her.

Heh. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I didn’t even do anything.

I was chained to a pipe most of the night.

Actually, there is one thing she has that could be of interest.

Dump her in the cellar. I’ll deal with her tomorrow.

Heh heh.

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Man: Greg, move your head!


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