Batwoman – S02E08 – Survived Much Worse [Transcript]

Batwoman's abilities are tested like never before, while Alice's search for Kate continues; Sophie and Jacob set their sights on Coryana; Luke and Mary contend with an unexpected guest.
Batwoman - S02E08 - Survived Much Worse

Original air date: March 21, 2021

* * *

Ryan: Dear Kate, today’s the day I’m supposed to die. Truth is I’m not scared of dying. I’m scared I didn’t live. My mama always told me I was put on this earth for a reason, and now I finally know what that is. Freya Ridings’ “Ultraviolet” playing”…

Alice: Today is the day I kill you, Kate. I spent 11 years waiting for you to find me, but instead, I found you. Then, I waited for you to save me, but instead, I saved you, I turned you into a hero.

Ryan: You helped me find my inner warrior, my voice, my power.

Alice: While I played the part of your villain, the girl who reminded you how right and noble and courageous you were.

Ryan: You made me feel brave.

Alice: So I told you my greatest fear was being locked away again, and on that very day, what did you do?

Ryan: You helped me break out of the system that was trapping me.

Alice: You lured me into a box, and you locked the door.

Ryan and Alice: I’ve come so far…

Alice: To get my revenge.

Ryan: To inspire others, and I’ve survived much worse.

Alice: Cartwright, the queen of hearts…

Ryan: Foster care, the candy lady.

If I could do that…

I can do anything.

I can do anything.

Ryan: I can push off death another day if it means saving you.

Alice: I can even kill my sister.

Ridings: ♪ Hide it ♪

♪ When you’re ultraviolet ♪

[Elevator door sliding]

Mary: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I’m the one who practices without a medical license around here.

What are you doing?

It is… a combination of adrenaline and cortisone.

It will give me a jolt of energy, and it will kill some of this pain.


What are you doing?

How did you even learn how to do this?



Oh! Did the YouTube medical expert also explain to you that this combination will accelerate the speed of cell decay by 300%?

Without the shot, you have days, and with it, you’re lucky to have 24 hours.

24 hours is all I need.

I put the tracker on Alice, she probably made it to Coryana by now.

I will follow her route.

I will find Kate, and I will get the desert Rose to heal myself.

And if something goes wrong, you die.

Mary, look at me.

I’m dead already.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God.

Fine. Team vote.

Where’s Luke?


Mary, where’s Luke?

I have an active apb and 3 field teams looking for Alice, yet you not only managed to locate her but tagged her with a high-powered tracking device?


I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept don’t ask, don’t tell.

Then I won’t ask. I will state.

You’re working with batwoman.

Mm-hmm. So why doesn’t she track Alice?

Because she’s sick.

What do you mean sick?

She’s dying.

Long story short, Tommy Elliot shot her with a poison bullet, and there’s no antidote, so we need you to bring back a stem of the desert Rose to heal her.

Whelan: Sorry to interrupt.

Our apb for Alice and all known associates turned up this.

Her friend ocean boarded a flight to Rome last night.


The deal Alice made with Safiyah was that she had to kill ocean to get Kate back.

I doubt she showed up to Coryana without him.

But she is crazy enough to show up with a fake him.

It wouldn’t be the first time she slapped a face on somebody else’s body.

God knows she fooled me with the Bruce Wayne wannabe.

If that’s true and Safiyah believes the imposter, then she hands Kate over to Alice, and Alice kills her.

Which means you need to get going now.

Jacob: The tracker shows that Alice left the Olsson airstrip and flew east.

Sophie low-key slipped me the feed.

Ryan: So we’re gonna gloss over you telling a crow you’re working with batwoman?

It was preferable to losing both batwomen in one fell swoop.

Sophie said she would get a flower.

And you believe her?

Can we stay positive, please?

Jacob: We land, find my daughter, get out.

And I am screwed.

Sophie: One more thing.

We need to grab a desert Rose while we’re there.

What are you talking about?

And I rest my case.

Sophie: I’ll explain en route, but we’re not leaving that island without it.



Mary: No!

Sophie: Commander!

Wait. What the hell happened?

They’re Safiyah’s men.

That would mean that Safiyah knew they were coming.

[Jacob grunts]

[Tires squealing]

Mary: Oh, my God. What just happened?

They’re taking them somewhere.

Looks like they’re heading toward Olsson airstrip.

It’s the same airfield that Alice left from.

Mary: So they’re going to Coryana?

I have no idea what they’re doing.

Ryan, no!

You inject that, you die today!

We literally just watched our last hope fizzle before our eyes.

Unless anyone else has any more brilliant ideas.


Start the clock.

I am going to Coryana, I am saving them, I am saving Kate, and I’m saving my damn self.

Huh! Huh! Ha!

I feel good. I’m sorry.

I haven’t felt this good in months.

Ok. Easy there, tiger.

The faster you work the adrenaline through your system, the faster it returns to self-destruct mode.

24 hours was a guess, not a promise.


Luke: Alice’s transponder died over this tiny section of the mediterranean.

But I don’t see an island.

Yeah. That’s the point. It’s rigged to avoid satellite detection, so if I had the only serum on the planet that could cure cancer and wanted to cloak it so nobody else could have it, I would use anti-radar electromagnetic waves.

So the cowl’s lenses can detect the electromagnetic field.

Consider it your bull’s-eye.

Bull’s-eye for what?

These are emp grenades.

So according to Sophie, the only electricity that she saw on the island was used for electric wrist restraints.

So a few of these will knock out the power for a few hours and free anyone wearing them, presumably Mary’s dad, Sophie, and Kate.

Ok. You didn’t answer my question about the bull’s-eye.

I got to find you a ride.

Ok. Um, can I address the elephant in the room?

You are not going to die.

Actually… the elephant is if I live.

Say I find Kate and I bring her back here.

Then what? She’s batwoman, right?

What does that make me?

That’s not gonna…

Kate would never push you out like that.

So then there’s two batwomen?

Because that’s not confusing.

Look. I don’t know what happens when Kate comes back.

All I know is that I… I really, really want her back.

I know.


If I do die…

You’re in charge of my baby.

Oh. No, no, no. Nope.

That’s not… Me.


Angelique gave her to me, and… I was gonna give her to my mom when we moved into our place.

She’s all I have left of her.


Well, then it’s official.

You definitely have to make it back because… I couldn’t even keep my tamagotchi alive for 5 minutes, so…

Luke: I think I just found you a ride.

Ok. And?

Uh… let’s just say I couldn’t order you the vegan option.

Ryan: You couldn’t even afford coach?

Luke: We’re just lucky this mail carrier’s gonna fly within 5 minutes of Coryana’s airspace.

Clock’s ticking.

Yeah. 18 hours to live.

I got it!

No. I mean, you’re about 25 minutes from the drop.

The what now?

I can override the door sensor and buy you a 30-second window for the halo jump.

What… what the hell is a halo jump?

High altitude, low opening.

You asked about the bull’s-eye.

You need to hit a tiny target from 33,00 feet.

Yeah, yeah. Uh, uh. This would be a lot easier if we had a batplane.

That’s what I’ve been saying.

Ok. I’ll get right on that after I work out the kinks in the batsub.

Don’t deploy your cute until your heads-up display reads 3,500 feet so you avoid detection.

Oh, and use your pressure mask.

Otherwise, you’ll die instantly.

Is this a bad time to say I have n-n-never been on a plane before?

Tatiana informed me the two of you had a little chat.

Of course she did.

That she told you how you and ocean fell in love, how he stole a desert Rose, and how he convinced you to leave Coryana with him.

That was the gist of it less a few juicy details about how he wasn’t the only islander who loved me.

I want to be clear about something.

I considered ocean a brother.

I had you both erased from each other because I… believed you were a bad influence on him.

Got it.

A ruler doesn’t get to play by the whims of her emotions, Alice.

Nor can she afford to be blind to what’s right in front of her.

You’ve disappointed me.

I brought you your brother with your fancy knife through his chest.

Now give me my sister so I can put one through hers.

You foolish girl.

[Woman vocalizing]

My men found a tracker on your boot.

You were being followed.

You ok?

I think so.

Where the hell are we?

[Footsteps, keys jingling]

[Door opens]

Exactly where you wanted to be.

Not how you saw this going?

Ryan: Are you kidding me right now?!

There’s nothing down there!

Luke: Yes, there is, and you’re gonna miss it.

You need to jump.

Well, that’s easy for you to say.

What if my chute doesn’t open?

It will! Ryan, hurry up! If you miss your window, you’re gonna end up in the middle of the ocean, and there’s no shark repellant on the utility belt.

Well, why not?

Because that’s stupid.

Now go!

Ohh! Ok. Ok. You got this.

You got this! Come on!

Let’s go!

Katie Garfield: ♪ Here come the skeletons ♪

♪ Crawling out your closet ♪

♪ They grab your ankles when you’re running ♪

♪ Try to lock it ♪

♪ Open your mouth, but you can’t make a sound ♪

♪ The walls tumble down, try to breathe ♪

There it is.

Whoa, whoa. I can’t watch.

You’re breaking through the electromagnetic shield.


Ok. I see two unique heat signatures.

They could be restraints.

Deploy your chute and the EMPs.


[Low humming]

Jacob: Why are we here?

You’re here because Alice wants you to have a front row seat to watch her kill Kate.

She’s here at Safiyah’s request.

Me? What did I do?

It’s not what you did.

It’s what Safiyah thinks you’re capable of.

You’re skilled, strong, and most of all, loyal.

She wants you to join her army.

Ha ha ha!

Why the hell would I join an army of ruthless killers?

Because you’re already a part of one.

His. Both groups are organized, armed, and… dangerous, but we are committed to protecting our people while you oppress yours.

Whoa! Ohh!


I made it.

Oh. Oh. Sort of.

See? That wasn’t so bad.

Oh, yeah. You owe me a spa day.

Just remember to conserve your energy, or your vitals will drop again.


You seeing this?

Ohh! That must be the desert Rose.

I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life.




Hello? Can you hear me?

The EMPs must have knocked out the comms.



Hey. I’m batwoman.


Is your queen chick available?

We’re really doing this, huh?

Oh, boy. Hyah!

Safiyah: I expected this to feel different.

Alice: I’m sure you can ask your gal pal enigma to root around your head and fix it for you.

Now give me Kate.

You don’t even know why you want to kill her.

She betrayed me.

That’s what you keep telling yourself, but… maybe deep down in the dangerous musings of your ID, there’s a compulsion to kill her because she’s more loved than you, and if you kill her, as irrational as it sounds, you think that love will transfer to you.

But that’s not how it works, so the conscious part of you uses feelings like pain and hurt and betrayal to justify it, but what happens to all those messy feelings when Kate’s dead and everyone still hates you?

You are not changing my mind.

I have fantasized about killing my sister since she locked me in arkham.

I know we’ve had our differences, Alice, but… I do care about you.

I just need to know this is what you want more than anything.

More than the air I breathe.

As you wish.

I will take you to her.

[Ryan breathing heavily]


If I had a nickel for every bad penny.

Safiyah: Batwoman?

[Ryan grunts]

What brings you here?

Tatiana: We believe she was trying to help our prisoners escape.

They’re gone.

Is everything all right?

It will be…

Because you’re gonna help me, and in return, I’m gonna tell you something you’re gonna want to hear.

I see. Unfortunately, I don’t barter with uninvited guests, so if you’ll excuse us, we were in the middle of something.

[Ryan grunts]

You sure that’s your boy over there?

You might want to look a little harder.


Enough with all these distractions.

I gave you ocean, and, um, now you can give me Kate.

Tatiana: My queen, I had no idea.

That was clearly her intention.

Who is this?

A nobody.

Well, a… a body.

Um, just one the morgue wouldn’t miss.

You still have feelings for him, don’t you?

Put her with the bat and find me ocean.

What the hell’s this?


Looks like an emp blocker.

Probably how the cuffs disarmed.

I thought she was sick.

Didn’t know you had an in with batwoman’s doctor.

Sophie: That desert Rose I need to snag, it’s for her.

You working with her?

I’m not working with her.

I’m just not working against her.

Who is she?

Honestly, I have no idea.

I don’t, sir, but she’s been trying to help us to find Kate, who obviously inspired her to risk her life for total strangers.

I don’t see the harm in us teaming up.

Except the crows and batwoman abide by two very different ideologies.

Because we’re held accountable for our actions and she’s not?

If that were actually true, those agents who plowed down wolf spider on that tarmac the other night wouldn’t have just been fired.

They’d be in jail.

Now you sound like one of Safiyah’s lackeys.

You know I love my job, sir, but I think it’s time we stop pretending we’re not above the law.

What’s that smell?

Ammonium nitrate.

As in the bomb-making chemical?

That’s one use for it.

Also makes a very effective fertilizer.

To grow the desert Rose.

Come on. Kate’s got to be around her somewhere.


Ryan: I was wondering how this place could suck harder.

Why are you even here?

To stop you from killing Kate.

I don’t know what this obsession is with my sister, but you’re not part of our family soap, ‘Kay?



I see.

You’re on your way out.

You’ve got a few hours left to live, and you need Kate to tap back in because God forbid the bat ears go unoccupied for 5 minutes!

So people like you can roam free and kill their own siblings?

Not to play Monday morning quarterback, but if you didn’t want me to kill Kate, you should have stopped me when you had the chance.

Heh heh.

Then I wouldn’t have been able to follow your dumb ass to this Godforsaken island.

The tracker was you.

Heh heh.


Clever girl.

That’s it?

I just royally screwed up a move you’ve been planning for months.

You could end me right now, but you just hit me with a loud sigh.

You’re already on death’s door.

Let’s let nature run its course.

Or maybe you’re terrified.

Of killing a sky rat?

Of killing your sister.

You’ve been throwing the same tantrum for months, poisoning bats, attacking Gotham square, killing God knows how many people because if Kate was gonna die she was gonna die your way, and here you are moments away from getting what you want except… it’s not actually what you want, is it?

You don’t want Kate back to kill her.

You just want her back.

Heh. Well, someone has spent an awful lot of time thinking about the girl they blame for their mom’s death.

You remember what you said to me on your way out?

You said… “It’s not my fault,” but you weren’t talking about killing my mom.

You were talking about why you are the way you are because as dark and screwed up as you are, at the end of the day, you’re a victim of somebody, too…

And that tiny sliver of humanity won’t let you kill your sister because then it is your fault.


Safiyah: If you want Kate, she’s yours.

You’ve traveled too far to leave empty-handed.

When someone does me a favor, I always react in kind.

What would you like in return for helping me?

I’ve been poisoned.

I want enough desert Rose to cure myself.

So be it.

And I want to take Kate Kane back to Gotham… Alive.

You gave me one thing.

In fairness, I’m offering you the same.

The flower or the girl…

Choose one.

The flower.


I suppose that leaves Kate for you.

[Door shuts]

Enough with the games. Where is she?

I will bring you to her once you’ve fulfilled your end of the deal.

What is this?

It’s your second chance.

If you want Kate, you’re going to kill him, the real him.

Did you do this?

I didn’t tell her anything.

She didn’t have to.

We confiscated her phone, found a search for a charming, little shantytown in Portofino, and there you were.

Isn’t that precious?

She was going to come find you.

I always wanted to see their piazzetta.

Such a sweet, little love story that ends today.

[Woman vocalizing]

I gave batwoman a choice, and now I’ll do the same for you.

You can have one…

Ocean or Kate.

You’re supposed to be watching for the feed to come back online.

I am. It’s not.

Mary, it’s a plant.

It’s Ryan’s plant, something she’s managed to keep alive through her mother’s death, through a prison sentence she doesn’t deserve, through a fake Bruce Wayne trying to kill her, and now she’s off saving Kate just so we can do what, show her the door?

Getting both Kate and Ryan back would be a great problem to have, mostly because it would mean they survived this hail Mary of a plan.

Then keeping this alive is literally the least I can do.

Oh, my God!

[Chains rattling]

You’re one of Safiyah’s many arms.

Our queen doesn’t like to be followed.



Luke: Hey!

Mary: Hyah!

Ok. Ok. Oh.

The elevator to the cave is out, so we got to take the stairs.


Wait, wait, wait. Ryan’s plant.

What about it?

I can’t leave it.

We can grab it later.

Hey. You want to send her a picture, ask her if she thinks we’re doing a good job?

Ryan would want us to run away from a trained assassin.

She asked me for one thing, Luke.

Ok. Ok. Fine, Mary. Just grab the damn thing.


Want to rock, paper, scissors it?


Ocean: What is this even about?

Some b.S. Frame job?

You made her believe I killed off her little gang and blew up her sister’s plane.

Why would I stir things up between you two?

Your little brain wipe worked.

I didn’t even know Alice existed until a few weeks ago.

Tell her!

Tell her, Alice. It was someone else.

I didn’t frame Safiyah.

Give me the knife.

This was never about someone setting you up.

This was about Alice caring about me more than she cared about you and your inability to live with it.

Kill him, and you can have your sister.

Ocean: Is it worth it, killing me just to kill Kate?

If you really want to punish her, leave her here to rot.

[Woman vocalizing]

I’m sorry, ocean…

But I don’t want to kill her anymore.


Now bring me to Kate…

Before anyone else on this island dies.

What are you doing?

She’s bleeding all over the damn plant.

Hey. Mary!

You lift, I grab.

Come on.


Ok. Grab it, grab it.

[Woman moans]



Julia: Oi, oi. What’s the rush?

Julia, when did you get back?

Who the bloody hell is that?


Oh. Ok.

Where’s Safiyah?

She said she would bring me a desert Rose.

She will…

Once she’s finished with Alice.

It’s finally time for Alice to be reunited with her sister.

Julia: Someone care to explain why I had to dagger one of Safiyah’s minions?

The many arms found out we tracked Alice to Coryana.

Courtesy of batwoman, who followed her there to find Kate.

Got it.

Um, that’s actually why I’m here.

Tatiana: I have to applaud you for picking your own survival over Kate’s.

Take it from an island lifer…

Self-sacrifice is overrated.


That’s not why I did it.

Alice isn’t going to kill her sister.

I’m curious how you know that.

I saw it in her face.

Revenge, hate, anger, th…

Those are the only emotions she knows, so she hides behind them.

Well, you’re right about one thing.

Alice isn’t going to kill her sister today.


Where’s Kate?

What is this?

What did you do?

Julia: I hired a team to run down some leads from the tip line.

We found… Body parts off the coast of bludhaven.

Must have got caught in the currents. Um…

What do… what do you mean body parts?

They ran the DNA.

No. No!

Alice: Where is she?

Where is my sister?

I never had your sister, Alice.

The DNA was hers. It was Kate’s.

I’m so sorry.

Kate’s dead.

Enn! No! No!

No! No!

Get her out of here.

No! Kate! No! No!

Let me go!

Ohh! You blew up her plane!

You killed her, you stupid, lying bitch!

I had nothing to do with her plane, but when someone tried to frame me for killing your sister, I saw an opportunity to get what I wanted,

to make you and ocean pay for your betrayal.

You are a monster!

And I created you, so what does that make you?

Get her off my island.

No. No! No! No!

Aah! Aah!

Are you seeing this?

This is gonna get us out of here.

You know how to fly?

Used to.

I’ll get this running.

I’ll keep looking for Kate.

Give me an hour. Just…

If we’re not back…

I’ll find you. Go.

Well done, my queen.

This should serve as a lesson to anyone who decides to betray you.



What the hell is happening? He was dead.

When the blade was molded, its molten was imbued with the desert Rose.

Its curative properties sealed ocean’s arteries upon its entrance.


Welcome back, brother.

That breath in your chest is only there because of me.

I gave you your life back.

[Breathing heavily]

Why would you do this to me?

When push comes to shove, Alice doesn’t actually have feelings for you.

I wanted you to see that.

You’re sick.

I’m not the one who just put a knife through your heart.

Alice’s loyalty will always lie with her sister just as yours should lie with me because loyalty is everything to me.

Isn’t that right, Tatiana?

It is, my queen.

Then why test it?

Why after I gave you power and freedom and health would you pick a fight with Alice on my behalf?

Safiyah, I don’t know what…

You slaughtered Alice’s gang.

You sent her a note saying I killed Kate.

You reeled her back into my life.

Why when you know how hard I worked to forget her?

But you never forgot her.

That’s the problem.

You couldn’t.

You were in love.

I was… Trying to get rid of that toxic an…


You always hated Alice and tried to drive a wedge between us.

That’s how I knew it was you.

No. No.

You wanted to see her lose, and now you have.

Congratulations, Tatiana.

I hope you were entertained!


Keep that in her.

I’ll pull it out when I decide to forgive her.

[Alice grunting]


Gabrielle Aplin: ♪ The house is burning ♪

♪ Better run for cover ♪

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ The house is burning ♪

♪ Better run for cover ♪


Aplin: ♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Wheels keep turning, and I’m… ♪

Now we both have nothing.

Aplin: ♪ Going under ♪

♪ The house is burning ♪

♪ Better run for cover ♪

What’s happening?

Aplin: ♪ Run for cover ♪

My roses!

Aplin: ♪ The house is burning ♪

Oh, my God.

Ryan: It’s too late.

You are here. Are you ok?

Did you get a desert Rose?

I was wondering why my guard left his post.

Looks like it wasn’t meant to be.

We need to find Kate and get the hell out of here.

Kate’s not here.

What do you mean Kate’s not here?

I mean… Safiyah lied.

Tatiana told me Kate was never on this island.

[Lenses click]

Kate died in the plane crash.

This can’t be real.

I don’t want to believe it either.

[Comms crackling]

The feed’s back on.

Is that the desert Rose?

Julia: Bloody hell. It’s ashes.

Mary: Oh, this isn’t happening. We needed that.

Ryan needed that to live.


Oh. Oh, my God.

The commander thinks he can hotwire the plane.

We need to go.



I’m not gonna make it.

You don’t know that.

I’ve only got a few hours.

There’s nothing there for me.

Will you sit with me?


I don’t want to die alone.

I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot.

You didn’t deserve that.

It’s because I wasn’t Kate.

[Cell phone vibrating]


Sophie, can you hear me?

How is my phone suddenly working?

Luke: The EMPs that knocked out the power must have expired,

But I couldn’t flag batwoman on the comms.

I’m with her now.

You need to get her back to Gotham.

She doesn’t want to leave.

Tell her to get her ass back here now!

I have a cure!


[Girls giggling]

Young Kate: It’s our birthstone.

Gabi Kane: Red is a very symbolic color.

Young Kate: Let’s take a picture, Beth.

Make sure our necklaces are in it.

Ready? Cheese!

[Girls laughing]

Man: Greg, move your head!


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