Avatar: The Last Airbender – S01E03 – Omashu | Transcript

News of a traitor puts the trio at odds in Omashu, where a mechanist and rebels with a charming leader muddle their plans to protect the Earth Kingdom.
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The series was released on February 22, 2024, on Netflix

News of a traitor puts the trio at odds in Omashu, where a mechanist and rebels with a charming leader muddle their plans to protect the Earth Kingdom.

* * *

[bell ringing]

[boat horn blares]

[wind blowing]

[dramatic music playing]

[indistinct whispering]

Everything is set.

We strike tonight.

Shouldn’t we wait? We don’t have the numbers.

We don’t need numbers.

We have our anger.

We have our grief.

And for the first time in a century, we have hope.

I want you to meet someone willing to risk everything for our cause.

Like all of us, she has lost too much.

[indistinct murmuring]

My mother and my brother.

In the Siege of Ba Sing Se.

She works at the palace.

She’s willing to help us at great personal risk.

If she can summon the courage, so must we all.

Fire Lord Ozai must die tonight!

[foreboding music playing]

[mysterious music playing]

[fire roaring]

[suspenseful action music playing]

[guard grunts]

[Ozai] There is no way out.

But you must have known this was a one-way journey.

Or did you expect my men to just lay down their arms after you slaughtered their Fire Lord?

We expected that all decent Fire Nation citizens would’ve welcomed being freed from your tyranny.

[Ozai] Tyranny?

Don’t you mean… unity?


Are we not the greatest nation in the world?

Have I not led us to the brink of bringing the entire world under one rule, our rule, to ensure an era of peace?

At what cost?

How many more lives?

Will it take another century of loss and suffering?

Do not speak to me of loss.

[foreboding music playing]

My compliments on making it this far.

Then again, we in the Fire Nation have always prided ourselves on our resourcefulness.

Isn’t that right, Azula?

[indistinct murmuring]

Yes, Father.

You may have stopped us tonight, Ozai, but there is one out there who cannot be stopped.

The one who will restore balance to the world.

The one who has returned to us.


[people screaming]

The one who will restore balance to the world?

Can you believe they think the Avatar has returned?

Leave us.

[footsteps retreating]

What’s this?

[Ozai] A message from one of my commanders in the Southern Seas.

No one of any importance.

What he had to report, however…

Zuko has found the Avatar?

Your brother has done the impossible.

Just as I had asked.

[foreboding music playing]

The Avatar.


[dramatic music playing]

[mysterious music plays]

The water whip.


Weight shift. Wrist snap.



[gentle flute music playing]

[sighs] I don’t get it.

Basic bending forms are mostly just physical movement, but when you get into the harder moves, like the water whip, you really need to reach inside and feel the energy flow.

The monks always told us to find a place where emotion meets spirit.

A place deeper than thought.

Tap into your feelings and gather energy from them.

Tap into your feelings.

[dramatic music playing]

[woman screams]

Wow. Uh…

That’s okay. I bet it was my fault.

I should never be a teacher.

The monks always said I never listened.


I think that’s what they said. I never listened.

All the more reason for us to get to the Northern Water Tribe, right?

That’s right. They’ve got the best waterbending masters in the world.

I might even listen to them.

Okay, it’s time to go. We shouldn’t stay in the same place for too long.


[Momo squeaks]

[dramatic music playing]

I liked her too.

Yeah, she was cool.

Of course, I have no idea what she saw in you.

Hey, what’s not to like?

[Appa groans]


What is it? Fire Nation?

[Aang] No!

I think…

I think it’s another Airbender!

[Sokka] He’s headed for that mountain.

[Aang] That’s no mountain!

That’s Omashu!

Appa! Yip yip!

[Appa grunts]

[Zuko] He could be anywhere.

He was headed north when he left Kyoshi Island.

He’ll need to stop for food and water.

He may be the Avatar, but he still needs to eat and drink.

[Zhao] The population center, then.

I can alert my contacts.

[Zuko] No!

I told you, no one else can know of his existence.


But if I may, we have a window of opportunity as long as the Avatar remains in this area.

If he gets too far north…

There are Fire Nation forces everywhere. They’re sure to find out.

Which is why I suggest you allow me to contact a few trusted sources.

They don’t need to be told any more than necessary.

[foreboding music plays]

Very good.

Commander Zhao’s ship has arrived.

Perfect timing. To the Fire Nation.


I don’t like him.

[chuckles] He does have a disagreeable quality.

[man] I spoke to some of his crew.

Word is Zhao failed his officer training program three times.

Did I ask for your opinion?

My apologies.

He was only trying to help.

He was gossiping about a superior officer.

An officer you don’t like.

That’s beside the point.

There is an order to the way we do things here. Rules.

We are Fire Nation, even out here.

Especially out here.

Omashu was carved out of a living mountain.

It’s one of the wonders of the Earth Kingdom.

Of the world, actually.

And they have an incredible delivery system that winds through the whole city.

And the people there, they’re artists, scientists, builders.

Plus, the food there is amazing.


[solemn, uplifting music playing]

[guard] You again? What did I tell you before?

[man grunts]

[people gasp]

[guard] You! Step forward!

They don’t take kindly to outsiders in Omashu.

What makes you think we’re outsiders?

No reason. [chuckles]


We’re new here, but we have a friend we need to see.

We just could use a little help getting inside.


It’s either that or the turnip sack.

I’m sure you can make that look good too.


[guard] You and you! Step back!

Omashu’s one of the last Earth Kingdom strongholds.

Try as they might,

Firebenders haven’t been able to take it yet.

That’s why they’re so careful here.

So how do you know we’re not a threat?

Just a feeling.

Oh wow.

[bird chortles]

[guard] Hold there.

[tense music playing]

State your business.

Headed to market, as usual.

Oh, wasn’t a great crop this month.

She told me I wasn’t watering the turnips enough.

Knew there was a reason I married her.


Irrigation, am I right?

[Sokka grunts softly]

Uh, my… my brother-in-law would agree if he could speak.

Struck mute at birth.

You’d be amazed at how much he can say without words.

Just the other day, he made us laugh so hard…

All right, that’s enough. Move along.

[bird chittering]


[dramatic music playing]

Thank you. Bye.


[indistinct chatter]

[bells jangling]

[bird whinnies]

Good luck finding your friend.

And be careful.

Omashu can be a dangerous place.

[bird caws]

There he is. Look.


Aang, wait up!

[adventurous music playing]


[man] Look out!

[woman gasps]

[Aang grunts]

[man grunts]

Hey, watch out for my…

[Sokka] Oh!

[Katara grunts]

You’re not an Airbender.

An Airbender? Of course I’m not.

[man] Help!


Aang, we can’t see!

[suspenseful music playing]

He’s an Airbender.

And you’re a Waterbender.


Teo! Teo!

Are you all right? Are you hurt?

Dad, I’m…

[coughs] I’m fine.

We should get him out of the smoke.

Here. Our house is right here.

Thank you.

Thank you…


My name is Sai.

What were you doing out there?

I just landed. How was I to know there’d be another bombing?

Bombing? You mean that wasn’t an accident?

[Teo] Nothing the Fire Nation does is an accident.

The Fire Nation?

Yeah. Their spies are everywhere in the city.

[sighs] It’s not safe anywhere these days.

Omashu can be a dangerous place.

[Sai] More water. More water.

You’re an Airbender. Do you realize what this means?

We finally have a way to take the fight to the enemy.

You could drop bombs on them. Rain down destruction.

Air power is their weakness, and you… you are air power.


Pretty great, huh? Dad’s the mechanist to the King of Omashu.


Ah, just a fancy word for someone who wastes a lot of time tinkering.

[Teo] Don’t listen to him.

He’s responsible for maintaining the best parts of the city.

Like our delivery system. You’ve seen it, right?

It’s amazing.

I play but a small role.

Hey, if everyone in Omashu were as dedicated as you, this war would be over.

The Fire Nation would be on their knees by now.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Well, we have our own part to play in the war. Right, Aang?


Yes, uh, which is why we have to go.

[Teo] Oh, right. Of course.

Just promise me you’ll really stick it to the Firebenders.

Make ’em pay.


This stuff is incredible.

I mean, look at this.

Those are for cleaning under your toenails.

It can get bloody.

Did you see the mechanism on that sorting machine?

It’s spring-powered. Ingenious. Should’ve done that with our kayak racks.

[man] It stopped the bleeding, I think.

[woman] Ah! No!

[man] You’re all right.


[indistinct chatter]




[Aang] This place used to be incredible. A place I couldn’t wait to see.

A place where amazing things were created, not destroyed.

It’s my responsibility to help these people.

How are you gonna do that?

Being the Avatar isn’t just about fighting.

It’s about helping people, like Teo and his father and everyone in this city.

What about getting to the North?

Didn’t Kyoshi tell you you had to get there to prevent a tragedy?

Yes, and I’m gonna do that, but I have to do this too.

If I’m gonna save the world, I have to do it one person at a time.

That’s why I’m staying in Omashu because I wanna help, and I think I can.

Because I’m the Avatar.

Now tell me about these bombings.

“He’s done the impossible.”

He’s done nothing. He spent three years on an ocean cruise while I’ve been here doing everything Father has asked.

Who’s the one risking her life to root out traitors?

Oh, that’s right!

Tell us about your mission. Were you nervous?

Was your life really in danger?

Not really. People in the resistance aren’t the brightest of flames.

Then again, what can you expect from peasants?

At least you got out into the city.

Zuko may be banished, but he’s out there exploring the world.

If I were him, I wouldn’t wanna come back.

Yeah, well, all dear old Zuzu wants is to make it back here and take away everything I’ve worked for.

Technically, he is first in line to be Fire Lord.

Not that he deserves to be.

He doesn’t, but now he has hope.

And that’s dangerous.

[soldier] Retreat!

So what can you do about it?

You’re here.

He’s out there.

There are always ways to get in the game if you know which pieces to play.

[Teo] The Avatar has returned.

My mother told me stories of the Avatar and how he’d return one day.

Dad, do you remember her stories?

What I remember is that your mother was taken from us by this cursed war and everything we’ve had to do to stay alive since then.

We worked hard, and we kept our heads down.

That’s not how we’ll change the world.

But it is how we’ll survive.

You pretend like you don’t care, but I know you hate the Fire Nation as much as I do.

Why else would you build all this if not to help our army?

Like this.

That’s just an experiment. I can’t even get the damn thing to work.

Look, I’m not here to cause any trouble.

All I want is to help.

I know how. I have a hunch about where the bombers might be gathering.

It’s high up on the mountain.

Can’t really reach there by myself, but with your airbending…

Just there. The strongest updrafts are in the morning, so we should fly then.

What, tomorrow?

No, Teo, you’re supposed to help me with the airship.

I still need to fix the attitude control before I show it to the generals.

I can help with that.

My sources say an Airbender was spotted there.


Enemy territory.

Indeed, but not to worry.

There are ways to gain entry if you know the right people, which I do.

I’ll send two of my best men to confirm the report.

They can be in and out before…


Uncle Iroh and I will go. No one else.

As you wish.

I trust you understand the danger.

If anything happens in Omashu, we won’t be able to help you.

The prince and I will be fine.

We know what it means to be on our own.

[mysterious music playing]



[door closes]

[suspenseful music playing]


What are you do…


Fire Nation spies.

But that means the mechanist is a…

[man] Traitor.

Come on.

[suspenseful music continues]

The mechanist has been working for the Fire Nation, building devices, selling secrets.

Sokka and Aang. They’re in danger.

I’ve gotta warn them.

They’ll be fine.

The mechanist may be a turncoat, but he’s a coward.

He’d never take any direct action.

This one, on the other hand…

[Katara] Wait.

Who are you?

They call me Jet.

[adventurous music playing]

[Teo] Yeah!

[Teo laughs]

[boy] They’re flying!

[woman] Look at that!

[Teo chuckles]

[Teo] There’s the cave.

Your pursuit was so clumsy, I wasn’t sure you’d ever catch up.

Big talk for someone who’s outnumbered.

[man] Good thing I brought friends then.

[men yell]

[man grunts]

[Jet grunting]

[action music playing]


[Jet grunts]




Oh yeah. I brought friends too.

[heavy footsteps approach]

[suspenseful music playing]



[action music playing]


[boy] Hey, buddy.




[Jet] Awesome shooting there, Longshot.

That was a mean swing, Pipsqueak.

Nice moves. I had a feeling you knew how to handle yourself.


Cool attack on that flamehead.

Thanks, Pipsqueak.

He’s The Duke. I’m Pipsqueak.


It’s great to have a Waterbender on our side.

Who are you people?

We’re the good guys.


Where’s he taking him?

Don’t worry. Pipsqueak knows how to take out the garbage.

You coming?

[mysterious music playing]

And if you add plates here and a vent here, all you need to do is install a bleed valve to regulate pressure.

And you’re saying you implemented this with water-based transportation?

Well, no, it’s just an idea I had to make our ice-dodging ships more maneuverable.

[Sai] Oh.

Very clever. Your father must be proud of you.

Yeah, um, Dad doesn’t really pay attention to stuff like this.

He’s got more important things to worry about. He’s a warrior.

The world is filled with warriors.

But there are far too few great engineers.

Engineer? [scoffs]

No, this is just a hobby.

My, uh… my role is to protect the village and be a warrior, just like Dad.

Protecting the ones we love is important, but I also know we must pursue the talents that we’ve been given.

Sokka, you’re a gifted engineer. Don’t ignore that.

It’s not always easy to find your path in life, but when you find it, you must embrace it.

People who saw the bombings also saw a burst of green flame.

Tincar salt burns green.

It’s a mineral tanners use to cure animal skins.

They came up here to dig it out of the mountain.

Just stuff I picked up from my dad.

He must be really proud of you.

I guess so.

I think he sometimes wishes I was more like him.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s incredible.

After the Fire Nation attacked our village, he kept us alive.

He built our life here.

He’s always said that it’s just me and him, and he’d do anything to protect us.

And you want him to do more.

I want him to see that we have to do everything we can to save the world because if not us, then who?




[indistinct chatter]

[man] I’m almost there!

Come on.

[girl] Whoo!

[woman grunting]

You live here?

We’ve had a few bases, but this one’s served us well.

[boy] Yeah! Come on!

Firebenders haven’t been able to track us here.

I still don’t understand what Firebenders are doing in the Earth Kingdom city.

Well, Omashu isn’t what it used to be.

In the old days, the city stood strong, but as the war dragged on, the king lost his nerve, grew tired, senile.

Let corruption spring up all around him. Fire Nation seeped in through the cracks.

That’s where we come in.

So you just took it on yourselves to fight the Firebenders?

Well, if not us, then who?

Everyone here has lost someone to the Fire Nation.

Families. Loved ones.

We’re orphans, refugees.

At least, that’s what we were.

What are we now, Smellerbee?

Freedom fighters!

[fighters] Yeah!

Someone was here recently.

Here, look.

If you mix tincar with salt water and then boil it down, you get this.

Blasting jelly.

A few jars could blow half the neighborhood sky-high.

What is it? What did you find?

The Firebenders weren’t behind the explosion.

[Jet] My mother was the fighter in our family.

She taught me the blade, which, back then, was just a stick.

When the Fire Nation came to our village, she held them off while my dad hid me in a well.

I wanted to fight, but… he wouldn’t let me.

I was eight.

[somber music playing]

[voice breaking] And when I came back up… they were all gone.

[Katara] I know what it’s like to lose family too.

It was quiet… the night my mom died.

Until the soldiers came.

[villagers screaming]



I try not to think about it. But recently, it’s been coming back to me.

I think it’s been affecting my bending.

I don’t know anything about bending, but I do know that you have to use everything inside you to help you fight.

Tell me, what do you remember when you think of your mother?

I don’t mean how she died. I mean when she was alive.

I remember her getting up every morning before everyone else.

I remember seeing her outside the hut, getting to work, preparing breakfast.

And every day, she would stop when the sun rose.

She would watch it and smile.

Every day.

Remember that.

Remember the sunrise.

[exhales slowly]

[uplifting music playing]

[breathing heavily]

We don’t have to be afraid of our pain.

We just need to decide what we’re gonna do with it.

[indistinct chatter]

[Zuko] What are you doing?

Trying some Omashu barbecue.

It’s not often you get the opportunity.

This is the great Omashu, the best the Earth Kingdom has to offer?

I gather its charms are lost on you.


You mean the dirt, the noise, the…

the stench?

[man] Thank you.

What happened there?


I’m told that Fire Nation agents in the city have taken to sowing terror to weaken the Earthbenders’ resistance.

That’s not right. Warriors don’t hide their faces in a fight.

Father would never approve of this underhanded tactic.

Given how long this war has lasted, who knows where true north lies in the Fire Nation?

[ominous music playing]

[Azula] It has come to my attention you are involved in a matter vital to the safety of our empire.

I’d be in your debt if you kept me informed on the progress of your mission, particularly as it relates to Prince Zuko.

In return, I will keep in mind your loyalty and cooperation when the time comes for such debts to be paid, a time that may arrive sooner than expected.

To the Flame Eternal. Princess Azula.

[man] Good news?

The best.

It may have taken a while, Lt. Dang, but we are finally in the big game.

You know the officer on Prince Zuko’s crew, the one who slipped you the information about the Avatar?

Lieutenant Jee.

I’d like to speak to him.



Aang, check this out.


Where’s Katara?

Uh, I haven’t seen her all day. I was helping Sai with his airship model.

He just left to show it to the generals at the palace. Why? What is it?

Teo and I found where the bombers have been getting their explosives.

They’re making blasting jelly in a cave up on the mountain.

Blasting jelly?

That’s not all. We also found these. The robes from the turnip cart.

So it wasn’t the Firebenders behind the explosion? It was…

You’re not gonna believe this. I know who’s behind the bombings.


No, Jet’s not the bad guy. Sai is.

Are you kidding me?

Sai has done nothing but help us. Jet’s a con artist who lied to our faces.

He didn’t lie.

He didn’t tell the truth.

Because he couldn’t!

He’s fighting the Firebenders, and he has to protect himself.

You don’t know what he’s already lost.

Besides, I saw Sai talking to the Firebender. He’s the traitor.

You don’t know what you saw!

For all we know, Sai could be working with the king’s men to root out spies.

He’s headed to the palace right now. He could be reporting everything.

You’re wrong!

This is just like you, Katara!

Willing to believe anything as long as it helps you!

This is just like you! Never believing anything I say!

I’m sick of you treating me like I’m a little girl!

Then grow up!

Where are you going?

To prove you’re a jerk!

Oh yeah? Well, I don’t need proof for that!

[door slams]

[indistinct chatter]


Would you like to try one of my…

Not right now.

[mysterious music playing]


Listen, we need to talk.


Later. We just launched a big mission. Things might get hot for us around here.

Mission? What mission?

[Jet] You were there when we confirmed the mechanist was a traitor.

We took care of his partners. Now, I need to take care of him.

Jet, what are you gonna do?

I told you.

We know how to take out the garbage.


[Pipsqueak] I’m so sorry.

Oh, it’s fine. It’s fine.

[Pipsqueak] I’m so clumsy. Are you hurt?


No harm done. No harm done.



[suspenseful music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[Katara] You’re going to blow him up?

Not just him. He’s got an audience with the king.

This is our chance to burn out this city’s diseased heart.

Sokka was right. You are the bad guy.

[Jet] Katara.

The warehouse we destroyed, that was a meeting spot for spies.

And by flushing them out, we got those three yesterday.

The mechanist will help us root out even more evil.

Innocent people are gonna die, Jet!

[dramatic music playing]

That’s the price of freedom.


It’s too late!

There’s nothing you can do to stop it!

You were right.

Shut up and gloat later. Right now, we need to stop Sai.

Jet planted a bomb on him.

[suspenseful music playing]

What’s the fastest way to the palace?

It’s at the highest point in the city, so we need to…

[sinister music playing]

This guy? Again?

Go. Get to the palace and stop Sai.

This is my fight.

Keep your firebending in check, or you’ll have the Earth Kingdom Army to deal with.

I don’t need fire to defeat this boy.

[action music playing]




[Aang] Ah.

[suspenseful music playing]


[both grunting]

[Sokka] Watch out! Excuse me!

[indistinct chatter]

[suspenseful music continues]

I have an idea. Come on.

[woman screams]

[Zuko grunts]

[both grunting]


[woman] Huh!

How dare you hit that child?

[uptempo music playing]

[both grunting]

[both grunting]

[indistinct chatter]

[suspenseful music playing]


Sai said all routes lead to the palace.

We have to take this one to the end of the line.

The end of the line may be coming soon.

Ready? One, two, three! Ah!

[Zuko] Stand and fight!

For what? Why is this so important to you?

You’re an enemy of the Fire Nation.

And that’s it? That’s why you’ve been hunting me for three years?

How do you know it’s been three years?


You have my notebook!


[man] A Firebender!

[man 2] A Firebender!

My… my… my cabbages!

[suspenseful music continues]

Oh no!

[uplifting music playing]

[people gasp]

[guard] Protect the king!


[people screaming]

[people clamoring]

We must leave!


[suspenseful music playing]

[man] It’s a Firebender!

[man 2] Find the Firebender, and close the gate!

Go! Save yourself!


[Zuko grunts]

[Iroh] For the Fire Nation!

[people screaming]


[people clamoring]



[guards grunt]


[upbeat drum and flute music playing]


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