Andor – S01E11 – Daughter of Ferrix | Transcript

A fugitive once more, Cassian must make his next move before it is too late.
Andor (TV series)

Original release date: November 16, 2022

Maarva dies, prompting a funeral ceremony on Ferrix, which Meero encourages in the hopes that Andor will attend. Vel informs Kleya about Maarva’s death and learns of Mon’s reluctant plan to marry off her daughter to secure funding through Sculdun. Mon’s daughter Leida begins taking part in group gatherings related to Chandrilan culture and traditions, much to the distress of Mon and Vel. Karn also learns about the funeral from Mosk, and journeys to Ferrix. Saw Gerrera decides at the last moment to assist Kreegyr’s attack on Spellhaus but Luthen advises him against it, revealing that the ISB know about the impending assault. While returning to Coruscant, Luthen escapes from an Imperial patrol, destroying several TIE fighters. With help from the Keredians fishers Dewi and Freedi Pamular, Cassian and fellow prisoner Ruescott Melshi are able to escape from Narkina 5 and travel to Niamos to recover Cassian’s belongings. After Cassian discovers Maarva has passed, Cassian and Melshi part ways, intending to publicly expose the Empire’s unjust prison system.

* * *


MAARVA: I’m not going.

What are you talking about?

You can’t stay, and I can’t go.

I’ll be worried about you all the time.

That’s just love.


Six years.

Six years?

MAN: Welcome to Narkina Five.

(WHISPERS) No one’s getting out, are they?

Not now.

MON: I need a loan.

Davo Sculdun.

MON: He’s not a banker. He’s a thug.

What will it cost?

I have a 14-year-old son. I’d like to bring him with me.

You can’t be serious.

Have you heard from Cinta?

She’s doing what she was told.

Receiving messages is just as dangerous as sending them.

You should keep that in mind.


We need to get out of here.

(YELLS) Sir, we need to get out of here!

You didn’t question the mother?

DEDRA: If nothing else, she’s our bait.

She’s the reason Andor came back.


Your breathing sounds weak.

The doctor was here yesterday. (WHEEZES)

When was the last time you spoke with Cassian Andor?


I’d rather die trying to take them down than die giving them what they want.




(CHANTING) One way out! One way out!

Whatever happens now, we made it!

Anto Kreegyr. I want you to meet him.

He’s been probing the Imperial power station at Spellhaus.

He’ll need air support.

I work alone.

That’s what I’m trying to change.

LUTHEN: Why are we here tonight, Lonni?

HEERT: Dedra Meero, she just captured a rebel pilot running supplies for Anto Kreegyr.

We know that there’s a raid planned on the power station at Spellhaus.

If Kreegyr attacks, they’ll be waiting.

LUTHEN: And if he doesn’t, they’ll know something’s amiss.

They’ll be slaughtered.




I can’t feel my hands.


They’re leaving.

Stop sayin’ that.

They’re leaving.

MELSHI: I can’t climb back up.

You hear me?

CASSIAN: I hear you.

MELSHI: My hands won’t work.

I said, “I hear you.”


Tell me they’re leaving.

They’re leaving. They’re leaving.

WOMAN 1: She looks so peaceful.

WOMAN 2: Yeah. Let’s try and get some air in here.

WOMAN 1: Oh, we’re gonna have to get rid of that bedding.

We’ll save it for Cassian.

WOMAN 2: Okay.

WOMAN 1: She would have wanted it that way.

It’s heartbreaking.

What about the droid?



WOMAN 2: Maybe we can just put that to the side there.

WOMAN 1: Let me.

WOMAN 2: Okay.

We’re gonna take her out in a minute, if you want to say goodbye.

I’ll have them clear the room if you want to be alone.

B2EMO: I d-d-don’t want to be alone.

I want M-M-Maarva.

WOMAN 1: Um, they’re gonna want to clear that.

Jezzi’s gonna be here ’till I get back.

B2EMO: I can g-g-go with you.


Yeah? Right here.

Bee’s gonna help you get organized.

JEZZI: There’s a lot to be done.

B2EMO: You said I could g-g-go with you.

The Daughters of Ferrix require your assistance in matters of grave importance.

JEZZI: We need to pull together, Bee.

All of us.





WOMAN: There she goes.

That’s sad. Taking her away. Ugh.

CORV: Looks like someone died.

It happens.

Someone you know?

CINTA: Just started last week.




It looks like it’s just these two.

They didn’t walk here.

Better if we go around…






What is it?

CASSIAN: It’s a quadjumper.

Can you fly it?

I don’t know. It’s an old one.



Is that good?

Do we have a choice?

Wait. Be careful.

They can’t see us.

If they did, they’d never get back in time.

What if someone’s in there?

We’re getting out.

I know, I feel it.








This was last night?

They just moved the body.

Tell me we are watching this carefully.

Full surveillance.

What happens now?

TIGO: As a prominent citizen of Ferrix, she rates a big send-off.

They’ll want to close Rix Road.

They’ll ask for a permit.

They know we won’t allow it, but they like to keep asking.

They’re building a list of grievances.

We want a funeral.

Excuse me?

You’re going to give them a permit.

Keep it small, limit the time, limit the numbers.

We want to put them in a box, stand back and watch.

As you wish.

How much time do we have?

CORV: Two days. That’s the Ferrix custom.

What’s that?

The dead are bricked.

They mix your ashes with mortar and local stone dust, put your name on and fire it up.

You become a block of Ferrix brick.

And then what?

They find you a wall.




Prison, haye? Escapers.


A thousand each the offer be.

One for each of us, Freedi.


Better fishing on land these times, haye?


Killed our water then, haye?

(GRUNTS) What?

Not much squiggly now. Not much left.

We meant you no harm.

We killed nothing. Nothing.

Prison done it. Spoilt our water.

All our water. Haye, Freedi?


No biggy dinner tonight like past times, Freedi?


Haye. Water spoil here and far.

All your scobbin prison.

That’s the Empire.

We were trapped. We were trapped there.

It’s their prison.

Ah, always the Empire, haye?



What? What is he saying?

What, what is he saying?

He’s saying, alive or dead, the offer goes.


Wait slow down, hey, hang on!

No, no, no. Let’s talk. Let’s talk.

MELSHI: Hang on.

Kill anyone they would.

Kill the water. Kill the squigglies.


Care not a snod who they kill, haye?


Scob the Empire.

They not be killing ye.

Naye today.


Wise to be jumping quickly, though.


Where ye be looking to run now, eh?





Niamos. Haye. Niamos.









KLEYA: Can I help you?

My cousin. I understand she shops here.

Senator Mothma?

Are we alone?


You’d like to get something for her?

We have some new pieces in.

Where is he?

She’s been collecting jewelry.

I don’t have time for this.

We have rules for a reason.

You don’t seem to understand that.


VEL: I sent up a flag this morning.

We would have seen it tomorrow.

VEL: We?

The Fondor’s gone.

Checked the back on the way in.

Everything you’re doing right now is wrong.

Tomorrow is too late. Where is he?

You’re off the rails. You’re lucky he’s not here.


I gave him Aldhani.

What have you done lately?

I don’t have lately.

I have always.

I have a constant blur of plates spinning and knives on the floor, and needy, panicked faces at the window, of which you are but one of many.


What information?

I’ll make sure he knows where it came from.

(INHALES) Cassian Andor.

The mother died.

I’m leaving in the morning.

Cinta says it’s very busy there.


I’ll let him know.

Do that.



B2EMO: I am glad you’re back.



Big man’s on site. I want full coverage.

Spotters front and back.

I want to know immediately about any comings and goings, visitors, deliveries, anything.





Bee, time to go.

B2EMO: G-G-Go where?

Back to my place. I have work in the morning.

B2EMO: I’m charging.

You’ve been there all day.

I’ll take the afternoon off. We’ll come back tomorrow.

She’s not here, Bee. She’s in the stone now.

She’s on her way.

B2EMO: (WHIRS) I can w-w-wait to make sure.

I can’t leave you here alone. She wouldn’t want that.

B2EMO: You could stay.


One night.



GORST: (ECHOING) They make a sound as they die.

A sort of choral, agonized pleading.

If you’re having difficulty speaking, just shake your head.

Doesn’t take long.


GORST: It won’t feel that way to you.


KEYSAX: Bix, care to join me?




I’m going to ask you a question. I expect an honest answer.

If I’m not sure it’s the truth, I’ll have to call back Dr. Gorst.


Anto Kreegyr.

That name, this face, have a good look.

(CLICKS TONGUE) Is this the man you introduced to Cassian Andor?


CORV: Bix.



CHILDREN: “Yielding in acceptance. Safe in the braid of the old ways.


“True and steady and braided in trust.”

“The old ways hold us. Safe in the knot, in the binding.

“The old ways teach us.

“Bound against the wind, tied to shore.

“Tethered in permanence…”

Seriously? Is that really happening?

We did it.

You did it.

I thought this was over.

It’s back. You’re not following the trends.

It’s weird. It’s stronger here than it is at home.

But you, you can do what you want.

It’s not me.

ELDER: Leida. -“True and steady…”

Perrin? -“…and braided in trust.”

No, no, he’s strangely open-minded on this topic.

It’s her, it’s Leida.

LEIDA: “…in the knot, in the binding.”

Oh, no.

She loves it.

And her friends. It’s the only thing she shows up on time for, it’s mad.

“Yielding in acceptance. Safe in the braid of the…”

I can’t believe this.

She found the elder.

CHILDREN: “…braided in trust. The old ways hold us.

“Safe in the knot, in the binding.”

Don’t tell me you’re taking proposals.

CHILDREN: “Bound against the wind…


I’m in so much trouble, Vel.

CHILDREN: “…Tethered in permanence. Yielding in acceptance.”

MON: Last year, I was pulling 100,000 credits every month from the family trust without a trace.

VEL: For Luthen? I had no idea it was that much.

It was so easy. I did it myself.

Set up a stream of accounts. It was like water running downhill.

I’d empty the bottom, and it would just flow. No one the wiser.


MON: A few months ago, I was contacted by one of the bankers back home, I was warned that Imperial inspectors might be taking a close look at Chandrilan accounts.

He said they were contacting clients to make sure everything was in order.

I did what I could.

I pulled everything I could access up the hill into the main account.

There was one empty ledger at the end of the line that was off-balance.

But it was so obscure and I just didn’t know what else to do.

I was nervous.

I went to Luthen. I told him that I needed help from the outside, that I knew the risk…

Tay Kolma.


VEL: Hmm.

And you trust him?


Yes, I do.

(WHISPERS) But then, Aldhani.

Now, suddenly everything was frozen.

(SHUDDERS) I thought Tay could help me replace the credits and get me started again, but what he really did was discover just how much more trouble I was in.


Here I am.


How much is missing?

Four hundred thousand.


And they’re looking into this when?

MON: Soon. Very soon.


Does Luthen know?

Some? No. Not really.


He warned me.

Who knows what he knows.

This can’t be exposed.

I know that.


I found a solution.


LEIDA: Auntie Vel.

There you are.

What are you doing here?

Well, come back to see you.

Hello. How have you been?

Good. I’m well. How are you?

You are as nearly as tall as me.


VEL: What were you doing in there?

LEIDA: Practicing the chant.

VEL: Huh. How’s that going?


Call for you.



Sir? Is that you, sir?


Yes. Hello, Sergeant.

SERGEANT MOSK: Apologies, sir. And to the family.

What? Good to see you.

SERGEANT MOSK: Yes. Yes, I think so. I’m on the night shift here.

There’s a line at the break to use this thing.

Brevity’s encouraged, so forgive me if I’m a bit hasty.

I can barely hear you.

SERGEANT MOSK: Yes, Morlana One. Still here.

Just speak clearly.

Indeed. Been a bit rugged for me lately, but, you know, we’re marching onward.


It’s a smelter.

There we go. Refueling.

Should give us a moment. (PANTING)

Andor. I’m calling about Andor. You wanted news if I had it.

Yes. Please, go on.

SERGEANT MOSK: Still a few Pre-Mor holdouts working in the office helping with the Imperial transition.

My old partner still working the HQ night desk.

He found me this afternoon and he told me that…


Has he been caught?

The mother.

SYRIL: You were talking about Andor.

Yeah, she’s passed away.

Andor’s mother?

SERGEANT MOSK: There’s lots of back and forth with Coruscant about it.

So, are you saying that he’s there?

SERGEANT MOSK: No, no, I’m in Morlana.

Where is Andor?

Yes. Yes, that’s it. That he might show up at the funeral.


SERGEANT MOSK: (DISTORTED) If he’s not getting there, sir, has to…

Factored… I wouldn’t put it past him. Not what we’ve been through.

We need to speak further.


I knew you’d want to…



The mystery of your former triumphs have been vanquished.

(SCOFFS) I can sleep peacefully now.







NEMIK: (OVER SPEAKER) Tyranny requi…




What’s all this?


Good to know.

Put it down or give it back.


I’m in. I’ll do it.

Do what?

SAW: Spellhaus power station.

Tell Kreegyr I’m in.

Tell him I’ll bring air power, but we take tactical orders from no one.

You’ve taken a long time coming back to me, Saw.

We get to loot the eastern garrison.

Whatever we can carry off. And I want all the gear that you promised.

You’re too late. He’s going tomorrow.

We’ll be ready. We have charts.

All he has to do is tell us when he wants it, and agree to my terms. Make it happen.

I think not.


You were so eager for it.

ISB knows Kreegyr’s plan. They’ll be waiting for him.

And how do we know this?

I won’t tell you that.

And Kreegyr, he doesn’t know.

How do you know I won’t tell him?

I don’t.

I don’t know what you’ll do.


It’s far from ideal for either of us.

You’re willing to burn him.

You’re the random factor.

It’s 30 men.

Plus Kreegyr.

SAW: So, you know he’s doomed.

Which means either you’re ISB or you have someone inside that you are protecting.

Or I’m just a very good listener.

You think it’s worth losing Kreegyr?

I did. I’m not sure right now.

What if it was me instead of Kreegyr? What would you do?

Kreegyr doesn’t know me. I’m not vulnerable if he’s captured.

Surely you’ve met him.

LUTHEN: I’ve met him.

I’ve been in a room with him, but he doesn’t know that.

We send people. We drop supplies. We have special radios. He can’t hurt me.

Like I can.

It’s your decision, Saw.

It’s your decision.

But know the choice.

Do we let Kreegyr go down and play the long game, or do we warn him and throw away a source that’s taken years to cultivate?

You have people everywhere, don’t you?

You’re avoiding the question.

SAW: All of your sources…

Try to concentrate.

There’s someone with Kreegyr?

Someone at ISB? Maybe there’s someone here with me.

You’re wasting time.

Why wouldn’t you?

You’re avoiding the choice.

Who is it? Who is it?

It’s Tubes.


He’s my man. He tells me everything.

Tell him. He deserves to know.

What is this?

What kind of game is this?



There’s no way out alive. Of that you must be sure.

I’m doing this so you’ll listen. So, listen.

Kreegyr goes down, the ISB will feel invincible.

They’ll feel untouchable. We’ll have a clear field to play.

The alternative… Kreegyr pulls out, we wave him off.

They’ll know they’ll have to wonder.

They’ll trust nothing. Just like you’re doing right now.


If I were ISB, Saw, why wouldn’t I just send you out there with him?

I didn’t want you to have to make this choice.

Thirty men.

Plus Kreegyr.

For the greater good.

Call it what you will.

Let’s call it war.



AUTOMATED VOICE: Safe unlocked.

Safe locked.




KLEYA: Where are you?

He wanted to reopen the offer.

KLEYA: And did you close the sale?

I did. It was more expensive than I hoped, but I wasn’t in a position to bargain.

So, you’re coming home?

LUTHEN: Depends.

I’m most curious about the other piece.

You should come home.

Is it no longer available?

No, it’s very much on the table.

The negotiations are ongoing and our representatives are involved, there’s other buyers involved, your presence would complicate the bidding at this point.

We need that piece. We lose that and we’ll have to close shop.

There’s nothing more you can do.

That’s never true.

It’s a crowded market.

You need to think of the consequences of losing that piece to another collector.

I’m preparing for every outcome.

LUTHEN: There’s only…


Luthen? Luthen?



ELK: (OVER SPEAKER) This is Segra-Milo Imperial patrol.

Please identify yourself, Haulcraft.

LUTHEN: I need an active transponder ID. Preference, Alderaan.


Sorry, can you repeat back, please?

This is an Imperial patrol. Standby for transponder scan.


Yes, this is Alderaan 12912505.

Standby, Haulcraft. Run it.


What’s out there?

FONDOR DROID: Arrestor cruiser. Cantwell-class. Three klicks and closing.

LUTHEN: (OVER SPEAKER) Is there something wrong, patrol?

There’s been partisan activity in the area.

This is a piracy zone.

Oh, thank you for the warning. (SIGHS) I’ll be careful.

You’ll be standing by is what you’ll be doing.

Power the tractor beam.


How long on the ID?

MAN 1: In the queue, sir.


Decoy burn. Port thruster four. Rev it.

FONDOR DROID: Portside thruster four.



ELK: Alderaan Haulcraft, please disengage any propulsion units and prepare for tractor beacon.

LUTHEN: Affirmative, patrol.

I have an engine overheating here, so it may take a moment.


FONDOR DROID: Countermeasures charging.

Check his thermal.

Aberrant heat signature. Port-side thruster.

Get a boarding team ready.

Prepped and ready, sir.

Tractor beam has been engaged, Haulcraft. Please, power down your stabilizers.


Calibrate tractor force.

FONDOR DROID: Calibrating.

Confirm request, Haulcraft.

FONDOR DROID: Tractor force two.

Sorry, patrol. I’m a one man show here. I have to manual these stabilizers.


ID confirmed, sir. Alderaan Trade Alliance.

Cancel the boarding?

ELK: No.

We can use the practice.

Prepare for boarding and inspection, Haulcraft.

Engage reverse stabilizers on my throttle.

FONDOR DROID: Acknowledged.


What’s he doing?

Tractor force up five.

MAN 2: Does he think he can get away?

MAN 1: Increasing five.

MAN 2: Some pirate Haulcraft? Where does he think he’s gonna go?

ELK: Final warning, Haulcraft.

Power down immediately or risk full consequences.



FONDOR DROID: Countermeasures armed.

What is that?



MAN 2: From a Haulcraft?

Tractor beacon is failing us.

I can see that. (YELLS) Where’s my air wing?

FONDOR DROID: Tractor beacon is down.








DROID: Hyperspace calibration complete.





Xanwan Freight.


(SCOFFS) Excuse me? Who is this?

CASSIAN: Are you alone?

I’m not getting picture.

CASSIAN: I need to get a message to Maarva Andor.


CASSIAN: Don’t. No names.

Where are you?

CASSIAN: Tell Maarva I’m okay. Tell her I’m thinking about her.

She’d be proud of me.

And I’ll get back as soon as I can. Can you remember that?

Cass, hang on.

CASSIAN: No names!

I’m counting on you, Xan. Just let her know what I said.




Cass, I’m sorry.

Your mother’s dead.




You got through? It’s okay?

Yeah. Everything okay.

All this space.

Fresh air. Like a dream, right?

How many do you think made it? How many of us made it out alive?

Not enough.

What if it’s just us?

What if we’re the only ones?

Somebody’s got to tell people what’s happening back there.

We need to split up. Double our chances.

One of us has to make it. People have to know what’s going on.

I know.

Take this.

People have to know about this.


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