Andor – S01E09 – Nobody’s Listening! | Transcript

Under intense scrutiny while imprisoned, Cassian makes allies plan an impossible escape.
Andor (TV series)

Original release date: November 2, 2022

Meero and an Imperial scientist named Dr. Gorst torture Bix for information and realize that Cassian may have been involved in the Aldhani attack. Meero fails to learn anything from Bix about Luthen. The ISB capture a Rebel pilot from Kreegyr’s group, who reveals a power station on Spellhaus is set to be raided. Mon reunites with Vel, revealed as her cousin, and encourages her to keep a low profile while maintaining the facade of a rich and politically uninvolved young woman. Mon and Kolma continue working to covertly gather funds for rebel activities. Meanwhile, an older member of Cassian’s prison work crew named Ulaf is euthanized by a prison medic named Dr. Rhasiv when he suffers a stroke and can no longer work effectively. Dr. Rhasiv confirms to Cassian and floor manager Kino Loy a disturbing rumor: a prisoner set to be released was instead sent to a work crew on a different level, forcing the prison to kill all the prisoners in that workroom to cover up the mistake. Cassian and Kino realize that the prison may never let them go, convincing Kino to join Cassian’s scheme to escape.

* * *


Six years.

No, no, wait!

BAILIFF: Take him.

Change of guidelines.

CASSIAN: I didn’t do anything! Hey!

Take it up with the Emperor.

I’m just a tourist!

WARDEN: Welcome to Narkina Five.

This is an Imperial factory facility.

You’ve all been assessed as labor-worthy.


KLEYA: It’s the shop owner on Ferrix.

She’s looking for Cassian Andor. His mother is ill.

LUTHEN: She may have a lead.

KLEYA: Likely, the ISB working her radio.

You’re guessing!

And you’re slipping.

My name is Kino Loy.

I’m the Five-Two-D unit manager.

The forty-nine men in this room answer to me.

XAUL: You see the white lights? That’s the floor.

White is cold, red is hot.

JEMBOC: They doubled everyone’s number last month.


TAGA: He’s never heard of it.

JEMBOC: The resentencings.

I don’t know anything about it.

MELSHI: Don’t look at the number.

You’re here ’til they don’t want you.

KINO: Melshi!

Get straight with that? Your worries…

That’s enough.

You have engaged the curiosity of the ISB.

I’m just trying to clear my name.

One would think you’d want to leave Ferrix far behind.

One would be wrong.

TIGO: Caleen!

Bix Caleen.


TIGO: Get her!



MAN 1: No, no, no, no!

MAN 2: He railed it!

MAN 3: Who?

MAN 1: Veemoss!

MAN 2: You’re the ones gonna be shorthanded all day tomorrow.

MAN 4: Think about that when you’re gettin’ fried.

DEDRA: Hello, Bix.




I don’t like wasting time.

But one must be careful.

You pull in the net and the easy thing, the quick thing, is to assume that everything you’ve dragged to shore is a fish.

I have colleagues who believe that’s the prudent mindset in defense of the Empire.

But I take a more nuanced view.

I try.

So here’s what we’ll do, Bix.

I’ll tell you everything I know, and in doing so, perhaps convince you to cooperate without intervention.

Failing that, we have Dr. Gorst, who’s developed a unique interview system some of us are very excited about.

As you now know, we brought in Salman Paak last night.

We tracked him to a radio hidden in his yard and thought he might cooperate without encouragement.

For a man with very little actual rebellious activity on his resume, he was remarkably resistant, which of course just makes us think there’s more to be learned.

Which leads to a longer session.

And suddenly, it’s morning.

And there we are, wasting time.


In the end, it was a very poor decision on his part.

We learned everything we needed to know, and quite frankly, it hardly seems worth the price he’s paid.

Paak attended a separatist meeting two years ago in Jondora where he met a woman who said that if he was serious about politics, he might like to act as liaison for Ferrix when he returned home.

He was sent the fractal radio unit you used yesterday afternoon.

Now this unknown woman who recruited him to the cause seemed less interested in generating political activity on Ferrix than she was in using your planet’s unique commercial position to acquire stolen Imperial equipment.

Did you know Salman Paak was paid to keep that radio alive?

Did you know you were the only one to use it?

Were you aware that the buyer, your contact, met Paak only once before being turned over to you?


You’re in my net, Bix.

Are you a fish or are you a thief, hmm?

Seems a shame to end up on the carving board if your motivation here is just money.

You have no recorded history of political troublemaking.

You’re a business owner.

Now, I would prefer a conversation rather than put Dr. Gorst back to work.

But that, for the moment, is entirely up to you.

You’re ISB, aren’t you?

Worst of the worst.

You’re going to tell me absolutely everything you know about the buyer.

You seem to enjoy this.

You’re going to tell me all about Cassian Andor and their relationship.

They don’t have a relationship.

You will be giving me a full, detailed accounting of every single piece of stolen Imperial equipment you’ve passed along, where it came from, who was bribed along the way, and where it has gone.

I don’t know the buyer.

DEDRA: Really?


Well, Salman Paak says you’ve had at least six meetings he’s aware of.

He says you sit up on that radio for hours at a time.

I signal.

Sometimes he answers, he comes, he buys, he leaves.

Six face to face meetings.

He and Andor, blowing up buildings and killing security guards.

You’re injured trying to warn them.

Your coworker is killed trying to win your freedom.

Andor and the buyer escape together.

It sounds to me like a nest of relationships.

When was the last time you spoke with Cassian Andor?


The very worst thing you can do right now is bore me.

You’re not gonna believe me anyway, are you?


I suppose not.

She’s all yours, Dr. Gorst.

Thank you.







Your side. Fly.

Table three.

They won’t be shorthanded all day.

There’s a new man coming down.

But we can take the shift if we push.

We’re already up on Four.

I could use a proper meal.

XAUL: Two, that’s a threat.



JEMBOC: What do you say, old timer?

Short timer.

Make a run for the win?

My hand. I might need some help.

Let’s switch.


Come on.

JEMBOC: He’s right. Switch.


Keef is faster.

There’s a better way of saying that.

The hand.

What’s all this?

Just a little rebalancing.


Ulaf, what do you owe?

Be 41 shifts tomorrow.

You are the next man out.

You are the shortest of the short.

This swap your idea?

Me? No, no. It’s Taga.

Are you kiddin’?


Wise move.

Ulaf is going home.

New man for them today?

Always the next day, right?

You know the drill.


Oh, the… The restraints are nothing to be feared.

It’s much safer for you to be tethered as we engage.

There’s nothing intrinsically physical about this process, but we’ve had some early trials that were a bit chaotic. (CHUCKLES)



There’s an Outer Rim moon called Dizon Fray.

There was a sentient species there, quite unusual.

Extremely hostile to the concept of an Imperial refueling center that was being planned.

I say “was” because they created such a stir that the local commanders were granted permission to use any means necessary.

And, um, well, what’s important for our purposes here today is that the massacre of the Dizonites was broadcast and recorded as proof of mission.

They make a sound as they die.

A sort of choral, agonized pleading.

It was quite unlike anything anyone has ever heard before.

There were three communications officers monitoring the documentation, and they were found hours later huddled together in various states of emotional distress, in a crawl space beneath the ship’s bridge.

We’ve taken the recordings and modified them slightly, layering, adjusting.

And we found a section of what we believe are primarily children, which has its own particular effect.


Doesn’t take long.


It won’t feel that way to you inside. But, um…

Let me know when you’re willing to cooperate.

Oh, and if you’re having difficulty speaking, just shake your head from side to side.

You’ll want to be sure of that, Bix, that you’re cooperating fully.

It’s repeat listenings that cause the most damage.

Are we ready?

Let’s get on with it.








JEMBOC: Drill away.


I’m taking my run.




ANNOUNCER: On program.

New man on the floor.

Everyone, hold positions.


KINO: New man on the floor!

Hold your positions!

GUARD: Step on to the lift and stop.

(WHISPERING) Two men back. Two weapons.

GUARD: Move forward.

No boots.

GUARD: …on that lift.






He’s touching the rail.

Believe me now?

The elevator’s not wired.


Nothing that moves can fry you.


I have a new idea.


Don’t wait.

We attack while they’re coming down. Now.

They’ll just go back up.


We make it stop.

We shut it down half way.

Take one guard, one weapon.


This is Unit Five-Two-D.

Level five, room two.

The “D” is for Day-shift.

The 49 men in this room answer to me.



Don’t put them away.

Shall we begin?


When was the last time you spoke with Cassian Andor?




Let me. Let me, let me.

I can do it.

I know.

JEMBOC: Ready up.

I’m ready.

Ready now.

Where do we stand?

Are we in the game?

We’re up a rack with an hour left.

What? What’s on now?

We just talked about this.

We told you two minutes ago.

Do you think I don’t wanna win?

Am I working or not?

One rack up. Ours to lose.


What are you waiting for?


Keep her here.


Keep her alive.

As a hostage?

She’s a witness.

She’s the only one we’ve got who can identify Axis.

And Salman Paak?

I don’t care.

I’d like to hang him.

What’s left of him anyway.

Make sure they know who’s in charge.

As you wish.




MON: The senator from Chandrila stands with those in opposition to the Emperor’s new public safety legislation.

SENATOR 1: Long live the Empire!

Is there a more important issue facing this body right now than Imperial overreach?

The Public Order Resentencing Directive is the next step on an all too predictable march toward complete unchallenged authority.

SENATOR 2: She speaks the truth!


SENATOR 4: Keep it down!

Our first responsibility is to the citizens who have sent us here.


Our second vow is to protect the power and independence of this remarkable chamber.

SENATOR 2: Listen to her!

MON: I stand here today to speak with senators who’ve come with open minds, those of you who still believe that when we enter this building we are in a temple.





They called from the residence.

Your cousin, she’s arrived.


Your cousin.

At the embassy?

She’s there now?

Well, they said you’d want to know.


MAN 1: Where are they coming from?

MAN 2: Don’t know.

KINO: Keep it down!

They could keep us here forever if they wanted.

KINO: That’s enough from you, Melshi.

Right, everybody settles down right now.

Something’s wrong.

Whatever it is, they’re taking their time about it.

What’s going on?

What are they saying?

I think it’s level two.



MAN 3: All right.

It gets stale in here.

JEMBOC: Can’t be much longer.

You all right, Ulaf?

I’m fine.

Level two, far side.

Taga, something broken?

What’s he saying?

Level two. He’s coming this way around now.

What’s he saying?



MAN 4: What’s goin’ on?


What was that?

JEMBOC: What is that?

It’s nothing. Someone didn’t load in.

They are counting.

So they cut the power?

What do you think’s happening?


TAGA: Something’s wrong on two.

They’re going too fast. I can’t read it.

Everybody, calm down!

Something’s really wrong on two.

Look at me.

You haven’t got a clue what they are saying.

“Level two, far side. Level two.”

Are you all scrambled or something?

It takes a week for one word to get all the way up here.

And you’re panicking about something that’s happening on the other side of the building!

How many hands does it take for one word to get through up here?

It’s a long way, yes. But you’ve got to admit…

ANNOUNCER: (ON PA) Stand in place.

On program. Feet down. Face front. Hands on heads.

We will have immediate facility compliance or we will begin activating floors without warning.

Bridges on program will have their doors opened.

All shifts to proceed immediately to their stations.



It’s amazing.


Aunt Vel’s been to Tassio Moon, look what she brought me.

Your father may have an opinion.

We’ll see if he lets you wear it.

He lets me do anything I want.

Well, why don’t you go try it on?


Where have you been?


Six months?

There’s a lot to see.

(WHISPERING) I don’t have enough to worry about.

Look at you.

The Empire doesn’t rest, Mon.

The Rebellion comes first.

We take what’s left.

Tell me you’re going home for a visit.

They’ve been after me to find you.

Of course.

Just came through to see you first and get cleaned up a bit.

Seriously, Vel, what does he have you doing?


You’re one to worry about.

Trapped here, boxed in.

Please tell me you’re being careful.

Things are happening.

There’s risk.

There’s no other way.

I’m starting to think we’re in over our heads.

He’s got us spinning…


You took a vow.

LEIDA: It fits.



CASSIAN: You never think about escaping?

You know I won’t answer that.

CASSIAN: (CHUCKLES) I’ll take that as a no.

Take what you like.

You flap that mouth of yours any longer, you’ll regret it.

I’m sure you’ve thought about it.

How many guards on each level?

You want out of here alive, turn that part of your mind off.



How many shifts you have left?

(SIGHS) 217.

So, tell me what you know before you go.

You’ve been warned.

You think they care what we say?

KINO: You’re on your own with this.


You think they’re listening?

(SCOFFS) You think they care enough to make an effort?

(SOFTLY) Like you would know.

I know this.

They don’t need to care.

All they need to do is turn this floor on twice a day and keep their numbers rolling.

Why bother listening to us?

We are nothing to them.

Melshi’s right.

We’re cheaper than droids and easier to replace.

Good luck to you.

CASSIAN: You think they care what we say?

Nobody’s listening.


How many guards are on each level?



CASSIAN: Nobody’s listening.

(SHOUTING) Nobody’s listening!

PARTAGAZ: You took Gorst.

Good to see that’s working out.

DEDRA: Yes, sir. The interrogation was thorough.

We’ve no reason to believe anything was withheld.

But no ID on your Axis.

He’s still just ‘The Buyer’?

It’s disappointing, I know.

But it does suggest the scope of what he’s doing.

Axis obviously runs a very disciplined operation.

And one that’s large enough to not be reliant on any one network or supplier.

Caleen gave us a list of every piece of gear that came through Ferrix.

And we think we’ve already got a match to a targeting unit recovered from a safe house operated by a rebel cell associated with Maya Pei.

Andor, he’s all the way through this.

Yes, and that’s what I’d like to highlight.

He’s the local thief, right? The runaway murderer?

Andor returned to Ferrix three nights after Aldhani with money in his pocket.

Couldn’t that be from the sale of the Starpath?

Can’t be. They left it behind, right?

You’re trying to connect Aldhani?

That’s a bit of a stretch.

He was clean-shaven.

Andor had shaved.

Question, “Describe his appearance.”

Answer, “He’d shaved his beard.”

The rebels at Aldhani were clean-shaven.

Two soldiers from the garrison who got a look at him felt some similarity to our reference picture.

Well, that’s worth running down.

An Aldhani connection would certainly amplify interest.

Let’s follow that up.

LAGRET: You didn’t question the mother?

I decided to wait.

Better now leaving her in place and standing back.

She’s too old and frail for anything serious, and if nothing else, she’s our bait.

She’s the reason Andor came back.

Perhaps they communicate.

DEDRA: If they are, we’ll know.

We’re on her full-time.




MAN 1: Did you hear it?

MAN 2: Have you heard?


MAN 2: What happened to unit two-five.

We weren’t told anything.

You’re kidding.

They don’t know about it.

They were fried out!

MAN 3: They’re killed. They’re all gone.

XAUL: Who said?

MAN 4: Both shifts.

A hundred men.

TAGA: That can’t be right.

You’ve heard nothing.

What did he say?

I don’t know.

MAN 5: They’re all dead.

Who’s saying this?

Maintenance tech.

We had a team go down.

They said they fried the whole bridge.

MAN 6: Speak up.

He told Zinska.


Ask him.

MAN 7: That’s incredible.


He heard they were making trouble.

ANNOUNCER: On program. Feet down.

We will have immediate facility compliance or we will begin…

What did he say?

What happened on two?

We… We don’t know.

They set ’em all free.


KINO: Get on program!

Kino! Kino!

(SOFTLY) We need to be careful.

The less they think we know, the better.


(SHOUTING) Hold your program!

Tighten up and listen!

It’s a rumor.

Maybe it’s true.

Maybe it’s not.

We have heard nothing.

It’s just another day, another shift.

So let’s keep our mouths shut, keep our heads down (SOFTLY) until we know what’s going on.


EEDY: You’re up early.

Home late, up early.

Dressed and groomed.

Trimmed your hair.

Hmm. Something I should know?

I told you not to leave dinner out last night.

Your message was so brief.

One worries.

You’re so busy these days, perhaps you’re forgetting to eat.

You’ve been searching my room again.

It’s called cleaning.

I like a tidy house.

You’ve been in my private box.

I have ways of knowing.



I find you a job, I press your uniform, I prepare two meals a day, I move mountains to scrape you off the floor and put you back on your feet, and what do I reap?

What is the return on my investment?

We were talking about you snooping on me.

The shadow of a son, a tenant, a stranger.

That’s new. You’ll wanna remember that.

All that time away on Morlana.

What if I’d let your neglect drive me insane?

Imagine that.

Look back just months ago when you could easily ignore me.



Imagine I’d cracked under the weight of your neglect.

Imagine I’d cracked and wasn’t here now to pick up the pieces.

I’ve been promoted.


I knew they’d recognize your promise.

The demands of my time will be increased.

Uncle Harlo will be so pleased.


JEMBOC: Drill in.


Ulaf, come on, mate.



JEMBOC: Pull away.

Come on, boys. Let’s go.

One, two. (GRUNTS)

JEMBOC: Let’s go.

I’m there. I’m there. I got it.


JEMBOC: That’s it. That’s it.



All right.

Okay, let’s go.


Come on, Ulaf. (PANTING)

Hands away.

MELSHI: Clear.

Ulaf, hands.


Come on, boys. We can do this.

I’ll do it. Just… Just get it in.


JEMBOC: Come on, boys.

Just the one night, Vel?

VEL: I’m afraid so.

PERRIN: Heading back to Chandrila today?

Yes. The Pilgrimage.

Find yourself a husband?

(SCOFFS) Wasn’t on my list of things to do.

Well, you need a widower at this point.

Who’s left of any value at your age?

Yes. All the good ones are taken.

We’ve had an influx of Chandrilans here recently.

You remember Tay Kolma?

I do.

Mother’s old boyfriend.


Is that something you’ve told her?

The key word is “old,” darling.

We were in grade school together.

At least you’ve not gone political, Vel.

All the interesting people are getting very tedious these days.

No one ever calls me tedious.

VEL: Tay Kolma?


Is that all it is?

I don’t have enough to worry about?

VEL: Anything I can do?


Be a spoiled, rich girl for a while.

Remind people that’s who you are.

I’ll try.

What have we done, Vel?

We’ve chosen a side.

We’re fighting against the dark.

We’re making something of our lives.





Syril Karn.

I know who you are.

What are you doing here?


I wanted to thank you for the promotion.

I had nothing to do with it.

SYRIL: Well, my boss seems to think that you did.

We simply gave you a clean bill of health.

Have you been waiting out here?


I’d never lie to you.

I… I needed to find you and it’s not that easy to thank you for what you did and what you’re doing.

And to follow on and…

Try to follow on the conversation we had last month.

That wasn’t a conversation. You were brought in for questioning.

Are you stalking me?

I know you work here and I come sometimes to see if I’ll see you.

I am an ISB supervisor.

Do you have any idea how much trouble you’re in right now?

I thought I had ruined my life.

I thought I was done.

After meeting you and discovering, you understood how dangerous Cassian Andor was. Just…

Just being in your presence, I… I’ve realized that life is worth living.

I realized that if nothing else, there was justice, and beauty in the galaxy and if I just kept going…

Perhaps my deranged belief that there was something better fated for me in the future was a dream worth clinging to.

I could have you arrested, you are aware of that?

I want what you want.

I sense it. I know it.

You’re out of your mind.

I have already given you a second chance.

You come near me again, you pursue any of this, and I swear I’ll have you in a cage on the Outer Rim.




There you are. Just came in. They picked up a rebel pilot an hour ago.

From our target list?

No, random.

But he’s using a stolen Imperial masking unit.

One of ours?

Well, Corv is checking but…

Where are they holding him?

A destroyer off Steergaard.

Get Dr. Gorst, send him out there immediately.

I already did.

He’s own his way.

Do you want to go?

Yes. No. There’s no time.

I’ll interrogate remotely.

Good work.



I’ve been over the accounts.

I wish you’d called me sooner.

There were better ways to do this.

It was so easy at the beginning.

If we plan on making any further donations, we need to be sure that the work you’ve done so far isn’t gonna come back to haunt you.

They can’t all be hidden?

There’s a 400,000 credit withdrawal that’s proving a bit of a problem.

It appears on the ledger, then it vanishes.

It needs to be papered over.


Easiest thing would be a deposit.


If I had that much sitting around, I wouldn’t have burdened you.

How much trouble am I in?

There’s no trouble at all unless they scan the accounts.

But that’s coming.


Time is not unlimited.

I need a loan.

A certain kind of loan.

You seem to have thought this through.

We need a Chandrilan banker with treasury relationships, and a book of business that’s incomprehensibly huge.

You have someone in mind.

It’s not a long list.

And yet you’re afraid to say who it is.

Davo Sculdun.


He is not a banker.

He’s a thug.

The wealthiest thug of them all.

Don’t tell me you’ve spoken to him already.

I wanted to bring you a solution.

Have you told him?

That you’re feeling constricted by the new tax laws.

It’s common enough.

A senator, 400,000 missing.

What will he think?

He’ll think you’re just like everyone else he works with.

You want what’s yours.

At what cost?

I’m not sure.

He wants to meet you.

He wants to meet here.


Davo Sculdun, here. You must be joking.

I pushed back but…


I could keep looking.


PARTAGAZ: It was a routine customs check.

HEERT: Totally random.

LAGRET: Just the pilot?

DEDRA: He was the only one on board.

And no witnesses.

DEDRA: The beauty of it, sir.

He flashed an Imperial profile for a moment then vanished.

They thought it was odd and pursued.

Any chance he radioed home before they got him?

He swears he didn’t. He thought he’d get away.

This was a Dr. Gorst interview?

Yes, sir. Confidence is high.

He got the pilot talking almost immediately.

HEERT: The Imperial masking device he used is one of the items stolen from the naval yard in Lozash last year.

PARTAGAZ: Incredible.

Apologies. We were offsite.

We’ve got a rebel pilot in custody.

One of Anto Kreegyr’s group.

He was picked up at a customs check.

We don’t think Kreegyr knows he’s gone missing yet.

He’s telling us there’s a raid planned on the power station at Spellhaus.

Where was he heading?

On his way to Kafrene.

They’ll count him missing soon.

Exactly. We don’t want Kreegyr getting spooked.

We can’t hang on to him. We can’t let him go.

Destroy the ship. Make it look like an accident.

There’s too much at stake. If I were Kreegyr, I’d be suspicious.

PARTAGAZ: We want Kreegyr moving forward.

What if we foul the ship?

An accident. Something mechanical.

Have the pilot found dead in the cockpit. What would happen?

They’d have to find it. But they’d tow it into Kafrene.

If we did it quickly, staged it properly, let it drift into traffic.

Make it so. Top priority. Quickly and carefully.

We leave no trace.

Excellent work.

I want a meeting with military intelligence immediately about Spellhaus.

Let’s go.











ANNOUNCER: (ON PA) Inmates, on program.

Program in place.

Low yield tables in position.

Table two takes the shift by six racks and three.

Table one in the box.




KINO: Come on. Let’s get this done.

JEMBOC: (WHISPERING) Can he stand?



ANNOUNCER: On program.


XAUL: Cover him. Cover him. Cover him.

Hang on.

ANNOUNCER: Inmates on program.

Program in place.

Low yield tables in position.



Ulaf. Hey, look at me.


Almost there. Almost there.






Kino, he needs a doctor.

Get him to the cell.


We’re late. Come on. Keep moving.

Keep moving. Keep moving.

CASSIAN: One, two, three.

All right. All right.

Take his head.

CASSIAN: I got you.

Zinska, tell ’em we need a med tech-up here.

You, get going. Now.


Hang in there, Ulaf.

You’ve only got a few shifts left.

Then you’re going home.

ANNOUNCER: On program.


Step off. Let’s go.


KINO: Here he comes, Uli.

He’ll have you back in your cell soon enough.

Haven’t seen you for a while.

I haven’t gone anywhere.

His name’s Ulaf.

I’ve seen him before.

Hold that.


He’s only got 40 shifts left.


Just wanna get him up and about.

He’s tough as an old rock.


Look at me, brother.

His name is Ulaf.

I don’t wanna know his name.

He’s got 40 shifts left.

So we just want something to get him through the next few days.

Get him back on his feet.

That’s not an option.


What, you can’t save him?

There’s nothing to save.

He’s had a massive stroke.


KINO: What are you doing?

I can’t help him.

I can’t help anyone.

I need a bag and a trolley.

GUARD: It’s coming.

RHASIV: He’s lucky.

He’ll pass peacefully, which is more than I can say for the rest of us.

Another week like this, and you’ll be begging for what he’s getting.

What do you mean?

You heard me.

Hold his shoulders. You, hold his legs.

What happened on level two?

You’ll want to keep your men in line.

Now hold him.

He’ll feel nothing.



He’s passed.

What do you mean… (SIGHS) keep my men in line?

What happened down on two?

We need a bag and a trolley.

GUARD: I said it’s coming.


They made a mistake.

A man who was just released on four ended up back on two the next day.

Word got out on the floor, and then they killed them all.

GUARD: You need those other men there?

RHASIV: They’re just leaving.


KINO: If he was released…

You heard me.

No one’s getting out, are they?

Not now.

Not after this.

At least your friend is free.

GUARD: You two, on program now.

Up. Hands on your heads.


Let’s go. Come on, let’s go.

Now. Let’s go.

How many guards are on each level?

Never more than 12.



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