Andor – S01E08 – Narkina 5 | Transcript

The Empire catches up to Cassian, but are as yet unaware of his identity and past.
Andor (TV series)

Original release date: October 26, 2022

Cassian is brought to a prison on Narkina 5 where he spends every day working in monotonous heavy industry with hundreds of other prisoners. Vel and Cinta travel to Ferrix to search for him. When Maarva falls ill, Bix attempts to contact Luthen to ask about Cassian’s whereabouts, but Luthen, worried about being exposed to anyone monitoring communications, does not answer. He then leaves Coruscant to meet with Saw Gerrera. Rael attempts to hire Gerrera’s rebel cell to act as air support for a raid on an Imperial power station at Spellhaus organised by Anto Kreegyr, but is turned away. Meero questions Karn about his experiences on Ferrix, but declines his offer to help with her investigation. She leads a unit to Ferrix herself, where she apprehends Bix.

* * *



They’re in.


CASSIAN: We’re getting out of here.

To go where?

Anywhere we want.

(CHUCKLES) I got lucky.

I’ve got enough credits to get us anywhere.

We’re treating what happened at Aldhani like a robbery.

HEERT: What would you call it?

An announcement.

You realize what you’ve set in motion?

People will suffer.

That’s the plan.

KLEYA: I hope she’s worth it.

LUTHEN: Well, we’ll see, won’t we?

We can’t hide forever.

I can now prove a link between the theft of our most secret equipment and its distribution to rebel groups across the galaxy.

For the moment, I’m reassigning the Morlana Sector to Supervisor Meero.

Ferrix is of great interest to her and has clearly become a distraction for you.

MON: As long as everyone thinks I’m an irritation, they might miss what I’m really doing.

TAY: What are you really doing?

Raising money.

Raising money for what?

MAARVA: I’m not going.

What are you talking about?

You can’t stay, and I can’t go.

FLOB: Morlana One.

I fully intend to clear my name and have my record expunged.

Why don’t we start that process now?

SYRIL: There’s a rebel murderer running free because of corruption and laxity in the authority.

SHORE TROOPER: Hang onto this one for me.


Six years.

Six years?

No, no, wait!

Change of guidelines.

CASSIAN: I didn’t do anything!

Wait. I’m just a tourist!

SHORE TROOPER 1: Get in line!


Don’t you look at me!

Move it!

SHORE TROOPER 3: Keep moving!

Up the stairs!

Pick it up!


Tuck Hybecks.

SHORE TROOPER 4: Home planet?

TUCK: Galdi.

SHORE TROOPER 4: Belsavis. Next.


Girgo. Keef Girgo.

Home planet?


Narkina Five.

What? What’s that?

Get to your transport.


What is that?

What’s Narkina Five?

I’m a tourist!


SHORE TROOPER 4: Home planet?

MAN: Giermos.

SHORE TROOPER 4: Belsavis.

Right there.

On you go.

Come on, move it, move it.




GUARD: Anywhere, come on, sit down!

Right, shoes off!

Boots, sandals, everything on the floor!

Toss it in!

Come on, move it, bare feet, let’s go!






I’m Lieutenant Dedra Meero.

I’m the ISB Supervisor for the Morlana Sector.

What happened to Lieutenant Blevin?

I’ll ask the questions.

Ferrix. I’ve been reviewing the incident.

I was planning on calling you in to fill some gaps in the report.

We were scheduling that.

But now, we’ve both had our mornings interrupted because you keep requesting the Bureau of Standards Data Center to look for Cassian Andor.

You’ve claimed he was a missing fuel specialist, an unresponsive energy engineer, a fuel purity field officer suspected of forging Imperial reports.

You’ve been here for less than a month and you’ve filed five false inquiries.

Six, actually.

I wasn’t counting this morning.

What are you doing, Mr. Karn?

Cassian Andor is a murderer and a threat to the Empire.

I have been trying, with the limited tools available, to find him.

So, this is about public safety?

Here’s what’s happened, Syril.

You have engaged the curiosity of the ISB.


Now, is there anything you’d care to tell me before I waste more of my time figuring out what it is you are up to?

I’m just trying to clear my name.

One would think you’d want to leave Ferrix far behind.

One would be wrong.

I have a busy day.

Tell me, what’s not in Lieutenant Blevin’s report that I need to know?

I have no idea. I wasn’t allowed to see the report.

You signed it.

I was given no choice.


We should be upstairs by now.

Give him Blevin’s report, let him read it.

Keep him in there.

Of all days?

DEDRA: We have time.





DEDRA: This is an Imperial Starpath unit.

It was stolen from the Steergard Naval yard last year.

We don’t know when it was taken because Steergard was afraid to disclose its theft and thought they could hide its absence.

My full report highlights the prevalence of this problem galaxy-wide.

I’m listening.

This unit was found last month on Ferrix in the Morlana One Sector.

The thief was a local named Cassian Andor.

He was wanted for the murder of two Corporate Security officers.

The Starpath was left behind as he escaped the tactical team sent in to arrest him.

Andor was in the act of transferring the unit to a person we’ve named Axis because of his centrality to what we believe to be an organized rebel effort to acquire specialized Imperial gear.

This is quite the wishlist.

Full planetary comnet, full Garrison tech package, Series Nine Spectrum surveillance, local agent funding, Code Droid.

DEDRA: All ready to go, sir.

If someone there is talking, we need to be listening.

It’s a large investment.

It’s a fraction of the price of lost technology.

So, drill down on Ferrix, find this thief, and then what?

Identify Axis.

They escaped together.

It’s the first best lead we’ve had.

Supervisor Meero has convinced me that this Axis has been nimble in spreading his activities across the galaxy.

And, no, we don’t know who he is, nor do we know the scope of our problem.

The little we are aware of is already troubling.

Ferrix was a mistake.

It’s the first one he’s made.

Drill down is exactly what I want to do, sir.

Drill down, find Andor, and get a hunt started.



GUARD: All right, move!


Down the ramp!

Down the ramp, now!

Move it!

Stay right there!

On program!

Hands behind heads, feet down!






Breathe deep, brother.

This may be the last fresh air we ever taste.

Welcome to Narkina Five.

This is an Imperial factory facility.

You’ve all been assessed as labor-worthy.

Now, following this introduction, you’ll be transferred to your level assignment and workroom, where your floor manager will explain the details of our schedule and expectations.

Your length of stay has been predetermined.

The quality of that time will be up to you.

Now, those who’ve been incarcerated before will be surprised by the calm, sanitary conditions, and our minimally invasive enforcement techniques.

Well, I’m sure some, if not all of you, are wondering, how we risk standing before you without weapons?

It’s a potent question.

And hopefully, one you won’t need to have answered very often, but…






You may stand.

That was level one of three.

Our floors are Tunqstoid steel.

Do your time productively, keep to your lane, and this needn’t be more than a memory.

Good luck to you.

GUARD 1: Up!

Line up! Single file!



GUARD 2: Let’s go!



DEDRA: You’ve read the report?

Worse than I feared.

Criminal negligence of my commanding officer, the total lack of Imperial authority on Ferrix, the fact that Andor obviously had an organized local cadre of accomplices.

None of that is here.

Let’s talk about the accomplice you encountered.

You told Lieutenant Blevin that Andor was in the company of an older man, tall, wearing a cloak.

What’s not in here?


Grey cloak, grey green.

(SIGHS) Dark boots.

I didn’t get a good look.


I heard his voice, I’d recognize it.

DEDRA: Here’s what we’ll do, Mr. Karn.

You’ll stop filing requests for Andor.

Anticipating that, I will inform the Bureau of Standards that you were of service to the Empire today.

I was a good deputy inspector!


I was very good.

I solved a double murder and found the killer in two days.

I was overly ambitious, yes, but time was slipping away, and the opportunity was real.


Service to the Empire, you just said it.

Can one ever be too aggressive in preserving order?

I didn’t deserve what happened.

I wish you luck.

I’m running late.

It’s clear you need Andor in order to find his partner.

This is more important than the death of two Corporate Security guards.

I could be a valuable asset going forward.

Raise the alarm one more time, and it won’t be me you’re speaking to.

Forget this happened.



GUARD 1: Stop right there.

On program.

That means, hands on head, eyes front, feet on the floor.

Do it.


GUARD 2: Zap rod.

If I have to use it, you’ll remember it.

Yes? Yes?

What’s goin’ on? Where’s your partner?

They had a tech problem on One.

GUARD 1: Delivery takes priority over tech, you know that.

GUARD 3: He’ll be here any second.

New man ready on five-two-D, requesting units override.

GUARD 4: (OVER RADIO) Copy that. Coming up.

That’s not good. This was on the schedule.

He can’t just not turn up.

He’ll be here.

GUARD 5: Override engaged. Five-two, you have the floor.

GUARD 1: We’ve got deliveries’ waiting.

GUARD 2: Eyes front.

Let’s just get him out on the Ring.

Step forward, let’s go, move.

Step forward and stop, now, move.


Eyes front, I said.

GUARD 6: Sorry, I had to wait.

They were short-handed.

They had to pull a guy out from Four. I came as quick as I could.

Post up. We’re already behind.

GUARD 6: We good?

GUARD 1: Yes, you can go.

Ready on the floor?

Looks good.

GUARD 1: Prep for door.


ANNOUNCER: On program.

Step on to the lift and stop.

Move forward.

KINO: New man on the floor!

GUARD 2: Move.

KINO: Hold your positions.

GUARD 2: Step on there and stop.




GUARD 2: Step off, move.

I said, step off, now!


This is Unit Five-Two-D.

Level five, room two, the D is for Day shift.

Seven levels of factory, seven rooms per level, seven tables per room, seven men, each table.

My name is Kino Loy.

I’m the Five-Two-D unit manager.

The forty-nine men in this room answer to me.




Keef Girgo.

KINO: He won’t be back.

They only come to pick up the dead and bring their replacements.

You’re mine now.

Off program!

Back to work!

Listen up.

It’s a 12-hour shift.

Productivity is encouraged, evaluation is constant.

You have been assigned table five, which is the pod that is behind because you’re not on the line doing your job.

Can you read?


You see in the main boxes, one through seven, those are the scores for the tables in this room, on this shift.

What’s your table number?


There you go, table five.

See it? At the bottom?

Last place. That’s you.

The seven tallies are the running shift totals of all the other rooms on this floor.

You play against all the other tables in this room, I play against all the other rooms.


Call it what you will, the point of this conversation is that you understand one thing most clearly.

I have 249 days left of my sentence.

I have a free hand in how I run this room.

I’m used to being in the top three on the level.

You will wanna keep that happening.

I’m sensing you understand me.

Sick, injured, you talk to me.

Problems with another inmate, I’ll know before you do.

Losing hope, your mind, keep it to yourself.

Don’t ever slow up my line.

Table five.

Table five!


Table five?

Yeah, we’ve been waiting. What do we call you?


I’m Jemboc. Welcome.





And this is Melshi.

We’re down ten.

We’re a man short, he’ll give us a pass.

XAUL: He should.

He won’t.

ULAF: He’s done it before.

TAGA: That was months ago.

We’re down ten. You’re dreaming.

ULAF: He’s done it before.

We’re wasting time.

Down 12 before you know it.

They give us a new man with only an hour left?

Forty-two minutes, come on, boys, we can rally.

They’re up there, laughing.

JEMBOC: Don’t.

ULAF: Melshi’s right.

TAGA: We’re wasting time.

Jem thinks Kino’s in charge.

Hey, new guy, prepare to fry.



It’s his name. Right?



Ham’s right, get to it.

XAUL: Fly.

JEMBOC: Stand back.

Watch what I do, exactly what I do.

You’ll be where I am this time tomorrow.

With seven men, I’m the Swing,

I’ll be feeding the table so it might be a little different…

He’s on the box.

They’re callin’ him.


ANNOUNCER: Five-Two-D shift productivity levels are unacceptable.

We’re calling a new clock.

KINO: Okay, listen up!

This will be a sprint segment.

39 minutes on the tone.

ANNOUNCER: As ever, the least productive table will be disciplined.



Hands away.


JEMBOC: Come on, boys.

TAGA: Let’s go, let’s go.


HAM: Come on, come on, come on.

Get busy, or get fried!


Keep it going!



MON: Not for me.

PERRIN: I’ll have hers.

You used to like it.

I was just better at pretending.

Well, that I find hard to believe.


(IN ENGLISH) What are we toasting?

A quick night.

Hmm. I’ll drink to that.


So, the evening’s agenda?

I need votes to stall the Emperor’s latest overreach.

Hello, Tay.

Tay Kolma, how prompt you are.


Still in town, or commuting?

Bit of both.

Something to drink?

What are we having? (CHUCKLES)

Taste of home, eh? I’ll have one.

Make it three.

I’m fine, thank you.

Mon is working.

Well, there’s much to be done.

I don’t think you’re on the menu tonight, Tay.

The Senator is pitching politics, not charity.

Saving the Empire from the Emperor.


Do you remember Perrin at 15?

Oh, let’s not.

The academy firebrand.

BARTENDER: Two squigs again, sir?


How things change, eh?


The new legislation is definitely having an effect.

The rebels might have thought that over before blowing up Aldhani.

Thank you.


Sagrona teema.

Well, good luck, feeding the galaxy. I’m off to feed myself.

Charity begins at home.

I was hoping you’d come.

I wish I had better news.

I’m about to get very busy.

The new banking regulations are making life difficult.

Difficult or impossible?

I don’t know.

They’re staffing up Imperial auditors, we’ll see where they are placed.

Is there anything we can do?

That has its own risks.


Uh, we’ve met.

TAY: Indeed.

You’re here all the time now.

Learning to love Coruscant.

Your father’s looking for you.

You’re drinking squigs?

No, I’ve lost my taste for it.

It’s disgusting.

TAY: That’s the point.

I should find Dad.

Nice to see you again.

What about the money I’ve moved already?

Not everything’s tucked away.

We’ll find a way to explain it.

So, we’ve given up on hiding it?

How much are we worrying about?

Four hundred thousand.

DHOW: Senator.

Hi! I was just coming to get you.

Perrin said you were hoarding the squigs.

I always forget you’re Chandrilan at heart.

And I always forget how sweet you are when you’re looking for votes.




KINO: Keep it down!

Keep it down!





KINO: Line up!

Let’s go!

SLORDA: Palpatine’s frustrating, yes, we agree.

Too easily provoked? Yes.

Overreactive, but…

TEENAR: Understatement.

Says what he means.

We’re discussing legislation, not speeches.

What does he mean?

What is public order?

It’s an awfully big box, isn’t it?

The Emperor’s primary charge is to protect us, is it not?

And that’s what the P.O.R.D. legislation will do.

How much protection is enough?

VYVIN: We know what too little looks like.

Surveillance and prosecution without limit.

If you’re doing nothing wrong, what is there to fear?

MON: I’m fearing your definition of wrong.

These are dangerous times.

Dangerous times?

Are they not?

Do you feel under threat?

Personally? Here, yes.

I’m at great risk of ingesting too much of this nourishing Chandrilan hospitality.




XAUL: This is our block.

You see the white lights? That’s the floor.

White is cold, red is hot.

The white lights start flashing, you got seven seconds to get to your cell.

Sensors in the floor, two men in one cell, it’s an instant fry.

Fall out!

Fall out, fall out, fall out.

Jem, walk the new man.


JEMBOC: Okay, Kino.

Come on.

This is you.

Your rack.

Everything you need here is on the wall.

Water, night light, toilet flips down, got a plate, spoon, and shaver.

And food?


The tube.

You can get as much as you want.

They like us healthy and fueled.

Don’t worry, you’ll learn to eat it.

Tough way to start, getting fried twice in one day.

But perhaps in a few shifts, we can pull a winner.

Winner gets taste with their food.

Top table wins flavor.

Last place gets fried.

Right, this will be cleaned every day, and that is your tab.

What did you do?


Lot of that lately.

At least you know where you stand from the start, no surprises.

MELSHI: Ask him already.

They doubled everyone’s number last month.


People must be talkin’ about it.

About what?

TAGA: The Public Order Resentencing Directive.

JEMBOC: It’s been a tough month here waiting for news.

Can’t help but wonder what people are saying.


He’s never heard of it.

He never heard of it.

Told you.

The Public Order Decree.

The resentencings.

I’m sorry.

All the rebel activity.

It’s rebel nonsense.

I don’t know anything about it.

They slaughtered a garrison.

That’s not what he said.

They burned it down.

Does it matter?

We’re the ones getting punished.

But this guy never heard of it.

Don’t ever look at the number.

Double, triple, it doesn’t matter.


You’re here ’til they don’t want you. Understand?

Enough! Melshi!

Getting out now is just a dream.

Those days are over.


I said, that’s enough.


ANNOUNCER: Return to your cells immediately.

Thirty seconds on red floor.


You don’t walk in your sleep, do you?


You’ll find out.

Tighten up!

Hot floor!









(LAUGHS) Oh, you should ask my wife. I never look out the window.


Ah! Here she is.

Your embassy hostess.

The question was, how many hours a day do we stand here admiring the view?

MON: (SMACKS LIPS) We should. I know.

Not enough!


I think I’d never leave.

Well, that’s always the way, isn’t it?

One forgets to savor the familiar.

So true.

We came here as children.

INGENUE: To visit?

No, Mon became a Senator at 16.

So this is where you met?

No, we’d already been married a year.

That’s so romantic.

And traditional.

The old ways of Chandrila.

As was the custom.

MAN: To each people its own.

Speaking of, have you seen Tay?

No, he left.

He said he had an early morning.

Well, of course.

Excuse me if you will.

So nice to meet you.

I’m going to spend more time at this window, I promise you.





KINO: Tighten up!




CASSIAN: Flight.

Three’s off two, they’re at 18.

Four is struggling.

MELSHI: Flight.

JEMBOC: Hands away.






TAGA: Clear!


All right, come on, come on, come on.


I think so.

It’s tight.

XAUL: Flip it.


Ready up?

Ready up.

Well, hang on, hang on.

You okay?

ULAF: (GRUNTS) Pin jam.

MELSHI: Xaul, help him.

Yeah. Come on, mate.





You just takin’ a breather?

Come on, guys!

You got a chance of winning the shift today!

Be a shame to waste it.





Drill in!


It’s not complaining if you tell me what’s going on.

Oh, you’re freezing!

My mother was a whiner and that’ll cure you.



I’m just trying to figure out if you need a doctor or not.

She has p-p-pain in the knee.

The doctor was here yesterday.

Your breathing sounds weak.

You got dizzy again.

What have you done now?

Apparently I’m throwing a party.

I heard the boys had to carry you back here.

Oh! Word travels fast.

She fell.


BRASSO: What was she doing by the hotel?

She’s obsessed with Troopers.

She fell trying to pry open the old Rix flood gate.

She gonna flush them out?


She wanted to see if the tunnel under the hotel was still open.


So the Rebellion can sneak in and take them by surprise.

She’s a Rebel.


I should be coming by more often.

She’s not your mother.

BRASSO: Or yours.

She can’t stay here much longer.

(SCOFFS) Good luck with that.

What about the Daughters of Ferrix?

She’s a past president.

They must have a warm room somewhere.

They’ve tried.

She’s made her wishes clear.


You really don’t know where he is?

VEL: Where did you go?

Who’s the big one?

I’ve no idea.

Where were you? I was about to come lookin’.

Cold now.


There’s a room to rent around the corner.

They have a sign up.

Can’t just stay here.

I can.


Two of us would draw too much attention.

You’ll stay here and wait?

Just hope he shows up?

Could be anywhere.

This is all we have.

What’s the alternative?

Haven’t we been apart long enough?

It’s not about us.

After what we’ve been through?

You think the Empire stops to catch its breath?

This is a fight to the death, Vel.


Who would you say you are?

Maybe I’m a rich girl running away from her family.

Well, that’s cold.


Even for you.

I told you upfront the struggle will always come first.

We take what’s left.



I’m a mirror, Vel.

You love me because I show you what you need to see.

BIX: Thank you.


Well, I’ll keep an eye.



Are you as slow as I am?

Yeah, losing the hotel is not good for business.

We need a meeting. There’s gotta be something we can do.

What’s up?

I need to look for something in the back.

Not sure that’s a good idea.

It’s been off for a while.

(SOFTLY) It’s urgent.


(WHISPERS) All right.







KLEYA: It’s the shop owner on Ferrix.

She’s trying to find Cassian Andor. His mother is ill.

We’re not answering. We can’t.

She could show the right direction.

She’s asking us.

She knows more than we do.

So much more. She might have a lead.

More likely it’s the ISB working her radio.

You’re guessing!

And you’re slipping!

We’re shutting down Ferrix.

The code, the frequency, all of it.

I’m thinking clearly and you’re not.

Tell me to shut it down.

It’s Andor.

Knowing he’s out there, knowing me, not knowing what he knows.

I took him on the Fondor.

Was I insane?

You were desperate for Aldhani to work and it did.

And we’ll find him, just not like this.

Vel was out hunting.

She and Cinta.

Are they in Ferrix yet?

I’ll have a listen.

We’re being extremely careful with it.

The woman’s name is Bix Caleen.

Vel could have a look if it’s safe.

They know what they’re doing.

I’m not slipping, Kleya.

I’ve just been hiding for too long.

It’s all different now.

We’re going loud.

Vulnerability is inevitable.

I’m not slipping.

I know.

I just need you to wake up.

There’s a lot to do.

Shut it down.










Coordinate alternatives for Segra Milo.

FONDOR DROID: Calculating.

Four potential routes.

Let’s take the long way around.

DROID: Re-routing Segra Milo.



MAN 1: No, no, no, no!

MAN 2: Aw, man.

MAN 1: Who is it now?

MAN 2: No!

MAN 1: He railed it!

MAN 3: Who?

MAN 1: Veemoss!

MAN 4: Veemoss!

Table three, the tall one.

He fell! Or jumped!

MAN 1: Aw, man, well, we’ll be smellin’ him all night.

MAN 3: Here? He rails it here?

MAN 5: He was slipping. You could see it.

MAN 1: I don’t care, man. You rail here at night, I got no sympathy.

MAN 2: Shut up about it.

MAN 1: You’ll be shorthanded all day tomorrow.

MELSHI: Think about that when you’re gettin’ fried.

KINO: Enough! Let’s quiet down!

ANNOUNCER: Level five, grid disruption.

You have ten seconds to get to your sleeping platforms.



OFFICER: Move, move, move!

BIX: What’s going on?

It’s Paak’s yard.

I’m not sure. They’re all over it.

BOY: Detained for what?

Why won’t you tell me?

Where are they taking my father?

Tell me! Where is he?

Where is my father?

Shut him up!


What’s going on?

They took Paak in last night.


The hotel. He never came home.

Get these people back. I want a perimeter.

Two and two, up and down, clear the lane!


Let’s go!

You okay?

I don’t know.

Move it.

Let’s go, let’s go!

Get out of the way!

Move it!


Bix Caleen!

That’s your name, isn’t it?

If not, the resemblance is quite striking.

BRASSO: Get to Zorby’s. Run!


STORMTROOPER: Move! Move! Move!

Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry.


Get her!





So, my friend, the garrison at Aldhani, was that you?

I was just about to ask you the same thing.

You’d never tell me if it was.

Somebody’s sitting on some dosh.

If it’s you, I’m hoping you’ll put it to good use.

Would I be out here in the cold if I had just pinched a 100 million credits?

(LAUGHS) That’s exactly what you’d do.

And that’s exactly what I would say if I were you.

If you’re trying to convince me it was you, it’s working.

(CLICKS TONGUE) Let’s agree.

It was a masterpiece.

Well, now I’m sure.

Aren’t you tired of playing behind the scenes, Luthen?

Aren’t you tired of fighting with people who agree with you?

You come all this way to scold me?

Or did you bring me some toys?


I did, but they’re not for free.

Nothing with you is free.

Not every operation is as flush as yours.

Tell me what you’ve got.

Well, how about a full set of Imperial drive adapters?

I’ve also got three sealed Steergard targeting deflectors.


You have this all here with you?

At what cost?

Anto Kreegyr.

I want you to meet him.

(CHUCKLES) Anto Kreegyr?

He’s been probing the Imperial power station at Spellhaus.

He’s found a weakness in the defenses.

It may take some time to work up, but he’s got an angle.

The man’s an ox!

Slow! And stupid!

And strong.

I want you to hear his plan. He’ll need air support.

Let’s just keep this simple.

I’ll take all three deflectors. How much?

Well, you meet with Kreegyr, they’re free.

You don’t, I won’t sell.

I work alone.

That’s what I’m trying to change.

I’m not gonna put my people at risk for someone else.

We need to pull together, Saw!

Whatever our final version of success looks like, there’s no chance any of us can make it real on our own.

We need the Empire to help.

We need them angry.

We need them coming down hard.

Oppression breeds rebellion.

Kreegyr needs air support.

I’m not for hire.

Think of it.

Think of Spellhaus in flames.

Neither of you could do it on your own, but together…

Kreegyr’s a separatist.

Maya Pei’s a neo-Republican.

The Ghorman front.

The Partisan alliance?


Human cultists?

Galaxy partitionists.

They’re lost!

All of them, lost!



What are you, Luthen?

I’ve never really known.

What are you?

I’m a coward.

I’m a man who’s terrified the Empire’s power will grow beyond the point where we can do anything to stop it.

I’m the one who says, “We’ll die with nothing if we don’t put aside our petty differences.”



I am the only one with clarity of purpose.


Well, anarchy is a seductive concept.

A bit of a luxury I’d argue to a man who is hiding in cold caves, and begging for spare parts.


No sale today, Luthen.

Good luck with Anto Kreegyr.





She’s on her way up.

Would you like us to clear the room?


I want her to see him.


What are you doing? Get him out of here.


CAPTAIN TIGO: You two, with me.





Paak. Hey.


Hello, Bix.




JEMBOC: Let’s go!

CASSIAN: Come on, come on!

JEMBOC: Hands away!

MELSHI: Clear!


All right.

Okay, ready?

Bring it. Bring it in.

Come on, boys, yes.

MELSHI: It’s good, it’s good.



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