Andor – S01E04 – Aldhani | Transcript

Out of options, Cassian is recruited for a dangerous mission to infiltrate an Imperial garrison.
Andor (TV series)

Original release date: September 28, 2022

Luthen takes Cassian to the planet Aldhani, asking him to join a sabotage mission there. Cassian is reluctant but eventually agrees. Luthen asks him to use a pseudonym among the rebels, and Cassian chooses ‘Clem’. Vel, the rebel group’s leader, introduces him to the rest of the group but keeps Luthen’s involvement a secret. They explain to Cassian that they plan on stealing the payroll of an Imperial sector from a key Imperial supply hub, taking advantage of a rare natural phenomenon in Aldhani’s sky to escape since their getaway vehicle is slow. Meanwhile on Coruscant, Luthen, posing as an antiques dealer, meets with Senator Mon Mothma, and they discuss challenges in keeping their opposition to the Empire hidden. Karn goes to live with his mother after being castigated and fired. Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) lieutenant Dedra Meero seeks access and authority over the Ferrix incident, but is opposed by her colleagues and superiors.

* * *

Pre-Mor Enforcement put out a bulletin last night for someone meeting Cassian’s description.

LUTHEN: The bulletin doesn’t mention him by name.

It says they’re looking for someone from Kenari.

SERGEANT MOSK: Andor should be considered armed and dangerous.

He may not appear to be a formidable opponent, but two of our men are dead having made that mistake.

Who are you?


I know all about you.

Yes, I want the box, and I’ll leave with that if it’s all I can get.

I know you killed two Corpos at Morlana-One, and I know they’re coming for you.

Seems like such a waste to let them have you.

Waste of talent.


We have a warrant for Cassian Andor.


Brace yourself.


Let’s go!

SOLDIER 1: There he is!




How many are you?

Twelve. (STUTTERS) Fourteen. (SOFTLY) I swear.

I’d like you to come with me.

Why would I go anywhere with you?

Don’t you want to fight these bastards for real?









LUTHEN: There’s a medpac.


LUTHEN: Blue. Bright blue.

The shelf behind you.

Take hold of something.

Anyone behind us?

Set for Aldhani.

FONDOR DROID MOD: Calculating for Aldhani.

CASSIAN: Are they coming?

LUTHEN: Do as I say.

FONDOR DROID MOD: Calculations complete.




What’s powering this?

I’ve been in a Fondor Haulcraft.

I’ve flown them.

Never seen one do that.

Well, it’s been a day of surprises for all of us.

You’re bleeding on my floor.

Fix your arm.

What’s Aldhani?

That depends.

I haven’t agreed to do anything but save my skin.

Yeah, and here you are with your skin.


What’s that?

LUTHEN: Med nog.

Just a sip.



Perhaps you got alternatives I’m not aware of.

Seems to me you have two choices.

Either I drop you somewhere and you start running or you come with me and help with something important.


And, of course, you could try and kill me and take the ship.



Define “important.”

Taking something of real value from the Empire.

(SCOFFS) I don’t need you to steal.

Seeing how well you’re doing on your own.

I’ll take the drop-off.

LUTHEN: And do what? Continue as you are?

They’ll use the same rope to hang you whether it’s for a plasma coil or 20 million credits.

I’m offering you everything you want, all at once.

What is “everything I want”?

Since you know so much about me.

To put a real stick in the eye of the Empire and get paid for it.

(SCOFFS) I wondered who you were.

Who am I?

Alliance, Sep, guerilla, Partisan Front.

One of them.

Isn’t it all the same?

It is to me.

So we agree.


I think it’s all useless.

Better to spit in their food and steal their trinkets.

It’s better to live.

Better to eat, sleep, do what you want.

You don’t know me.

(SCOFFS) I fought in Mimban when I was 16.

Two years of it.

Straight out of prison, into the mud.

I’m one of 50 that survived.

And who did it turn out we were fighting?

(SCOFFS) Ourselves.

So, please…

You were on the ground in Mimban for six months.

You came in as a cook.

You lived because you ran.

But you’re right about one thing.

The Empire had you fighting each other, which should make you hate them all the more, and you do.

I said I know you.

I know the outside. I know what people tell me when I ask.

The rest, I imagine.

I imagine your hate.

I imagine that no matter what you tell me or tell yourself, you’ll ultimately die fighting these bastards.

So what I’m asking is this.

Wouldn’t you rather give it all at once to something real than carve off useless pieces till there’s nothing left?

I didn’t risk my ass for the Starpath unit.

I came for you.


What’s the offer?

Five days.

Big stakes, big danger.

Prepped team, good plan.

You survive and deliver, I’ll give you 200,000.


What would we be stealing?

The quarterly payroll for an entire Imperial sector.




GRANDI: With the next quarter’s detention estimates expected to increase across the Ryloth sector, any further erosion in local authority may require an increase in our blackline budget.

PARTAGAZ: And where would you target these new resources, Supervisor Grandi?

Uh, increase surveillance, sir.

PARTAGAZ: Looking for what?

GRANDI: Anti-Imperial activity as always. (CHUCKLES SOFTLY)

PARTAGAZ: Uh, are you being intentionally vague?

GRANDI: No, sir.

I’ll expect specifics by the end of the day. Lagret, what is this item from Arvala-Six?


A positive development, sir.

The dimensions of the conflict have diminished sufficiently that mining has resumed on the occupied lands.

PARTAGAZ: Storage issues with the displaced?

LAGRET: Ongoing.

As is your unfinished memorandum of recommendations regarding the problem.

My staff is awaiting an assessment from Arvala-Six’s ministerial director.

Because they’ve done such an excellent job so far, hmm?

(SIGHS) What do we do here?


PARTAGAZ: What is our purpose, Lagret?

LAGRET: On Arvala-Six?

I open the question to the room.

What do we do in this building? Why are we here? Anyone?

We’re here to further security objectives by collecting intelligence, providing useful analysis, and conducting effective covert action, sir.

Very good, Dedra.

That is verbatim from the ISB mission statement, and wrong.

Security is an illusion.

You want security? Call the Navy.

Launch a regiment of troopers.

We are healthcare providers.

We treat sickness.

We identify symptoms.

We locate germs whether they arise from within or have come from the outside.

The longer we wait to identify a disorder, the harder it is to treat the disease.

Do you understand my meaning, Lagret?

Yes, sir.

PARTAGAZ: Don’t trouble yourself writing the memorandum.

I’ll reassign it.

Blevin, Morlana sector. This incident on Ferrix.

Corporate Security, sir. They’re still in charge out there.

They tried to serve a warrant and ran into more trouble than they’d anticipated.

Trouble meaning what?

Several dead. Property damage.

Interruption of service.

A stolen Imperial Starpath unit was recovered at the scene.

PARTAGAZ: Those responsible?

BLEVIN: Unknown, sir.

I’m heading out after this meeting.

We’ll speak before you leave.


JUNG: Sir?

PARTAGAZ: Elaborate on these added protection requests for traffic to the Abrion sector.

JUNG: Proactive measure, sir.

There’s an increase in construction shipments going to Scarif, sir.



LUTHEN: Think of a name.

Think of a name for yourself.


(SIGHS) Clem.

For the next five days, you’ll be Clem.



Who’s that?

You’ll be working for her.

I thought you were in charge.

LUTHEN: I never said that.

She’s gonna hate this idea to start.

She’s gonna argue with me.

Think it’s best you stay inside until I’ve had time to work it all out.

Take this.

What is it?

It’s a down payment.

It’s a Kuati Signet.

Blue kyber. Sky stone.

The ancient world.

Celebrates the uprising against the Rakatan invaders.

Don’t take less than 50,000 for it.

Just know it will always be worth more to me.

I want it back when this is over.


If I live.

I want it back.

Against 200,000.

LUTHEN: Giving you my word.




Hello, Vel.

VEL: We almost didn’t get the message.

LUTHEN: I’m glad you made it.

They’ve started patrolling the old Stone Valley.

It’s a full day gettin’ out here now.

I like hearing that. The vigilance.

I count on your discipline.

Obviously something’s wrong.

No. Actually, I think things are coming together.


FONDOR DROID MOD: Something I can help you with?


He can pilot. He can shoot. He can lie. He speaks Alarin, Myo, Nari.

He’s got steady nerves and isn’t afraid to kill.

I can’t believe you’re doing this.

He can pilot.

We go in three days!

He increases your chances of success dramatically.

Now? Like this?

Five months in?

Just plug in some new person?

It’ll tear the team apart.

Well, then it’s not much of a team, is it?

You’re vulnerable and you know it. I’m buying you critical redundancy.

What do you mean “buying”?

I’m paying him.


LUTHEN: Two hundred thousand.

We’ve been eating roots and sleeping on rocks for this rebellion (YELLS) and now you’ve got a mercenary on board?

You’re wasting energy. You know I’m right.

We need this to work, Vel.

Failure would be devastating.

What would I tell the others?

You’ll tell them it was always a part of the plan.

Are you giving me a choice here?


You take him or call it off.

I was planning to shut you down.

Your odds have improved since we set the meeting.

You’ll take him in and lie about how it’s come to pass.

You’ll plug him in as a replacement for anyone who goes down along the way.

In the next three days, if for any reason… Look at me!

You wanted to lead?

This is what it comes to.

You got three days.

Something feels off, something turns, someone starts to fold, you step up, you lead, you cancel the mission.

I need to know you understand.

And if he’s the problem?

Well, that’s the advantage of renting him.

He’s disposable.

This has to be a win, Vel.





BLEVIN: You will immediately relinquish any and all comlinks, weapons, and scandocs.

You will not return to your living quarters.

You will leave here and be escorted with haste to the transfer center, where you’ll be issued with any personal items that the Imperial inspectors have had time to inventory.

You will holo-certify receipt of said items.

You will holo-certify confirmation of the official ISB After Action Report detailing your involvement and culpability in said Ferrix incident.

Question, sir.


And no, you will not waste further Imperial time reading the reports.

But I’ve had nothing to do with this.

Well, exactly.

It took the combined ingredients of idiocy, ineptitude, and total disengagement for this farce to have reached the full apex of incredulous disaster.


My files are filled with Corporate Security fiascos, but this takes the prize.

And you, Deputy Inspector Karn.

Proud, are we?

Take solace in this.

You will not be replaced.

You’ve rung the final bell on Corporate independence.

As of this morning, the Morlana system is under permanent Imperial authority.

Congratulations on that.

VEL: Is your arm something I need to worry about?


VEL: Well, it’s a long walk, through the night.


Who is he?

You should’ve asked him that when you had the chance.

He told me you were the boss and you wouldn’t like my being here.

That’s about all I know.

He is something we will never discuss.

When we get to camp, we’re going to tell them this was my idea and we’ve been planning it all the while.

We never mention him.

If you change that in any way, you and I are going to have a big problem.



And why so far?

We’re robbing the armory at the Aldhani Garrison.

There’s an Imperial airfield nearby, and they’ve got nothing better to do than patrol.

So, this is the safe route.

He told me about the payroll, not the garrison!

I don’t know who you’re talking about.

You’re taking on an Imperial armory?

Are you not joining us?

Us? How many of us are there?

Now we are seven.

(SCOFFS) Seven? (SHOUTS) Seven against a garrison?

Save your wind. This is a long walk.


Hey, hold on. Hold on.


Get down! Tuck in!



They won’t be back today.

Come on.

This says five dead.


One local and four Pre-Mor security employees.

Uh, they’ve misspelt Ferrix.

Where is my Starpath unit?

Where are you?

He said it in the meeting. It’s got to be here.

HEERT: There’s a raw transmission in here somewhere.

Hang on.

“Varnisi. Unauthorized Imperial equipment, Ferrix, 0430.

“Ensign retrieved a sealed Imperial NS-9 Starpath unit from the site.”

That is our box from Steergard.

Has to be.

Right, that gives us jurisdiction.

I want you to go to Blevin’s office, tell them we need everything they’ve got on Ferrix.

It might mean more if you went.

I don’t want to spark his interest.


FONDOR DROID MOD: Orbiting Coruscant.

LUTHEN: Your controls.

Landing protocol 037.

FONDOR DROID MOD: Protocol 037.






CASSIAN: What is this place?

Nothing special.

There used to be hundreds of settlements up here.

Forty thousand Aldhanis all across the highlands.

They were here for centuries, but it only took the Empire a decade to clear them out.

Killed them?

VEL: No.

Drove them south.

There’s an Enterprise Zone in the Lowlands.

Factories, new towns, Imperial housing.

Aldhani has the unfortunate quality of being close to nothing and not very far away from everything.

It’s the perfect hub for distribution.

If one were trying to take over the galaxy.

So, who are we supposed to be?

There’s still a few shepherds in the hills.

Nature lovers, mystics, dead-enders.

Drink up. We’ve a way to go.




My assistant tells me you refused to turn over the file on this incident in Ferrix.

I have work to do.

That was an official request made by an officer of my staff.

I suggest you schedule an appointment.

I want the full Ferrix report.

It’s my sector.

An Imperial Starpath unit was stolen from the Steergard Naval Yard and found at the scene. That gives me jurisdictional access.

You’ve been here, what, just over a year?

You might want to steady the ladder before you start climbing.

I’m not looking for career advice.

You fall here, you fall alone.

Are you denying my request?

For the second time today.

Fine. I’ll take it to Major Partagaz.

Don’t look down.





MAN: Everyone’s dead.

While you were sleeping, they came in, slit everybody’s throat.

You ride with Mossy, Garvish?

Saw Gerrera?

Fall asleep on watch, they’re gonna put your head on a pike for a laugh.


Don’t tell Vel.

I won’t.

You will.

You better think what you’re gonna say ’cause she’s coming down now.




MAN: …there’s two.

What do you make of that?

We better make sure they know what’s comin’.


Who is it?

That’s what I was gonna ask you.



What’s she doing?

VEL: Gather up.

This is Clem.

Haven’t mentioned him before now because I wasn’t sure we could get him here on time.

We’ve had a stroke of luck.

He’s been able to fight his way free.

He’ll give us critical redundancy in all areas.

It’s a bit late for surprises.

That’s Skeen.

This is Taramyn.


And Cinta.

We’ve always known we were short a man.

Can I speak with you?

Let’s get Clem settled in.

NEMIK: Good to have you, Clem.

We’ll take all the help we can get.

Cinta, feed him and then take a look at his arm.


The posts on the corral are down again.

Now, unless you two want to be chasin’ animals all day, I’d get out there now. Okay?

Let’s get to it.

We’ll work Clem into the program at drill.


ANNOUNCER: (OVER PA SYSTEM) Telgordo Travel service to Hosnian Prime,

Plexis, and Eufornis Major will now be departing from platforms 7-12 and 7-13.

Do not join the line without your boarding pass.












What are you starin’ at?



Blaster burn.

Needs to be cleaned.

Apologies in advance.

We’re trying to save our pain meds.

How do you know him?

He comes highly recommended.

So you don’t know him.

VEL: I know that we need him.

That’s all I’ll say. Anything else is a violation of security.

No, he’s got brass. You… You can feel it.

And we can use a hand, but this late in the game?

As opposed to when?

You trust him with our lives?

That’s my call to make.

NEMIK: He’s committed.

I’m feeling that.

I want to.

Feel what?

His belief in the cause.

When it comes down to it, that’s all I need to know.



I trust him.


All right?


KLEYA: Senator Mon Mothma’s here.

New driver.

LUTHEN: Anyone we know?

Never seen him.


(SIGHS) One would think.



What a pleasure to see you.

You as well, Luthen.

Sorry to be so late. It’s always right when you’re leaving, everyone remembers things they’re meant to bother you with.

(LAUGHS) Free your mind, Senator. This is a place where time stands still.

It’s hard being surrounded with this much history and not be humbled by the insignificance of our daily anxieties.

How true. (SIGHS) And how I need to hear that.

You know Kleya.

Of course.

We often refer to the gallery as Coruscant’s unofficial temple of patience. (LAUGHS)

Well, I have to start coming here more often.


You’re teasing us.

So, a gift for your husband.

Yes. It’s his Day of Days. It’s a Chandrilan custom.

One of our many.

Yours is a rich history.

Well, that’s a kind way of putting it.

I put aside a few things.

If I recall, he has an interest in military artifacts.


LUTHEN: So, let’s start with the oldest one.

It’s a Utapaun monk cudgel.

You see the ceremonial variety in many places, but this is the real thing.

It’s a unique gift for most, but… it’s a treasure for the true aficionado.

Dated to the eighth archaic settlem…

May I show you something?

Oh, don’t bother. I couldn’t afford anything here.

Please. There’s no harm in looking.

We just got in some terribly interesting coins.



I’m trying to expand Perrin’s tastes beyond fighting implements.

Is there anything else that might interest him?

Well, your timing is excellent.

I have something very special that just came in.

Come with me.

It’s a two-faced divinity.

Fourteen thousand years old.

A sun goddess and a serpent from the overworld sharing the same mouth. (CHUCKLES)

(WHISPERING) If you can’t deliver, I need to know.

Do you think I’m not trying?

I never think that.

But I need to start planning if you’re no longer coming through.

The money’s there.

It’s just getting very dangerous to move it around.

I can’t pull funds the way I used to.

They’re watching me now.

Oh, they’re watching everyone.

This is different. They’re everywhere.

There’s a new spy every day at the Senate.

I visit the bank, they’re all new faces.

You got a new driver.


I feel under siege.

I have many mouths to feed.

I can only forage for so long.

I found someone I think can help me.

Someone who?

To bring into the circle? No.

I know what I’m asking.


We’re vulnerable enough.

We need funding, not more people.

Don’t lecture me on vulnerability.

No one’s more at risk than I am.

You think I haven’t thought this through?

I’d be the first one to fall.


Why don’t you take this on loan?

May I?

If your husband doesn’t love it, I’ll be glad to take it back.

It’s a daring choice, but I trust you’ll have the courage to turn back

if it should be a bit much.

I appreciate that.

You’ll be here?

Well, if not, Kleya can always reach me.

Kleya, can we have this wrapped for the Senator?











He’s with us.


MAN: No, I didn’t.

(YELLS) What the hell is going on?

When did this happen?

What, he’s here now? Where?

Getting cleaned up.

And we’ve no say in this?

It’s not a vote.

Just like that?

It’s been in the works.

What else don’t I know about?

This helps us.

You were cutting it close. You said it yourself.

Three days out.

What were you gonna do if I couldn’t get here today?

Turn up with an extra face to explain?

I knew you’d come through.

We’re not prepped for this.

We don’t even have enough comms as it is.

We have two spares.

That was our backup.

Clem is our backup.

TARAMYN: We have an extra uniform.

Gonna need to leave us your belt and gloves.


We need another hand, and you know it.

I should’ve been consulted.

On that, we agree.

Clem, this is Lieutenant Gorn.

He’s our contact at the garrison.

Wounded on top of it.

On top of what?

Being someone I’ve never met who’s suddenly got my neck in their hands.

I know the feeling.

Are we done?

Who is he?

He’s Clem. He’s here, that’s all that matters.

Look, we’re wasting daylight. Let’s get on with it.

Give Nemik a hand.

What’s with all the patrols on Stone Canyon?

There’s an Imperial engineer arriving from Coruscant.

We’re mapping the old trail for him. But that’ll stop tomorrow.

I’m pushing all our attention toward the Lowlands.

How long do we have you?

I’ve got a midnight inspection.

Let’s get going.


What’s all this?

Dinner for the governor.

What governor?

The governor of Hanna.

My regimental mate, that governor.

That’s tonight?

It’s on your calendar.

I added it a month ago after we discussed it.

You don’t remember?


I remember you wearing me down.

I didn’t think anyone could do that.

Are you enjoying this?

No. Just looking forward to seeing some old friends.

Oh, who else is coming?

Seating chart’s just there.

Ars Dangor? Sly Moore? From the Vizier’s private chamber?

Is that a problem?

You can’t be serious. These people hate me.

They spend every day trying to undo anything I’ve touched.

Well, perhaps tomorrow they’ll think twice.

Uh, not right now, please.


You shouldn’t have invited them without making sure I was aware.

Well, it’s a bit late to cancel.

But at your pleasure.


Well played, Perrin.

And no, I’m not being serious.

Don’t seat them near me.

Oh, I’ve taken care of that.

You’re at the boring end of the table. These people are fun.

Oh, are they? Are they fun?

We should find some Ghorman guests for tonight and see how amused they are.

Your fun friends just cut off their shipping lanes yesterday.

Do you know how many will starve?

Oh, perhaps we can laugh about it over the third course.

Perhaps you should have a rest.

If you make me pay attention, I will.

And you won’t be happy.

Don’t do this again.

PERRIN: There’s rumor you bought me a present.

It’s going back.

Must everything be boring and sad?


VEL: Akti Amaugh, the Valley of Caves.

The sacred valley.

The Empire came in 13 years ago and liberated the air base, Alkenzi, 50 klicks west of here.

They quickly discovered the unique storage possibilities of the caverns, claimed the land for the Emperor, and dammed up Nasma Klain, the sacred river.

Now, the Aldhani Garrison is a depot for supplies, weapons, and the payroll for the entire Imperial sector.

Garrison, observation tower, sentry defenses, all to protect this runway opening here.

I’ll do it. It’s fragile, that piece. The rain gets into the glue.

VEL: The runway descends underground to the flight deck of a single Max-7 Rono freighter.

Vel said you could pilot.

Fly a Rono?

A box freighter?

Mmm, it’s not really flying, but yeah.

VEL: This room behind the flight deck, that’s a vault.

We’re taking crates of payroll from that room, loading the freighter, and escaping out of the runway tunnel.

Obviously, it’s not to scale.


In a Rono?


(SCOFFS) Those were TIE fighters we saw on the way in.

How far is the air base?

From the garrison…

Fifty klicks, you said.


Fine, 52.

They’ll be on you in minutes.

Nine minutes. We’ve timed it.


VEL: Mmm.


You’ll be lucky to make the horizon.

It’s a suicide run.


That’s why they only keep a 40-man regiment in the garrison.

Because they know no one’s stupid enough to try it.

No one but us.


These old stones, Nasma Brani, it’s a temple or what’s left of it that once sat on the mighty river.

Lieutenant Gorn, you tell it.

Once every three years for as long as anyone can remember, the Aldhanis gather in this valley for a celestial event they call Mak-ani bray Dhani.

The Eye of Aldhani. Thousands of them.

They’d hike for weeks to get here just to see it from the sacred land.

To see what?

Imagine 50 meteor showers all at once, but like a curtain being pulled across the sky until the Eye, the window to the galaxy, forms over the horizon.

You’ve seen this?

I’ve been here almost seven years. I’ve seen it twice.

It’s not the event it used to be.

Now they’ve got everyone relocated, it’s a pretty sad affair, but the Eye, it’s not something you’ll soon forget.

Once every three years.

To a thousandth of a second. And it’s not really a meteor shower.

It’s a recurrent band of crystalized, noctilucent microdensities.

Billions of crystals. Very heavy but small and unstable.

As the planet passes through the belt, they swarm the atmosphere, heat up, and explode.

From the ground, it’s a thing of beauty.

In the sky, it’s chaos.

We’ve calculated an escape trajectory that gets us out just before the Eye closes.

This happens in three days’ time.


That’s your cover.


Gets us in, gets us out.

They won’t know where we came from, and if we can beat the clock, we’ll be gone before they even know what happened.

Now, you’ve got a lot to learn and very little time to do it, so what we need to know is, are you in all the way?

Let’s get to it.



She’s demanding the raw data from the incident on Ferrix.

The Starpath unit that was recovered at the scene has been traced to a theft at an air base under my jurisdiction, sir.

She’s overreaching to increase the size of her portfolio.

She should spend more time on the security at her bases and less furthering her career.

Lieutenant Meero.

The stolen item has great value, sir, particularly to the rebels.

Tracing its theft might expose activity in my sector.

People also take things for money, do they not?

Is it worth creating this much intra-office friction in the pursuit of what seems like a case of a robbery gone awry?

Sir, it is my feeling that this is part of an ongoing effort to steal proprietary Imperial equipment in anticipation of an organized rebellion.

I have three previous case files on my desk that begin to suggest a pattern.

Your feeling.

I’m seeing signs of coordinated activity over a number of sectors.

What activity?

Similar items of interest, repeated methods.

Gut instinct.

You came to us from enforcement.

Yes, sir.

Here, we act on vetted and verified information.

Alert me when this materializes into something more definite.

Until then, confine future activities to your sectors.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

You have two sectors to supervise. Blevin is handling six.

He does, I will admit, hew to the traditional viewpoint of this office and its staffing.

He is, I’m sure, a challenge to work with.

His quarterly reports, however, are in and yours are not, and here we are spending your valuable time with this issue.

There’s a high bar for your performance, Lieutenant.

Unfair perhaps, but senseless to ignore and potentially the foundation of a uniquely superior career.

You’re supposed to be more competent and tucked away.

That’s why you’re here.

That’s why we’re bringing in officers like you.

Let’s remind everyone of that and not get lost in the dust.

Yes, sir.

On a positive note, I was impressed with your detention numbers from Sev Tok.

Far above the quota.

I may be sending more of that sort of work your way.

Thank you, sir.

We’re done.



(SIGHS) Know how to use this?



TARAMYN: That’s the Rono freighter specs and the console layout.

You get done with that, that’s a detailed map of the garrison.

That’s an Aldhani phrase book.


Can I eat my food?

You’ll eat, you’ll let Cinta check the bandage, and you’ll have learned all that by morning.

I’ll take the first watch.



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