A Discovery of Witches – S02E10 – Transcript

A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

Madame de Clermont? I am Benjamin Fuchs.

-Stop screaming! -No!

I’ve located a letter written by Edward Kelley.

It proves your theory that he tore three of its pages out.

Kelley bequeathed a single page to each of the three species.

Rebecca… What are you trying to tell us?

-Sarah. -Rebecca…

A witch born to daemons.

If this is true, the witches will want the child.

But there is something else.

I’m pregnant.

We have to get back to our own time as soon as we can.

What about Jack?

To return to your own time, you need to complete your training.

You are a weaver, a maker of spells.

Your father was one.

Guardians of the elements, I call you.

He was a timewalker.

Now he’s in a past life.

We are the last of the weavers now.

Which color shines brightest?


Very good. And these three stars make the hat.

-And these four make a little plough. -Yes.

Let’s do other con…

-Con… Const… -Constellations.

Well, that’s Cassiopeia.

She was a queen of a mythical kingdom. Look.

The stars are in the shape of the letter W.

-Brightening the sky. -Mm-hmm.

With the knot of eight, the spell will wait.

Ah, sense the ninth.

-The plough, there! -Yes.

And look, there’s the dragon’s tail,

where the gods threw him into the sky

and his tail twisted and froze.

And look, Cassiopeia is still clinging to her throne.

Stargazing in London.

Now that’s magic.

A knot about completion is never easy.

Still, you’re almost there.



Another weaver has arrived in London.

I felt their presence.

I thought we’re the only ones left.

We will wait until they make themselves known.

Their arrival here will be no accident.

-Hi, are you Agatha? -Agatha Wilson.

-This is my family. -Welcome. Sarah Bishop.

So good to see you again.

-Congratulations. -Agatha Wilson.

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this.

Let’s get everyone inside.

That way.

It’s not too late to turn back.

Being with me, it might be dangerous.

Whatever’s coming, I’m ready.

There’s a whole world out there. And I wanna see it all.

This, it’s a privilege.

I hope you don’t mind two more.

The chateau feels alive again.

Marthe’s loving every minute.

This is Phoebe Taylor, my partner.

-Miss Taylor. -Uh, call me Phoebe.

Marcus has told me so much about you.

It’s a real honor to meet you.

Well, I hope I don’t disappoint.

I wanna get Jack a new book.

-Of course. -Hello.

My lady.

That’s strange.

-I smell coffee. -No.

Coffee won’t arrive for decades.

Timewalker, Diana.

-Who are you? -Dad?


You… You look just the same.

You were riding a tricycle two days ago.

I think we all need this.

So you’re the vampire Rebecca saw in her visions.

-Is this where you met? -No.

I brought Matthew with me.

You’re a good timewalker then.

Any progress with the ninth knot?

Goody says it can’t be rushed.

Are you looking for these?

-That’s where I left ’em. -You left them on the floor

and Francoise nearly slipped down the stairs.

Off you go.

How long has he been with you?

Forgive me, Stephen, but why are you here?

I’m an anthropologist. I’m here to observe.

And to look for something. An alchemical book.

Ashmole 782.

We have it.

It won’t let me read it.

Maybe because three pages have been ripped out.

There’s a strange image of the Tree of Life.

One of two dragons shedding their blood.

And then the page that was sent to Diana.

It’s postmarked from Jerusalem.

Arrived out of the blue. Jewish witches, we presume.

Rabbi Loew.

It is possible, I suppose.

Maybe he got the page from Kelley and he kept it safe for you.

I’d always assumed if I found it in this time,

the text wouldn’t be hidden, and I’d be able to study it.

Shame you can’t read it.

There are other ways.

The vellum is made from the skin of creatures.

The DNA that it contains could hold many answers.

Its importance goes beyond mere research.

Powerful creatures are looking for it.

Including a witch from the Congregation.

Peter Knox.

Well, well, well…

I hope he doesn’t know there’s dark magic in it.

Peter’s obsessed with the dark arts.

Sooner or later, the witch baby will be placed

with their own kind.

But our priority has to be

the missing pages from the Book of Life.

Ysabeau de Clermont knows something, but she’s refusing to cooperate.

None of my contacts are aware of the witch’s page.

It’s possible that Diana Bishop’s aunts

already have it.

But they’ve gone to ground.

I have reason to believe they’re being sheltered

at Salvatore.

Sadly, Ysabeau’s stance on witches has softened considerably.

Then they must be removed.

The de Clermonts won’t give them up easily.

It would take a powerful witch

to get close.

I’m not your hunting dog, Gerbert.


How did you think you could keep this going?

You’ve stayed too long.

Adopted a child and stolen a book from the Hapsburg emperor.

-I was here before, Stephen. -I’m aware of that, Matthew.

Yes… We screwed up.

You broke the rules of timewalking.

To observe, not participate.

You need to go.

And leave the book behind.

I intended to study the book in this time, not take it with me.

No. The book’s coming with us. We need to find the missing pages.

And analyze it. As a biochemist, I need to…

I don’t care if you’re Charles Darwin.

You can’t timewalk with a powerful object you don’t understand.

You’ve already messed with history.

You won’t find your answers here.

The book stays.

Peter Knox is getting out of hand. He stalked Diana,

intimidated the Madison Coven and now he’s threatening babies.

I mean, can’t the Congregation do something?

I know how they work. They’ll have a debate,

take his side and full segregation of the species.

Sooner or later, they’re gonna come for Margaret.

When Matthew and Diana come back, they’re gonna come for them too.

The only way that everyone can be safe

is if we repeal the covenant.

I’m not sure you fully comprehend what you’re suggesting.

Philippe created the covenant centuries ago

and yeah, sure, no doubt there was a reason for it then.

But the world has changed.

Those same rules that were keeping us safe

are now pulling us apart.

Marcus is right.

Humans may be destructive, but at least they’re inventive.

They change their minds.

What does the covenant actually stand for today?

Segregation? Discrimination?

We need to evolve if we want to survive.

Hasn’t the change already started?

I mean, look at this table.

Four species dining together.

From what Marcus has told me,

that’s not something that happens very often.

Look, um…

I know I’m new to all this, and I don’t mean to be rude,

but it seems pretty obvious that the only way forward

is together.

Sorry, I… I got lost on the…

You have a beautiful home. I’ve been dying to snoop around.

Snoop away.

Is this 16th century?

Philippe picked it up in Rome, if I recall.

It’s so well preserved.

Marcus has placed a great deal of trust in you,

revealing himself, introducing you to this world.

I know, and I won’t let him down.

This must be quite overwhelming.

I’m the only human in an ancient chateau

filled with vampires, witches and daemons.

A lesser human would be afraid.

Humans have so much potential.

But our capacity to hate and discriminate, well,

that scares me more than any of this.

This collection is incredible.

-Is everything okay? -I’d like a moment with my grandson.


You’ve made an excellent choice.

I know.

Maybe she’s right.

Perhaps today is the start of something.

You’re right to criticize our conservatism.

Philippe was one of the most humane and progressive men who ever lived.

Always adapting.

He believed in hope for all creatures.

I wish he was here.

Grief carves a place in the heart and sits there forever.

But when focused, it can be a powerful motivator.

Sadness becomes resolve

and pain becomes action.


My days as Matthew Roydon in London are coming to an end.

Diana and I are returning to our own time.

There are a few loose ends to tie up, I’m afraid.

But you will get the old me back.

In truth…

I prefer the future you.


You have an opportunityto study magic with one of England’s greatest witches.

You can’t waste it.

Tell me about the ninth knot.

Ah, well, it’s hard to learn, as you know.

I’m self-taught. I never learned formal knots.

It’s, uh, magic. I need to tie it well.

I figured as much.

Are you afraid of it?


You should see what I can do with my magic now.

Lack of ability will never be your problem.

But desire, maybe?

If you complete it, you have to go.

Yeah. This way.

I sensed you found the weaver.

Focus, Diana.

-Keep hold of the blue. -It’s pulling away.

Stop trying so hard.

Your father speaks sense.

Allow your magic to flow naturally.

Exactly. You’re not lassoing a bull.

With the knot of nine

the spell be mine.

Some witches would kill for that kind of power.

What did I say?


speak your truth. It serves no purpose to withhold it.

I will say my good nights.

There’s so much I wanna tell you.

I am…

terrified of changing anything.

And yet I’m desperate to change everything.

Nothing can keep your mom and me from our fate, Diana.

We haven’t seen what’s to come.

We know our time with you is short.

Make peace with it, honey.

It’s part of a whole tapestry.

Like your child to come.

I… I wanted to tell you.

Your mom saw it.

Congratulations. A child is a precious gift.

I should know.

It’s time I, uh…

took a stroll.

You’re everything we dreamed you’d one day become.

I’ll see you later.

I’ll see you, Dad.

Right. Everything as it was, near enough.

Now I know how you feel, leaving a life behind.

Yes, it’s always bittersweet.

I find it best to concentrate…

on the sweet.

-Like seeing our families. -Mmm.

We asked a lot of them coming here,

not knowing what they’ve been through is unbearable.

Or what we’ll confront on our return.

We just need to find the missing pages before the Congregation do.

At least we know what we’re looking for.

And you’re never happier than when you have a library catalog in front of you.

Oh, Jack.

Henry will look after him.

He’ll be well treated in the Percy household.

And when he comes of age?

He’ll be apprenticed into a good trade.

It’s a better life than the one he had before we met him.

And with humans, not creatures.

Who will watch out for him?

-I’m happy to wait, Auntie. -Oh, that’s okay.

Saying goodbye to the coven may take a while.

Susanna will bring me home.

This is an unusual request.

No one will suspect us meeting here.

I need to talk about Jack.

We’re leaving London. I need your help.

I’ve seen how you protect your own.

He is not my child. Nor you.

If I were, would you honor my request about Jack?

If you offer me your blood.

I will give you my blood…

but in a way Matthew will not pick up your scent.

He cannot know about our pact.

I will open a vein

and let a single drop fall into your mouth.

I accept your terms.

What is blood, if not fire and water?

Are you a man of your word?

God wills it.

I will watch over the child.

Farewell, Diana Bishop.


Have you made peace with your decision?

Yes. As much as I can.

Then go you must.

There is one final knot that you may need.

It’s a weaving of creation and destruction.

Endings and beginnings.

Only a weaver who stands between worlds

can complete it.

I cannot make it myself.

Remember it, Diana.

My heart is heavy to see you go.

You have given me so much, Goody,

your time, wisdom.

I won’t ever forget you. Or what you’ve done for me.

Take this.

A descendant of yours will give it to me in the future.

Keep it safe in your family.

You have my word.

You finally grace us with your presence.

I’ve been busy.


The Bishop witches are in the vampire stronghold.

But I intend to flush them out.

There’s a ruined temple nearby.

Its magical properties could be exploited.

If you go into Sept-Tours,

I’d be a powerful ally.

This is a job for a spell caster.

I won’t be needing your pyrotechnics.

Your confidence will be your downfall.

Hard at work, Andrew? Benjamin.

-I wasn’t expecting… -So many souls to save.

I thought you had business in Bohemia.

I followed it here.

Tell me about that witch you met.

-She’s one of my flock. -I cannot share her history.

That is no way to speak to your sire.

Now… Tell me about Matthew’s witch.

I know you took those portraits.

And I know you’ve been killing humans.

This has something to do with Matthew and Diana, doesn’t it?

What is it you want?

Show me who you are. Let me help you.

I just have to trust that it’ll reappear

when we find the pages to make it whole again.

We’ve achieved everything that we set out to.


We should timewalk tonight to Sept-Tours.

We’ll be safe there.

Are you sure you’re ready?

It’s time.

Thanks for doing this.

It has to be returned to Dr. Dee, so it can find its way back to me.

I’ll take care of it. I promise.

I’m gonna miss you.

Ah, it’s been an adventure.

Keep the other Matthew safe for me, so he can find me one day.

I’ll be off then.

-Got some mopping up to do. -Thank you for everything.

Goodbye, Matthew.

We wish you well, mistress.

You too.

Come along.

Let’s go and see what Henry Percy’s house is like.

I don’t want to go.

Oh… Sweetheart.

I want to stay with you.

You can’t come with us this time, Jack.

London is your home. You need to stay here.

You’ll be happy once you settle. I promise.


To replace the stolen one.

Come here.

I’m proud of you, Jack.

Come along. Come on.

Be brave.

I harness the power of this site

to draw those who are connected.

Wrest them from their slumber.

I harness the power of this site

to draw those who are connected.

Wrest them from their slumber and carry them forth.

I harness the power of this site to draw those who are connected.

Wrest them from their slumber and carry them forth.

Wrest them from their slumber and carry them forth.

I harness the power of this site…

I’m so sorry. We… We don’t know what’s wrong with her.

It’s okay. I just heard the front door.

Where is Em?

Shepherd my guiding spirits

and bind me to the person in my thoughts.



I can’t help you.


It’s Diana who needs help.

We’re trying to understand the book.

She’s connected to it somehow.

Understand this.

There will be dark times and great losses.

But the book will change everything.

-Rebecca. -Once it’s completed,

the book is going to reveal itself.

But we only have this page. How do we complete it?

Where are the other pages?

You’re in danger. He wants the page.

-Bring it back. -Never.

Give me… the page.

Go to hell!

You are so consumed with power and greed.

You lost your soul to the darkness.

Surrender the page.

I’ve searched the house. She’s not here.

She’s taken what she needs. I know where she’s gone.

Can you sense her?

There’s someone else close by.

A powerful creature.

Protect the baby.

I am not afraid of you, Peter.

I will always fight for Diana. She will always come first.

-She abandoned you. -She will be back!

She will be more powerful than you can imagine.

The page!

Diana will unite all creatures

against bigots like you.

And she will avenge me!

You threatened my friends.

And now you dare to come here, to my territory.

The witches belong to me.

Young bucks should never break from the herd.

Now, you pay the price.

This is de Clermont land.

Em! Em!

Kill me here…

and you’ll start a war that you have no hope winning.

You wouldn’t dare!

Sleep now.



Em, wake up.

Wake up, please!

Em, wake up.

Thank you for sharing this world with me.

I’m glad I got to know Matthew Roydon.

I’ve had so many roles in my life.

But to be a husband and a father again…

that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Endings and beginnings.

Let’s go meet our future.

Come on. Come on, Em.

Please. Please.

Come on, darling.


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