A Discovery of Witches – S02E08 – Transcript

A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

If our baby is a witch born of daemons,

she’ll be everything the congregation fears

and wants to destroy.

Well, she’s gotthe Knights of Lazarus to protect her.

-I’m serious. -They need a rebrand, mate.

And you have got your work cut out for you.

The Knights did some amazing things a long time ago.

What’s their relevance today?

You’re Grand Master. That’s for you to decide.

A vampire is murdering warmbloods.

Whoever is doing this is infected with blood rage.

These are dangerous times.

The Knights may be needed at any moment

and they need an experienced, committed leader.

-Matthew didn’t give me a choice. -He’s been lying to you your whole life.

-Matthew! -This is what we call a blood rage!

The disease is in my bloodline. You and I are carriers.

You all knew and you kept it from me.

If we’re linked to the murders,

it will be the end of the de Clermonts.

Do you have any leads yet?

I did a lot of researchon those portraits,

but could never pin their exact origin down.

Whatever it is, just tell me.

I’m a vampire.

Come on, Marcus.

No, Phoebe, seriously, I’m hundreds of years old.

Goodbye, Marcus.

You can find out what’s inside that book and why it’s connected to Diana.

How do we do that exactly? We only have one page.

We need to connect with someone who did.

-We know Stephen did. -Maybe Rebecca did too.

If you’re proposing to summon the dead, forget about it.

Stop screaming!

This books is made from the skin of creatures, witches, daemons, vampires.

I’m sorry, Diana. But this is more like a book of death.

I’ve been trying to understand it, but it’s resisting me.

The harder I try, the stranger I feel.

It’s making you ill. Stop.

Francoise has prepared some food for you downstairs.

-I’m not hungry. -I don’t care.

-All right. -Thank you.

I’ve located a letter written by Edward Kelley.

Give me the edited highlights.

It proves your theory that the Book Of Life was in his possession in 1591.

It also reveals that he tore three of its pages out.

Kelley claims to have bequeathed a single page

to each of the three species.

Which would explain why I couldn’t summon up the Book…

It’s incomplete.

Diana Bishop managed it.

Perhaps she already had a page?

If we could find one,

it might help us call it up from the Bodleian.

The vampire page could already be in the hands of the de Clermonts.

I’ll speak to Ysabeau.

And the witches’ page?

I’m investigating.

It’s all right. I’m coming.

You’ve been avoiding me.

-Matthew was trying to… -To protect me?

Yeah, I’ve already heard that bullshit excuse from Ysabeau.

I had a right to know.

Philippe wanted blood rage eradicated

to prevent humans discovering our existence.

To protect Ysabeau’s secret.

So he used Matthew as his assassin.

Well, then, why didn’t he just kill me?

He failed to follow orders.

You should know by now…

With Matthew, actions speak louder than words.

He lied to me.

-You all did. -It wasn’t my right to tell.

You’ve been my friend for over 200 years…

I’m not family.

You know what? I’m done with all this.

With my family, with the Knights.

If Baldwin wants to be Grand Master, then he can have it.

In fact, you know what, this is great.

Because this has helped me realize what’s important to me.

My friends, my work…

My human life.

Whoever that belongs to, she’s not worth it.

You can’t deny what you are, Marcus.

Well, apparently I’ve been doing that my whole life.

Marcus, I’m working. You can’t just turn up.

Fine, I’ll buy something. What have you got?


You left this.

-It feels expensive. -Thank you.

And I was telling the truth, by the way.

Look, if I want stories, I’ve got a library full of books at home.

I want you to look at this.

This is the property of the Knights of Lazarus,

an organization dating back to the 12th century.

I’m Grand Master of the Knights.

-And I’m Princess Leia. -Research it.

Run your tests on it.

All you’ll find are questions. And when it’s time for answers,

you know where I am.

My whole life I’ve been taught to hide who I am.

Not let the humans suspect. And…

Now I wanna convince one, she won’t believe me.

They only see what they want.

The only thing you can do now is give her time.

I’ve got all the time in the world.

I just don’t want to wait.

I feel for you, buddy. But this is personal growth.

You spent hundreds of years being a bachelor and now you’re finally over it.

Hey, Soph. Can I get you something?

I think the baby’s coming.

She can’t be. She’s not due for weeks.

Shepherd my guiding spirits

and bind me to the person in my thoughts.


Honey, is that you?


I’m here.

-Emily. -I need your help.

The book… How is it connected to Diana?

Oh! No, no, no… Wait, wait, wait. Come back!

Higher magic? We talked about this.

What the hell were you thinking?

Rebecca has a message for me.

It’s like she’s been waiting for me to do this,

and willing me on, trying to help me.

I can… I can just feel it.

Sarah, I heard her voice.

-If I could just talk to her… -Stop.

She’s trying to draw me in, to help me understand something.

Higher magic is drawing you in, it’s addictive.

What are you doing? What are you…

I’m putting this in a safe place away from you.

Honey, you could help me.

There is a sacred site, right outside the chateau walls.

-I can feel its power sometimes… -Why aren’t you listening to me?

Honey, don’t you want to help Diana?

Not if it kills you in the process!

Look, anything can come through.

It’s using you, it’s showing you what you want to see.

You know how dangerous that is.

You have to stop.

You don’t understand.

You don’t understand, Sarah.

Don’t you walk away from this!

It’s time to choose your side, Ysabeau.

I’m not engaging with your games, Gerbert.

If you have the Ashmole pages,

I’ll tear down that chateau brick by brick to find them.

You’d do well to remember who you’re threatening.

I know. I shouldn’t be out here.

I thought you might like this.

Thank you.

Never sleep on an argument.

It’s time to push now.

I need you to push with every contraction.

-That’s it, good. -Come on. I love you so much.

-You can do it. Come on. -Push.

Good girl. Come on.

Well done. She’s coming, she’s coming. I can see her. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Push. Good.

And here she is. Well done, Sophie.

Well done, Sophie.

-She’s here. -Well done.

Well done.

Is she all right?

She’s perfect.

Here you go, my dear.


-Good night, Wilf. -Good night.

I need you to look at something.

What is it?

You tell me.

It’s extraordinary. Where did you get it?

A new client.

I don’t recognize the emblem.

Leave it with me.

-I’m just going down to the vault. -Okay.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you.

I just have some questions about the robbery.

You’re police.

Right, sorry.

I was just thinking about the force required to open this door.

I know the stolen goods are late 16th century,

but do you have an accurate date?

No, I…

I already explained this in my statement.

Would you like to come to my office?

What did Marcus Whitmore tell you about them?

-Marcus? -You’ve been socializing.

I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch your name… Detective?

Have you found Joe?

-You’re not a police officer. -Phoebe.

-Sorry, am I interrupting? -No. Not at all.

I think it’s Plantagenet. Maybe even older.

I’ve WhatsApped Louise, and she’s going to give us a second opinion tomorrow.

Where did you get that?

Marcus gave it to me.

He’s the Grand Master of the Knights of Lazarus.

Well, thank you for your help.

Can we call a truce?

Everything all right?

Sophie did an amazing job.

She is so beautiful.

I’m a dad.

Bloody hell, I’m a dad.

You guys thought about a name yet?



We like it.

Why, hey, Margaret.

-Is she all right? -Yeah.

The baby’s blood is singing.

That confirms she’s a witch.

The Congregation can’t be allowed to find her.

Once the doctor’s given the all clear,

you should move to Sept-Tours for a while.

You can decide what to do in the long-term once the dust has settled.

If she’ll be safer there, then, yeah, of course.

I remember watching you and Rebecca

doing your higher magic.

I’d practice in my room, keep failing, over and over.

I was so desperate to surprise you, to be part of it.

Rebecca wanted to include you.

I know. I wouldn’t let her.

You were so goddamn stubborn.

I resented higher magic.

It kept me apart from her.

She loved you, honey.

I don’t want that to happen to us.

How do you feel about a jailbreak tonight?

You’re right. We need to know more about the page.


We could find your sacred site.

Honey, I don’t think it’s far.

Em, if I can just harness its power,

I know it can help me go deeper. I know…

Okay. I’m not gonna pretend it doesn’t frighten me.

But I don’t want you to do this alone.


Thank you.

I’m ready for answers.

This looks like the man in those portraits.

That’s my father, Matthew de Clermont.

The man who sired me, well, who turned me into a vampire.

That’s why you wanted the miniatures so badly.

And who’s the woman?

Diana Bishop.

She’s a witch.

Yeah. It’s a long story.

But those miniatures and this artwork,

they were painted hundreds of years apart.

So, those photos from the other night,

they were all of you.


When were you born?


But Matthew sired me in 1781.

And how did it happen?

I was a surgeon’s assistant in the Continental Army, dying of fever.

Matthew offered me survival

and I took it.

Do you like it? Being a… Uh…

I do, yeah.

It can be lonely sometimes.

But your family, your human family,

they died hundreds of years ago, right?

I have a vampire family now.

-But human friends? -Of course.

And do any of them know what you are?

Only you.

Give me your hand.

Oh, it’s not beating.

It beats slower.

And it loves longer.

We eat raw meats and rare if we’re in company.

And some nuts and berries. But we don’t really crave food.

You crave blood.

Do you crave my blood?

You’re not in any danger from me.

No, but do you bite people? Is that how you feed?

Generally, we try not to feed on humans anymore.


I work in A&E.

The blood in your fridge.

-Do you just, like, glug it down? -Yep.

-What, straight from the bag? -No! In a mug.

I’m not a heathen.

So I’ve met creatures before.

Yeah. Met. Worked with.

Maybe even loved.

There used to be a lot more of us,

but our numbers are dwindling.

-We’re slowly dying out. -That’s awful. Why?

We don’t really know.

Some vampires are unable to sire,

witches are losing their powers, many daemons are driven to madness.

But right now, it’s a mystery.

You know, there was a time many millennia ago

where 50% of the population were non-human,

and we all intermingled.

But the humans grew afraid of the “other.”

We still are.

Technologically, you’re advancing so fast,

but socially? You’re going backwards,

building walls and enforcing borders.

Human prejudice is worse than ever.

Who is the oldest vampire you’ve ever met?

My grandfather Philippe.

He never told anyone how long he’d been around, but it was millennia.

He saw the whole of modern human history.

He died in the 1940s.

But my grandmother has seen it too.

I remember when Blankers-Koen won her fourth gold medal.

Ysabeau was ecstatic.


-So she was with… -Philippe.

…for thousands of years.

It must have broken her heart when he died.


And what about you?

You’re hundreds of years old.

You must’ve lost lots of human friends.

Your lives are short.

Most of us try and move on from place to place, every few decades.

Create new identities, make new connections.

It’s easier that way.


Turns out vampires make amazing hot chocolate.


What else should I know?

We heal quicker.

Our senses are heightened.

We’re stronger,


Okay, nearest supermarket’s two blocks away, right?

Okay. I fancy an ice cream.

Salted caramel.

Oh, Marcus?

I’m timing.

Fifty-six seconds.

There was a queue at the till.

Oh, my God, can you change into a bat?


And we don’t sleep in coffins either.

-Or wear capes. -Well, that’s a shame.

-I like a cape. -Yeah?

What about these guys? The Knights?

A guy came into my work asking questions about the robbery.

I think maybe he was a vampire.

That’s Domenico.

He recognized that emblem. He respected it.

As all vampires would. The Knights are a noble institution.

That you’re in charge of.

Not anymore.

I’m giving it up.

The longer we live,

the more anachronistic our culture becomes.

Stuck in the past.

Everything you’ve told me sounds amazing.

I was the son of a farmer,

an American revolutionary.

I know what I believe in.

I’ve got my work, my friends.

I don’t need anything else.

You see… I don’t buy it.

You could’ve had any life you wanted,

but you chose to be a doctor.

To help humans.

That’s the kind of man you are.

You couldn’t turn your back on your own species.

Look, you were born in revolution.

If you disagree with creature politics

or infrastructure, change it.

Fix it like you fix your patients.

Use the Knights to help everyone.

For future generations.

All you have to do is name me Grand Master

and the transition of power is…

I can’t do that.

Sorry, but I’m keeping it.

I’ll be using the Knights to make positive change,

for all creatures.

The Knights of Lazarus were formed to protect de Clermont interests.

It’s not a charity.

You still have an important part to play.

I need your help.

To do what?

Not here.

A witch, born to daemons.

The family have done nothing wrong,

but they’ll have to live their entire lives in hiding

unless we do something.

If this is true,

the witches will want the child

and the Congregation will support them.

My first act as Grand Master

will be to protect her and the family.

Now, if word of this gets to the Congregation,

I will need your help to divert attention.

We have a blood-raged killer on our hands

and you’re worried about fucking daemons?

-They’re my friends. -Listen to yourself.

You’ve spent too much time with humans.

-You’re practically one of them. -Because I’ve got a conscience?

No. It’s ’cause you’re soft.

And you’re stupid.

-As Grand Master… -I don’t take orders from infants!

Your ideology is contaminated.

Like your blood.

I already know I’m a carrier.

Philippe should’ve culled every member of Ysabeau’s verminous blood line,

including you.

I actually understand now…

why Philippe was always so disappointed in you.

I trust you’re here with solid information.

Or the killer’s head.

I’ve established a connection I think will interest you.

Suspense doesn’t work for me, Domenico. Get to the point.

First, we need to agree terms.

-We already have. -My price just went up.

I won’t be held to ransom by you or anybody else.

And I don’t take orders. I’m the one on the ground

and I am this close to identifying the killer.

That’s not close enough.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

Don’t overplay your hand,

or I may end up reneging on our deal.

I’ll be waiting.

Impudent fucker.

What’s the Whitmore boy doing here?

Next time, knock before you stroll in.

No other de Clermont sets foot on this island without good reason.

It’s a family matter.

Oxford? Tell me, how was the weather during your visit?

Whitmore lives there, doesn’t he? Matthew too,

when he’s not gallivanting through time.

I’d hate to assume you were part of some de Clermont conspiracy

involving blood rage.

Whatever you know, you should tell me


He’s protecting a child.

What child?

Are you scared?



Not for us. For her. Her future.

The world is so messed up right now.

Maybe she’ll help fix it.

There’s a link

between Matthew and the Oxford murders.

See, I saw the stolen portraits.

Sixteenth century, worst holiday destination ever.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sooner or later I’ll catch the Oxford vampire.

Their identity and my loyalty will be for sale.

In exchange for what?

You’re Grand Master of the Knights Of Lazarus.

I’m sure you’ll think of something.

But when you actually have something to sell,

come and talk to me.

A witch born to daemons? It’s unheard of.

And as it’s a witch,

the child is entirely under your jurisdiction.

How do I know it isn’t a wild goose chase?

Don’t pretend you’re not chomping at the bit to find out.

You took your time…

Oh, sorry.

Can we help you?


Sleep now.

Hush now.

You have nothing to fear.

Well. This is a surprise.

What have you done to them?

-They’ll live. -Get the hell away from her.

Such a special child.

I’m here to confirm the child’s existence.

The arrangements will follow at a later date.

What arrangements?

She’s a witch,

so she’ll be raised by her own species.

Sooner or later we’ll come for her.

If you ever go near my grandchild again,

I’ll kill you with my bare hands.

Make the most of your time together.

This place is beautiful.

You were right about its power.

Come on, honey. We need to hurry.

If Ysabeau catches us outside the chateau, she’s gonna go nuts.


For you.

-Ready? -Mmm-hmm.

Honey, don’t be afraid. It’s okay.

Remember, heartbeat. Yeah?


This space is safe and sacred, this path is closed to evil.

Shepherd my guiding spirit and bind me to the person in my thoughts.

This space is safe and sacred, this path is closed to evil.

Shepherd my guiding spirit and bind me to the person in my thoughts.

Rebecca… What are you trying to tell us?

What do you know of the book?


Oh, my God.




Oh… I’m sorry.

-I couldn’t help it. -It’s okay.

-Oh… -Honey, it’s okay.

It’s okay.

Is everything all right?

I don’t think so.

We are the last of the weavers now.

Her Majesty is keen to hear why you failed your mission.

The Emperor’s odious ambassador

informed me that you preferred to liberate a book!

With knot of six, this spell I fix.


Are you sure this is the right place?

I’m certain of it.

So this is the creature who bewitched my brother.


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